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Under the Italian Sun

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This story is fiction and based on fantasy. The characters are all over 18 years of age. Although safe sex is not practiced in this story, safe sex is always recommended by this author. I love reader feedback. Please leave a comment or send me a message. Enjoy.


My hands followed the taper down to his narrow waist, his two firm, perfectly round, ass cheeks just within my grasp, beautifully sculptural. I reached down pulling him against me, feeling his hardness press against me…

“VIESTE, CINQUE MINUTI, VIESTE.” The Italian driver announced over the bus intercom. I woke from my erotic dream, aroused, and a bit groggy. As I neared my stop, I hoped that my semi-hard cock would deflate before I had to exit the bus. I collected my gear, and tried to focus on finding my way to my final destination.

The hiss of the hydraulic door opener was accompanied by a wave of stifling heat. I stepped off the bus into the bright midday sun. I had been traveling through Europe for the past 3 weeks, and I had arrived at my distant and final destination, Vieste. This small city on the Adriatic coast of Italy, was near my Aunt’s villa. I hailed a cab and with the directions of only, “Villa Mare” the driver took me, without question, out of town and up a winding sea side road.

After three weeks of hostels, trains, and lots of travel, I planned on visiting my Italian Aunt at her summer home. The villa was on the isolated spur of the Italian boot known as the Gargano. I thought that a week of doing nothing, hanging out in the sun, would be the perfect end to my trip. Her home sat on a bluff overlooking the sea. The 17th century villa had many bedrooms, several dining and sitting areas, and three independent cottages. Best of all, it had its own private beach.

Upon exiting the cab, I was greeted by the usual Italian welcome of cheek kissing, talk of how much I’d grown, and food. The old stone villa was naturally cool and a sea breeze blew in through the giant open doors. I could feel the relaxation sweep over me, as the maid announced that lunch was served.

My Aunt’s home was always full of an interesting assortment of family, friends, and the occasional paying guest. Guests usually stayed in one of the cottages, but meals were always a big communal affair in the villa. My aunt Lucretzia, or Lucy as we called her, was an elegant and wealthy widow in her 60s. Family members present were my Uncle Mario and his wife Francesca, as well as my cousin Giana and her longtime boyfriend Carlo. I was introduced to some friends of my aunt who were also visiting. An older women from England, Jenny, and an Italian couple, Sofia and her husband Lorenzo, who everyone called Mike.

We sat down to lunch. The white wine was chilled and excellent, and the light cold lunch of seafood antipasto, fresh local cheeses, cured meats, and salad was perfect. My aunt said, because she had no guests, a young man like me would be more comfortable in one of the more private cottages. She told me to get settled in Cassetta Oliva, and that coffee and desert would be served on the terrace in an hour.

I spent many summers here with my Aunt, so I was familiar with the routine. Lunch, a little break, coffee and dessert, then talk. This schedule also served a practical purpose, as it kept activity at a minimum during the hottest part of the day. The leisurely pace also allowed for a nap, or some private time to read, or do what ever.

I stripped out of my travel clothes and put on my swim suit. I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I liked what I saw in the mirror. At 21, I was 5’10” tall, and 150 pounds. Although not muscular, I had a swimmers build, with shoulder length sandy brown hair, and green eyes. My features were fine, and a past girlfriend had told me that I had a sexy mouth, and most girls would kill for my full lush lips.

I turned slightly and looked over my shoulder. The Italian swim suit I recently purchased was perfect. It was a racing style brief, cut high on the sides. It had a bit of a pouch to show off my package of goodies, and a seam down the back, that really made my buns look round and sexy. Just wearing it made me feel horny. I grabbed a linen shirt, slipped into my flip flops, and walked up the path to the house.

I walked around the villa to the terrace area. I saw Mike as I turned the corner. He was sitting on a bench, typing something on his lap top. He smiled warmly when he saw me and shut his computer. At lunch I had noticed that Mike was paying a lot of attention to me. As a bisexual man, I had seen that kind of look before. Usually it means that you are going to get hit on, or it’s just a straight guy who would swing both ways if he wasn’t so uptight.

At lunch Mike asked me to speak English with him so he could practice. “Hello Mike, why are you working on such a beautiful afternoon?”

“Oh, I am not working. I just wanted to look something up on the internet.”

“Is there wifi here?” I asked, knowing that my Aunt was opposed to most technology, and was opposed to paying for a service she would never use.

Mike responded, “No wifi, I get the internet through my dong!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, as Mike held up his laptop and pointed to the small device plugged into his computer’s USB slot.

I gently corrected him, “That is called a dongle, your ‘dong,’ is well, your…” I pointed to my private parts.

Mike laughed, “Well my ‘dong’ can do many things, but connecting to the internet is not one of them.”

Mike stood up. He was about 6′ tall and around 200 pounds. His hair was jet black, thick, wavy, and streaked with gray. He was wearing an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt, and a red speedo swim suit. Mike had deeply tanned olive skin, broad shoulders, powerful arms, and very muscular thighs. He had a slight belly, and his build reminded me of a power lifter. I would discover later that he played soccer, and also rugby for many years.

My gaze rested, perhaps a little too obviously on his impressive package, conspicuously displayed, and barely contained in his Speedo. The red nylon of the swim suit did nothing to hide what appeared to be a sizable cock and a large pair of balls. Even flaccid I could tell that Mike’s cock was a handful. I couldn’t help but think that it would be fun to get my lips around a tool like his.

Offering the laptop to me, Mike said, “Would you like to use my computer? I am on the internet now, if you want to check your email, or anything else.”

“Yeah…sure…I would love to check my email.” I stammered, still flustered by the manhood on display in front of me. I had never been attracted to older men, especially the bearish type. But Mike definitely was sparking my interest.

As Mike handed me the computer, his wife called from a window in the villa. He said, “Her highness calls. Just bring it up to the terrace when you are finished.”

I sat down on the bench and watched Mike ascend the steps to the villa. His round ass and powerful legs were a sight. I was thinking that staying at my Aunt’s was perhaps the best idea I had in a while. Before this trip, I broke up with my girlfriend, and although I had a little fling with a fellow traveler, my love life had been minimal. Now the idea of an older man was becoming very interesting. I shook my head in an attempt to escape my thoughts of lust.

I was struck with a surprise, as I opened a browsers on Mike’s computer. Up pops a gay sex site. On screen is a young man, his lips wrapped around the huge cock of his partner. I decided to check the browser history, wondering what other things Mike had been looking at recently. What I found was a variety of bisexual and gay porn, much of which had an “older-with-younger” theme. I wondered if this was a message, did Mike know I was checking him out at lunch? The thought of Mike interested in man-on-man sex caused my cock to swell, and I was feeling flush.

I quickly checked my email and headed up to the terrace to join the others. The group was all seated on the terrace, as I arrived my Aunt signaled for the coffee to be made. I handed the laptop to Mike and thanked him.

He replied, “You are very welcome, Find anything interesting online?”

I replied, hoping he would pick up my not-so-subtle innuendo. “Yes, I was looking for the name of a salami I was craving, but I didn’t find it. Perhaps you know of it? It’s about 8″ long and the size of my wrist.”

Mike replied, “Salami comes in all sizes, the only way you can tell what kind, is by taste.”

“Well that sounds like fun. I really enjoy a good salami.” I said with a crooked smile.

The coffee and the pastries arrived. We enjoyed the desert, followed by cold bottles of mineral water. The conversation continued into the afternoon. Often Mike and I where looking directly at each other, he held my gaze. I thought this was a sure sign of flirtation.

My Aunt jumped up, looking at her watch and said, “Ladies! Its 4:00, time to make our way into town, the church closes at 6:30. We are going to see the frescos, Ricky and Mike would you like to join us?”

I looked at Mike and he grimaced in a funny way.

My Aunt threw up her hands exclaiming, “Neanderthals!”

The women swept off the terrace, laughing and chattering, leaving Mike and me alone.

“I think that a nice swim would feel very good. Care to join me Ricky?” asked Mike.

“That sounds great. I’ve been dying to get into the water since I arrived.”

We made our way down the switch backs that led to the beach. The private beach was a small patch of sand that was situated in a private cove, carved out of the surrounding cliffs. The water was an emerald green. As we arrived I could see the small cabana and several tanning beds and umbrellas.

Mike pulled two of the tanning beds next to each other. He removed his shirt and sun glasses, dropping them on one of the beds. His broad shoulders and large arms glistened with sweat. His cock and balls looked so full and large in his Speedo that I wanted to pull them down right there. He smiled and then bolted for the water diving in.

I quickly took off my shirt, and leaping out of my sandals, following him. I intentionally dove in directly behind him so we would collide in the water.

“Hey” he exclaimed, playfully splashing me. I splashed him back, starting a splash war. I took the initiative and moved in, grabbing him by the waist. I wrapped my arms around his powerful torso and did my best to dunk him. I managed to get him off his feet, and wrestle him under water. As I hoped, he retaliated. Grabbing me by the thighs, he pushed me backward under the water. I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling us both under.

We came up for air panting, me with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and my arms around his neck. He didn’t let go, and his hands moved up to my ass. We were in this intimate sexual position and the warmth of his body pressing against mine was causing my cock to harden.

I said, “I am not letting go, if you dunk me then we both go under.”

He grinned, and said, “We’ll see about that!”

Mike dunked me again. This time I held on even tighter, my legs moving down around his tight butt and my balls coming in contact with his speedo-clad cock. He lifted me out of the water, laughing. We were face to face.

“See I told you, I’m not letting go.” I said with a little grin.

“Then if you are not letting go, then I am the winner.” said Mike.

I saw the sexy sparkle in his eyes, and I replied, “I think we are both going to win, don’t you?”

Mike leaned forward, and I tilted my head. The kiss was very gentle, like a little peck at first. Then our lips made full contact and the kiss became more urgent. Our mouths opened and Mike’s large wet tongue invaded my mouth. It tasted of salt water, and it was delicious. I reciprocated, feeling his course beard.

He began to grind his nylon encased cock against me. I moved down so we could have cock-to-cock contact through our swim trunks. Even through his Speedo, I could feel the massive size of Mike’s member. I reciprocated the contact, rotating my hips and thrusting against Mike. Our Kissing became more intense. The urgent nature of our embrace made it clear where this was going.

Still clinging to Mike, he carried me out of the water and up onto the beach. At the water’s edge, he lay me down on the sand. The warm beach sand felt good on my body, and his weight on top of me made me melt with desire. I reached around and grabbed his firm ass, inviting him to take me.

As we rubbed our bodies together on the beach, Mike nibbled and kissed my neck and shoulders. I ran my hands over his broad back and arms, enjoying his mass.

I slid my tongue into his ear and then whispered, “Mmmmmmmmm Mike, I am going to need that big cock of yours in my mouth very soon. Can you do that for me…please, baby, pleeeeeease…” I begged in a sexy, pouty way.

Mike lifted himself off me, just our cock and balls touching. Resting his weight on his powerful arms, I twisted his nipples as he looked down on me smiling.

“How about we go into the cabana, and you show me your banana!” I quipped playfully.

Mike chuckled, and said “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

We got to our feet. Mike put his arm over my shoulder, and I put my arm around his waist. I felt oddly safe and small next to this older man. We walked in the sand toward the cabana. I was very turned on by this bear of a daddy. This was a relationship that I had not considered. However, as we walked, I glanced at his broad barrel chest, and the bulging package of man-meat in his Speedo, and I knew exactly what I wanted.

The late afternoon sun and 90+ degree temperature, had already warmed us back up, as we entered the welcome shade of the cabana. It was a small shed with a tin roof and no floor, just sand. Mike pulled in a tanning bed. I went to the corner where there was a small platform with a sink and a cabinet. I took two glasses from the cabinet and filled them with water, handing one to Mike.

We stood, about 4 feet apart, quietly sipping the water, and looking at each other. I could see Mike’s eyes travel from my gaze down my body. I admit that I am vain, so I knew exactly what he saw. He looked at my smooth chest and stomach with just a hint of a six pack. His eyes traveled to my crotch, my hard 6″ cut cock, snaked to the right of my tight suit, my cock head just peaking out over the top of the waist band.

As he looked at me, I admired his 6′ frame. His wet hair formed unruly ringlets as water dripped onto his well defined shoulders and large neck muscles. I followed the drops of water as they ran down over his chest and ample pectorals. The drops were lost in his chest hair only to reappear on his slightly rounded stomach. Mike’s stomach was not a flabby beer gut, but a powerful barrel, with a defining line of black hair down the middle. The water drops then moved toward his magnificent crotch. His full balls, and rigid penis, stretched the nylon of his swimsuits beyond the limits of modesty. His cock, even confined by the fabric, was thick with a large and well defined helmet. His manly tool caused the suit to bow outward, lifting the top of the Speedo a good inch away from his body. His balls looked like two plums firmly tucked below the girth of his member. All this rested on his powerful thighs, almost as round as my waist.

I set my empty glass on the counter and slid my hand over Mike’s nipples, up his chest, and around his neck. I gazed into his eyes with lust, and kissed his mouth with a tiny peck. With my left hand I reached down, still gazing into his beautiful green eyes, and caressed the outline of his cock. Increasing my pressure, Mike moaned and put his arms around me. Our lips made contact, and in an instant my mouth was invaded by his thick wet tongue.

My cock ached for release, and I was certain that Mike felt the same carnal desire. I slid down his body, dropping to my knees in the sand. I slowly peeled his Speedo over his cock. As if in slow motion, his dick bloomed from the confines of the swim suit. Once his cock head was freed of the fabric, it sprang proudly toward me. Mike’s uncut cock was at least 8″ long, and its girth more than filled my hand. The large spade helmet of his cock head was half concealed by his foreskin, and a thick blue vein meandered along the top of the shaft.

Entranced, I pulled his suit down to the sand. Slowly pumping his cock with my right hand, as I cradled his balls with my left. I marveled at the weight of his testicles. My tongue flicked the tip of his cock, tasting the silky drop of precum that had formed.

Mike let out a moan, and that was all the encouragement I needed. I took his cock head into my mouth, and without breaking eye contact I swirled my tongue around his knob. I took more of the shaft into my mouth, amazed at its girth. Filled with desire I began to suck in ernest, trying to get as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. Bobbing up and down on his cock, I let my saliva run down my chin, slurping and sucky sounds filled the little cabana.

I placed my hands on his bare ass, pushing him forward as he fucked my face. I pulled off his fat tool and allowed it to slap against my cheek. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and pumped it just below the head, as I sucked his smooth shaven balls into my mouth one at a time.

Mike ran his hands through my hair and moaned, “Fuck Ricky, no one has ever sucked my cock so good. Baby you keep that up and I am going to cum.”

I loved being called baby, and I before I went back to work on his cock, I said, “Then do it daddy, cum in my mouth, shoot a big load all over my face.”

Squeezing the shaft hard, I pulled down his foreskin revealing all of his spade shaped cock head. I watch this beautiful rod pulse in my hand, his cock head grew as I squeezed, turning an angry shade of purple. I spit on it, then rubbed my saliva all over his steel-hard dick with my free hand. Mike’s mouth was open, his eyes closed in ecstasy. His body twitched twice and I eagerly returned his penis to my mouth.

I knew he wouldn’t last much longer, and that was fine by me. I suppressed my gag reflex and forced as much of his rigid member down my throat as I could manage. Using my, spit-covered, free hand I found his asshole and began to rub.

I could feel his legs tremble as my index finger pushed into his ass. Stroking his cock with my other hand, I work the underside of his pee hole and frenulum with my tongue. Mike’s breathing was fast and erratic, as I concentrated on the blow job. I buried my middle finger in his ass, stroking him harder and faster. His delicious precum was now coating my tongue in a steady flow.

Mike exclaimed, “Fuck Baby I am going to cum…Arrrrrggghhhh!”

I clamped my lips around his cock head as he exploded. He convulsed in violent orgasm, his anus contracting around my finger. My mouth was instantly filled with a hot rope of semen. The creamy flood overflowed down my chin. I swallowed what I could. Unable to keep Mike’s cock in my mouth, his second rope shot across my lips and cheek. I opened my mouth again, directing his third shot toward my out stretched tongue. As his orgasm subsided I took his cock into my mouth and milked another nice glob of his nectar down my throat.

My face, neck, and part of my chest, were covered in Mike’s tasty ejaculate. I looked up and took his still hard club of a penis, and smeared his sperm over my lips and chin. I then greedily took his softening cock back into my mouth and sucked it clean.

He was still panting, and my tongue on his sensitive cock head made him twitch. He reached down, with two fingers scooped a dollop of his seed off my cheek. I intercepted his hand and sucked the two fingers into my mouth. Sensually cleaning the jism from his fingers, giving him a slutty little show, that I hoped would leave him wanting more.

“Oh FUCK Ricky Baby that was amazing!” Exclaimed Mike, as he lifted me to my feet.

Slipping my hands around his waist, I said, “Mmmm, Yeah Daddy that was so fucking hot. I am in love with that big fat dick of yours. I can’t wait for you to fuck me with it. I want to ride you like a fuckin pony.”

Mike kissed me, my mouth and tongue still coated in his cum.

He picked me up as if I were a child, and set me down on the beach bed. I giggled with glee, as he pulled off my swim suit. My hard, cut 6 inches sprang from my suit slapping against my stomach. Mike moved between my legs, immediately devouring my erect cock. Mike hummed and moaned as his head bobbed up and down on my cock.

The feeling was wonderful and Mike was pressing all my buttons. Despite my desire to erupt, I didn’t want the afternoon to end so soon.

Gently lifting him from my cock, I said, “Babe, let’s take a shower and then continue this up at my cottage.”

“What will we do up there?” Mike asked with a wicked grin.

“Well we can get comfortable, maybe have a cold beer, and then I can fuck that big cock like it deserves to be fucked. Daddy you can take me anyway you want.”

Mike stood, and extending a hand, helped me to my feet. I had a raging hard-on, and Mike’s cock was already semi hard. I suggested we cover up with towels, so that the help at the villa didn’t get an eye full. The walk up the path took a while, as we took advantage of every hidden corner to make-out and stroke each other. The towels did little to hide our arousal, especially Mike’s massive dick.

After much groping and giggling, we finally arrived at the little cottage. I went straight to the fridge and opened a bottle of cold bear. I took a sip and then handed the bottle to Mike. He took a sip and then pulled me against him. Taking the cold beer bottle, he rubbed it against my nipple. The cold sent a shiver through me and I laughed, loving his sexy playfulness. I grabbed the beer and downed it in retribution.

Taking his hand, I said, “Come on sexy, let’s take a shower.”

It was all I could do to keep focused on the simple task of turning on the shower. Mike was all over me, and I loved it. As I adjusted the temperature of the water, he moved behind me, his monster of a cock, nestling between my ass cheeks.

He whispered in his sexy Italian accent, “Damn, your ass is so round and soft, I love the way it wants my cock. I can’t wait to fuck your beautiful ass.”

“I really like it when you talk dirty to me, I love feeling like your fuck toy.” I replied.

I pulled Mike into the shower stall, and squirted him with body wash. My soapy hands were all over his big beautiful body. I was enjoying the way the soap suds looked on his hairy chest and stomach, running my hands up and down his chest. I concentrated much of my attention on the area just above his well groomed patch of pubic hair. Teasing him mercilessly.

Mike in turn, lathered me up, focusing on my sensitive nipples. He spun me around, and using his soapy chest and stomach, lathered my back and ass. It was an amazing massage. I could feel every muscle and curve against my back. I especially liked the way his fat hard cock caught between my legs, pushing on my balls, before it slid between my ass cheeks. Mike then dropped to his knees and started to massage my ass, working my buns in a circular motion with his strong, large, soapy hands.

I leaned against the cool tile of the stall and moaned, “Mmmm Babe that feels so good. Oh shit Daddy, I can’t wait for you to fuck me like the cock whore I am.”

Mike continued, kneading and pulling my ass cheeks apart, exposing my asshole to the warm stream of water. He began to move two soapy fingers in a circular motion around my rosebud. As I encouraged him, he pushed into my ass. After a little discomfort, I was beginning to relax. Mike continued to finger fuck me as I purred with delight.

“Your ass is swallowing my fingers, I can tell it wants my cock. Ricky, baby you are such a fucking hot piece. Mmmmm you have my cock harder than it’s ever been.” panted Mike.

Mike’s fingers left my hole, but they were fortunately replaced by his tongue. As he rimmed my ass, he reached through my legs and jacked my soapy, hard cock. I reached back, and placing a hand on Mike’s head, pushed him deeper into me. I let out a little feminine squeal as his thick tongue probed my boy pussy.

I knew where this was heading. I didn’t want to have Mike fuck me in the cramped shower stall. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel for Mike and me. Quickly I dried myself. I placed the towel behind my ass and swished my hips back and forth. I looked over my shoulder and winked at him. I was enjoying playing the role of the sexy tease.

Dropping the towel to the floor, as Mike was drying off, his cock fully hard and sticking straight out. I said, “There, nice and clean, and ready to fuck my Daddy! I can see that you are ready too baby.”

Reaching into my shaving kit, I retrieved a bottle of lubricant. Taking hold of his erect cock, I led him across the room to the king sized bed, doing my best to make my ass giggle as I walked.

Mike again swept me up into his arms, and between kisses said, “No more teasing, now its time for fucking.”

I pulled him down onto the bed, and we rolled around, hands searching, legs entwined, and hard cocks rubbing. I put our cocks together, shaft to shaft. Taking both hands I pumped them up and down. It was marvelous to feel our cocks together but I wanted Mike’s fat dick inside me.I reached for the small bottle on the bed, squirting the lube onto my hand, generously coating his cock and my asshole.

I got up on my hands and knees and wiggled my butt at Mike, “Come on Daddy fuck me. Be gentle at first then fuck me like the cock slut I am. Please babe, do me.”

I looked over my shoulder, wide eyed and biting my lip, as Mike positioned himself behind me. He rubbed his cock against my asshole, sending electric waves through my body. Slowly he began to apply pressure. I fought my momentary fear, and relaxed my body. I slight twinge of pain was quickly followed by joy, as his angry glans pushed past my sphincter.

Involuntarily, I let out a deep breathy exhale and a moan.

Mike continued to slowly pump his cock into me. I could feel the widest portion of his shaft stretch me open as he gently and deliberately, worked the first half of his cock into me. With all the pain gone, I began to push back on his in-stroke. Our pace increased, and soon his entire length and girth was filling me. I released myself to the exquisite sensation of being fucked.

“Cazzo, che buono!” Mike exclaimed in Italian as his breathing increased, and I could feel his full balls touch my perineum with every stroke.

I felt like such a slut, being fucked by this older man with the massive cock. Without thought, I mumbled encouragement to Mike. “Come on Baby, fuck me with that big fat cock…ah, ah, ah,..that’s it…take it all the way out and shove it into my ass Baby…SHIT…ah, ah, ah,…fuck that pussy Daddy…ah, ah, ah, fuuuuuccccckkkk…mmmmmm…fuck me Baby, Fuck ME HARD!”

By now Mike had both hands on my hips, and his balls were slapping against my ass. I had my butt in the air and my face against the mattress. I could feel the sweat forming on the small of my back, and my hard cock swung back and forth in time with Mike’s thrusts.

Mike abruptly pulled out of me and fell beside me on the bed. Panting he said, “I have to take a break or I am going to cum, and I want you to cum first this time.”

I felt my infatuation with Mike grow. He was not only hot, but a giving lover. I snuggled into his arms and we kissed passionately.

I said, “Alright babe, you want me to cum then let’s do this.”

I instructed him to lie on his back. I took his fat cock in my hand and licked it a couple of times, simply because I could not resist. I spit on his cock head to provide a little extra wetness. I then straddled him cowgirl style. I positioned his member at my gaping asshole, licking my lips and hesitating for dramatic effect, and to prepare for his huge tool.

Before I impaled myself, I said, “Daddy I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” and I pushed down in one smooth motion on his cock.

Mike gasped as his dick entered me. I began to bounce on his cock like a whore possessed. The curve of his penis was hitting me in just the right spot and my own cock was slapping against his stomach, heightening my sensation. I was entering a trans-like state as we fucked hard.

“Oh Ricky, Baby you look so sexy riding my cock, I love watching your hard dick slap against me.” said Mike, his words delivered staccato, as I bounced.

I could feel my arousal reaching a climax and I leaned forward and kissed Mike savagely. The kiss was aimed at his lovely mouth but ended more like a face licking, but I didn’t care. I ground my hips into him in a circular motion as we kissed, my cock and balls rubbing hard against his firm belly. I pushed against his hard-on with all I had. I wanted as much of his cock inside me as I could get.

Mike’s hands were on my ass as we fucked, adding to my arousal. I knew my orgasm was close and in a ragged voice I announced, “Any second Baby, I am going to give it up.”

I sat back up in the cowgirl position. I was lifting myself up on Mike’s cock so just the tip was inside me, then I slid it all the way in until my ass was resting on his balls. I was moaning like a slut, and I knew a dozen strokes like this would send me over the edge.

I had my own rock hard cock in my hand, and I jacked it forcefully. My orgasm swept over my body, radiating from my core in all directions. It felt like my cum was exploding out of my gut; the tingling sensation spread down to my toes and all the way up to my spine and to my scalp.

I exploded. A long pearly rope of semen speedily shot through the air landing on Mike’s neck and face. As I continued to stroke my cock and fuck Mike, another thick wad shot onto his chest and stomach. My body convulsed as Mike also reached orgasm. His hot semen flooding my ass and adding to the unimaginable pleasure of my climax.

I continued to fuck Mike’s magnificent cock, as his hips lifted off the bed. His orgasm made him involuntarily buck as our bodies slapped together.

One last spurt of cum dribbled from my cock onto Mike, as both of our orgasms subsided. I felt elated. My body tingled with an electric sensation.

Enveloped in the post-orgasm glow of some of the best sex I had ever had, I collapsed on top of Mike. I could feel my own semen between us, and I hungrily kissed Mike’s lips, covered in my own ejaculate.

Our tongues danced, and I could feel Mike’s cum run out of my ass and down my thigh. I lifted myself up, being careful to keep his still rigid cock inside me. With two fingers I scooped a bit of cum off Mike’s neck.

Like I had done to him, he took hold of my hand and sucked the semen off my fingers, his green eyes never breaking our gaze. We kissed again sharing the sticky cum.

We lay there for some time, talking and kissing, until we realized ladies would be back any minute. Reluctantly we left the bed and started to clean up.

As I cleaned the cum off of Mike’s chest with a wash cloth, I said, “That was a great way to spend an afternoon. I want you to know that if this was a one time thing, I am alright with that. I know you are married and…”

Mike interrupted me by pulling me against him and kissing me on the mouth.

After a long kiss and a good grope, he said, “Baby, I know you only have a week here. If it is okay with you, I think we should do this at least once a day. No strings attached, just amazing sex.”

Mike finished cleaning up, and on his way out he said, “Tomorrow the ladies are going to see a museum. It is at least a two hour drive away. I think I’d rather just stay here and perhaps hang out at the beach. Would you care to join me?”

I could feel a tingling in my groin, as I playful pushed Mike out the door. “We’ll see about that, now get out of here before we both get in trouble.

Needless to say it was a wonderful week. Next year I might have to concentrate on exploring just one country. I think I’ll start with Italy.

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