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Valerie Finds Her Man

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Valerie Nicholls had found her motivation to work out regularly. His name was Connor, and he owned the gym that was incongruously tucked away behind an upscale European furniture store in what most people probably assumed was an area of tony shops and places where you paid four dollars for a small pastry that was wrapped up for you to take away in a small box tied with a ribbon.

At forty-two, Valerie had been divorced for six years and was content enough with her situation not to settle for less than what she wanted and needed in a mate.

As long as her life included men—a variety—for good, toe-curling sex in the meantime (no strings, safe sex, relationship ended if the man wanted more but she knew he’d never be THE one), she continued to look for the long-term relationship she wanted. One reason this was taking a while was that in addition to a good supply of the lovely, satisfying yet inventive, male-female coupling that she so enjoyed and which was considered the norm, Valerie had discovered another erotic delight.

She adored fucking a man in the ass.

She savored finding the occasional male toy who enjoyed having her take control of his naked backside (though some of them would never admit their enjoyment, the way they arched their asses up for easy access and pushed back on the dildo when she buried her strapon into them told her otherwise). Some of these deliciously taboo sexual dalliances were with men who also acknowledged the pleasure they received when Valerie added spanking foreplay to the mix.

Sadly, though, these toys never measured up as potential life mates, and she only found them rarely: a Halloween party, a bar downtown populated by twenty-something metrosexuals, once at a bookstore when she noticed a guy browsing through a certain section of a used bookstore close to the local university.

But a man who possessed long-term potential—including a fondness for frequent, good ol’ toe- curling lovemaking in what most people would call “normal”—AND who liked giving his naked asshole to Valerie for her pleasure as well as his own was not something she had not yet come across. Resigned that such a man was going to be exceedingly difficult to find, she contented herself with her life and kept hoping that at some point a new lover would also enjoy being her naughty little assboy on occasion, and she would no longer have to find the two kinds of sex in different lovers and playthings.

And so, Connor . . . it became her instant fantasy upon meeting this man that he would be the perfect lover, strong and a marvelous protector and mate, yet a man who could also abandon himself every now and then to a wanton desire to be naked, face down and ass up, and giving himself completely to Valerie as he squirmed back against her strapon while she slid the last inch deep into him.

In that fantasy, he growled out a low, deep groan that morphed into a higher-pitched, panting moan of wanton delight produced with each bottoming thrust of her strapon into his opened and eager asshole.

* * *

Like Valerie, the neighborhood where she lived was upscale. She had ignored the gym when she strolled on warm summer nights through this neighborhood shopping area. She, like other residents, owned a townhouse in the mixed-use development where an ecologically conscious developer had put together a neighborhood that allowed both living and shopping in an area where no car was needed to get to either place. She rode the light rail to her job in the financial district downtown and reserved driving her sensible yet comfortable sedan for getting to nearby malls, going to the city’s cultural events, and so on.

And that’s precisely why she walked into the gym that Saturday during an open-house that had been advertised in the townhome community newsletter. A job at a desk, sitting during her commutes, mostly curling up with reading material or TV guilty pleasures at home after work with her two cats all conspired to add some pounds she didn’t want. Sex (when she got it) was at this point providing most of the physical workout in her life, and she wanted to get back to the toned body she’d had as a flag corps member with the university marching band during her undergraduate days.

“Hi, I’m Connor Washington. I own the gym, and we’d love to have you take advantage of a six- week introductory package with no commitment and which only costs $50.”

She liked him instantly. She guessed his age at forty-five, but because he obviously stayed in shape, maybe he was older. Certainly the gray creeping into the hair around his temples might mean he was older than a cursory inspection would indicate. He had expressive brown eyes and a warm smile full of white teeth set off by boyish dimples at the sides of his mouth. Because he was in gym clothes for the open house, she noted his muscular arms, trim waist, and powerful legs. As Conner gave her a tour of the facilities, her quick glances at his ass, nicely curved underneath the cotton shorts he was wearing, told Valerie that she would find the firm, rounded and meaty globes of his gym-trained butt as endearing and attractive as his boyish smile.

That is, if she ever got the chance to bend him over, plant her hands on those sexy glutes, and pry him open to gaze at his hidden treasure which she would own for viewing, fingering, licking, and ultimately, for her strapon pleasure.

She signed up without hesitation, noting with anticipation that Mr. Washington was not wearing a wedding ring.

But the first evening she hurried to the gym from the train station after work, she was disappointed to find him absent. She found a tactful way to inquire about his absence without creating the impression she might be interested in him.

“Oh, Mr. Washington comes in to open the gym in the mornings,” said the trainer who came with the introductory package in order to show newbies how to use the weight machines. “He works out most mornings right after he opens up and until the morning guy comes in. Then he heads to his job with that sports management firm; you know, that granite building a couple of miles north of here on the expressway with their name across the top?”

“But I thought he owned the gym,” Valerie said as she settled into the seat of the lat pull-down machine.

“He does,” said the 30ish brunette with a ponytail as she adjusted the poundage on the weight stack. “I guess he made some good money as an agent or something, and he invested some of it in opening this place. But he still keeps his day job.

“Oh,” said Valerie, hiding her disappointment at this evening’s missed opportunity.

On her way out she made sure to verify opening time as printed on the placard next to the door.

It was going to mean getting up at an ungodly hour for her, but the sacrifice—both for getting back the body she wanted and for getting Connor—was worth it. Valerie re-arranged her schedule and planned for six weeks’ worth of early mornings and getting to bed much earlier than usual.

The next morning she got to the gym shortly after opening time and found the door unlocked and the “morning guy” at the reception desk working on the computer. She saw Connor in the gym behind the double glass doors to the right, and she hurried to the women’s locker room.

Moving quickly to get into her workout gear—she didn’t want to risk other gym goers being in the gym to interpret any conversation she might have with Connor as hitting on him—Valerie laced up her cross-training workout shoes and bounded up the stairs to the gym.

He was at the Smith machine, a barbell with impressive weights across his back, and he was descending to the bottom of a squat, back arched and butt thrust back in what Valerie remembered from her introduction to the gym machines was the proper form for squats.

My very lucky day, thought Valerie as Connor pushed himself up with a grunt. Doing so pinched some of the cotton material on the back of his shorts up in between his cheeks, where it remained until his next descent to the bottom of the following squat.

Oh, my. This is an EXTREMELY lucky day, Valerie thought, drinking in the sight of Connor’s powerful legs and rounded ass working through his squat routine.

And no one else was yet in the gym.

Fearing that he would see her staring at his gorgeous ass, Valerie chose a machine at an angle and behind Connor’s current workout so he wouldn’t notice in the mirror in front of the machine how much she was enjoying the view. She made up all manner of time-wasting activity (a drink from her water bottle, adjusting her shoe, smoothing out the towel on the seat of the machine) to allow her to take in the fantasy-inspiring sight: Connor Washington, back arched and butt thrust out, followed by the ntoxicating aftermath in each repetition which was his gym shorts riding up into the furrow between his cheeks, smoothing the material tautly across the rounded globes of his delicious butt.

Why had no producer of visual erotica for women ever filmed a scene like this? she thought.

Disappointingly, Connor finally racked the barbell on the machine and collapsed into a seated position on a nearby workout bench. He was gasping for breath and bent over with his forearms on his thighs as he recovered.

Valerie continued, finally settling into position on the weight machine’s seat.

“Oh, Miss Nicholls,” said Connor, finally looking up from his bout of exhaustion, “you’re definitely jumping in right away to the introductory package.” He wiped beads of perspiration from his face with a towel.

“Didn’t make sense to procrastinate,” she smiled.

“Well, if you come this early every time, there shouldn’t be many wait times for any of the machines. We don’t get a lot of real early-morning traffic. Things pick up around 6:45 or so, though,” he said, rising from his seat and moving to the rack of dumbbells against the wall.

“Good to hear,” she answered. “I’m eager to get into a focused circuit that will tone and burn fat.”

Valerie didn’t much know what that meant—the trainer at her session the night before had used the phrase. It was a calculated comment, hough. She wanted Connor to know she was serious about being in the gym.

He gave her a surprised smile as he picked up a pair of dumbbells. “Good for you!” With no more than that, he stepped to a spot on one end of an aisle between machines and began a series of steps forward and dips down to bring one knee to the floor before rising to advance with the other foot.

Valerie later learned these were walking split-squats. It didn’t matter what they were called. Connor’s blue shorts were once again a delightful focus of her gaze, though this time her glances had to be furtive and careful not to let him know she was looking at him.

But what happened after his walking squats instantly converted Valerie into a gym rat. Connor replaced the dumbbells, wiped the sweat from his forearms and face, and walked quickly to the leg curl machine. After setting the weight he wanted, he laid face-down on the bench and adjusted himself so the lift bar was where he wanted it at the bottom of his calves.

And then, Valerie stared openly (Connor’s eyes were squeezed shut as he concentrated on the exercise and lifting the heavy weight, so she didn’t worry that he would see her). When he began each repetition, his butt would rise up with the effort as his hamstrings and glutes contracted against the weight. As he worked the entire range of motion, his butt remained high until briefly lowering at the end of the downstroke before once again rising as his round globes contracted for the next effort.

God, thought Valerie, this is going to be replayed in my mind tonight at home after work.

Tonight, however, she would be rolling her hardened and slippery clitoris underneath her fingers as the movie in her mind played in glorious color in her imagination. One difference, though, between what she was so enjoying right now and what would be her mental movie this evening, was that Connor Washington would be completely naked as he starred in her private mental screening.

The movie would become a favorite in the next few days, she suspected, with endless variations. Connor face-down on that bench, naked, laboring to lift the weight as Valerie laid both hands on his naked ass to feel his muscular glutes. Maybe she would slap his ass at the bottom of a repetition: “You’re not working hard enough, Mr. Washington. These cheeks must be worthy of my affection when I spread them apart to look at your naked asshole,” followed by his quiet whimper before he redoubled his efforts to prove how eager he was to have her do it to him.

Yes, Valerie was enjoying the scene before her and was recording all the details in her mind to make her private time with the fantasy as exciting as possible.

And then she heard something. It was arousing. Connor was working really hard to get the weight up, and sometimes when he exerted himself at the very start of a repetition—which pushed his butt up into the air—he made this sound, something like a cross between a grunt and a moan. He was quiet, and he probably didn’t even realize he was doing it.

But Valerie remembered with fondness and excitement just that kind of sound made by a man whom she had initiated into strapon sex. The guy was so conflicted: he obviously loved getting screwed in the ass, but he would never admit it. He even played some silly game with her about denying it ever happened. But that one time it did, his quiet moans when she slid her fake cock deep into him, withdrew and then slid home again, were incredibly arousing.

Would Connor make noises like he was making now when she fucked him in the ass?

Too soon for Valerie, this morning’s in-person show ended.

Or maybe it ended just in time. Much more of watching Connor’s ass would very probably increase the moistness between her legs to the point that it would become apparent in the crotch of her workout shorts.

“Leg days are always the hardest,” Connor said to her as he toweled off and gathered up his water bottle and workout notebook. “The big muscles in the legs and backside, though, burn the most calories. You gotta keep them strong and firm in order to rev the ol’ metabolism.”

“Umm,” was all Valerie managed as she sagged against the back of the machine’s inclined bench and seat. Watching Connor walk out of the gym, she was more exhausted by the frustration of being so aroused and unable to do anything about it than by a physical workout.

Pausing to collect herself, Valerie filed all the sights away in her mental memory bank: Connor’s smile and pleasant demeanor. Connor’s taut asscheeks as he ascended from the bottom of his squats. Connor’s raised butt as he labored his legs upward during his leg curls.

Then she threw herself into a vigorous workout of her own to rev metabolism and burn fat.

It was a good workout, and the fact that she came in so early meant that she had time before her shower to spend a few minutes in the women’s sauna, her head leaned back against the smooth wood as beads of sweat dripped down her face.

One hand was innocently placed underneath the towel on her lap. With her legs slightly open she was able to stroke her damp pussy as she played a trailer in her head of the movie she would luxuriate in that evening.

A quick mini-orgasm later, she headed to the shower and prepared herself for what she knew would be a distracted day at her job, diddling with numerical figures when what she really wanted was to diddle with Connor’s figure.

* * *

Their conversations continued for the next three weeks on the several days each week that Connor worked out. (Valerie quickly discovered his schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, with weights, and Saturdays for cardio on the treadmills or stairclimbers.) He was pretty focused on working out (a necessity, he said), but he was always pleasant and really seemed to be interested in Valerie when they chatted away from the weights and the machines.

She let him know in ways other than words that she was interested and available. Done in a very classy manner, of course. It wouldn’t be long, Valerie knew, before he would ask if she’d like to get together.

But all this was before that fateful Wednesday morning.

It was the day before Thanksgiving. Realizing his dedication to his workouts, Valerie knew Connor would be there that Wednesday morning. And so would she, as usual.

When she got there, though, Connor was on the phone at the front desk instead of the gym, and there was no sign of the usual morning worker that tended to things as Connor and Valerie worked out (along with the occasional early bird gym member who intruded sometimes, though those instances were rare).

He hung up the phone at the desk just as she walked through the door. He read her surprised expression.

“Jeremy’s sick, Kristin is already away for Thanksgiving, and Marsha can’t get here until 8 AM due to getting her kids to school,” Connor explained. “Every so often personnel issues like this come up.” He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Is this a problem? Do I need to leave?” Valerie truly hoped not. This might actually be a chance to be alone with Connor in the gym.

“No, no. Of course not,” he said, writing something on a small whiteboard before moving around the desk toward the door with the small sign in his hand. Looking over his shoulder as he clipped the sign into the holder on the back side of the glass door, he smiled pologetically. Then he locked the door.

Valerie liked that.

“You know we don’t get much traffic early in the morning, and the day before Thanksgiving I’d wager we won’t get any, Valerie. If you’re okay with it, the sign says to ring the bell to be let in while we work out. Without someone at the desk, though, I want to ensure this is a safe environment for you.”

He looked at her with his lovely brown eyes. “Is that good with you?”

“Sure, Connor. Go ahead and get changed, and I’ll just get right into my workout.” She smiled at him, a slight tingle running up her spine.

Maybe it was because he knew they were completely alone, but Connor seemed more relaxed with her this morning as they worked out. Makes sense, thought Valerie. He wouldn’t want to hit on me when his employees or other gym members are here.

He asked her out as he lingered at the incline bench where she was doing biceps curls when he’d finished his workout. A lunch date. Safe, not pressing, not rushing. Classy.

Valerie finally got that warm feeling in her tummy that she had so much been anticipating.

Then he was gone through the gym door to head down to the men’s locker room.

And it took Valerie only two more curls to realize the possibilities at hand.

No one else in the gym.

The gym locked.

Connor stripping naked only a few yards from where she sat.

Most importantly, if the men’s locker room had the same layout as the ladies’ locker room, Valerie knew there was an alcove designed as a stand-up counter in front of a mirror with a hand-held hair dryer mounted on the wall. Its most important feature, though, was that someone standing there could see the shower stalls without being seen by anyone taking a shower, obviously a design flaw overlooked by the architect.

For her purposes, though, what could be more convenient?

She rose quickly and rushed out the gym and tread quietly down the stairs to the men’s locker room. With luck, knowing no one else was in the gym, Connor wouldn’t have bothered to pull a shower curtain across the stall opening where he would be showering.

Valerie held her breath as she silently moved into position, delighted to find the same layout inthe men’s locker room as in the ladies’.

Congratulating herself for her acumen—but only for the first moment or two because the sight before was breathtaking—Valerie settled against one side of the alcove in order to be a guilt-free voyeur indulging herself with a show about which she had dreamed since the first day she met Connor Washington.

He was naked in front of her.

His back was to her as he lathered his strong shoulders, soapy rivulets running down across his shoulder blades to his tapered waist. From there, Valerie’s eyes followed the soapy stream as it ran across his firm, rounded and beefy ass, some of it forming into tributaries coursing down between his asscheeks. She knew the soapy liquid was running across his asshole and down to the back of his balls before sliding down the inside of his legs.

She moved her hand to her crotch to press firmly onto her aroused clit through the material of her shorts.

Connor continued soaping up, working his hands down legs. He bent down to do so, that entrancing naked butt pushing out in the process.

Valerie caught her breath.

He turned around to rinse his back. Dragging the soap across his chest, he lathered up the front, hands running down across rippling abs to his crotch. He slid the hand with the soap in it into the Vee of his crotch and lathered there, reaching the other hand down in order to use both to soap up his naked ball sac.

Valerie’s hand snaked into her shorts.

One hand still on his balls, Connor brought the soap-holding hand across the length of his naked cock.

He lathered his cock, stroking it length-wise in the process. It grew in girth and length.

Valerie’s fingertip made contact with her clit.

In obvious enjoyment, Connor continued stroking his cock.

Was he thinking of Valerie?

She rubbed her clitoris, watching. Entranced. Fascinated. Turned on beyond all measure.

Apparently deciding against bringing himself to orgasm, Connor sighed and placed the soap on the shelf attached to the shower wall.

Disappointed momentarily, Valerie slowed her ministrations on her engorged clitoris.

Then, Connor did something that caused Valerie to use her free hand to cover her mouth, stopping the gasp that would have otherwise escaped.

His back to her, he moved under the spray of the shower, spread his legs and leaned forward, thrusting his muscular butt out in the process. Then, his strong hands reached around behind him, grabbed his cheeks and spread them open to allow the water to run between the naked globes of his ass and across his asshole in order to rinse away the suds still clinging there.

Did he purposefully linger in that pose? wondered Valerie. He seemed to hold the position far longer than would have been necessary to rinse away any remaining lather. Was he imagining that the gentle motion of the water across his anus was actually the gentle motion of her tongue or lubricated finger sliding there?

Shutting off the rationalizing, questioning part of her brain with an abrupt snap back to the scene in front of her, Valerie reveled in watching him. It didn’t matter whether he was purposefully opening up his backside for an extended period because he wanted to or because he was distracted, his thoughts somewhere else (maybe on her?). Valerie burned this image of Connor into her brain: naked, strong back with its V-taper leading down to his waist, stance wide, butt thrust out, his hands spreading his asscheeks apart, exposing his anus (amazingly, she could see his wet, glistening pucker clearly in the glare of the fluorescent lighting in the locker room). The tableau before her was intensely arousing, riveting, sexier than anything she’d ever seen.

Apparently not satisfied he was thoroughly rinsed (or maybe just because it felt so good to position himself like this), Connor then bent down more, arched his back in a manner that really pushed his ass out, and positioned himself squarely under the spray from the showerhead. In this position, the water hit him squarely between his parted cheeks, sure to rinse away any remaining soap.

This position was one of Valerie’s favorites when she told a naked male what to do to prepare himself for her. The pose Connor was striking as he rinsed himself off would have clearly communicated something else in any other circumstance: total, abject surrender of his crinkled opening to whatever the viewer wanted to do with it.

Her knees buckled when she came, but Valerie leaned against the wall to catch herself, any sounds of movement drowned out by the noise of Connor’s shower. Knowing that he would soon turn off the water since he had just released the grip on his asscheeks to straighten fully and rinse the front of his body, Valerie took a final, lustful look at his strong torso and beautiful, inviting cock and balls. Then she turned and hurried quietly out of the locker room, the wetness of her juices shining on her fingertips and the crotch of her panties soaking up the leakage of her aroused pussy.

* * *

Valerie had to wait until after Thanksgiving for their lunch date. It was maddening, and she only temporarily sated the anticipation with masturbatory sessions during which she replayed in her mind what she had witnessed in the men’s locker room of the gym.

Saturday’s lunch at a bistro a couple of blocks from the gym was pleasant, restrained—each learning more about the other. Connor’s wife had died of cancer several years earlier, and he had pretty much thrown himself into his work as a way to cope with the loss. His workouts, he said, were the single thing that could get him away from the grief for any period of time right after her death.

It was heart-tugging to hear. Valerie’s heart melted at the story.

She told him of her divorce from a pretty straight-laced man who, while initially seeming a carefree spirit who enjoyed life, rapidly changed into a closed minded, routine-worshipping workaholic. Her description was accurate, but she had planned carefully how to say it, anxious to elicit some clue from Connor about his outlook on life.

Valerie was hoping against hope that he would be sexually adventurous. Hoping that he would re-create for her in front of a comfortable bed the pose he had struck when rinsing his thoroughly divine ass. She would luxuriate in that sight as she reclined on the bed, tapping and teasing her hardened clitoris with the fingers of one hand while using the other hand to tug on her extended nipples.

“I know what you mean about guarding against too much work,” he said, looking into her eyes as he sipped on a mug of hot chocolate. “After my wife died, I was guilty of that. Maybe because I so missed the spontaneity we always had, I had to do something to try to keep from thinking about those times. Work was an outlet.” A wistful look crossed his face briefly, but then he smiled in embarrassment and looked down for a moment. “But enough of that. I’m with a beautiful woman now who doesn’t deserve to hear any more tale of woe.”

Valerie smiled at this man, getting more tuned into him by the minute.

“Deal,” she said. “No more tales of woe. Let’s leave it at a status where we’ve shared that each of us is a fun-loving, spontaneous, adventurous person.” She giggled. “Is that accurate?”

Please let the answer be yes, she thought to herself.

Connor laughed. “Accurate about me, and if you admit to it, then accurate about you, too, I guess.”

He called for the check. They exited the little restaurant arm in arm, facing the cold blast of November air as they stepped outside.

Perfect, thought Valerie. Now I have an excuse to snuggle against him as he walks me back to my townhouse.

He was a gentleman with a light goodbye kiss on her cheek at her doorstep.

* * *

Then, with New Year’s Eve two days away, neither of them could prolong the inevitable any longer. Exhausted, a sheen of perspiration coating both of them, they fell back into the pillows on Valerie’s bed after their first coupling.

He rolled his head to the side to look at her. “Sorry. I hope I wasn’t too, um, eager for you,” he said. “It’s been a really long time, and I guess I forgot how fantastic that feels. Maybe I didn’t focus enough on your pleasure?”

What a sweet dear, thought Valerie. “Oh, no, Connor. You most definitely attended to my pleasure,” she grinned.

Laughing, he turned his face back toward the ceiling. She rolled next to him, hooking one leg over his, her wet pussy plastering against his thigh, and propped herself up on one elbow to look into his face. “Tell me, Connor, all the years since your wife died. You said you didn’t date much. How did you handle the sexual frustration?”

He looked at her questioningly.

“Did you masturbate?”

She felt his body tense.

“No, no. It’s okay. I would have.”

He relaxed a bit.

“Heck, what am I saying,” Valerie said, leaning her head momentarily on his chest. “I masturbate now to relieve sexual frustration. Who doesn’t?”

Connor remained quiet.

Had she spooked him?

“It’s just that I can’t imagine your situation, such little dating for so many years.” Then she lightened the mood. “I would have gladly given you a hand with your problem,” she said, grinning at him.

That broke through any ice that might have otherwise developed, and Connor completely relaxed and raised his head to kiss her lips.

“Well, I guess I know where to come if I need a hand job to relieve sexual tension,” he laughed.

“Hand job, blow job, back rub, shoulder massage, fondling and stroking you absolutely anywhere on your entire body you want me to put my fingers or my tongue, intercourse, tea bagging, you name it,” Valerie giggled. “I’m your handy-dandy tension reliever, happy and willing to serve.” She gave him a terrible impression of a military salute, then fell against his chest, giggling.

“What the heck is, tea bagging,'” he asked after they’d both stopped laughing.

She propped herself back up to look at his ace. “Uh-oh. Have I said something that makes you think I’m some kind of a freak?” Valerie said, half afraid she was right.

“No. Not at all. I’m an adventurous guy, remember? But I’ve never heard of tea bagging.'”

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” Valerie said, scooting around to face the headboard and lying back. “Come straddle my face, Connor, and do what I tell you.”

(And she took note that he was happy to take orders from her regarding sexual play.)

Valerie was almost shaking in excitement. Their first coupling and things had worked out beautifully and naturally to allow her to mouth his lovely balls and plant her hands on his naked butt in the process.

“That’s it,” she cooed as she guided him into position. Looking up at his face from under his crotch, she smiled bewitchingly and continued the lesson. “The reason it’s called tea bagging’ is because you drop your balls into my open mouth and lift them out, kind of like you drop a tea bag into the hot water and lift it partially out, repeating the motion to get the tea to diffuse easily.”

She slid a little further under him and placed her hands on his thighs. Valerie raised her head from the sheets to lick playfully across his sac.

“Good grief, Valerie,” said Connor, the excitement evident in his voice. “It’s been literally years since my last satisfying orgasm with a woman, and now I’m about to get my balls licked only a few minutes after you made me come.” He reached down to stroke her hair.

“Well, my gorgeous man, your cock doesn’t seem opposed to the idea.”

She was right. Connor was hardening in spite of having come only a few minutes before.

“Get to it, my stud. If you get much more excited, your balls will snug up against your crotch, and you’ll miss the full enjoyment of the tea bag experience.” Again Valerie raised her head to swirl her tongue across his sac.

She pulled his hips down gently until one of his precious orbs brushed across her lips. She encircled that delicate plum with her mouth and closed her lips around it, running her tongue sensuously over the surface of his scrotum. Then she reached her hands underneath his legs and planted them on his asscheeks. She pushed him up gently a tiny bit, his trapped ball still in her mouth, his sac stretching slightly in the process, and then she stopped pushing, signaling that he was to lower himself again over her face.

Connor got the hang of this immediately. Valerie enjoyed the sensation of having complete control of him, his vulnerable balls in her mouth and her hands guiding his naked ass up and down.

“Jeez, Valerie, this feels so damned good,” Connor panted. He was leaking pre-cum again in spite of his recent orgasm.

“Like?” she giggled around a mouthful of man-sac.

Looking down into her eyes, he said, “Are you kidding?” He lowered himself into her mouth a bit. “No, don’t answer that. It feels too good to ask you to talk right now.”

Valerie moved one hand up between his legs to close it around his stiff cock. Using that as her point of leverage now, she urged him to continue with his slight rise and fall with gentle up-and-down guiding motions sent into the base of his erect and pulsing cock.

Finally, she guided him up, held him there, then released his scrotum from her mouth. She slid out from underneath him, letting go of his cock in the process. Rising behind him to press her tits into his back, her hard nipples deliciously trapped in the process, she slid her hands around his rib cage and onto his muscular chest. She leaned into his ear and whispered, “Did you like your first tea bagging?”

He turned around, grabbed her face in his hands and planted his mouth on her lips, searching and exploring with his tongue. Hungry. Greedy. Passionate. Strong.

Valerie abandoned herself to his lustful attack. His hard, dripping cock pressed into her belly.

“Teach me anything else you want,” he said, the sincerity of his statement evident in the hardness of his cock against her. “Teach me anything.”

He came, spurting onto her belly, the powerful contractions rippling against her as he pressed himself tightly to her in an attempt to trap his ejaculate and minimize the messiness of this primal acknowledgment of his desire for her. She hungrily pushed her tongue into his mouth and grabbed his taut ass, feeling its tightness as he contracted those meaty globes throughout his orgasm.

* * *

Valerie was in no rush, but she knew she had planted a seed that would soon bear fruit. Her playful introduction of tea bagging into Connor’s repertoire was a calculated move. It provided her the opportunity to tell him she would fondle and stroke him with her fingers and tongue anywhere on his body, and she had done it in a way that momentarily diverted him from what she was implying. Being sure to follow her offer of fingering and tonguing him anywhere with the novel offer of “tea bagging” as she listed sexual tension relievers ensured that.

Valerie smiled. She was a minx. Manipulating a male into submission to her strapon and creating a lust in him for taking it was such a rush. That she was doing it to a man who might finally break the jinx of her inability to find the varieties of love she so craved in the same person was intoxicating.

So she was impatient to find out for sure that he remembered her words and had started to consider the possibilities. The way he had leaned forward, thrust back his hips, and spread his asscheeks in the shower at the gym created much hope and anticipation that Connor would start to wonder if her offer included toying with his most private opening.

Yes, he would remember her words. With luck, he would be masturbating to the memory.

Valerie would be masturbating herself to words he had spoken during that first love-making session, words which were the sexiest any man had ever said to her: “Teach me anything.”

Oh, my sweet, gorgeous, manly protector—I truly hope you mix in some very nasty, give-up- control-to-me fantasies during your jerk-off sessions. Fantasize, Connor; fantasize about making tender love to me, then move to a fantasy where you present your naked ass to me and open up wide, inviting me in and feeling the delicious sensations of my strapon sliding deep into your beautiful ass.

Maybe he and his wife had been sexually adventurous, and he was no stranger to receiving a good rimming. If so, that was good. If not, the way she had brought it up guaranteed that he would remember it but that he’d be distracted momentarily with a new sexual game. (Valerie was willing to bet he and his wife hadn’t played the drop-your-balls-into-my-mouth game. Most couples haven’t.)

Besides, she was enjoying every minute of her time with this wonderful man, including their time spent together naked. True, it had been a while since she’d had a nice, firm, naked male backside in front of her right after bending its owner over the arm of her sofa, and she longed to feel the bump-bump-bump of the base of her dildo against her crotch as she pumped into a man’s asshole while she grabbed his hips for leverage and gave him a good fucking.

Could she finally have found her elusive lover the man who would protect her, love her gently yet passionately, prize her like nothing else, and who would occasionally want a thorough ass- fucking from her that wouldn’t satisfy him until she had come and he had surrendered himself so completely to her that he begged her to give it to him long, and deep, and so very, very good . . .

The next level was reached after only a couple of weeks. She realized what was happening as soon as she felt his warm tongue tickle her at the base of her spine and then slowly, with a maddening tease, squirm further down, slipping between the cheeks of her ass. Connor’s strong hands were gentle as they parted her asscheeks slightly to allow his tongue to maintain contact as it continued its way toward its target. She moaned when it made contact.

“Ooooh, baby, that feels so good,” she said huskily. “You are such a naughty boy.”

His tongue briefly broke contact.

“But I love it when you are naughty.”

And Connor resumed tending to her cute starfish.

This is what she had hoped for, what she had planned. Now she knew that her comment about licking and stroking him anywhere with her fingers or her tongue had been taken to heart. Connor was testing her, teasing out her reaction to anal play. That he was doing it to her meant he would be enthusiastic when she reciprocated. Her well-planned comment the first time they made love had been germinating in his brain, arousing him, distracting him, driving him to risk what he was doing to her now.

So. Connor was truly a sexual adventurer—her comment in the aftermath of their first coupling that they both were inventive lovers had been accurate. Her listing then of what she would do for him was the prompt that led to his mouth nuzzling between her cheeks and his tongue fluttering against her asshole right now. The sexual thrill was both because of what he was doing at the moment (“Uh-huh, baby, you do that so well. Oooh! Oh my, how truly naughty you are! God, I love that; yeah, just like that. Put it in deep. It feels so good.”) and because she knew what this meant.

First, she was going to return the favor. Doing so would mean she would have the opportunity to position him exactly as he would be when she would take him with her strapon.

Then, Connor would become accustomed to being bent over and naked in front of her as they added this most intimate activity to their love-making. She would also introduce another position: on his back, his knees drawn up to provide her free access to his parted asscheeks while she licked him, fondled his hard, dripping cock, and looked into his eyes (when they weren’t closed in absolute rapture).

Valerie would be training him in the pleasure of opening to her. He would be naked and completely vulnerable in order to receive the pleasure of her tongue against his puckered opening while she stroked his erect, leaking cock.

And soon thereafter, he would learn how good it felt for her to fuck him.

Right now, putting all of this into motion was as simple as saying, “I’m going to return the favor, lover,” and she led him out of her bedroom to the couch in her den. Valerie was aware of the quizzical expression on his face as she positioned him in front of the arm of the couch, the padded material making contact with his thighs, but when she placed the palm of her hand on his back between his shoulder blades and gently pushed, he looked back at her with a wry grin.

“You’ve been thinking about doing this, haven’t you?” he said, his chest descending to the cushion. He was bent over into a comfortable position, ass high in the air.

She walked around to the front of the couch, she got down on her knees and leaned her face close to his ear. Valerie whispered, “Yes I have. I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I want to make you feel really, really good.”

“Mmmmm,” was his only response.

“And you’ve been thinking about too, haven’t you?” she asked. Before he could reply, she put her hand on his back and glided it upwards toward his raised ass. She rested it on one cheek.

“Will you think I’m perverted if I say, Yes’?” he asked, his voice low. Worried. Excited.

Valerie raised her hand from his asscheek and smacked it gently.

He flinched.

“You’re a bad boy to worry about such things, Connor. If it feels good to you, I want to do it.” Another gentle smack. “I’ll do anything to you that makes you feel good.” Smack. “You’re my lover, and I want to discover your deepest desires.” Smack.

She tongued his earlobe.

“Oh, shit,” was all he could moan. “Valerie, you’re making me absolutely crazy.’


“Damn, are you going to tease me like this forever?” he asked. Valerie noted with intense satisfaction and excitement that he was pushing his ass up and down against her hand as it rested on his naked butt.

Smack. When she gently slapped his cheek this time, he followed with a groan from deep in his chest.

“What do you want me to do, Connor?” she asked, now sensuously sliding her hand over the cheek that was now a barely perceptible shade of pink darker than the other. “You’re being such a good boy. I want to make you feel as good as I possibly can. What do you want me to do to you?”

She rose from her knees in front of the couch, her hand keeping contact with his nude butt as she stepped around behind him. Planting both hands on Connor’s firm, rounded ass, she leaned slightly forward to make contact with the backs of his legs.

But she didn’t spread him open. She stood still behind him, running her hands across his butt and down his back then reversing direction to rest again on his sexy, naked bottom.

Connor was indicating what he wanted. He was squirming his butt underneath her hands, opening his legs a bit wider.

Valerie knew he was incredibly aroused, yet frustrated. He had buried his face in the cushion.

“All you have to do is ask, baby,” she said huskily.

“You know what I want,” he moaned. “What I did to you. That’s what I want.”

She was teasing him unmercifully. The mind-rush was incredible. It required every ounce of restraint she possessed not to immediately spread him wide apart and descend on his hungry hole with her mouth and tongue.

Valerie leaned over him, her body pressing into his as she lowered her face close to his back, squirming her pussy against him in the process.

“And I’m going to do it to you, my love. It’s going to get me so hot to make you excited when I do it.” She was speaking in an unbelievably sexy voice, her own excitement turning her into an irresistible seductress. “But you must ask me to do it.” Valerie trailed her tongue up his spine as she levered herself up, breaking the contact between his skin and the tip of her tongue when she reached the spot right at the top of his cleft.

Connor moaned in extreme frustration, his ass thrusting upward.

Finally, in a small voice, muffled into the cushion: “Please lick my asshole.”

Valerie smiled triumphantly. She returned her hands to his asscheeks.

“What? I couldn’t hear that very well.” A lie.

He turned his head to the side and said in exasperation, “Please stop teasing me, Valerie. Please, please lick my asshole.”

This was better than anything Valerie had fantasized.

“Should I spread you wide open to do it?” she asked coquettishly.

Realizing her game, Connor answered. “Yes. Open me up as wide as you need to.”

“Oooh, you naughty, naughty boy. You’re asking that I spread your naked ass open. If I do, I’m going to see your cute little asshole. Is that what you want?” She was massaging his cheeks, pressing them together. Not yet spreading them apart.

“I want anything you have to do in order to lick me,” he said quietly.

She pulled those beefy, firm globes wide apart and speared him with her tongue.

* * *

Afterwards, basking in the glow of the orgasms they both had as a result of Valerie’s practiced analingus and Connor’s abandonment to the pleasure it produced, he asked her worriedly, “Have I turned you off? I mean, seeing me like that. Asking you to, well, um . . .” He trailed off in embarrassment.

Stupid question.

She looked into his eyes, searching his soul. “You turned me on more than you can possibly imagine.” She kissed him deeply.

Connor let out a breath when Valerie broke the kiss. With his exhalation came years of repressed desires and massive amounts of relief.

It truly was a waiting-to-exhale moment, Valerie realized. She smiled inwardly.

“You have no idea how hard it is for a guy to act like that,” he said, wrapping his arms around her. “It’s definitely not macho. It’s against everything a man is supposed to do when making love to a woman.”

That got a reaction instantly from Valerie.

“The only thing’s that supposed to happen when two people make love is that they please each other and themselves. At least, that’s how I see it,” she said, nuzzling against him.

“So you don’t think any less of me that I was, uh–”

She pressed a finger to his lips. “No, Connor, I don’t think any less of you. I love you even more that you’re willing to be my little assboy.”

His eyes widened at her comment, her finger still on his lips.

“Baby, I know you’re my big, strong man. My protector. My manly, 100% male lover. And I adore that. I want you to make love to me just like any guy makes love to his woman. I want it missionary style. I want to ride you on your back. I want to sixty-nine with you. I want to drop to my knees in front of you and take the entire length of your gorgeous cock down my throat when I give you a blowjob.” She moved her finger away from his mouth. “So stop worrying that just because you know what feels good and you asked me to do it means I’ll stop wanting and needing all those things.”

She hugged him tightly. “I want you. All of you, including every desire you have for how I can please you sexually.” She smiled at him. “And don’t you think I liked it, too?”

A grin worked its way across Connor’s face.

“So it’s okay that I’m a little anal erotic?” he asked.

“For the last time, Connor,” she grinned back at him, “I LOVE that you’re my little assboy.”

* * *

That first time when Connor revealed his enjoyment of her oral ministrations on his puckered orifice let Valerie know she had found the man she had been searching for. It would be only a short time until she would introduce him to her strapon.

His admission told her that he had probably already experimented with a butt plug. Telling her he was “anal erotic” gave Valerie the green light to plan his deflowering and to know that it was going to happen. With luck, he and his wife had not gotten that far with things, and Valerie would have the indescribably delicious pleasure of taking his cherry.

But she did have to find out how often he needed anal attention. She didn’t want it as a steady diet herself, but she hoped he would want to play that way at least once a month or so. Valerie smiled. It would be exciting to talk about it with him. She would quiz him thoroughly, noting the reaction of his cock to her questions the next time they coupled.

Valerie decided it would be fun and a huge turn-on to ask him these things the next time they went out to eat at some nice restaurant. It would be important that she be picky about the table where they would be seated. Too close to other diners wouldn’t be good because she wouldn’t want anyone to overhear their conversation, but she would find a table or booth just far enough away from other patrons that no one could eavesdrop on their whispered intimacies. She would ensure, though, that they would be in close enough proximity to the other restaurant-goers that teasing Connor with her explicit questions and having him answer her in lowered tones would lend an aura of danger and excitement.

* * *

“Would it be okay if we sat there instead?” she asked the hostess innocently as they were being shown to their table the next they went to Allison’s, a trendy little eatery that served delicious steamed broccoli and clam chowder, a favorite meal of theirs. “I like the lighting better there.”

“Certainly,” said the young woman who proceeded to lead them back to a booth tucked away in a corner underneath a hanging Tiffany lamp.

Connor gave her a questioning look.

“Just want to be able to gaze into your eyes, baby,” she said to him, linking her arm in his as they took the several steps to the booth. “They are so sexy. I want good light to look at you.”

As usual, the meal was excellent. Valerie had converted to a far more healthy diet since she had been with Connor. He knew that eating clean was good for keeping a trim figure, and it wasn’t hard to go along with that. And he was a good cook, too, preparing many meals for her at his place or hers in the past weeks.

My perfect man, she thought.

After the meal, when they had ordered a delicious-looking but relatively healthful dessert of fresh-made yogurt with just-picked berries, Valerie scooted close to Connor in the booth, pressing her thigh against his.

“Every now and then I get really horny for your cute little ass,” she said to him.

Surprised, but delighted, he smiled. “What brought that on?”

“On, nothing. Just the truth. I wanted you to know it.” She placed her hand suggestively on his thigh.

“Well, so do I,” he answered. “I mean, you know, that I get horny for your cute little ass, too.” He gave her a peck on her forehead.

“And you know, I was thinking today about that time I bent you over the couch and sank my tongue into your asshole.” The pupils of eyes widened in the light of the hanging lamp as she watched his reaction. “You liked it a lot. I liked it a lot.” He squirmed slightly in the booth. “Were you hot for it only because it had been so long since you were with a woman and you were hot for anything and everything, or were you hot for it because . . . well, just because you were hot for it?”

Connor glanced nervously around and then asked in a low voice, “What do you mean?”

“I like playing with your ass. That’s what I meant when I said every now and then I get horny for your cute little butt. What I’m asking is how often I’ll get to do it.”

His face reddened. It was endearing.

“And the other thing I want to know is if you fantasize about a woman penetrating you in your asshole.”

Connor was scandalized. He choked out a simple, “Valerie!” It was a croaked whisper.

She leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Tell me if you want me to put my finger deep inside you, Connor. Tell me if you fantasize about being opened up and filled and stroked. I want to do it to you. I want to fuck you in your asshole.”

His reaction was priceless. Sexy beyond description. The fumbling, the reddening of his cheeks in total embarrassment. The cough. The shifting in his seat. Knowing she had just pushed one of his buttons to elicit the reaction, though, well, THAT was incredibly arousing.

He remained quiet, his eyes darting around the restaurant before coming to rest his gaze on her face. Valerie’s expression was earnest and totally open. Non-judgmental. Inviting his response.

“You hope I want it, don’t you?” he asked. Without waiting for a reply, he leaned in to kiss her and whispered, “Yes, I want you to fuck me in the ass.” Then he glued his lips to hers and emphasized the truth of his statement with a passionate kiss.

The waitress brought their dessert, interrupting the kiss. Both of them grinned upon breaking the kiss. “Sorry,” Connor said to the waitress. “I guess we got carried away.”

“I think it’s sweet,” the young woman said, setting the cups of yogurt before them. She smiled and walked away.

Valerie scooped up some yogurt in her spoon and held it in front of her as she looked at Connor and said, “So . . . how often do you like it up the ass?” She drew her spoon close to her mouth and sensuously dabbed the tip of her tongue into the smooth, creamy yogurt as Connor watched.

He was getting into the game.

“I don’t know. The urge hits every so often.” He mimicked her actions with the yogurt, using his tongue to scoop a small amount into his mouth as he looked into her eyes.

“It hits me every so often, too,” she smiled, warming up to the prospect of teasing him unmercifully about fucking him in the ass. “Over the years I’ve learned to deal with it, mostly by watching an arousing video or reading one of my favorite author’s descriptions of an assboy offering up his little sphincter to a woman who knows how to use it for her pleasure and at the same time driving him out of his mind.” She slipped the spoonful of yogurt into her mouth, sucked it clean and swallowed, then drew it out between her lips before continuing. Connor was totally entranced with her narration. “Then I have to relieve myself with an orgasm, so I masturbate.”

Connor put down his spoon. Doing anything but listening to Valerie was at this moment totally impossible.

“But I have done it for real,” she said, looking at him as she spooned more yogurt into her mouth.

“Damn, Valerie!”

“Surprised!” She grinned at him around a spoonful of yogurt. She licked the spoon clean, laid it down on the table and then looked him squarely in the eye. “And I simply adored it.”

Connor moved and squirmed, adjusting himself. Valerie knew he was getting a powerful erection that was no doubt uncomfortably trapped in his pants. She reached under the table and put her hand on his crotch to feel his hardness. “Oh, my. Looks like you would have liked to have seen me do it. No, wait a minute. What am I saying? You would have liked to have been the one I was doing it to, isn’t that right?”

A true look of shock crossed his face. Valerie read the cue and rushed in with damage control.

“Baby, I admit it. My sexual play in the past has included penetrating a guy.” (She left it at that. No need to admit the plurality involved because, in truth, it had actually been several guys.) “But we both have been in long-term relationships where just knowing the other person well means sexual experimentation would eventually happen, right?”

His expression softened.

“So when we played the other night, you naked and bent over my couch as I crouched behind and spread you wide open in front of me, well, that got me really, really hot for you in every way. I didn’t dare use anything but my tongue. We didn’t know each other then as we do now, and as intimate and crazysexy as tonguing your beautiful asshole was, I didn’t want to freak you out by plunging a finger deep inside you.”

He was very hard now, and Valerie helped move his erection into position lying up against his belly beneath his underwear and trousers as he struggled to situate things so that he would be more comfortable. No one could see, she hoped, as he moved around with one of her hands obviously on his lap under the table.

“So tell me everything about this. Tell me now, Connor. Do you fantasize about being finger- fucked in the ass? Have you ever masturbated while thinking about it? Have you watched porn where a woman puts her finger inside a guy’s asshole while she’s sucking his cock?”

Her explicit, dirty talk had started the flow of pre-cum up through the length of his penis, a small droplet squeezing itself out to be absorbed by the material of his briefs.

Valerie continued. “And if you have done those things, I want to know how often. I want to know so that when I do them, which I will love, I’m doing them without trespassing because it’s too frequently.”

Her cup was still half full of yogurt. The waitress wouldn’t bother them for awhile.

With the air of a child about to open a Christmas present, she said, “So tell me.”

What wasn’t child-like was the squeeze she gave his erect cock through his khakis.

“You never cease to amaze me, Valerie,” said Connor in a husky voice. “Just when I’ve congratulated myself at my incredible luck for being with you because of something new you’ve done or told me or we’ve shared, you come up with something else.” He looked at her intently. “Can you read my mind?”

She grinned widely. “So you have, haven’t you!”

“Jeez, don’t look so smug,” he teased. “You’ve known this about me for a while, right?”

She nodded.


She swallowed hard. Time to come clean. Hearing him admit to one of his fantasies, though, meant she wasn’t too worried about his reaction.

After all, it’s probably just as hard for a guy to find a girl who likes to fuck him in the ass as it had been for her to find a guy who wanted to give his ass to her. If Connor did get angry when she admitted what she was about to say, he’d quickly get over it.

Like, in a nanosecond, because her description wouldn’t give him—or his hard dick—time for anything other intense sexual arousal.

“That day before Thanksgiving in the gym. Remember?” she asked.


“You remember. That was the day Jeremy was sick and you locked us into the gym while we did our workouts.”

“Oh, yeah,” and he smiled. “That was the day I asked you out.”

If all the previous things Connor had done and said wouldn’t have already convinced her a hundred times over that he was the one, what he just said did it. He remembered the first time he asked her out.

“I spied on you in the shower. I watched you lather up your balls and your cock and stroke yourself.”

His eyes widened in surprise. Not shock, exactly. That was a good thing, she thought.

“I was masturbating while I watched you stick your ass out, pull your cheeks apart, and let the water rinse off your asshole. You held that position for a good while, I must say, and I loved every second of it. It made me come hard, and I had to cover my mouth so you wouldn’t hear. I knew then that you were enjoying how it felt, and I hoped more than you’ll ever believe that I would get to play with the asshole you were exposing as I watched.”

There. She had said it. She held her breath.

Connor let the anticipation stretch out, saying nothing but searching her eyes with his. Then he got this fetching look on his face, a cross between a grin and a thoughtful expression before he spoke. “And you tell me that I’m naughty!”

Valerie did her own impression of the waiting-to-exhale release.

“Not mad that I spied on you?”

“Now that we know each other like we do, no. I’ll have to admit that if I’d have known you were watching, I’m not sure how I would have felt ” He interrupted himself. “Hell, I do, too, know how I would have felt. It would have made me so horny that I would have jacked off in front of you right then,” Connor said, sending shivers up Valerie’s spine.

“I was disappointed that you stopped stroking your cock,” she grinned.

“Just not the place. I do own the gym, after all, and it needs to be a clean, sanitary place for my customers.” He shifted again in his seat. “But if I’d know you had been watching, I would have stroked myself to orgasm anyway and then come back to the shower stall with cleaning solution and made sure that everything was spic and span.”

And then Valerie launched into her cross-examination.

“Do you have a butt plug?”

He lowered his eyes as well as his voice.


“How often do you insert it?”

He was blushing profusely.

“I dunno. Once a month, maybe.”

“Do you stroke it in and out or put it in and just leave it there?”

Now Valerie was getting wet. She felt the crotch of her panties start to moisten.

“Sometimes one, sometimes the other. Just depends,” he answered, still squirming.

“And you masturbate when you use the plug, don’t you?” she asked, thrilling to her interrogation, turned on by Connor’s reaction of embarrassment to admitting that he really was an assboy.


Valerie was in heaven. She was in love with this man. Totally, head-over-heels in love with him. He was her knight in shining armor, her perfect gentleman, her lover, her thrill, her mate- for-life, her turn-on, her prize, her pride. And he was also her private, nasty little toy who would present his naked butt to her and beg her to fuck him deep and slow in his opened asshole.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass by a woman wearing with a strapon?”

She knew immediately she had voiced his most intense, most arousing fantasy. He actually groaned, sitting there in the booth of the restaurant. It was involuntary, elicited because the desire to be taken by a woman that way was so primal, so deeply seated in his sexual soul that simply hearing it said out loud pushed buttons in his head that were wired completely independent of any conscious control.

He struggled to regain that control as her question very nearly caused him to ejaculate.

Valerie absolutely loved his reaction.


“But it’s your biggest fantasy, isn’t it?” she asked. Then she demanded. “Isn’t it?”

“God, Valerie, stop teasing me like this!”

She leaned very close to him, put her lips so close to his ear that she could have slipped her tongue inside. With her hand firmly gripping the rock-hard erection under his pants, she said very, very quietly, “It’s not teasing, Connor, if I actually do it.”

She pressed the heel of her hand at the base of his cock to stop the orgasm that she knew would otherwise have coursed through his penis. The contractions were powerful, but they quickly subsided, his orgasm denied. He sagged against the back of the booth.

The waitress appeared in front of their table. “All done?”

* * *

In the car on the way back to her townhouse, Valerie continued her sexual cross-examination, probing deep into Connor’s psyche, laying bare all his sexual wants and desires. In the process, he was being driven closer and closer to total, abject surrender of every ounce of willpower, every modicum of control of his lust to be taken.

“How big around is your butt plug?”

“Tell me about the hottest strapon scene you’ve ever watched in a porno.”

“How does it feel when the tip of your butt plug just enters into your asshole?”

“Do you ever lie on your bed naked, face down with your ass up in the air, and imagine what I might say to you as I prepare to slide my strapon into your greedy little boy-hole?”

“You’re going to beg me for it, aren’t you?”

“We’re going to do it first with you face down over the arm of the sofa, then we’re going to do it with you on your back so I see your face when I fuck you.”

“I’ll be stroking your cock when I’m fucking you.”

“You’re going to like my dildo, Connor. It has one end that fits inside my pussy, and the other end sticks out through the hole in the harness. The end in my pussy will feel divine as I plunge the other end inside you and then draw it back out slowly.”

Connor parked the car none too carefully in his haste to get inside. Valerie was thrilled.

Once inside with the door finally closed behind them, Valerie stood before him, reached up to take his face between her hands, and said, “Strip for me.”

He did. His cock was pointing straight to the ceiling when he finally freed it from his pants and briefs. Stepping out of them and kicking them to the side, he bent down to take off his socks.

“No. Stop,” she said. “Turn around while you do that.”

He was panting with lust when he straightened back up from the task. He started to turn back around.

“Don’t turn around. I just want to stand here and look at the ass I’m going to fuck tonight. The ass I’m going to own tonight,” she said, her voice firm, controlling, and clearly communicating the inevitable.

Connor shivered. She saw goose bumps rise on the back of his neck.

“Come undress me,” she said, her voice softening as she stepped behind him and cupped his asscheeks in her hand. Squeezing them once and releasing them, she moved to the side of him and grabbed his hard cock, using it as a handle to pull him into her bedroom.

Once through the bedroom door, Connor was pure efficiency in getting her rapidly out of her blouse and slacks, then her bra and panties. When she stood naked in front of him, he dropped to his knees and buried his face in her pussy. She put her hand on the top of his head and stroked his hair.

“That’s it, my little assboy. Lick my pussy. Make me feel really good.”

He did.

“The bureau, Connor. The second drawer from the top. Bring me my strapon and the lube.”

Shaking with excitement as he rose from his knees, he strode quickly to the bureau and opened the drawer to pull out the toys that Valerie was going to use to give him, for the first time in his sexual life, that which he so desperately wanted and needed. His cock bobbed in front of him as he carried the strapon, the dildo, and the bottle of lube back to her.

He laid them on the bed.

She circled him, a panther slinking its way around trapped prey. She trailed fingertips across his back, down to his ass, across his muscular glutes. She picked up the double-ended dildo, grabbing the longer end like she had just grabbed his hard dick, and raised it to his face.


He looked at her with unbridled lust as she brought the end of the dildo that would be buried in her pussy to his mouth.

“Get it good and wet, my little toy.”

She held it in front of his mouth, slid it between his lips, and then twisted it slowly while Connor worked saliva over it with his tongue. She pulled it glistening with his spit from his mouth.

“Good boy.”

Grabbing his dick again, she said, “Bring the toys,” and waited for him to gather the harness and the lube into his hands. One hand wrapped around a fake cock, the other wrapped around a real one, Valerie led him into the den and to the couch for his deflowering.

“Sit down and watch me strap in,” she said, her tone indicating that he was in for a treat.

Fascinated, Connor watched as slipped the end of the dildo that had been in his mouth into her moistened pussy, working it in and out a few times with a sigh of pleasure before reaching for the harness. Slipping the end of the dildo that was protruding from her crotch through the hole in the harness, she snugged the harness around her, expertly fastening the straps into place, the dildo securely held into the proper position.

She giggled, rising on her toes in order to drop back down on her heels, knowing that doing so would cause the phallus to bounce and jiggle, sending exquisite sensations into her pussy and creating a powerfully erotic scene for Connor. She did it again. The fake cock bobbed up and down. She wiggled her hips, and the strapon dildo wagged in front of him.

Connor moaned.

He was sitting on the couch, and Valerie stepped close to him, insinuating her legs between his and then spreading her legs so that his spread open. This let her move right up against the couch, her fake cock jutting out from her crotch right in front of Connor’s face.

“Suck it.”

This was it. This was the mind-blowing trip that excited her so much. The man she was going to fuck taking her strapon into his mouth in preparation for taking it into his asshole.

“I’ll bet you haven’t practiced sliding a dildo down your throat, have you, assboy?” she asked, squirming on the other end of the dildo as Connor mouthed and slurped around the other end.

He shook his head, too excited at what was happening to want to interrupt anything.

“Will you learn to deep-throat this cock of mine for me? Will you become my own private little fuck-face, taking my cock down your throat to get me so excited that I can’t wait to push it into your tight, snug, warm, inviting asshole?”

She knew how to drive a man crazy with her questions, her dirty talk, her demands. A man desperate to be taken is always turned on when the woman talks to him, telling him what’s going to happen, what nasty things she’s going to do to him. Valerie was out of her mind with excitement that Connor was just such a man in addition to being the man who was also her perfection in every other way.

Connor was trying to get more and more of her strapon cock down his throat in his eagerness to please her. He gagged and backed off.

“What a sweet boy,” she said, backing away slowly. “You’ll be my private fantasy when you learn to take this down your throat. But now it’s time for me to put it somewhere else.”

She took his hand and led him to the arm of the sofa.

“You know the position.”

He whimpered as he put himself at her mercy, naked ass eagerly upthrust, powerful chest now submissively lowered to the cushion.

She moved behind him, shaking with lustful anticipation. Popping the top on the bottle of lube, she drizzled some at the top of his ass crack. As it lazily trailed down between his flexed-open cheeks (my, he was eager!), she poured some of the slick liquid into her palm and coated the phallus strapped to her crotch. Then she swirled some lube around one finger as she squirted even more between Connor’s upturned buns.

“Now, Connor, I’m going to put my finger inside you.”

She pushed in slowly, letting him accommodate her intrusion. She continued pushing, sending the undeniable message that she would not stop, that he was to open to her, abandoning all resistance, letting her invade his anal passageway completely.

Connor moaned into the cushion as she fingered him.

“This asshole. It’s mine. I own it. It’s my toy, but it’s also meant as a way for me to give you extreme pleasure if you open to me completely. Whose asshole is this, Connor?”

He was a basket case, a puddle of desire, a man stripped of any semblance of anything but pure lust to be taken.

“Yours, baby. It’s your asshole.”

Valerie smiled and thrilled to his reaction. She was her own mass of quivering lust. She could drag this out no longer. She was desperate to fuck him.

“Beg me to fuck you. Moan and groan for me when I penetrate you. Wriggle your ass around and hump it back against me when I start stroking in and out, my love.”

She poised the end of the dildo at the entrance of his crinkly opening. Making contact, she lingered only long enough to say, “Open up wide for me, baby. Show me how much you want my cock deep inside of you.”

Connor groaned loudlyand flexed his asscheeks apart as wide as possible. The glistening liquid that was pooled around the junction of his anus and the tip of Valerie’s dildo caused a quiet little sucking sound when he relaxed and surrendered his asshole completely.

His hole opened for her.

She was too turned on to do anything but slide the full length of her dildo into him in one powerful thrust. “Ummph,” came from his throat in reply, and she bottomed out only to leave the dildo there and squirm against his ass in order to bump the other end against her G-spot.

Connor groaned again. It was the most entrancing music of Valerie’s life.

She soon set up a rhythm, fucking him slow and deep. She grabbed his ass and spread it in order to watch the phallus slide in and out. She grabbed his hips and aggressively pulled him back on the dildo when she thrust into him, getting that sound she had first heard in the gym as she pounded into him.

Delighted, she did it again. And again.

Connor had reached underneath him, raising up enough to get a fist around his cock. She knew he was close.

So was she.

“God, you’re a good fuck, assboy,” she said, knowing it would start to push him over the edge. “Tell me how much you like it. Tell me how much you love taking my strapon deep into your ass.”

His answer started as a rumble deep in his lungs. He was panting, moaning, growling a low man- growl that quickly gained in intensity. “I love it. I love it. Don’t stop fucking me. Please don’t stop fucking me.”

And he contracted beneath her, a shuddering orgasm starting as his entreaties devolved into nothing more than a tortured moan that rose higher in pitch until he shouted, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” and he slammed back against her, convulsions racking his body, sperm shooting from the end of his cock all over her sofa.

That did it. Valerie grabbed his hips tight, ground her crotch against him, the shaft of her dildo completely buried in his asshole, and she exploded into the most intense climax of her life.

Draping herself over him as they lay gasping for breath, she whispered into his ear: “Promise me your asshole, Connor. At least once a month I’m going to need to fuck my little assboy’s opened hole.”

He moaned quietly.

“I love you,” she said.

Extricating himself from her strapon, he turned over underneath her, the two of them sliding down onto the cushion. Folding his powerful arms around her, he whispered, “Promise made, promise kept, my love,” and he kissed her deeply, drawing her close to him in a powerful yet tender hug.

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