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Valentine’s Night Surprise

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Valentine’s Day. Janet sighed. This had to be the worst holiday of the entire year, not just for singles, but for couples that couldn’t be together. She and Mark had been together for 2 years now, last year on Valentine’s Day they’d both had to work (the drag of working in a restaurant, even if they’d both made tons of money.

She’d been jealous all night long of the couples she was serving, wishing that she could be with her significant other.). This year was even worse, last year they’d been able to steal a few moments together after the shift before going home, this year they were finally in college but he’d gone on an exchange program for the year. Dark brown eyes stared mournfully out the apartment window, things had been awfully boring with him gone; their other roommate Crystal had guys coming in and out all the time and she just had to listen jealously to the noises coming from her bedroom. Crystal was out right now, Janet glanced at the clock, it was 9pm. She’d probably come back with a guy in tow in about 2 hours.

The leggy brunette sighed and resigned herself to another night alone. Maybe Mark would be able to call and they’d at least be able to spend Valentine’s night on the phone together. Phone sex wasn’t her favorite thing in the world, but it helped a little bit, and then they’d get to talk for awhile also. She loved hearing about Italy, and was looking forward to visit him over Spring Break. Probably he wouldn’t be able to call until very late though.

Deciding that being gloomy wasn’t going to help anything, she paced around the apartment, looking for something to cheer her up. Catching her reflection in the mirror, her flannel pj pants and Nautica t-shirt didn’t exactly scream Valentine’s Day happiness. So she went into her room and pulled out her short red camisole, changing quickly into the much more sensual outfit. Admiring her figure in the mirror, she ran her hands over her breasts, 36D, and tweaked her nipples. Already she was starting to feel a little better… and hell, even though she wouldn’t be able to talk to Mark for another couple hours, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t dress up and have a Valentine’s Day feeling when they finally did get to talk.

In the bathroom she shaved her pubic hair all over again, something she hadn’t done since he’d left for Italy. She ran her fingers sensually over the smooth slit, making sure that every single hair had been shaved. Back in her room she pulled on white stockings, fastening them with her red and white garter belt. Flirting with herself in front of the mirror on the back of her door, she giggled as she pushed her ass towards her reflection, causing the short skirt to ride up and play a kind of peek-a-boo with her pussy and ass. Really starting to get in the mood she shaded her eyes heavily with liner, shadow and mascara and put on a bright red lipstick to complete the effect.

Pinching her nipples, she watched herself in the mirror, starting to feel deliciously naughty. She grabbed one of her favorite vibrators from her bedside desk drawer, 5″ long (not enough to make a guy feel threatened) and purple. Bending over in front of the mirror, she lifted one leg up onto the frame of her bed to get a better view, spreading her pink lips with her fingers. Rubbing the vibrator up and down her pussy lips, she set it on a low setting, just enough to tantalize herself with the vibrations that spread along her pussy lips. Just the tip of the vibrator entered her, before pulling away. She turned her head to watch its progress over her shoulder in the mirror, watching the purple head push slightly into the hole and then run back along her slit. Eyes wide at her flushed and excited face, she began pushing the vibrator into her tight hole, making her moan as the vibrations began their passage up into her. Working the vibrator in and out of her, loosening up her pussy, she began rubbing her pussy lips and clit with the finger that had been holding her spread and toying with a breast and nipple with the other. The girl in the mirror looked excited and lewd, a naughty, dirty girl that wanted sex.

Janet paused as she considered something really lewd… she kept her vibrators at a decent sized 5″ long and 1″ wide so that none of the guys she dated would feel threatened by the size. Mark didn’t really have to worry as he was about 10″ long and 3″ thick, but he also had the biggest dick she’d ever seen. Previous boyfriends had not been nearly as well endowed, and she hadn’t had sex with Mark since August. By now her hole was probably virgin tight, and she wanted something bigger. She’d never watched herself in the mirror before, but seeing the vibrator press into her hole, watching it stretch wide for the intruder… well it was getting her really hot. What would something bigger do to the image before her?

She left the vibrator in her room, and went to the kitchen, pausing at the refrigerator door, wondering if she was really up to something this… naughty. Opening the door she stared at her prize, three cucumbers that she’d bought this morning. Really they were for her salad… but maybe this was something she’d been wanting subconsciously all day? Who knows, maybe she’d known that tonight she’d be in the mood for something new and perverse, they were of varying size, going from the size of her vibrator to a little bigger than Mark. Giggling at her own silliness at these musings she picked up all three cucumbers, they were cold and big and hard.

Two arms reached around her suddenly, a hand over her mouth and she screamed and tried to drop the cucumbers and fight, but the other arm was muscular and kept her arms and hands full of the cucumbers pinned against her chest. She tried to kick out with her feet, and even connected a few times, but it didn’t seem to faze her attacker in the slightest. Biting the hand over her mouth, the taste of leather on her tongue, she was manhandled into the bedroom; her panties, lying on the floor, were stuffed in her mouth to gag her, and her wrists were secured behind her back. Still trying to fight, she only succeeded in falling off the bed, giving her a chance to finally see her attacker. Tall, with broad shoulders he was dressed entirely in black, with those black leather gloves and a ski mask that obscured everything but his dark brown eyes. Infuriated, she realized he was laughing at her.

“Well, well, well,” he said, “It looks like you’re all dressed up for me! Happy Valentine’s Day to me.” he grinned at her, almost as though he expected her to laugh at his little joke. She tried to kick him, and squealed as he grabbed her ankle, chuckling to himself he tied a rope around her right ankle and then tied it to her bed post, keeping her left leg secured under his arm. Then that leg was spread wide and tied to the desk on her left, leaving her spread open – and in a great position to see herself in the mirror. He got behind her and untied her hands and retied them in front of her, then he took the long end of the rope and brought her hands up between her breasts and tied it around her neck, so that she couldn’t move her hands without cutting off her own air passage. For a moment, panicking, she did just that until she realized what the set up had done to secure her, and he had to release the chokehold that she’d managed to put herself in. He wagged one finger in front of her face, “Don’t do that darling, won’t do for you to choke before we have our fun.” he grinned at the tears starting in her pleading eyes.

Janet froze, petrified, as he pulled out a knife. Quickly, he began cutting away her clothing, and pulled off her silken covering, leaving her breasts exposed and framed by her arms and her pussy completely open and vulnerable. Putting pillows behind her back, the man propped her body up so that she could see herself in the mirror, exposed and completely vulnerable. Red heat spread through her cheeks at the wanton display in front of her, the man in black kneeling behind her propped up body.

The gloved hands began moving over her neck and shoulders, and up and down her arms, grazing her breasts lightly; the ticklish touch made her nipples stand up and erect, sharp little nubbins pointing out from her chest.

“I saw you playing with yourself in front of the mirror,” her eyes widened as he whispered in her ear, “That’s when I knew you needed some Valentine’s Day company… lucky for you I was in the neighborhood huh?” his hands cupped her heavy globes, the soft leather caressing her skin, and she began to get feel those first tingles of arousal, despite her fear. She didn’t want to be in this kind of situation, but she also couldn’t help but start feeling arouse. Damn Mark for going to Europe and leaving her without a man to help her sexual frustrations for a whole year! Hands began kneading her flesh roughly, and he began pinching her nipples hard, making her moan around the panties in her mouth. One hand traveled down her stomach, making little circular motions with his fingers, by the time he reached her pussy she was actually straining her hips to reach him, wanting the touch. All the time playing with herself before this had really done her in.

Still, she stiffened as he actually reached her pussy, wanting an orgasm and the reality of having a stranger touch her were two different things. It was odd, but she couldn’t help the tingles of pleasure that spread throughout her body as he stirred one gloved finger in her juices and flicked at her clit.

“Wet for me already? Such a little slut.” She tried to talk through the gag, tell him no. It didn’t really have anything to do with him, it was just that it had been so long, and she’d been playing with herself, and… and she moaned as he pushed two fingers into her wet hole, stretching her pussy. Watching herself in the mirror, seeing this stranger pushing two of his fingers into her pussy, she could see the juices shining on her nether lips, one of his hands pinching and twisting her nipple, her brightly painted pouty red mouth stuffed full of pink panties, tear stained eyes and brown curls spread over her shoulders. She did look like a slut, like a slut who enjoyed kinky games. More tears leaked from her eyes at the shame that filled her for being so perverse, so dirty that she could be aroused while a stranger touched her body in such an intimate way.

Eyes widened in surprise and denial and he left her pussy and reached for the smallest cucumber. She began trying to struggle again, until the rope began to tighten around her neck once again and she stopped. The small cucumber spread her juices around, lubricating it, and then he began to push it in and out of her pussy. She shivered as the cold vegetable was engulfed in her pussy. It felt good though, good to have something in her, good to have such attention paid to her body. Her hips began to move, as if of their own volition, even though she was willing herself not to enjoy what was happening to her body. The green vegetable looked strange in her pink pussy, even though it felt good, and it was starting to warm up since it was spending so much time in her very warm pussy.

When he moved it out of her pussy and placed it before her ass, she started struggling again. Her ass was virgin and she intended to keep it that way! Although she’d been curious about what anal sex was like, she was intending to give hers to Mark, maybe on spring break or when he came home, she didn’t want to lose it to a cucumber. Struggling more and more as the pressure grew on her asshole, she started choking herself with the rope again, and a different kind of panic ensued as her airway was cut off. Cursing herself for being an idiot and cutting off her own airway again.

He chuckled and firmly pushed the cucumber into her ass, it burned with pain and she could see the very end of it sticking out of her ass obscenely. More tears as he loosened the rope on her neck again, she’d lost her last virginity to this stranger, and not even really to him but to the vegetable that he’d pushed in there. And it hurt, she could feel her ass slowly getting used to it, but right now it burned and she felt oddly full in a way she’d never felt before. Trying to moan a ‘no’, she could only watch helplessly as he took the next biggest cucumber and began to work it in and out of her pussy. Two green vegetables were in both her holes now, and his hand left her breast to work the other cucumber in and out of her ass. She tried to scream as both vegetables moved in and out of her, the one in her ass causing pain and the one in her pussy causing cold pleasure, the contrast making her squirm.

Soon both cucumbers were heated up by her body temperature, and the one in her ass had stopped hurting and was starting to feel good in an odd way. She felt incredibly full, like she had been stuffed, and in a strange way it was starting to turn her on to watch this strange man move foreign objects in and out of her body. Then he pulled them both out and the tears began again as he forced the larger of the two cucumbers into her ass, making it stretch and burn again. Slowly he worked them in and out, and this time she breathed through the pain, and didn’t make the mistake of struggling again. Watching her tiny hole stretch to fit this long rounded vegetable was amazing, she could feel each and every bump and ridge as it moved in and out of her ass. Rather than fitting the larger cucumber into her pussy he began playing with his other hand, flicking her clit and pulling at the pink lips.

Giving herself up to the feelings sweeping through her she began to move her hips in time with the thrusts of the cucumber in her ass and the fingers that were pinching and twisting her clit. The image in the mirror was starting to look exotic and hot, her mind was racing with thoughts. It wasn’t her fault, she was tied up, no one would be able to hold her responsible, would it be so bad if she just let herself enjoy the experience? After all, she wouldn’t be able to see Mark until April, would it be so bad if she gave into what was happening now, so that she would have something to tide her over until then?

The cucumber was pulled from her ass, and she froze as he pulled the pillows from behind her back and took their place with his own body. Unzipping his pants he let his dick free for the first time, long and white it was almost as big as the biggest cucumber. Janet watched helplessly as it moved into her pussy, and moaned as it sent pleasurable feelings all over her body. It was wide and it stretched her open, making her pussy look like a hot dog bun being stuffed full with a huge salami, too big for it. As soon as his dick was lubricated he moved pulled out of her pussy and moved its placement to the entrance of her ass. He paused, making sure that she saw in the mirror where his dick was going, and as she shook her head ‘NO NO NO’ he pressed the head of his dick into her ass.

Her head fell back as the biggest thing to enter her ass stretched it wide. She was panting for breath, and yet couldn’t help but watch the mirror, watch the ravishment of her ass by the huge dick. It hurt, and when he finally hit bottom, he thankfully stopped and let her ass get used to its new proportions. As she panted and clenched her ass around his dick, causing more pain until she managed to relax her muscles, he reached for the biggest cucumber and began working that into her pussy. She screamed behind the panties, unsure of whether or not she was screaming in pain or pleasure, as full as she possibly could be without popping. He began moving in and out of her ass, thrusting his hips up off the ground, one hand moving the cucumber in the same rhythm while his other arm rested on the ground, propping him up so that he could watch the erotic display in the mirror as well.

He began moving faster and harder, watching her breasts flop around on her chest, her holes stretched tight over the objects in them. Finally he left her pussy stuffed full of the cucumber and concentrated his efforts on her clit, rubbing and pinching and on thrusting in and out of her ass. She could feel her orgasm building, in her ass, her pussy and her clit, it felt like her whole body was on fire with desire, like every particle of her being was building towards orgasm. The orgasm finally hit her like a ton of bricks, wave after wave flowing through her body and she jerked and gasped, pussy and ass on fire with the intensity of it. Her ass and pussy pulsed around the man’s dick and the cucumber, causing his orgasm to follow hers. Jet after jet of cum spurted from his dick into her rippling ass, deep into her darkest hole. Pinching her clit hard he sent her on one last wave of incredible pleasure and her ass clenched around his dick in the hardest grasp yet and drained the very last of his cum from him.

Janet fainted, completely spent. When she came to, she was untied and the man was leaning over her, saying her name desperately. The ski mask was pulled off and she realized that she was looking into the deep brown eyes of her boyfriend.

“MARK!” she squealed and hit him hard on the shoulder.

“You’re awake! Thank god, I’d thought that maybe you’d lost too much air or something.” he looked intensely relieved.

“MARK!” she hit him again, “That is not any kind of explanation! What are you doing here? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? And why on earth did you feel the need to rape me instead of just surprising me?!”

“Well,” he grinned at her, the boyish grin he always got when he was trying to charm his way out of trouble, “I’m here because I wanted us to actually have a Valentine’s Day together, I didn’t tell you because I wanted to surprise you, and last year you did mention at one point that you wondered what it would be like to be forced into sex and that you didn’t want it actually be done by a stranger, so I figured that this might be the perfect opportunity.”

She kissed him and then smacked him lightly on the cheek, “You’re awfully lucky I’m so glad to see you, otherwise I’d kick your ass right now.”

“I’m sure you would.” He laughed and swept her up in his arms and into the shower. They played, soaping each other and washing each other’s hair. Janet luxuriated in the feeling of Mark’s body finally in front of her, washing his dark brown hair, and finally she knelt down to give him a blowjob. She’d missed the feeling of his dick in her mouth, and as the water rained down on them he massaged her wet hair as she swallowed him down. Slowly it slipped down her throat, until she was working most of it in and out of her mouth, teasing the shaft with her tongue. As he moaned she hummed pleasantly around his dick, sending vibrations up and down his spine and dick, and she felt smug in control of the situation – for the first time that night.

“I have two days here you know.” He looked down at her smiling, and then flung his head back as she gripped his balls and tugged lightly, pressing one finger hard on the spot just behind his balls. It was a trick that never failed to work, immediately cum flowed down her throat as he convulsed and moaned, “Oh fuck… oh Janet… fuck I’ve missed you.”

After she’d swallowed all his cum and his penis was softening inside of her mouth, she pulled away and looked up at him, the water flowing over her hair and body.

“Thanks for coming home.”

He smiled and stroked her hair, “Happy Valentine’s Day baby.”

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