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Two Moms, Two Laps: Innocence Lost

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Mom is off-limits, but Jeremy has a plan to make her accessible again.

There was an error in the original submission process, and only part of the first page got through. This is the full chapter. Sorry.

When I woke, I could tell it was late from how bright the room was. One glance at my clock confirmed it. Almost 10:00 am. What the Hell, it was vacation, I’d earned it.

I hit the head, taking a quick leak and cleaning up. Dad was at work. That meant Mom was available. I had unfinished business with her. I was still worked up after last night’s show.

I headed down the hall, naked, and found her still asleep. That was a first. Mom’s idea of sleeping in was hitting snooze once at 8:00 am. I slid into bed behind her, taking her in my arms. She sighed, leaning into me.

“Morning, Mom. Are we a little tired?” I asked, my hands caressing her naked body.

“Don’t Jeremy, please. We can’t. Not in your father’s bed.”

I kissed her shoulder, pulling the covers back so I could see her. She rolled onto her back, looking up at me through heavy lidded eyes. I kissed her softly on the lips. She returned the kiss lovingly, but with none of the passion I was hoping for. I gazed down at her glorious body, surprised to see she had a hickey on her neck, and several more on her breasts. Dad was marking his territory.

I cupped her tit in my hand, tugging gently on the nipple. She flinched, grunting softly. “Please, baby. Every inch of my body is sore and aching. Not now.”

I caressed her, kissing her cheek. “Let me run a bath for you. It’ll help you feel better.”

She nodded, closing her eyes and turning away from me.

Ten minutes later, I helped her into the steaming bubble bath, putting her bath cushion behind her neck. I left her there, going down to the kitchen and turning on the coffee. I took my time, letting her soak, while I had some cereal. I made her some toast and jam, and brought it to her. She let me feed her in the tub, while she relaxed.

“God, he was out of control last night,” she finally said, sipping her coffee. “I’ve never seen him like that. I feel like I’ve been gang-raped.”

I got her out of the bath, onto wobbly legs, dried her off, and brought her back to her bed. “Relax, Mom. Let me take care of you.” I got her a few aspirin and some water, convincing her to take them. Then I put her on her belly, and gave her a nice gentle massage.

“Massage oil’s in the bottom drawer,” she murmured softly.

I found it, among a drawer full of sex toys. My parents were freaks. “Really Mom? Five, six, no seven different types of dildos? Jesus, I don’t know what half of this stuff is for!”

She chuckled, “Your Dad sure does. I think he went through all of them last night, some of them twice.”

I closed the door, and used the oil to rub her down, extra careful with her rear after she groaned the first time I touched her. Her ass cheeks were bruised. “What happened here, Mom? Did he beat you?”

She chuckled. “No, but he does like to spank me, doggy style, and he has a bad habit of grabbing my ass really tight when he’s hammering me. Probably a little bruised from his fingers.”

I could make out the lines of his fingers, little black and blue bruises evenly spaced on both cheeks, where his fingertips had dug into her skin. Blasphemous. I got some aloe and rubbed it in, hoping the cooling effect would help. She groaned a couple of times, and moaned loudly when I opened her cheeks. “Gentle, baby. I’m horribly sore back there.”

“God, Mom, you’re bleeding! Do you need to go to the doctor?”

“Calm down, Jeremy. It happens. Not too often, but sometimes. It’ll be OK in a couple of days. I’m not bleeding much, am I?”

“No, but I can see some tears at the opening, and they’re seeping blood. What can I do?”

She sighed. “Ice pack, wrapped in a dish towel would help.”

I ran downstairs, making her ice pack, and hurried back upstairs. She was just getting off the phone. “Who was that?” I asked, placing the ice pack between her cheeks.

“Marie,” she said. “I had to cancel our Yoga session.”

I laid down beside her, holding her. “What else can I do, Mom?”

She sighed. “Stop worrying. I’m not made of porcelain. I’m just a little sore. I’ll probably be fine by this afternoon.” She turned and I saw her grimace. “Or maybe not. Be a dear and look under my sink for a tube labeled lidocaine. It’s like a toothpaste tube.”

I found it after a minute and returned to her. “Now what?”

“Now a little bit of privacy, while I take care of this,” she said.

“I can do it for you, Mom. I promise I’ll be careful.”

She sighed. “If it won’t bother you too much, put a little all around my butt-hole, and a little inside. But be very gentle, Ok?”

She moved the icepack away, and I squirted out some of the lotion onto my finger. I caught my breath. It was so hard to believe what I was doing. Spreading her cheeks, looking at that naughty little puckered hole of my mothers. Not any asshole, but Mom’s asshole that had been fucked to shreds just last night. I rubbed it very softly all around her opening like she asked. I got some more lotion and pressed it into her just a bit, making her groan. I stopped abruptly.

“Go on,” she said. “Just be careful.”

I went as slow as possible, easing it into her, up until the second joint of my finger. Holy crap. I had my finger in her ass. I got hard, and nervous. She sighed deeply as I pulled out. I heard her giggle.

“What?” I had to ask.

“Not what I imagined it would be like, the first time I gave you access to my ass,” she laughed. She turned over onto her back, and moved the ice pack between her legs. She grinned, “Your old Mom isn’t so sexy now, is she?”

I reclined next to her, holding her. “You’re the sexiest woman in the world, Mom.”

She reached her arm around me, while I cuddled in close. “I can’t do it, Jeremy.” She said it so softly, I could barely hear her.

“Do what?”

“I can’t be with you. I can’t do it to your father. I promised him last night I wouldn’t.”

“What can’t we do?” I asked, deathly afraid of her answer.

“Any of it. No more blow-jobs, no sex of any kind. I’m sorry.”

I reached out and cupped her breast, gently. “Is this Ok?”

She sighed deeply. “I’ve been thinking about it. If you keep above the waist, I won’t stop you. That includes kissing and touching like this. But that’s it.” She hugged me. “I hope you understand. I love your father. More than ever. It’s not fair to him. He shouldn’t have to share me with you. I’m your mother, not your lover.”

I put my finger over her lips. “Shh. I understand. I do. It’s not fair to him. You get me, I get you, but he has to give up a little of you. I understand.” I kissed her softly, and it grew into a long, warm heavenly thing. “I hate it, but I understand, and I’ll go along.”

She closed her eyes, leaning back and relaxing. “Touch me, Jeremy,” she said softly.

I caressed her upper body, gently, while I showered her with kisses. “I love you so much, baby,” she whispered.

I heard the doorbell ring, and I started to get up to answer it.

Mom grabbed my hand tightly. “I…I know it’s not fair, but please don’t fuck Marie,” she said. “Blow-job if you need it, but please…”

“I won’t Mom. I promise.”

“Penny. Have Penny over, I’ll help any way I can, just not my sister.” She sounded desperate.

“I got it Mom. Aunt Marie’s off-limits. No sex.”

She wouldn’t let go of my hand, clinging tightly. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks. “It’s so unfair to you, all of this. But I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t. Not her.”

I unpeeled her fingers from mine, leaned over and kissed her deeply, while the door rang again. “I love you, Mom. You. Only you. If this is what you need, I understand. Don’t worry about it.”

I ran down the stairs, skipping every other one, and opened the door without looking out. Speak of the devil. “Aunt Marie,” I said with a grin.

She walked in past me, and as soon as the door was closed, she slid into my arms for a big kiss. “How’s it going, handsome?”

One touch from my sexy aunt, and I was on my way to forgetting all the promises to my mother. She felt so damn good in my arms. No hesitation, hugging, kissing, willingly. Mine if I wanted, without the drama. Crap.

“I’m not bad. Mom’s in pretty rough shape.”

She nodded. “Let me take care of her, then maybe you and I can have a little private time.”

“By the rules?” I asked.

“If you want. I’m willing either way,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“By the rules for now, Ok?”

“You got it. I’ll be back in a bit.”

It gave me a chance to make a phone call that was way overdue.

I dialed the number from memory. “Penny? I’m back from the cabin. I’ve missed you…”

* * *

Half an hour later, Mom was sleeping again, and Aunt Marie and I were naked in my bed, playing. She had an unstated goal. As long as we weren’t allowed to have intercourse, she was determined to turn me into her personal oral love slave. We spent nearly two hours in bed, most of it in careful instruction on what to do, and what not to do. It was a little distracting, but I believe I was learning something that would have enormous value in my future. She also gave me a hand-job and with just a little coercion, a blow-job. I loved it, but was sad to notice the difference between what she did, and Mom. I was right. Mom had spoiled me for life.

That was when it hit me. What if she was serious? What if it was over, and she never sucked me again? Fuck! I’d compare every girl I was ever with to her, doomed to come up short. I couldn’t, wouldn’t let that happen.

When I got hard a third time, I saw that mischievous smile of hers. “God, you have no idea how bad I want to ride that beast,” she said.

I had to laugh. “Are you kidding? I want you so bad, Aunt Marie, I’m dying over here.”

“If you want it, here it is, come and get it,” she said, singing the last part.

“Not going to happen,” I reminded her, giving her nipple a teasing twist. “Not until Mom gives her Ok.”

She sighed. “That could be tough. Once she’s made up her mind, it’s nearly impossible to get her to change it. I still think it’s a miracle your father gets his way with her.”

She climbed out of my bed, and wandered over to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back, honey, and we’ll take care of that big boy who’s being so patient.” She took her time. I almost went to go look for her before she appeared, holding a bottle of lotion. “Ta-Da! Time for a treat.”

She laid down in the middle of my bed, and I watched while she squirted several ounces of lotion between her tits. “Come fuck your Auntie,” she said grinning, holding her tits together.

I straddled her chest, pressing my shaft down into her ample cleavage. She pressed her tits together, making a soft tunnel which I was more than happy to traverse with my cock, repeatedly. It took a little bit to get the mechanics right, but once I had that worked out, amazing.

“Do you like that, sweetie?”

I was breathing hard. “Incredible,” I gasped.

“You going to be able to come for me this way?” she asked.

“Soon. Real soon.”

“Hold them, sugar. Hold my tits, squeeze them, use them to make yourself happy. My tits are yours, now. Now and forever, love.”

I grabbed both, pressing them together, squeezing them tightly, pressing them down around my cock. I moved faster, fucking her tits harder and she squirted more lotion between them, making the going smoother and sexier. It was too much.

“I’m coming,” I warned her.

“All over me, baby. Mark me.”

I groaned, shooting hard, getting her face, neck and tits. She moaned while I squirted on her.

“Perfect,” she said softly, smiling at me. “You like the girls, don’t you?”

I couldn’t help but smile. I rolled off of her, breathing hard. “I love them. Who wouldn’t? You have the best tits ever.”

I sat up. “How the hell do any of those idiot husbands ever leave you.”

She laughed, playing with my cum. “They never leave me, baby. I leave them.” She got up off the bed, looking at herself in the mirror. “You relax, sugar, while I clean up and check on your mother.”

I should have known better. Of course she’d do it in the opposite order, checking in on my Mom, with my cum dripping from her face and chest. I was out of it, but you can bet I heard about it later. She came back and reported Mom was doing well, and encouraged me to practice my learning a while. My jaw was sore, and we both might have been a little less energetic, but I found I liked it just as much, lying comfortably between her legs, letting strategically placed pillows hold us in place, and lapping away at Aunt Marie’s moist pussy, no hurry to accomplish anything but show her how much I loved and adored her. Her body let me know she appreciated it.

After Aunt Marie left, and my chewin’ out from Mom for ‘pushing boundaries’ e.g. titty fucks, I still had the last of the butchering to finish. Dad and I had finished the lion’s share the previous day, but I was still slow compared to the old man and it took me a good part of the afternoon to finally finish. Heading into the house, I was stunned to find Mom dressed, chatting with Penny in the living room.

I was filthy so I kept my distance. “Hey gorgeous, you been here long?”

“No, I came downstairs when I heard the doorbell,” Mom answered with a teasing grin.

“Mom! You know I was talking to the other gorgeous girl. I know how long you’ve been here.”

Penny grinned. “Only about 15 minutes or so. Your Mom was sweet enough to keep me company.”

“Can you give me another 10 to get cleaned up? I’m a mess,” I asked, my hands pointing to my old t-shirt which was sweaty and stained.

Mom answered, “Take your time, sugar. Penny and I have so much catching up to do. I don’t think we’ve had a good sit down since you guys went to Anderson together.”

Back in middle school, when I still shared many of the details of my life with Mom. “I’ll be back in a flash, I promise.”

I hurried upstairs and took a quick shower, spending a couple of extra minutes cleaning up, brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant and cologne, all that good stuff. I think it was still under 15 minutes when I walked into my bedroom to get dressed.

Penny was laying back on my bed, waiting.

“Your Mom said it was Ok to wait for you in here, if you don’t mind. She’s doing some baking.”

I was naked, and embarrassed to be standing there in front of her, while she was totally dressed. I considered grabbing my clothes, when she patted the bed beside her. “Come join me, Jeremy. We should talk.”

If I was expecting a big sordid sex scene, I would have been disappointed. We really did talk. Talk about our futures. My leaving to go to college 3 hours away. Penny staying behind, going to the Community College for her first year, making up some remedial college math. We talked about our relationship, where it was, what the summer meant, what the future might hold in store.

It wasn’t all talk. I got her shirt off, and we relaxed in each other’s arms, both agreeing that what we had was great. I confessed that I’d hoped for more in terms of intimacy, and she admitted she was holding back, afraid of being judged, or even abandoned after giving in to my advances.

“I wasn’t your first blow-job, was I?” she asked, reaching down and caressing my hard cock, which didn’t realize we were having a serious discussion.

“No, but you were the best,” I told her.

She chuckled. “That seems unlikely. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

I reached up and brushed her hair back, before bestowing a small kiss on her. “It’s like Dad says, attitude is 90% of the job, and with you it’s not like I’m torturing you. You actually seem to enjoy it.”

She had her hand wrapped around my cock, stroking it slowly. “That’s what your Dad says, huh? Kind of weird family discussion.”

I nodded. “You have no idea. We’ve always been pretty private. Ever since Dad and I started hunting together, things opened up a little. This weekend, all the walls came tumbling down, and it seems like there’s nothing we can’t talk about.”

She raised her eyebrows, then gave my cock a tight squeeze. “Is that how come your Mom knows so much about our love life?”

“That, and the fact that Mom and Dad saw the pictures on my phone,” I confessed, fearful of that iron grip down below.

“Jesus, Jeremy! You promised!” She looked mortified.

“I know. I’m sorry. Once Dad found out about it, he couldn’t wait to show Mom. They were so excited for us. Believe me, I caught a lot of shit for not spending more time with you this summer. I was just so confused about where our relationship was headed, with the big changes a few weeks away.” I pulled her closer and pressed my lips to hers softly, tenderly, letting her feel my appreciation of her. “Mom thinks you’re the greatest. You’re the only girl she’d let me have in my room like this. And Dad, well Dad thinks I’m an idiot for not doting on such a gorgeous girl.”

She grinned shyly. “Really?”

I nodded. “Mom was comparing the pictures to their first time doing it. It was pretty weird.”

She laughed. “I imagine. I’d just die if my Mom talked about her first blow-job.”

“Yeah, and then Dad said, and I quote, ‘I can’t believe you’re not hitting that. She’s a cutie.'”

She giggled. “God! Do you guys always talk like that? What did your Mom think?”

“I’m not sure you want to know,” I teased, working to get her bra off.

“Right. You can talk about anything with your Mom and Dad, but you can’t share with me, your girlfriend for the last year?”

Our hands were getting busier, and I think she liked all the crazy talk. “She suggested I have you over. She promised me all the privacy I needed and said I could have you in my room. She says that in the pictures you seemed to like what you were doing. That girls who like it tend to get good at it. I should work with you on it.”

“Now I know you’re pulling my leg,” she said.

“Not at all. Dad swears that Mom gives the most incredible blow-jobs in the world, and that in twenty years or so, he thinks you could be almost as good.” I grinned, looking to see how she’d take that.

“Twenty years! I doubt it would take that long. What do you think?” she asked quietly.

“I think I’d like to find out how good you can get. We could learn together.”

She suddenly looked shy. “Would it be slutty if I told you I did like it? A lot?”

“No. I don’t think my Mom’s a slut, and apparently she loves it.”

“What about if I admitted there’s a lot I’d like to do before you leave for college? Stuff I’d like to do with you.”

“I think it would be incredible. I just feel so strange, going away. You don’t think our relationship can last long distance, do you?”

She shook her head. “I think once you’re gone, we’re pretty much done. I haven’t wanted to think about it.”

I nodded, hugging her close. “I know. God, it’s going to be hard leaving. But it wouldn’t be fair to either of us.”

She nodded. “I’ll tell you what. How about if we’re not seeing anyone seriously, whenever we’re both home together, we can still get together. Give us some hope for the holidays and for the summer.”

“I’d like that. I love spending time with you, I’m sorry I’ve been so wishy-washy this summer.”

“We should have talked it out. I guess I should thank your parents for that.” She abruptly laughed.


“This is so weird! For the last couple of months, sometimes I felt like all you wanted to do was find somewhere private and get me to suck your dick. Now we’re here, alone, privacy ensured, your dick is hard and waiting, and I’ve told you I like sucking, a lot. Yet all we do is talk.”

“Penny, I’m dying to feel your lips around my shaft. But even more, I want to open up to you, completely. I want to know that what we’re doing is good for both of us.”

“That’s nice. Now can you take a hint? I like sucking. A lot.”

“Can you get naked with me?” I asked.

She looked at me intensely. “I’m not sure I’m ready to go all the way.”

“I want to see you. That beautiful body I fantasize about. When you’re done blowing me, I’m going to return the favor.”

She blushed. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she said shyly.

I pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. “Go clean up in the bathroom. Take your time until you feel comfortable getting back in this bed with me, naked. Then you and I are going to spend from now until dinner learning from each other.”

She grinned. “Is that an order?”

“Will that get you in my bed naked for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Your wish is my command.” She kissed me, running her hand over my cock, while she climbed off the bed. “I won’t be long. Don’t get started without me.”

The saucy girl dropped her shorts on the way, disappearing into the bathroom wearing only her panties. When I heard the shower start, I threw on some shorts and headed downstairs.

Mom was in the kitchen when I got there. “Taking a break already?” she teased.

“We’ve just been talking. Mostly about where things were going with us. It was good.”

Mom nodded. “That’s great. Penny is a darling girl. She likes you a lot.”

“How are you feeling?” I asked her, headed for the fridge.

“Much better, thanks baby. The nap and the bath helped a lot.”

I was getting bottles of water for both of us. “Things are about to heat up,” I confessed. “I have some thirsty work ahead of me. She’ll be staying for dinner, by the way.”

Mom walked up and put her arms around me. “Damn. If I hadn’t promised your father to behave, I’d get your first load out of the way, take the edge off, so you could take your time with her.”

“Jesus, Mom! If you’re not going to do it, don’t talk about it. You’re driving me crazy!”

“Do you need a condom?” she asked.

“Not yet. We’re not going all the way now. We’re just going to play with each other a while.”

She sighed. “God, I’m so jealous of that young girl.”

“How do you think I feel, after watching the performance you put on last night for me.”

She grinned. “Did you like it? I tried to give you a sexy show.”

I took the waters in hand, and gave Mom a quick kiss. “I can’t be thinking about that now, or I won’t last 10 seconds in Penny’s mouth.”

As it was, I didn’t last more than about 2 minutes between Penny’s accommodating lips. At least the first time. Once that was out of the way, we both learned how much better it could be with time to relax, privacy, a comfortable setting, and all our concerns openly talked about.

She had told me she liked sucking, and her actions matched her words. She seemed to have a blast getting me hard the second time, giggling and teasing until I was stiff and ready for more.

“This is so cool, Jeremy, watching you go from soft to this. You always start so hard. The change is amazing, feeling you stiffen in my mouth, thickening, filling me.”

“It’s pretty damn sweet on this end, trust me. You like?”

She sucked me once, deliciously. “I love it.”

She played around, trying different things, responding to my reactions, changing things up. She did a lot of licking and kissing, all up and down my shaft. Sucking on the head, stroking with her hand, taking me to the back of her mouth, struggling to take me deeper and deeper, gasping sexily, before laughing.

“I can do it,” she growled.

“I don’t doubt it.”

She sat up, looking at me. “Do you like it? Really? Is it good, or is it just that having any girl’s mouth on your cock is a turn on?”

“Penny, you are doing an incredible job. I swear, it’s amazing.”

“Make sure you tell me if I do anything wrong, or if anything could be better,” she said, back to licking my shaft. “How else am I supposed to improve?” She gave me a wink, and I groaned.

She was sucking me steadily, her mouth and hand working in tandem, up and down, up and down, making great progress. I was getting harder and more excited.

Until Mom walked in. Penny damn near bit my cock off, squealing. I grunted painfully.

“Never mind me, kids. I just brought you a snack. Dinner’s going to be late. Your father has to finish something up in the office.” She walked beside the bed, setting the plate and drinks on the bedside table, watching us with a smile on her face.

Penny had started to pull away at first, but I had held her head in place, my cock pressed against the back of her mouth.

Mom reached over and smacked my hands away. “Don’t do that, Jeremy! Never! That’s not how you treat a lady. I thought I’d raised you better than that!”

Penny pulled off of me, obviously embarrassed, drool leaking from her lips. She was grabbing at the bed sheet, trying to cover herself up.

Mom helped, pulling the sheet over her. “Don’t be shy, honey. It’s a beautiful thing you’re doing.” She stroked the girl’s side. “He’s behaving, I hope.”

Penny looked up, nodding mutely.

Mom leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I only wanted to make sure that everything was Ok.” Mom took the edge of the sheet, and wiped Penny’s mouth.

Penny nodded. “It’s wonderful.”

Mom chuckled. “That’s all I needed to know. Can I get you kids anything?”

“A little privacy, Mom?” I reminded her.

“Sure, you’re happy enough to watch me go down on your father, but you’re not willing to share?” Mom pouted.

Penny gasped. “You’re kidding! He watched you?”

Mom settled back onto the bed, caressing Penny’s covered leg. “Jeremy’s father can be rather demanding on occasion. I interrupted a conversation they were having last night, and I guess he thought I was teasing a little too much. So he had me blow him right there, on the patio, with Jeremy sitting this close,” she said, nodding toward my proximity.

“God, that would be so embarrassing,” Penny confessed.

Mom nodded. “It was, at first. I couldn’t believe that he would do that. In front of my boy. But then, once I got into it, I’m not ashamed to say it was a little exciting, showing off what I could do, making his father squirm for me. When Jeremy pulled my hair out of the way, for a better view, his touch alone set me off. It was incredible.”

Penny had uncurled a bit, leaning against me, looking at Mom. It gave me a chance to play with her perky breasts a bit. She seemed utterly fascinated. “I would just die if Mom or Dad saw me doing something like this.”

“Like what?” Mom teased.

Penny grinned. She turned and put her mouth over my cock which had softened a little. She sucked me hard, wiggling her head, freeing me with an audible ‘pop’. “Like that,” she answered.

Mom giggled, reaching out and brushing her hair back. “You like doing it, don’t you? Like me.”

She nodded. “I love it, Mrs. Davis.”

“Alice. Call me Alice, honey. Why would you die if your Mom or Dad saw you?”

“I just would! It would be horrible!”

“They’re just people. You’re Mom is a girl like us. She knows all about this stuff. I’m sure she’s delivered her share of blow-jobs.”

“But she’s my Mom!” Penny said.

“She’s a woman. Your Dad probably wouldn’t mind at all. I don’t know a man alive who doesn’t love a good suck, and they seem to enjoy watching them almost as much as receiving them.” She turned to me. “You enjoyed watching Mommy suck your father, didn’t you Jeremy?”

“Incredible, Mom,” I confessed.

“But he’s my Dad!” Penny said.

“He’s a man, baby girl. They’re all just men. Especially when they’re hard, and you’re naked.”

“This is really weird, Alice,” Penny said.

“I understand, sweetie. I’ll leave if you want me to. Do you want me to leave now?”

Penny looked back at me, then at Mom. “I, uh…”

Mom interrupted. “I’d like to stay. I’d like to see you do it. Blow my boy. Suck him for me. I’m his mom, I can’t, but I’d love to see you do it.”

Penny looked at me.

“Suck me beautiful. Get me off, so I can do the same for you.”

She glanced back at Mom, pulled the sheet back around her body, and took me in her mouth. I groaned. I couldn’t believe she was doing it. Sucking me, with Mom watching. Mom didn’t say anything, sitting quietly, running her hand over Penny’s shoulders, while my girlfriend sucked me diligently. She was almost working at it, no longer playful.

Mom kissed her on the shoulder. “Don’t make a job out of it because I’m here. Have fun. Enjoy it. Tease him. Don’t do this for me, do it for him, and for you.”

Penny looked back at Mom, pulling her mouth off of me. I saw her grin, and fun Penny was back, licking and teasing, looking up at me, kissing my cock, sucking playfully.

Mom couldn’t leave well enough alone, rubbing Penny’s shoulders, holding her hair back out of the way. She scooted in closer, leaning over my girlfriend, the sheet that was covering her slowly falling by the way. Penny had been laying sideways, but she scooted over between my legs, looking up at me, while she sucked me wildly. She was fully naked, on her knees, pleasuring me.

Mom stretched out on the bed beside us, her face only a few inches from where Penny was playing. She kissed my hip bone, and I heard a moan escape Penny, who was watching her intently.

“Make him come for us,” Mom said softly. “Tell him what you want.”

Penny pulled up gasping. “Come for me, Jeremy. Come in my dirty little mouth, while your Mom watches us. Show her how I make you feel.”

She started sucking me for real, hand pumping away, my cock disappearing deep into her mouth.

“Fuck, Penny, I’m going to come,” I gasped.

“All over my pretty face,” she said, her hand a blur on my shaft.

I groaned, unable to hold back. “Oh GOD!” I shouted, exploding, shooting my cream across her nose, cheeks and mouth. She was giggling, pointing my cock at her face, opening her mouth, licking me as my shots faded, rubbing my cock against her cheeks. She looked at Mom, sucking my cum off my cock, before using it to clean her face some more, and licking me clean again.

She was grinning wildly, obviously pleased with herself. Mom reached out and ran her finger along Penny’s chin, cleaning her up, then slipped her finger into Penny’s mouth. Penny sucked Mom’s finger, closing her eyes. Mom cleaned her again, from beside her eye, and then brought the finger to her own mouth, sucking it clean.

Penny moaned, taking Mom’s finger back into her own mouth. “God, that was hot, Alice.”

Mom leaned in and pressed her lips softly against Penny’s. “Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this. I won’t forget it.” She brushed Penny’s hair back, and kissed her on the top of her head. “You’re a lucky man, Jeremy.”

I laughed. “You don’t have to tell me. That much I know.”

Mom got up, straightening herself out. “I’ll leave you two alone now. I won’t bother you again until dinner’s ready.”

Penny jumped up and gave her a hug. “Thanks, Alice. That was wonderful. And you can come back any time.”

Mom hugged her back. “I can’t. I don’t trust myself. I want you to do for him what I can’t. Can you do that for me, honey?”

Penny nodded. “I’m going to drive him crazy for you.”

Mom grinned. “I won’t hold you up any longer.” She leaned forward and gave Penny another small kiss on the lips. Those kisses were killing me. “He’s ready for more. I better go before he explodes,” Mom said, nodding toward where I was laying, stroking my latest hard-on.

Mom left us, and Penny and I enjoyed a couple of chocolate chip cookies and milk, laughing that Mom still treated us like kids as far as snacks were concerned. Penny was teasing, playing with my cock, while I kissed the cookie crumbs off her mouth.

“You’re Mom’s a little wild, isn’t she?”

I nodded. “I never thought so until recently. But the last few days, definitely.”

“She wants you,” Penny said.

“I think it’s the idea of having me, seeing me with you, that’s has her this way. She and Dad are very happy together. They have a great sex life.”

“And you know this because..?” she teased.

“They both have told me so. They’re very openly affectionate. And loud, when they’re in their room, especially when they forget to close their door.”

“No shit? Wow, in my house, you’d never know that Mom and Dad had any kind of relationship at all, except they share the same bed.”

“That’s kind of sad, isn’t it? I think it’s great that Mom drives Dad crazy, and he adores her. You know, he turned down her kid sister for her.”

“Your Aunt Marie?”

“Yep. When they were dating, Aunt Marie actually climbed in the shower with him naked. He turned her away for Mom. They’re friends, lovers and partners in everything. I only hope I’m so lucky in love.”

She leaned in and kissed my lips. “You’re going to be lucky in love today,” she said, before lowering her head back into my lap.

“Hey! It’s supposed to be my turn,” I reminded her.

“When this guy stops coming back for more, you can do what you want. As long as it’s hard, it’s still my turn.”

“That’s not fair,” I told her, pulling her hair back so I could watch her. “I may have to wait days for my turn. You drive me crazy!”

“Exactly like I promised your Mom. Now hush up and enjoy. I don’t want to hear anything from you but moans and groans, and advice on how I can do you better.”

I sat back and let her pleasure me again. It took a long time, but she was patient and playful, and ever so generous with her attention. “Could you move over here next to me, so I can touch you while you do that?” I asked.

“Would you like that? Fondling me, playing with my titties, touching me down there?” she asked, crawling sideways and moving her body sexily for me.

“I’d love it.”

“Grope away, handsome.”

I touched her, caressed her, running my hands over her smooth skin, squeezing her butt cheeks softly, sliding my finger down her crack, before exploring her pussy. She’d never allowed me access to it before, and I was going nuts. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I lifted her up, making her squeal and giggle, then lowered her over my face, straddling my head.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I said, looking at her cute little pussy, swollen lips, small little opening. It didn’t look big enough to slide a finger in, never mind my whole cock.

She had her mouth around my shaft, working hard. I licked her, parting her lips with my tongue, smelling her, tasting her for the first time. It was so damn exciting, it was pushing me over the edge.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, erupting in Penny’s mouth suddenly.

She sucked me dry, and kept on sucking while I put a little of what I’d learned with Aunt Marie to use. It was working, and she was moaning continuously, her head resting on my thigh while my mouth and active fingers had their way with her.

She got excited very quickly, and I thought she was going to come for me, but although it was easy to bring her to the edge of orgasm, it was difficult to get her over. She continued moaning and groaning, wriggling wildly. I did everything I could, licking and sucking, fingering and poking. I had my lips over her clit, teasing it gently, when I nudged a finger against her back door. She moaned loudly, her legs trembling, and as I eased it into her rear, she finally went off, screaming out, coming hard.

I let her down easily, licking her gently, until she was relaxed, lying on me, gasping.

She climbed up off me, turning around and lying on me again, bringing her lips to mine. “My God, Jeremy! That was incredible!”

“You think so?” I teased, kissing her pretty little lips that had done so much for me.

“Fuck! I’ve never come like that. I was on edge so long, driving me crazy, and then boom! Wow. I can’t believe we wasted a year. We could have been doing this all along!”

I laughed. “I guess we have some catching up to do.”

I grabbed her around the waist, and rolled over with her, loving the way she giggled for me. I slid down between her legs, kissing her. “You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen, and sooo sweet. I love the way you taste and smell,” I told her.

“Really? You don’t just do it for me? You really like it?”

“Do you like sucking?” I asked her.

“Hell yeah,” she chuckled.

“I love going down on you. Getting you off makes me feel amazing.”

She pressed my face down into her crotch. “Show me.”

I did, taking my time, enjoying learning about her, tasting her, fingering her, seeing what she responded to. She was very vocal with what she liked, thankfully, and it wasn’t long before I pressed all the right buttons and had her coming for me again, screaming out my name, giving me goosebumps.

We laid in bed together, naked, holding each other, talking about it. What we’d done, what we’d liked, and why. Penny giggled abruptly. “Your Mom would have loved that.”


“Seeing how you got me off. That was fucking amazing, Jeremy. A-mazing.”

“It’s all you beautiful. Trust me.”

“How did you learn to do that?” she asked, obviously curious.

I’m sure I blushed. “That’s a story for another day. I had a very good mentor.”

“Now you’re killing me. Who?”

I leaned over and kissed her softly, nibbling her bottom lip. “I promised not to tell. Sorry.”

“You promised to keep my pictures private,” she reminded me. “You owe me.”

She had her hand on my cock, stroking and tugging, slowly bringing me back to life. “Let me take some more pictures of you doing that, and I’ll tell you.”

“Sure, and this time the pictures will probably end up on the internet,” she said, poking me.

“No, I promise. Nobody will see it except for you, me and my family.”

“Your family?”

“Mom and Dad. Dad would just die. It’s not going to take you any twenty years to catch up to Mom, and I want to show him.”

“You’re kidding, right? You want to show him pictures of me going down on you?”

“No. A video.”

“Video! Now I know you’re nuts.”

I kissed her chin, her jaw line, licking teasingly, “You’ll never believe who taught me how to go down on a girl, and where.”

She jabbed me. “You fucker. You had to go there, didn’t you? Is it really a good story?”

“The best. You’ll have to swear on your life never to tell anyone. I’d be killed for sure.”

“And the video, you promise only us and your parents?”

“I promise.”

She grabbed my phone from the bedside and passed it to me, before climbing down between my legs. “It better be a damn good story.”

“Ready, Jeremy? Let’s see what I can do for you.” She turned to the camera. “Hope you enjoy the show.” It was at least a 15 minute blow-job, and I was going crazy, both from what she was doing, and who was going to watch it. I was afraid I was going to run out of battery. She was learning me, and as I got close, she rose up, looking into the camera. “Hey Mom and Dad, he’s about to blow for me,” she said stroking my cock, smiling. “Normally I’d suck him dry and swallow every delicious drop, but I’m going to let him come on my face for you.” She looked at me, “Warn me, Ok?”

“God, Penny!” I groaned.

“Goddess Penny,” she giggled, before taking me back in her mouth. She sucked me and stroked me, quickly bringing me to the edge. “I’m close,” I warned her.

She climbed off the bed and got on her knees. “Come for me, Jeremy. Shoot all over my face for Mom and Dad,” she moaned.

I followed her, stroking my cock. I stuck it back between her lips, fucking her sexy mouth for a few more seconds, before pulling out. “Fuck,” I groaned, keeping the camera focused on her face as I blew my load. I got a couple of good shots on her, before she opened her mouth and I finished between her lips, letting her suck me clean.

“Am I pretty, Jeremy? With your cum all over my face, marking me, making me yours?”

“You’re beautiful, Penny. Fucking incredible.”

She used her fingers to clean her face, sucking them clean. She scooped up some of my cream and held her fingers out to the camera. “If you were here Alice, I’d let you clean them for me.” She sucked them herself. “I’d let you lick my whole face clean.”

She giggled, looking away from the camera. “Oops. Now look what I’ve done! Time to start all over again. Sorry, this one’s all mine.” She blew a kiss at the camera.

I wasn’t really hard, although I was getting there. “You are a naughty little tease, aren’t you?”

“Happy? I did my best for you. Now I think you owe me a story.”

“Let’s shower together, and then get back in bed, and I’ll tell you everything,” I told her.

“You’re not trying to trick me?”

“No. I want to hold you, relaxed and comfortable, and tell you an amazing tale.”

She took me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom.

We bathed, washing each other, learning more about our bodies, drying each other off, before collapsing back into the bed. I plugged my phone into the charger, getting a grin out of my girlfriend. I gave her one of the water bottles, snacking on the last of our cookies.

“Stop delaying, Jeremy! I did my part.”

“Yes you did. The story’s good, but I think it’s fair to say that no story is as good as what you did for me.” I chuckled, pulling her close and kissing her. She was a little resistant to start, then she got into it. “Don’t judge, Ok?”

“I won’t.” She crossed her heart, bringing my attention back to her pretty perky breasts.

“We never meant for it to happen, I swear. It was an accident really.”

“Jeremy, stop stalling,” she whispered, kissing my shoulder. “Tell me, or I’m cutting you off.”

“I’m not stalling. I need you to understand, I never intended…”

“Jeremy!” she snapped.

“It was my Aunt.”

“Marie?” she asked, eyes open wide in surprise.

“The very one.”

“Oh my God! That friggin’ sex goddess? Are you fucking her?” she asked.

“No. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Ok? Let me tell you a little tale.”

She leaned her body against mine, legs entangled, while I told her a partial accounting. I explained about Aunt Marie and me always being close, playful, teasing. I told her about the lake, seeing her tits, and motor-boating her boobs afterward.

“In front of your Mom?” she asked, her hands wandering over my body as much as mine were on hers.

“Yeah. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.” I described the Jeep, trying to get it loaded up, and having Aunt Marie sitting on my lap in the backseat, in our own little world, half dressed, and her more than a little drunk. Two long hours. Two hours of magic.

The story evolved, as I explained what we did in the backseat. I avoided the entire second half of the trip, letting it sound like it ended after the blow-job. I did include some salacious details, like the sexy underwear she wore for me, and their true meaning, as well as her declaration that we couldn’t fuck there, in the Jeep, with Colin in the front seat.

“Fuck,” she murmured softly. “Marie. Those huge tits. She really let you come in her mouth? Jesus, Jeremy.” She had her hand back on my cock, tugging on it gently. “Pretty amazing. But when did you learn the rest?”

“Mom found out. No, that’s not right. Marie told her, and Mom had a fit. She laid down the ground rules. I wasn’t allowed to have sex with Aunt Marie. She did agree to let me continue playing with her.”

“No fucking way.”

“Yep. With fucking prohibited, Aunt Marie wanted to make progress on the oral front. I wasn’t going to argue with her.”

I told Penny about Marie teaching me, starting the day before, and was a little ashamed to explain the last lesson was just a couple of hours before she’d arrived. “Mom and her sister have some issues, and she was adamant about drawing the line at sex. Intercourse. I wasn’t going to fight it, since oral was still allowed. Both ways.”

“Holy shit! You got more blow-jobs from her? This morning, before I arrived? Now I feel like an idiot. How can I compare to that?”

“I’m not going to lie. It was incredible, mostly because of who it was, and where it was. Coming in her mouth in the back of the Jeep with my parents in the front seat? Fuck, that was intense. Then more of the same yesterday and today. Mind-blowing.”

“I bet,” she said, sounding a little down.

“Time for another secret.” I told her, tilting her chin up so she’d look at me. “You’re better. You weren’t the first few times, but today? What you did on camera? Fucking amazing.”

“You’re just saying that,” she pouted.

“I swear on my life. Much better than Aunt Marie. She’s done me a few times, and she’s good, but it’s like she’s doing me a favor. The way you do it, the way you look at me, knowing you want me to come for you, not to get it over with, but because you want it, want me. Jesus, Penny, it’s fucking incredible!”

“You really think so?” She was kissing my chest, teasingly.

“I don’t have that much experience, but I swear, nobody before you was half as good, and even Aunt Marie can’t hold a candle to you. I love that naughty, teasing little mouth of yours.” I didn’t mention my experience with Mom, of course.

“Good, because you’re going to be getting a lot of it. All you want, and then some.”

I pulled her on top of me, kissing her. How had I waited this long? Dad was right. She was so doable.

I heard the knock on the door. “Kids?”

“Come on in Mom,” I said, wrapping my arms around Penny who was kissing my neck.

“God, you’re bad, Jeremy,” she whispered, squirming in my grasp, sliding her legs outside mine, and grinding against me.

Mom entered, taking in the scene. “Oh, Jeremy! I don’t want to interrupt your first time,” she said. I was jealous of Mom’s view, standing at the end of the bed, getting an eyeful of Penny’s spread legs.

Penny turned to her. “We’re just playing now, Alice. No sex yet. Just the most amazing oral. Jeremy’s very talented.”

I pulled her head close, whispering in her ear. “She doesn’t know ALL about Aunt Marie,” I said.

“So it sounded,” Mom laughed. “I’m so happy for you two. Why don’t you clean up and get at least somewhat presentable before dinner. Not that Harold would mind that outfit you’re wearing, Penny.”

Penny giggled, sliding off me to the side. “This old thing?” she said writhing beautifully, running her hands over her body. “I’ve had it forever. Not half as nice as yours, I imagine.”

Mom laughed. “No, honey. It’s quite beautiful. Too beautiful. My husband gets a look at that, and I’ll be walking bowlegged for weeks.”

“Now that’s something I’d like to see,” Penny said.

“Walking bowlegged, or getting there?” Mom teased.

“Both. Especially the getting there.”

“No way, wild child,” Mom laughed. “And here I thought you were a sweet innocent girl, safe to leave my boy with.”

“I was. I think you and your boy are changing that.”

“Any regrets?” Mom asked.

“Hell no! This is the most amazing day of my life. I hope it just keeps getting better and never ends.” She climbed out of my bed, grabbing a t-shirt off the stack on top of my dresser, and slipping it on. “Presentable?” she asked.

“Panties. We don’t want to leave stains and puddles everywhere we sit.”

She pouted. “Mine are already soaked through.”

Mom took her by the hand. “Come, we’ll find something for you.”

I watched them leave, stunned. Mom was going to give her panties to wear? Holy fuck. I put on a shirt and some light knit shorts that would do little to hide any action below the waist. I ran a comb through my hair and headed downstairs.

Dad was sitting on the couch, sipping a beer. He smiled when I walked in, and held out an open one for me. “Sounds like things are working out between you and Penny. Noisy little thing.”

“Newsflash Dad. It’s not going to take anywhere near 20 years. It might not take 20 days.”

He grinned. “I’m glad you think so. I wouldn’t bet against your Mom. You haven’t seen even a hint of what she can do when she puts her heart into it.”

He was sitting in his favorite chair, and I scooted to the end of the couch nearest him. “You might have been a little hard on Mom last night,” I said quietly.

His face took on a dark look. “Are you really going to tell me how I should treat my wife?”

I shook my head, knowing I was treading on thin ice. “No Dad. Never. But Mom would never say anything. She couldn’t even get out of bed this morning, and she was bleeding from her bottom.”

His eyes got hard. “How the fuck would you know that?”

“Aunt Marie had to come over and take care of her. I helped Mom into the bath when she couldn’t even walk. She slept all afternoon.”

Dad looked a little concerned. “She seems fine now,” he said, taking a drink from his beer.

I nodded. “She loved it, and would never complain. You know that. I’m letting you know how she was this morning. What you do with that information is your own business.”

Mom and Penny came downstairs, while I finished talking to Dad. It was clear they’d taken a little time to clean my girlfriend up. She looked gorgeous wearing my t-shirt. Her hair was brushed back, a little makeup on, her perky nipples pushing through the thin material of her shirt. She was barefoot, and her legs were perfect.

Mom looked almost as good, tight shorts accentuating her amazing ass, a simple tight shirt showing she was going braless as well. Mom’s beautiful, but the way Penny was almost dressed? Sexy as hell.

Dad called Mom and over, and she sat on his lap, cuddling up to him. I smiled and patted my own legs. Penny curled up in my lap, leaning her head on my shoulder.

Dad pulled Mom’s head down for a long kiss, then leaned back, looking at me and my girl.

“Kiss me, Penny.” I said softly.

“Here, now?

“Now. Like you mean it.”

She brought her lips down to mine, tentatively at first, then more passionately. Her legs unfolded, stretching out, and I slid one devilish hand between her thighs, teasing her. I felt the material of Mom’s panties, curious as to which they were. While our tongues dueled, I eased the bottom of the t-shirt back to her hips, and opened her legs a bit, giving my parents a teasing view.

Penny moaned in my mouth, moving her lips to my neck, nibbling on my ear, while I gently rubbed her between the legs, teasing.

“They can see,” she whispered nervously.

“Of course,” I told her, biting on her ear lobe and giving it a tug. “Can you imagine what it’s doing to Dad, seeing you in Mom’s panties?”

“Oh, God! Jeremy…” she moaned.

I closed her legs, straightening out her shirt, and pulled her back for a quick little kiss, hugging her. “You’re right Dad. I was a friggin’ idiot not to be giving her all my attention.”

He chuckled, his hand inside Mom’s shirt. “It’s part of growing up. We all make mistakes. Smart men learn from them. I’m proud of you.”

Penny was blushing hard, my hand fondling her tight little butt cheeks, out of view of the parents.

“My boys ready for dinner?” Mom asked. “I imagine at least one of them has built up quite an appetite.”

“Starving, Mom,” I confirmed.

Penny nodded. “Me too, Alice. It smells great.”

“Help me set the table?” Mom asked, climbing off Dad’s lap gingerly. Dad gave her butt a squeeze, and watched her cringe. I saw the look of concern on his face. “Alice. Come here.”

Mom turned backed to him. “What, dear?”

He pulled her close, reaching his hand around her bottom. “Are you alright?”

“Just fine,” she said.

“Be honest with me,” he said sharply.

She sighed, sitting back in his lap. “I’m a little sore. Nothing terrible.”

“Was Marie here, taking care of you?” he asked.

Penny was watching the interplay as intently as I. My hands were being bad, feeling her up more than was reasonable, with the parents only a couple of paces away.

Mom blushed. “Yes. I just needed a little help getting going this morning. I’m fine now.”

Dad gave her a squeeze. “I need to know these things, baby.”

She nodded. “There’s nothing to be concerned about. Really. I’m fine. Up for anything.”

She whimpered, when Dad moved his hands between her legs. “Up for anything?”

“Always. I’ll never say no to you.”

“I know,” he said. He eased her off his lap, helping her to her feet. He stood, pulling her into his arms, kissing her deeply, his hands gently caressing her bottom. “Feed me, woman. I’m starving.”

Penny climbed off my lap, but not before I could steal another quick kiss. I got up and followed Dad to the table, where Mom and Penny were serving up the food. Lasagna, one of my favorites, and a huge mound of garlic bread.

While we stuffed our faces with one of Mom’s better concoctions, Mom caught Dad up on our relationship progress, with Penny volunteering additional details when needed.

“Penny says she made a movie for us,” Mom told Dad, teasingly.

“Alice!” Penny chuckled. “That’s for after I’m gone, Ok?”

Mom had more cookies for us after dinner, after which Penny and I excused ourselves back to my room. “I only have a little while,” she said, pulling off her shirt. “I told Mom I’d be home by 10:00.” She laid back on the bed, dressed only in Mom’s tiny panties.

I moved between her legs, nibbling on her through the soft material. She giggled. “This is awfully naughty, Jeremy. Wearing your Mom’s panties while you’re doing that.”

It was. Naughty and exciting. Knowing where they’d been. I licked her crotch, tugging at the cloth with my teeth, pushing the material into her. I slid my tongue along the sides of it, teasingly, probing underneath the edge. I imagined I could taste Mom on them, wondering if they’d been clean when Penny put them on. Kind of hoping they weren’t.

I pulled the crotch aside, sliding my tongue along her slit. She moaned sweetly, while I started working on her.

Once I had her squirming for me. I turned her over, lifting her butt up nice and high, pulled the panties to the side, and got back to work, teasing and playing with her, licking and nibbling. It was fun, she was fun, and I couldn’t get enough of her, moving her around, doing my best to pleasure her as thoroughly as possible.

She was still very vocal, crying out loudly when she came. I was bringing her to her third big orgasm, when I saw Mom open the door carefully. She pushed it wide, winking at me, then walked away. I went after my sweet toy aggressively determined to get her off big. She was moaning and whimpering, twisting under my ministrations.

I could feel her trembling, once again on edge, hanging there eternally, gasping and crying, begging me to finish her. I held her down, fingering her, sucking on her clit, teasing her butt-hole.

“Fuck,” she groaned, her body tense, her thigh muscles turning to stone. “FUUUUCK!” she screamed, exploding for me, trembling uncontrollably, her fingers in my hair pulling hard. She kept coming for me, relaxing for only a moment, then going off again, her legs clamping down on my head. “JEREMY!” she cried out, her body arching, so beautiful in that moment.

I licked her gently, rubbing her softly, soothing her, bringing her back down. She was gasping, breathing hard, her body still shivering. “Jesus,” she groaned, her hands caressing my head. “That was crazy.”

Penny climbed on top of me, kissing me hard. “Why the fuck did we wait this long?” she asked.

I hugged her. “I’ll have to plead stupidity.”

“God, we have so much catching up to do,” she said, sliding down my body, taking my cock in her hand. “Remind me to thank your Mom and Dad,” she said, before taking me in her mouth.

“I think your little video will be quite a nice thank you.”

She smiled for me, my cock deep in her mouth, the corners turning upward sweetly.

“We’re going to have to do this a lot more,” I told her, brushing her hair back for a better view.

Her only answer was to struggle to take me deeper, gagging, until I felt my cock slide into her throat for the first time. She looked up at me, as she pushed her head forward, her nose pressing into my pubes.

She slid back and forth a few times, before pulling off completely. She was grinning hugely. “Yeehaa! I knew I could do it!”

“Fucking amazing, beautiful,” I told her.

She sucked me hard, teasing me. “Still think it’s going to take twenty years to catch up?”

“Hell if I know. I don’t have all that much experience here either, and watching Mom doesn’t compare to feeling this. All I can say is that you’re incredible. The best, Penny.”

“It’s only gonna get better. Now give me my present. I’ve earned it.” She slid me back into her mouth, working on me, her hand stroking in tandem with her hot, teasing mouth.

I watched her, getting closer, eager to fill her mouth one more time. She was so pretty, so willing, so eager. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have found her.

I saw some movement and looked up. Mom and Dad were both peeking in the doorway. Mom saw me looking and put her fingers up to her lips, shushing me. Dad gave me a thumbs up. They had a hell of a view, my pretty girlfriend almost naked on her knees, her butt pointed at the doorway, clad in Mom’s sexy panties, while she went down on me.

Dad grabbed Mom’s head, and pulled it down to his waist. She opened his pants and pulled his hard cock out, sucking him. She turned her head, her eyes glancing over at us, while she blew him.

“Jesus,” I gasped. I tried to hold back. Fought it with my heart and soul. I thought I stood a chance, until I looked up again and saw Dad pressing Mom’s head into his waist, his entire cock down her throat. Penny chose that moment to once more confirm she could do the same. It was too much. “I’m about to come,” I warned everyone. Penny looked up at me, taking the head of my cock in her mouth, while she stroked me rapidly.

I groaned, letting the feeling roll across me, as I stopped resisting and fired off inside Penny’s hot little mouth. She stroked me, milking me, while she sucked me dry. When I finished coming, she grinned and opened her mouth, showing me her prize, before swallowing. I looked up and saw the doorway was empty, and the door almost closed.

Penny climbed up the bed and gave me a tangy kiss. “I do have to go. I’m already late.”

“This has been wonderful,” I told her.

She climbed off the bed, pulling up Mom’s panties, before she finished dressing. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt, getting presentable. “I’ll walk you home.”

She gave me a hug. “Thanks. It has been fun, hasn’t it?”

I squeezed her back. “Beyond fun. Incredible.”

She grinned. “For me too.”

I walked her the few blocks home, giving her a kiss on the doorstep. “See you tomorrow?” I asked.

She grinned. “If you want.”

“I’ll give you a call. I definitely want to.”

She kissed me again. “I bet you do. More practice?”

“More time with my amazing girlfriend, who, like an idiot, I’ve been neglecting far too much this summer.”

“I’ll be expecting that call.” She gave me a last peck, before heading into her house, twenty minutes late. I hope her parents wouldn’t be too irritated.

At home, Mom and Dad were waiting for me in the living room. Mom was wearing a teasing little nothing of a nightgown. She ran to me, giving me a big hug. “Spill, baby boy.”

I laughed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, cuing up the video. “This is for you and Dad,” I told her.

Mom took it and ran to Dad, planting herself in his lap. I watched her start the video, and heard Penny’s voice, getting louder as Mom turned up the volume. “Hope you enjoy the show,” I heard her say.

I got up and went to the garage, returning with a couple of beers, since it looked like Dad was dry. I opened his, passing it to him, peeking over Mom’s shoulder. I was torn between checking out the video, and Mom’s cleavage.

“Talented,” I heard Mom say, chuckling.

“Damn, son, she’s a keeper,” Dad said.

I put my arm around Mom, giving her a squeeze, watching the video with them. Damn she looked good, my cock filling her young mouth. Mom and Dad didn’t comment much on the first viewing, watching Penny give her best, and obviously enjoying what she was doing. I heard both my parent’s breathing speed up. Mom’s nipples were hard. I could only imagine how hard Dad was.

“Hey Mom and Dad, he’s about to blow,” we heard her announce. I watched her bring me to the edge, the camera shot getting wobbly when I climbed off the bed, following her, taking a last few strokes in her mouth before bathing her face in my cum, and watching her clean herself.

“If you were here Alice, I’d let you clean them for me. I’d let you lick my whole face clean,” she said to the camera.

Dad managed to tear his eyes off the video long enough to look at Mom, questioningly.

“Mom stopped by to drop off snacks and offer encouragement,” I told Dad, giving Mom a peck on the cheek. “Totally hands off. I kind of told Penny that I got to watch Mom blow you last night, so she thought it would be kind of cool to let you see us together. She’s a tease, isn’t she?”

Dad nodded, starting the video over. “You’re sure she’s new to this?”

“Completely. You saw what the other picture was like. Trust me, it was easy to tell a couple of months ago. Today? Wow, like a whole new girl.”

Mom was leaning into Dad. “Atmosphere, baby. No back of the car, uncomfortable, worried someone might walk in on you, awkward BJ. On a bed, relaxed, naked, in the privacy of your room; it frees her, sets her loose.”

Dad gave Mom a squeeze. “Not that there’s anything wrong with the occasional public BJ, with the excitement of getting caught, huh Alice?”

Mom blushed. “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Dad grinned. “Of course you don’t. Just like having an audience can’t be a hell of a motivator to do your best either.”

Mom giggled. “Depends on the audience.”

He pulled her close for a kiss. A long passionate one. It felt odd, with me sitting on the arm of his chair, my arm around Mom’s shoulder, while he kissed her like that, his free hand reaching down and fondling her bottom.

When he came up for air, I spoke, while I had the chance. “Dad, I want to get a decent video camera. Something with better lighting control and easier close-up focusing.”

He grinned at me. “Do I want to know what for?”

“I think you know what for. With high-resolution, image stabilization, and better auto-focus. Wouldn’t you like to see that video on a 60″ screen? Without the shakes, and dark moments?”

“What’s something like that cost?” he asked.

“I think around $300.”

He whistled. “A lot to pay for a simple BJ video,” he said.

I laughed. “Trust me Dad. It’ll be worth it. How about it?”

He looked at Mom. “Family camera, right? Your Dad can use it if he feels the urge,” she asked.

“Family camera. Anyone can use it.”

She turned back to Dad. “I have no problem with that.”

Dad nodded. “Use your Mom’s credit card. Don’t go crazy though.” He didn’t even look up from the video.

Mom was watching it as well. “Don’t you love the way she keeps glancing up at him, those big blue eyes looking all innocent?”

Dad groaned, and I could see Mom was rubbing between his legs. “Alice,” he murmured almost desperately.

She slid down between his legs, rubbing her face against his hardness.

Dad looked up at me. “Your Mom’s going to blow me now,” he said. “You’re welcome to stay and watch. Pick up some pointers for your cute little girlfriend.”

Mom looked up at him. “Again?” she asked nervously.

Dad stroked her hair. “I’ll be gentle tonight. I promise.” He lifted his hips, and Mom pulled his pants down, freeing his thick erection.

I moved to the side. “Need another beer?”

Dad smiled, while Mom licked his cock. “Sure. That would be nice.”

I rushed out and grabbed two beers, returning to find Mom with most of Dad’s cock down her throat. The old horn-dog was holding the video next to her face, watching both at the same time.

Mom gave us a hell of a show, and I was surprised to find Dad ready to come by the time I was about to do so on camera. “On your face,” he gasped.

She leaned back, and he stood up.

“Hey Mom and Dad. He’s about to blow,” I heard Penny say as Mom took Dad back in her mouth. He grabbed her head and starting fucking her face roughly.

“Come for me, Jeremy. Shoot all over my face for Mom and Dad.”

“Fuck,” Dad groaned, pulling his cock out of her mouth and stroking it fast, while she posed for him, mouth open wide, waiting.

“Am I pretty, Jeremy? With your cum all over my face, marking me, making me yours?”

“Alice,” he gasped, his hand a blur. He grunted and shot his load, splashing her face, before finishing in her mouth.

Mom took his cock in her mouth, sucking him.

“If you were here Alice, I’d let you clean them for me. I’d let you lick my whole face clean.”

She leaned back, pulling off Dad’s cock and showing her empty mouth. She reached up and scraped the cum off her cheek, sucking her finger clean.

Dad watched her, no longer paying attention to the video. “Would you do it, Alice? Lick her face clean?”

Mom grinned. “From his cum?” she said with a nod of her head toward me, “Or yours?”

“Either,” he said, his voice catching.

“Both,” Mom told him, scraping her other cheek clean and sucking her fingers. “Only if it was Ok with you.”

Fuck, that was hot. “It’s Ok by me,” I said.

It seems like they’d almost forgotten about me. Dad looked over and laughed. “I’m sure. So what do you think? Your girlfriend have a chance to catch up to that?”

Mom was grinning, leaning in and licking Dad’s cock teasingly.

“Maybe not yet, but you have to admit, she’s a hell of a learner.”

Dad laughed, pulling Mom’s face onto his cock. “I’ll give you that. She’s a pretty little cocksucker, and looks eager enough to please. That’s worth a lot.”

Mom watched me, still sucking Dad. I was getting seriously jealous, and hard as a rock.

“I…I think I’m going to go upstairs now,” I told Dad, watching Mom taking him deep. I was sitting on the couch next to them. Mom got up, pushing me back on the couch. She sat on my lap sideways, giving me a kiss.

“You didn’t enjoy the show?” she asked teasingly. “Didn’t learn anything?”

I adjusted her in my lap, embarrassed. “I think I’m enjoying it too much,” I confessed.

She turned in my lap, facing forward, pressing her ass down into my crotch. “I thought you liked me sitting in your lap. You certainly did last time.”

Dad walked over to us, standing between my feet. He pulled Mom’s face forward, and she took him in her mouth. He reached out and pulled the straps on her shoulders down her arms. Her top slid down, exposing her tits. “That’s much better,” he said.

Mom was rubbing her ass against my cock, moaning beautifully. I held her hips, pressing against her. I slid my hands down her thighs, rubbing her legs, sliding to the inside of her thighs. Dad was grinning, watching his hot little wife, my sexy Mom, blow him.

Mom opened her legs for me, and I eased my hands higher, pressing against her panties.

“Uh-uh,” Dad said, staring down at me. “Let’s keep it above the waist.” I was suddenly nervous. He grinned. “She’s a little sore today.”

I moved my hands upward, placing my hands on her breasts, watching for my Dad’s reaction. He grinned at me. “Your Mom’s a pretty hot number, wouldn’t you say?”

I pinched her nipples, tugging on them. “The hottest woman I’ve ever seen.”

He smiled, holding Mom’s head and fucking her face aggressively. “Your not as dumb as you look.”

I kissed Mom’s bare shoulder, feeling her tight ass clenching around my cock. “I get my brains from the hottie. I get my looks from you.”

I bit down on her neck, and she moaned around Dad’s cock, her body shaking as she came for us.

“You like our boy holding you, while I fuck that sexy mouth, don’t you?” Dad teased Mom.

She pulled off his cock, gasping, staring up at Dad. “I need more, Harold. I need you to fuck me,” she gasped.

He grabbed her head, and stuck his cock back in her mouth. “Soon, Alice. I promise.”

I was playing with her tits, squeezing them, playing with her hard nipples. Biting on her shoulders, I saw one of Dad’s markings and I smiled, sucking her skin hard. My hickey was going to obliterate his.

Mom’s ass was going to town against my cock. Her butt-cheeks were tensing, teasing me, squeezing my staff.

Dad held up my camera, replaying the Penny video. He turned it toward me. “We appreciate this. I appreciate it.” He brushed Mom’s hair aside, looking down at her. “It doesn’t make up for everything, but it’s a hell of a nice start.”

I released Mom’s skin, giving her neck a nibble. “I know Dad. I’m sorry we went behind your back.”

He nodded. “I know. Coming clean helps.”

“I’m going to keep making it up to you Dad. I promise.”

He grinned. He pulled Mom off his cock, and slapped it against her cheek. “Kiss your boy goodnight, Alice.”

Mom turned in my lap, throwing her arms around my neck. She kissed me hard and deep, her tongue exploring my mouth. “That was sweet, making that video for us. You had a good time today?”

“Jesus, Mom. It was an amazing day.”

“Even after Penny left?” she asked teasing, kissing my lips softly, grinding against my stiff cock.

“Especially after she left.” I looked up at Dad. “I am so fucking jealous.” I squeezed Mom’s tit, making her moan.

“You should be,” Dad laughed. “Although Penny’s a sweet little alternative.”

He pulled Mom off my lap, hugging her. “This one’s mine, Jeremy. I hope you can accept that.”

I stood, my cock sticking out in front of me, aching. “I understand Dad.”

“Good.” He turned her around, facing me, reaching down and grabbing her breasts, squeezing them hard, making her groan. “I’m going to take this hot little piece upstairs and fuck her like she needs.” He tugged on her nipples, and she squirmed deliciously. “Don’t worry, I’ll be easy on her tonight.”

I grinned. “Good. Give her what she needs. Give her one for me too.”

He chuckled. “You do the same with Penny.”

“I will. I’m going to fuck her soon. I’ll make sure to get us a nice video.”

“You’d do that for us?” Mom asked.

“For Dad. Sorry Mom. He gets to choose if he’ll share it with you.”

She rubbed her ass against him. “That’s fine. I know how to get him to share.”

I laughed, bending over and kissing her. “I’m sure you do. Now go upstairs and give him a thank you for me. He deserves it. He’s the best man I’ve ever known, too.”

She gave me a hug. “I love you, Jeremy.”

“Love you too, Mom. I love you both.”

I turned and ran upstairs. Couldn’t let Dad see me gettin’ all sappy. The whole ‘I love you both’ was pretty much over the line as it was.

I listened to Dad make love to Mom, both our doors wide open. I stroked myself easily, imagining taking a turn on Mom myself. I heard her cry out, and Dad’s chuckle. “That one was for you, Jeremy,” he called out.

I got myself off, one last time, barely hard enough to manage it. It had been a pretty intense day. I could still smell Penny on my sheets. She really was amazing. Not Mom, but hell, nobody was.

* * *

I woke with Mom’s arms around me, kissing my shoulder. “Time to get up, lazybones. Daylight’s burning.

I turned and found myself holding a naked Mom. She pressed her lips against mine briefly. “Breath of death,” she whispered.

“Sorry. I wasn’t expecting company.”

She rolled back on the bed, stretching, letting me see her beautiful body. “God, Jeremy, last night was incredible.”

“You two had a good time?” I teased, fondling her breast.

“The best. He was so loving, so gentle, and still, when I needed it hard, he gave it to me.” She arched her back, pressing her breast into my hand. “It was all about me last night. It was wonderful.”

“You deserve it, Mom.”

She turned on her side, her hand on my chest, looking at me. “You don’t mind that I talk to you about it?”

“I love it Mom. I’ll never get enough of hearing how much you two love each other.”

She smiled. “You really love your old man, don’t you?”

“Of course. Almost as much as I love you.”

“You never say it.”

“Mom! We’re men. We don’t have to say it. We know.”

She leaned in and kissed me warmly. “That video of Penny. I don’t know if you can understand how much that meant to him. The way she sucked you, talking to us. Doing it for us. Openly sharing it with him.”

“That part was her idea,” I admitted.

“You owe her one.” She moved against me, throwing her leg over mine, kissing me warmly. “Your Dad is very private. Much more than me. What he’s doing, letting you watch us, it’s not like him. We’ve never done anything like that. We’ve never been swingers or fooled around. We’re enough for each other. Sharing that video, it’s intensely personal to him. He couldn’t stop talking about it last night.”

“This whole thing is intensely personal to me, too. I would never do this for anyone else. I wanted Dad to see those pictures of her. Nobody else.”

“Is this because of the car ride?” she asked.

“Partly. What we did was so incredible.” I pulled her close, hugging her. “Life altering. Doing it behind Dad’s back, was the worst thing I’ve ever done. I’m going to make it up to him.”

She pressed her lips to mine, kissing me slowly, her tongue exploring my mouth. I caressed her soft skin, reaching down for that amazing ass, letting it fill my hands, cupping it, feeling the firmness. Jesus, what an ass.

I reached lower, feeling between her legs. She stopped kissing me, and pulled my hands upward. “The rules haven’t change Jeremy. I might bend them a little, letting you fondle my butt, but you can’t go any further. Keep it above the waist.”

“You climb into my bed naked, and tell me that?”

She glared at me. “I could leave.”

I pulled her close and hugged her. “No. Please. I’ll be good. I promise.”

She kissed my neck. “I’m not trying to tease you, Jeremy. I just love being with you like this. If it’s too much, I’ll understand.”

“No Mom. It’s not too much. I can deal with this.” I went back to fondling her sweet ass. “You guys were bad last night. Dad made you come so loudly, and then yelling out that one was for me.”

She giggled. “You have no idea, Jeremy. He was so naughty. He made me act like his Mommy, and pretended it was you fucking the living daylights out of me. I had to wear a blindfold and everything. Sucking that big cock while he called me Mom, begging for it. Such a rotten bastard. He made me come so hard I thought I was going to pass out.”

“Seriously? He pretended to be me?”

She giggled. “That was the one that was for you. Literally. I almost screamed your name. I had to be Penny afterward. He came in my mouth so damn fast. I even cried when he took my virginity.”

“Mom! Really?”

She wriggled against me, nibbling my shoulder. “What did you expect, after that video?”

“I don’t know. Not that!”

She sat up, pressing her naked crotch against my hardness, grinding against me. “Please, Mr. Davis, we really shouldn’t,” she said in a little girl’s voice. “Ok, just the tip, for a second…No, Jeremy will never know. I won’t tell I promise.” She rose up, holding my cock against her, rubbing it between her wet pussy lips. “Oh, God! It’s too big,” she whined, pushing it against her opening. “So big,” she gasped, pressing it inside. “It’s stretching me too much. I can’t. We have to stop.”

She grabbed my hands, and put it on her hips, then started wiggling. “No, Mr. Davis. We can’t. That’s enough. I can’t take any more,” she begged in that high-pitched teasing tone, meant to imitate my girlfriend. “Yes, I promised, but I didn’t know,” she whined. “No! Please, don’t make me take it all. It’s impossible. You’re so huge. Not my first time!”

She settled down onto my cock about halfway, groaning. “Stop. You have to stop. It’s tearing me open. Please. I…I’ll blow you. I’ll suck you so good. Even better than her. We have to stop. At least let me get used to it.”

She had her hands covering mine, still on her hips. Moaning, while she rose up and down on the last few inches of my cock. “It hurts too much. We have to stop. No more!” she cried out, sinking a little further. “God, Mr. Davis, you’re killing me. Please stop. Please. We can do something else, anything else. Whatever you want. Please.” She leaned over pressing her head against my shoulder, fucking herself with most of my cock.

“Yes, it still hurts. Too much,” she whined softly. “Oh FUCK,” she groaned. “Stop! You’re really hurting me. You’re way too thick. Let me suck you, Mr. Davis.” She paused, about half-way down my length. “Mrs. Davis?…Yes, she’s pretty…Uh-huh, very pretty and sexy. Of course I’d kiss her for you.” She slowly slid off my cock, sighing. “Oh God! Thank you.” She hesitated at the tip, driving me crazy. “Down there? Kiss her down there? Oh, no! I couldn’t.”

She slammed down on my cock, crying out loudly. “Ow! No more! I’ll do it. I will. I promise. Whatever you want. Whenever you want. You just have to stop.”

She started pounding down on my cock, screaming. “No! You promised! You’re destroying me! Don’t! Don’t come in me! I’m not on the pill. I’ll get pregnant! You have to stop.”

She sighed, groaning, “So big. You fill me up so much.” She got quiet, riding me slowly, taking my whole length. I moved with her, thrusting into her, listening to the whimpers and soft moans. “A…little better,” she murmured, kissing my chest. She had stopped her own moving, letting me pound into her. “No, it’s Ok, a little longer, but you can’t come in me.” Mom pushed my hips down, riding me gently. “Yes, that’s better. It still hurts a little. Oh, God! Not so deep, please, it hurts at the end. Yes, like that, that’s better. Much better, thank you.” She gasped, grinding against me. “Do you like that, Mr. Davis? Being my first? Stretching out my poor virgin pussy to fit your huge cock?”

It was too much, Mom fucking me like that, pretending to be Penny. “I’m going to come,” I warned her through clenched teeth.

“No, Mr. Davis! Not inside of me. I’m not on the pill, and it’s the worst time of the month. You can’t!” She rode me fast and hard, grinning, driving me crazy. “Please, in my mouth. You can come in my mouth. Just don’t fill my poor virgin pussy with your nasty cum.” Mom was breathing hard, digging her fingers into my flesh. “God, yes…Alright? Yes, I want your cum. Your nasty hot burning cum all the way up inside of me, making me pregnant. Give it to me, Mr. Davis. Gimme.”

I grabbed Mom’s hips and slammed into her, filling her just as she’d begged. I don’t know if her orgasm was real or part of her game, but it was huge. “FUCK!” she screamed, slamming her hips down and grinding against me.

She laid down on me, settling all the way down. “You were so mean, Mr. Davis,” she said softly kissing my chin. “You said just the tip. That was a huge tip! What if I get pregnant?…You’ll keep me? Promise?” She kissed my lips. “Again? What if they come home?…You will? You’ll make her lick me? Ok, one more time. But that’s it. You promise, right?…Mmm. Good. Thank you Mr. Davis. Can I call you Daddy?…Yes, thank you Daddy. Fill up my poor little pussy again. Give me your baby, Daddy.”

She rose up on her hands, looking down at me with a wicked grin. Mom was back. “That one doesn’t count, you understand. That was naughty little Penny, not your sweet Mom. Right Jeremy? It didn’t happen.”

I pulled her down and kissed her. “Of course Mom. You’d never do anything so evil.” I thrust up into her, still hard.

She smacked me on the chest. “Enough. You know our rules. That’s not allowed.” She lifted up off of me, my cum draining out of her messily. She turned sideways, licking up the pooling mess. “One moment, Ok, while I clean up poor Penny’s face.” She licked me for more than a minute, sucking me clean, even going down on me for a while.

She finally sat up blushing, and laid down next to me, quiet.

“Good thing Mom wasn’t here,” I said softly. “Just me and my naughty girlfriend, playing.”

She gave me a squeeze. “I’m sorry, Jeremy. That was wrong of me. Can we pretend that didn’t happen? I’ll never be able to explain it to your father.”

“Mom, nothing happened. You told me a naughty story. That’s all. I’m not going to do anything with you behind Dad’s back.”

She hugged me tightly, almost painfully. “Win me, Jeremy. You can win me from him, I know. I don’t know how, but he’ll share me with you if you do. Win Mommy, baby.”

“I will Mom. I promise. I’ll figure out a way.”

She kissed me softly, making a face. “Clean up, and brush your teeth, whatever you do. I’ll get your breakfast for you.”

She climbed out of my bed, so beautiful, my cum running down the inside of her thighs. She turned at the door, watching me as I got out of the bed. “I love you, Jeremy,” she said softly.

“I love you more, Mom. You’ll see.”

* * *

I made the call to Penny, and she agreed to go shopping with me. I wanted her there when I bought the camera.

We had a great time, and I found it so comfortable to be with her, holding her when I wanted, giving her the occasional kiss. Patting her bottom. We didn’t talk much about the previous day. The future was what mattered at the moment.

I took her to look over the cameras, and she was definitely curious. “Do I want to know what that’s for?” she asked.

I grinned teasingly. “You know what it’s for.”

She blushed. “I didn’t say there was going to be another one.”

I turned and kissed her hard, surprising her. “You’re last one was Academy Award winning. You were an enormous hit.”

She leaned her head into my shoulder, “Not here, Jeremy. Please. Don’t embarrass me.”

“Of course not. Help me pick out the best one. I want image stabilization so the picture isn’t so shaky, and easy to use zoom and close-up, and really good auto focus.”

We played with the cameras, taking practice pictures. She was getting into it, teasing me. We eventually found the one we both liked best. It was almost $400, a bit more than I’d told Dad. I was willing to pay for the difference if needed.

I broke out the camera and filmed her eating lunch. She was shy at first, then started teasing me, playing with her food, sliding her fries between her lips, licking them, moaning in pleasure.

“Jesus, Penny. You keep that up, and I’m going to have to do you in here.”

“They really liked the video?” she asked, grinning shyly.

“Holy shit. I had no idea.” I leaned forward, my voice little more than a whisper. “After they watched it the first time, Dad made Mom blow him while he watched. He held the picture right next to her head, and at the end, he came all over her face, just like in the video.”

She was clearly excited, squirming in her chair. “You watched them?”

“Oh yeah. That bit, when you told Mom you’d let her lick your face clean? I swear it almost gave him a heart attack.”

“Twenty years to catch up?” she asked, grinning slyly.

“I told them it wouldn’t take twenty days. Dad’s still not completely convinced. Not that you’re anything less than spectacular, but Mom’s just that good.”

“Jesus, Jeremy! How good is she?”

I shrugged. “Looks pretty damn good. Dad’s the expert.”

She pushed her tray away. “Things are good between us now, aren’t they? Better than ever. I know you feel it, too.”

I nodded. “Everything feels so right, being with you. Wandering around with you, no weirdness, no uncertainty. It’s wonderful.”

She grinned. “I know, right? I’m happy now. Really happy. Thank you.”

We dumped our trays, and I took her in my arms. “Forgive me for being so stupid for so long?”

She kissed me softly. “If you’ll forgive me.”

“Done. I love you, Penny.”

Her eyes opened wide. “Oh, Jeremy. I love you too. So much.”

I held her for a long time. She finally pulled away. “You’re going to make me late again. I told Mom I’d be home by 2:00, we have an appointment.”

“Can I see you later?”

“I’ll be over as soon as I can. Probably around 6:00. Dinner?”

I nodded. “And dessert.”

* * *

I dropped her off at her door, getting a nice long kiss before she left. “I love you,” she whispered softly.

I was surprised at myself for saying it first. I didn’t love her like Mom, or even like Aunt Marie. What I felt for her was different than anything else I’d ever felt before. It was good, and real, and if it wasn’t love, it was as close as I’d ever been.

Which made me feel just a little bit guilty when I grabbed my phone.

“Aunt Marie? Would it be Ok if I came over for a while?”

“Give me about twenty minutes, alright handsome?”

* * *

Aunt Marie answered the door wearing the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Lacy and transparent, it barely covered her at all, and what it did cover was more accentuated than hidden.

I took her in my arms and kissed her. She was so damn hot, those big tits of hers begging for attention.

“The afternoon is ours, sugar,” Aunt Marie said. “Come play.”

I followed her into her bedroom. I’d been there many times before, but never like this. It took on a whole different meaning. The huge 4 poster king size bed. The dresser mirror and closet mirrors both visible from the bed. The thickly padded pillow top mattress, beautiful bedspread, turned down on one side, the smooth satin sheets. I got hard just thinking about it.

Aunt Marie took my bag from my hand and put it on the bed-stand. She started unbuttoning my shirt. “Rules?”

I nodded. “The same. For a little longer.”

She kissed my chest, pulling the shirt off, and dropped to her knees, opening my pants. “We could bend them a little. Nobody would have to know,” she said softly.

I ran my fingers through her hair. “Like you wouldn’t tell Mom,” I said.

“Not if you don’t want me to,” she answered, pulling my pants down to my ankles and helping me step out of them.

“I wish I could believe that,” I said.

She slid my boxers down, freeing my hard cock. She took it in her hand, and stroked me once, then took the head in her mouth for a quick, easy suck. “I can keep a secret, Jeremy. I can. Ask your Dad.”

Ask Dad? Shit.

I pulled her to her feet, and hugged her again. I tilted her chin up and kissed her softly. “I love you so much, Aunt Marie.”

“I love you, Jeremy. As much as I’ve ever loved anyone.”

I opened up the bed, and pulled her in with me. “Tell me about you and Mom. Everything.”

She tensed up, suddenly nervous. “What did she say?”

“A lot. Everything about your past. I want to hear it from you.”

She bowed her head. “I can’t, Jeremy. Please don’t ask me.”


She heaved a huge sigh, leaning against me. “I’m ashamed.”

“I love you. You know that. I know what you’ve done. Now I want to know how we’re going to make it better. Once and for all.”

She pulled out of my arms, lying back on the bed, her hands covering her face. “I don’t know if we can. I wish we could. I do.”

“We can, and we will. I’ll help. I’ll do everything I can. So will Dad. First, you need to tell me everything.”

She turned to me, cuddling in. “Can’t we just have our fun?”

“I don’t want fun. I want you. All of you. All the time. That’s not going to happen until we work out things between you and Mom.”

“If we could work things out?”

“You’ll be mine.”

I listened to my aunt tell her side. About her jealousy. Pretty Alice, perfect Alice, Daddy’s pet, who could do no wrong. Good grades, never in trouble, so impossible to be compared to, which her parents did all the time. Why couldn’t she be more like Alice? Why couldn’t she work harder in school? Why couldn’t she do what she was told? Keep her room clean. Dress proper. Be on time. Stay out of trouble. Get better friends. Like perfect Alice.

Aunt Marie rebelled. Fooled around. Stayed out late. Did drugs. Skipped school. Got drunk. Dressed like a slut. Bad Marie, slutty Marie, stupid Marie, she’d heard it all the time.

She did her best to live up to it.

Taking Mom’s boyfriends was so easy. Mom didn’t put out. Marie would give them one look at her tits, drag them off to her room and fuck them. Didn’t matter if her parents were in the house. She once stole Mom’s boyfriend while her sister was making dinner.

She didn’t want them. Didn’t even keep them for long. Just long enough to rub Mom’s nose in it.

“Why?” I had to ask. “It wasn’t her fault.”

“I know that now. Then, she just pissed me off. Why couldn’t she screw up just once? Get suspended. Bring home a B. Stay out past curfew. At least get high or drunk. Something. Even the few things she did wrong, she got away with. It wasn’t fair.”

“She wrecked Mom’s car you know? Ran a red light. Had to go to the hospital. Everyone was so worried about her. Treated her like a princess. I backed into a pole and had my driving privileges taken away for a month. God, sometimes I hated her.”

“Daddy’s little girl. In his eyes she was perfect. She played him. Even at 18 years old, she still sat on his lap all the time, watching TV, reading a book. He’d hold her. Kiss her goodnight. When I tried to hug him he’d shrug me off. If I sat in his lap, he’d put up with it for a few minutes, then tell me I was too heavy. Mom would get mad at me. I figured it out later. He got hard when he held me. Not sweet innocent Alice, at least not that I could tell.”

She looked in my eyes. “They didn’t love me. Just the Princess. Jenny later, of course, the cute little baby. I was the problem child, and they had very little patience for a sad, confused, teenager.”

I held her in my arms. She sounded so sad, like it was still hurting her. “Their loss. You’re a wonderful, loving, generous person, and I’ll challenge anyone to say different.”

She lay in my arms, trembling, thinking back to the bad days. Broke my heart. Happy, cheerful, loving Aunt Marie, an unloved, sad and confused, troubled teen. I couldn’t reconcile the two images.

I sat up and started taking off her outfit. “Let’s get this off you. It’s a shame to cover up any part of your amazing body.”

She giggled. “That’s all I had, you know. The only place where I could one-up her. The boys always loved my body. All of them.” I had her outfit off and pulled her into my arms.

“I can see why. Pretty damned spectacular. Best tits in the world.”

She gave me a squeeze. “You should have seen them twenty years ago, sweetie. Back then they were really spectacular. Irresistible. To everyone. Except your Dad.”

“He thinks they’re amazing. The best ever. Told me so himself.”

She looked up at me. “Really? I know he likes them. I see him looking at me.”

“Told me how jealous he was that I got to do what we did. How he’d love to trade places with me, if not for Mom.”

“How much does he know?” she asked nervously.


“She would tell him,” Aunt Marie said, irritation creeping into her voice.

“I told him everything. Every little detail. What these tits are like. How you came for me. All about coming in your mouth that first time. What it was like to hold you, play with you, kiss you.”

She buried her head in my shoulder. “Jeremy, how could you?”

“He wanted me to be with you. He made sure you got to sit in my lap. He hit every damn bump in the road, so we’d get to have fun. He would have let me ride with you the whole way home, if Colin hadn’t gotten so damn frisky with Mom.”

“Really? He wanted me to be with you?”

“That’s what he said. That, and he wished he could trade places with me.”

“I didn’t think he liked me very much.”

“He loves you. Like I love you. But he loves Mom, and knows what it would do to her, the way things are now. That’s why we’re going to fix things. And then I’m going to give you to him.”

“He won’t,” she said nervously.

“He will. With Mom’s blessing by the time I’m done.”

“Do you honestly think so?”

“Tell me about you and him. That first time.”

She was fondling my cock, getting me hard. “He wasn’t like the others. Older, confident, manly, so God damn handsome. Better than she deserved. Yes, I wanted him the moment I saw him. I wanted to take him from her and keep him. Not like the others. I loved your father the first time I laid eyes on him.”

“I did what I could. Rubbed against him, showed him my tits, even climbed into the shower with him. He didn’t know it was me at first, calling me Alice, and telling me we shouldn’t. I was behind him and reached around, grabbed that huge cock of his and started stroking him, rubbing my tits against his back, kissing him. He groaned and leaned against the wall, letting me jack him off.”

My aunt was stroking me, looking down at my cock. “God, you’re so much like him back then. It’s uncanny.” She leaned down and sucked me once. “I should have done that to him. I should have sucked him off. I didn’t do that in those days. Never. Tits and pussy were enough. Or so I thought.”

She climbed on top of me, kissing me softly. “I should have finished him. Instead I turned him around and pulled him down for a kiss, grabbing his hands and putting them on my tits. I was convinced that was all he needed. Get a hold of these babies, and he’d be mine.”

Aunt Marie sat up, holding her tits out for me. “Irresistible, right? He resisted. He pushed me away. He was gentle about it, I’ll give him that. ‘No,’ he said firmly. I hugged him, grabbing his cock stroking it. He groaned for me. ‘We can’t. She’s your sister,’ he told me.”

“‘We can,’ I told him. ‘Anything you want. Right now if you want. You can fuck me now and all night long,’ I said. I almost had him. I was so close. He pushed me down to my knees. I knew what he wanted. But I didn’t do that. I stroked his cock, rubbing my tits against his legs. ‘Fuck me’, I pleaded.”

She leaned over, her tits hanging down and brushing against my chest. “We were that close,” she said. “I was stroking him, and he was staring at me with those hungry eyes of his. ‘Suck me,’ he said. I was a fucking idiot. ‘I don’t do that,’ I told him. He glared at me. He grabbed me by the hair, tilting my head back. He took that big dick in his hand, stroking it rapidly, and grunted, coming all over my face, slapping my cheeks with it when he was done, rubbing the head of his cocks against my lips. ‘Alice does,’ he said. He lifted me to my feet, and turned me to face the shower-head, rinsing his hot cum off of me, while squeezing my tits. Then he pushed me out of the shower, naked. ‘Don’t do that again,’ he told me. God, Jeremy, I was so embarrassed. I wanted him more than ever after that. I wanted him to stick his cock in my mouth and make me suck him. I needed him to use me. Instead I lost him.”

She laid down on me again, grinding her crotch against my hardness. “Fucker went and told her I came onto him, got in the shower with him. He didn’t mention asking me to suck him, or coming on my face, did he? No mention of playing with my tits. See, I can keep a secret. Twenty years now, you’re the only person I ever told.”

She sighed. “I didn’t try again. I let her have him. I’ve never made a move on him in all this time.”

“You still love Dad, don’t you?”

She nodded. “I always have. Everything I always wanted in a man, and never got. It’s not fair, Jeremy.”

“What would you do with him, if Mom said it was Ok?”

She kissed my neck softly. “Everything. Anything he wanted. All the same things I’d do with you, if we could. If you wanted.”

I held her head, kissing her lips gently. “Do you think I don’t want you?”

“Not enough, I guess. You could be having your way with me right now, doing anything you wanted. Things I’ve never done with anybody else.”

“Aunt Marie, I love you, but you don’t think things out. We could do it now, do everything. I’d love that. Sooner or later Mom would find out. Probably Colin and Dad too. It would be over, ruined, forever.”

I kissed her again, slower, deeper, fondling her soft body. “Or…we could be smart about it, win over Mom and Dad, and do everything we want, with everyone we want, for as long as we want, all of us happy for ever. Which do you want?”

“Do you think it’s possible? Really?” she asked hesitantly.

“I do. How much are you willing to do to make it work out?”

“Anything Jeremy. I swear. Whatever it takes.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” I eased her off of me, and passed her that sexy little teddy. “Put it back on. Time to start.”

She looked at me confused, sliding the outfit back over her head. “Start how?”

I opened the bag I’d brought, and pulled out my camera. “Time for you and me to make a movie. A special movie for Dad’s eyes only. You’re going to tell him all the things you would do for him if you could, and enlist his help in making it come true.”

“If Alice saw that, she’d kill all of us.”

“No. When she sees it, she’ll understand. Now get between my legs and pretend I’m him. Tell him what you want, how long you’ve wanted him, what you’ll do for him, given a chance. And beg for his help.”

I expected a little push-back, not complete capitulation. She got on her knees, facing the mirror, and shook out her hair. She adjusted her sexy nothing of an outfit, and moved between my legs. I was semi-hard, but suspected she’d be able to fix that easy enough.

“Ready?” she asked, sitting up. “Camera up here to start, Ok?”

“Ready.” I hit the record button. “Recording,” I whispered, framing her pretty face in the display.

“Harold? It’s me. I think I owe you an apology. More than one, actually,” she brushed her hair back. “Twenty years ago. I was bad. I tried to steal you away from Alice. I did. I had done it before, and I was confident I could do it again. But you were different. I knew it the first time I saw you. Different in every way. Not like those boys. Different with her, too. I wasn’t ready for someone like you.”

I zoomed the image out, showing more than her face, bringing her amazing tits into the viewfinder.

“Touching you in the shower, feeling you, I can’t forget it. How you were, your hardness in my palm.” She moved lower, taking my cock in her hand, stroking it. I made sure the camera got all of it. “Pressing my body against your smooth, slippery skin, feeling how hard you got, so quickly. So big in my hand.” She looked down at my cock, firming up for her. “I’d never had one so big. I wanted it. I wanted it in me, stretching me. I don’t think I ever wanted anything so bad. It’s true, at first I just wanted to take you from Alice. I hadn’t known you for more than a couple of hours before I knew it was more than that. I wanted you more than I’d ever wanted anyone.”

She sat up and removed her top, holding her tits for the camera, before going back to stroking me. Damn, she was hot. “I only knew one way to get boys. Flash ’em the tits, and fuck ’em. I threw myself at you, and for a moment I thought I had you, the way you looked at me. You pushed me to my knees, telling me to suck you. I didn’t, and I lost you.”

She lowered her head to my cock, kissing it. “I wish I’d done differently. I wish I’d taken that big fat cock of yours and wrapped my lips around it. I’d do it over if I could. I would do whatever you asked. Anything you wanted. I let the best man I ever met slip through my fingers because I was a stupid, immature, scared little girl. This is what I wish I had done.”

Aunt Marie licked me slowly, staring into the camera. She kissed the head, moaning softly as she took me in her mouth, teasing me with her tongue, while sucking the last few inches of my cock. She stroked me, tenderly. She had never been like this before. She was making love to my cock, gently, adoringly. This was a different Aunt Marie. Dad’s Marie. If he wanted her.

I let her have her way, slowly driving me crazy. I focused on her mouth, sliding up and down my shaft, leaving a slick sheen behind as she pulled upward. She dragged her teeth against my skin, giving me shivers, scraped with her fingernails, teasing with her tongue.

“I’d beg you to come for me, Harold. Come in my mouth. You could have been my first. Should have been my first. Filled my mouth with your delicious cream. I wanted that so badly. I still do.” She sucked me hard, popping her head off noisily. “Come for me, Harold? Let me taste you?”

She went back to sucking faster, her hand moving quickly, desperate for my seed. She looked up at the camera, her eyes pleading. I was hardening in her mouth, coming close, and she responding by moaning for me. She had a wonderful rhythm going, maybe a dozen strokes of her head, before pressing me to the back of her throat, holding me there for a few seconds. She would pull off, lick my length and do it again. She was driving me crazy.

“Yes,” she moaned, stroking me, holding the head at the edge of her mouth, moments before I came. I groaned, shooting hard, rope after rope into that teasing warm opening. She sucked me gently, until I stopped, then pulled the head away, showing a mouth full of my cum. She moved her tongue around, then tilted her head back and swallowed. Opening her mouth again, you could see she’d finished most of it. She smiled, taking my cock in her mouth, and pulling it out, messy with my cum. She sucked it back in cleaning it, and when she opened her mouth again, it was empty.

“I would do that for you if I could. As often as you wanted. Not for anyone else but you and your boy. But for you, Harold, anything.” She got up and straddled me, holding her tits out. “These would be yours. Completely. Kiss them, lick them, suck them, fuck them. Whatever you want. Love them or abuse them, I wouldn’t complain. She scooted forward before leaning back and spreading her legs.

“This would be yours, Harold. My hot little pussy. Trust me when I say it’s hot. I may not suck as good as Alice, but you’d love this. It’s as magical as her lips. And it would be all yours, if I was allowed.” She rubbed it, spreading the lips, showing off her clit. “You could fuck me all you want. Like my sister, I’d never say no.”

Aunt Marie rolled over, getting on her knees, tilting her butt back to the camera. “I know it’s not as nice as Alice’s, but it’s yours if you want. I’m a virgin back here. Your virgin. If I was allowed, I’d beg you to fuck my dirty little ass, drill it until I screamed. Teach me what I’ve been missing all these years.” She pressed a finger against her opening, groaning as it slowly sank in. “That’s it. The most that ever has gone in there. It would frighten me, but I’d take your big fat juicy prick and take it to the root. I’d scream and cry, and suffer for you. I’d beg you to fill my ass over and over again, until I couldn’t take any more. If only I was allowed.”

She rolled back over and climbed back between my legs, stroking me again. “I’d be yours Harold. However you wanted me. Twenty years I’ve behaved, ever since you turned me away. I’ve loved you and wanted you from that moment. Twenty years, and I’ve never hit on you, as bad as I wanted to. I love my sister, and I wouldn’t hurt her. I will never cheat on her with you. Never. But if she would let me, I would be whatever you wanted. Anything the two of you would let me. I will do anything, I swear, to be a bigger part of your life.”

She sucked my cock, rubbing her face against it. “I love your son, you know that. I’ve never hidden it. I adore him. So much like you. I know Alice thinks I was trying to take him, but nothing could be further from the truth. I know I couldn’t. I wouldn’t even try. I only want to share him, share both of you with her.”

She looked up at the camera, her eyes glistening. “Please, Harold. Help me. I want to make everything better between me and Alice. I’ll do anything to regain her trust. Let her know I’ve been good, all these years. And that I wouldn’t betray her. Help me, Harold. Nobody but you has ever been able to influence her. Let me in. Let me part of your lives. Let me share your bed. Your love. I promise you, I’ll never make you regret it, and I’ll be whatever you need, whatever you want. Totally yours. Your family’s love toy.”

She sucked me sweetly, eyes closed, lovingly. She looked up. “Everyone thinks I’m a strong woman. I’m not. I need a strong man. Someone to take care of me, and use me hard. Discipline me when I need it. Reward me when I’m good. I’m not too proud to beg. Be that man for me Harold. Help me with Sissy, so I can be your little slut. Please, I’m begging. There’s nobody like you. I know that. Make me yours.” She went back to sucking my cock.

After several more seconds, she lifted up. “Cut.” She grinned. “What do you think?”

“I think that was amazing. Soon, very soon, you’ll be lying on me, my cock buried in that magical pussy of yours that I’ve been dreaming of, and Dad will be fucking your virgin ass. With Mom’s blessing.”

“God, I hope you’re right.”

“I am. Ready for video number two?”

“Two?” she asked.

“Where you convince Mom. This is going to be a lot harder.”

Harder, and more complicated. We went through three different versions before we thought we had it right, and then redid the last one until we were both happy.

Happy might not be the right word. Exposing your soul like she did was painful, and she was crying in my arms. I held her gently, rocking her, reminding her how much I loved her. I rolled her onto her back, my erection pressed against her. I reached down and rubbed my cock-head against her pussy lips, opening her.

“I’d bend the rules for you, Aunt Marie, if you want.”

She shook her head. “God, Jeremy. I want it so bad, but I can’t. Not after that. I couldn’t betray her like that.”

I smiled. “Right answer. I’m going to let her know. I’ll tell her I tried, and you said no. It should help.”

She looked at me angrily. “Were you testing me?”

“Of course. I love you, but I had to know. I’m going to enjoy having you around the house, my willing little play toy. Of course we’re going to have to figure out what to do with Colin.”

She smiled at me, pulling me down for a kiss. “You’ll figure it out. You’re the smartest of all of us. I know you can do it. I trust you.”

I got up, sitting next to her, caressing that amazing body. “I have to go. I’m going to set things in motion. It might get ugly, but I don’t think so. We have to try. I know that much.”

“I’m here whenever you need me.”

“I need you all the time, Aunt Marie. Time for me to go make sure I can have you. Wish me luck.”

“Good luck, sugar. I love you.”

“I know. You might want to start practicing opening up that rear passageway of yours. Dad’s going to be using it hard, pretty soon.”

She grinned. “I’ll see what I can do. Are you going to use it too?”

“All the time. Dad and I are going to tag team your ass until you pass out. Probably a good bit longer. Get ready for us.”

She nodded. “I’m going to go shopping now. I think I need some new toys. Let me know how it goes. Don’t leave me in the dark.”

“Of course.”


Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the ongoing saga of the Lap Moms.

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