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Vacation Night with My Cousin

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When I was 19, we went on a regular yearly vacation with various family members to a resort in the mountains of some state which will remain nameless. This included 3 cousins of mine, all sisters, two 20 year old twins (Lisa and Marie) and an 18 year old named Sally. We’d spent time every month or so together, so we knew each other fairly well. They were all amazingly hot – blond, tall, all volleyball players, etc, but as I said, also my cousins.

The family was generally cramped in the resort, so all 4 of us younger people were put into a room of the lodge together. The room had a small bed in the corner of the room (twin probably, though it’s hard to remember), and a couch plus a king sized bed on the other side of the room across from each other. I slept on the small bed being the only male, the twins shared the king bed, and the 18 year old (Sally) was on the couch.

As with previous years, we entertained ourselves at night by playing various games while the parents were drinking and playing poker in the main room. This year we played both innocent games (card games, video games, board games, etc), and slightly less innocent. Somehow one of the girls had suggested a game of strip poker. It was exciting for the first few minutes, as I considered the idea of seeing one of my cousins naked. However, once it became Lisa’s turn to lose her shirt, she’d backed out. I was too conscious of the fact she was my cousin to press the matter.

We also continued a game we had invented where you screw with people while they’re sleeping. In past years this had been things like peanut butter on their fingers, warm water on their hands to make them pee (never did work), ice cubes tossed under your blanket, etc. It was a given if you fell asleep first, you were likely to wake up at least once due to people playing tricks on you.

On the 4th or 5th night, after playing a couple card games and watching TV, everyone went to sleep. I was wide awake. I waited for awhile, and then I snuck over to the side of the couch where Sally was sleeping. This was between the couch and the king bed where the twins were sleeping (as the couch faced the bed with a few feet between them). She appeared to be asleep, laying on her back. It was fairly warm out, so no one was using their blankets. I had an ice cube in one hand, and had the vague notion to slip it under some type of elastic or something to make it really stuck when she woke up. Usually when people woke up with the ice, it’d fly right out of their shirt as soon as they sat up. I had the devious idea that I could use the elastic of her bra, which would also give me the satisfaction (being a horny 19 year old guy) to actually touch her bra strap. As she was sleeping, I wouldn’t feel quite as guilty about touching her.

I crouched at the edge of the couch near her head, looking downwards towards her shirt. I carefully grasped the edge of her t-shirt collar with my fingertips, and slowly lifted up the edge of her shirt from the top, and looked under at an angle. I could suddenly see not only the edge of her bra, but completely down her shirt. It was night time, but there was a ton of moonlight, and I could see very clearly. I could see almost her whole right breast (covered in bra), and between her breasts I could see some of her abs/midsection (she was in pretty good shape). She had something around a B cup, perfectly shaped (as only 18 year olds can have). She made some type of slight movement (or something else which scared me, louder breath, etc), and I dropped the shirt and ducked down to the side of the couch.

This was repeated a couple times (icecube since forgotten and melted on the ground). I’d gently lift the shirt, look underneath, she’d make some slight movement / noise, and I’d panic and “hide”. I heard nothing beyond breathing from the other two sisters on the other bed. After a few times, I crept a bit lower next to the couch to be near her legs, and gently lifted the bottom of her shirt upwards. I could see even better from here (as the hem of the shirt lifted better than the collar). I could lift the shirt relatively high, and see her entire midsection, her bra covered breasts from below, up to her neck.

Again, she made slight breathing / movements, and I’d drop the shirt. Then I’d wait 30 seconds or more, and then go back to peeking underneath. Then I became more daring. I went to the top of the bed again, and gently lifted her shirt, and then used my fingertip to lift the edge of her bra, so that I could see underneath. I saw her nipple for the first time. I could see that the nipple itself was certainly hard, and I enjoyed looking at it closely, drinking it all in. Then she made another motion and I quickly dropped again to the floor.

At this point I was somewhat suspicious that she could potentially be awake, and just kept pretending to be still asleep. What I wondered was if she was awake, was she nervous / embarrassed to be in this situation with her cousin, or was she somewhat excited and playing along?

I peeked up another couple times, taking a careful look at both nipples under the bras. I was getting a bit less careful with my hands (slightly more strength holding up the shirt, pulling slightly harder on the bra to see underneath). Since she hadn’t “woken up” yet, I wasn’t sure if she was just a heavy sleeper, or again, playing along.

Either way, the 3rd or so time, she did some type of sleepy noise / movement, I hid, and she rolled over so her back was to me. I immediately thought she was perhaps hiding her front from me, as she might have been uncomfortable with the situation. Or a slight chance she was sleeping and just rolled over. At least that’s what I told myself. On the other hand, she was still “asleep”, so I waited for probably a couple minutes at least.

I gently lifted up the back of her shirt, and could easily see the back of her bra, with the clasp. I carefully reached up, and very gently grasped the clasp. I fiddled carefully with it for a bit, eventually getting it to unclasp and spring apart.

I did my normal hide thing for a few moments. No noise from her, and the sisters were still quiet. I then crept back up, and looked under her shirt. I put my hand up her shirt, and gently slid the bra strap slightly down her shoulder. She made some slight noise, and I hid again.

She rolled over again, and I hid for a couple minutes. When I peeked again, I saw she was once again on her back. Again, I was very suspicious she was awake, but wasn’t sure if this was playing along, or trying to stop me. This was nerve wracking, since I was in a very awkward position. Any of our parents could step in at any moment, or any one of the sisters could wake up and say something. However, I also had an unbelievably hot 18 year old partially naked in front of me. I looked under the shirt from below, and could see that the bra straps were certainly loose. I carefully reached up, and could slightly pull the bra downward, enough so I could see the nipples poking out from above. Noise / movement again, I hid again.

I peek again, and see that the other strap is still on her shoulder. I gently move it off her shoulder. Noise / movement, I hide. I move up again, and start to gently slide the straps as far down as I can. I can’t exactly remember how it worked out, but over a period of a few “hides”, I slipped the straps off her arms. At this point I was very suspicious, since I was actually gently lifting up her arms and bending them to get the straps around her hands. I finally had each strap undone, and the bra was just sitting under her shirt.

Although I was very suspicious this couldn’t be sleep, I kept up the pretense that I believed she was asleep. I carefully lifted up her shirt with one hand, and grasped her bra in the middle. I gently dragged it out from beneath her shirt. She continued breathing, though slightly heavier. I dropped the bra at the bottom of the couch. I looked under her shirt, and was able to see her breasts perfectly, both nipples pointing upwards, and her chest heaving somewhat quickly up and down.

I kept listening to her breathing, and watching for movement, waiting for any indication that she’d stop this game. I knew this was far beyond what I’d ever expected to happen, but my heart was pounding like mad, and I couldn’t bring myself to stop. I pulled her shirt up slightly to reveal her tight stomach, and then slid my fingers carefully into the elastic band of her shorts. With extremely gentle motion, I attempted to pull the bottom of the shorts past her ass. I could feel resistance, even more than what could be expected from her weight. I could tell that she was certainly pressing her ass into the couch to prevent her shorts from moving downwards.

She still didn’t admit to being awake at this point, so I knew I had the option to continue the game as well. I pushed harder into the couch, pulling the shorts downwards. There was some resistance, and then the shorts came easily.. she was actually lifting herself to allow the shorts to slide off! It was extremely confusing. Now I didn’t know if she was letting me take them off to avoid a scene, because she wanted it, or because she knew she had no choice. In either case, I continued sliding the shorts down her legs. The legs were extremely light, and slightly assisted me in getting the shorts all the way off. I dropped the shorts onto the pile, and then took in the scene.

Her stomach was uncovered up to the bottom of her breasts, and then her body tapered to slightly wider hips, purple panties, and then her toned bare legs. As she had not made any movements, I didn’t bother with pretending to duck to hide. I carefully leaned over the couch, and took a closer look at her panties. I could see the faint outline of her pussy, and what appeared to be a tiny damp spot. It was possible she was actually horny! I had to see her nipples again. I moved up the bed, and carefully pulled her shirt upwards. Her back slightly arched to allow the shirt to slide up her body. I lowered the shirt and left it sitting above her breasts. Her nipples were standing straight up as before, though possibly even taller.

I heard a louder breath behind me, and I ducked down. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if Lisa or Marie woke up and saw their sister naked! I carefully peeked behind me, but didn’t see any movement. After waiting a minute or two, I crept a couple feet closer to look at the sisters, and saw they were both sound asleep. I went back to the couch, and pondered my next move. It now occurred to me that she was likely in an awkward situation as well. If she pretended to wake up at this point, she’d be almost completely nude. If she’d stopped me immediately, she could have just said I woke her up. At this point, she’d have a very embarrassing story to tell.. though not quite as embarrassing as mine.

She was still pretending to sleep, and so I was still a fool enough to keep pressing my luck. I crouched down in the middle of the couch, and slid my fingers under the band of her panties. I heard an intake of breath, and she was certainly breathing harder. I ignored this, pretending not to notice. I carefully attempted to slide the panties down her legs. Again, I met with resistance. I tried pulling the panties down a bit harder, and still met with resistance. I knew at this point I’d reached the limit where she had been comfortable. My heart pounded while I considered my next steps.

Throwing caution to the wind, I slid both hands around on either side of her hips, slightly below her, and while carefully lifting her body, I hooked my fingers into her panties. While I could feel her weight pressing down into my hands, I simply slid her panties down. Once they reached her legs, I just pulled them off the rest of the way. I dropped the panties on the bottom of the couch, and stood there with my heart pounding. I could see that she’d kept herself shaved. She was keeping her legs tight together (I could even see the muscles standing out of her tense legs), but I could see no hairs on her shaved pussy.

She was now essentially naked laying in front of me. She was still pretending to sleep, but I knew she’d tried to stop me. I figured I really should pretend to sleep, and hope that she’d let the issue drop. It was still likely that it would be too embarrassing for her to tell anyone about what happened.

I stood there looking at her, and I could feel my hard cock pounding in my boxers. With a “fuck” in my head, I crouched down, and reached out a hand. I carefully grazed one of her nipples with my fingertip. She slightly jumped, and gasped. She lay there holding her breath for a bit, while I held my finger on her nipple. I waited, heart pounding, and then she began breathing again. Much quicker than before, but still continuing her pretend sleep. I started circling her nipple with my fingertip, and then moved to the other breast and circled that nipple. Her breath continued to accelerate, and could no longer be confused with the slow sleeping breaths she had started with.

My anxiety growing, I moved slightly down the couch, and placed my index finger below her belly button. I carefully watched her breathing as I slid my finger very slowly downwards. Her fast breathing continued to accelerate, rising to almost a pant. I slid my finger down to almost the junction of her legs, where she had them tightly clenched. Ignoring all good sense, I leaned over again.

I carefully put one hand between her knees, and then wedged both my hands in there. I started prying her legs apart. For a sleeping person, her legs were generally strong. I continued to apply constant pressure, figuring I didn’t want to completely force the issue. Perhaps 10 or 15 seconds later, her legs relaxed. I could feel the pressure leave, and I Was able to gently open her legs. Again, I Knew I’d put her in a poor situation. She was already naked, and would be in a terrible situation if she had to pretend to wake up. As things were, she had to hope that she could still get out of this while pretending to sleep through it.

As the couch was not wide enough for her legs while spread, I carefully lowered one leg to the floor. Her lower body was now completely open to me. Her pussy lips were slightly open, glistening with moisture. There was absolutely no hair in sight, except for a slight amount of stubble towards the top of her pussy. It appeared as if she’d shaved in the last day or so. I was crouched near her midsection, so I reached down her body, and slowly moved my middle finger towards her pussy. I grazed the opening, feeling moisture on the tip of my finger. Her whole body tensed up, and her breath began to come in very short pants. I held still for a few moments, and then slid my finger up and down the slit. My finger slid along easily. dragging moisture with it. As she didn’t react, I continued, no longer pondering the sense of my actions.

I slid my finger up and down her slit a few more times, and then carefully pushed inside. It was incredibly wet, hot and slippery, yet my finger had resistance simply through how tight she was. I slowly slid my finger in until it was buried to my hand. I held it there, watching her continue to pant and pretend to sleep. I began to slowly move my finger out, and then back in. I could see her hands which had previously been laying on the couch, tense and grab onto the sheets.

I pulled my finger slightly out of her pussy, and up across her clitoris. I could feel the nub was already large, and her body quaked slightly at the touch. I slid my finger inside again, and then across her clitoris. I could see her hands clenching at the sheets, and whole body looked tense. She then made some noise in her throat, similar to a yawn. I realized she was going to pretend to wake up. I ducked down by the side of the bed and became still, my heart racing. I waited for a long time for any additional movement, any noise, but heard nothing. I peeked up above the bed. She had rolled over again, laying completely on her stomach. She was obviously protecting herself, trying to make herself unavailable. She had reached her limit, and finally stopped me.

I started to get up, figuring I should head to bed, or perhaps more likely, jerk off in the bathroom. Glancing down one more time, I looked at that great naked ass, and just couldn’t resist. She was still pretending to sleep, so I was still somewhat protected. Besides, I was incredibly horny and not thinking straight.

I saw she had kept her legs close together, but that wouldn’t stop my last move. Glancing at her sisters, who were still sound asleep, I took a deep breath. In one smooth motion, I knelt with one knee on either side of her legs, straddling her. My penis was resting just above her ass. Before she had a chance to think about the situation, or her next move, I reached down between her legs, just able to touch her still soaked pussy. I reached one index finger inside, pulled it out and spread out the moisture. I felt her immediately tense. I quickly did this another couple times, spreading the moisture between her legs.

Reaching into my boxers through that never used flap, I pulled out my still rock hard cock. Shifting my weight and leaning forwards, I tilted my cock down and touched it to the new wet location between her legs. I felt her body go rigid. I pushed, and I felt my cock slid an inch or so into her pussy. I saw her hands clench at the sheet covering the couch again. I pulled out, bringing moisture with my cock, and then back in. This time, there was enough lubricant, and I was able to continue to push in. She was incredibly tight, but I continued to slowly push. I heard a slight whimpering noise, but ignored it. Finally, after what felt like minutes, I was in all the way, my public bone resting on her ass. I was completely inside my cousin’s pussy, who was still pretending to sleep!

I began sliding in and out, slowly and quietly. I looked over, and confirmed the twins hadn’t moved. I rocked back and forth, her tight pussy holding my cock firmly in its grasp. Her hands continued to grasp at the sheet, tightly gripping the fabric, and slight whimper noises came out of her mouth. However, after the hour or more of foreplay on my part, I wasn’t going to last long. I rocked a final time, leaning far into the push, burying my cock as deep as I could get into her by compressing her ass. She made a little grunt as I bottomed out. The last push was enough to push me over the edge, and I reached the point of orgasm. I hadn’t thought of this ahead of time, and knew I couldn’t risk getting my cousin pregnant.

However, I also hadn’t thought of another solution, and the idea of getting caught jumping up paralyzed me. Indecision made the choice for me, and I began to pulse deep inside her pussy. I slightly moved in and out, savoring the feeling as the last of my cum entered her body. Finally, it was over. As usually happens, my rational mind came back, and I began to feel the horror of wondering what the hell I’d done. She was laying there, still breathing heavy, and the sheet still clutched in her hands. I’d just screwed my cousin, with her two sisters in the room, and now I might have even gotten her pregnant.. all without consent!

I carefully pulled my now rapidly shrinking cock out of her pussy, shifted my weight, and got off the couch. I tucked myself back into my boxers, and looked around. I quickly walked across the room, lay down into my bed, and pulled the blanket up. I swiftly pretended to sleep, closing my eyes to slits. My heart was beating like mad, wondering what would happen.

Perhaps 5 minutes later, I could see motion over by the couch. I could see Sally moving around, and then it looked like she was putting on her bra. After a little, she walked over to the rest room, and I could hear water running for a bit. Eventually she came back out, and lay down. I lay there for hours, waiting, watching, and wondering what would happen in the morning.

Eventually I must have fallen asleep, as I woke up with the sun coming through the windows. I carefully looked around. No one was in the room. My heart began hammering again. I assumed she wouldn’t tell the parents.. but would she tell her sisters? Would they tell the parents? I thought about hiding in the room, but figured that wouldn’t help anything. I pulled on a pair of pants and walked out of the room. Everyone was sitting around the table eating breakfast.

I got a few good mornings from the parents, and made my way to the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen, Sally was there making herself a bowl of cereal. She looked over at me, blushed, said “hey”, and then walked out of the room with her cereal. My heart continued to pound as I realized that it appeared she was going to let me get away with it! Now I just had to hope she didn’t end up pregnant.

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