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Visiting Cousin

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I hadn’t seen my cousin Ken in almost five years. We sort of lost touch after high school and college. Now here he was arriving at my door. Ken was tall and thin with black hair. I could see he had been working out, as he looked fit. We talked briefly and then we went out for dinner and some drinks. We got caught on our family and friends and then we came back to my place.

As we sat down facing each other Ken told me his secret. “You know I am gay, don’t you Jeff?” I had no idea, “No I didn’t know, Ken.” He told me he could never tell anyone as our families were very religious and strict.

“Have you ever been with a man before, Jeff?”

“No never,” I told Ken truthfully.

Ken then stood up and did something unexpected. He took he shirt off then removed his pants and underwear. He kicked them away and then stood before me naked. Ken had a long cock that hung down between his legs. I am seven inch in length, but Ken was much bigger than me.

Ken then walked over to me and pulled me up by my arms. He then undressed me. I just stood there not believing what was happening. Once all my clothes were removed Ken kissed me hard on my mouth. I shocked myself and opened my mouth to him.

We then started to kiss each other with our tongues. I felt strange as my cock started to get hard. As a matter of fact Ken’s cock was touching mine. He rubbed himself into my groin.

Ken pushed me down onto the sofa. He then knelt and took my cock in his hand and started to kiss my cock head. I had to control myself and Ken went down on me. He sucked me down to the root and then worked back up to the tip of my dick. It didn’t take very long before I was rock hard.

Ken then stood above me positioning his ass above my mushroom head. Ken then sunk down to my root. He worked up and down as I placed my hands on hips hips and began to thrust up into his bowels.

It felt like there was a hand grabbing my cock and stroking it. Ken threw his head back and slammed down onto my stiff member. There was lots of moaning and crying out as I fucked my cousin’s greedy ass. Ken then reached back and began to squeeze my sacs.

That was was all it took. I lost my control and started to shoot my seed into his ass. Ken kept pounding his ass down onto my cock. I couldn’t believe how much cum I had in me. I fed Ken with hot ropes of my cock milk.

We must have fucked for more than fifteen minutes more before I got soft. Ken got up and he was wobbling on his feet. He looked down at my spent cock and then knelt again and cleaned me off with his mouth. I was breathing as hard as possible when we finished.

Ken wasn’t done yet. He pushed me back onto the couch. He lifted my legs and got in between them. I must have had a look of terror on my face. Ken then placed the head of his cock at my opening and then pushed.

The pain was intense, I could barely take that giant cock into me. Ken, thankfully, went slow as he filled my virgin ass with his python. I could hardly believe it, but soon I felt his ball sacs resting on my ass cheeks. Ken then proceeded to fuck me hard. There was no let up. He pounded my hole with that immense fuck pole of his.

Ken then pushed my legs to my chest and then he really got deep into my hole. I know I was screaming towards the end. I am not sure if I was begging for him to take it out or to fuck me harder. I just know I had never felt anything like that in my life before.

Ken fucked me much longer than I first fucked him. It seemed like he ground his enormous pecker into me for well over an hour. He would bury his cock in all the way and then almost pull out of me, just leaving the tip of his cock in place. A few more of those kind of strokes and I lost it.

He must have been hitting my prostate because I ended up firing a stream of cum onto his chest. That was when Ken lost control. I started to feel his man load of cum shoot into my bowels. It felt hot and sticky as I managed to use my ass muscles and milk him clean of all his love offering.

Ken then collapsed on me and we kissed some more. “I have wanted to do that for so long, Jeff” Ken told me.

I certainly had no idea of that, but I was glad we did it afterwards. We did manage to make it back to the bedroom.

Once there Ken and I fucked and sucked until the morning arrived. Ken showed me how to please a man and I hope I pleased him often that night. When we woke up that morning my ass and jaw were sore. There was cum all over our bodies and on the bed sheets as well.

Ken soon had to get back but we are making plans to meet up again. We talk on the phone until then. Ken tells me he wants us to be lovers for good. It is something I have to think about.

I do have to admit I have dreams at night of Ken plowing my ass with his huge pecker. I almost wake up screaming for him to take me. I think that my resistance will break down and Ken and I will soon be enjoying each other permanently.

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