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Villain’s Revenge

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“We were lucky you know, Bunkum Boy,” said Hoodoo Girl when they held their after fight review. “If Dr Dragoon hadn’t made that one little slip we may not have been able to stop him this time.”

Bunkum Boy just laughed.

“He always makes that one little mistake, though, Hoodoo Girl,” he pointed out.

He looked across at the picture of Dr Dragoon on the front of the report and laughed again.

“Yah, boo. Sucks to be you,” he said, giggling.

Observing the pair through a hidden camera, Dr Dragoon rose to his full height.

“Yah, boo. Sucks to be you? You dare to mock me, boy? You, with a brain consisting of a fresh steaming turd, dare to mock me? I shall destroy you. And her. The mighty Hoodoo Girl will find out just what sort of things are possible.

Fortunate for her that my respect for her father prevents me from just obliterating her. I shall turn my genius to finding a way to make you cringe and run at the very sound of my name.

This last little episode will be the last time a child of eighteen will thwart the will of the great Dr Dragoon.”

– – –

It was a few weeks after that episode that Hoodoo Girl received a tip.

‘If you’re looking for Dr Dragoon, you will find him in the Mohave Desert. He has a hidden hide-away there and is currently there by himself. He will be there for another three days.’ The note included longitude and latitude with instructions on how to approach the cabin without being seen.

Bunkum Boy of course was all eager to run up there and trap the good doctor immediately. Hoodoo Girl was more cautious.

“It could be a trap, Bunkum Boy.”

“So what? We’ll spring it and catch Dr Dragoon in it.”

“I don’t know. It might be better to just leave this one to the police.”

“He’d spot them coming and be long gone. We’ll have the best chance. We’ll tell the police where we’re going and arrange for them to track us via our smart-phones. They’ll know where we are at all times and if we stop moving about, and fail to contact them, they can move in.”

Hoodoo Girl allowed herself to be persuaded. She really wanted to catch Dr Dragoon herself. Accordingly, she took what precautions she could and then went to visit the good doctor, Bunkum Boy providing backup.

It was suspiciously easy to locate the hide-away. Careful scouting showed no hidden traps, no watchful henchmen. Stealing up to the cabin and glancing through a window, Hoodoo Girl could see Dr Dragoon sitting at a table, going over some paper work.

Hoodoo Girl found it hard to believe. A man of Dr Dragoon’s calibre letting himself be trapped in a one room shack with only a single door? Unbelievable.

Hoodoo Girl and Bunkum Boy approached the door. With a swift movement, Hoodoo Girl opened the door, and stepped in, followed closely by Bunkum Boy.

“Good evening, Dr Dragoon,” she said coolly.

Dr Dragoon had snapped erect when the door opened, but apart from that he made no move.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with us, Doctor,” said Hoodoo Girl.

Dr Dragoon smiled. “I’m afraid not,” he said gently. “I think rather that you will be coming with me.”

Hoodoo Girl looked puzzled and opened her mouth to answer. She felt even more puzzled as she felt herself sinking to the ground. She sensed Bunkum Boy collapsing next to her and then she slept.

Now Dr Dragoon was really smiling. “I’m sorry, Hoodoo Girl,” he murmured. “Didn’t I tell you that the air conditioner was blowing a sleep gas straight at the doorway?” Reaching over he switched off the machine before approaching the recumbent pair.

A couple of hours later Hoodoo Girl awoke. She was in a middle sized room, not the shack where she had seen Dr Dragoon. She took quick stock of her situation.

Bunkum Boy was lying on what seemed to be a mattress, and appeared to be asleep. Apart from the mattress the only other item in the room was a wooden chair. Bunkum Boy appeared to have some sort of metal collar on, and that was all he had on. Coupled with this shock came the realisation that she, too, was naked.

With no apparent door or window, all Hoodoo Girl could do was go and sit on the chair and wait. A few minutes later Bunkum Boy stirred and then sat up with startling suddenness, looking around.

“What happened?” he asked.

“It was a trap and we sprang it,” said Hoodoo Girl.

“Where are we?”

“I have no idea.”

Bunkum Boy, she noticed was trying not to look at her, embarrassed. He suddenly seemed to discover that he was naked as well and sat on the mattress, blushing.

“What is that collar you’re wearing, Bunkum Boy?” Hoodoo Girl asked.

Bunkum Boy tugged at it, making no visible difference.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It seems to be made of metal.”

Looking over at Hoodoo Girl, Bunkum Boy held his hand to the side of his face, thumb pointing at his ear, little finger at his mouth.

Hoodoo Girl nodded. They would have to wait until the phones were traced.

“How cute,” said a familiar voice. “Bunkum Boy is telling you that they’ll trace your phones. And I’m sure they will. It’s just too bad that those phones aren’t anywhere near here. Also, not being sure if you had other devices concealed about your persons, I’ve taken the liberty of removing everything you possess. Those items are with your phones, by the way. Many miles from here and going further away by the moment.

Now, Hoodoo Girl, you have been a very naughty girl and ruined a number of my plans. I’m afraid I will have to punish you for this.”

“Really,” said Hoodoo Girl indifferently. “And what do you propose to do?”

“Well nothing personally, or at least not yet. However, that chair you’re on is there for Bunkum Boy to sit on. Do you mind hopping off and letting him have it?”

Hoodoo Girl looked at Bunkum Boy and shrugged. No reason why not. She rose and Bunkum Boy sat on the chair.

“Thank you,” said Dr Dragoon. “Now, Hoodoo Girl, would you be so kind as to bend over Bunkum Boy’s lap. He’s going to give you a nice sound spanking for being such a naughty girl.”

“The hell I am,” snapped Bunkum Boy.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” came from Hoodoo Girl.

“Oh, no. I never kid. Watch.”

Next moment Bunkum Boy screamed, twitching violently. Hoodoo Girl watched in shock as he sagged in the chair.

“It’s called a correction collar. In a few moments I’m going to turn it on again and leave it on for a minute, unless you, Hoodoo Girl, are bending across his knee and getting your pretty little bottom paddled.”

“I won’t do it,” gasped Bunkum Boy. “You’ll have to use the collar on me.”

“Oh, that would be no fun. If you refuse to spank Hoodoo Girl I’ll simply fit her with a collar and then zap her each time you refuse. Much worse than a spanking, I assure you.”

Hoodoo Girl and Bunkum Boy looked at each other. For the time being they were in a corner. They would have to do as they were told. A few moments later Bunkum Boy was looking down at Hoodoo Girl’s pretty white bottom, cursing the sudden erection that was pressing against her stomach. He gave her bottom a tentative pat.

Derisive laughter came from the speakers.

“Now, Bunkum Boy, really. You can do better than that. I expect to see a red handprint every time you spank. If you’d rather, I can always arrange for one of my gorillas to come and show you how.”

“You’ll have to stop stuffing around and spank me properly, Bunkum Boy. Don’t worry about me. I can cope with a simple spanking and I doubt you can hit me hard enough to worry me anyway.”

Both encouraged and irritated by Hoodoo Girl’s comment, Bunkum Boy set to with a will, wondering if he’d be spanking some modesty into her for a change.

Hoodoo Girl gritted her teeth as Bunkum Boy spanked her. OK, he was stronger than she’d guessed and those spanks stung, but she could bear it. The trouble was, Hoodoo Girl found, that the spanks were accumulative. After ten, her bottom was smarting. After twenty, her bottom was red and hurting. By the time Dr Dragoon called a halt, Hoodoo Girl felt as though her bottom was on fire.

“That’s enough, Bunkum Boy,” she called. “Dr Dragoon said you can stop now. Damnit, Bunkum Boy, cut it out. The doctor said it’s over.”

“That’s Bunkum Boy for you,” came the syrupy comment from the speakers. “Slow to start and then doesn’t know when to finish.

Your personal grooming, Hoodoo Girl, leaves much to be desired.”

There was a click as a hidden shelf dropped open. There was a small object on it.

“Bunkum Boy, your next task will be to assist Hoodoo Girl with her personal grooming. Just look at all that fur on her mound. Disgraceful. Use the electric razor to remove it. You’ll find that you’ll get the best results if you remove most of it with the builtin trimmer and then just run the main razor over the stubble. I suggest you run your fingertips lightly over it after you’ve finished to make certain that it’s nice and smooth.

And Hoodoo Girl, unless you want another spanking, I suggest you just lie on the mattress and let Bunkum Boy work.”

Seething, Hoodoo Girl settled onto the mattress, while Bunkum Boy fetched the small electric shaver. Face burning he started trimming Hoodoo Girl’s bush while Hoodoo Girl lay there rigid. With the main fur trimmed, Bunkum Boy blushed even brighter as he found himself having to brush it away from Hoodoo Girl’s pussy with his fingers before he started on the stubble.

Hoodoo Girl felt like screaming as the buzzing razor sent little tremors deep into her, agitating her sensitive internal nerves. And did Bunkum Boy have to wave his stupid erection so close to her pussy?

Finally the shaving was complete.

“Hoodoo Girl, please put the shaver back on its shelf, and remain standing next to the shelf.”

Hoodoo Girl replaced the razor and stood there, glaring at the wall, her eyes trying to burn holes through it. She should have been looking further down. As it was she gave a startled squeal when a hand reached over the little shelf and ran lightly over her freshly shaven pussy. She jerked hurriedly away from the wall.

“Very nice,” came Dr Dragoon’s voice, “but it’s possibly feeling a bit raw.”

A bottle popped out of the slot and dropped onto the floor in front of Hoodoo Girl. Picking it up, Hoodoo Girl found it was a bottle of skin cream, and quite a good one.

“Give that to Bunkum Boy,” she was instructed, “and lie back down on the mattress. Bunkum Boy is to massage your whole body with that.”

Hoodoo Girl wanted to scream at the doctor, but refused to let him see he was getting to her. She stalked over to the mattress and lay down again, handing Bunkum Boy the bottle while she did so.

“Bunkum Boy, remember I am watching,” stated the doctor. “I expect that cream to be rubbed all over Hoodoo Girl. Not skipping bits because you don’t want to embarrass her.”

Bunkum Boy glanced at Hoodoo Girl and gave a half shrug. He wasn’t going to admit he was having fun but what man wouldn’t like an excuse to run his hands all over a body like Hoodoo Girl’s, and having to include the naughty bits? He set to with a will, erection swaying as he worked.

Hoodoo Girl suffered in silence. She didn’t even mention that she thought Bunkum Boy had spent a little too long oiling certain areas. And there had been no need to oil her breasts a second time. Another time she might kill him. Right now she just took it and tried to look indifferent.

Finally Bunkum Boy rose. “Finished,” he said, half defiantly.

A door slid open in one of the walls.

“Please step through and wait there, Bunkum Boy. Take the bottle and chair with you. Don’t worry about Hoodoo Girl. That mirror you see is one-way glass and you will be able to see everything that Hoodoo Girl does.”

Bunkum Boy moved into the other room, the door sliding closed behind him.

With Bunkum Boy out of the room another door slid open and Dr Dragoon stepped into the room. A naked Dr Dragoon. He had, Hoodoo Girl couldn’t help but notice, a much superior erection than Bunkum Boy’s. She moved into a fighting stance.

“Pain,” snapped Dr Dragoon, “and stop.”

Hoodoo Girl heard a shrill scream from Bunkum Boy’s room.

“The correction collar is voice operated,” the doctor explained. “If you don’t want to hear poor Bunkum Boy screaming, I suggest you just settle down. On the mattress would be a good place, on all fours with your bottom pointing at the sky.”

Hoodoo Girl looked at him, heat in her eyes.

“You’ve descended to the level of a rapist now?” she sneered.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” smiled the doctor. “Now are you going to do as you’re told or do I say the P word?”

“If I get on the mattress, you’re going to rape me. If I don’t, you’re going to torture Bunkum Boy.”

“I do like to see such quick understanding in one so young,” said Dr Dragoon. “It’s a simple choice. Is stopping yourself being fucked worth what it will do to your friend? Remembering that it won’t necessarily help you. I may just gas you and tie you to the bed and take you anyway.”

Glancing at the mattress, Hoodoo Girl saw that there were small leather loops at each corner. She’d thought they were to assist in carrying it. Now she realised they were tethering points.

Giving the doctor a withering look, Hoodoo Girl walked over to the mattress and took up the nominated position, face burning as she realised that Bunkum Boy could see what was happening. She could Dr Dragoon laughing quietly as he settled onto the mattress behind her.

“If my assessment is correct, the spanking, followed by the buzzing vibration of the electric razor, followed by the massage with the oil, will have made you acutely aware of your pussy. I’m betting you’re wet and ready.”

Cursing to herself, Hoodoo Girl stayed motionless as a single finger probed between her lips, assessing her state of readiness. Her face flamed scarlet as the doctor chuckled.

Hoodoo Girl could feel her lips being eased apart and then the head of the doctor’s cock was pushing against her. She tried to move away but a pair of hands caught her hips, holding her still.

“Hopefully, this part will hurt,” said Dr Dragoon, “but unfortunately, only for a short while. The popping sound you’re about to hear is your sweet cherry.”

Hoodoo Girl felt sudden pressure and gritted her teeth as she felt the doctor ramming into her hymen. She refused to yelp as she felt it tear, and then the doctor was laughing and sliding deeper into her.

Hoodoo Girl cursed quietly. At least, it would soon be over. All she had to do was wait a bit. The pain of her broken hymen had indeed faded, and Hoodoo Girl was now aware of unusual sensations starting to ripple through her as the doctor started to move within her.

She found herself breathing hard, feeling the cock dragging out of her, catching her breath expectantly, waiting for its return. The movement went on, slowly coaxing her body to life. Personal wishes were of no value. Age old genetics were stirring, letting her know that pleasure was coming.

Crouched there, feeling a cock sliding back and forth, moving in and out at its leisure, slowly dragging a response out of her. Hoodoo Girl was horrified to find her bottom bobbing up and down, moving happily in unison with the cock inside her. She tried to hold still but found her body disobeying her. It liked what it was doing and was moving instinctively.

Dr Dragoon was enjoying himself. This would teach the interfering wretch a lesson she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. He moved slowly but rhythmically, slowly encouraging Hoodoo Girl to respond. He chuckled when he felt her responses hesitate for a moment and then pick up again, stronger than ever.

Suddenly driving in vigorously, Dr Dragoon caused Hoodoo Girl to squeal from surprise, her hips jerking eagerly up to take him. Hoodoo Girl found she’d lost control of herself. Her body was responding whole heartedly to the assault on her person, relishing it and demanding more.

Now that Hoodoo Girl had surrendered her body to him, Dr Dragoon pulled out all stops, driving in hard and fast, relishing Hoodoo Girl’s helpless response and her wailing cries for relief as he drove her towards a climax.

Hoodoo Girl felt furious and desperate. She couldn’t help herself and the whole world seemed to be coming down to that cock driving her insane. It plunged into her as she rose to meet it, withdrawing before she could fully capture it, only to come plunging down again.

Tension was screaming through her and she knew what it presaged. It was bad enough that she’d been tricked and captured by Dr Dragoon. Worse that he was raping her, but it was simply horrendous that he should be forcing her to a climax while being taken so violently.

Bunkum Boy could see Hoodoo Girl bouncing up and down, taking the doctor’s cock into her with what Bunkum Boy thought was quite an unreasonable amount of enthusiasm. He watched, mouth open, his own erection standing tall, hard as a rock.

Hoodoo Girl screamed when her climax hit her. She could feel Dr Dragoon pumping his seed deep into her and she could feel her internal muscles closing around and finally holding onto his cock. Then all external awareness was lost as she shuddered and sank into the force of her climax.

When Hoodoo Girl came out of her daze she found Dr Dragoon had departed. The door to Bunkum Boy’s room was sliding open. As Bunkum Boy entered, there was a clicking sound from his collar and it abruptly snapped apart and fell to the floor.

“Be a good chap and put that on the shelf, would you. Thank you. I’m sure you won’t need it again. I’m going to leave you now, but don’t worry. I’ll be letting some people know where you are so that they can come and rescue you.

Bunkum Boy. That erection you have looks as though it needs some attention. You’ll notice that Hoodoo Girl is still nicely positioned and she would probably like a nice fuck from an old friend. Why don’t you entertain her for a while?

Bye, Hoodoo Girl. It’s been fun.”

Hoodoo Girl glanced around at Bunkum Boy in shock. His erection, she noticed, was very prominent. He surely wouldn’t try and take advantage of her while she was only half aware, would he? From the look in his eye, Hoodoo Girl had a funny feeling she was about to find out the hard way.

Dr Dragoon glanced at Hoodoo Girl and Bunkum Boy one last time as he prepared to depart. One last task need to be done. Rescuers. Let’s see. How many paparazzi did he know?

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