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Upside Down Ch. 03

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For everyone who was waiting on this third installment, I’m sorry about the delay. I’ve had a wicked case of writer’s block that finally seems to be gone, for anyone who didn’t, feel free to check out parts 1 and 2 if you like this one. Thanks again for all your suggestions and comments. They really mean a lot. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Chapter 3: The Best Laid Plans…

“I could fuck you all night.” Trisha said as she knelt up and squeezed Rachel’s smallish breasts tenderly.

Her sister tilted her head mischievously and responded in perfect time.

“What, you got somewhere to go?”

Indeed she didn’t. The sisters fucked twice more that night; Trisha donning the strap-on one more time, in their parents’ bed no less, before they fell asleep together there.

The next day was Sunday. With their parents not due back from the Cape until Monday afternoon, the girls decided the much-needed house cleanup could wait ’til the next morning. Instead they planned on a lazy day of rest and relaxation, if they could fit it in around the sex, of course.

They found it incredibly difficult, and ultimately pointless, to keep their hands off one another. They were like two newlyweds in their first home, breaking-in every room of the house. From Rachel eating Trisha out on the dining room table soon after they woke, to the younger girl again fucking her beautiful sister with her strap-on out by the pool late that night; barely an hour went by that the Brooks girls weren’t engaged in some wicked form of lovemaking.

When Dan and Sara returned home late that Monday afternoon, they found everything in perfect order. Not only was the house was spotless, but the girls had even made them a nice dinner. Everything was a bit too perfect, their parental intuition hinted, but they decided not to question a good thing.

Little did they know that if they had come home just a half an hour earlier, they would have found Rachel naked on the kitchen table; legs splayed wide with Trisha leaning over her, finger-fucking her and sucking passionately on her tits. But life is all about timing and instead they were sitting down at that very table, eating a cozy dinner with their daughters. The girls seemed to have a subtle, yet perceptible glow about them that both parents registered, but neither consciously.

Over the course of the next few days the girls struggled to play it cool, but that was becoming increasingly difficult for both of them. Since Sara worked out of the home, there was barely a moment they could steal in private. As a matter of consequence, save for a few stolen kisses, they were unable to indulge in their newfound desires. By Thursday afternoon, their frustration was beginning to boil over.

It was early that afternoon and Rachel was sitting at the kitchen table with Sara. Mother and daughter were going over possible course selections for the following semester. As they pored over a list of class requirements, Rachel caught some movement out of the corner of her eye. Trisha had silently slipped into the adjoining dining room, wearing only her treacherous, white bikini. The brunette held her index finger over her mouth, in an appeal for silence, when her sister caught sight of her.

The older girl feigned attention but carefully stole glances over her mother’s shoulder to see what Trisha was up to. Rachel’s eyes widened a moment later as her sister began to squeeze her voluptuous breasts tightly. The blonde caught herself staring perhaps a second too long and quickly returned her eyes to the glut of carefully arranged papers on the table.

She hastily picked out a somewhat detailed course description and asked Sara what she thought. As her mother began to read, Rachel returned her careful stare to her sister. Trisha promptly pulled the cups of her bikini down and hooked them beneath her heavy breasts. Rachel stared in wonder at her sister’s seemingly fearless display, just ten feet or so from their mother’s back.

Trisha continued to smile and stare as she played with her beautiful, bare tits for a long minute; relishing the fused look of disbelief and lust in her older sister’s eyes. The brunette then slowly trailed her right hand down her taut stomach and into her bikini bottom. Rachel kept shooting nervous glances back at her mother to make sure she was still reading, but her attention couldn’t stray from Trisha for long.

The blonde watched anxiously the form of her sister’s hand beneath her bikini bottom as it worked her pussy deliberately. Rachel became aware of her own pussy heating up as she and Trisha’s eyes met. The brunette’s sly smile had disappeared. It had instead been replaced with a look that Rachel wasn’t able to name, but whose message was singular and clear.

“Rachel, I asked you a question. You’re not even paying attention, are you?”

Rachel snapped her semi-trance and returned her focus to her mother.

“Oh… sorry, Mom.” She managed to stutter nervously. She could feel her hands shaking as her peripheral vision teased her with a blurred vision Trisha’s tantalizing movements.

“You know, you should know by now to take this kind of stuff more seriously. You’d better be past daydreaming if you expect to…”

Rachel lowered her head as Sara admonished her. She shifted her eyes rapidly between her mother’s face and Trisha, who had pulled her bikini bottom to the side, exposing her beautiful cunt. The brunette had also pulled her hand from her pussy and was standing with one hand on her hip, wagging her glistening index finger with an angry pout, mocking their mother’s stern reprimand.

Rachel tried hard not to laugh and refocused her attention on Sara as Trisha returned her bikini to it’s proper place. The younger girl then made like she had just walked into the room and went right over to the refrigerator. She pulled a bowl of salsa she had made the night before out of the fridge and dipped her finger in.

“Hey Mom, tell me if you like the taste of this.”

The older girl watched in astonishment as Trisha pushed her fingers, which only a minute ago had been buried inside her pussy, towards their mother’s mouth. Sara turned her head away to refuse but as she began to laugh, her daughter slipped two fingers into her mouth. Trisha stared down at Rachel as she slowly pulled her fingers out.

“Patricia Ann! You are a nut! Do you know that?” Sara laughed before continuing.

“Mmmmm but that is delicious.”

“I knew you’d like it, Mom.” Trisha replied with a clever, knowing smile.

Rachel sat there in total disbelief, trying to comprehend what had just happened. The past few days had been torture; being around Trisha all the time but unable to be with her. But now with this suggestive introduction, her sense of desire was overloading.

“Well I’m gonna go for a swim. Anyone care to join me?” Trisha asked with a deliberate false innocence.

“No honey, you go ahead. Your sister and I still have some work to do here, that is, if I can get her to concentrate for a few minutes.”

Trisha giggled before responding sarcastically.

“Good luck.”

“Besides, as soon as we’re done in here, I am going to meet Ginny for lunch. So let’s get moving here Rachel.”

Rachel was suddenly, and wholly, on-task again. Over the next half hour they breezed through twice as much material as they had in the previous hour.

“Now that’s a little more like it…” Sara said at one point, in reference to Rachel’s sudden refocused attention.

The blonde girl smiled at her internal response… proper motivation, Mom.

Within twenty minutes Rachel was hurrying her mother out the door, almost obviously. “Have a nice lunch! Take your time!” As soon as she was out of sight, Rachel closed the door and called out for Trisha.

“Up here. In Mom and Dad’s room!”

Rachel hurried up the stairs and came to an abrupt halt in the doorway of their parents’ room. Trisha was lying on the bed, completely nude, with her long legs spread wide. Her head was propped up on a pillow and she was gently stroking her pretty pussy with her right hand while her left held a big, red vibrator that Rachel had never seen before. The blonde stripped her clothes quickly and approached the bed.

The instant she slipped onto the bed, the sisters were kissing passionately. Rachel’s hand immediately found one of Trisha’s perfect breasts and began to massage it vigorously. The girls writhed around and kissed for a long minute, running their hands all over each other before Trisha rolled over on top of her older sister. The brunette knelt up and displayed the vibrator to Rachel.

“I want you to fuck me with this, Rach.”

“Mmmmmmm…” Rachel purred as a big smile formed on her lips. “Where did you get that? It’s really nice.”

“It’s Mom’s. It was in her dresser drawer.”

“Really? Wow! Go Mom.” Rachel said, sounding somewhat surprised and impressed.

“Yeah and from the looks of it she’s been using it a lot. So I want you…”

Trisha leaned in closer to Rachel’s face before continuing.

“… to help me clean it.”

Trisha moved the vibrator towards Rachel’s mouth. Rachel hesitated for only a second. She was so turned on by the unadulterated lust in her sister’s eyes and felt her much needed release too close to resist. She tentatively poked her tongue out and flicked the tip of the toy just as Trisha did the same.

Soon both girls were lapping their mother’s dried essence off the vibrator. Their tongues darted around frantically, washing over each other repeatedly as they kissed over the head of the dildo.

Trisha then began to slowly fuck Rachel’s mouth with the big, red toy as she knelt beside her and started to stroke her sister’s dripping pussy. Rachel’s slender hips started to buck unsteadily as her sister thrust the dildo in deeper and deeper and began to rub her pussy harder.

“Yeah, suck Daddy’s cock right after he pulls it out of Mom’s pussy.” Trisha hissed as she quickened her pace.

Rachel’s body and mind swirled turbulently. Less than a week ago, the notion of fucking her parents would’ve been entirely unthinkable, repulsive even. But a lot had changed in that time and she quickly found herself in tune with Trisha’s nasty ideas.

She imagined the vibrator really was her father’s cock, fresh out of her mother. She pictured blowing him while Trisha fucked her with her strap-on and her mother watched; then getting fucked by her dad as she ate her mom’s sweet pussy. The image was so vivid, so taboo, and in the end, just plain hot.

Within a few minutes, Rachel knew her long awaited orgasm was at hand, even though she was trying to hold it off. Trisha’s nimble fingers were a blur against her burning clit and the tangy-sweet taste of her mother’s pussy dominated her senses.

“That’s it, suck his cock…” Trisha continued as she forced the dildo down Rachel’s throat.

But Rachel barely heard it as she began to come. She wailed into the rubber toy and grasped at the sheets as she squirmed helplessly beneath her younger sister. Her intense orgasm lasted well over thirty seconds, with Trisha relentlessly feeding and fingering her right to the very end.

The girls kissed deeply as they rolled over again so Trisha was on her back. Rachel turned the vibrator on and began to softly rub her sister’s swollen clit.

“Oh fuck!” the brunette gasped as she began to grind her soaking pussy against the toy desperately.

Rachel leaned down and began to suck hard on her big tits as she rubbed the humming toy faster against Trisha’s puffy cunt. After a few minutes, the blonde positioned herself between her sister’s widespread legs.

Trisha moaned out and squeezed both her tits tightly as Rachel pushed the vibrator into her pussy and closed her mouth over her inflated clit. In seconds the older girl was pumping her sister rapidly as she sucked wildly on her tender lips and pink bud. Rachel couldn’t get enough of Trisha’s sugary juices. She ground her mouth madly against her sister’s box, swallowing gulp after gulp.

Rachel draped her arm across her sister’s flat belly in an attempt to control the frantic bucking of her hips. The older girl fed her senses acutely, savoring every aspect of the moment. She loved hearing, tasting and seeing her sister’s unbridled ecstasy as she continued to pump and suck her gorgeous pussy.

Trisha’s ass then shot up off the bed and hovered about a foot up as she screamed and began to come. She wrapped a hand up in Rachel’s blonde hair and pulled her pretty face hard against her twitching cunt. Her orgasm was downright violent and Rachel did her best to hang on, lapping and thrusting the vibrator as she did.

When Trisha’s moans and gyrations finally came to an end, Rachel reluctantly pried her mouth from the brunette’s spent pussy and lay up alongside her. The girls kissed tenderly as they both took a minute to collect themselves.

Before long though, they were in a sixty-nine, eating each other to more climaxes before they were finally, albeit temporarily, satisfied. They lay silent on their parents’ bed for some time, holding each other with their legs entwined lovingly.

Finally, Trisha spoke up.

“I got it!” she said after a while, as if they had been trying to solve an equation together.

Rachel hadn’t been thinking much of anything; she was just relishing her overdue release.

“You got what?” the blonde asked.

After a brief pause, a slow smile formed on Trisha’s lips as she turned her beautiful face to her sister.

“I got IT!” she answered pointedly, before rolling on top of Rachel and kissing her hard.

After a long kiss, the younger girl playfully bounced up off the bed and led her sister by the hand out into the hallway.

“What are you talking about?” Rachel asked; her curiosity sufficiently piqued.

But her sister didn’t even seem to hear her. Trisha slowly walked towards her room, seemingly surveying the environment, shifting her eyes back and forth from Rachel’s room to hers.

Rachel caught the glimmer in her sister’s eyes. A look of devilishly innocent wonderment as the wheels turned feverishly in her head. Trisha then turned back to Rachel with a big smile and widened eyes.

“I got it!”

Trisha led Rachel into her bedroom and began to divulge exactly what “it” was as they got dressed. The brunette had formed a plan. The all-important first step towards her lofty goal of actually bedding their parents.

The plan was basically simple, but incredibly risky, and would rely on a little preparation and a lot of luck. They would have to wait until a weeknight when their mother would be out of the house. Both girls would wait for their father to come home from work. When he arrived, Rachel was to hide in her room and position her web cam discreetly to view the entire hallway.

Trisha would be in her own room, lying nude on her bed, with the door open just a crack. As soon as Dan entered the house, Trisha would start to masturbate, louder than usual of course.

The hope was to catch him off guard and simply gauge his reaction. If he showed no interest, they would reevaluate. However, if he reacted the way Trisha seemed to think he would, they would catch it on the web cam and have a very valuable bargaining chip, if nothing else; beauty in simplicity.

The whole idea scared Rachel, but it excited her as well. Things had been moving so fast but she hadn’t a single regret thus far. “No use swimming against the current” she heard herself say.

That night, when the family was together for dinner, Rachel saw her parents in a whole new light. She had tasted her mother (and loved it) and had a plan to help seduce her father. She had expected some discomfort or at least guilt, but felt neither. Maybe she was aided by Trisha’s demeanor.

Her sister was wearing a cunningly sexy outfit, a baby tee, with a pair of slightly tight shorts. Not overtly slutty, but very suggestive. She watched closely the way Trisha flirted with their father. Again, nothing obvious, instead there was a deft subtlety guiding her purpose. If a guest had been over for dinner, they would never have noticed anything unusual, but Rachel could see the reaction in her father already.

At one point, Trisha volunteered to take out the garbage. When she came back inside, her nipples were rock hard and obvious (thanks to a good pinch just outside the door). Rachel caught her father eyeing them, more than once. Who could blame him?

Late that night, the girls crept down to the basement living room and made love for two hours. Trisha talked the whole time. “Yeah, you want to eat mommy’s pussy, don’t you.” And “Suck daddy’s cock.” Until finally she was fucking the blonde missionary style on the floor with her strap-on, making Rachel beg, “fuck me daddy.”

The next two weeks went by slowly. Rachel found her interest and desire surrounding her parents growing steadily. And she was beginning to respond to it. She began to picture them nude, imagining what her mother’s pussy looked like and how big her father’s cock was.

Trisha continued to feed her sister’s desires. Whenever they were alone they talked about possibilities and scenarios or the fine-tuning of their devious plan for their father. The girls’ focus continued to sharpen as the time passed, becoming a narrow, concentrated weapon with a singular purpose.

Finally, after two anxious, impatient weeks, opportunity suddenly presented itself. It was the first Thursday of the month and Sara’s book club had a meeting, meaning she would be out of the house from six to ten pm. Since Dan usually came home around six-thirty, the girls saw their window of opportunity open a crack, which was all they figured they’d need.

As the time for action approached, the sisters were full of nervous energy, Rachel especially. Sara left the house right around six, effectively sending the girls into DEFCON 4. Trisha stripped nude, leaving her clothes scattered strategically on the floor of her room, as Rachel positioned the web cam.

They had everything set by ten after six and they made their way to the living room to watch for Dan’s arrival. As they stood by the door, watching the driveway keenly, their excitement was palpable. Rachel could not stop her nervous chatter, “what if…” this, and “I can’t believe…” that.

“Here already, I have something better for you to use that mouth on.” Trisha chuckled as she dropped Rachel to her knees.

The blonde hesitated only to smile up at her sister before she dove in and began to passionately lick Trisha’s wet pussy. The brunette kept watch out the window as she whimpered softly and slowly swirled her hips. Less than five minutes later, Trisha suddenly jumped.

“He’s here!”

Both girls stared at each other for a long second, frozen, before excitedly scrambling up the stairs. Trisha stopped at her door and suddenly pulled Rachel close to her.

“I love you.” She then planted a hard kiss on her sister’s mouth before slipping into her room.

The kiss temporarily, but substantially calmed Rachel’s nerves. The blonde ran into her room and positioned the door so it was slightly ajar.

All the nervous anticipation of the past two weeks and the frantic nature of the previous thirty seconds had come to a head. The enormity of the situation was betrayed by the sudden, deafening silence.

The silence was broken as abruptly as it had started, with the sound of the interior garage door closing. The next instant Rachel heard Trisha begin a series of moans and gasps coupled with the faint clicking of their father’s wingtips across the hardwood floor leading to the stairway. They sounded to her like some sort of new age symphony, building to a powerful, as yet unheard, crescendo.

Rachel heard her father stop at the base of the stairs. By now he must have heard his youngest daughter’s pleasure-fueled groaning and whimpering. She watched the stairway unblinkingly, waiting for his silent approach up the carpeted steps. Would he even come up? If he did, what would he do?

When a full two minutes had passed since she heard Dan reach the base of the stairs, Rachel feared that their plan hadn’t worked. Just as the sticky ramifications of that possibility started to enter her mind, however, she caught sight of her father’s head as he slowly and cautiously climbed the stairs.

Rachel would have sworn her heart had stopped beating if not for its nearly audible, relentless thumping in her chest. Trisha’s room was only a few feet from the top of the staircase and the blonde watched numbly as her father crept towards the door. He hesitated for a brief moment before peeking through the crack in his daughter’s door.

Dan’s head shot back away from the door instantly. Rachel watched with a surprising and sudden calm as her father fought an internal battle of wills. She looked on curiously as he pondered his next move, glancing back in at Trisha for just a second at a time, his body language personifying the tumult of emotions running through his mind.

Then came the dagger, the final nail in the coffin of the “I can’t do this” side of his internal argument.

“Oh God yes! Fuck me daddy!”

Rachel could almost hear the proverbial “poof” of the angel on her father’s right shoulder as it disappeared into oblivion. Dan seemed to freeze as he was enlightened to his role in Trisha’s ecstasy. Immediately his gaze returned to the crack in the door, where this time, it did not waver.

Within moments, his right hand had drifted down and started to stroke his crotch. If Rachel’s pussy was wet before, it was downright dripping now. What she couldn’t see and Dan could, was a show to behold. Trisha was spread-eagle on her bed, plunging one of her dildos into her glistening pussy with her right hand as she rubbed her clit furiously with her left.

“Oh yeah daddy… oh yeah!” she whined as she writhed around spastically on her bed.

“Ooooh… fuck me hard!”

Rachel began to stroke her own pussy as she watched the events begin to unfold faster and faster. She took particular notice as her father slowly unzipped his pants. The blonde girl then gasped as Dan pulled his semi-hard cock from his pants. It was huge; porn star huge; and it was perfect.

She gazed on in wonder as he began to stroke his incredible cock rhythmically. It was fully erect in a matter of seconds and Rachel found it impossible not to stare at. Dan peered in on Trisha as he rubbed himself steadily. His younger daughter had flipped over onto all fours and continued to fuck herself with the dildo.

“I love you, daddy… oh fuck me… I love you!” she wailed.

As Rachel noticed the pace of her father’s stroking increase, she was suddenly overcome. Now was the time. She stood up and shed her clothes. The blonde girl then took a deep breath and silently opened the door to her room. Dan didn’t notice, all his sight was focused on Trisha’s wanton display.

Rachel then began to slowly walk towards her masturbating father. She was only a few feet away when he caught the movement on his side and turned his head to her. Dan froze at her approach, his cock hard in his hand; a look of utter lust and bewilderment washed over his flushed face as his nude daughter stopped right in front of him.

Rachel’s pretty blue eyes drifted down to his giant cock as they stood motionless, a few feet apart. The nineteen-year old then took her father’s unoccupied hand, pushed the door to Trisha’s room open and led him inside.

Trisha didn’t see them at first and continued to work her pussy feverishly as they entered. The brunette soon caught sight of them and instantly knelt up on the bed facing them. She was wearing that look of immeasurable lust that Rachel had become almost addicted to; the look that could flood her pussy in an instant and make her do anything.

Dan stood still, rock-hard cock still in his hand, as Rachel released his other hand and knelt up with Trisha on the bed. The brunette peeled her eyes from her father for a moment and pulled her older sister close to her. The two girls shared a passionate, victorious kiss before returning their shared attention to their dumbfounded father.

Rachel laid her head on Trisha’s shoulder and absently caressed one of her sister’s breasts as the brunette beckoned to her father. He approached slowly, as if in a trance, until he reached the bed. Trisha then ran her hands up his chest and began to loosen his tie as Rachel slipped his suit jacket off his broad shoulders. When the tie was loose enough, Trisha pulled hard on it, bringing Dan’s face within a foot of both girls. She then pulled the tie over his neck and tossed it on the floor.

No words were spoken, but if one could read looks, there were volumes being communicated. The girls slowly and deliberately unbuttoned their father’s shirt as he shifted his numb gaze between their eyes. When his shirt was open, the girls ran their hands over his firm, hairy chest and slipped it off gracefully.

Dan groaned lowly and began to tug gently on his painful hard-on as his daughters ran their hands all over his chest, back and shoulders. Trisha then put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him close to her face. She moved to kiss him but stopped with her lips less than an inch from his. They both breathed hard as her lips hovered ever closer to his. The brunette then barely kissed her father’s upper lip once, then twice before kissing him deeply. As soon as the kiss broke, Rachel planted a longer, harder kiss on her father’s open mouth. And the instant they separated, Trisha did the same to Rachel.

Dan finally found the use of his arms again and wrapped both his daughters in an embrace as they all kissed simultaneously. After a minute or so, Trisha gently pushed him back again. Rachel moved in and began to nibble and suck on her father’s nipple as her younger sister undid his pants. As his pants fell around his ankles, Trisha joined Rachel and began to suck on his other nipple. The sisters stared at each other playfully as they licked his nipples.

The girls then, together, pulled down Dan’s boxers and quickly sat on the edge of the bed as he stepped out of his discarded clothes. They moved their pretty faces in close to their father’s massive cock and again shared a deep, long kiss. They then each began to trace an index finger on either side of the base of his beefy shaft, up to his throbbing head. They teased their father’s dick with light touches for a few moments before they both grabbed it at its base and began to feather it with soft kisses.

Dan’s knees almost buckled and he moaned out as Trisha took his swollen head inside her mouth. Once she had had a taste, Trisha pulled her mouth off and was replaced by Rachel, but only for a moment. He then moaned again as both his daughters began to lick and kiss his nine inch cock. The girls flashed their lips and tongues all over his stiff shaft and each other as they made their way down his length, then slowly back up to the top.

The girls then stood up and laid their father down on the bed as they knelt down by his waist. Trisha pulled his cock off his belly and began to jerk it slowly as both girls started to lick and suck his big balls. Trisha’s hand soon joined Rachel’s and they jerked him off in unison as they sucked harder and harder on his sac. The younger girl then moved her innocent face up to her father’s cock again and swallowed half his length down as Rachel continued to slurp away lustily at his balls.

Rachel and Trisha stared intently into each other’s eyes as they sucked their father off lovingly. Soon Rachel moved up and took his cock deep down her throat. The girls traded off on his glorious cock for a long while, driving him nearly crazy with their deft, patient skills until he was ready to pop.

He then sprang up off the bed and laid both his daughters on their backs. Dan quickly dove in between Trisha’s legs and began to eat her dripping pussy while he gently slid first one, then two fingers into Rachel. He had both teenagers squirming and moaning almost instantly. He then said his first words of the night.

“Kiss each other.”

The simple, gentle command further electrified the girls’ senses and they began to kiss passionately through their moans. It wasn’t long before he was pumping both his daughters with two fingers and alternately eating their sweet, juicy cunts. The girls were going crazy; the payoff for their risky scheme was proving to have been worth the wait.

Dan then stood up as Rachel crawled behind Trisha and propped her younger sister’s head up in her lap. He stroked his huge cock more confidently now as he stood over his beautiful, panting daughters. He climbed on top of Trisha and positioned his aching head at the mouth of her tiny pussy. Rachel stroked Trisha’s face sweetly as Dan began to rub his head against the impossibly hot, wet flesh of her pussy. Trisha responded with an anxious whimper as her father prepared to fuck her.

“You really want daddy to fuck you, little girl?” he asked lustily as he began to grind her pussy harder with his pulsing head.

“Oh God yes!” she responded immediately.

“Let me here you say it. Let me here you say it like you were before.”

Trisha’s perfect tits rose and fell with her desperate panting as her father began to rub her pussy harder still with his cock.

“Oh fuck! Please fuck me! Please, please, please fuck me daddy!”

She barely had the words out of her mouth when she suddenly gasped loud and arched her back. Dan popped just the head of his tool inside her before pulling it out just as quickly and resuming his teasing grind.

“Fuck me now! Come on da…”

The end of her sentence was cut off by a loud gasp as he sunk half of his cock inside her. Rachel squeezed her sister’s tits hard as Dan began to slowly pump her little pussy. Trisha’s body twisted and writhed beneath her father’s big form and soon he was indeed fucking his eighteen-year old daughter hard. He leaned in and kissed Rachel sloppily as he drove his giant cock into Trisha faster and faster. Trickles of sweat began to bead down his handsome face as he kissed Rachel and increased his assault on Trisha’s tight pussy.

It wasn’t long until he was jackhammering his younger daughter with his full length. Besides an occasional “God”, “Fuck” and “Daddy”, not much could be discerned from the ecstatic gibberish flying from Trisha’s mouth. Dan fucked Trisha for twenty minutes before abruptly pulling his cock from her savaged cunt. He told Rachel to get on all fours and she obeyed in an instant. Trisha sat down in front of her sister and began to kiss her as Dan lined up behind her.

“He’s gonna fuck you so good.” The brunette panted between kisses.

A moment later Rachel felt his fat cock enter her pussy. Trisha continued to hold her head and kiss her as she began to moan loudly, her father’s cock stretching her tight cunt ruthlessly. His strong hands found her hips as he found a quickened rhythm and was soon blasting away at her. Trisha buried Rachel’s head in her breasts and urged her father on.

Rachel was awash in ecstasy. The only other person who had ever fucked her with this much intensity was Trisha with the strap-on. She felt herself come a number of times but she didn’t bother to count, probably couldn’t have even if she had wanted to. After a long while Dan pulled out and turned his blonde daughter over on her back.

Trisha got on all fours above her and squealed as he re-entered her from behind. Rachel studied her sister’s strained face as her little body recoiled violently from their father’s punishing thrusts. He quickly pulled out and resumed fucking Rachel and continued to alternate on his girls’ velvety pussies.

After nearly an hour, Dan was finally ready for his release. He was fucking Trisha as an unearthly groan filled the room. He pulled out and began to stroke his overdue cock as Trisha lay down alongside Rachel. The girls watched their father’s tip in anticipation as they stroked each other’s pussies frantically.

Suddenly the first spurt rocketed from deep inside his balls clear onto the wall behind the girls. He groaned again and wobbled as he began to shoot all over his panting daughters. He blew a massive load all over their sweaty bodies before they both sprung up and began to lap at his messy, spent cock. They traded off sucking their father clean, milking his seed from his fire hose of a cock hungrily until there was no more.

Dan collapsed down on the bed and kissed his girls gently as they all attempted to catch their breath. The situation should have been awkward, at least for Dan, but he was too exhausted to realize that fact. They lay together on the bed for a long while, basking in the glow of their amazing encounter.

“You don’t feel bad about this, do you dad?” Rachel finally spoke up. She was afraid of the subject but felt she had to bring it up.

Before he could answer, though, Trisha chimed in.

“Let me answer that for you, Rach. He loved it. Didn’t you dad? Haven’t you ever noticed the way he looks at both of us? He’s wanted this for a long time. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Dan’s astonished look was answer enough. He never thought for a moment that anyone would ever pick up on his subtle peeks and lusty thoughts. After a moment he smiled broadly.

“You two are very, very bad girls.”

He then kissed both his daughters slowly and deeply.

* * * * *

Part 4 will be coming sometime in the near future. As always, comments, thoughts or suggestions are encouraged and greatly appreciated.


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