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Unwinding After Work

Category: Incest
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John Harrison had not enjoyed the best of days at work. His boss had been acting like a tyrant, he’d spilled coffee on his shirt, the sandwich shop got his order wrong and sent him Ham instead of Turkey. He wanted to get home, open a beer and relax. He walked in the three bedroom apartment he shared with his daughter, Penny, and there it was.

On the couch, nearly naked, with a naked girl on top of her, was Penny. They were quite obviously having sex. Moans and whimpers filled the apartment as John watched the debauched scene before him.

“Ahem!” John said, clearing his throat. He seemed to startle the two girls, who sat up quickly. His daughter covered herself, but seemed to have a somewhat-cavalier attitude about it all. The other girl did not, she was quite obviously terrified at being exposed.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God” she kept repeating, over and over, wringing her hands and shaking.

Penny sighed. “Cool it Nicole, we’re both over eighteen.” She turned to her father and smiled. “Hi Daddy. You came home early.”

John looked at his daughter. “Bad day. Is that all you have to say? No explanations for your actions?” He always found Penny’s cool-under-pressure attitude somewhat puzzling.

Penny sighed, her chest – barely covered by her pink “Daddy’s Girl” T-shirt – heaved. “Daddy, I’m over eighteen. I can have sex with whoever I want. I’ve had sex before, I plan to have it again. Nicole’s … well daddy, just look at her!”

John did look, he took a good, long, hard look at his daughter’s playmate. The girl was stunning, striking, truly beautiful. Long dark hair, cocoa-brown skin and beautiful eyes. Her legs were long and sleek, she had a neatly-trimmed pussy. She was model-caliber, his daughter had exquisite taste. “I didn’t know you were into girls baby, but you should have been more discreet!” He turned towards Nicole. “As for you, young lady … ”

Nicole’s beautiful face broke out into a panicked look. “Oh please, don’t tell anyone that I like girls. I like your daughter, but I could get into real trouble. My family wouldn’t understand, I’d never hear the end of it. Please don’t tell, please don’t tell! I’ll do anything!”

John thought it over for a minute. “My daughter and I will have to work things out between us. But as for you … you’ll do anything?” Nicole nodded at him. “Do you like boys sexually?” She nodded again.

“Well dear, if I can join you, I wouldn’t be able to say anything, would I? I mean, if I was part of your illicit little tryst, I’d have to keep my mouth shut too!” Nicole looked over at Penny and then back to Penny’s father.

“You’d really fuck your own daughter?” Nicole asked in total shock. John grinned and nodded. “She’s already proven to be a lezzie slut, why not just add to her depravity? My daughter is quite obviously a tramp, so I have no problems giving her the cock she so obviously needs and enjoying you in the meantime” Penny smiled at her father.

“What makes you think I’d agree to anything like that Daddy?”

“Because, my dear little girl, as you have pointed out, you are over eighteen. I can kick your whorish ass out of here. Where the fuck do you think you’d live?”

Penny looked down at the floor and Nicole knew they were beaten. “Okay.” Nicole said, fearing the worst.

John looked over at his sexy daughter and she repeated, “Okay.”

He smiled and told the girls “Lose the clothes.” The girls obeyed and John said next “Bedroom.”

They padded into the bedroom and John noticed the rounded perfection of Nicole’s ass. Smooth and soft, round, fuckable. Not that his daughter was hard on the eyes, he thought. She had her mother’s long chestnut hair and grapefruit-sized tits. She was nearly as tall as he, at 5’10’ and a lean 135. Penny was an athlete, so she was toned and he figured she’d met Nicole through athletics, as she was pretty sleek too. He was curious to know how long the girls had been lovers, but that could wait for another time.

“How far along had you two gotten?” John asked Penny, who smiled slyly at the question.

“We’d just started, why?” Penny wanted to know.

“I want you two to put on a hot show for me, dear. Do you have any baby oil in your room? Do you own any sex toys?” Penny nodded yes to both questions. She had a lot of sex toys and had been hoping to use some of them on Nicole very soon. She’d been anticipating seeing Nicky writhe, scream, moan at the invasion of her body by Penny’s favorite toys.

John smiled with a broad grin. “Go to your room and get them. I will get acquainted with Nicole for a minute.” Nicole was still a bit afraid, but she didn’t think Penny’s dad would hurt her. She hoped not, but what could she do?

Penny did as she was told and John crooked his finger towards Nicole and she came over to where he sat on the edge of the bed. She still seemed terrified to the older man. “Calm down,” he said with a reassuring smile. “No one will be hurt, who knows, you might even enjoy yourself.” Her beautiful dark eyes seemed to soften at that. “Now, my beautiful girl, why don’t you kiss me?”

Nicole decided to relax and go with the flow. After all, she wasn’t a virgin and John was attractive, in a rugged, older-man kind of way. His sandy hair was still thick, he was nicely built and there was a twinkle in his green eyes that reminded her of Penny. She kissed him, softly and let her tongue run across his lips. He was a good kisser, she thought. With a naughty smile, she wondered if he was good at eating pussy? His daughter sure as hell was!

John reached out and cupped one beautiful brown breast. He leaned over and took a nipple in his mouth. “Oooh, that’s nice!” Nicole cooed as Penny came back into the bedroom. She watched her daddy and her pretty lover together, they looked so hot!

Penny had brought the baby oil and a few toys with her, she joined the couple on the bed. “Girls, why don’t both of you undress me, seeing as the two of you are already naked?” John said, nearly leering. Both girls grinned and did as they were told.

John’s shirt and pants and boxers were tossed cavalierly from the bed until he was as naked as the beautiful teenagers. “I want both of you to kiss my cock!” he commanded. The girls stretched out until they were hovering over his shaft and took it between them. Nicole’s lips were like butter as she licked up and down, while his depraved daughter sucked his balls into her mouth. John felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Their techniques were very different, but complimented each other perfectly.

When his wife had left 5 years ago to “find herself”, John thought his sex life was over. He didn’t care if the bitch stayed “lost”, he’d never had sex this fun and kinky when Michelle was around. Even in the early days of their marriage, Michelle seemed to look at sex as a chore. Their daughter was a depraved, wanton slut and it thrilled John immensely.

Neither of the girls was a stranger to a hard cock, John could tell. Nicole was amazing at giving head, but his little girl wasn’t far behind. The two frenched and licked his shaft between them, sharing gentle kisses from time to time. The beauty of their play excited him.

“Ooh, Mr. Harrison, you’ve got a nice, big cock. So big, so yummy! I can’t wait to feel it in my hot little pussy!” Nicole was really getting into this, he could see the outer lips of her pussy were glistening, the labia almost beckoning for him to come and fuck her, fuck her hard!

John was so excited, he thought he’d better slow down. He didn’t want to cum just yet. “Okay girls, that’ll be enough for now.” Nicole and Penny sat back up on their haunches. “What next Daddy?” Penny asked. John thought he saw an excited gleam in her green eyes.

“I want you and Nicole to use the baby oil and cover each other’s bodies with it, all right?” That thought seemed to excite both of his playmates and they gladly obeyed, rubbing each other with a bit more “tease” to excite their older lover. Penny started at Nicole’s feet, worked up her calves, long legs and stroked her dark pussy. Penny worked her hands in small circles all over Nicole’s seductive body until her dark flesh was glistening.

Nicole’s hands were equally adept at extracting pleasure. She did the opposite of Penny, started at her shoulders and worked down, running her hands all over Penny’s body, streaking her fingernails across Penny’s heated flesh, fully aware of John’s lustful gazes on their illicit loving.

Penny’s hands were all over her lover, pulling and tugging Nicole’s nipples until they stood out like taut little buds. From the way that Nicole was “oohing” and “aahing”, Penny must have skilled hands, John thought to himself. The cries of “Ooh, Nicky, that’s so good!” let her father know that Penny was quite pleased at the dark girl’s ministrations as well. She cooed and moaned at the sexy black girl as her hands rubbed in little circles, then up and down, all over her tingling flesh. John’s cock hadn’t been this hard in his entire life.

John could hear the girls getting more excited. Their breath was coming in ragged gasps. It was time to move on to the next phase of their sex play. “Who is the one who did the seducing?” Penny raised her hand. He grinned. “I should have known. You really are a depraved little slut. All right, come over here.” Penny scooted next to her hard-dicked father. He handed her a dildo from the small pile on the bed.

“I want you to strap this on baby, and fuck the shit out of her, okay?”

“Yes Daddy!” Penny said excitedly.

Nicole wiggled her brown ass at her lover, indicating she wanted Penny to fuck her doggy-style with the fake cock. Intent on pleasing Nicky, Penny did as she was asked. The girls were so lubricated from their love-play and the oil, the dick slid into Nicole’s wet cunt with ease. Penny began to rock her hips back and forth, pumping the cock into her girlfriend’s pussy, making Nicole squeal with delight.

“Fuck, that’s it Pen, do me, do me you lezzie slut, give me that cock, give it to me like a cunt-crazy, lezzie queer! Fuck me, fuck that hot pussy, fuckfuck, fuck meeeee!!” The words escaped from Nicole’s mouth with apparent ease and that inflamed the gorgeous brunette, who fucked her harder. Nicole’s dark skin glistened from the oil and light of the bedroom and John thought again how gorgeous she was.

John reached over to the pile on the bed and became an active participant. He got one of his daughter’s vibrators and slid it into the tight ring of Nicole’s ass. She screamed out.

“Oh, fucking god, that’s good! Fuck me, fuck my ass and pussy!” Nicole cried out at the dual invasion of her ass and cunt. “Oh fucking God, this is so good, so fucking kinky, I love it, oohh Penny, Mr. Harrison, I fucking love this!”

John held the vibe steady and moved it in and out of the girl’s ass while his daughter plowed her pussy with the fake cock. From the grimace on Nicole’s face, he could tell the girl was close to a climax.

John leaned over and whispered in her ear “Want to cum sugar?” She yelled “FUCK, yes!”

He laughed. “Then CUM, my dear!” He felt her explode around the vibrator and the cock his daughter was manipulating into her pussy. Nicole collapsed into a heap on the bed, but she wasn’t done yet.

“Nicole … ” She looked up at her lover’s father. “You can’t be selfish. I think we should help Penny have an orgasm now, don’t you?” She nodded at John and Penny let out an excited little squeal. Nicole was so good at pleasuring her and the addition of her father to the kinky loving was bound to be wonderful.

“I want to do it a different way Daddy, is that okay?” John gave his approval with a tacit grin.

“Nicky, put the dildo on and lay back, I want to ride you. I want to see your beautiful face Nicky, you’re so gorgeous!” Nicole smiled at her lover’s compliment and did as she was told.

Penny moved her lanky body on top of the dildo and turned around and gave her father a long, open-mouthed kiss. “Daddy, please play with my tits and rub my clit while I ride Nicky, okay? I love having that done to me!” John smiled as he complied with Penny’s request.

“Sure thing, baby.”

Penny began to ride the fake cock, which made it rub against Nicole’s clitoris, exciting her yet again and causing her pussy to become drenched. Penny’s cunt tightened around the dildo as her depraved father fondled her body, his fingers strumming her clit as she impaled herself on the large, rubber prick.

“Ohh God, this is wrong, but good, oh, so FUCKING good!” Penny moaned. She looked over at her father and at Nicole, who both obviously agreed with her. The looks on their faces were those of erotic bliss.

Riding the big dildo, Penny’s toes curled as her own orgasm was imminent. “I’m gonna cum Daddy, Nicky, oh Goddd, I’m gonna cum!” Just as she began crying out, John slid the vibrator against his daughter’s clit, which took her over the edge.


Penny collapsed in a heap on top of her ebony girlfriend, panting and trying to regain her breath. Nicole stroked Penny’s hair and kissed her softly. They snuggled together for a few minutes until they heard “Ahem!”

“Aren’t we forgetting someone?”

“Oh Daddy, sorry!” Both girls had embarrassed smiles on their faces. “Sorry Mr. Harrison, sir!” Nicole said with obvious sincerity.

“You may call me John, Nicole” he said to her. “Okay girls, how shall we work this?”

“Daddy, why don’t you let Nicky ride you? She’s got a nice, snug pussy and I can play with her and keep her hot, plus you get to watch a nice, kinky lesbian show. Sound good?”

John thought it sounded terrific and praised his daughter for her ingenuity. Nicole was ready for another cum and slid her soft, teenage pussy onto her older lover’s hard dick. “Oooh, so nice and hard!” she cooed as she began to move up and down. She worked her ass and moved her body in a rocking motion, hips pumping against his invading shaft.

“Oooh, such a good dick, such a nice big dick for Nicky!” she cried out as she rode John’s pulsating cock. He arched upwards from time to time, driving his manhood deep within the young girl’s steaming cunt.

Penny played with both of them, kissing Nicole’s soft brown face and seeing how turned on her girlfriend was. She leaned over and sucked Nicole’s cocoa-dark nipples, trailing her nails down Nicole’s smooth, flat tummy and stroked her clit as had been done to her earlier. She felt Nicole’s body shudder in eager response.

John thought he’d die from the pleasure, but geez, what a way to go! The little bitch was an incredible fuck, he thought of baseball scores, political debates, anything to keep him from cumming inside her tight little snatch. After all, he still had his own little Penny to screw and he could imagine what a demanding fuck she would be.

His dick pumped up and hard into her tight love canal, as deep as it could go and Nicole grunted out her approval. Faster and faster he dicked her, she matched his strokes and became more vocal.

“Oh John, god, you’re a good fuck! More, more, I want all you can give me!” Penny placed her lips over Nicole’s to keep her from yelling out and he saw the girl tense up and then felt the release of her orgasm as she came around his hard cock.

John thought to himself that he was lucky – another few minutes and he would have cum himself, leaving nothing for Penny. He looked over at his daughter who smiled back at him. “My turn?”

“Yes, and … ” Penny cut him off.

“Daddy, you seem to get turned on by watching me and Nicky. Why don’t we `69′ and you can fuck me from behind while Nicky sucks me off?” Again, John was impressed with his daughter’s sexual prowess and it seemed that there was no end to her depravity.

He agreed and the girls swung into the classic position and began eating each other hungrily. Nicole had an exceptionally long tongue and it looked so sexy seeing her eat his hot little girl. She flattened her tongue against Penny’s pussy and lapped away as Penny buried herself deep in Nicole’s cunt. Watching the girls feasting on each other was one of the sexiest sights any man would ever see, John realized.

John thrust himself balls-deep into Penny’s pussy and began to fuck her. “Hard Daddy,” she yelled out to him. “I like it a little rough!”

He granted Penny’s request and slammed into her, dicking her with force. He surged forth and pumped her full of his meat, his dick felt massive inside her, but Penny was loving every moment of it. She tightened her pussy muscles around his cock and squeezed tightly, hearing her father’s groans as she took full measure of the man.

His self-control was gone and John yelled out “I’m cumming!” Penny followed suit moments later and from the look on Nicole’s face, she had another mini-climax of her own at Penny’s licking tongue.

The three lovers cleaned up in the en-suite bathroom and John watched the girls get dressed again, as they exchanged little, adoring kisses. They sat around, each having a beer before Nicole announced she should probably be getting home. “Would you like to do this again?” he asked Nicole, who nodded eagerly. They made plans for next week before Nicole left, a happy smile on her beautiful face.

John turned to his sexy daughter and hugged her close. “Well punkin’, that was pretty nice. She was sure nicer than the blonde you had over on Monday. Who’s next?”

Penny smiled up at her lover-father. “A pretty little Asian named Lily. You’ll love her Daddy, she’s a wildcat in bed.” She hugged him close as they walked towards their bedroom and another round of wonderful, incestuous fucking.

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