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Under the Stripe

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Since what had happened in the woods a few days previously, the guys were all a bit embarrassed. After all I was officially just the groundsman and they were the players and there wasn’t a problem really as nothing had happened.

OK it might have done and some said I was asking for it but it was end of season and a hot day in May.

I didn’t see too much wrong with my brief shorts and although I had taken my shirt off, they were a couple of pitches away doing some practice.

They didn’t always return to the club house that way but I suppose I kind of knew they would. Honestly all I’d been thinking was we might exchange some banter, like they would tease me about being a dandy. It was all good fun and I didn’t mind. Really I was only afraid some of them might be homophobic.

They’d been doing ‘Seven asides’ and they were just passing the ball to each other as they came past.

“Hey Carlie boy it’s your ball!” one shouted as the rugby ball came my way.

I had grabbed it instinctively although I’ve never played Rugby; anyway I ran off with it into some woods next to where I was working. I mean it was all just a joke really but I didn’t get far before Stewart, I think he played scrum half, tackled me perfectly and brought me down on a little grass mound. The thing was that somehow he had pulled my pants down at the same time so I was lying there with bare bum fully exposed.

Then there was this guy Nicky, I knew him quite well and he played second row; so he shouted something like. “Come on men let’s give it him!” and the others had to pull him away as he had already unzipped his shorts. It all got a bit steamy as it was obvious that they were all very aroused. But Brian the captain soon restored order.

“That’s enough of that guys! Come on let’s get back to the showers.” Then turning to me “I’m really sorry about this. I don’t know what got into them. Please don’t take it badly!”

“It’s OK Brian, I’m partly to blame really. I’m sorry too right?”

“No no you’ve nothing to apologise about” Adding quickly “Oh shit no. No way you’re just … well! Er… I guess it’s the hot weather!”

Anyway that was how it happened and I suppose it was the sight of my bum that gave someone the idea. I mean I don’t go round showing off my ass to anyone but once on a field trip in my first year at college someone had remarked I was as sexy as a chick.

The thing is when you are aware of something about yourself like you’ve got a big smooth ass, you tend to walk in a certain way.

So I was just clearing tools away for the day when Stewart and Doug suddenly appeared all chatty. Everyone had been so quite since the incident; I had felt a bit uneasy.

“Hi Carl! You really ran well with that ball man! We’ll have you on the pitch yet eh?” he grabbed my puny arm with his big strong hand.

“Look!” he said “We had er… been wondering, you know seeing you are up to a bit of fun now and again, we wondered whether you’d be in for a dare.” He said grinning and holding up what looked like an ordinary Rugby shirt. “So it’s the team stripe really, er yea, I mean we’re offering you to wear it er … you see there’s going to be a bit of a party. You know end of season thing.”

“So what is the dare about?” I asked innocently.

“Well you see the guys have clubbed together and like .. . I mean you don’t have to do this we’re not forcing you; you won’t loose your job if you don’t do it. You know what I mean”

“Come on Stewart get to the point man!” says Doug interrupting. “Look what it is, is this. We’ll give a thousand pounds if you come to the party dressed in that stripe and nothing else. You see!” he said stretching it down his front “It reaches half way to your knees!”

“Are you serious or is this a wind up?” I asked.

“No really, we wouldn’t do that, this is serious!” Stewart affirmed now Doug had finally got to the point. But it was at that point that another player arrived puffing from a sprint.

“Is this the dare?” he asked. “Has he agreed?” then turning anxiously to me “Hey Carl come on be a sport man cos you’re fantastic. Oh wow yea! you’ve got to do it!! Go on! Lets go for it!!” Ray was so insistent I just couldn’t refuse. And to be honest I didn’t want to, I just felt so flattered and of course I knew it had all happened because of how they’d seen me in the wood.

“But you don’t really have to pay me money you know. I’d do it for free if you wanted honestly!” I blurted out not really knowing what to say but I kind of didn’t like the idea of doing it for money.

“Hey Carl you’re a real sport but we’re going to give something; why? Everyone’s agreed anyway let’s just call it a gift. You’re not going to refuse I hope; not a poor student like you eh?”

Then I thought, well they’re worse ways to make money than stripping in a rugby club and the groundsman job was only seasonal for the vacation. Anyway I wasn’t going to be stripping; I would be wearing the team stripe. Yea I liked the idea.

“Can we take it that’s a ‘yes’ then. I mean I’ll do my best to keep this orderly and so on but I think I should tell you that well … er….I’m sure you’ll understand, you know, when the guys have a had a few drinks and that….” I was left in little doubt and my only worry then was not showing myself as being too eager as the incident in the woods had left me a bit disappointed!

For the next couple of days I could think of nothing else. It was even difficult to sleep at nights as I got these massive hard-ons just imagining how it would be. I got home early that evening to give myself plenty of time to prepare. You will understand I wasn’t a complete virgin even then. I’d had a few guys casually at college but I didn’t want to get too involved with them. But this was like something completely different.

I mean I had read about stuff you can put up yourself in case of accidents and I’ve always been fanatical about hygiene so I had been to this place and got myself a few bits and pieces. In fact I got myself this really, really good enema outfit. OK I mean I wasn’t jumping to conclusions or getting ahead of myself really! I’d be on the safe side and knowing how I’d be sort of bare underneath I wanted to be really clean. I even got some lipstick and powder and stuff. Not for my face but well you know where!!

Actually there was this guy who was helping me in the sex shop and he seemed to understand what I was about because he asked me about shaving and stuff and then he took me in a back room slipped my pants down and shaved my groin and all round my genitals. He did it all for nothing too! It felt so sexy I couldn’t help shooting my load all over place. It was so embarrassing but this guy Ricky didn’t seem to mind. I ended up telling him what it was all about but he still wanted to date me.

So my first date with Ricky turned out to be that evening as I prepared myself to go to the club. He came round to my place and we got together in the bathroom. Ricky got naked too and he had a lovely young body. He gave me about six enemas. I was out of my mind with excitement. He did so many things to me that were so intimate and I just loved it. All the time I couldn’t take my eyes off his rigid ‘flag-pole’ cock which waved from side to side as he shaved me in my bum slit and took off all my pubic hairs. He said he wanted to get me really smooth.

Suddenly he got out this packet of condoms, gave me one and told me to put it on his dick. “No mouth me first a bit please but not too much! Ooh that’s right Ooooh aah stop! stop! OK put it on me and get your bum over than chair cos I’m gonna fuck you Oh Shit you’re gonna get it!!” he shouted as he rammed his fuck pole straight up my ass. Then he fucked me so hard! I never thought he’d be so passionate. He went on for about ten minutes before orgasming. Then I watched his sagging cock come out of my hole. There was quite a bulge on the end where he had shot his load but it had been contained.

“I’m jealous like hell about those rugby players and if I know them you’ll end up with an ass full so I’m going to push this syringe up you right? It’s a sort of gel which will protect you in case.” After that he left me a in this tizzy.

I didn’t know what to think but there was no time as Stewart had arrived to collect me. He had brought the stripe and wanted me to put it on there and then which I did and with him looking on all the time. “Let’s see!” he had said parting my buttocks just after I had taken my pants down. “Wow I can see you’re ready for it!”

At first the guys were really shy and behaved in a very correct manner. I was escorted to the bar amidst many turning heads and offered white wine which they had got for me specially. It was a bit difficult as there were lots of guys crowding round making small talk and trying to engage my attention. They were mostly really well dressed in white shirts and ties so I felt a bit out of place in this stripe thing. And it didn’t reach anywhere near my knees in fact it only just reached to the top of my thighs.

Standing there at the bar I could feel fresh air around my bum and my genitals. It felt like everyone could see me. But they still went on for at least half an hour with polite conversation until Nicky strode forward. He had probably had a few more beers than the others.

“Now Carly boy how’s it going here?” he said pushing in beside me at the bar like he was in a scrum. I felt him put his hand up my bare thighs and straight up to my bum. “Boy aren’t you ready for it and do you know what…?” with that and with a flourish he lifted the tail of my shirt right up revealing my bare bottom to everyone. “…you’re gonna get it!!”

I hadn’t tried to resist him. Perhaps I should have done so just to make it more exciting but he surprised me by pulling out this dildo. It was quite big and cream coloured. Everyone started Oohing and Aahing as Nicky pulled my cheeks apart while another guy called Colin pushed it firmly into my slit.

“Hey hang on a minute he’s all tarted up in there wow look at that cherry! What have you been with the lipstick darling?” At this point someone gently pushed me forward so I had to bend right down but at the same time this big unshaven guy Max was pushing his face into my bum. I could feel the stubbles on his chin on my bare buttocks as he started licking my asshole. It felt so exciting and absolutely everyone was watching. Quite a few guys were already in the nude and sporting huge erections. As Max’s tongue was exploring my sphincter Tony had pushed his cock in my mouth, then Hugh and so many others. Oh wow it was all happening then Stewart was there behind me. It was his dick which first entered my bottom. He was going to do me bareback , this was raw fucking! My shirt was up over my head now as everyone (and there were over fifty guys there) crowded round behind. Oh wow what a feeling when you know everyone’s watching and this guy’s plunging his cock into your bottom!

He just felt so huge as he came inside! It was all so intimate at first to feel another guy’s dick coming up me and diving deep into my rectum and yet so public too. I could see his strong hairy arms holding me and I just glimpsed his thick firm thighs as he thrust into me. But at once my attention was diverted as the other guys were competing to offer me their cocks.

I was in ecstasy sucking one cock after another and trying to be careful not to make them shoot. But despite my efforts about four or five guys did shoot their loads in my mouth. I could see some guys openly masturbating as they watched. “Save it for me please!” I shouted to them. It was crazy of me I know but as I felt guys shooting inside me I just wanted more and more.

At first I was just bending over by the bar counter and taking each guy in turn. I must have taken about six but then a big guy called Al came over. He stripped the stripe off me completely so I was completely nude and carried me right across the room and into the main guest room where he laid me on a bed. I noticed someone had already put on a plastic sheet; this was obviously planned. I was on my back now with two other guys holding my legs back while the rest of the guests queued up to fuck me.

There was this guy Ewan, he was just huge in every way. I wouldn’t have wanted to try and tackle him when he was running with the ball! Anyway he was running with two balls now and big ones too! And Oh My! What a massive cock! He came down on me driving it up me which a determination as rigid as the meat I felt filling my anal canal.

It’s so much better getting it on your back anyway but Ewan was HUGE!! and he was dominating me. Oh I don’t know how to describe it! I couldn’t think anything at the time, he had taken me over completely. He was deep inside my rectum and he was doing something to my gland that was driving me crazy. Then he started pumping me like hell. It was huge and then he suddenly let fly and flooded my boy bum with oceans of his hot virile cum fluids. Everyone who could fit the room was cheering as Ewan inseminated me generously.

And it’s so good too because you get to see their whole bodies while they are fucking you. I mean all of them have these fantastic biceps and pectorals; you can see them flexing as they power up you and stuff your bum hole. The feeling inside is much better too and it wasn’t just Ewan who got amongst my internals. Each and every one of them drove me senselessly crazy. It was like I was getting these strange orgasms somewhere deep inside my bottom. It was like one total thrill and I couldn’t help shouting out at times.

To be fare Stewart and some others kept asking me if I was alright and if it was OK to carry on. I should be ashamed of myself I know as I was behaving like a complete Cum Slut but I just couldn’t get enough of these guys! If I say they were all supremely strongly muscular manly and sexy, then even that is an understatement. This was a gang of studs who were so virile they went on fucking me all evening even though some of them did me three times!

The room door was open and sometimes I could see back into the bar. Guys seemed to be drifting out after doing me, getting showered and dressed then being civilised in the main bar. But gradually I’d see some of the same guys come back in still half talking to others outside but taking an increasing interest in what was happening to me. Inevitably in each case they would finally strip off in a great flourish and I would see them stride over with their cocks hard and horizontal pointing my way. The next thing was when I felt each one driving his dick deep into my bum.

Other guests including some girls had arrived. Soon I realised there was a blond girl and some others in the room too. They stood around watching avidly as cock after cock served my boy cunt which was by now oozing cum when each guy withdrew. They were giggling and snapping me with their phone cameras.

It was almost midnight when I was finally able to stand up. Someone found the stripe and put it back on me amid much applause. Back in the bar it was Brian who spoke at last.

“Carl I herewith admit you as honorary member of this club and Rugby team and hereby present you with this cheque as a gratuity for providing us randy bastards with so much satisfaction.”

I stood there conscious that cum was oozing form my slit and running down the inside of my thighs. Four players took to me to the guest room and spent the night with me. They did fuck me too of course but eventually we all fell asleep.

From then on my student financial worries were at an end!

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