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Tyrone was Home Alone

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Tyrone Smith was home alone. Chilling in his room and watching TV was his idea of a relaxing evening, after all the stress of working and going to college. But being home for few weeks was a good break and now that he had the place to himself this evening, he could do whatever he wanted. And what he wanted was just some peace and quiet.

After making himself some dinner, he watched a couple of movies and smoked some weed. It was getting dark outside and he felt that he should maybe call up a couple of friends, but he didn’t really have the urge to do it. Too relaxed.

But he did feel a bit horny and since he was home alone, he put on some porn on his computer, dropped his pants and boxers and started jacking off. He was watching one of his gay favorite titles, The Booty Bandit, by Chocolate Cream. Tyrone was bisexual, so he really enjoyed a good gay video every once in a while. He especially liked this title, with the top, Mr. X, fucking all the sexy bottoms. Mr. X was tall, dark and muscular and well built and had a dominant, top personality that appealed to Tyrone because he thought that’s the type of guy he was as well, at least from what he saw on the screen. Years of playing college football and athletics before that had sculpted his body to perfection and his dark ember skin and handsome chiseled features made him a prime example of a sexy, young black man. Not to mention his dick, all 10 gorgeous inches of it which were now fully hard and being pumped by his hand as he watched Mr. X lay it to one of the bottoms- imagining his own self doing that.

He thought about the last guy he had fucked- Marvin. Almost six months ago now, Marvin was a friend of his and also a football player but over the years Tyrone had begun to suspect that the macho, tough acting Marvin may have feelings for men and when he tried to push him on it, he was found right. Marvin had succumbed to him and Tyrone ended fucking him a couple of times, enjoying it more every time. Marvin was quite submissive to him and Tyrone loved having someone who looked more like a top give up his ass. And it was those memories that he had with Marvin that kept him jacking his dick, moaning with sweet pleasure, getting closer to that climactic nutt. That’s when the door bell rang.

“Fuck,” Tyrone said, wondering who it could be this late. He quickly pulled some basketball shorts on and climbed down stairs, yelling, “I’m coming!” as the door rang again. Annoyed at having been interrupted, he gruffly unlocked and opened the door.

“Yeah?” he asked at the person standing there. It was a young guy, maybe 18 or 19 years old. He looked a little familiar.

“Oh hey Tyrone, I’m Max. One your brother’s friends,” he said and smiled, showing off some handsome, pretty boy features.

“Yeah, sure. Kevin ain’t around though.”

“Yeah I know. I’m really sorry to be disturbing you this late, I kind of need to pick something up from his room. Do you mind if I go up?’

“Nah man,” Tyrone said and let him in, “You know where it is?” he asked as Max was already heading up the stairs.

“Yep.” Max replied.

Tyrone watched him go up for a couple of seconds before heading up to the kitchen. He noticed the boy was wearing a white vest, denim jeans that hung very low and red boxers that seemed either a bit tight or Max had a phat ass because those buns of his were hanging out of the jeans. Ever the assman, Tyrone licked his lips at the thought of Max’s ass but quickly checked himself as he knew it was wrong in way too many ways to fuck with his little brother’s friends, or even think about them that way.

He got a glass of water and went back upstairs to his room. Max was standing in the middle of it and Tyrone was shocked to see him watching the gay porn on his computer.

“Yo shawty, what you doing in my room?” Tyrone asked, his voice raised and angry.

“Oh shit! Sorry Tyrone- I didn’t mean to invade-” Max said a look of fear on his face.

“Yeah ok, well you done now, so how about you step off.”

“Cool… just one thing though, I saw the porno playing as I was walking by, it happens to be one of my favorites,” Max said. Tyrone noticed he was looking down at his crotch, noticing the large imprint it made on his basketball shorts.

“Oh yeah? What you know about that shit son? How old are you?”

“I’m 18 Tyrone. Been for a few months. I knew you were home alone tonight, so I came around,” Max said, still looking at Tyrone’s crotch.

“To get something from Kevin’s room?” Tyrone asked, stepping closer.

“And yours too. To get something from you.”

“Me? What do you want from me shawty?” Tyrone asked. Max answered by stepping closer towards him, reaching out with his hand and softly pressing his palm against the big imprint of his dick.

“This,” he said.

Tyrone looked at him and smiled,”You sure kid? You know what you’re doing?”

Max didn’t say anything but dropped to his knees in front of Tyrone and began to feel him up by the side of his legs, rising up to the mid waist section where he unhooked his shorts and pulled them slightly. A hand went inside Tyrone’s shorts and pulled out his hardening dick, all black 10 inches of it and Max bit his lip once at the sight of it before he swallowed its fat head with a satisfying moan. Tyrone gasped for air as soon as he felt his pipe swallowed by young Max, appreciating instantly the suction he was getting on his dick head. He looked down at him and saw little or no reluctance, Max knew what he wanted and he was getting it.

Max licked the shaft up and down before plunging it into the back of his throat, forcing it to expand and still he swallowed before pulling out and bobbing on the top half of it. The variety he was using and the steady speed kept Tyrone moaning and biting his lips. Tyrone could tell Max was no rookie and clearly expressed it in the expert way he sucked his dick- it was obvious he’d done this more than once. When Max licked kissed and sucked on Tyrone’s ball sack, the young man had to do everything in his power not to nutt a fat load all over Max’s pretty boy face. But he knew how to hold it in and so he let Max do his thing, let him swallow and bob and that dick while he enjoyed the ride.

“Mom,” Max moaned as he deep throated all of Tyrone’s dick up to his pubic hairs and then pulled out, spit lines following his mouth. He did that again and Tyrone pressed his eyes tight, savoring and almost not handling the pleasure. Max pulled out and smiled mischievously- he did it again and again. Tyrone grabbed him by the head and began to fuck his mouth, driving that dick deep into his throat and causing Max to gag and slobber. When Tyrone finally pulled out, Max gasped for air like a deep water scuba diver and fell back a little on his hands. His face was covered with spit and precum but he wanted more dick. Tyrone walked over to him and grabbed him by the head again, forcing his massive dick into his mouth, challenging the obviously experienced young tease. Max could take it though, no problem. He let his head and neck loose as his head was fucked mercilessly by the riled up top and he held onto the powerful thighs that drove shaft first into his mouth. When it finally stopped, he moaned excitedly and pursed his lips slowly all over Tyrone’s steel pipe, his eyes looking up at Tyrone with devilish intent.

“Shit shawty, you’re one sexy hot boy,” Tyrone could only say as he savored Max’s lip service.

“Damn right nigga, you ain’t seen nothing yet though,” Max said and got up from his knees. He turned around and undid his jeans, letting them drop while at the same time he took his vest off. Soon as he was just in his tight boxer briefs, Tyrone could tell he was right all along. Max had a phat ass, nice and round, the type he loved in a bottom. His skin had a glow to it, caramel brown and soft- it looked almost silver in the dim light of the room. The boxers came off and Tyrone bit his lip when saw that sexy, caramel ass appear. Not a single bit of fat on this boy’s body, except maybe just in the right places on the ass. Tyron licked his lips. Max led the boxers drop and shook them off with his foot, then stood spread legged and back turned to Tyrone, letting him have a good view. Naked and vulnerable like this, Max knew that very few men could resist as he was at his sexiest.

Tyrone walked up to him, his dick erect and leading the way like a mast until it touched Max’s ass. He pressed his crotch against Max’s soft ass and ground slightly, with Max returning the motion by grinding his bubble butt against Tyrone, feeling his dick resting between his buns. Tyrone snaked his thick arm around Max’s chest and their bodies were pressed against each other, front to back. Max’s own dick was hard and pointing and he felt so horny and excited he knew that he would do whatever Tyrone told him. He felt the small stubble press on his face press against his neck and moaned as one of his fingers pressed against his nipples. Tyrone held him in his arms and pushed him against the bed. There he grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed him forward, making him fall on the soft mattress. Pinned down doggy style, he slapped each of his ass cheeks.

“Sexy ass,” he said as he kissed Max’s beautiful bubble butt. He licked in between the buns and slowly slurped his way down towards the middle. He spread apart Max’s ass cheeks and looked at that sexy hole looking up at him, before plunging his tongue into it to make it wet. Max moaned in encouragement as he bit his lip at the feeling of Tyrone’s twister tongue probe his booty hole. He reached around and pressed his hand onto Tyrone’s head, willing him to eat his ass. But Tyrone didn’t need any invitation and was already munching like a starved man, licking, kissing, sucking and blowing on Max’s hot young hole. His ass wouldn’t lay still and it bounced and gyrated in Tyrone’s face, responding involuntarily to the sexual feast it was receiving.

“Yeah nigger, eat that pussy!” he shouted encouragements as his mind lost even more control, letting his body be taken over by Tyrone. Ever since he had realized he was into guys, Max had been coveting Tyrone, lusting after him and trying to figure out he would fuck him. Max had known for a while that Tyrone was bisexual as Kevin had told him and now that the older top had him pinned down and his sexy lips eating his ass, Max felt a sense of fulfillment.

Tyrone picked Max up and flipped him over onto his back, where he dove into eating his ass all over again. Max’s face showed a slutty vulnerability that made Tyrone’s mouth water. But it was time to test the limits. Tyrone grabbed his hard dick and lined it up against Max’s wet hole.

When Max saw what Tyrone had in mind, he gasped in excitement, “Yes Tyrone. Fuck me!” he said and felt Tyrone respond immediately by beginning to shove slowly into him with his dick. Slowly he thrusted in and out to loosen up the sphincter muscle before plunging deeper into Max’s ass. Max felt himself open up and Tyrone’s fat dick pry apart his hole. It hurt at first, as it always does but he bore it out and both had clearly enough experience to make the least of the painful few minutes. The intensity of Tyrone’s thrusts picked up and soon he was slamming into Max’s ass missionary style and with little restraint.

“Yeah nigger, fuck that ass!” Max moaned and encouraged. Tyrone grabbed and placed his legs on top of his shoulders, getting a better angle and hitting high speeds as Max wanted. Pressed on top of him, Tyrone’s legs drove shaft into Max’s ass, using his hands as pillars as he fucked. Max was looking up at Tyrone’s face, seeing intensity and aggression in the top. He squeezed the bed sheets on either side of him, his arms stretched out like a crucifixion. His palms gripped the loose sheets with even more intensity as he felt Tyrone inside him hit certain spots, coupled with a load moan as Max couldn’t contain the feeling inside him anymore. Tyrone listened to Max’s moans with interest, noticing the constantly load pants and slightly effeminate yelps that told him Max was enjoying the sex. His face was screwed into a constant grimace of intense feeling, almost like he was in pain but the occasional quiver of Max’s lower lip told Tyrone that the bottom was in far more pleasure than any pain. Tyrone dropped one of Max’s legs and turned his body sideways, fucking him at an angle where he could really slam into him. Like this, Max was writhing on the bed with every pound of force Tyrone smashed into him, and his arms and hands scratched the mattress like he was possessed. Tyrone grabbed Max’s hovering knee, pulled his back straight and slowly, with his pelvis, pulled his dick out all the way to just the head was in. This slow exit made Max moan and even louder when Tyrone slammed it roughly back in, all the way to the hilt. This repeated procedure made Max loud with whimpering and moaning but Tyrone was just testing him, seeing how far he can be pushed. Once all the way in again, he carried on fucking him like this for a few minutes, before Max pushed him off him and out.

“On your back papi,” Max said. Tyrone got on the bed, his legs spread out and his dick pointing up at the centre like a sundial. Max got between his legs and crawled towards his dick, before licking it and swallowing it whole and deepthroating it, the whole time looking up at Tyrone in a sultry way.

“Damn!” Tyrone said as he saw Max swallow his dick. He never imagined one of his little brothers friends would be such a nasty freak. “Get that pussy on it boy,” he said. Max spat out Tyrone’s wet dick and held with hand while getting up on his haunches, he sat down slowly on to it. As it penetrated him once again, he closed his eyes and bit his lower lip in feeling. But once it was inside him, he began to buck and bronco, riding on the stick and bouncing his ass on Tyrone’s muscular thighs. His hands felt and explored Tyrone’s stocky chest, feeling the sculpted abs and pecks. Tyrone admired Max’s skills. He put his hands around the back of his head and knew that all the bottom needed to make it work was 10 inches of his dick. He occasionally slapped Max’s ass or told him to ‘giddy up’ or ‘ride harder’ as encouragement. Max listened and started to take control, he would grind his ass into Tyrone’s body with his dick deep inside him. He would get up on his feet slightly, their bodies only connected through Tyrone’s dick and ride smoothly on Tyrone’s shaft, his hands cupping his own ass or supporting him on either side of Tyrone’s body. He would lean forward and bounce his ass on Tyrone’s dick, making that phat booty clap and getting a few slaps from Tyrone as encouragement. All of Max’s tricks were making Tyrone go crazy and he started thrusting upwards with his own pelvis, meeting Max’s ass half way. He got up from his lazy, lying down position and embraced Max, while fucking him.

“Oh yeah! Fuck! Fuck me!” Max was moaning as his arms caressed Tyrone’s back and their chests were pressed against each other.

He kissed and softly bit Tyrone’s neck, feeling the hard black flesh against in his face as he moaned into it. Tyrone made Max cry out with every deep thrust into him and in one deep push, Tyrone lifted Max’s body with his powerful thighs, leaned forward and pushed Max onto his back. There the top didn’t stop, humping into Max’s body like an animal. He ground his dick deep inside him, their bodies tightly pressed.

“Yes! Fuck me Ty! Give it to me papi! Fuck that pussy!” Max screamed as Tyrone ruthlessly piled into him. His hands grabbed Tyrone’s butt and guided him as he drove deep.

Tyrone leaned back and picked Max up and flipped him over onto his stomach, he pushed his dick back in him and fucked him from behind. He held down onto Max’s head with one hand, slamming into him with rough aggression.

“You like that dick Max? Do you love that shit?” Tyrone asked as he powerfucked Max, who replied over and over ‘yes’ as he moaned in response to Tyrone’s brutal fuck. He grabbed Max by the small of his back and propped him up, fucking him doggy style. Tyrone looked down at the sexy, phat ass that was bouncing on his dick and wondered how he got so lucky. He slapped it playfully and messaged it and squeezed it as he fucked it well. Max rode back at him, meeting his dick with his ass bouncing. He dipped and arched his back, twisting his head back and looking at Tyrone’s sweaty body smash his ass.

Tyrone grabbed and pulled Max back, then leaned on top of him, collapsing the bottom till he was lying flat. Like this, he ground himself into Max’s body, fucking away hard, fast and deep into Max’s butt. He wrapped his arm around Max’s neck, holding him tightly and pounding him a new pussy. Tyrone moaned as he felt himself approaching climax. He loved this part of sex, when his lover and him would get so hot that very few limits existed.

“Damn boy, you got a sexy ass. I’m going to fuck you all night, I’m going to make you my bitch,” Tyrone whispered into Max’s ear, hearing the bottom moan in approval.

“Yeah Ty, this ass is yours papi. Keep fucking me like that, baby. Like that- oh! Shit! Oh!” Max moaned. Tyrone suddenly felt a tightening of Max’s pelvis and ass and knew that he had made him cum. That extra feeling put pressure on his own dick and he knew he was only seconds away from coming.

“Oh fuck I feel that shit!” Tyrone said,” I’m going to bust this nutt.”

“Yeah boo! Bust that shit! Get it on me! On my face nigger! Get it on my face,” Max moaned.

Tyrone pulled out quickly flipped Max onto his back and pulled his dick up to his face. He started nutting, yelling and grunting as he did, his eyes screwed tight as the pleasure rode over him. His nutt hit Max on his lips and open mouth, coating his pretty looks with thick white cream. Max moaned as he was sprayed with Tyrone’s precious seed, licking his lips and swallowing what he could find around his lips.

Tyrone fell back in a collapsed heap, groaning in satisfaction. Max got in between his lips and cleaned his dick, swallowing it deep and savoring the nutt and musk flavored dick. He licked his tongue around the head and looked at Tyrone in a seedy, sexy way.

“Well that was a nice surprise,” Tyrone said, still trying to figure out he got so lucky from being home alone with no plans and jacking off to fucking one of the freakiest niggers he’d ever met.

“I’m glad you liked it. I’ve had my eye on you Tyrone for some time- and I ain’t finished yet. I hear you got the house to yourself the whole weekend…” said Max smiling. Tyrone pressed his head onto his dick with his hand, encouraging him to carrying on sucking dick. He could only moan as Max swallowed his dick more and more, and think about all the rest of the night’s activities.

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