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Victory At Last

Category: Anal Sex
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Hello there. First of all, I know why you are reading this. You probably have a spouse at home whose interest in deviant sex acts is not as blooming as yours is. Your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband quite probably wouldn’t approve of your looking through porn on the net and trying to satisfy those desires you have, with him or her totally unaware how filthy you could get.

To tell you the truth, I used to be the same. I spent hours and hours on the net, trying to find the nastiest and filthiest pictures and videos, jerking off a few times a day, and when my girlfriend would come home, I’d be my normal self again. I always said to myself, that only my hormones were taking me so far, so far as to actually betray my girlfriend by thinking about how I would fuck all those sluts I saw on the Internet.

But, my dear friends, it can be different.

Let me tell you a bit about my girlfriend Stacy. She doesn’t have your common sex-story type of body. No long blonde hair, no blue eyes, no legs that never seem to quit. Nope, she doesn’t have all that, but she is the sexiest thing I know. She’s rather short, with shoulder length red hair and a very pretty face. She’s slim, but not at all skinny. She does have big breasts, and although that again may sound like I just invented it, her ass is rather big but well rounded and not fat at all. I fucking adored her ass. I always admired it when I fucked her from behind, and that, my friend, we did quite often. And here’s the point.

Our sex-life wasn’t bad at all. We had sex a few times a week, which maybe at our age, she was 23 and I was 24, wasn’t too rare. Our sex-sessions were well prepared, we always made sure we had enough time to fuck and when we did, it was wonderful. We even downloaded movies from the net and watched them before going at it.

The problem was, she always said sex was nice, but it was not the most important thing for her. And she was right! Sex is not the most important thing, but my hormones were telling me different things. I wanted as much as possible, but I loved her, and I wouldn’t want to cheat on her, just because of my inability to control my urges.

One of the things my girlfriend would never do was to have anal sex. We had discussed often, and for her, it just wasn’t part of sexual activities. Like I said, I was infatuated with her ass, and I always tried my luck, but even touching her butthole was a no-no. I once manged to lick her asshole, we were both drunk, and she allowed me to do that, because I told her it was something I really wanted to do. She let me lick it as longs I wanted, and I loved it. But I wanted more, and she wouldn’t give it to me.

So I started downloading movies from the Internet, where the porn-stars were doing all the things I wanted to do to my girlfriend. Most of them included rough anal sex, you know, those scenes where in the end the girl’s asshole is gaping wide open, allowing a view almost into her stomach. Those were awfully rough and rude clips, but when my girlfriend was not around, I devoured them. I jerked off, and when she was home, I was satisfied and could later on talk to her without always thinking of sinking my cock into her round ass.

One night, I had just come home from university, my girlfriend sat in my room, at the computer which we both used when we used the Internet. I came into the room, and when I saw what she was watching on the screen, I almost had a heartattack.

I was fucked. She had obviously found my stash of brutal porn I had downloaded from the Internet. Fuck, I should have locked that folder somehow, but I had always thought she would never find it, hidden somewhere in the windows system folder. So there she was, witnessing how a porn-slut just got one dick up her ass and another one in her pussy, with the male porn-stars calling her names and generally just degrading and abusing her. Stacy was wide eyed, and she was glued to the screen. She didn’t even look at me, only asked:

“So that’s what you look at when I’m not around, huh? That’s pretty fucking sick!”

I just stood there, not knowing what to say or do. I couldn’t say they weren’t mine. I could say I downloaded them by accident, not knowing they were that hard. Well, I had about twenty of them in that folder, so that answer wouldn’t work. So I opted for a meek:


It was the most embarrassing moment of my entire life. And it seemed like hours, although my girlfriend only looked for another few seconds, just to witness how the guys spread the slut’s ass, exposing a wildly gaping, destroyed asshole. Stacy turned it off and looked at me.

“Greg, that’s the most disgusting stuff I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that turns you on. That’s no way to treat a human being. I mean, she’s just a fuck-toy to them!” she looked at me, waiting for a reply.

“Well, I know…but after all, she’s a porn-star, she chooses to do that!”

“But Greg, she probably wouldn’t choose to do that if it wasn’t for the men demanding that she did it! I mean, her ass is busted, she won’t be able to shit right for the next week!”

I had to stifle a laugh. That was a really bizarre scene, but it also turned me on to hear my girlfriend talk like that.

“Hey, I read about anal sex…that sphincter is one of the most powerful muscles in our body. If they don’t damage it, her ass will close up right after the fucking session. That’s why anal is not dangerous!” I said.

“Oh, I can’t believe that. A dick is just too big to go in there. Show me that site you read that on and maybe I’ll believe you!” Stacy said.

So I sat down with her and searched the net, until we found a sexual-advice site. There, some kind of medically trained psychologist was answering question regarding anal-sex. We didn’t have to search long, until the answer popped up. There it was explained that the sphincter indeed is a very strong muscle, and if done right, anal-sex is no problem at all.

Stacy read it and started to ponder. I was quiet, because I didn’t want to initiate another round of discussion. Suddenly, Stacy looked at me.

“Greg, do you really want to fuck my ass? I mean, you’ve got all those anal-movies on your harddisk, and you always want to get near my ass with your fingers and tongue when we fuck. Is that really what you want? To push your dick into my ass, although you know it’s not the right place?”

Well, she asked me, so I delivered.

“Yeah, Stacy, I do want to fuck you. I love your ass, and you know that. I’m fascinated with your ass, and your asshole. I’m a fanatic. But I would never want you to do anything you don’t want, so that topic only lives in my fantasy. That’s why I got all those movies. I’m alright with your decision, but I just sometimes need to do what my hormones tell me to do. I’m a man, for god’s sake.”

Stacy looked at me. Then she got up, and went out of the room. Fuck, I had blown it. She just wasn’t the type of girl. I never should have downloaded those movies, and I should never have told her what I really think about anal sex. I should have been quiet, and she would not have been mad with me.

I heard the bathroom door close, and since I knew that whenever she was upset, she took a bath, I knew I really had a problem now. I was restless. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to the bathroom door and knocked.

“Go away, I’m busy!” Stacy called.

Alright, no way to talk to her. I decided to watch a bit of TV. There was some stupid sitcom on, but I really didn’t have the nerve to actually watch it. I was deep in thought when I saw my girlfriend emerging. She was carrying something that looked like a toothpaste and apart from that was totally naked.

I gulped. Okay, so there was something strange going on. Obviously, she was not that mad. Or she had become crazy and wanted to leave me without anything more than toothpaste. I looked at her questioningly.

“Greg, take your clothes off and follow me!”

I didn’t dare to say anything, so I did as she said. I took my clothes off and followed her into the bedroom. Stacy looked back at me, seeing that I was ogling her ass.

“Alright, so you really want to fuck my poor little butt. Since I love you, and since I want you to be happy with me, I’ll give you this one chance. You can fuck my ass now. I’m almost sure I won’t like it, but if I do, we can do it again. If not, we will never again discuss that topic. Understood?”

I was speechless. A few moments ago I had though she would leave me, and now she would let me fuck her ass.

“But, but….don’t you think we should prepare you in a way…I mean, enema or something like that?” I asked.

Stacy laughed.

“What the hell do you think I did in the bathroom? I’m all set. You can have my ass!”

Without another word, Stacy got on the bed, and kneeled. With her ass up high, she handed me that toothpaste, which turned out to be some kind of lubricant. I didn’t know where the hell she had gotten that one from, but I didn’t care either. The sight in front of me was breathtaking. Finally, my girlfriend’s round ass was exposed to me just so I could fuck it. How often had I dreamt about it.

“Greg…please lick my asshole before you put any of that stuff on!” Stacy asked.

I didn’t hesitate for a second. I plunged down right between her asscheeks. Her ass smelled of some shower-gel, and when I licked her wrinkly asshole, I almost came. The ring was really strong, and as I pushed with my tongue, I felt it give in a bit. That was definitely the best thing I had ever experienced. No blowjob, no normal fucking could have ever beaten that.

Stacy had kept quiet, until suddenly my tongue was about half an inch inside her ass. I heard a soft moan, and felt Stacy moving her butt nearer towards me. Okay, so she did like my rimming. That was a fantastic start.

I kept rimming Stacy’s asshole for a few minutes, until I felt it was time to start the action. I grabbed the lubricant and applied a generous amount on my hand. Slowly, I started rubbing it into Stacy’s ass. Stacy laughed out loud.

“Fuck, that stuff is cold!”

I laughed too, and felt at the one hand very excited but also quite lighthearted. Stacy was after all the best woman I had ever met.

I pushed one finger coated in lube slowly into her ass. Feeling that tight ring gripping it was wonderful, and I was looking forward to that sensation on my cock. Stacy had again started to moan, and when my finger was in to the second knuckle, she moved her ass backward to meet it. I decided to push another finger in. It was already much more difficult, because Stacy’s ass really was tight. But after some slow but steady pushing, it slipped in with the first finger.

“Oh god, I didn’t know that would feel that good. It’s so much pressure, but it feels like nothing I have ever felt before!” Stacy moaned and looked at me. I smiled, and she did too.

“Come on Greg, do it now. I want to see what your cock feels like inside my butt!” she demanded.

I slowly pulled out those fingers, and then it hit me. I was actually going to fuck her ass. A fucking dream was going to come true. My cock, her ass, a combination I had never thought possible. But there I was, rock hard cock, waiting asshole and lots of electricity in the air.

I straightened up, my cock now pointing upwards, a few inches away from its target. Stacy’s wonderful round ass was right there in front of my ass, her cheeks spread and her asshole open for me to explore.

I lubed up my cock and positioned it at her entrance. Stacy looked back at me, reassuringly. That was funny, because she was the one who would get a cock up her ass, not me. I smiled back at her, and slowly started to push. I felt her assring on the tip of my cock. It wasn’t yet giving in. I felt it slowly, slowly expanding, seeing Stacy’s ass cave in.

“Oh fuck….oh fuck!” Stacy moaned.

“Does it hurt?” I asked

“Hell yeah, it does….but don’t you dare stop. Don’t…fucking….stop!” Stacy said under her breath.

I pushed harder, and all of a sudden, my head slid in. Stacy instinctively moved her body forward, letting out yelp.

“Should I take it out?” I asked. I would never want to hurt her, sexual obsession or not.

“No….no….just let me get used to it!” Stacy said.

So I waited for a minute, until I felt her ass relaxing. I looked at her face, and she was nodding. So I slowly pushed in further. Inch after inch, my dick went in, until her asscheeks made contact with my body. Stacy was breathing hard, but she seemed fine. I definitely was fine. My dick was really inside her ass, and it was in up to the hilt. The sight of Stacy’s expanded asshole around my cock was unbelievable, and the feeling of her warm ass engulfing my cock was even more unreal.

Gently, I pulled out my dick, until only my cock was in. I then started to push in again, slowly but steadily building up a rhythm. Stacy had again started to moan, so obviously, it wasn’t half bad for her either. My dick was going in and out of her ass now, and after a few minutes, Stacy was even pushing back her ass at me. I started to pick up some speed when I noticed Stacy was realyed enough. That evoked quite a reaction.

“Oh fuck, yeah….fuck me faster…fuck my ass faster!” Stacy moaned into the pillow. I grabbed that wonderful ass of hers and started pushing in and out quite quickly, and Stacy was really getting into it. After a few minutes of fucking, she pushed her ass back everytime I pushed into her, her moans now little yelps and screams.

“Fuck….fuck…yeah….that’s so good….I can’t believe it….fuck me harder!” she screamed. I was in a frenzy. I was amazed I could hold on for so long, since I had thought I would shoot my load just from looking at her open ass.

I really as fucking her ass hard now, pushing all the way in with one stroke and doing that over and over again. Suddenly Stacy announced she was cumming.

“Oh my god….I’m cumming….that’s soooo crazy….I’m Cummmmming!” she screamed into the pillow, and I was glad our neighbours never were home. I rammed my dick as hard as I could into Stacy’s ass, and felt her spasm like hell. Stacy screamed and moaned and I knew she was just having the orgasm of a lifetime.

“Oh fuck….I’m squirting….I’m fucking squirting!” Stacy screamed. And she was right. There was a fucking torrent coming from her pussy. She had never ever before squirted when we had sex. Thad did it for me. I pushed my dick into her wonderful round ass for one last time and shot my load.

I collapsed on her body. The room reeked of sex, and out bed was a mess, a large puddle had formed just underneath Stacy’s pussy.

After a minute, my cock had gone limp, Stacy asked me to roll off of her. I did, and as my limp cock popped out of her ass, large globs of cum started oozing out of her ass.

“Lick my asshole now, Greg…clean up my asshole!” Stacy demanded.

Hell, she really was far more kinky than I had though. I had never liked the taste of my cum, but in that special situation, I didn’t care. I dove between Stacy’s cheeks, and took in the musky smell. It was perfect and outrageous, as I started licking around and into her asshole. I swallowed my cum without any disgust at all, it seemed like the most natural thing to suck my juice out of my girlfriend’s asshole.

“Come up here and give me a kiss!” Stacy ordered and I did just that.

We swapped a bit of my cum, and then just lay next to each other.

“Greg, that was unbelievable. I am so sorry I never allowed you to touch my asshole. From now on, we will have a lot more fun!” Stacy said.

My smile was so wide, I was sure my mouth would split open from one ear to the other.

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