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Victor’s Way

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East Herkimer, New York, a town in the central part of New York State located just off the Thruway. A sleepy place that isn’t much different today than it was back in 1973, when this story took place.


It looked like every insect that was attracted to light was buzzing around the bare bulb that was supposed to illuminate the area around the door of the motel room – Room 9 in this case.

The bulb wasn’t very bright, which helped account for the difficulty the man with the key was having as he struggled to find the keyhole. I remember looking at the sad little number on the middle of the motel door. The ‘9’ was off center and spun halfway around when the door finally opened with a jerk.

Room 9 was probably like the other rooms in the strip mall of a motel. Cramped and seedy, with decor that was probably cool back in the 50’s but seemed very outdated in 1973, it was designed to serve the two types of clients who used it; the economically minded traveler in need of a bed and a bath, and those wishing to have sex. I guess the two of us fit both categories.

I had spent the last 3 hours with this man, who had introduced himself to me as Victor, and while he was a man of relatively few words, the ones he used left no doubt as to his intentions.

“I’m getting weary, Timmy” the man with the rich olive skin mentioned suddenly as the sun finished setting. “I’m getting off at the next exit and finding a room for the night.”

I had been hitchhiking my way across the state, I was about halfway to my destination, which was better than I had expected. Figuring that there would be a truck-stop at the exit, I prepared my speech thanking Victor for the ride, but Victor had other ideas.

“I appreciate the ride,” I said as the man eased the car off of the interest and prepared to pay the toll.

“I’m not a homosexual,” Victor said after paying the toll taker at the dark and deserted toll booth, driving a little ways down the road.

There was indeed a truck stop at the exit, and although it didn’t seem too prosperous it was better than getting dumped off in the dark, where I would have no chance to get a ride. Hearing Victor blurt that out as he eased over to the side of the road was bizarre though, because I had no idea where he came up with the idea that I thought he was.

“I didn’t say you were,” was what I finally managed to get out of my mouth.

“I thought that the way you were looking at me sometimes, that you thought I was,” Victor said, and while during the ride I had enjoyed trying to figure out the source of his accent, which was faint and something I thought was Mediterranean, I was intent on trying to figure out what Victor meant.

“No sir,” I said, addressing the man with the respect due a person more than twice my age.

“It’s just that I’ve been on the road for a while,” Victor said as he stopped the car and turned in his seat to face me. “Sometimes a person gets lonely. Have you ever been with a man, Timmy?”

“Yes,” I said after swallowing hard.

“Sexually, I mean.”

“I know. Yes. I have,” I admitted.

“I suspected so,” Victor said. “I sensed it by the way you would look at me.”

I had been primarily turned on by Victor’s arms, which were supple, moderately muscular, and profusely covered with hair, which happened to be a particular turn-on for me. The black hair was dense and even stood out against his dark olive skin, with his gold watch providing even more contrast.

“Well, I have to admit that you’re a very handsome man,” I said, and while that wasn’t true, there was no harm in my saying it.

Victor’s features were dark and he had a solemn look about him. He had a well-trimmed thick moustache and wore horn-rimmed glasses, and although I hadn’t seen him standing up, I guessed him to be about the same height as me 5’10” or so, and probably weighed about 20 pounds less than my 170.

“Thank you,” Victor said. “Show me your dick.”


“Show me your dick,” Victor repeated calmly. “I want to see it.”

I felt weird exposing myself in the front seat of a Buick, and not only because what I was trying to pull out was so unimpressive, but I was 19 and was acting it in recent months, so I did what he asked, pulling out my pale little pecker and wiggling it around a little.

“Can you cum with that?” Victor asked.

“You mean here and now?” I asked as I looked around the darkness of the shoulder of the road, illuminated only by the lights of the truck stop.

“No. Does it cum?”

“Of course,” I said a little indignantly, but it wasn’t the first time my boyish appearance had made men think I was younger than my 19 years, and it wouldn’t be the last.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to know. You look quite young, even though you told me that were in college. I confess I was a little startled at the size of it, but I mean no insult. Can I taste your dick?”

“Taste it?” I asked, totally lost by now.

“Yes,” Victor said, and when I nodded he calmly unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over towards me.

I felt his hand grab my dick from me as his head went into my lap, and then I felt myself surrounded my a wet and warm mouth. Victor’s lips slid down my dick and by the time they came back up I was hard. His mouth went up and down my dick several times, and while the man may have claimed he was not gay, his cock-sucking skills were obvious, proving that he had done this before, probably many times.

“Uh – how did it taste?” I asked when Victor suddenly sat upright, leaving me with a throbbing boner pointing straight up.

“Quite nice,” Victor declared. “Your dick is rather small but also very sexy. Would you like to see mine?”

“Uh, no, that’s okay. Not like this,” I said.

“Would you like to spend the night with me then?” Victor asked.

“Okay,” I heard myself saying, knowing that my options were limited.

With that, Victor pulled back onto the road, while I bent my dick enough to get it back in my pants. In a matter of minutes we were pulling into the motel parking lot, and as Victor got out of the car I offered him a few bucks, which was all I had, but he refused it.

“Wait for me please,” Victor said, and in a minute he was back out with the motel room key in hand.


Now in the motel room, I sniffed at the musty air, but also realizing that it was better than sleeping under a tree somewhere, and besides, there was a shower that I planned to make use of. I had taken one before I left my Mom’s house that morning, but a day on the road had made me feeling less than fresh, and there was only one bed in the room.

“Mind if I take a shower?” I asked.

“Yes,” Victor said, and I nodded and started to go into the bathroom with my backpack before realizing what he meant.

“I like you as you are,” Victor explained.

“But I’m kinda funky,” I said. “Started out fresh this morning but now…”

“I know,” Victor said. “You are fine now.”

“Uh – mind if I brush my teeth?” I asked, fishing the toothbrush and paste out of the baggie they were in.

“Of course.”

In the bathroom, I brushed while trying to figure this man out. Maybe he was from India or Pakistan or something, I thought. Peeling off my t-shirt and jeans, I gave myself a cursory sniff. The Right Guard had worn off, leaving me with a scent that, while not revolting was less fresh than what I was used being, to put it mildly.

I had deodorant in my backpack, and wished I had thought to bring the bag in with me, but it was too late now. Clad in only my fruit-of-the-looms, I took a deep breath and went back out to the motel room.

The TV was on and the sound was muted. Andy Griffith was on and he was taking Opie down to the fishing hole, but I think the TV was on as a night light. There was light coming in through the thin curtains in the front of the room, and there was where Victor was.

Bent over his suitcase, I could see the back side of the man who was naked as he fished around for something inside his bag. His skin was so coppery and smooth that I found myself getting aroused as I watched the muscles move underneath it.

Victor’s back was smooth except for a streak of hair on the small of his back, but his torso became very hairy below his waist. The backs of his thighs were covered with a coating of hair, getting denser down below his knees. and there was hair in the crack of his butt as well.

Victor turned just then, and as he turned around he smiled at me and walked toward me. His cock rolled from side to side as he moved, and while he was not exceptionally large, his thick dark brown member was certainly above average. Even soft he was bigger than I was hard, and the darkness of his uncircumcised manhood made it look even more intimidating.

“Are you pleased?” Victor asked, and I nodded.

His body was trim with just the right amount of muscle. His chest was hairy, and his nipples were large, the buds so dark they almost looked black. In Victor’s hand was a jar. Vaseline. The biggest damn jar I had ever seen, and after he set it on the night table next to the bed he motioned for me to get in.

I tugged off my underwear, and Victor smiled when he saw my erection spring up wildly after being released from captivity. Climbing onto the bed, I got in face down, in part to hide my dick, and as I lay there I heard the sound of a lid spinning off of a jar. All I could think about was, jeez, no foreplay?

Victor was just getting prepared, because while he hopped into bed and climbed onto me, his motive was just to mount me. His body covered me as he nuzzled into the back of my neck, lifting my long dirty blonde hair and kissing me.

The kissing turned to licking and chewing lightly, and as he tongued and nibbled my already moist neck, I could hear him inhaling. It was almost as if he was enjoying the scent and taste of my perspiration, and as his breathing became more intense Victor sounded more like an animal than a man.

Now Victor was rolling me over, and as he ground his body into me, I could feel his stiff cock rubbing against mine as he pulled my right wrist back toward the headboard. Victor looked a bit disappointed when he saw the faint wisp of hair under my arm, but he dove down and buried his face in my armpit anyway.

Victor licked my entire armpit, his tongue lapping up and down with long sensuous strokes, and while I had done this to other men, I didn’t do it with nearly this much passion. It was as if Victor was getting off on my natural aroma, and as he bit and nibbled I got more and more aroused.

It was when he started sucking on my armpit that, combined with the feel of our cocks grinding together, made me cum. I felt myself ejaculating all over us as Victor tried to drain my sweat glands with a ferocity that was beyond comprehension, and when he felt me spurting on him it was as if he was enjoying my orgasm along with me.

“Did you enjoy?” Victor asked me when I finally stopped cumming, and after I assured him that I had, he reminded me that I had made a mess.

Victor rolled onto his back, and I looked at the semen I had deposited on his belly and below. My milky seed looked even whiter against his copper-colored skin, but as I knelt over his and licked at my cum my eyes were on his cock, with was arched back onto his stomach.

Fully engorged, Victor had to have 7 or 8 thick inches curled backwards, and the exposed underside of the base of his cock looked like roots of a tree with the large hairy sac below it.

Only the tip of his cock was peeking out from his foreskin before I took hold of his cock, and as I did the shroud slid down smoothly, exposing the bulbous head of his manhood, a purplish tan in hue.

I licked the tip of his member, which had begun to drool, and when I looked back up at Victor, he smiled at me. He was resting with his right hand behind his neck while his left hand stroked his chest, plucking at his nipple and raking his own fingers through the thick tuft of jet black curls that filled the hollow of his armpit.

Leaving his swollen cock arched backward onto his stomach, I moved myself up the bed, kissing his dark skin as I went up towards my objective. Victor seemed a bit shocked when he realized where I was heading, and to be honest, so was I.

After making a brief stop at his dark swollen nipple, giving it a quick nibble, I found myself staring at Victor’s exposed armpit. The aroma rising from the thicket of jet black hair was pungent, but had a spicy scent to it which made me shiver a bit.

His armpit hair was very wiry despite its dampness, I learned when I ran my fingers through it, and as I raked my nails under his arm I could tell that Victor was not only pleased at what I was doing, but enjoyed the attention it as much as I had.

I felt my head being pulled into the hairy abyss by Victor’s free hand, and now my face was nestled in the furry thicket. The coarse hairs scraped my cheeks as Victor ground my face under his arm, and I began to try and emulate what he had done to me, swabbing his armpit with my tongue.

The tart taste and pungent scent aroused me for some reason. Never having been attracted in the least to body odor before, nonetheless the unusual scent of Victor was definitely working on me, so I found myself getting crazy like he had, chewing and biting away while Victor groaned in response.

After a few more minutes of this, I sensed that Victor was getting bored with what I doing so I raised my head. It was then that I noticed that the hair on his chest and stomach had ropes of milky white semen splayed all over it.

Lower, Victor’s cock was in repose, limp and dripping with cum as it lay back on his stomach.

“While you were busy,” Victor explained when I asked him what happened. “What you were doing – I enjoyed immensely. So much so that I ejaculated without warning.”

Victor had cum despite not touching himself, and as I rubbed his cum through the thick curls I had to admit to myself that so far this was the most unusual hour I could recall spending.

“I find armpits very erotic,” Victor confessed. “The natural aroma of a man I find intoxicating.”

“I guess I’m kinda self-conscious when I haven’t bathed all day,” I admitted. “I almost always do.”

“I bathe everyday also,” Victor explained. “What I do not do is use deodorant or any unnatural chemicals on my body, and you should not either, my friend. Very toxic to you. I could taste the faint metallic residue on you when I was enjoying you. After I got past that I found your natural scent amazing.”

“It is the pheromones,” Victor elaborated. “It is what arouses the primal instincts in us. Companies try and make artificial substitutes for it but there is nothing like the real thing. Fresh sweat mind you – not from an unwashed person sitting in the same clothes for a week – but perspiration flowing freely as nature intended. That is what arouses me most.”


I didn’t have the slightest idea how long I had been on my stomach in the middle of the bed with Victor kneeling behind me, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands while he gave me the most intense rimming I would ever experience, but it felt so good that time was irrelevant.

His long, serpent-like tongue had licked me from stem to stern, sucking on my balls and working right up the sweaty crack that he worshipped. I knew he was going to have me anally eventually, but the buildup was exquisite.

By the time Victor was ready for me, I was more than ready for him. He surprised me by rolling us onto our sides and lifting my leg so that he could slide his long member into me just like that. As he began to probe my well-oiled rectum with his manhood, he pulled y upper torso backward towards him so he could get at my armpit again.

Contorted as I was, I was helpless to resist as he chewed under my arm, but I didn’t want to fight off his advances, no matter how strange they seemed to me because I was enjoying it all despite not truly understanding it.

As he moved in and out of me with a smooth motion that barely moved the bed, his hand went down to my dick. A few tugs on my stem and I was hard once more, the cumulative effect of Victor’s cock, hand and mouth making me tingle.

I came just before Victor did, his hand coaxing another orgasm out of me, and then I heard Victor grunt loud just as his warm seed spurted into me, filling me with his cum. We stayed in that position until Victor’s cock slipped out of my anus, and then we cuddled together until I fell asleep.


Victor woke me up several times during the night, but not intentionally, I don’t think. I would find myself in a state of near sleep, awakened my the feel of Victor’s tongue. Under my hair behind my neck, under my arms or between my legs, Victor would be gently licking away, savoring whatever moisture he could find on me. Then he would go back to cuddling and fall back asleep.

In the morning, I took a shower before Victor got up, just in case he wanted me to stay in this pungent state with only a saliva bath, but Victor showered as well when he got up. Victor was kind enough to take me all the way to my destination, even though I suspect it was a bit out of his way.

We exchanged numbers and went off on our separate ways. I never called him, and he never called me. That was the last I saw of him, but I never can forget him and the time we shared. He opened up my eyes to something different, and although I never embraced the human scent to the extent Victor did, I did gain an appreciation for the seductive powers of pheromones.


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