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It was late in the afternoon and there were only three people in our building at work. I know this because as one of the senior staff people, I had been assigned the task of working with the new security tracking system. Our insurance company had assigned all the employees with electronic keys that let us all in and out the doors. One of the claims managers had gotten a threat and with lawsuits today, the company had spent significant money to lock-down the building.

So I had this nifty program on my desktop that tracked people as they went in and out of the building. Only Debra, our long-time receptionist, and Jade, a relatively new file clerk were still in the building.

Debra was probably working on some art project for her kid’s kindergarten class. She had a precious little blonde-haired daughter, almost as cute and beautiful as her brunette mother.

Debra and I had been friends for twelve years, since I had started this job. She was smart and great at dealing with people. She was also very tall for a woman, about 6′ 2″. Even though she towered over me in heels, I’d always had a thing for her. Debra had filled my fantasies ever since I had met her.

She chafed at the fact that she’d never been able to get away from the front desk, but the problem was she was very valuable where she was. I sympathized with her. For a year or two I had been stuck on the ladder in one place a little too long. Debra, despite beauty and brains, had been stuck in the same place a dozen years.

But we were both happily married and had kids. As much as I wanted her, I’d never do anything to mess up what both of us had. That hadn’t stopped us both from flirting with each other gently over the years. We had acknowledged the attraction in an unspoken fashion, but never got beyond that.

Jade, on the other hand, was new and a complete cipher. She was way too qualified to be starting out in the fileroom. She had an undergraduate degree and had even done some Master’s work in psychology before dropping out. Besides that, she was a gorgeous Latina woman with a perfect complexion and wild, sexy eyes.

As senior staff, I’d gotten a glimpse of her resume even though she wasn’t in my department. There was something fishy about her starting out so low on the totem pole. I knew why her supervisor had hired her. He was always looking for a pretty skirt. So far, office rumor had it she’d kept him only looking.

The only interaction I’d had with the firecracker was when I’d met with her to assign her security code to the building.

“OK, Jade,” I had told her after our mutual introductions, “give me four digits you can remember without writing them down. They’re used if you’re the last one to leave or the first one to open.”

She was petite and had a slender frame. Her dark brown hair fell in curls to the middle of her back. I just love exotic looking women and Jade looked like some woman out of my fantasies.

“How about 6969?” the sultry woman with large, moist brown eyes said playfully.

“How about choose another number?” I answered, chuckling at the far too obvious security risk.

“OK,” she said, pushing out her sensuous bottom lip in a little girl pout. “Then I’d like 3462. That should be real easy for me to remember.”

“3462?” I questioned and repeated as I logged it into the security system. I didn’t see any pattern I could think of that would make it risky. No birthday. Nothing like that.

“Three for sex, too,” she explained with another sexy flash of those mesmerizing eyes. “I’ve always liked the idea of threesomes, even though I’ve never done one. What about you?”

“I can’t think of any response that wouldn’t be a violation of our sexual harassment policy, so why don’t I just take the fifth,” I replied while smiling encouragingly at her.

Jade had drawn a little closer to my desk and in a very inviting tone had responded, “Well, if you ever get the urge to do a little harassment, I promise I won’t report you.”

We’d been interrupted by a co-worker just then, which was just as well. Most of the other female employees to our company would have been very surprised to learn all the things I’d been thinking about them and wanting to do. To have a sexy young thing like Jade come on to me was exactly what my perverse nature had always dreamed about and craved. If we hadn’t been interrupted, I would have probably had her across the wide expanse of my desk in no time, middle of the day or not.

I hadn’t exactly avoided Jade after that. Since she worked in another department, we didn’t have a chance to see each other much. When we did, she’d give me a knowing wink, like she understood my fascination. And I always watched her name on the security program, knowing exactly when she came in and out.

I’d already decided if Debra would just leave, I’d go back to the file room today and see if Jade was just a tease or not. I was already daydreaming about what the Latin beauty would taste like when I heard her sexy laughter at my door.

“Thinking naughty thoughts, John?” she asked with a sexy, low chuckle. When I flushed, she stepped into my room and slowly started around my desk.

“They told me I was supposed to report any accidents or problems to senior staff. Is that right?” she inquired lightheartedly.

“Sure,” I said, swiveling back in my chair. “Any paper cuts or torn pantyhose to report?”

“I prefer stockings, John,” she said in a sensuous, low growl. She slid backwards, sitting on the corner of my desk, a move that emphasized her lovely legs. “But I may be allergic to something around here.”

“Really?” I replied, suddenly very interested in her possible malady.

Jade spread her wonderfully toned legs and lifted her short skirt to display the most beautiful naked pussy I’d ever seen.

“I’ve had an itch all day,” she complained, taking her clitoris between two fingers and starting to rub it aggressively. “It’s pretty deep though. Could you help me scratch?”

I sat stunned for just a minute. Things like this just don’t happen in my world. At least, not until today. But staring at Jade’s exposed sex, I knew she was telling me the truth.

Her vaginal lips were pink and swollen, as though she really had been playing with herself all day. The small strip of pubic hair that crowned her mound looked wet and matted and there was the compelling fragrance of aroused female wafting up in rich, fragrant waves from between her thighs.

As Jade leaned back on one arm, cocking her hips up even higher, I could already see her inner lips glistening a rich pinkish-red, advertising her obvious arousal.

My hand seemed to have a mind of its own and without consciously thinking about it, my finger reached over and slid deep inside the wet, open pussy on my desk.

That steamy slickness melted my indecisiveness. I slid smoothly out of my chair even as I slid another finger inside Jade. She moaned low and seductive at the penetration, but kept her head enough to rip off my tie and start unbuttoning my shirt.

She pulled it back over my shoulders and I withdrew my fingers just long enough for her to push it off and rip my undershirt over my head. Then I slid the fingers back into her eager, warm hole as Jade ran her fingers over my broad chest.

“I love a man that stays in shape,” she growled, entwining her fingers into the sparse hair at the center of my chest. “Especially an older man, like you.”

For once, I didn’t mind being called older. If it gets a little hottie like this so obviously revved up, I’d be her grandfather if she wanted. As long as I could have her.

She must have been thinking the same, because she murmured, “I just love to fuck older men, John. Could you fuck me? Right now!”

Her hands were already at my trousers, unbuttoning my belt and zipping down my fly. My fingers thrust deep inside her, stretching out her tight cunt and straining for her g-spot.

When she pushed my trousers and boxers down, my stiff cock sprang out, hard and hot already. Jade wrapped her smaller hands around it and growled again in pleasure.

“That’s a nice one,” she purred, pumping up my ego. “You’re longer than I’d thought, and thicker.”

“Long enough to reach that itch?” I taunted her, pushing her backward as I kicked off my trousers and my shoes under the desk.

I wanted to plow into her quickly. Her cunt was certainly hot and wet enough. Jade was leaning back, spreading out her vaginal lips, preparing for my entry when the worst possible thing that could have happened at that moment did.

“John, I’m leaving…” Debra said loudly as she turned the corner into my office.

Our lovely, tall receptionist froze in the doorway, shocked and mesmerized by the erotic tableau she had walked into.

I looked into Debra’s eyes, instantly wondering what this would do to our long-standing friendship. Her eyes though, were locked onto the stiff cock between my legs that had just seconds before been yearning to get into the lusty Latina girl sitting on my desk.

At least, that’s where she had been a moment ago. Before either Debra or I knew it, Jade had hopped off the desk and circled around to where she stood in the doorway.

It left me standing in the room, completely naked and exposed.

“Isn’t this awkward?” Jade whispered, breaking the tension filled silence.

I started to apologize, to say anything that might save my job and Debra’s respect for me. Instead, Jade beat me to the punch again.

“He’s quite a man, isn’t he?” she said, sliding between Debra and the doorway. The petite brown girl was almost lost behind the taller beauty in my doorway.

“You know he’s got a thing for you, Debra?” she whispered seductively to the receptionist. “I’ve seen him look at you and it’s pure lust sometimes.”

“Enough, Jade!” I said forcefully, or at least more forcefully than I felt like, trying to cover my shriveling genitals with my hands.

“Oh, she has a thing for you too, John,” she chuckled. Debra blushed and held her hand up to her throat, embarrassed. It was a surprisingly erotic gesture.

“We’ve talked about you at lunch, John,” Jade went on, much to Debra’s continued embarrassment. “And about what Debra likes, too. You may not know this, but our Debra here is quite the sexual submissive.”

The hand of the petite Latina reached up and took the firm breast of our receptionist and my long-term friend into her much smaller grasp. She began to knead the breast firmly, squeezing it harder than I ever would have through Debra’s fashionable dress. The tall lovely threw her head back and moaned, her long brown hair cascading sensually off her shoulders as she did it.

“She was always yours to take, John,” Jade informed me, once more taking the initiative. “She just needs to be told what to do.”

Then with a leer directly at me, she asked, “What would you like me to do with Debra now that we have her?”

“Strip her down,” I found myself saying.

A part of me shrieked that this couldn’t be happening. Another, baser part or me, seemed to shout, ‘About damn time!’

The zipper to Debra’s dress sounded loud and harsh in the otherwise still office. She quietly submitted to the indignity of having every thing that she wore quickly stripped off her body. The whole time Debra looked down to the floor deferentially, as though afraid to look into my eyes.

Her submissiveness rekindled my arousal. So did the quick grabs and little biting nips that Jade gave her as she stripped the tall woman down. By the time that they were done, I was once again hard as stone.

“Lean her against the desk,” I commanded, putting Debra in the place that Jade had been just moments before.

My primitive reptilian brain could only silently scream, ‘Your finally gonna fuck Debra, after all these years.”

“Can I lick her, John?” Jade asked deferentially. The question reminded me that I was in charge; that any thing I wanted here was mine to take.

“Get her wet for me,” I demanded of the Latin beauty. “Then get out of the way.”

I stood directly behind where Jade knelt. She had the other woman’s thighs spread wide on the edge of the desk and was moaning into what must have been the most beautiful and desirable pussy in the world to me, my twelve-year fantasy woman, Debra.

I stepped forward, grabbing a handful of Jade’s rich hair and began to fist my hard cock in its softness. Debra’s eyes went wide and wild at the sight and the look in her eyes would have made me cum in the Latin beauty’s hair if it had lasted much longer. The silky texture of her hair on my balls just by itself might have been enough, let alone the shocked look in our receptionist’s face.

Since she was so tall, I’d always had the fantasy of taking Debra while I was standing up. Sometimes I’d imagine having to crawl up her long legs and holding on for dear life as I fucked her aggressively, suspended in the air. I almost always preferred petite women like Jade, but Debra had always been the exception.

“She’s ready,” Jade murmured into Debra’s pussy, still continuing to lick in between making loud sucking and slurping noises. I pushed her back and away, stepping in to the breach toward the only goal I could think about.

“I’ve always wanted you,” I said, looking deep into Debra’s eyes. By memory, my hands lined up the head of my cock for entrance.

“I’ve always wanted you to take me,” she responded demurely, breaking her eyes away to look down, embarrassed.

But she wasn’t demure when I thrust myself inside her hot hole. Debra arched her back and groaned and immediately began panting like a dog.

She was unbelievably wet, and tighter than I would have thought a mother of two young children would be. She squeezed her thighs about me, pulling me in deeper as I began deep lunges between her incredibly long legs.

“You two look so nasty,” Jade said, appearing suddenly behind me as her hands wrapped around my stomach, caressing me as I thrust into my lover. “It was like you were made to fuck her.”

That’s what it felt like, too. It was like my cock had returned home, to a place it was always meant to be. Debra tossed her head and thrust her hips back up against me. She seemed so lost in the eroticism, I’m not even sure if she knew that we were there.

Except her repeated chanting, “Fuck me, John!” over and over.

Talk about exciting! My fantasy woman, lost in the thrill of fucking me! It was the most exciting sexual encounter of my life already. As I pumped in hard and deep, I didn’t know what could possibly make it better.

Then I felt Jade’s hands massaging my backside. She was gripping the taut muscles of my buttocks as I rutted into Debra. The thought of these two women, not just one, sharing this special moment was more than I could bear. I was more aroused than I could ever remember being. Release was roaring toward me like a runaway train on the track.

I aggressively pulled Debra’s hips hard against me. “I’m gonna cum inside,” I warned her when she looked desperately up into my eyes.

“Me, too,” she screamed. Throwing back that sensuous neck as I thrust harder into her yielding flesh. I was hammering her fast and deep, just like I had always imagined and Debra was grunting and straining right along with me, just like in my dreams.

Then the world burst into orgasmic colors. Bright, glaring whites followed by intense hues. Fiery streams of semen shot forth from my cock, flooding my fantasy lover’s already sopping cunt. I ground it in, deep and hard, feeling Debra spasm with me around my thick meat. Her pussy gripped me, milking me lovingly of every drop we had both waited so long to share.

My legs almost buckled as Jade pushed me aside. She stepped into my place and began licking the cream from between Debra’s exhausted thighs. Our receptionist only whimpered, her eyes locked lovingly in mine once more. I was looking at her, wondering why we had forestalled this inevitable deed all these years. Fucking Debra had been everything I had hoped, and more.

Because I didn’t know how submissive she was. If I had, I would have ordered her to her knees a long time ago. I would have taken her in all the ways I had only fantasized about. In the ways I knew I could have her from now on. Debra was mine now, heart and soul.

Before I could order the submissive receptionist to her knees before me, Jade was already there. Her warm mouth, taking in my cock and licking it clean, stirred the fires of my libido once more.

It was then that I remembered I hadn’t got to fuck the pretty Latin girl yet. Debra had interrupted that. Now I intended to finish it.

Extending my hand, I helped brace Debra as she slid off the desk. Then, entwining my hands in the Jade’s long beautiful hair, I pulled the now-almost-naked lovely forcefully off my cock.

“You helped me fuck Debra,” I reminded Jade as I pushed her forward across the desk. As I flipped up her skirt, Jade’s last remaining garment, and fully exposed her ass, I turned toward Debra and asked, “Maybe she’ll help me fuck you, now?”

My submissive co-worker smiled sensually and her soft hand reached out to grip my cock. With a kiss to my lips, she guided the head unerringly toward the petite beauty’s wet cunt as I held the squirming girl down.

With a quick, hard thrust I was in. Jade was very much tighter, but she was just as wet. The top of my desk must be soaked, having two sopping cunts get fucked on it in a row. I didn’t care. Soak the whole damn office in women’s cream for all I cared. Only the hot pussy wrapped around my dick mattered now.

Jade’s pretty ass was pointed back at me. It made me even harder to see my cock sliding into her from behind. The pretty girl was murmuring obscenities in Spanish as I fucked her hard, something that only turned me on more and more.

And Debra was still there. Every now and then she’d lean forward, kissing me over the Latin beauty’s back. It was so sensual and perverse, having two such contrasting women one right after the other. I felt like a god or a king, exercising some ancient, noble rite. The submissiveness of the two women only made me feel it deeper and deeper. I could really like this, get off on doing this a lot.

I was getting closer to release, too. I couldn’t believe I was already so close to cumming again. What made it worse, Jade seemed even a little bit ahead of me. She was sprawled out now, mumbling senselessly as I fucked hard into her. Even Debra got into the act, reaching down and starting to caress the Latin woman’s breast.

As Jade arched her back a little in response, I ordered Debra to concentrate on the young girl’s nipples.

“When she starts to cum,” I said aloud for both to hear, “squeeze them hard.”

Jade groaned, arching herself back against me again and giving Debra better access.

So I emphasized again to Debra, “Squeeze Jade’s nipples real hard, hard enough to hurt a little.”

That was all it took for the Latina girl. She tightened up and began to clench my dick tenaciously. I clasped the cheeks of her ass as hard as I could and thrust even harder. As Debra clamped down on her nipples, Jade swore in Spanish and I began to flood her womb with hot cum. It was the second most enjoyable orgasm of my life, and perhaps the most draining.

After I was done, I flopped back in my chair like a dead fish, exhausted. Debra, my tall friend and now lover, crawled up into my lap for a cuddle. It was a tight, but cozy fit.

But there was still a wet, naked pussy draining cum on my desk. With what felt like the last of my energy, I pushed the rolling chair forward until we were between the young woman’s legs.

Taking Debra’s hand, I stretched it out until she could see that I wanted her to insert her fingers into the Latin girl. My new woman’s fingers slid into the young girl’s pussy easy, with very little prodding.

I smiled at Debra, enjoying the perverse image we three created. Debra, naked in my lap, fingering the other woman. Jade, lying sprawled on my desk with my semen draining from her. And me, with my fantasy girl in my arms.

I gripped Debra’s elbow and pulled her hand back. Then, guiding the sticky fingers to her lips, had her lick my cum off of them. She could see that I was so pleased that she did it again and then again as I told her how much I loved to see her do it.

Debra had to leave first. She said she was already late to get home and get her families dinner on the table. Her kiss goodbye told me that there would be other days. The dam had burst; there was no holding back our mutual attraction now.

I lovingly cleaned up Jade, fetching paper towels and a clean wet towel from our office kitchen. She was mewing and purring like a submissive kitten as I held her in my lap and told her how much I enjoyed her assistance.

Before she left, her kiss was just as deep and promising as Debra’s had been. I didn’t know if I loved her yet, like I did Debra, but I knew I wanted to have her again and again.

Which made it hard because we never saw her again. Like a ghost, she disappeared that night and I never saw her after that. When the company tried to get in touch to give her a final paycheck, we couldn’t find her.

After a while I thought of her as an angel, or perhaps a friendly, sexy demon, come to get Debra and I together. The two of us continue even now to steal moments away with one another, Debra acting the part of my submissive lover when we’re alone.

She’s more content now, but someday when I run the firm I’ll make her my executive assistant. Then we’ll work together even more closely, my tall docile beauty and I.

Who knows? Maybe one day Jade will come back to work for us, too. Or perhaps another sexy Latin girl like her. Debra and I would both like that. A lot!

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