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Two Mummys

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It hadn’t been one of those messy breakups that you hear about on soaps, or in woman’s magazines, actually after 20 years of marriage we had just grown apart. It was a gradual thing, slowly over the years I had changed but my husband didn’t want to change with me. I found as I entered my 30s that I wanted to try things, open my mind to new ideas, experiment and live a little. I felt that now our son was no longer a baby and he wasn’t so dependant on me that I could think about myself for a change, do things that I wanted to do.

He was almost eighteen so I thought it would be good if Jim and I went out more because we no longer needed a sitter, thought it would be good for our marriage to ‘date’ each other like we used to. But Jim seemed to want to just stay at home and watch TV, it was like he was ready to retire already and I felt like I just found a new lease on life.

So I started going out with my girlfriends instead. I would ask him again and again if he wanted to go see a movie or go clubbing or anything but he would just say it was a waste of money when we could watch a DVD at home and he didn’t like the same music as I did so I kept going out with ‘the girls’ and after awhile I just stopped asking him.

I was having a great time going out, sometimes with a group of girlfriends and sometimes just with my best friend Maggie. I was feeling like a teenager again and as Maggie had split with her husband a few years ago, she never had to worry about getting home early. We had been best friends since high school and were always close but then after a night out and drinking a little too much our friendship took another step. One minute we were laughing and being silly on the couch talking about which guys we thought in the club we had just come from were fuck-able, and the next we were kissing. Not really sure what I said or inferred but suddenly Maggie just kissed me on the lips and I didn’t push her away or freak out, I just kissed her back and then it was full on…..pashing and groping. Her hand was on my breast squeezing it as she kissed me. And that was how it all started, our girls nights out carried on but after each night on the town we ended up back at Maggie’s and I discovered I enjoyed her more than the boring predictable sex I got at home.

My husband was starting to get annoyed at me always going out but when I said to him ok come out with me, there would always be some excuse. I didn’t want to stop going out and I didn’t want give up my love affair with Maggie either and with so many arguments we both agreed that we were just too different from each other now and decided to separate. Jim worked long hours so without going through the courts and having to drag our son through a nasty divorce we just worked it out ourselves and we agreed it would be better if Josh stayed with me during the week and stayed with his dad on the weekends we shared the school holidays. Neither of us wanted to disrupt his school routine and wanted to make things as stress less as possible for him. Jim earned good money and had agreed to give me enough so that we could live well. Through it all we were still friends but realized we had just grown apart and were too different from each other now. Josh took the news pretty well, I’m sure he was upset but just went quiet and of course he had heard all of our arguments so it wasn’t that much of a surprise.

I stopped going out every night not wanting to leave Josh home alone, instead Maggie would come over every night and we would go out Friday and Saturday nights when Josh was at his dads. I hadn’t told Jim about my affair with Maggie, in fact no one knew I was bi, so when Maggie came over every night we would just watch a movie and talk while Josh was up and then after he went to bed we would make love in the privacy of my room.

I was enjoying my new life, sex with Maggie was incredible compared to what I had been used to and I finally didn’t feel like I was being held back from being the person I truly was, I could just be myself all the time. Luckily Josh liked the same type of music I did so I always had it up loud and it was so good not having to hear complaints about it as Jim didn’t share my taste in music. As well as getting closer with Maggie, I was spending a lot more time with Josh and once we all settled into our new routine we started getting on really well. Josh could see I was a lot happier now and more fun, I wasn’t always on his back about stuff. I treated him more like an adult and an equal. I even let him have some friends around for a small party for his 18th birthday and as a show of my trust, I went out for the evening with Maggie. I could tell he really appreciated me giving him some space. I felt like we were closer now than we had ever been.

I’m not sure when Josh started to realize what was going on between us, but then he was 18 now and not stupid. I guess he started putting things together; little things like Maggie would sometimes playfully smack my butt as she walked past, or we would both comment on how hot we thought Halle Berry was while watching her in a movie. Perhaps it was how we would always have a spa together or maybe just our body language. But once he was suspicious there was more than just a great friendship going on, he decided to try and catch us out. He would sneak out when we thought he was sound asleep and we were watching a movie. Not sure just how many times he might of overheard us or seen us embrace as often we would kiss and touch while on the couch before we made it to my bed.

Unbeknown to us this became my sons source of masturbation material, instead of being shocked and disgusted at the thought of his mother being with another woman, it turned him on big time and after sneaking a peek at us or standing in the hallway outside my bedroom door listening to our love making, Josh would go back to his bed and masturbate and cum thinking about it.

My sex life with Maggie was great, she was kinky and we did things that I had never done before but I was loving it, taking in all the new experiences like a sponge and craving more. Jim had never wanted anything more than a blow job and vaginal sex, he didn’t even give me oral sex very often, but my wild girlfriend tried everything with me. She didn’t just lick my pussy, she would carry on and lick all way along my ass crack and tongue-fuck my asshole too and put her fingers inside both my holes at once. I had never felt such intense pleasure and she made me cum again and again night after night. She also introduced me to her strap on dildo and I loved it, we would take turns on using on each other. I felt naughty and kinky but so alive when I was with her that I wanted her to move in and live with me permanently but I wasn’t sure how Josh would take the news of finding out his mother was bi.

I decided it was best to just sit him down and talk straight with him, even though Josh had only recently turned eighteen, he was mature for his age and I had treated him as an adult ever since my separation. So I thought I would just discuss the situation with him and see if he would be ok with Maggie moving in. I hadn’t asked Maggie yet because if Josh reacted badly then I wouldn’t ask her. Of course I loved Maggie very much, but my son had to come first. Josh was unpacking his backpack after being at his dads for the weekend, when I came into his room.

“Hi Josh. How was your weekend?”

“Oh hi mum. Yeah it was ok, just hung around and played play station with dad.” he replied, looking up and giving me a smile.

He really had grown up to be a good looking young man, I couldn’t help thinking to myself as I smiled back at him, sitting down on his bed.

“Josh, I need to talk to you about something really important. Can you sit down here next to me for a minute?”

“Sure mum.” and he sat down looking right into my eyes.

My mind wandering again, I noticed how sexy and haunting my son’s eyes are, then scolded myself in my head telling myself to focus on the task at hand.

“Josh, its kind of hard for me to talk to you about this sort of thing, but um…well since your dad and I broke up…I um…..” hesitating and finding it hard to look him in the eye “Well, how can I say this……I have needs son and um well…..”

“You mean sex mum? Is that what you’re trying to say?” Josh said in a matter of fact way.

I blushed a little “Yes. What I’m trying to say is that……”

“That you need sex?” said Josh, interrupting me “Does that mean you are going to start dating again mum?”

“No. Well sort of um, well its just that I want to have sex with someone that I love very much but a lot of people would think is wrong and we would have to keep it a secret from everyone else.” as a sign of reassurance I put my hand on Josh’s leg, I was doing it as a symbol of trust and closeness but unknowingly I was sending him the wrong message.

Josh smiled and moved closer to me. I was trying to tell him about me and Maggie but all he heard in his mind was that I wanted to fuck him. He thought the fantasies that he had masturbated over many times were about to come true.

“You mean you want to fuck m…..” he was about to say me, but I interrupted.

“Maggie…..yes I love her and I want to know if it’s alright with you if she moves in?” I thought I was finishing his sentence but I was wrong.

“Maggie? Oh I see.” his tone changed and he moved back away from me again.

Josh stopped looking at me, I thought he was upset to learn that his mother was bi but I couldn’t be more wrong. I could see he was upset but I had the reason wrong.

“Can you go now mum? I have homework to do.” his tone was telling me he didn’t want to talk anymore.

“I’m sorry Josh. Please don’t be mad at me. I know it’s a bit of a shock to find out your mother is bi, but it won’t change our relationship. I love you and you always come first. Just promise me you will think about it ok son?”

I went to give him a hug but he pulled away, so I got up and walked towards his door.

Josh got up and held the door handle waiting for me to leave so he could lock his door and be alone with his thoughts. I was out of his room and standing in the hall with my back to him as Josh was closing the door and just as I was about to walk away he spoke.

“So, if you are bi mum, does that mean you still like men too?”

I turned around to face him and smiled, “Of course I do son.”

“Good, because you look like you could do with some cock!” and with that he shut the door and locked it.

I just stood there stunned for a few seconds. I shook my head thinking I heard wrong; Josh had never spoken to me like that before. I knocked on his door and tried the handle but it was locked.

“Josh? I can I come in? We need to discuss this.”

He ignored me and after trying and knocking a few more times, I gave up and walked away thinking its best to leave him in peace for now so he can process what I just told him.

I was feeling bad and Maggie was coming over soon. I decided just to leave Josh to his own thoughts and talk to Maggie about the situation. She might have some ideas of how to smooth things over. I loved her but I wasn’t going to lose my son just so I could be happy.

Meanwhile back in his room, Josh was feeling shitty, it wasn’t news to him that I was bi; he had been masturbating thinking about me and Maggie fucking each other for months. He was shitty because he thought I was about to tell him that I missed sex with a man and I wanted him and now he felt rejected and stupid and pissed off all at once.

He was turning things over in his mind, if Maggie was to come live with us maybe it would be a good thing because he might get to see us doing things more often but it could also be a bad thing, his fantasy of me one night coming into his room to fuck him will never happen if my lover moves in. He needed a plan. Staying angry at mum wasn’t going to achieve anything, he knew that….so he had to be sneaky….it had worked for him before convincing mum that he needed a computer for his school work when he mostly used it to download porn and chat and cyber.

His door was still locked, so he put on his headphones and listened to his recording he had made of me and Maggie one time when we had been at it late at night thinking he was asleep. Josh had got up to pee and heard our moans and decided to record us to use to masturbate with. He unzipped and started to stroke slowly putting the recording on repeat as he hatched a plan to get his mother to fuck him. Listening to me and Maggie moan and pant and fuck always got him to cum and soon he came into a pair of my panties that he had taken from my room earlier. As his orgasm subsided and he wiped himself clean, the plan came to him. He would tell me he was cool with Maggie moving in and be all sweet and nice to everyone but he would work on seducing Maggie….if I get to fuck her, I will get to fuck mum….he thought to himself and grinned feeling damn pleased with himself for hatching up this great plan.

Meantime Maggie had come over and I had told her what happened, she was very understanding and reassured me it was cool, she would just keep things as they are at the moment, come over every night but go home late except on weekends. We were just hugging as she wiped away my tears when Josh came in the kitchen where we were. I looked up at him and smiled a weak smile wondering what he was thinking. He smiled back and came over and gave me a hug.

“It’s ok mum. It’s cool. I’ve thought about it and I don’t mind if Maggie comes to live with us.” he said calmly.

“Really son? You are ok about it?” I was beaming and trying not to cry again from happiness. Maggie was smiling too.

“Sure it’s cool, I can have 2 mums.” he said smiling at Maggie and then he hugged her too.

Maggie and I stared at each other in mild disbelief, seemed too good to be true, but we weren’t about to complain.

“Oh Josh, thank you for being so understanding. You have made your mother very happy!” I said beaming “I think this calls for a celebration. I’m going to order Thai takeaways.” and I gave him a peck on the cheek and went to ring up to place the order.

“I will go pick it up Marie.” said Maggie “I want to collect my toothbrush and a few things for tonight.”

“Sure Maggie. Thanks Hun.” I felt very excited at the thought of my lover sleeping with me tonight without having to be so secret about it.

“I will come with you Maggie.” said Josh “If that’s ok with you that is?”

Maggie glanced at me and we both realized he must want to talk to her about things which is perfectly understandable

“Sure Josh. I’d be glad of the company.” replied Maggie and off they went.

I set the table and got out nice wine glasses, this was a celebration for me.

On the way to Maggie’s place the conversation was very much small talk, but Maggie could tell Josh had something on his mind. So on the way back from picking up the Thai food, Maggie being the frank and forward girl that she is just asked him outright

“Josh, if there’s something you want to ask me or say to me, just say it. I will keep it in confidence.”

Josh turned to look at her “Do you like men as well Maggie?”

She was driving but turned for a moment and looked at him to reply.

“Yes of course I do. It’s just hard to go back to the dating scene you know, too many losers out there and after my divorce I want to be with someone I know and trust.”

“Hmmm ok fair enough.” Josh said thoughtfully “Um how about younger men, have you ever thought about dating them?”

“Yeah actually I’ve thought about it a lot, but what young stud is going to want to hang out with an old bi chick like me?” she chuckled trying to make Josh laugh as she pulled into our driveway and turned off the car.

“You would be surprised Maggie. A lot of us younger guys like mature women.” he answered leaning in and kissing her on the cheek quickly then getting out of the car carrying in the Thai food before she could respond.

Maggie sat there for a moment pondering over what Josh said and remembering what I had told her about what had happened when I tried to tell him about me and her being lovers. Maggie was starting to click and being the kinky girl that she is the vision of a threesome with mother and son flashed into her head and a wicked grin appeared on her face.

We all had a lovely dinner with a nice bottle of wine and toasted each other to our new family group and I was just so happy seeing the two people I loved most in this world smiling and getting along so well.

After dinner Maggie and Josh insisted I go sit down in the lounge and put my feet up and relax while they cleared up and did the dishes and made coffee. I wasn’t about to say no, so off I went leaving them two alone in the kitchen. Maggie wanted to see if her instincts were right and if she was reading Josh’s body language correctly. She made a point of reaching around him to get the coffee cups as he was washing the plates, making sure her ample breasts brushed against his back. She was so close he could smell her perfume and then when she kept reaching over him to get the coffee and teaspoon and anything else she could think of when they both knew very well she could easily have got them without touching him. She was enjoying teasing him and then we she ‘accidentally’ brushed her hand across the back of his jeans.

“Opps sorry.” she said, giggling. It made him sigh and that was her cue.

She stood right behind him and whispered in his ear.

“Do you need any help with anything?” she said in her sexy ‘come to bed’ voice and she reached around and rubbed his cock thru his jeans, discovering that he was already aroused and hard.

Josh moaned at her touch and turned his head to look at her but the kettle had just boiled so she winked at him and moved away to finish the coffees. Maggie left him to finish off the dishes and brought in the coffees to the lounge. Josh decided to dry the dishes as well, not because he was trying to please me but more because he needed time for his hard on to go down before he walked in the lounge. He was so turned on by the idea of maybe Maggie would let him fuck her that it wouldn’t go down and he was still semi hard when he came in and sat with us as we drank coffee and chatted. We talked for awhile then Josh excused himself and said he was going to his room to go on the computer.

Not long after that Maggie and I decided to go to my room, well actually now it was our room and I wanted to make love with her, I was so happy about how things turned out. Maggie had a shower and put on this sexy nightie she had brought from her place when she had gone home earlier, she looked fantastic in this dark red lingerie, low cut and see thru. I gave her a kiss and squeezed her tit then went to have my shower. While I was in the shower Maggie went to Josh’s room to flirt and tease some more. He had left his door ajar on purpose hoping Maggie might pay a visit. She opened it and stood in the doorway, the hall light making her nightie even more see thru, there wasn’t much left for the imagination.

“Just wanted to say goodnight Josh.” she said teasingly and walked over to him at his pc.

He was sitting at his computer without his shirt on watching porn and didn’t even bother to close it down or hide the fact that he was watching it. Maggie glanced at the pc and grinned.

“Marie is in the shower. I thought you might need something before I went to bed, after all if I’m going to be your other mummy I should be looking after you. Shouldn’t I?” she spoke in her naughty sexy tone. She was leaning over him while he sat at the pc, her big tits almost falling out of her nightie.

“Ohhh yes mummy I do need something.” and he reached up and groped her left tit, squeezing it, making Maggie moan a little. Then she pulled open the top of her nightie exposing both her big tits and leaned in more so that they were right in front of Josh’s face.

“I think my boy needs breastfeeding hmmm.” and she didn’t have to say it twice.

Josh hungrily started sucking on her right breast while groping the left one and Maggie reached down and rubbed his hard cock. He was already unzipped as he was hard from watching porn and had unzipped to be more comfortable. He groaned as she reached in and rubbed him with just the thin fabric of his boxers between his cock and her hand. Then they heard me go into the kitchen to get a glass of water to take to bed with me and Maggie pulled away from Josh’s mouth on her tit and gave him a quick kiss and said goodnight son and left him there hard and throbbing.

Josh was so turned on and horny now he didn’t even bother to get up to lock the door. Maggie had left it ajar like she had found it. He started masturbating right there at the pc, not even watching the screen anymore, actually he closed his eyes and was imagining fucking both his mummy’s in a nasty taboo threesome. He was stroking hard and about to cum when I walked in to say good night and what I saw was my son stroking his cock hard with his head back and his eyes closed and I heard him speak out loud.

“Oh yes fuck me mummy.” and he groaned as he came.

He came hard and it shot out fast all over his stomach. I said nothing and left quickly hoping he hadn’t seen or heard me. I was kind of shocked with what I had heard him say and I wanted to talk to Maggie about it thinking she might have some good advice but when I got to my room she was already in bed waiting for me and I could tell she had sex on her mind. I locked my door and came to bed. We kissed and fondled and even as I was enjoying the foreplay my lover was giving me the image of my son masturbating kept appearing in my mind. He had a nice big cock, I shouldn’t have noticed but I could help it and when I closed my eyes that’s all I could see was my sons big cock and his cum all over his stomach. It had been awhile since I had been with a man and I hadn’t realized I had missed it until now, I wanted a cock inside me again. Maggie and I would often role play when we had sex so I asked her if she could pretend to be a man today and wear on our strap-on.

She said “Sure honey, but on one condition.” and gave me her most wicked grin so I knew it was going be something kinky “I want to be your son and call you mummy.”

I looked at her with a shocked expression “Maggie! That’s so naughty even for you.” She just grinned at me.

“Oh come on Marie, it’s just a game. Don’t you want to play with me anymore ……..mummy?” she teased kneeling on the bed with the strap on attached. She rubbed the plastic cock coaxing me “Come on mummy. Please suck my cock mummy?”

She looked so sexy and naughty and I was so horny now I wasn’t going to turn her down so I joined in her game.

“Oh yes son let mummy suck you mmm such a big boy you are now.” and I started to lick and suck on her plastic cock. Maggie was loving this role play, her little fun with Josh still fresh in her mind.

“Oh I love you mummy can I suck on your sweet pussy now mummy? Show me where I came out.” she giggled.

Neither of us was aware that Josh was listening outside our door the whole time, wearing just his boxers now and hard as a rock even though he had recently just came.

“Mmm your pussy tastes yummy mummy.” said Maggie after licking me until I gushed into her mouth.

“Come up here and let me breastfeed you now son.” I was enjoying this game too now. She crawled up and lay on top of me sucking on my tit hungrily. I closed my eyes and I was moaning softly in pleasure “Oh yes. That’s it son mmm suck harder. Yes oh… Josh …..Oh yes!”

She stopped and looked at me “You called me Josh!” she grinned at me “Oh you are a very naughty slutty mummy aren’t you?” she giggled.

“Yes I know I’m a very naughty mummy, but he’s got such a nice cock. I just can’t stop thinking about it.” I felt guilty and turned on at the same time.

“Oh you’ve seen it recently have you? Hmm naughty mummy.” she said cheekily but not wanting to confess what she had been doing earlier.

“Yes, just a little while ago. I accidentally walked in on him masturbating and it looked so good mmm.” I admitted.

Josh almost came in his boxers hearing me use his name while playing with Maggie and knowing that I had seen his cock turned him so much. He wanted to come in and join in this fun game, he quietly tried turning the doorknob but the door was locked, so he continued to listen to us and now he was slowly stroking in the hallway outside our door. He didn’t even bother to be discreet, just pulled down his boxers part way down his thighs and openly stroked his hard cock; he was secretly hoping to get caught.

Maggie was really enjoying role-playing as my son, she kept calling me mummy and was talking dirty to me, getting me all worked up

“Oh mummy I want to fuck you. My slutty mummy mmm. I want to put my hard boys cock up your cunt mummy.” and she began to fuck me with the strap on making me moan in pleasure.

“Ohhh yes fuck me son! Mmm yes, pound your hard cock into me Josh! Ohhhh yes!” I was loving this game now and I could picture my real sons cock in my mind and as she fucked me I began to wish it really was Josh inside me as I came hard. Maggie kissed me as smiled as she saw in my expression that it was a good orgasm. Then she thought the timing was right.

“Wouldn’t it be even more fun if Josh was really in here with us Marie?” she asked slyly.

“Maggie! You don’t mean that do you? It’s against the law you know……incest!” I was trying to sound shocked and disgusted but in truth it was what I was thinking too.

“No one would have to know Marie. I wouldn’t tell and I know Josh wouldn’t, so who’s going find out? She was trying to convince me.

“Yeah I guess, but how do you know he would even want to? I mean he might think I’m sick or something. I couldn’t stand it if my son was disgusted in me; he doesn’t know about our domination games. I don’t think I could tell him about all that.” I was unsure, but definitely thinking about it.

“I know for a fact that he would love it Marie. He told me himself he likes mature women.” Maggie didn’t want to reveal what she did with Josh just yet.

“He did? Really? Hmm he told you this when you went out earlier?” I wanted to tell her what I saw and heard him do.

“Yes. I think we should ask him to join us, maybe tomorrow night.” she was pushing me for a yes answer.

“Hmm I don’t know Maggie. I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

Josh had been listening to our whole conversation and was close to cumming.

Maggie knew I was close to giving in and just needed a bit more persuasion. She started to rub my clit and all around my pussy.

“Aw come on Marie. Admit it, you would like his big hard cock in here pounding away hmm?” she coaxed me “I know you would baby. Mmm think of it…..young…..hard….cock mmm filling up your sweet pussy with all that yummy cum for me to lick out of you.” she said in her most seductive voice.

That was too much for Josh, the thought of cumming inside his mother’s cunt then watching Maggie eat it out pushed him over the edge and he came, he came all over the hallway carpet. He grunted as he came and both Maggie and I heard him, stopping our conversation and looking towards the door.

“Oh fuck!”

We heard him curse as he looked at the mess he just made on the carpet and he rushed off to get a towel or something to clean it up. Maggie and I both got up and went to the door, I unlocked it and opened it and then we both saw the cum on the carpet just as Josh came out of the bathroom with a towel. He froze when he saw us, not knowing what the fuck to do or say now. I froze too, wanting to say something but unable to get any words out. Maggie was her usual kinky self and leant down and scooped up some of Josh’s cum off the floor with her finger and then sucked it off her finger.

“Mmm nice.” she said cheekily and grinned at Josh. He blushed and wanted to just run and hide but it was like he was frozen on the spot just waiting to see what I would say.

“Maggie!” I was stunned by what Maggie did, I stared at her grinning face and then at Josh who still hadn’t said a word, just standing there holding this towel. Then Maggie got on her knees on the floor.

“Come closer Josh. Bring that towel here and I will help you clean this up.” and then shocking both me and Josh she started to lick up his cum from the carpet. Josh took a couple of steps closer and handed the towel to Maggie and mumbled quietly.

“Sorry mum.” while looking down at the floor, too embarrassed to look me in the eye.

Maggie wiped up the rest of his cum and then stood up wiping her mouth with the towel too.

“Mmm nice, but I’m sure it would taste better without the furry carpet!” she giggled and pulled a bit of carpet fluff from her mouth which looked so funny all three of us laughed. It broke the tension; we all needed to laugh to ease the moment.

“I think you should come in and sit down. We need to talk about this Josh.” I said motioning him to come and sit on our bed. Josh sat and noticed the strap on dildo was still on the bed where Maggie had left it, his eyes glancing up at Maggie and she grinned at him and he smiled back.

“Josh, I guess you heard everything we said in here? Is that right?” I asked.

“Yes mum. I’m sorry but I was listening at your door the whole time.” he sounded sorry, but I think it was he was just sorry that he got caught.

“Well I’m sorry too, I’m sorry that you heard all of that. Do you have anything to say about what you heard son?” I was hoping he wasn’t disgusted with me.

“Um…..well….um ….only that Maggie was right.” he replied coyly looking at Maggie, causing her to smile back at him.

“Right? Right about what Josh?” I questioned.

“Right about everything mum…..and right about that I wouldn’t tell anyone…ever!” he looked at me now, looked me in the eye and I could see desire in his eyes.

I looked at Maggie, then back to Josh, my mind racing wondering what I should do and say as both of them were looking at me waiting to see my reaction. I made a split second decision and promptly got up off the bed and stood right in front of Josh.

“Come here Maggie, come stand beside me.” she jumped up and stood next to me both of us looking down at Josh staring up at us in our lingerie. I looked at Maggie who was smiling and looking excited, I think she guessed what I had decided “Strip!” I said to her and then I took off my nightie, as did she.

Josh gasped as he stared up at his naked mother and her naked lover. He had never seen a fully naked woman in the flesh before, only in a porno. He was in fact a virgin and he had only got as far as feeling up a girl, sucking on a few tits and getting a hand job at this party once.

I put out my hand towards Josh and Maggie copied me, he took our hands and we both pulled him up towards us. I placed his hand on my breast and Maggie put his other hand on hers. He squeezed us both and smiled like a little boy let loose in a toyshop, so many things to play with.

My sons hand felt so good on my flesh for the first time as he fondled me. I could see he was as hard as a rock even though he had already cum twice tonight, his cock was making a tent out of his boxers. I had seen his cock once before tonight but now I wanted to see it again and I wanted to touch it. I took his hand off my tit for the moment and placed it on Maggie’s other tit so that he was playing with both of hers and just when he was wondering why I made him stop touching me, I knelt down and pulled down his boxers.

Josh moaned when I touched his cock, if he hadn’t just cum recently I’m sure just my hand being on his cock would have made him squirt his seed in my face as I stroked his cock, touching it for the first time since he was a baby and I had to bath him. Oh my, he sure had grown, I thought to myself as I slowly pulled on this big piece of meat. I made this beautiful cock. I didn’t want to get him too excited too fast, so I stopped stroking him and stood up again.

“Excuse me a moment Maggie. Sorry to interrupt but I just need to kiss my son.”

I took his face in my hands and kissed him. He instinctively took his hands off Maggie and put them around my waist. We kissed as lovers, a long passionate kiss. Maggie smiled watching us, she could see by our kiss the love we had for each other and then something dawned on her. She motioned me to come closer to her as I pulled back from kissing Josh.

“I have to talk to you about something Marie. Come into the bathroom with me?”

“Ok. Lie down on the bed son, I will be right back.” and I followed her.

“Marie, I think Josh is a virgin and I think for his first time you should have him by yourself. It should be you that takes his virginity. I can sleep in his bed tonight.” she whispered in my ear.

I smiled at her, she is so damn thoughtful, no wonder I love her so much I thought to myself.

“Thank you Maggie, you are wonderful. I love you baby.” and I kissed her passionately.

We went back into the bedroom. Josh was lying there in the middle of our bed. He was naked and hard, excited and nervous. Maggie picked up her nightie and came over to Josh and gave him a kiss and left us. I got on the bed with my son.

“Where’s Maggie going?” he asked

“Maggie decided that I should have you all to myself tonight, for your first time.” I said as I was rubbing his bare chest with my hand caressing him.

“Oh ok mum……..yeah to be honest I would rather it was you that took my virginity because I love you mum.” he looked a little nervous and I smiled reassuringly at him.

“I love you too son………I love all of you.”

I began kissing his body, kissing him all over. I started at his neck, kissing and nibbling on it, moving down his chest, kissing as I went. Kissing his nipples and flicking them with my tongue, sucking on those cute little nipples of his, moving down kissing his tummy and playfully licking inside his bellybutton making him squirm……it tickled. Looking up and smiling at him then continuing to kiss down to his cock, kissing all the way along his hard shaft, then sucking on the tip, making him moan as my mouth closed around his cock. Then I pushed my mouth down, drawing his cock deeper into me yum his pre-cum tasted delicious on my tongue. He looked down at me as I sucked on his cock, my head bobbing up and down as I got him to fuck my mouth, I loved it. So good to have a real cock in my mouth again and so wickedly naughty for it to be my sons cock. I could have sucked and sucked until he came but I wanted more so I slowed down and then stopped and gave his cock another kiss then went back to kissing down his body.

Josh was panting and his cock was throbbing, I could see more pre-cum oozing out as I kissed down his legs to his feet. I kissed each toe, then went back over them and sucked each one individually too. I didn’t just want to fuck my son; I wanted to make love to him. So I took my time. I asked him to roll over; he looked a little puzzled but did so. Then I kissed up the backs of his legs and kissed his cute bum, lots of kisses there and rubbed it and caressed his nice tight ass. Then as I knelt in between his legs and he lay on his stomach squashing his hard cock into my mattress, I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them open as far as I could and just as Josh was wondering what the fuck I was doing, I leaned down and licked all the way along his ass crack. Up and down my wet tongue went from his ball sack to the top licking making Josh moan in pleasure and it felt fantastic to be licking my son like this, was making me so wet. I flicked the tip of my tongue around his hole and rimmed him. I could hear his heavy breathing as I was working my tongue on him. He gasped and groaned as I then pushed the tip of my tongue right into his tight virgin hole. He had never had anything except in own finger in his hole before and now his own mother was tongue-fucking it. I darted my tongue in and out invading this most private place. And he fucking loved it, he started moaning.

“Ohhh mum…. ohhhh fuck… ohhh yes!”

I thought he might cum on my bed and I didn’t want to waste his cum, so I stopped and then gave his ass cheeks a squeeze again and then kissed up his back to his shoulders until I made it back to his neck where I had started. I whispered in his ear

“Did you like that son? Did you like your mummy kissing you hmm?”

He rolled back over on his back.

“Oh God yes mummy! That was so good!” he was still breathing hard, trying to regain control of his body.

His cock was still twitching. I lay next to him.

“Cuddle up here with mummy son. I want to breastfeed you.”

Josh quickly got into position lying on his side next to me, my arm around him and he had his hand on one breast and was sucking on the other. He looked so sweet suckling on me like that. I stroked his hair as he sucked on me.

“Mummy loves you Josh.” I said as I ran my fingers thru his hair.

His hand that had been playing with my breast wandered down to my shaven pussy. He began to rub it and I opened my legs to allow him better access. His fingers exploring, he soon found my clit and was rubbing on it as he sucked harder on my nipple. It was making me moan. Then he stopped sucking my tit and sat up a little, then shimmied down the bed and got between my legs. I opened them as wide as I could to give my son a good view of my pussy. He started to play with it; using both hands he pulled open my pussy to expose all my pink bits and was rubbing me with his finger tips. Then he pushed the tip of one finger into my hole making me moan.

“Is this where I came out of mum?” the innocent tone of his voice made me shiver with excitement. He pushed another finger in. “Right here mummy? Out of this lovely pink hole? Is this the place I was born mummy?” his fingers going in and out of me and this childlike talk drove me crazy.

“Ohhh fuck ohhhh yes son …..Yes!” I was moaning and close to cumming.

Josh looked up at me and grinned. He may be a virgin but he had seen enough porn to know I was totally turned on and very wet and he wanted to be inside of me but he also wanted to taste me too. So he did, he just pulled open my pussy and dived in, licking and sucking and I exploded. It felt like I was on fire as this huge wave cascaded through my body and I came for the first time into the mouth of my young son. It was amazing, my whole body shook as I gushed cum into his hungry mouth and he devoured it, savoring this new taste sensation. I was panting still as he lifted his head up from slurping up my cum and smiled at me.

“Mmm so tasty mummy…… mmmm yummy!”

I almost screamed at him, it was a demand not a request “Oh fuck me son! Fuck me now!”

His face was wet with my cum as he smiled at me. These were the words he longed to hear from me, the words he fantasized about and now he was hearing them for real from his mother.

“I need you inside me now Josh! Fuck me son! Fuck your mummy!” I was so hungry for his cock now.

He got on top of me and tried to push his cock into me, but he wasn’t quite there so I helped him and guided him into me. I looked up into his eyes to watch his expression as he entered me for the first time, experienced the feeling of the inside of a pussy squeezing his cock for the first time. He looked elated and he groaned, he was full of lust and desire and his instincts took over and he started moving in and out of me, fucking me.

I was moaning, loving it “Yes Josh! That’s it baby, give mummy your virginity. Oh yes, good boy. Fuck me son mmm.”

I was already close to cumming again. His big cock felt so much better than a plastic one and looking up into the eyes of my own son made me feel so naughty, so wicked, so slutty, and so nasty, I was incest fucking and loving every second of it.

He couldn’t hold back much longer “Yes mummy. Take it! Take my virginity. It’s yours mum. Ohhh mum!” he groaned and grunted as he came “Ohhh fuck!” he exclaimed as he shot cum deep into my cunt.

It made me cum too, the sensation of my own sons cum filling up my pussy brought on my wave of orgasm. I moaned as my own cum mixed with his inside me. He collapsed on top of me and I held him close and kissed his forehead as we lay together catching our breath. Josh slid off me so that he was now laying with me side by side, he felt a little light headed which isn’t surprising seen as he had cum three times tonight.

“Wow mum that was fantastic! Even better than I thought it would be.” and he turned on his side to face me and his hand just gently caressed my breasts. I smiled at him, enjoying his touch.

“Yes Josh, it was wonderful. You are a good lover son.” and I gave him a little kiss.

“Speaking of lovers mum, what about Maggie? I feel bad I kicked her out of your bed. Can I go and get her now?” he said with concern.

“Well I thought you might want to sleep with me tonight Josh. Do you?” I wanted him to feel wanted.

“Yeah I do mum, but you got a big bed. Can’t we all sleep in here?” and then he added a little shyly “Um I kind of would like to watch you together.” giving me a sheepish smile.

I grinned back at him “Of course son. Go and get her. We can all sleep together tonight and I’m sure Maggie will be more than happy to give you a little show. She is a wild thing!”

I didn’t have to say it twice, he jumped up and ran to his own room, still naked walking around our house like he’s always done it. He found Maggie in his room, not asleep in his bed as he sort of expected, but naked at his pc watching some of his porn and fingering herself.

“Hey, Maggie. Does my other mummy want to come back to her own bed now?” He asked cheekily as he stared at her masturbating.

She looked up at him and smiled, not feeling even a little bit embarrassed about being caught masturbating.

“Sure babe, love to. I hope you haven’t worn her out too much because I want a turn.” she giggled as she got up from the chair “Or maybe she has worn you out hmm?” she teased as she ran her finger down the middle of his chest all the way to his cock.

Josh blushed a little “Nope mummy. I’ve got lots of energy!” and he grinned at her “I was hoping you would do something for me mummy?”

“Sure babe…..and what would that be?” she questioned.

He leant in and whispered in her ear “Could I watch you lick my cum out of my mum….please?” and he blushed again.

Maggie grinned, wickedly at him “Mmm yum.” was all she said and walked off naked down the hall to our room with Josh following closely behind. Not too close though because he was enjoying watching her big butt jiggle as she moved.

I was still lying naked on my bed, now recovered and just thinking about what just happened. Feeling a little guilty, a little naughty, but mostly just really happy and satisfied. Maggie walked in and didn’t say much.

“Hi honey, open up!” as she got on the bed and motioned me to open my legs. I did of course and Josh got on the bed too down where he could see what Maggie was doing.

“Mmm yummy!” said Maggie as she paused to look up and then stuck out her tongue to show Josh as it had a big blob of his cum on it. Then she swallowed it and dived in for more. That was enough to get Josh hard again.

Maggie was licking and sucking my pussy making sloppy slurpy sounds and damn it felt good. I had already cum many times tonight but Maggie’s expert tongue and knowing she was eating my own sons cum from my cunt was such a turn on. As well as all that I could see my son was turned on again, his hard cock was twitching as he observed Maggie expertise. I moaned and my body arched as I came again into her mouth and she sucked that all up too. Then as my orgasm faded Maggie sat up.

“Mmm your cum tastes very nice Josh. I’d like to taste it direct from the source if that’s ok with your mother?” and she looked at me for approval. What could I say… was kind of too late to act all offended by anything now.

“Sure baby, I think it’s safe to say now that we are all lovers now and Josh wants to sleep in here with us tonight. Just go easy on him you vixen!” I said cheekily.

Maggie got up and moved over to Josh

“Lie down babe.” she said pushing him down on the bed.

She kissed him hard, her tongue tasted of his and my cum, he hadn’t tasted his own cum before and it freaked him a little but as my cum was the more prominent he hungrily accepted her tongue in his mouth and kissed her back just as passionately. Then she pulled back looking down at him giving him her wicked grin that I love.

“Oh you don’t really want me to go easy on you, do you Josh? Hmmm?”

He shook his head.

“No mummy. Do want you want to me!” his face looked eager, he wanted to learn, to do everything and anything. Maggie jumped off the bed and went to our dresser and opened the draw we keep all our ‘toys’ in. She brought back some handcuffs and some silk scarves that we use when we play bondage games.

“Maggie……I’m not sure he’s ready for that kind of thing yet!” I was being protective of my son.

I needed have been concerned because Josh just grinned and held his arms above his head wrist to wrist. This boy was keen! Maggie smiled and gave me that look of ‘see I told you so’ and she proceeded to handcuff my son to our headboard. Then she tied his ankles together with a silk scarf. I have to admit he looked damn sexy like that; our little sex-toy and now I wanted to play too. Josh loved it; he was as hard as a rock again, his young cock twitching. His cock must have been a bit sore from all the activity tonight but he didn’t seem to care. Maggie positioned herself on top of him in a 69 position, sticking her pussy in his face.

“Lick me boy!” she commanded and he did and as her pussy juices began to run down his throat she leaned down and started to suck on his cock.

It looked so hot, I had to join in, I got down and tried to lick his cock too but Maggie was hogging it, she didn’t want to share it, she was making sounds of pleasure as she tasted his pre-cum and felt his tongue exploring her pussy. I only got a few quick licks when she paused briefly. I wanted to play with him too, so I undid the scarf and opened his legs wide, I got my on my knees and lifted his ass onto my bent knees and pulled open his ass cheeks and started to lick his hole. He couldn’t even speak as Maggie had her wet cunt in his mouth but he grunted some animalistic sound as I tongue-fucked his asshole while Maggie sucked hard on his cock.

We were treating his body like he was our sex toy and he loved it, all those sensations all at once, pussy in his mouth, his mother tonguing his ass and Maggie sucking his cock…….he did want any teenage boy would do in that situation…..he came hard……his balls must have been working overtime to even have any cum left…..but Maggie greedily sucked up all she could get making yummy sounds of pleasure as she savored my sons cum.

She got off him and lay down next to him and I moved on top of her, kissing her and sucking on her tongue to taste my boys cum on it. Josh was panting, I think he came close to passing out from too much pleasure.

We left him still cuffed trying to recover and he watched as I went down on Maggie and sucked up her juices that Josh had made her produce. I licked her until she came in my mouth then she turned around and stuck her ass up in the air and I tongue-fucked her ass hole as well.

Josh enjoyed watching us, his cock needed a rest, so he just lay there and observing and I think he liked being cuffed to the bed because he didn’t even ask to be set free. He was thinking to himself this was way better than any porno he’d ever seen, his mother making out with her bi lover. Having two mummies was going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Maggie and I took turns at sucking on each others nipples and fingering and sucking each other and kissing for awhile as my son looked on.

“Do you like watching us Josh?” I asked my son even though I knew the answer from the expressions on his face.

“Yes mummy. I love it…..I um….” he wanted to ask something but was finding it hard to say it outright.

“Yes son? Is there something you want? Don’t be shy babe, just ask.” I said reassuringly. His eyes looked directly at the strap on dildo that had been moved to the dresser when I had first started to play with my son. Maggie saw him look at it.

“Oh I think Josh wants to watch me fuck you with our plastic cock, don’t you?” she said in a naughty voice.

Josh just nodded in agreement. Maggie wasted no time; she jumped up and attached it to herself and then got back in-between my legs and fucked me hard like she had done many times before. I loved it like I always do, but this time was even better with my son looking on, his eyes wide with excitement. He was totally fascinated by our big plastic cock. I came good, coating the plastic cock in my pussy juice.

Maggie pulled out and gave my pussy a good long hard suck to slurp up my cum and then she took off the strap on and passed it to me and instead of lying back down oh the bed on her back, she was on all fours, leaning down with her face on the bed and her ass in the air, wriggling it around as she waited for her turn.

“Take my ass Marie. Let’s give your boy a really good show!” she said in a very wicked naughty tone.

Josh’s eyes widened at the thought, staring into Maggie’s “Does it hurt Maggie?” he whispered to her curiously.

“Just a little at first, but then it feels fucking fantastic!” Maggie answered honestly, keeping her voice to a low whisper too. “Why? Do you want a turn too Josh?” her eyes lighting up at the thought.

Josh blushed and nodded. I was just about to push the plastic cock into my bi lover when she moved away. I was puzzled, but then Maggie told me Josh wanted me to fuck him with it. I was kind of shocked, not expecting that.

“Are you sure son?” I had to double-check.

“Yes mum.” he replied, blushing. Maggie was getting all excited at the thought of watching this, her usual kinkiness going into overtime.

“The house rules are if you want to be fucked by Mr. Plastic you have to suck him first!” Maggie giggled and urged me to get closer to Josh’s mouth.

He was still cuffed to the headboard so he couldn’t move towards me. I was unsure of this but I moved up to this face and he actually looked very eager and opened his mouth and willingly began to suck on the strap-on attached to his mother. He was doing a pretty good job for his first time at giving head and I’m sure it helped that it tasted of Maggie’s cum.

My kinky girlfriend always thinking ahead got up and got some lube and rubbed it all over my son’s asshole as she watched him get his mouth fucked. Then to help get his hole used to having something in it, she started to finger-fuck my son, making him jump the first time she pushed her well-lubed finger into his tight little hole. She has small fingers so it didn’t hurt him but it had just giving him a fright because it felt so totally foreign to him. It didn’t take long for him to start to love it, he was making soft sounds of pleasure while he sucked on my plastic cock and Maggie fingered his little virgin hole.

“I think he’s ready for you now Marie.” coaxed Maggie, dying to me take his anal virginity as well. I pull back away from his mouth and the protective mother in me asked one more time.

“Are you sure son? You really want this?” he answered by getting up on his knees with his face down on the bed and his ass in the air.

“Yes mummy. Please fuck my ass too mummy.” he pleaded.

I went hot all over, hearing my sweet innocent boy talk like that made me crazy with lust and desire, all sense left me and my dominant side took over, for a moment I forgot he was my lovely little boy, I looked at him through different eyes and all I saw was a sex toy, a plaything to fuck and use and I got behind him and lubed up my plastic cock and slowly pushed the tip into his little hole. He tensed up, it was so much bigger than a finger, and I hadn’t even got the tip all the way in yet when he panicked a little.

“No mummy! Take it out! I changed my mind…. it hurts!”

But Maggie wasn’t going to give up yet; she reached underneath him and started stroking his cock and talking to him in a comforting tone.

“Just relax Josh. Relax the muscles in your ass, remember what I said. Just hurts a little bit at first but after that really really good!”

I had stopped pushing but didn’t pull out either, he was panting. A little scared. Maggie was so good; she could talk anyone into anything. I felt him relax a little and I pushed some more, I felt it go right in and he screamed.

“Ohhh fuck!” exclaimed Josh.

I stopped pushing and allowed him to get used to having something so big up inside him, Maggie was still gently stroking him and talking to him in a calming voice. She was so good, she kept telling him how sexy he is and how cute his ass is and what a good lover he his and how beautiful and tasty his cock is, all these words were working.

I was deep inside of his back passage but I wasn’t moving, then I felt him start to calm down, no longer freaking out. So I pulled back, easing my plastic cock out a little but not all the way and then slowly back into him. I was beginning to fuck his ass. Again slowly back and in again, in and out of my sons asshole and he started to moan and respond by moving with me. It stopped hurting him, his hole was stretched and he was finally feeling the promised pleasure. I was still moving very slowly not wanting to hurt my son but I need not have worried for from the lips of my once innocent boy came the words.

“More mummy. Fuck me harder mummy!” he moaned.

I smiled at Maggie and she stopped pulling on his cock and stood back and just watched as I moved a faster and harder, holding onto my son’s hips and I pounded into his ass. He was moaning and grunting and his cock was hard as a rock and twitching. He felt like he was on fire, the pain had turned into the most intense feeling of pleasure, like nothing he could have imagined, it was overwhelming. In his head he was thinking my mother is fucking my ass, oh my God she’s fucking me, fucking my asshole.

Then suddenly his whole body shook as he came again, squirting his cum onto my bed and he let out a cry. It was like an animalistic grunt and then he whimpered like a little puppy as he fell onto his stomach as I pulled out of him. He lay there for a few moments trembling, with tears running down his cheeks. I took off the strap on quickly and cuddled him.

“Are you ok Josh? Did I hurt you son?” I asked concerned.

I was worried because he didn’t speak straight away. Maggie looked concerned too and was rubbing his back gently. Then he turned his face and looked right into my eyes and I could see they were watery.

“Wow! Thank you mummy…..I love you!” the emotion in his voice telling me all I needed to know.

My boy was fine, I didn’t hurt him, I had just given him the most intense orgasm of his life and his body just needed a little time to recover from it. I cuddled up to him close and just held him for awhile.

All this sex had made me thirsty so I went to the kitchen to get us all a drink, when I came back I found Maggie cuddling up to Josh on one side, just gently caressing his body with one hand as her head rested on his shoulder and I noticed that she had retied up his ankles with the scarf and I had to smile as I also noticed she had tied another scarf around his cock in a big bow. She loved to play games.

“Oh look Marie. I found a present in our bed, want to open it with me?” she giggled.

I had to giggle too; it looked really quite cute “Mmm very nice. Just what we always wanted Maggie….our very own toy-boy to play with!”

Josh just smiled, he loved this, being at the center of attention, and being played with like a toy was exciting him. Even though I’m sure he must have run out of cum by now, he was still semi hard.

“Leave the toy alone for a moment Maggie. Sit up honey, here’s your drink.” I said as I passed her a bourbon and coke.

“Aw ok.” and she reluctantly sat up and took the glass, pouting a little.

“I have a drink for you too Josh. I guess I will have to un-cuff you.” I said looking at my son lying naked and vulnerable on my bed.

“I will do it.” offered Maggie.

She put her drink on the bedside table and got up and got the key. She un-cuffed him from the headboard but as soon as she unlocked it, she locked it again. But not to the headboard, just so his hands were cuffed together. I guess she hadn’t finished playing with our toy just yet. Josh didn’t seem to care, he just took his drink in two hands and drunk it with his hands cuffed together. I just gave Maggie a questioning look, wondering what else she had in mind.

“What?” she said all innocently.

“What indeed!” I said “That’s what I was wondering…you nympho you!” and I playfully smacked her thigh.

After our drinks, I said I thought it was time for us all to go to sleep, it was late and we had been having sex for hours.

“Where did you put the key Maggie? Time to set Josh free so we can all get some sleep.” I asked looking around for the key.

“Aw do I have to un-cuff him? I like him like this!” and she grinned a wicked grin at Josh.

“Its ok mum. I don’t mind really.” and he shuffled down and laid his head on my pillow right in the middle of our bed. His hands cuffed and the scarves still around his ankles and cock.

I just shook my head is mild disbelief thinking to myself now I got a kinky bi lover and a kinky son who is also my lover…..hmm life is sure getting interesting.

“Ok then. We better get some sleep.” and with that I turned off the bedside lamp and snuggled up to my son.

Maggie was cuddling up on his other side and we leaned over his body and kissed each other good night, then both kissed Josh and lay back down to go to sleep. It was a warm night so we didn’t need any covers. We must have looked a sight if you were looking down from above, Josh lying naked on his back in the middle, his hands cuffed and resting on his stomach, his fingers touching the big red bow that Maggie and tied around his cock and his ankles tied together with a black silk scarf….with a naked woman on each side, cuddling up to him. He went to sleep with a smile on his face. We were all tired from all the sexual activity and were all soon asleep.

The next morning Josh woke me up, he was nudging me.

“Mum….mum…. wake up mum!”

I was kind of groggy, still a little tired and wanting to sleep in longer. I looked at the clock, it was only 6.20 am.

“What son? What’s wrong?” I asked half asleep. He tried to whisper as to not wake up Maggie as well

“Mum, can you un-cuff me now? I need to pee.”

“Oh sure Josh. I will find the key.” I sat up and I untied the scarf around his ankles and then got out of bed and looked for the key but I couldn’t find it.

“Never mind mum, I’m sure I can manage. Can you just take off this other scarf please?” he requested.

“Sure babe.” and I slowly pulled the bow undone and then gave his cock a little cheeky kiss. He was still a nice size even when soft I thought to myself. Then another very naughty thought entered my mind and I followed him into my bathroom.

“I think I had better help you son.” I said with a wicked grin.

He had already lifted the toilet seat up and was about to pee, holding his cock best he could with his handcuffed hands. I stood behind him and reached around with both hands I took hold of his cock and aimed it towards the bowl.

Josh just let me do it, he didn’t mind what I wanted to do to his body, and he just loved to feel my hands on him. He was a little nervous about peeing in front of me but his bladder was full and he had been holding on for awhile not really wanting to wake me, so he released. I held his cock as he peed and then I shook it a little to shake off the drips and then instead of letting go, I just started to stroke him while I stood behind him. I moved one hand down and fondled his balls and he soon was hard again. I moved around from behind him still holding his cock with one hand and I squeezed his cock a little

“Mmm I like playing with you……do you like it son?” I asked wickedly.

“Um yeah…. um yes mum.” he blushed a little.

I then got on my knees in front of him and I sucked and sucked until he was hard as a rock again.

Maggie had been standing in the doorway watching this unbeknown to us until she spoke,

“Oh that looks like a fun game. Can I join in too?” and she walked over to us.

Josh blushed a little because even though he loved it, it was all so new to him and he knew what we were doing was very naughty and taboo. Maggie had brought the key with her and she un-cuffed Josh, giving him a cheeky grin. Maggie then leant down over me and started sucking on my nipples, she slurped and sucked making lots of mmm sounds. I could see my sons cock was twitching as he watched her. Maggie then turned and noticed the pre-cum oozing out of that twitching cock.

“Oh can’t waste that!” she said and started to suck Josh and I watched as Maggie got on all fours and sucked on him like a bottle-fed lamb. She paused and looked up at him.

“You got anymore cum for your other mummy, son?” she said wickedly.

“Um no… I don’t think I have….but I wish I did!” he answered a little nervous but mostly excited.

“It’s ok Maggie. I’ve got plenty for you sweetheart!” I said wickedly “Lie down baby!”

Maggie lay on her back on the floor looking hungry and eager for her morning gush of cum. I stood over her and was about to crouch down over her face when Josh grabbed my arm.

“Wait mum!” he said.

I looked at him thinking this is too much for him, yesterday he was a virgin and now he is watching his mother about to cum in her girlfriends’ mouth on the bathroom floor. I stepped back from her.

“Oh ok son. A bit too much all at once huh, too kinky? Sorry Josh.” I apologized for getting carried away and Maggie stood up.

“No, it’s not that mum! I love it……um its just that I want you to do it to me.” he blushed and averted his eyes looking down at the floor.

“Oh I see…..mmm……lie down baby!” and I gave Maggie a quick glance and saw that she was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I positioned myself over my son’s eager mouth, glancing at his cock which was still so nice and hard, I wanted that inside me again too. We both moaned as I lowered my pussy onto his open mouth and I felt his tongue enter me again. I smiled at Maggie and she smiled back, she was enjoying this show. I came quickly into his hungry mouth and he sucked and slurped up as much as he could, it felt so good. I wanted him inside me and I knew by his expression as I moved off his face that he felt the same way. So I slowly rode my sons cock, moving up and down on him and I leant forward and kissed him. I could taste my own cum on his tongue and I could tell by his reaction that he loved me sucking on his tongue and licking my cum off his face, and he did, he soon returned my kiss with the same lust. Then I sat back up continuing to fuck him. Maggie was watching us and getting very excited, she wanted a turn.

“Come on Marie……save some for me!” she said in a very slutty tone.

I grinned and looked down at him “Oh do you want mummy to cum on your cock son? Hmmm do you?” teasing him

“Oh yes mummy! Yes please!” he was so turned on; he was close to cumming again.

“Say it then…….let me hear you ask for it boy!” I teased some more.

“Oh mummy, please do it! Please cum on my cock mummy!” he begged.

It was such a turn on to hear my son beg for my cum, I came hard. It gushed out all over his hard cock inside me. The sensation of my warm cum on him was too much and he came hard into my soaking wet cunt, filling it up with his cum, grunting and groaning as he came. I grinned down at him as he lay there panting, trying to catch his breath. I got off him and lay beside him on the floor knowing what Maggie would want and she immediately dived in to suck on my pussy, licking and slurping up my and Josh’s cum from me. She sucked and tongue-fucked me until I came into her mouth, which didn’t take long as I was so turned on from fucking my son.

“Mmm yummy breakfast!” she giggled as she looked up from feasting on me “All I need now is coffee.”

“Oh God….. do I need a coffee!” agreed Josh, sitting up on his elbows.

“I will go make you a coffee Josh. You deserve it babe!” Maggie said teasingly “But I need a shower first.” and she turned on the water.

I got up off the floor and told Josh he could be next in the shower while I mopped up the wet floor. I kissed him as he passed me to get in the shower. Maggie got out and started to dry herself and left the water running for Josh. She gave me a kiss and a smack on my bare ass, and then walked out to the kitchen naked to put the coffee on.

I wiped up the floor, and then got in the shower with my son. We washed each others body and our own hair. Josh enjoyed washing my breasts; he took his time about it as did I when I washed his cock, balls and ass, which of course made him hard again. We were now both nice and clean and after we rinsed off the soap from our bodies we held each other close and let the warm water flow all over us. I looked in his eyes and saw love looking back at me.

“I love you mum. I’ve wanted you for a long time.” he confessed.

“I love you too son, and you are a wonderful lover.” and I kissed him.

His cock was still hard from when I washed him and I could feel it pressing against me as we held each other close.

“Mum, for a long time now I’ve fantasized about fucking you in the shower, doggy style. Do you think I could do it now?” he asked me without even blushing. Guess he was feeling much more confident now.

“You want more babe? Aren’t you sore by now?” I grinned at my horny son.

“Yeah I’m a bit sore mum, but you get me so hard and I want to fuck you again!” he said. His growing confidence was actually turning me on.

“Mmm say it to me again son. Tell me you want to fuck your mummy!” I teased and reached down and rubbed his cock.

“Turn around mum. I want to fuck you!” he said in a lustful tone “I want to fuck my mummy…..bend over mummy……your son wants to put his cock in you!” his dirty talk was driving me crazy oh how I loved it. I turned around and bent right over and reached around and held my ass cheeks open wide for him to see my pussy.

“Oh I love it when you talk dirty like that son! Mmm more, tell me I’m your slutty mummy!”

I felt his hard cock press against my pussy hole, then he pushed and he was inside me again, grabbing my hips he started to thrust.

“Ohhh fuck yes!” he exclaimed “Oh I love fucking my slutty mummy! Mmm yes!” and he pounded into me harder.

I came almost instantly, just felt so good with him taking me from behind and talking dirty. He felt my body shudder and I moaned, then he felt my cum coat his cock again.

“Mmm good girl mummy….yes cum for me. Cum for your son!”

He was still to cum, he kept thrusting into a few more times, then he pulled out slowly and I started to stand up again but he pushed me back down.

“Stay like that mummy. I haven’t finished yet” he insisted.

I bent back down and held open my cheeks again for him. I had actually had enough, Id cum so many times I had lost count over last night and this morning and was quite content to just get out, but I wasn’t going to disappoint my son, he wanted to fuck me and I made up my mind I would never say no to him anytime he wanted to fuck me, he could have me.

This time he surprised me by pushing his cock up against my other hole, it was tight and he was having trouble getting his big cock in there. Now that I knew what he wanted, I wasn’t going to deny him that pleasure either so I told him to lather up his cock with soap first. He did as I told him and I kept in my bent over position, then he tried again and I pulled open my cheeks as wide as I could to expose my most private of holes. He pushed in again and this time he went in a little way. It hurt me a little.

“Ouch…..slowly baby…..easy goes it son!” and he stopped pushing, allowing me to get used to this big cock inside my ass. Then as I relaxed a little more, I pushed back onto him and his cock went in further.

“Ohhh fuck!” he moaned. He almost came immediately “Oh fuck, mum you are so tight in there!”

Then he began to move in and out, fucking me, my son was fucking my ass and I loved it. It hurt and I loved it. It was illegal and taboo and I fucking loved it! He grunted and growled like a wild animal as he came into my hole. I moaned like a bitch in heat as he filled up my ass with his cum. Gasping for breath, I stood up as his now soft cock slid out of me. Josh put his hand out as if to hang onto the shower wall for support.

“Fuck that was intense mum! I think I need to lie down!” and we both laughed.

I quickly washed my pussy and ass and his cock again and we rinsed off. The water in the shower was almost cold by now anyway. We got out and were drying ourselves, just as Maggie came in with our coffees. I think she purposely took her time to allow us to be alone together. Smiling at us she set the cups down and got back into bed with hers.

“Yes coffee…….I need coffee!” exclaimed a happy but tired Josh as he got back into bed with his coffee in hand.

We all sat up in bed contented but tired drinking our nice hot coffees. I looked at the time, it was almost 9 am, no way was any of us going to make it into work or school today. I calmly picked up the phone next to my bed and rang Josh’s school, telling the office that he had a migraine headache and wouldn’t be at school today. Then I rang my own work and told them the very same thing about me. I passed the phone to Maggie and she repeated my same lie to her boss. We all laughed when I hung the phone back up.

“I think we should all go back to sleep until lunch time and then see what we feel like doing when we wake up. What do you two think?” I suggested.

“Yep I’m with that! I’m tired and I need to recharge.” agreed Maggie.

“I’m totally fucked!” joked Josh and he passed me his empty coffee cup and lay down.

Maggie and I giggled then gulped down the last of our coffee too and then lay down with him. We all snuggled up together and went to sleep. We would all need a few hours sleep if we were to carry on fucking all afternoon. I thought to myself how lucky I was to be in bed with the two people I loved most in the world and how interesting life was going to be from now on.

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