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Uncle Jerry

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Editor’s note: this story contains erotic incest scenes between two adult men.


Whenever mom and dad decided to head up the mountains to gamble in Reno, they usually left my sister with the neighbors and their daughters, and drove me up to my Uncle Jerry’s place to stay. It was about 20 miles up the hill from home and on their way, so it was convenient, but I also liked staying with him.

Uncle Jerry was my uncle from my mom’s side of the family, someone I had grown up with and who always treated me like I was special.

Uncle Jerry was a little younger than my parents. Sure, he was an adult, but he was still enough of a kid to make me feel like I fit in with him, which helped to foster the closeness I felt with him; a near-perfect mix between paternal figure and pal.

It was hard not to like Uncle Jerry. He was tall and stout, with a mop of curly blond hair and the most infectious laugh. He was quick with the jokes, and generous with horseplay and hugs, even as I grew into my teens. His hands and arms were huge, but always gentle. He rode a motorcycle whenever the weather was good and, despite my mom’s protests, eventually taught me how to ride.

I really liked staying at my Uncle Jerry’s place, a nice little one-bedroom apartment. Throughout the years it was always a “man’s place”, without frilly curtains or bedspreads, or tablecloths and lace doilies. He’d order pizza to be delivered, and we’d play some silly board games or watch old movies for what seemed like all night. When I was younger, when it was time for bed, Uncle Jerry always let me sleep in his bed while he would take the couch for the night. As I got older the order switched and I camped out on the couch.

Later, even though I was in my late teens, I’d go over to his place and visit with him because I really liked his company. And being a teenager, like nearly every teenager out there, there would be conflicts with my parents that required stomping out of the house in anger. I could talk to him about anything; cars, girls, restrictive parents… whatever. I would drive over to my Uncle Jerry’s and he’d listen and offer advice and usually let me crash there.

One late night I needed a place to crash since I was really too beat to make the drive home safely. It was too cold to just nap in my car and although it was close to midnight I was sure that even if I ended up waking Uncle Jerry he’d be cool with it. I parked my car and trudged up the steps to his apartment and knocked on the door.

It was a few moments before Uncle Jerry got to the door. He cautiously opened it a crack and peered, then opened it fully once he recognized it was me. He had on a pair of hastily thrown-on jeans and seemed surprised to see me and looked as though I had woke him, but he still managed to give me his familiar smile.

“What’s up, Digger?” he asked, still calling me by my boyhood nickname long after everyone else forgot it.

“Hey, Uncle,” I said. “Sorry for dropping by on you like this, but I’m just wiped out and need someplace to crash for the night. I don’t wanna drive home when I’m this pooped and there’s a chance of ice and snow.”

“Smart thinking,” he replied, followed with a yawn. “‘Cept Cary’s on the couch for much the same reason.”

“Oh. Well, I can just crash on the floor, if you don’t mind,” I said.

“Floor’s gonna be as cold as outside,” he said. “Now come in here ‘cuz I’m freezing standing here with the door open.”

I stepped inside as Uncle Jerry closed the door behind me. I could hear his long-time friend, Cary, snoring loudly on the couch.

“Even if I let you sleep on the floor you wouldn’t get much sleep,” Uncle Jerry whispered. “You can bunk with me if you don’t mind sleeping with an old guy.”

“That’s no problem with me,” I replied, happy that he couldn’t see the excitement on my face.

“Well, then,” he said through a yawn, “let’s hit the sack.”

My sudden excitement stemmed from two prior experiences I had with my uncle in the last year. In both of those instances I had to share his bed with him for much the same reason as tonight offered, the first time was after I was given a little beer to drink on my 18th birthday party. The second time couldn’t come soon enough.

My Uncle Jerry slept naked (as did I) and in both of those previously mentioned instances my uncle rolled over behind me in the middle of the night and cuddled up behind me in a spooning fashion with one of his big bear arms thrown around me.

I didn’t mind it at all because it carried me back to those childhood-like feelings where I felt all warm and safe in his embrace and I loved the warmth of our bare skin together and would drift off to sleep almost immediately. But on both of those nights something happened that I really enjoyed. The first time it happened was a shock, but the second time was welcomed. Maybe a third time was in my immediate future…

The couple times while my uncle was all snuggled up behind me and snoring softly he got an erection that would inevitably poke at me between my thighs and wake me. I know that all men get many erections through the night; I’ve woken up many times during the night to find my own dick rock-hard enough to require a quick jacking off before I could get back to sleep myself. So once I got past the initial surprise that my uncle’s hard-on was jabbing at me I decided to accommodate him.

I opened my thighs slowly enough to just let his rigid tool slip between them, and then I would just as slowly let my thighs come together again and hold his erection there. Now, I know that was a skinny guy, but even then my uncle’s erect penis was long enough for the head and almost 2 inches of his thick shaft to poke out past my leg. He had to be at least 8 inches long, maybe more.

The feel of his hot member between my thighs pressing hard against me and cradling my scrotum and balls would immediately give me a hard-on, too. Now, at this point in my life I had accepted that I was pretty much bi, what with having had some oral experiences with a few guys from school. Oh, how I wished that I could just have turned around and gone down on my uncle and his big man-prick! But, there was no way that I could have even tried; this big, burly man was family. On top of that, I wasn’t sure how he’d accept me once I opened up and expressed my desires for men, much less my hunger for him. So instead I just lay quietly and reveled in the warmth and feel of his hot cock between my younger thighs.

Eventually he slipped from between my legs but when he got hard a second time that night and I carefully repeated the process of spreading my thighs to let him slip in again, he followed with an easy rocking motion, literally thrusting his meat tenderly back and forth between my thighs in a fucking motion. I froze in shock, not knowing what to think. I guess something about the rigidity in my body language caused Uncle Jerry to halt his fucking motions and he withdrew his dick from my legs and rolled over.

The second night that I slept over with him like that I lay on my right side, hoping that my uncle would roll in place behind me again. To my joy, he did. I quickly followed the same process as before and his long erection fell easily in place again. This time when he started to pump himself slowly back and forth I was ready for the motions and let my body conform more to my uncle’s in response his tender thrusts increased in length.

As sweat began to form between my legs the tempo of my uncle’s pumps picked up and his arm tightened around my waist. When his hand briefly rested on my own rock-hard prick I thought I’d jump through the ceiling. Uncle Jerry’s dickhead was rubbing the underside of my balls and grazing my anus with each welcome pass. Eventually my uncle’s fucking motions became erratic and his breath quickened and I felt his cock throb between my legs until it pulsed and he ejaculated a massive load of his semen between my legs and all over my scrotum and running down my right thigh, creating a warm puddle between me and the sheets.

Uncle Jerry groaned and slowly rolled away from my back, his softening, cum-slickened member easily slipping from between my slippery thighs as he rolled over onto his left side and started to snore softly. I scooped up what sperm of his hadn’t yet soaked into the sheet and smeared it onto my prick and using it like some wonderful lubricant quickly jacked myself to a glorious orgasm of my own.

The next morning when we got up nothing was even hinted at about the night’s activities, by my uncle noticed the staining on my side of the bed and said, “That must have been some wet dream, Digger!”

Given those two prior experiences I was really looking forward to another night of possibly being cuddled up next to my uncle. But this time I intended to make it the best ever.

We went into the bedroom and my uncle closed the door and shook off his jeans and crawled back under the covers, but not so quickly that I couldn’t get a glimpse of his low-hanging dick. Just the sight of it and my quickly devised plan had me shaking in anticipation. I took off all of my own clothes but before I climbed in next to my uncle I went to the bathroom to pee. I carefully closed the door and flipped on the light and pissed into the toilet as I quietly made the short reach into his medicine cabinet and found what I was looking for.

I opened the jar of Vaseline I found and got some on my fingers. Putting one leg up on the toilet set I smeared the gooey stuff between my ass cheeks and all around my anus, even poking some inside. I wiped off the excess from my fingers using some toilet paper, then I threw that into the toilet and flushed it, then I put the jar of Vaseline back into the medicine cabinet, turned off the bathroom light and opened the door in the darkness.

My heart pounding with excitement, I quietly walked over to the bed and carefully climbed into the bed and immediately onto my right side, careful not to sit on the sheets and wipe away any of the lube I had smeared into my butt. I settled in and pulled the covers up to my neck and waited. Eventually, I drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

I woke up from the pressure of my Uncle Jerry’s cock against the back of my thighs again. It was only semi-hard, but its presence was unmistakable. This time though, I didn’t wait for it to grow fully hard before I got brave enough to reach my hand between my thighs and carefully pull Uncle Jerry’s slowly hardening dick by the head, drawing it between my thighs and just holding it there softly clamped it in place. As with times past my uncle followed with his arm wrapped around me. Between his embrace, the warmth of his cock tucked in against my butt and the feel of the head nestled up against my balls I was in childlike comfort but manly excitement.

Uncle Jerry’s cock came to full hardness quickly. It was such a wonderful sensation as I could feel it as it grew against my skin, pushing itself past my thighs and making me feel like I was riding a broomstick horse. I smiled in the darkness just thinking about it. Then Uncle Jerry started to slowly rock his hips, and that wonderful sensation of his cock sliding back and forth between my legs was again mine to enjoy. Once I was sure that he had settled into his patient rhythm, I made my move.

I carefully reached down and placed my fingers on the underside of his sliding manhood and gingerly moved my hips forward and away from my uncle’s body while trying not to pull away from his grasp around my waist. In seconds my uncle’s dick was sliding in the Vaseline slick I set-up between my butt cheeks. I pulled my hips forward a little more while arching my back until the head of my uncle’s prick was poking against the puckered skin of my anus. I concentrated my thoughts on the movement of my uncle until I could best anticipate the angle of his strokes.

The head of Uncle Jerry’s dick poked against my ass hole over and over, like a key being probed all around the opening of a lock in the dark. Finally, it gained an entrance, ever so slight. But as my uncle’s hips kept rocking, it worked its way past the resistance of my anus until his dickhead was fully within my ass. I knew that I was going to feel a little pain, but I wasn’t fully prepared for the thickness of my uncle’s tool. I bit my lip and twirled my hips slightly in rhythm with my uncle’s probing dick as his manhood worked itself deeper and deeper into my rectum with each new thrust of his hips.

Finally, Uncle Jerry’s full 8 inches were sliding inside of me, threatening to split me in half. Quickly, though, the pain ebbed until the pleasure of his member sliding in and out of my lubricated ass took over.

My uncle’s pumping changed. Instead of the jerky little thrusts he would make between my thighs, his strokes became longer and more methodical. It was as if the change in sensation from skin against skin to my slick rectum gripping his enormous meat worked its way past his subconscious and into a more instinctive fucking rhythm. Long strokes, thrusts that rubbed my prostate from deep within my bowels, now drew and pushed my breath in time, as if my breathing was in the control of my uncle’s pumping prick.

Despite the wonderful pleasure I was experiencing. I tried not to move, fearing that if I did something that might wake my uncle, he might find out what was happening and stop doing it. And I didn’t want him to stop. But the more his cock pushed in and out of me, the more I wanted it. Again. And Again. Not just now, but well into my future. If only…

My uncle’s arm around my waist shifted and his thick hand wrapped itself around my own rigid cock. Within seconds my uncles hand was stroking my dick with the same rhythm that his meaty tool was being driven into my ass. I was in heaven now! I squinted my eyes hard and tried not to make any noise as the most incredible sensations began to course through me. Uncle Jerry’s breath was hot on my neck and his arm pulled me tighter to him. His thrusts grew in tempo and intensity as his masturbation of my own pulsing prick matched the pace.

A deep, guttural moan was building up from deep in my uncle’s throat. My uncle started to thrust harder and faster into me, pounding my sore ass even harder, his heavy balls mashed between us with each push of his wonderful tool into me until he let out a deep groan and I could feel his cock burst with his hot sperm deep inside of me as his stroking hand took me to my own climax and my cock let loose of a massive burst of cum like I had never known before. My uncle’s wonderful thrust continued, with more of his hot fluids filling me while my dick throbbed and spewed with more of my own cum until we were both spent, wrapped together and panting, Uncle Jerry’s slowly softening manhood still deep within me.

“Jesus, that’s been a long time coming,” my uncle whispered hoarsely behind me.

“Wh- what?” I croaked. Was my uncle awake or dreaming?

“I’ve been craving you since I heard you were also into guys,” he whispered, a little more softly. “I wondered if you wanted me, and when I could feel the lubrication in your ass I knew we were on the same wavelength.”

“You… you don’t have a problem with it?” I asked quietly, knowing Cary was still on the couch in the living room.

“Not at all,” Uncle Jerry replied, gripping my spent dick and pushing his hips against me and grinding his half-hard cock into me to emphasize his point. “Now we don’t have to pretend any longer.”

“We can do this again?” I asked, my heart racing in joy.

“It’ll be our secret,” he answered. “That is, if you don’t mind sucking and fucking with an old guy like me.”

“I don’t mind at all,” I said as I pulled his arm tightly around me and pushing my butt to him so he wouldn’t yet slip out of my cum-filled ass. It wasn’t long before I faded off to sleep, dreaming of all that my uncle and I could enjoy from now on.

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