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Two Weeks of Leave Ch. 02

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I rolled off of Shea and pulled the blanket over us. I was in shock and didn’t know how to react. Not only had I just fucked my own sister, but on top of that, we just got caught by her 2 roommates. This was bad. As I struggled to find something to say, my sister spoke up calmly.

“Shit Megan, you were right. At the end there I thought I was going to black out.”

“I fucking told you!” said Megan excitedly. “Between his cock, his body, and his technique, I thought he was going to kill me!!” Suddenly, she started tearing off her clothes. “Move over. Watching you guys do it just now has me so worked up I can’t stand it.” She practically jumped in bed between us and started kissing me.

“Whoa, slow down. Hold on now, I need a minute here. ”

“Fuck that, I want it.” She practically shouted.

“Well, I just came twice, so I’m not ready either way. Can you please just give us a minute?”

“Fine,” she said. “Just don’t take too long.” She bent over and took my flaccid cock in her mouth, still covered in our co-mingled fluids and fresh from Shea’s ass. “I think I’m addicted now. You turned me into a junkie.” She jumped off the bed and grabbed Ashley’s hand. “Come on Ash.” Ashley was still standing there like a deer in headlights. They quickly went to Megan’s room and slammed the door. Instantly I could hear the mattress moving.

“Are they gonna…?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. All the time.” Shea replied.

“Do you ever…”

“Sometimes. When I’m drunk.”

“Wow, this is a strange day.” I said as I tried to think of how to talk about what just happened.

“Listen,” said Shea, “I know this is weird and a lot to process, but don’t get too worked up. I have been getting hotter and hotter since you came home, and I needed this. It was fantastic and I would love to keep doing it, but not if it is upsetting to you. I don’t want to get married to you, I don’t want to move to a new town so we can live in secret, I just enjoyed it and I want to keep enjoying it. If it’s too weird, that’s okay. You’re still my brother and I still love you. If not, fuck it. Let’s go for it.”

“So you’re okay with this?” I asked.

“As long as you are.” She said as she looked at me with loving eyes. “That’s more important.”

“I think so, but it might take a little while to soak in.”

“Well I don’t think Megan is going to wait.” She laughed.

“You’re okay with that, too?”

“Who cares? You’re not my boyfriend. Besides, we have a pretty open house.”

“So I hear.” We could hear Megan and Ashley next door going at it, and I unexpectedly started to stir.

“I have to use the bathroom. I have fluids leaking out of every hole. If you’re up for it, you should head in there.”

I rose up and went next door. I opened it slowly and saw the two girls side by side in a 69. I watched the two dancers’ sweaty bodies roll around together, with each girl’s face buried in the other ones crotch. The bedsprings cried out underneath the aggressive coeds as they licked, fingered and sucked each other wildly. The room reeked of sex, which made my nostrils flare, and the sounds of sucking and flesh slapping was an assault on my senses. Every now and then, one of them would let out a loud groan, which made my balls twitch. I was getting more and more turned on and absent-mindedly stroking my cock and bringing it back to life. I stood there for a few minutes until Ashley saw me.

“Um, hi,” she said.

Megan turned over and looked at me, “Are you coming?”

Ashley spoke up, “Megan, I don’t know if I’m ready for that. Joe is the only guy I’ve ever been with, and I am a little weirded out after watching them. I don’t know if I am comfortable with brothers and sisters…you know.”

“It’s cool, Ash. I don’t blame you. You should talk to Shea and let her know how you feel. I wouldn’t want to ruin your friendship. I’ll catch you later Megan.”

I went to Shea’s room to get dressed, and then I parked myself on the living room couch, alone with my thoughts. Shea came out and turned on the TV. Other than snuggling up against me, which was nothing unusual, she gave no indication that anything had changed between us. I think that is what made everything okay for me. If we were cool, then why not enjoy ourselves. We laughed about the sounds coming from Megan’s bedroom, and when the other two girls finally came out, Shea piped up.

“I’m starving. We were supposed to eat two hours ago. Let’s go.” Everyone sort of shrugged and giggled, and we left.

After dinner we met up with some of my friends at O’Reilly’s again, where I took some shit from my buddies for showing up with 3 hot chicks. Megan had called their friends to let them know where we were, so I said, “Wait a few minutes and the rest of their friends will be here.” Sure enough, five minutes later six smoking hot dancers walked in to the bar.

“Holy shit!” my friends said in unison, earning some smacks for some of them from their respective girlfriends. The girls crowded around my sister, Megan and Ashley, and gradually every single guy in the bar had moved closer to our little group. I guess nine of the hottest girls on campus have an effect on people. My sister noticed the migration, and we exchanged a sly grin.

Halfway through the night, Ashley found me and said, “We need to talk.” She dragged me to a corner and really looked upset.

“I am really struggling with what happened tonight. I have always been taught that it was wrong and it was really disturbing for me. I’m having a harder time, though, with the fact that watching you really turned me on. The fact that it was wrong made it even hotter. I don’t know how to feel.”

“Listen, Ashley,” I started. “I have always believed the same thing. Before today, I had never even looked at my sister like that, and until 6 hours ago, I had never even entertained the idea. I don’t know what happened between us today, but whatever it was we lost control and went with it.”

“I just don’t understand it. There are so many girls on this campus that you could take your pick from. Shit, after I saw you with Megan, I was probably going to fuck you. Now I don’t know.”

I looked her over just then and I hoped she wouldn’t change her mind. If Megan had the best body, Ashley was easily the hottest one of my sister’s friends. She had long curly red hair, and huge emerald green eyes. Her face had a youthful, elfin quality, with a freckled, lightly tanned complexion. She looked like a tourism poster for Ireland. Tall and almost waifish, 5’10 or 5’11, she had long, model perfect legs, nice wide hips, a tiny waist with a tight, flat stomach, and nice heavy D-cup tits that were almost too big for her frame and pointed straight forward. Her ass was hard and perfectly round with a shelf that looked like you could set your drink on it. But it was the way she carried herself that sold her. The other girls all flitted around on their toes like ballerinas. Ashley moved like a cat. A predator. Looking at her made my nuts twitch, and thinking about sex with this girl made me want to leave the bar right now.

“Oddly enough, I don’t even feel any guilt about today. We talked about it and we are both cool. I don’t know if it will happen again, but we’re okay either way. We’re not trying to start a relationship or plan for the future, we are just having fun until I leave. And yes, the fact that it’s wrong makes it hotter. If it bothers you, I will talk to Shea and we will work something out. I don’t want to affect your friendship.”

“Did Shea tell you that sometimes she and I fool around?”

“Not exactly, but between some offhanded comments, and then watching the two of you tonight, I know that there is more going on at your house than people might think.”

“All of us do it. All of the girls in our dance program. We go to their houses, they come to ours, we are all involved to some degree. Some of the girls are real lesbians and do it all the time, but typically we have little get-togethers where we let ourselves get carried away. I just don’t want you to think I am prissy or a prude. I love sex. It’s all I can think about since I saw you and Shea tonight. When I was in bed with Megan earlier, all I could see in my head was you.”

I sensed an opportunity, “What should we do?”

I think she knew it would come to this, and she just needed me to pull the trigger. “Let’s go.”

We snuck out of the bar and hurried the 3 blocks to their house. The bar didn’t close for a few hours, so no one would really miss us until then. We practically ran in the house and went straight to Ashley’s bedroom. She locked the door and spun around to kiss me. There was so much heat between us I thought I might blow in my pants. She was wearing a spaghetti strap dress, and she stepped away from me to slowly peel it off. I lifted my shirt off in return and dropped my pants. Standing in our underwear, we kissed again and I lifted her up and laid her on the mattress. I kissed her body all over, in random places before I unhooked her bra and settled on her breasts. They were perfect, with hard, dark, rosy red nipples. I tried to suck her entire left tit in to my mouth, while I slipped my hand in to her panties and started stroking her slit. I rubbed my finger up and down its wetness, then I slid my finger inside her. She gasped and reached in my boxers to stroke my cock. I pulled her panties down and licked and sucked my way to her pussy. She was waxed clean except for a fiery red landing strip. I licked the outside of her labia, then the inside around her hole. She moaned with satisfaction, as I continued making larger and smaller circles, until I gently pushed my tongue inside her. She wrapped her legs around my head and started balling her fists and grabbing the sheets. I thrust it in and out a few times, and then I licked upwards to her clit. She squealed at this and started lifting her hips up off the mattress in time with my licking. I gently massaged her clit with my tongue for a minute, and then started alternating from licking her clit to thrusting in her hole. I pushed my thumb inside her and started a full out assault on her clit. As soon as she started getting ready to cum, I pushed my middle finger in to her ass. I held on to her like that while punishing her clit when she wailed out her orgasm.

“I’m coming,” she said, almost in a daze, then she shivered and flooded my face with her juices. She was salty and musky, and I tried to swallow every drop. As her orgasm tapered off, I kissed my way up her body and kissed her. She grabbed my face and French kissed me with abandon. I positioned myself between her legs and eased my penis into her soaking wet snatch. It was unbelievably tight and burning hot. Thank goodness it was so well lubricated.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she repeated as I pumped in and out of her, slowly picking up the pace. She grabbed my biceps and locked her heels behind my ass, pulling me into her as hard as she could. In and out, I went steadily, then I rolled her on top of me so I could get better access to her fantastic body. My hands roamed free all over her as she rode my cock.

“God it feels so big.” She said as she ground her clit against my pubic bone. I lifted myself up and sucked her right nipple into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it and gently nibbled at it as she sped up her pace. All of a sudden, she pushed me down flat and lifted off my dick. She turned around sat back down on it facing away from me. She rode me reverse style while watching us in the mirror.

“This is my favorite thing to do. I can see your cock and your balls. I can watch the point of penetration and see how wide you are stretching me.” She cupped my balls and rode me hard for a while, then she shifted her position and leaned her body backwards on top of mine, never once severing our connection.

“Don’t you love fucking dancers? We can do amazing things with our bodies.” She rotated her hips around and turned her head to kiss me. I reached around to play with her clit, which caused her to lose her balance. I took my hand away and she screamed.

“NO, don’t!” Then she wrapped her hand around mine and held it against her clit. I flicked it faster and faster as she pumped her legs and lifted herself up and down on my rock hard dick. “Ngh, ngh, ngh,” she grunted as my cock threatened to tear her tight pussy. I rolled her over onto her hands and knees, and started caressing her ass as my cock slowly glided in and out. Man, what a perfect ass. I squeezed the cheeks and picked up my pace, then she ducked her head and started pushing backwards against me in time. Suddenly she was controlling the pace as we pressed harder and harder. She started grunting and whining as she got closer. When she was almost there, I licked my thumb and stuck it up her ass. I grabbed her left hip with my free hand and pounded in and out of her. I literally rammed her as hard as I could, while she slammed back to meet me. She lifted her head up and grabbed the head board, pushing backwards furiously, then she let out a wail. She came so loud I thought the neighbors might call the cops, which caused me to shoot my wad deep inside her. I removed my thumb and held on to her hips as I jammed myself in her cunt, shooting load after load straight in to her womb, and then panting we fell to our sides on the bed.

I kissed her shoulders and wrapped my arms around her, while she reached down between us and held me inside. I hadn’t gone soft yet, so I applied some pressure and rotated around inside her. She moaned at this and started gently playing with her clit. I placed my finger next to hers and let her set the pace. She gradually went faster and faster, my dick still hard and still inside her. She started frigging her button as fast as her fingers could, so I slipped out of her and positioned the head of my cock against her anus. She didn’t do anything to discourage me, so I pushed past her ring and popped the head inside. I pressed deeper and deeper until I hit bottom, and she reached her other hand between her legs to cup my balls. I thrusted my cock in to her ass, and reached up to pinch her nipples, I rolled them in my fingers as I fucked her little brown star until I felt my cum start to boil again.

She could feel my nuts getting tight and said “I’m close too. Wait for me baby.” I concentrated the best I could until I couldn’t wait any longer. Luckily she shouted, “I’m cumming again. Oh god, three times!!” Her muscles contracted around my dick and I latched on to her wide hips. I ground my dick hard inside her, and fired one, two, three thick ropes into her backdoor. She reached her hands up to the back of my head, and turned her head to kiss me as we both came.

“That was amazing. I never come more than once, and you made me come 3 times!! How did you do that? My whole body is tingling!! Shea can do what she wants. If it was me, I would kill her if she kept me away from your cock.”

“I just tried to do what I thought you would like.” I said, out of breath.

“Well, you just keep on doing what you’re doing. That was fucking fantastic!!” She glimpsed the clock at her bedside, “Holy shit, we gotta go. It’s 1:15!”


“Yeah, back to the bar so no one knows we left.”

“I’m pretty sure someone is wondering where we are.” I checked my phone, which had a couple of texts, a voicemail from my friend Mike, and one from my sister. They were all essentially the same. “Where are you?” Ashley’s messages were pretty much like mine. We quickly dressed and headed back that way. We decided to go to one of the other bars a couple doors down and just tell everyone we went there to be alone and talk. I don’t know why she wanted to keep it secret, but I didn’t care either way, so I went along with it.

We settled in at Abbey’s and I called Mike while she called my sister. “Hey, we’re at Abbey’s. I wanted to get Ashley alone to talk.”

“Are you going to close the deal?” he asked.

“We’ll see. She has a boyfriend.”

“Good luck.” He replied.

My sister and Megan walked in a couple minutes later. “Why did you guys leave?”

I kept up the fiction. “Ashley wanted to talk about you and me earlier today. She was having some issues with it. I think she’s okay now. You should probably talk to her.” She walked over to Ashley and Megan, who were talking animatedly.

“Holy shit, it’s so big!!” said Ashley. “I told you,” replied Megan. “I never came so hard in my life.”

“I came THREE fucking times!!! That never happens!” beamed Ashley. My sister threw me an incredulous smile. So much for keeping secrets. I piped up, “Hey, she wanted to rush back here so no one would know. I kept up my part of the bargain.”

“Sorry Jay,” said Ashley, “I hadn’t planned to say anything, but as soon as Megan walked in I couldn’t help myself. It was so good I want to tell strangers.” She motioned to the cute girl bartender. “Guess what? This guy just fucked me so well I thought it would kill me.”

Megan chimed in, “Yeah, he fucked me so hard yesterday I actually blacked out.” The bartender looked me up and down, turned around, and wrote her number on a napkin. She placed it on the bar.

“Maybe he can give me a call when you guys are finished with him.” My cheeks turned red as she blew me a kiss. Boy times sure had changed.

We walked out of the bar and headed back to their place. On the way, Scott called Ashley to see where she was. She said she was on her way home with the 3 of us, and he asked to come over. She said she didn’t feel well and wanted to sleep, but he could come if that was okay. He agreed to meet us there.

“I didn’t think it would be fair to sleep with him an hour after having sex with you.” She explained. We got to their house and once again the girls all took off to get ready for bed. I didn’t know what to do. I had slept with all three of them in a 24 hour period, and they all expressed an interest in doing it again, so I didn’t know where to go. I waited for a few minutes when Scott arrived. I let him in and we chatted briefly. He was a pretty cool guy. He was on the swim team and the soccer team, and we knew a lot of the same people. He was taller than me, and thinner, but he looked like an athlete. Ashley came out of the bathroom and hugged me goodnight.

“See you later.” She whispered in my ear, and they went to bed. Just then, Megan came out, and without a word, took my hand and led me down the hall. We walked past her room and straight into Shea’s. Shea was lying on the bed, completely naked with her arms stretched up over her head, arching her back and looking at me like a mouse that Megan the cat brought to the dinner table. I looked at her and smiled, and pulled my shirt over my head.

As I took off my jeans, Megan stripped down and climbed on the bed. She hovered over Shea and started kissing all over her body. I laid my hand on Megan’s ass and looked into my sister’s eyes. She had the same look of lust from last night, until she closed her eyes as Megan found her crotch. She moaned as Megan started her magic, running her fingers through the blond, dancer’s hair. I stepped back and admired the scene, appreciating just how perfect both girls were. How did I get here? I kissed Shea deeply, and walked to the end of the bed. I stroked Megan’s ass, and kneeled on the floor behind her. Gently, I started licking and nibbling her ass. I squeezed the rock hard backside and pushed my tongue between her cheeks. I licked steadily up and from her clit to her anus. She moaned into my sister’s pussy, and reached back with one hand to grab my head, while the other hand was 3 fingers deep inside Shea. We fell into a rhythm, as the two girls moaned in unison. I could tell Megan was starting to get close, so I stood up and positioned my dick over her moist gash.

Quickly, I slid it in. She gasped, momentarily lifting her head up with a loud smack, which gave Shea the opportunity to turn around. She wiggled underneath Megan’s body, and the girls started licking each other’s vaginas while I pumped Megan from behind. Occasionally, Shea would swipe her tongue along the bottom of my cock as it moved in and out, then she reached up and cupped my balls as they swung like a pendulum. Since Megan was already pretty close, Shea and I sped up our efforts until she tensed up and collapsed, her face still in her lover’s lap. No one had said a word. She rolled over away from us, and Shea started aggressively sucking my balls.

“Fuck my face. I want you to pound it hard.” I lifted one knee on the bed and grabbed the back of her head, driving my cock down into my little sister’s waiting mouth as she grunted in time. I leaned over her body and shoved my tongue inside her, and three seconds later she squealed out a muffled orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and climbed to the head of the bed. I laid my head on a pillow as the two of them basked in their post orgasmic glow.

Megan was the first to move. “I was a little skeptical that it could be as good today as it was yesterday. Fuck, I think it was hotter.” She straddled me and started kissing me hard. She ground herself against me for a second when I felt Shea’s hand on my balls. She dragged her gash back and forth across my cock a few more times, then lifted herself up and slowly lowered herself on to my dick, grinding downward in a corkscrew motion. It felt unbelievable. She settled in and started riding me when I felt Shea start to lick my sack. She licked it for a minute while Megan rode me, then lowered her mouth to my ass again. She tongued my asshole while her friend bounced on my dick, when suddenly Megan squeaked. Shea had unexpectedly pushed a finger in Megan’s ass, which caused her to stop bouncing up and down and start grinding back and forth. I reached up and grabbed Megan’s tits, tweaking her nipples, when Shea took her mouth away from my anus, and casually slipped a finger in there as well. I arched my back and concentrated on not blowing my load. She finger fucked both of us, while Megan and I fucked each other. Shea sucked my balls back in her mouth which pushed me over the edge.

“I’m cumming,” I cried, and Megan ground down hard. I tensed up and my balls exploded into Megan’s tight snatch, which brought Megan to boil. She screamed as both of our bodies shook and convulsed, then fell down, pressing our sweaty bodies together. Shea moved up the bed and planted kisses on both of our heaving bodies. She kissed me gently on the lips, and tried to kiss Megan, but Megan was, once again, passed out.

Chapter 2

Shea and I laughed at the fact that Megan was asleep. She kissed me again as our hands explored one another. “I don’t know Shea, I’ve had sex 3 times in the last 8 hours. It might take a while for me to recover.”

“Don’t worry about it, we can rest here for awhile. There’s always tomorrow.” We laid there gently stroking each other’s skin for a few minutes, when Megan started to rouse.

“What the fuck do you do to me? One minute my whole body is on fire, and then everything starts spinning and goes black. It’s better than Ambien.” We all laughed at that, as Megan joined us in feeling each other’s bodies. After some pleasant moments kissing and touching between the three of us, there was a light knock on the door.

“Are you guys sleeping?” asked Ashley.

“Come on in,” replied Shea. “We’re just hanging out.” Ashley walked in holding hands with a nervous looking Scott. Their eyes took in the sight of the three of us sprawled out naked entangled with one another.

“Jay, I told Scott what happened tonight.” She started. “He was mad at first, but I reminded him that we are broken up, and we have both been talking about having new experiences. He’s a little nervous, but I had an idea, and if you guys are up for it, we could all have a lot of fun.”

“I’m in.” said Megan, without even hearing the proposal. “What are we doing.”

“I laid some blankets out in the living room, and I thought we could all go lie out there for a little while.” Ashley said nervously. “Are you guys game?” I looked at Shea, and we both shrugged and got out of bed.

We headed into the living room, when Megan said “Wait!” and dashed in to her room. She came out with 2 little blue pills and handed them to Scott and me. “I am pretty sure you guys will need these.”

We swallowed them and sat down on the couches. Ashley turned on some music while my sister dimmed the lights. Megan, Shea and I were already naked, so Ashley motioned to Scott and they took off their clothes. I have to say, Scott was in better shape than me, and his dick was easily 2 inches longer than mine. He was rock hard with anticipation, whereas my dick was still a sleeping giant, even though I was anxious to see how things played out.

“What now?” I asked.

“I get Scotty the Hottie!!” said Megan, and she jumped in his lap and straddled him. “I have wanted this for so long, but Ash would never let me.” She said kissing him as she grinded against his hard cock. “Fuck it’s big.”

The rest of us just looked at each other and giggled. Ashley walked up to me and kissed me, grabbing my limp noodle, then turned and started making out with my kid sister. They kneeled together on the floor, and then started rolling around on top of each other. Moaning and panting, they intertwined their legs together and started humping rhythmically. Megan lifted herself up and inserted Scott’s dick inside her. No foreplay required, I guess. She rotated her hips around in a circle while licking his neck and his ears. Scott squeezed her ass and moaned. I looked back at Shea and Ashley and they were really grinding hard. Ashley rolled on top and looked at me. She wagged her finger at me and said come here. I kneeled on the floor beside their writhing bodies, and Ash leaned over and took my soft cock in her mouth. The pill must have kicked in, because he woke up right away. She slowly brought me to full hardness and let me slip out of her mouth. She lifted off my sister and pushed me down on my back to sit on my face. I licked her snatch up and down while she squeezed my head with her thighs. Meanwhile, Shea took my now hard cock in her mouth. Megan was really pounding hard on Scott’s dick, and my sister was watching them while blowing me.

“Megan,” she said. “Turn around.” Megan did as asked and sat down on Scott’s dick backwards. Shea moved Ashley off of me and the three of us crawled over to Megan and Scott. I spread myself out on the blanket with my legs under the sofa, and my sister mounted me in reverse, directly facing Megan. Slowly she started riding me while Megan leaned over to kiss her. Then, Megan leaned back against Scott’s chest while he held her firm tits, and Shea placed her mouth on the spot of their coupling. She licked up and down from his balls to her clit, all the while steadily riding my cock. Ashley gasped at this, and immediately re-mounted my face. As I ate Ashley’s pussy and tongued her ass, she leaned forward to touch Shea. She squeezed my sister’s tit with one hand, and played with her clit with the other. The whole time, Scott and Ashley stared into each other’s eyes. Ashley with pure lust, and Scott with gratitude.

The combined attention was too much for Megan and she came violently. She rolled off to the side, and Shea took Scott’s huge cock in her mouth. After a few strokes, she quickly moved from my lap to Scott’s. She sank herself down on his rigid pole and pushed a nipple into his mouth. This turned Ashley on even further, so she propelled herself forward on her hands and knees, and buried her face between Scott’s legs. I kneeled behind her, and slotted my dick in place. In one hard motion, I pushed forward deep into her hot, wet tunnel. I shocked Ashley with the unexpected contact, but right away she started rolling her hips against me. She pushed back hard, struggling to maintain contact with Scott’s groin. She alternated sucking his balls and pushing back on my cock. Shea moaned as her hips gyrated, grinding hard on Scott while he ravaged her tits and pushed a finger up her ass. Ashley’s orgasm steadily built until she screamed and bucked hard on my dick. She tensed up and then went slack. I slipped out of her and she turned around and kissed me deeply. She climbed up on the couch and pressed her body against the two of them, alternating between kissing them both.

I reached for Megan and laid down next to her. She looked absolutely worn out, but she kissed me back with some enthusiasm. I let my hand roam over her sweaty body, licking the salt from her hot flesh. I turned her over to spoon with her so she could watch the three lovers on the couch, then gently guided myself inside of her. I set an easy, relaxed pace because I knew her body was exhausted, but as she grew more and more aroused, she pushed back against me harder. Her movements were a little disjointed so I asked if she was okay.

“It feels fucking fantastic, but I am really getting sore. I should just quit, but this is the hottest thing I have ever done. I will NOT be the first one to leave a fucking orgy.” I chuckled at that and pulled my cock out of her. I adjusted my hips and put the head of my cock against her anus.

“Good idea,” she giggled, “that hole has been neglected tonight.” I pushed forward and filled her rectum, reaching around to play with her pussy. I pushed a finger inside her, then two, and slowly started pumping. She turned her head and shoved her tongue in my mouth, grinding her ass backwards hard. I pulled backwards with her pussy and started pounding away. I reamed her ass with all my strength, while she pushed backwards attempting to drive my cock deeper.

Scott grabbed my sister’s ass and lifted her up off the couch. As they fell to the floor together, he lifted her legs over his shoulders and started brutalizing her cunt. She screamed momentarily, until her screams were muffled by Ashley sitting on her face. Shea stuck one finger in Ashley’s snatch and another one in her ass. Ashley rode Shea’s mouth while Scott kissed her and sucked her tits. After a few minutes, she turned around facing away from Scott, and leaned forward to kiss Megan. I lifted my head and we shared a sloppy three way kiss. I doubled my efforts on Megan with my hand and my cock, pushing Megan to the brink. Meanwhile, Ashley continued to kiss and suck at Megan’s face, neck and breasts. Scott was pile driving Shea so hard he had her knees pinned next to her ears as she was lifting her hips off the floor with every stroke. He exploded inside her, letting out a primal scream, and she arched her back and came hard with him. Shea jammed her fingers deep inside Ashley, who wailed out her orgasm and collapsed her sweaty frame on top of Megan and me. That was enough for me and my balls started to empty themselves up Megan’s ass. Megan, in true form, shrieked and convulsed on my dick. She seized 3 or 4 times and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Using her cunt like a handhold, I yanked her hips hard against me and blasted her bowels until I was completely spent, and we both fell in a heap with Ashley splayed across the both of us. I went completely limp, while Megan, who looked unconscious, continued twitching involuntarily. We all laid there silently exhausted, listening to each other panting and trying to catch our breath, until Megan came to.

“Fuck, not again.”

Chapter 3

We all burst into laughter, while Ashley explained Megan’s blackouts to Scott. “That was way beyond anything I have ever done,” said Scott, “I’m still a little overwhelmed.”

“Are you alright with Jay and Shea?” asked Ashley.

“I don’t give a shit. Keep inviting me to parties like this and I don’t care who does what.”

I pulled a blanket around myself, as Megan and Ashley cuddled with me, and we drifted off to sleep. Sometime in the night I woke up to Ashley blowing me, so I rolled on top of her and we fucked quietly. Megan woke up and ran her hands along the muscles in my back while kissing Ashley. When Ashley came, I turned towards Megan, but she waved me off.

“Maybe tomorrow,” she whispered, “I can’t do it anymore tonight.” I fucked Ashley gently until I came, then rolled between them and went back to sleep. As I was fading away, I could hear Scott and Shea doing the same thing.

I woke up first the next morning and jumped in the shower. It was Sunday and my older sister Priya planned to come home today. I was washing my hair with something really girly, when my sister asked if she could come in. She sat down and peed, and when she was finished she climbed in with me. I rinsed out my hair and kissed her deeply. We squeezed our wet, naked bodies together, and she pushed back and looked at me.

“I still can’t get over this body. So different. Everything is so hard,” she squeezed my cock playfully, “everything.”

“You look pretty good yourself.” I said, and started kissing her again. It started to get hot and heavy when she stopped me.

“Plenty of time for that later,” she said, “I want to get going.” Disappointed, I quickly finished up and got dressed. Shea finished pretty quickly and we waved goodbye to everyone as we left. Priya was just getting there as we were, and she jumped out of her car when she saw us.

“Jay!!!” she squeaked, “I barely recognize you!!!” She hugged me tightly and looked me up and down. “You look great. I am so proud of you. Not just for this, but for last year too. I was so worried about you.”

“I’m proud of you, too.” I beamed, “Pretty soon you’re going to be a doctor. That’s pretty impressive. Smart and beautiful.”

“It must run in the family.” She replied. We went inside to get Laura and went to lunch nearby to catch up. Being early fall and still hot outside, there was no shortage of hot young girls walking around in short skirts and shorts. I got a fair share of flirty looks and the girls all noticed.

“Still getting used to that,” I said, “not that I’m complaining.”

“Jay has already been pretty popular with the ladies since he’s been home. My friends can’t get enough of him.” Shea said.

“Is that so?” asked my older sister. “Already getting lucky?”

“You would be surprised,” said Shea with a gleam in her eye. “He’s a machine.”

Priya and I are almost the same age, so we experienced puberty at the same time. We didn’t really have anyone else, so we discussed everything with each other. Since then, we have always been comfortable talking about anything with each other. On the way home, Shea and I discussed how she might react to what happened between us the day before, so we decided not to say anything. It would just be our secret.

We finished up lunch and went out to the lake to take out my dad’s boat. We got to the marina and I changed into some trunks I kept on the boat. It didn’t occur to me that they had been there for 2 years and were way too big for me now. I tied them really tight to keep them from falling down, and came out of the bathroom. I thought Priya’s eyes would pop out of her head.

“Holy shit, Jay!! You look like a fucking underwear model.” Her gaze roamed up and down across my body, and I could have sworn I noticed a devious little gleam in her eye. “That’s the best body I have ever seen. I bet you are seeing a lot more action now.”

Shea and Laura both stifled huge laughs the pretended to be talking about something else. Priya looked inquisitively at the other two, then put her hands on my chest and looked up at me.

“Let’s go. I want some sun.”

I cast off from the pier and took the boat out. A few miles out, I dropped anchor, and we cracked a few beers while I laid out up near the bow. Laura stripped down to an even smaller 2-piece than she wore yesterday and stretched out on the stern. When we were young, people often thought she was our older sister. She had thick, shiny black hair, almond shaped brown eyes and nicely tanned skin. My stepmother had been thin and wispy like Shea when we met her, but she had filled out some since then. She still had basically the same build, but now she was a little curvier and more mature. She worked out daily, so she still had a flat stomach and thin waist, but her hips flared nicely now, and her tits were nice and full in her bikini top. I stared at them for a moment, noticing her nipples were hard and poked through the fabric. She caught me staring and smirked at me as she stretched her arms over her head. She shared a look with Shea who looked at me with a smirk. Shea doesn’t like to tan, so she pulled on a big hat and read a book.

Priya didn’t have a bathing suit, so she stripped off her shirt and stood there in her bra.

“Is this okay with you, Jay? You’ve seen me in my bathing suit before and this is pretty much the same. I just want to get some color,” she explained.

“No problem,” I said, as Shea and Laura giggled at the familiar conversation. Priya stripped down to her cute white cotton panties and crawled up next to me. There wasn’t much room at the front of the boat, so Priya and could only fit if our arms and legs were touching. Her skin was hot and sweaty, and felt nice and slick against my body. I felt a familiar stirring in my loins, but pushed the idea out of my head.

“If I get too worked up, Shea will take care of me later,” I thought, “I don’t want to start thinking about Priya like that too.”

But I couldn’t help it. She had always been super hot, and the last couple years had not changed much. At 5’6″, she was shorter than Shea, and they looked nothing alike. She had blond hair, hazel eyes, a turned up nose, a light dusting of freckles, and a wicked body. Always a little curvy growing, she was considerably slimmer now from running. Still curvy, just fitter looking. She ran triathlons, so she was ripped all over, with sculpted abs and a rock hard ass. But the best thing about her was she had huge tits. They were double D when we were in high school, but all of the working out had shrunk them to a nice big D. I slowly inched my head around so the girls wouldn’t see, and looked at the length of her body. Sweat beaded all over her, and her body looked like it glowed. Between Laura and Priya, a tent started to grow in my boxers, so I looked away and turned on my stomach. I fell asleep for a while, and when I woke up, the girls were talking quietly in the stern.

“You’re up,” said Laura.

“Yeah, I drifted off there for a while.” I said.

“No,” laughed Shea, “she means you’re up.” She pointed at the huge hard-on pushing straight forward in my trunks.

I blushed a little and said “Don’t blame me. I’m trapped on a boat with 3 hot-ass, half naked chicks. I can’t control how my little friend responds.” Shea and Laura laughed while Priya smiled and looked at me shocked.

“Jay!” She said, “You said it was okay!!”

“Of course it would be okay with me. What kind of question was that?” I asked. “Gosh Jay,” I imitated her, ” I’m really fucking hot and I have a kick ass body, do you mind if I strip down to my underwear and lie down next to you in the sun?”

The other girls laughed and she scoffed at me, smacking my arm. “I can’t believe you!”

“Believe it.” I said, hoisting her up around the waist. She kicked and squirmed for a second, then I threw her over the side. She splashed down and screamed while the rest of us laughed hysterically. I bent down to help her back up, when my other sister slammed into me from behind and sent me head over heels into the lake next to Priya. Just as I surfaced, Priya pushed down on top of my head and dunked me under. We wrestled for a while, with me copping a few semi-innocent feels, when we started conspiring against the other two. I pretended to chase Priya back to the boat, and just as she started pulling herself up, I caught up to her and we both grabbed Laura and pulled her in with us. Shea ran to the other side of the boat, afraid that she was next. The three of us splashed and chased each other for a while, until Priya got tired and climbed back aboard to dry off. Laura and I were full of energy so we stayed in while my sisters chatted. We started wrestling and dunking each other, when one time I was holding Laura under the water, she pulled my trunks down to my knees. I let go to recover when she surfaced and swam right up next to me.

“Wow, you pulled those up fast,” she said quietly in my ear, “Too bad.”

What the fuck? There was no way I was imagining it this time. My stepmother was definitely hitting on me. I was dumbstruck when she reached out and cupped her hand over my semi rigid cock.

“I really wouldn’t have minded a closer look.” Confused, I couldn’t think of anything to say when the girls shouted they wanted to get going. We swam back to the boat and headed back to shore. Laura drove while I stared at her firm ass. I looked at Priya, noticing for the first time that her soaking wet underwear was almost completely transparent. I could see everything, almost as if she was naked. Her dark nipples poked through the wet bra, while the thin cotton of her panties was plastered against her skin, outlining her camel toe perfectly.

She noticed me staring and said, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” I pretended to look for an imaginary camera, and she laughed and threw something at me.

“What?” I asked. “I can’t help it.”

She laughed at me and said “Fine, but get a good look. Think of it as a welcome home present.” Then she stood up and posed for me, wiggling her boobs and turning around and shaking her ass. Man she had a good body. She exercised constantly, and it really paid off. “How’s that?” she teased as she bent over and looked back at me between her legs. I was practically looking right at her bare pussy. I could see her mound with its pink folds right through the sheer fabric. She giggled at my shocked expression. She stood up and pulled out her dry clothes as I shifted to hide my re-born hard on.

We tied up the boat and headed home for dinner. After we ate, Shea had to take off because she had class the next morning. Priya was off for a week, so she would be staying at home with me and Laura. We opened a bottle of wine and sat down in the living room, when Laura became suddenly very serious.

“Jay,” she started, “I was waiting for Shea to leave before talking to you about this. She already knows, but she gets very emotional when it comes up.” She sighed as I waited anxiously to hear what was going on. “You’re father and I are getting divorced.” It hit me like a bombshell. I wasn’t prepared for that at all, and the shock showed on my face. “Your father isn’t out of town on business, he just started a new job in Chicago. He is looking for a place to live down there.” Priya sat silently while Laura continued the story. “We didn’t want to tell you until you were home safe, we figured you had enough stress in Iraq to deal with this, too.” She looked at me and smiled gently. “We still get along fine and everything has been very friendly, but I am alone all the time, and when he is home he is just really cold and distant. I’m still young, and I deserve to be happier.”

“So what’s going to happen?” I asked.

“We will both continue to own the house. It’s paid off and we wanted to keep the place for you guys until all of you are settled in your own lives. If and when we sell it, the two of us will split any profits. Your dad has been very generous financially so I am mostly taken care of, but I will have to go back to work full-time. I was thinking about starting a spa before everything happened, and he still seems willing to invest with me.” It sounded as close to painless as possible, but it was still a shock to me. What was more shocking, was the fact that I was just relieved to know that Laura wasn’t going anywhere. I felt a little guilty, but I wasn’t as concerned about my father. We didn’t get along and I had barely talked to him over the last few years. This wasn’t going to affect our relationship at all.

We talked about it for a while, when Priya yawned. “I’m done,” she said, I’m going to grab a shower and get to bed.”

“I’m done, too.” I said, and we all bid each other good night. My parents had a huge master bath and Priya and Shea shared a bathroom at their end of the hall, while I always used a smaller one in the basement. No one ever wanted to walk that far to shower, so I had it all to myself. I washed off the lake, wrapped myself in a towel and headed back up to my room. When I got upstairs, I walked past the bathroom the girls used and noticed the light was on. The door was open a few inches, and as I got closer, I saw Priya standing in front of the mirror completely naked. It looked like she was examining her body, pinching her skin searching for fat. I couldn’t see any. I stood there frozen for a moment and watched the show she was unwittingly putting on, while my member slowly grew. She turned around and jiggled her ass, which surprisingly still had some bounce, and frowned. Then she faced the mirror and hefted her huge tits in her hands and shook them up and down. I must have groaned out loud or something because she whipped her head around and looked me right in the eye. She opened the door all the way, without bothering to cover up, and shouted at me.

“What the hell are you doing?!?”

I apologized, ” I was just walking by. I’ve only been standing here for an instant. Don’t be pissed at me, you should have closed the door.” She looked at my groin. My cock was at full attention, pushing my towel almost off my waist.

“Bullshit,” she said, pointing at my erection.

“You’re still naked,” I said, “What do you expect.” She put on her bathrobe and crossed her arms, propping up her tits. Then, she leaned against the door frame with a little grin.

“I was thinking I was getting fat, but I must look pretty good if I can give my little brother a boner.” she quipped. “Although,” she gestured at the tent in my towel, which I was holding up with one hand, “I guess my brother isn’t so little anymore.” She reached out her hand and squeezed my bicep, then ran her hand up my arm across my shoulders to my chest. She moved right up next to me and placed both her palms on my chest. She got up on her toes and whispered in my ear. “I know a secret.”

“What?” I asked.

She leaned in to me, touching our skin together. Her breasts pressed against my chest as the head of my rigid cock poked her stomach, separated only by our towels. “I know a secret about you, but no one knows that I know.”

I looked down to see the top of her ample cleavage pushed up through the robe. “What is it?” I asked. What was happening in my life? Was my sister hitting on me now? Have all the women in my family gone crazy? I looked at her dumbfounded and she just giggled coyly.

She shrugged with a smile, turned and walked away. “Ask Shea,” she said over her shoulder, “or Laura.” Could Shea have told her about everything that happened? Did Laura know? I stood there confused, watching her perfect ass wiggle away. She smiled at me one more time, then walked in her room and shut the door. I contemplated knocking and asking her what was going on, but I didn’t know where to begin. I went to my room, threw on some boxers and crawled in to bed. I was tired, but there was no way I could sleep. My mind was swirling trying to figure out what she was talking about, not to mention the fact that the whole encounter was unbelievably erotic, and my dick was hard as iron. After 15 minutes or so, I decided to go ask her what the hell was going on, when suddenly I was startled by a light knock on my door. Priya must have been coming to fill me in further. The door eased open slightly, and Laura tiptoed in.

“Are you awake?” she whispered. Her silhouette in the doorway was breathtaking. Her shape was nearly flawless and she stood in a seductive pose that made it impossible to think about anything else.

“Yeah. Can’t really sleep.” I replied.

She sat at the foot of the bed. “Me neither. I’m still wired from the day, and I’m concerned about how you’re feeling about our news.”

“I’m cool with it. You’re still going to live here, and dad was rarely here anyway. This doesn’t change my life at all. If you feel good about the decision, then I want what you want.”

“Really?” she asked with a sneaky smile.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I”

“I mean, do you really mean it when you say you want what I want?” Before I could respond, she stood up and pulled back the covers, exposing my swollen penis to the night air. She inhaled sharply, staring at it, and crawled in bed beside me. She pressed her body against mine and touched her lips against my ear.

“Should I tell you what I want?” Her skin was hot, almost feverish. Dressed only in a short, silky night gown, her skin burned against my naked flesh. She ran her fingertips down my chest and stomach, stopping below my navel. “Do I need to tell you?” I grasped her wrist and turned towards her.

“Laura,” I said sternly, looking into her eyes, which looked smoky in the dim light. “I am obviously really turned on, but I don’t think this is right.”

“It’s no different than you Shea.” So Shea had told her. I guess I wasn’t surprised. “You fucked your little sister, really well from what I hear. This is no different from that. Even better, we aren’t even technically related.” She wrapped her hand around my fat cock, and I didn’t stop her. “Besides, I think your friend here thinks it’s a great idea.”

She squeezed and stroked my dick, then started gently nuzzling my neck. I moved my hands on to her body, stroking her hips and rubbing her ass. I gave up trying to resist, helped her move her hips on top of me, as she rubbed her panty covered pussy across my hard cock. She moaned into my ear, as she glided back and forth, her wetness seeping through the fabric. I ran my hands up and down her back and kissed her deeply. Her lips were like fire, and her mouth seemed to melt into mine. I gripped the hem of her night gown and lifted it over her head. She held my face for a moment, then ran her hands down my sides. Without any words or warning, she reached down and pushed the crotch of her panties to the side. She shifted her body and my cock slid inside her.

I moaned loudly at the contact. Laura slid her body back and forth across me a few times, sliding in and out and kissing me hard. Then she sat up and dug her fingernails into my chest, grinding hard forwards and backwards on my engorged manhood.

“Fuck Jay. I see why those girls can’t get enough of this. It’s so fucking big.” She started rotating her hips as she continued to move back and forth, trying to find and touch every nerve. “Oh God. I might come.” I didn’t want her to come just yet, I wanted to make it last. I waited until she sped up and seemed like she was getting closer, and pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her back. She whined in protest.

“Shh,” I put my finger to my lips, “we have all night.” I kissed her face and neck, then proceeded to lick my way down her body. I squeezed her left breast and sucked on the nipple, then did the same to her right. These were the breasts I had fantasized about since puberty, and I wasn’t going to waste my time. I stayed there for a while playing with the firm, sensitive flesh, then kissed my way down her stomach. I lingered around the lower slope of her belly, then moved my way downward. I pinched the sides of her thong and drew them off slowly over her long, shapely legs. She had neatly trimmed thick, black pubic hair that I nuzzled and inhaled for a moment, before working my way even lower. I kissed and sucked along the insides of her thighs, causing her to moan and whine a little impatiently. I lifted her legs up one at a time and kissed the backs of her thighs, sucking on the lower crease of her ass. I shifted my attention inward and slowly licked the outside of her dripping vagina. It smelled so inviting that my mouth started to water and my body temperature rose in anticipation. I sucked her labia on the left into my mouth and moved it around with my lips. I released that and licked up the right side to her clit. She quickly drew in a short breath, and grabbed a handful of my hair. I licked at her clit sporadically, pausing from time to time to work the outside of her lower lips, which made her squirm and moan. She started to make small circles with her pelvis, while pulling hard on my hair. She kept trying to speed up the pace, but I deliberately kept it slow and steady. Every time it seemed like she was about to come, I backed off and slowed things down, which I could tell was driving her insane. I pushed my tongue inside of her and tickled her clit with my nose, which caused her to gasp and push her wet snatch into my face. I fucked her with my tongue for a while, then moved down to her cute little starfish. Other than the trimmed pubic hair on front, she was waxed completely hairless. As I moved back to her clit, I slipped a finger inside her hot box. Gently, I curled my finger upwards. The new sensation started a series of “oh’s” from her, so I added a second finger and sucked hard on her clit, never increasing the pace. She moaned and writhed in ecstasy, saying my name louder and louder. Finally, as she was nearing another orgasm, I stopped completely and slowly made my way back up her body. I soaked up the smell and feel of her soft, supple skin, stopping again to worship her nipples, and kissed her nose and chin.

“Do you feel good?” I asked.

“Oh God, Jay. I’m dying. Please. Please make me feel good. Please Jay.” I positioned myself at her entrance and rubbed the spongy head of my rigid cock up and down through her folds. She dug her nails into my back and gritted her teeth.

“God Jay. Please. Do it. Push it in. I need it. I need your cock inside me. I need to come.”

I teased her pushing the head of my cock inside her then withdrawing it quickly. Over and over I threatened to push it in, only to remove it. Every muscle in her body was tensed as she clawed at my ass with her hands and feet trying desperately to push me deeper.

I stopped moving. “Tell me what I want to hear.” I said.

“I want you to fuck me.” She begged.

“You’re married to my father. Who am I? Who’s going to fuck you?”

“My son. I want my son’s cock! Fuck me with that big dick. Please me better than your father ever did.”

I gripped her hips hard, pinning her to the mattress, and looked into her eyes. She was practically snarling at me as she broke the skin on my butt with her fingernails. For a moment, our bodies seemed frozen, suspended in a ready position. I lightly kissed her lips, and then I entered her. She screamed out loud as her body shook. I pulled back slowly, then bottomed out inside her again. I repeated this rhythm, back slow then deep push, a few times, when she pulled me close and squeezed her thighs together.

“Oohhh!” She shouted. “I’m cumming! Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohh…!!!” She wrapped her body completely around mine, lifting herself up off the mattress and came. I cupped her ass and held on, completely supporting her weight while she hung in the air. She pulled at me, trying in vain to get even closer to me, her hot sweaty skin glued to mine. Her orgasm lasted over a minute, then I laid her down and started again. Now that the first orgasm was passed, I abandoned all control and pounded her hips into the mattress. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders, and she locked her heel s behind my neck. Using all my strength, my cock pierced her repeatedly, slamming her down with every thrust. She grabbed my ass, trying to add to the force of my impacts, and grunted in time with my penetration. She rolled her head back and screamed loud again. I shifted my knees, lifting her ass up off the mattress and continued my assault. She reached between her legs and started furiously fingering herself while I roughly squeezed her tits. I pinched her nipples hard and she pushed her pelvis hard against mine. I lost it at that point and exploded inside her.

“Oh God!” she said, “I can feel it pumping!” This proved to be too much for her, and her body locked up and she cried out to the sky. My steel rod felt like a fire hose, as her pussy contracted around it. I blasted her insides as she crushed my dick in a vise, until the last shot left me and I smothered her with my weight. She bit into the flesh on my shoulder as she rode out the last twitches in her cunt, then went slack.

–to be continued

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