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Unstoppable Force

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He’s sitting on the train, in a forwards facing seat, an uneventful trip as usual. It’s not too crowded, he’s managed to find a seat on his own, not having to press up against some old woman or smelly youth. There are several seats vacant in the train now as the journey continues. He casts an eye around the train, nobody of interest catches his eye so he returns to his book, trying to concentrate on it and getting lost in the music pumping through the earphones of his Ipod.

He can’t get engrossed in his book. The heat of the train is stifling, they have it turned up too high, and it’s airless in here. He stretches and leans his head against the window. It’s starting to get dark outside, he looks at his watch – 5.30 almost. He looks at the sky, it’s threatening to rain, and he wonders if he’ll get wet on the walk from the station to his home. He closes his book and decides to kill the rest of the time looking out the window. His mind wanders to sex as it often does when he’s bored, and he thinks about his wife at home, who isn’t much interested, always tired from working too. But thinking of sex is enough to make him stir below, and he pushes at his groin under his book, trying not to let his mind wander.

The train pulls into the platform, and several people rise from their seats to get off. He looks out the window again, it’s starting to rain a little outside, the drops pattering against the window he’s leaning on. He sees a figure down the other end running for the train. As it comes nearer he sees it’s a woman, her hair flying behind her, running awkwardly in heels too high for her, as she struggles through the crowd, disappearing from his view but entering his carriage a moment later. His interest is piqued now. Though bedraggled and a little damp from the rain, she’s beautiful. Her long hair streams down the back of her coat, her face though flustered is pretty and appealing, her dark eyes full of stress but flashing at him as she walks nearby and sits in the chair across the aisle opposite him.

He catches a sweet scent as she walks by him, something floral, and fresh, as if she’s just sprayed herself. He’s almost sure he can smell her damp hair, a soft shampoo smell. She sits back against her seat and sighs, trying to shrug off her coat. He can’t help staring at her, looking at her body now. She’s wearing a blue blouse, not suggestive but pretty, and it’s straining at the buttons as she arches her back to remove her coat. Her breasts are very full as they push against the fabric, and through the buttons of the blouse he catches a view of black lace underneath. Her nipples are clearly outlined under the blouse as she twists and struggles with the coat, her body turned towards him. She catches him looking at her and looks straight back at him, smiling a little. He tries to look away in time but he doesn’t manage to, just stares open mouthed at her. She looks away, her coat finally off her shoulders, leans back in her seat and closes her eyes.

This gives him a chance to have a really good look at her. She’s wearing a full skirt and high heeled black boots. He catches a glimpse of stocking or tights peeking above the top of her boots. She is full bodied, plump and curvy, the kind of woman he finds most appealing. Her full thighs are outlined under her skirt, her round belly soft under the fabric. Her hands rest in her lap and he looks at her face now, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, as if she is asleep. Her skin is soft, her lips full, everything about her suggests softness.

She notices him as soon as she gets on the train. She’s on her way home from being with her lover, an all day encounter, her senses are heightened and her body still in readiness after hours of passion. Her lips feel bruised but she still aches between her legs even after so many climaxes. It’s as if she has some itch she just can’t scratch, some raw nerve that’s been exposed. It’s her lover she’s thinking of as she crosses her legs, painfully aware of the man across from her watching her, wondering if he’s noticed her interest in him.

He feels his groin stir again as he looks at her, imagining what it would be like to make those eyes close in ecstasy, imagining popping the buttons on her blouse and feeling those full breasts in his hands, snaking his hand up her skirt and feeling her wet pussy. She shifts in her chair and opens her dark eyes, and looks at him directly again.

He’s a good looking guy and never has trouble attracting women. Even though he’s married he’s strayed a little here and there, when he just can’t resist. He smiles at her, and she smiles back again. Despite her soft face there’s a knowing look there, that she’s aware of her attractiveness and the effect she’s having on him. His erection is growing as they make eye contact, almost painfully, and he shifts in his seat to cover it. She holds his gaze for a bit longer then looks away.

He looks away too but keeps casting furtive glances at her. She has crossed her arms over her chest. He’s sure he sees her rub a thumb across her nipples, more than once, but this could be wishful thinking on his part. She arches her body slightly and her breasts stretch once again at the blouse. She crosses one leg over the other and shifts in her seat. If he didn’t know better he would think she was stimulating herself in public, her eyes closed and a smile playing on her lips, seemingly somewhere else.

He is still watching her now, and she holds his gaze again. His eyes are magnetic. His full lips attract her attention, she sees him wet them slightly with his tongue as his eyes hold hers then flicker down over her body. She arches her body again to allow him a better view of her breasts, and allows her gaze to move over his body. She thinks she sees a bulge at his groin which he is trying to hide. She feels her nerves tauten and her heart beat a bit faster at the thought of this man, hard and unable to take his eyes off her.

She stops herself short, scolds herself mentally, as if being married and having a secret lover isn’t enough for her, now she has to allow strange men to mentally undress her on the train. But she’s on a roll, she can’t help herself.

The train approaches the next station, and she sits up abruptly, as if remembering herself, gathering up her coat and bag and heading for the door. It isn’t his stop but he has to get off too, has to follow her. In the press of bodies scrambling for the exit he is shoved against her, feels his chest against the back of her head, his dangerously hard cock inches from her. She isn’t tall, barely comes up to his shoulder, and turns to look up and smile at him again. He can hardly breathe, this close to her.

She smiles and gets a close look at him. He’s much taller than her, smells of something spicy, and she’s sure she feels something hard pressing against her, or is that her imagination? Something in her wants to reach behind her and touch, just to know, the thought of arousing a stranger so heady she needs to know. Reason takes over and she collects herself, trying to concentrate on getting home, preparing for her husband’s return the next day, behaving herself.

The train stops and the passengers pour out of it. He keeps close behind her and follows her now. There are a few people around and she doesn’t seem to be aware of him. He follows her off the platform, across the road, for several minutes. She stops to look at her phone, he ducks into a doorway. She looks behind her then keeps walking. It’s dark now and there aren’t many people around. She turns unexpectedly, down an alleyway where there’s a block of apartments with a back entrance. She pauses in the alleyway in the darkness and looks around her, not seeing him as he’s concealed behind a skip bin.

She feels a little frightened but a surge of excitement takes her. She knows he’s behind her, perhaps following her. Should she turn and flee back into the crowd? Something drives her to keep walking, one foot, other foot, one foot, the other foot, and just – well, just see what happens.

Her phone beeps, she stops to look at it. He wants to touch her, just touch her, not hurt her but just to be near her. She’s so engrossed in her phone that she doesn’t notice him behind her. He encircles his arms around her from behind, she jumps, and shrieks, then struggles against him.

“Don’t, I’m not going to hurt you, it’s me, from the train,” he says, and she looks terrified, struggling again.

“Get off me!” she cries, and he doesn’t want to attract attention so he puts a hand over her mouth, holding her tighter from behind now, feeling her warm body strain against him.

“I saw you touching your tits on the train, it made me crazy, I just want to touch them for you,” he says, unable to believe he’s restraining this woman, that she might not want him. He’s sure she looked at him the same way he looked at her, those wanting eyes, her body so inviting.

She cries out again but he muffles her sounds with his hand. His other hand is high around her waist and he can feel her large breasts resting against it, he can’t resist, he lifts a hand to cup it, it’s so big in his hand and he can feel her nipple hard against his palm. He rolls it between his thumb and forefinger and is sure he feels her body relax a little at this, a slight sigh coming from her lips as he stimulates her nipple.

His cock is on fire now, he pushes her against the wall, removes his hand from her mouth and she doesn’t scream or make a sound. Her breath is coming in little gasps now. He presses his body close to hers and massages her breasts in both hands now, feeling her tense still but not struggling anymore. His cock presses against her body and he is aching to have her touch it, but is holding back.

He lets her go and she struggles from his grasp, her blouse having popped open a little and the tops of her breasts spilling into the cold night air.

“Oh god,” he breathes. “You have the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen…”

“You’ve had your fun. Don’t hurt me, let me go,” she whispers, glaring at him, some fear but mostly anger in her eyes.

She feels a little afraid but excited at his words. Her pussy feels hotter and fuller and try as she might, she can’t fight that feeling.

“You have to admit that felt good, I have more where that came from. I would love to fuck you, right now,” he hears himself say. “It won’t hurt baby, it will be the best you’ve ever had.”

“Fuck off, I am going, you try and grab me again and you’re in trouble,” she says still not raising her voice above a whisper. She is half hearted about this, feels her resolve weakening, knows it’s wrong not to resist but her body takes over, her arousal mounting at the dirty thought of this unknown man about to fuck her up against the wall.

She makes a move to run but he grabs her again, pushes her back and kisses her, full on the mouth, his tongue forcing its way between her lips and teeth. She bites his tongue and he starts for a minute, wincing with pain, but pushes his tongue into her mouth again then feels her tongue snaking around his. He’s pinned her arms by her side and his body is pressed hard against hers. He knows she can feel the full length of his cock against her, presses it harder against her.

“Bastard!” she spits at him, and he kisses her again.

“I want to see your tits now,” he says, and pulls at her blouse, popping the remaining buttons open so that her breasts fall into his hands. She’s wearing a half cup black lace bra, which only half covers her breasts, her big areolae and hard nipples spilling over the black lace. Her breasts are pushed high above them and he takes them in both hands again, dipping his head to suck each one and massaging the full flesh. He hears her sigh and then she pushes him away again with both hands, leaning back against the wall, her eyes wild in her soft face, her hair standing out from her head, her chest flushed. No fear in those eyes but anger and unmistakable arousal.

“You’re a gorgeous sexy thing,” he growls at her, feasting on her breasts, feeling her hands now pulling at his hair, his hand finding the front release of her bra and undoing it so her breasts are now fully exposed. He moves back to her face again and kisses her, easing his grasp on her now that he knows she’s not resisting. He stands back and takes in the view of her, half dressed, her skin gleaming in the streetlights. Without warning she bolts, or tries to, holding her blouse together and taking off down the alleyway. He runs after her and grabs her again with both arms, wrapping them tightly around her.

“Why are you running, you know you want to be fucked…don’t you?” he says.

“My lover, I can’t do this, I’ve been with him today, it was him I was thinking of on the train, I can’t do this, it’s slutty,” she trails off, almost whimpering. “But…”

“It is, but you’re a beautiful slut, I want you, I’m going to fuck you, so you should just enjoy it, you will enjoy it,” he demands.

He kisses her again and she kisses him back just as passionately, once again against the wall, feeling his jeans now damp where his precum oozes from his cock. She feels her legs buckle beneath her, almost goes limp in his arms, giving over to the feelings mounting inside her and her heart thumping excitement. Her emotions are high but not as high as the raging arousal within her.

She falters again and puts her head down, he sees tears teetering on the rims of her eyes and softens a little. He stands and caresses one breast in his hand and says “Look. I’m going to touch your cunt now. If I feel that you’re wet, I am going to fuck you and make you cum harder than you ever have. If you’re not wet, we will both walk away. Ok?”

“Ok,” she manages to mutter, excited beyond belief.

She gulps, knowing that her pussy is soaking through her underwear. He pushes her skirt up with one hand and the other climbs her thigh slowly, kneading the flesh along the way. His hand slides to the crotch of her pants, and then a finger slides underneath where she is slick and aching. He sighs as he feels his finger slide right inside her warm wet snatch, so easily, she is so obviously aroused. She spreads her thighs further and he pushes the loose crotch of her pants to one side as he slides two fingers in now, in and out, deeper and deeper now. He hears her sigh now and knows there is no turning back, she will love the feel of his cock sliding into her even more than his fingers, which are now pumping harder and faster into her.

He bends down on his knees and pushes her skirt above her waist, yanking her underwear down. He catches the scent of her fragrant pussy in the night air, and sees droplets of moisture gleaming on her dark pubic hair. She leans back against the wall and sighs now, putting one leg on his back, spreading open so he can put his face between her thighs. He looks up to see her squeezing her breasts and closing her eyes as he begins sucking on her clitoris, still sliding fingers in and out of her. There is no resistance now, he parts her labia and plunges his tongue right inside her, tasting her sweet juices, her soft full thighs against his face, feels her start to moan and then cum, hard, so her body shudders and she has some trouble keeping herself upright.

He draws himself up and kisses her full on the mouth again, but wastes no time in turning her around roughly, pushing up her skirt, and unzipping his jeans. He takes in the view of her pussy and ass, her ass so round and her slick red lips protruding from between her legs. His cock surges at the sight of her, her head thrown back so her hair almost reaches her ass. She turns around just in time to see his cock standing out of his fly now, huge and red, she gasps when she sees it but doesn’t try to move, only bends over so he can edge the head of it against her labia, the head of it feeling huge against her, like a hot wet plum. She pushes back against him and hears him moan as he slides the full length of it inside her, seemingly never ending, opening her up and filling her up hugely. She braces herself against the wall with her forearms and feels his hands come around to her tits to hold them while he fucks her, deep and hard.

She hears movement at the side of them and looks up to see someone standing at the other end of the alleyway, watching them both. His cock is out and he’s stroking, watching them fucking, shamelessly stroking his cock in full view of them both. She knows he’s seen the other man and he fucks her harder, making his strokes long and hard, moving his hands from her breasts to her ass which he squeezes while he fucks her. She doesn’t care who is watching now, it’s a turn on to know the sight of her being fucked in an alleyway is making someone masturbate openly. She can’t believe what she is doing but all she knows now is what her body is telling her, go with this, go with this, she is loving it and can’t stop herself.

He’s as turned on as she is by this guy watching them both. He turns to give the other person a better view, so with each withdrawal of his cock her pussy is exposed to him. She moans, and he realises she’s rubbing her clit while he fucks her, is coming again, and the sound of her orgasm spurs him on to let his loose, which he does with a moan and shaking, he pumps his cock deep inside her, slapping flesh against slapping flesh, her ass quivering in the streetlight, coming like he hasn’t come in a long time, looking up to see the stranger coming too, as she must be aware, she’s crying out in pleasure now as she collapses against the wall and he collapses against her.

She turns, almost straight away, and fastens her bra. Holds together what buttons she can hold, and pulls on her coat. She can feel his sticky sperm running down her thigh. She puts her underwear into her bag. He wipes his cock clean on a handkerchief and puts his pants back on. They both look up at the same time, remembering the other person wanking but he’s gone, only a shiny pool on the ground now where he stood. They look at each other and smile, laughing at the same time.

He walks her down the alleyway to where she lives, and they stand at the door to her apartment.

“Thought I’d better see you home. Have to watch out for strangers in this area. Never know who you’ll meet,” he says.

She stands there looking at him, then looking into her empty flat.

“I’ve got nothing on for the rest of the night,” she says, letting her blouse fall open. “How about you?”

“I don’t know. You might have to force me,” he says, stepping inside, pushing her against the wall again, his hands on her breasts, his tongue already inside her sweet mouth, closing the door behind him.

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