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Hey Guys!

So I decided to do a cliche. I had an idea and I just liked it. So here goes. Warning: All the characters in this chapter are men.

The Illuminaughty


Michael walked into the bar. He was young, ripped, and in a very sheen white tee, so naturally guys were all over him right away. He had dark hair, a square face, and, somehow, dimples. His skin was pale, his eyes were blue. He was wearing jeans and Vans, striding with confidence over to the bar.

“What’ll it be, prettyboy?” Asked the big, muscly bartender.

“Dark and Stormy. Extra rum, bar hunk.” He said in a sexy, raspy, baritone voice.

“Right away, Plain White Tee.” said the tan guy behind the bar.

Michael sat waiting for his drink, when he was interrupted by the arrival of Joseph.

“Hi, I’m Joe.” said the guy. He looked uncannily like Chris Hemsworth, with full legs that were covered by skinny jeans that were too small for him and definitely hot. He had gray eyes and a head of hair that could only be described as brown, but was every color between black and eggshell. His baggy tank top said ‘Endless Summer’ on it.

He smiled, which let Michael see his teeth. He thought “Vampire!” for a second, but upon a second look and coming to his senses, he realized that he just had slightly bigger top incisors, and that vampires, of course, weren’t real. Joe’s talking brought Michael out of his daze.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he said.

“I’ve already got one.” said Michael as his drink came.

“Well, can I pay for it?” said Joe.

“Be my guest. Sit down.” Michael gestured to the open seat next to him, which was obviously being coveted by many other suggestively dressed manboys in the room.

“Thanks. It’s a madhouse in here.” Joe said.

“Oh really? I just got here.”

“Yeah, it started right when you walked in.”

“You might want to stop saying stuff like that before I start thinking you’re complimenting me.”

“Well then, I’ll keep talking.” said Joe.

Twenty minutes later, Joe rode behind Michael on his Harley to Michael’s apartment.


Michael’s POV, Michael’s Apartment, 15 minutes later


I pulled Joe off the motorcycle, carrying him in my arms to the door. Joe smiled, getting up when we got to the door. I unlocked the door, and we walked two floors up to my apartment, opening the door to 309.

After closing the door, we had a quick drink and then Joe pounced on me. We started making out, I pushed my tongue into his mouth slowly, running my tongue over his teeth before pushing it in between them.

I pulled his shirt off, revealing a twink’s body. He had little muscle but also little fat. His shirt was followed by my own, and my large, very muscular, defined frame practically swallowed his on the couch.

I kicked off my shoes, sitting down on the couch. Joe lay on his belly, perpendicular from me. He pulled off his way-too-tight jeans, ultimately leaving him in nothing but his jockstrap. I looked him over, taking joy in the fact that I could simply grab the waist of his strap, dragging him over to me. He undid my jeans, pulled down my underwear, and took my cock in his hand.

Joe was incredibly good, taking all of my albeit fairly small cock (6 inches, fairly thick) in his mouth, taking it all down his throat before licking it with his tongue, pressing it firmly around my member, then traveling down the shaft.

Suddenly, he took my whole very hard cock in his mouth, and bit it. Only with his incisors, I could feel it, but it was as if he was sinking his teeth literally into it- but it didn’t hurt. I felt my cock growing in his mouth, as if I had squeezed it up to the end and there was blood pressure high in it. It started to hurt my whole dick, but it felt good……..

He kept on going. Tension was relieved then started up again, then stopped when my cock felt as if it were moving deeper into his throat. After a minute of this, he pulled my cock out of his mouth. And it was huge. It had grown to a monstrous 12 inches, now more than 5 inches around.

“Whoa.” I said. I was shocked, not to mention there were no bite marks at all.

“It’s a trick that I learned, to get your blood moving to your cock so it grows like that.” Joe said.

“Well, it worked……..” I mumbled, astonished.

He pulled an XL condom from his jeans.

“Now, are you ready to put that thing to good use?” Joe smiled, putting the condom on me. It barely covered 8 inches. Joe let out a moan, turning around. He got on his hands and knees on the carpeted floor. I positioned myself behind him, and he said, “Don’t worry. I can take it, please go hard……” I thought about it, realizing he had a little pain moan as I put my head in. I told him,

“Now, just because you said that, you’re going to have to wait and beg for me to speed up…..” I could hear his half-sigh of relief. I pushed in slowly, Joe moaning as I went.

“Oh…. fuck…. it’s so thick…..” Joe said as I pushed in, still not halfway. I smiled, holding him by an asscheek and his jockstrap.

“I’m not even halfway in yet….” I said, pushing further. God, his ass felt good. Incredibly tight to the point of heavy, hot pressure on my head, and so hot inside……

I pushed further in. Joe’s moans became louder.

“unf…. you’re so huge……” he said as I passed 8 inches into him. Finally, after long minutes of pushing and retreating, I was inside him. I retracted my full 12 inches, hearing him squeal as I did it. Suddenly, without warning, I thrust back into him, hard.

“OH!” he cried, my cock deep, deep inside him. “Please….”

“Please what?” I said quietly into his ear.

“Please…. fuck me…. with that gigantic thing….” Joe moaned.

“Only happy to oblige.” I said. I started moving, back and forth and back and forth…. he came before the minute was over. I wasn’t even close, though, so I kept going, and he kept taking my massive dick and he was hard again in no time flat.

Suddenly I stopped pumping. I ripped the condom off, just before I sprayed Joe’s back with cum. He was totally covered in it on his back, and I licked every drop up.

“That was amazing.” Joe said, kissing, practically biting, my neck. We collapsed on the bed minutes later.


The Next Morning


I woke up, still feeling pleasant from the night before. Joe was gone, though, and upon a quick inspection of the apartment, I realized he had left. I saw a white card on the dresser with writing on both sides. On one side, it was a business card type:

“Joseph Carr, Vampire.” I was confused. He had the teeth, but they weren’t real, were they? On the other side, he wrote a note.

“Michael. The whole cock thing? That’s permanent, thank god. Welcome to the club, kid. Only, we’re not real vampires, because we can see ourselves in reflections. But that’s not the point. Go brush your teeth.”

What could he possibly mean? I went to the bathroom, saw myself in the mirror, then I picked up my toothbrush. I opened my mouth, almost raised the brush into it, then screamed for a really long time.

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