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Two’s Company – Three’s Better!

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We’d met only a few hours before as we stood in the Sex Shop browsing over the assorted sex aids, magazines, videos and other interesting things. She was about 30 to 35, tall, blond and very, very attractive. Her breasts pushed attentively forward into her tight sweater and she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were clearly visible. He was perhaps a few years older (about my age), slim, dark haired and, as blokes go, pretty good looking too.

We talked, somewhat self-consciously, for a while – about the things on display, but not directly about sex – but the innuendos were there – the double meaning and the body-glances. By coincidence, we didn’t live far apart and as we were both heading the same way out of town, I suggested popping into the ‘Coach and Horses’ on the way. They both agreed with enthusiasm and so that was where we met again and where the story begins.

Thankfully the pub was reasonably quiet and we found a secluded table where we made ourselves comfy. Within a short time the conversation had lost its’ inhibitions and had moved onto personal topics.

“We’ve only been married for a year” said Cathy, “but it’s been absolutely fantastic. For the first time in my life I’ve been able to get (pardon me for saying this) ‘fucked’ as often as I want. Christ, he’s good too. I shouldn’t say this, but he’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever had and he really uses it well”. Pete laughed.

“I’m not all that huge and as far as being good is concerned, darling, it takes two to make love well”.

“I’m delighted to hear you say ‘fucked’ and mean it” I said, “and if his cock is a big one, then why not be proud of it? As for enjoying sex with more than one person, why not – and I’d love to be there to see you being turned on. Anyway, what’s wrong with a threesome?”

“Nothing at all” grinned Cathy, looking at me, “that’s one way of having sex that really turns me on”.

As she spoke, her hand had rested on my thigh under the table and she began slowly but firmly running her hand up and down my leg, gradually getting closer to my groin, where my imprisoned cock was now beginning to strain against my jeans.

“How come Pete doesn’t mind all this sexy talk?” I said, “I mean, with someone as sexy and beautiful as you, I’d have thought that he’d be as jealous as hell”.

“I’m never jealous” said Pete, “simply because I know that the more sex that Cathy gets, the happier she is”.

By now, Cathy’s hand was firmly on my groin and I squirmed uncomfortably because my cock was doing it’s best to uncoil and Cathy’s hand wasn’t helping at all.

“I know this is a silly question, but what are you doing tonight?” I asked innocently.

“Well” grinned Pete, “Judging by the way you’re moving your arse, Cathy is getting a good handful and she won’t be happy until she finds out more – so although we didn’t have any plans, if you’d like to join us, then I’m sure that we can find something to do”.

Cathy’s hand moved slightly and then simply squeezed my, by now, uncoiled and erect cock, causing it to ooze copiously.

“Well, I’m more than ready,” said Cathy, “And Chris is too – he’s doing his best to split his jeans!” “No” I said laughing, “You’re doing your best to get my cock out of my jeans!”

My cock was by now so roused that my juices were pouring out and I could feel and see that a large patch of my jeans was damp where my cock was leaking.

“Look”, I said, “See what you’ve done?” Both Pete and Cathy looked over at my bulge. Cathy smiled, but it was Pete who spoke.

“Good God, it’s a long time since I saw anything so inviting” he exclaimed, “You’re making me all horny too – all that love juice coming out and being wasted. Have you ever tasted your own cum – I love the taste of mine – so does Cathy.”

“How do you get to taste yours?” I asked Pete.

“Well, when I have a wank I can bend over,” he said, “and I can lick and suck the end of my own cock. Actually, if Cathy’s not available then I usually make sure that I shoot my spunk into my own mouth too. Oh Hell, come on, let’s go before I cum in my pants.”

“Well, that shows that you’ve got a big cock” I said, “Either that or you’re a contortionist.”

Pete’s trousers, I noticed, were almost as damp as mine and his obviously hard cock was showing as a long ridge down his thigh and was causing him as much trouble as mine was. We got up to leave and fortunately the pub was by now very quiet, so we were able to hide our problems and, leaving my car in the car park, we got into theirs, while Cathy nipped off to the loo.

“How do you like your sexual encounters?” asked Pete, “I mean, are you straight or what?”

“As far as I’m concerned,” I said, “sex is something wonderful that happens between two or more people of either sex and so long as no one gets hurt and no one is offended then anything goes. I’ve had romps with men and women and I’m pleased to say that I’ve enjoyed it all – whoever does what to whom!”

“Oh, that’s good to know” said Pete, “because I’m very bi and I love to have a cock as much as I enjoy pussy.”

“That makes two of us” I laughed, “looks like it’s going to be quite a fun night!”

Pete’s hand reached back between the seats and felt for my leg. I moved forward to allow him to reach and rub my still hard cock. I’d managed to make it comfy and its hard throbbing length now rested down my thigh.

“Hey, that’s not fair” he said, as his fingers moved up and down my length, “I think your cock is even bigger than mine!”

Actually, we found out later that his cock was a shade longer than my 9″ and it was just as thick and firm and that he too was uncut.

“It’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it”, I said. Pete laughed. “So long as you let me suck you and put your cock up me and so long as you spunk a lot, I don’t care whose cock is biggest.” “Don’t worry” I said, “So long as Cathy doesn’t drain me I’ll make sure I’ve enough spunk left to fill your mouth or your arse – and you can do the same for me.”

Cathy returned and we drove off to their house, which was a detached semi-timbered property and set in a large garden. As the car stopped I got out and held the door open for Cathy. She climbed out of the car and embraced me, giving me a long sexy kiss. Her firm breasts rubbed against my chest while her hand reached my cock, which was still fairly hard – it immediately stiffened again.

“My God, you’re eager” she grinned, “Calm down a bit and let’s make things last.”

“I haven’t a hope of doing that,” I laughed, “Because of you I’m bound to cum quickly at first.”

“I wonder where you’ll shoot your first load of spunk?” she said, still gently massaging my hard-on, “Will it be up me, in my mouth or over my tits – or will it be in Pete’s mouth or up his arse?”

I laughed. “It’ll be in my pants if you keep on like you are! Come on, let’s get indoors.”

We entered the house and went into the lounge. Nicely furnished and dimly lit, it was cosy, warm and friendly. Pete, having showed me the drinks cabinet, went back out to put the car away and while I fixed some drinks, Cathy went upstairs to ‘slip into something suitable’.

Pete soon returned and I passed him his drink – I’d made us Jack Daniels with ice and a splash of Canada Dry. He tasted it as I supped mine.

“Great – tastes great!” he said, licking his lips, “I think you’re hired!”

“Couldn’t afford me!” I said as we both settled down on their long settee.

“Right,” said Pete, “Since we’ve already broken the ice, let’s get into action soon – I’ll put my favourite video on” .

The film was probably Swedish or German although it was silent as Paul kept the sound down. A well-hung stud and two girls were sharing a sauna. They were obviously all friends because before long the man started to massage the back of one of the girls. As he worked his way down her back and began massaging her buttocks, the camera showed his cock gradually stiffening. She turned over and his massage moved to her breasts, which he kneaded, causing her nipples to rise and stiffen. His stiff cock swayed perilously close to her pubic triangle, which glistened with moisture. Then, out of the steam, another guy appeared, also sporting a huge erection which he was gently wanking. He came and stood beside them watching the action and then, as if on impulse, the guy doing the massaging turned his head and opening his mouth, he simply engulfed the bloated end of the other guy’s cock. Leaving his massage, he transferred his hands to the long hard shaft and gently moved his hands back and forth, wanking the cock sensually.

The girl started to move out from under the first guy and she wriggled down until her mouth was able to start sucking on the equally stiff prick just above her. The second girl now came back into view. As she stood watching, her hand strayed to cunt and she began wanking herself – then, seeing an unoccupied cunt in front of her, she knelt down and stuck her tongue deep into the already liquid pussy of the first girl. The guy whose cock was being sucked and wanked by the first guy now bent over and started fingering the second girls’ pussy and then began to lick it. They were now, all four, engaged in sucking or licking a cock or pussy.

Obviously this was just the warm-up before the fucking started but before the video got that far, Cathy came back downstairs. All she was wearing was a purple-hued, slick, see-through body-stocking, which allowed her blond pubes and even her pink lips to show through and which held her full tits firmly – although her nipples now stood out well over half an inch. She must have been playing with herself because I could easily see the dampness of her cunt and she was very aroused. She oozed across the room and sat between us on the settee.

“Come on boys,” she husked, “Don’t just sit there. I need something done to me!”

Pete quickly led the way, sliding a hand inside her body stocking to cup her breast while his thumb played over her nipple. Cathy leaned over to me and kissed me, wet and sexy and, taking my hand, she directed it to her cunt. I rubbed her lips gently for a while before I undid the studs of her stocking, leaving her deliciously wet pussy totally exposed. I ran my fingers through her curly hair and between her lips, which parted and oozed with love juice. I located her clit and began to caress it gently. Her hips began to jerk.

“Oooooh yes Chris, keep it there! Don’t stop, please!” she moaned. “That makes me cum ever so quickly – Oh my God! Ooooooh yes, I think I’m coming already. Oh, oh, ooooooh, I can’t stop it, oh, here it is. Aaaaahh! Ooooooooh!”

Cathy’s arse lifted off the settee as her orgasm hit her. I carried on rubbing her and her juices squirted out over my hand and her thighs.

“Oh wow, that’s better” she said with relief, “I needed that. But that’s just for starters because you’re both going to fill me with your spunk before too much longer.”

As she spoke, she peeled off her body stocking and then began to undo my jeans, while Pete stood up and stripped off his clothes. As Cathy pulled my jeans and pants off, my cock sprang out, hard, stiff and leaking fluid which ran down the shaft as Cathy held it.

“That’s a lovely specimen,” said Pete, “Can I join in too?”

Cathy continued to wank me while Pete lowered his mouth over the end of my cock and started to suck. His tongue caused shivers of excitement to run through me and I knew that I’d be coming before long. Pete’s cock was now within reach so I began wanking him too. Cathy slipped out from between us.

“Go on you two, suck one another off – let’s get the first load out of the way, then you can both fuck me. You’re both so eager to cum that neither of you will satisfy me – you’ll both be too quick.”

Pete and I settled down into a 69 position with him above me and his cock now pointing down just above my mouth. I continued to wank his well-lubricated stiff length. His cock was now leaking even more fluid than mine did. As I briefly stopped rubbing, a steady flow of liquid ran from the end of his cock into my waiting mouth. I aimed the flow all around my mouth, enjoying the taste, as well as both the stickiness and slipperiness of his lubricating juice. All this time his hand and mouth continued to work at my cock, which was by now throbbing and I could feel those lovely tingles and shudders heralding my approaching orgasm.

Pete’s cock now lowered into my mouth and I sucked hard on his knob, which he now began fucking in and out of my mouth. We were both working hard to make the other cum first and I began to realise that he was winning.

“Pete” I groaned, “Don’t stop now, please don’t stop. I’m going to cum any moment now. Come on, keep going, I’m almost there – oh yes, here it comes! Its coming – oh yeah – oooooh yesssss – Oooooh! Uuuuuugh! Uuuuuugh!”

My hips bucked as my cock erupted. Great long spurts of spunk shot from my cock into his mouth, which he swallowed eagerly. Then, lifting his mouth away, he wanked harder on my cock, causing renewed streams of warm, sticky sperm to shoot into the air, to splash not only against his face but on Cathy’s too as she closed in to take part in the action. Spunk seemed to be everywhere and both Pete and Cathy rubbed it into their bodies and kissed to exchange spunky mouthfuls of my cum.

Pete now began fucking my mouth hard with his cock and suddenly I could feel it swelling and his body shuddered as he started to cum. Torrents of hot tasty spunk jetted out of his cock, filling my mouth to overflowing. I swallowed one big mouthful but there was more sperm still pumping from his cock. His cock pulled out of my mouth and I continued wanking him as jets of sperm splashed onto my chest and stomach. One squirt sprayed my cock and Cathy grabbed the stem and using his spunk as an additional lubricant, began to wank me again. My cock had lost little of it’s hardness and to my surprise I very soon felt that familiar throbbing and almost before I knew it, my muscles tightened and yet again, fountains of hot spunk shot from the end of my cock, coating Cathy’s face and breasts – and my own pubes. Before I finished shooting, she lowered her mouth to my cock and sucked out the last few squirts. Then she leaned over and kissed me, mixing her saliva with mine and with my spunk.

Pete had been wanking himself to keep his cock hard and as Cathy leaned over me, he moved up behind her and in one move, sank his full 9″ deep into her soaking hole. Cathy groaned as his length sank home – a groan of deep contentment and pleasure. I wriggled my way around until my face was under her cunt and then I raised my head and started licking at her clit while Pete’s cock plunged in and out, spraying my face with her juices.

It didn’t take Cathy long to come, her body shuddering all over, with her lovely tits shaking and shining with sweat. Peter kept on fucking at her cunt, making her come time after time as his cock and my tongue worked overtime.

“Come up behind me,” said Pete, panting rapidly, “Put your cock in me.”

I climbed out from under them and knelt up behind Pete. I smeared some KY jelly (which someone had thoughtfully put handy) over my already wet cock and used the rest to lubricate my own arse. I positioned my cock behind Pete’s bum and pushed the tip of my cock gently but steadily into his arsehole. Gradually the head of my cock slid in – a bit more pressure and then the rest of my cock was sucked in until all 9″ was fully embedded. So tight but so hot and welcoming! I allowed a little time for Pete to get used to my cock, and then I started to fuck him, slowly at first and then building up to a steady pumping. Obviously my efforts were helping to drive his cock deeper into Cathy’s cunt, enhancing the feelings for both of them.

Cathy was on a continual wave of orgasms and her cunt must have been gripping Pete’s cock like a hand eagerly masturbating his shaft.

Suddenly Pete shouted, “Oh yeah, I’m coming, I’m coming! Commmmming!” and his pulsating cock began to fill Cathy’s eager cunt with his hot spunk – so much so that it was soon pouring out around his cock, coating her pubes, thighs and arse. His orgasm caused his muscles to squeeze my cock and I too found myself on the brink of an orgasm.

“Pete, it’s my turn now – I’m going to cum – shall I leave it in or take it out?” I asked.

“No, don’t you dare take it out” said Pete, “Fill my arse with your cum, come on, fuck me, fuck me, fill me.”

I couldn’t have stopped then if I’d have tried and again my cock throbbed; my balls tightened; and spurts of cum flooded out into the depths of his arsehole.

“Yeah Paul,” I managed to say between urgent breaths, “That’s it! Can’t stop – can’t stop! Ooooooof! Ooooooof! Yeahhhhh!”

Squirt after squirt erupted into his lava-hot arse – even as I could feel his arsehole tightening around me.

“Oh, that was lovely” he said. “I could feel every jet of your spunk shooting up inside me. I wish you could do it again.”

“I’ll try, if you like,” I said, “I feel so horny that anything’s possible!”

“Let me out for a breather” said Cathy, “I’m fucked for now – you two carry on while I get a drink.”

With my cock still hard and embedded in Pete, he turned over so that we were face to face. Now his spunk-covered cock stood up as if from my groin and so it seemed natural to grasp his shaft and wank him as I fucked his arse again.

“Ooooh, oooh, ooooh,” groaned Paul as I pumped my penis into him, “Where on earth we managing to find all our spunk from?”

“Don’t rightly know,” I said as I continued to fuck his arse, “I guess it’s from sheer sexual excitement.”

Whatever was driving us, I was thoroughly enjoying my cock being so upstanding and so willing to erupt.

Cathy was enjoying our boosted sexuality too and she sat nearby, watching and rubbing her clit, occasionally caressing her breasts and nipples and sometimes plunging her fingers deep into her hot wet cunt.

Pete and I were both coming to the boil again, my hand working faster on his cock and my own cock pumped in and out of his arse. Not a word was said, but we both knew from each others’ reactions that we were about to come and as his cock jerked and jetted, so did mine – his cock pumping great jets of white sticky cum up as far as his chest and face and my cock filling his arse again, the excess cum overflowing down his legs and over my balls.

We disengaged and laid back panting, for a rest. Cathy had fetched some towels and we cleaned ourselves up before sitting back for a breather.

“Phew, that was fucking lovely” I said, “Cathy, I want to get my cock up you before I run out of steam – are you ready?”

“Take me” said Cathy, “I’m all yours, only this time let Pete fuck you while you fill me.”

“Can I?” asked Pete, his cock suddenly stiffening again “I’ve been waiting to fuck you all evening.”

I reached over and pulled Cathy to me with one hand while grasping Pete’s cock with the other – I even managed to give it a quick suck as we arranged ourselves. My own prick was again like an iron bar and was still oozing juices – maybe even more than before. Cathy got on her hands and knees and waggled her bum at me. Her arsehole almost winked at me but my target was below that – the peachy, furry, dripping slit between those damp, inflamed, inviting lips.

My cock settled itself between her thighs and I moved it backwards and forwards, rubbing it against her cunt and clit and causing her to quiver and shake with feelings of an oncoming orgasm. Her slippery liquids coated my penis; then I pulled away and used my fingers to ensure that it was well coated all over. I leaned forward again and my cock touched her between her pouting lips once more.

“Oh hurry up, put him in, I want to feel you inside me” she moaned, “I want it right up me – I want to feel your cum.” I could feel her pussy opening up and it was almost as if she sucked me in because suddenly my cock plunged deep into her, causing her to gasp with surprise and pleasure.

“Oh wow, that’s deep,” she cried. I pulled my cock almost completely out of her cunt and then plunged it back in again and again and again. For what seemed like ages I kept up a steady fucking while Cathy came, came and came again. Then, raising the tempo, I fucked her harder and harder until my cock seemed to shudder; stiffen even more and recoil…..and began firing vast loads of red-hot sperm into her willing cunt.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” I cried as I filled her up, “Oh yeahhhhhh! Oooooh yeahhhh!”

“Oooooooooh, I love it” she wailed, “Oh Chris, do it again, cum again, give me more!”

“Let me help this time” said Pete as he continued to stroke his dripping cock.

He climbed up behind me and I felt the head of his cock pushing at my arsehole.

“Don’t worry – I’ve used the KY,” said Paul as he pushed into me again. I relaxed my muscles and I felt the head pop in and then the rest of his cock slid easily deep into my anus, forcing my cock deep into Cathy again.

This time I was in the middle of the sandwich and as I fucked Cathy again, so Pete fucked me. I could feel his balls slapping against the cheeks of my arse. None of us could make things last for long, such was the sexual atmosphere. Cathy kept on coming time after time and her contractions and spasms finally overloaded my cock.

“Cathy – here it comes! My cum – you’re getting my cum! Oh god, oh yeahhhhh! Uuuuuuugh!” With a cry, I shot buckets of cum deep inside her – filling her to the brim. Then I pulled out and wanked the rest of my cum in streams all over her buttocks and back. Some of it ran back down across her arsehole and I was so tempted to use the slippery fluid to help my cock penetrate her arse. So tempted…..but I’d run out of energy now.

And as I came off, Pete’s cock also felt my spasms and in turn, he too groaned.

“That’s it – I’m coming! Right now – up your arse – ooooh, aaaah, oooooooooh! Uuuuugh!”

His balls tightened, his cock swelled and he shot what seemed like gallons of his warm and comforting lovely spunk into my arse. I felt every squirt of cum – I felt his cock pulse and I could feel his jets of spunk hitting the inside of my anus. His spurts filled me up, further lubricating my arsehole and his cock so that it now slid even more easily in and out of me. God, it was so horny! The smell of sex filled the air and each of us was bathed in cum.

We all collapsed in a heap and relaxed – all panting heavily as we recovered.

“That’s about all I can take for now” sighed Cathy. “Your big cocks have stretched my pussy and it’s so tender that it won’t stop quivering, so if you want to carry on, please do so, but I’m off to have a bath.”

Pete and I had a drink and a rest and we sat and talked about the previous couple of hours and about how horny we had been. As we sat, naked, so we gently caressed each other’s cocks and it wasn’t long before we were both hard again.

“I wonder if we could both get up one another at the same time?” asked Pete.

“Sounds Interesting” I said, “That’s something that I’ve never had a chance to try – yet.”

“Let’s have a go then” suggested Pete.

With a lot of twisting and turning and experimenting, we at last managed to line up our respective cocks and arseholes and then pulled each other closer and closer until our cocks both penetrated the others’ hole. Although our actions were limited, by using various muscles we were able to fuck each other. Rather than being a physical fuck this was almost a sensual fuck but the feelings we produced were so intense that we could feel each other winding up to cum. Moving just one muscle set off sensations in the other persons’ cock, which then responded – genuine positive feedback! We both knew we were about to cum and we kind of rushed to orgasm, our cocks pumping loads of spunk deep inside our partners’ body.

“Bloody Hell” exclaimed Pete, “I’ve never felt so horny – what’s come over us? I mean we’ve been fucking for hours and we’ve both come off so often we should be totally drained of spunk long ago and yet I feel quite ready to do it all over again.”

“Haha,” I laughed, “I didn’t tell you just in case you had objected and spoilt the evening, but I put something into your drink – and mine, when we were at the pub. It’s only something that I bought at the Sex Shop – something that makes you produce more spunk than you ever thought possible – harmless, but fun!”

“I wish you’d told me” grinned Pete, “I’d have taken a double dose – have you got any more?” “Plenty” I said, “Let’s have a rest for a while and then perhaps have another go.”

“Could I call a few friends round” asked Pete, “We could have a real orgy.”

“Why not” I agreed, “I’m game.”

So, while we had a few drinks, Pete phoned some of his friends and before long several promised to be round. There would be just enough time to make sure that all their drinks – and ours – had a measure of my elixir in each one! We were going to need it!

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