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Two Long Stemmed Beauties

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After two years as a Field Representative for Tyro Plastics, I was promoted to Company Headquarters as the new Regional Sales Manager. At twenty-five, I was the youngest employee to ever have attained that lofty position. Little did I realize the promotion would also entail some rather unexpected benefits. I met the girls my first day on the job. The Production VP was giving me the grand tour and our last stop was my new office on the top floor.

As we stepped off the elevator, my feet sank into expensive, plush carpeting. There was a short entrance hall, which led directly to the reception alcove. Here two desks were set flanking a polished door bearing my name on a shiny gold plaque. At these desks sat two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. The VP had informed me, when first discussing my move to Headquarters, that I would be assigned two secretaries. One to handle inter-departmental duties and the other would oversee regional field matters. What he failed to tell me was how drop-dead gorgeous they would be.

The one to the left was a statuesque Venus with long yellow hair and dazzling blue eyes. Imagine a blonde Racquel Welch only bustier and that’s Samantha. Sam, as she prefers to be called, gave me a knock out friendly smile as the VP made the introductions. Her counterpart was an equally stunning looker named Diana. She was a brunette with mysterious green eyes and a dynamite figure. Her ripe, full lips were colored a bright cherry red and, as we exchanged hellos, my mind wondered what they would taste like.

Immediately, I shrugged away those kinds of fantasies.

As much as these two lovely ladies were feast for my bachelor eyes, I was all too aware of the importance of my new position and the subsequent challenge it would pose. If I did not perform to maximum effort from day one, I had no doubts I’d soon be back in the field. Thus, I had decided to put my personal life on hold, including romance, until I was securely locked into the job.

Fortunately that was not a problem. It turned out that both Sam and Diana were dedicated professionals, each possessing an abundance of business know-how to get the work done. Most of the time I had merely to suggest a possible course of action and they would go out and complete the task quickly and efficiently way beyond my expectations. The three of us quickly became the most productive team in the department. Of course I never minded coming in each day to two such beautiful women. Being an ardent legman, I was especially pleased that both these beauties were amply endowed in that category. Each of them having been graced with long, shapely limbs.

Time seemed to race along and before I knew it my first quarterly finance report was due for the big management sales conference. There was lots of work to be done and those last few days before the deadline were extremely hectic. All of us put in long hours. One particular evening I offered to give the girls a ride home, realizing they had missed their train because of staying overtime.

Sliding in behind the wheel of my car, I was embarrassed to see a copy LEG ART magazine that I had left absent-mindedly on the passenger seat. Diana, getting in first, saw the issue and picked it up. She smiled coyly and held it up for Sam to see. My face must have turned beet red as my mind tried to fabricate an explanation. To my relief, none was required.

Both girls looked at each other as if sharing some kind of private message. Then Diana turned to me and said, “Well, it’s certainly nice to see you don’t always think about business.” With that she tossed the mag onto the back seat and I got the engine going. The following day the three of us were back to our regular busy routine and I didn’t give the incident any further thought.

With their invaluable assistance, the report was finished a day early and presented it to the VP. When he called me, the next day, it was to tell me my presentation had been a huge success. He was extremely pleased with my performance and predicted my future with the company would be a very long and profitable one. You can imagine my elation as I put down the receiver and sat back in my padded swivel chair with my hands cupped behind my head. Yes sir, things were moving along just fine.

Of course I also realized that I had to share my good fortune with Diana and Sam. Without their loyal efforts, none of my success would have been possible. Thus, on the way home that night, I stopped at a nearby florist. I ordered each of them a dozen long stemmed red roses and instructed the clerk to have them delivered to the office early the next morning.

Shortly after nine, the girls came charging into my office, each of them beaming as they held their bouquets of the sweet smelling flowers. Before they could say a single word, I stood up and handed them each a white envelope containing bonus checks.

They were completely surprised.

“That’s for being the two best secretaries a manager ever had,” I explained happily.

“Oh, Paul,” Sam exclaimed as she impulsively leaned closer and kissed my cheek. “You’re so wonderful.”

“Ditto,” chimed Diana, looking at me with a weird Mona Lisa type smile. It was more like a hungry feline seeing the canary for the first time. “We’ll have to find some special way to thank you,” she added with a mischievous twinkle in her smoky jade eyes.

“Just keep up the great work. That’s all the thanks I need.”

As they exited, each of them smelling the heady perfume of the roses, I was struck for the millionth time as to how truly lucky I was to have them on my team. Just how lucky I was about to find out.

As I walked out of the elevator the next morning, I was greeted by a sight guaranteed to warm the blood of any man over the age of puberty. Standing to the side of her desk was Samantha. She was bent over, legs apart, running her hands up over her sheer nylon encased legs. The stockings were black with seams running up the back. She wore a short, hip hugging gray skirt with a wide, black leather belt and a dazzling snow-white shirt that contrasted her tanned golden skin to perfection. Finally the attire that attracted my singular attention were her shoes. They were sexy black pumps with four-inch stiletto heels. It was these shoes that arched her full calves and thus accentuated her formidable gams.

Seeing me over her shoulder, she continued smoothing the stockings and greeted me innocently. “Good morning, Paul. Looks like it’s going to be a great day.”

Attempting to avert my gaze from her round, full derriere, I mumbled a reply in kind. That was when Diana appeared from around the corner carrying a stack of folders and I knew I was in big trouble. She was attired almost exactly as Sam, the only differences being her blouse was a light blue and around her neck she wore an ivory cameo broach on a black velvet choker. Other than that, she also was decked out in wicked high heels, hosiery and a very tight skirt that rode the sway of her hips as she walked.

“Hi, Boss. How are you today?” she asked.

“Er…fine, Diana. Just fine.” Hastily I moved past Sam and hurried into the safety of my office. Once inside, I leaned back against the door and took a long breath. What on earth had inspired them to wear those outfits? They were so ravishing sexy in them, I knew it would be difficult as hell to get any work done this day. If any at all. When I rationalized my behavior, I started to relax and even laugh at myself. I was being foolish, my logical mind argued. So the girls were dressed sexy. It was their right to do so without any input pro or con from me.

Still, I knew the more I saw them during the course of the next eight hours, the more it would be a struggle not to let my libido run rampant. I decided to put all my focus on the day’s workload and get through it as quickly as possible.

Ten minutes later Diana came in with my usual cup of coffee and all my resolve evaporated as I watched her walk the few yards to my desk. With each step, her legs rubbed together under the tight woolen skirt. My eyes were glued to them. She put the cup carefully on the corner by telephone, gave me a radiant smile and then turned and marched out. Her walking away being just as exciting as her entrance. Her buttocks rocking with each bounce in a perfectly balanced gait on those needle thin heels.

Frantically I loosened my tie and swallowed half my coffee in a single gulp. What was going on here? What were they trying to do to me? Then I remembered the copy of LEG ART and a crazy notion was born. Were they purposely teasing me? Was this all some kind of silly prank? As the day went on, that particular idea seemed to take on more and more validity.

Each of them took turns parading in and out of my office at half-hour intervals throughout the morning. During one such trip, Sam made the pretense of dropping a pen off my desk so that she could bend down and pick it up only inches from chair. Slowly she folded at the waist, the effort driving her round little ass right up in front of my face. I could have leaned over and bit it, she was that close. The skirt rode up high revealing the flower-patterned top of her nylons. My mouth was suddenly very dry. Shortly after that, Diana came in a made a show of placing some inconsequential files on my blotter. She leaned over my desk purposefully, allowing me a perfect view down her blouse to her white lace bra and the plump globes they held.

To say I was starting to lose it by noon would be a gross understatement. My nerves were wound up tight and my determination all but shattered. Why were they torturing me like this?

“Paul?” I looked up to see Sam once more at the door. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Sure, I thought. Come on in and drive me totally bonkers.

“Of course,” I replied, weakly calling on my last ounce of self-control. “Come in.”

She walked over to my desk, another few seconds of fantasy hell, and this time came around to my side. I automatically pushed my chair back away from the desk and she smoothly sat back on it to face me. Now what was going on?

“Do you like my new outfit?” she asked sweetly. I could see a devilish little grin at the corner of her mouth.

“Why..ah, yes. I do, Sam.”

“And my new shoes and stockings too?”

I tried to keep my eyes up and not let them stray. Suddenly she brought her right foot up to my crotch and rested it there.

“Sam! What are you doing?” It was a really dumb question.

“Gee, Paul, just relax, okay.” She began moving the toe of her pump back and forth over my pants, gently massaging what was hidden beneath. What was in fact starting to swell and get hard.

“Would you like to touch them?”

“Huh? What?”

“My legs, silly. Would you like to touch them?”

The best I could manage by then was a nod of my head. Things were moving fast and my pulse was starting to race. Nervously I reached out with hands and wrapped them around the calf of her foot. The nylon’s texture felt sensually coarse as I began to massage the leg. At the same time, I wiggled in my chair, my penis having become a rock under the confines of my clothes and the continued pressure of her shoe.

“That really feels good,” Sam responded as I started to loosen up and my hands rubbed her exquisite limb. Sitting back on my desk, she began unbuttoning her blouse. “Diana and I thought you might enjoy this.” Nimbly her fingers opened the shirt to reveal a half cut bra and huge, round breasts. She cupped them and slowly began kneading them as I continued caressing her leg.

“So, you couldn’t wait for me.”

I looked past Sam to see Diana entering. She made a point of locking the door behind her and then strutted over to us, her hands demurely clasped behind her back.

“My, my, but you two sure look like you’ve got the situation well in hand.”

I wanted to come back with a witty remark but my mind was clearly on sensory overload by this time. I could only smile up at this dark haired vixen and nod.

Diana reached down, put her hands on my shoulders and then brought her head down to kiss me. Her lips mashed against mine and I vaguely recalled that long ago thought on my first sight of them. Hmm, they tasted like wine. A ruby red burgundy. Expertly she slipped her tongue into my mouth and my blood began to boil. My cock was pushing against my brief like a caged animal. One desperate to be free.

Diana must have sensed my discomfort because she broke our kiss and glanced down to where Sam’s shoe was resting.

“Hmm, looks like our sales charts aren’t the only thing rising.” With that she tapped Sam’s leg and the blonde removed her foot. Diana knelt beside my chair and hastily pulled my zipper down, peeled back my shorts and found my cock. Her cool fingers encircled my throbbing meat and it sprang into the open like a whale leaping out of the sea. Diana’s eyes went glassy at the size and length of my love machine.

“Oh lord, Sam. Look at it! It’s so big and thick.”

“Awesome,” Samantha cooed, still playing with her tits. She licked her lips hungrily. “Gee, Diana, we can’t let that go to waste.”

“Absolutely not.” Diana opened her mouth and came down on me like hungry tigress. As her tongue whipped over my engorged sex pole, she purred softly. I gripped the arms of my chair as raw pleasure engulfed every inch of my being. My neck hairs were on end with each new stroke of her whipping moist tongue. Then she dropped her head and swallowed me whole, my crown reaching the back of her throat. It was fantastic. I was sure if she kept it up, I’d be climaxing fast. But Diana had lots of surprises yet in store for me.

She stopped sucking me and asked, “You really do get off on beautiful legs, don’t you.”

“Yeah,” I gasped. “Ever since I can remember.”

“How would you like to fuck Sam’s legs?”

At first I thought I hadn’t understood her. “Her legs?”

“Yes. Just do as I say.”

Naturally I was willing to comply. Diana nodded to Sam, some prearranged signal, and the blonde brought both her legs together, placing her feet firmly on the floor. Then she put both her hands back on my desk to brace herself. At this point Diana motioned me to get up and lean over Sam. As I did so, my cock made contact with her legs at mid-thigh. I began to see where this was going and took hold of the desk to either side of the saucy blonde. This also put my face directly in her chest.

Quickly, Sam reached up and unsnapped the bra, letting her twin treasures spring out, then took hold of the desktop again.

Diana meanwhile had come around and reached down to take hold of me. “Now, Paul, just slide that big old hammer into her legs where they meet.” I obeyed. The sensation was totally erotic. Her nylon thighs yielded just enough to let me in and out as I began to speed up my thrust. At the same time my mouth started licking and kissing Sam’s plentiful bosom. I may be a legman but I also know how to appreciate a super pair of tits. Her soft, fat nipples hardened quickly as I sucked them feverishly. Sam’s breathing was getting heavy and she arched her back to shove more of her delicious flesh into my eager orifice.

“That’s it Paul, now you got it,” Diana encouraged. “In and out. In and out. Fuck her legs.”

It was wild. I kept shoving my prick between Sam’s thighs.

Faster and faster, the feel of the fabric on my foreskin was unbelievable. Soon I could feel the juices racing through my blood and grunted, “I’m going to come.”

Diana went into action. As my own body bucked with the first climatic spasm, she grabbed my rod and pumped it hard.

A scream of release erupted from my throat at the same time my orgasm hit and gobs of milky goo shot all over Sam’s legs. It happened so damn fast, my focus blurred for a second. So strong was the ejaculation under Diana’s skillful manipulations. Every ounce of my load was squeezed out and I was totally drained. Weak in the knees, I pushed off the still aroused Sam and fell back into my chair. Diana was licking sticky cum off her hand, a rapturous look on her pretty visage.

“You naughty boy,” she accused, pointing a finger at me.

“Look at the mess you’ve made on Sam’s nylons. I suppose I’ll just have to clean it up.”

Sam was nodding in agreement, a look of expectation in her eyes. Then Diana got between us, still on her knees, turned to Sam and started licking my cum spots off her stockings. Sam sat up and hiked her skirt up around her waist and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. As the lascivious brunette continued lapping up the goo stains, she deliberately started inching herself forward towards the blonde’s pussy.

I watched enthralled as Diana finally attained her goal and brought a squeal of delight from her friend. It was evident this was not the first time these two roommates had shared each other’s fabulous bodies. As Diana’s pussy eating continued, she rose up to her feet in front of me. Sam edged herself further back on my huge desktop and finally stretched out full on her back.

Now I had Diana’s legs and ass in my face. And what an inviting sight it was. Her own tight skirt, in this position, had slipped up to reveal she too was without undies. As Sam moaned loudly on my desk, I reached out and put my hands on Diana’s rear. Feeling them, she lifted her face from Sam’s vagina and looked back.

“Feel free to join in,” she invited huskily. It was all I needed. I leaned forward and began kissing her soft round cheeks while my fingers crept in between her thighs and played with her pussy from behind. Diana wiggled her legs up and down, clearly relishing my exploration of her hot box. Bringing my head down, I managed to reach her love center with mouth. Forcing her pink petal walls apart with my fingers, I stuck out my tongue and began lapping them. Her cunt was sopping with her female juices. Soon the cries of both girls were filling the office.

This particular tabloid lasted only a few minutes as an all too familiar tingle from my middle reached my brain. I stopped licking to look down at my rigid, pointing peter all ready to go once more. Like a wild man, I found myself getting to my feet behind Diana and taking a good hold on her round posterior. Quickly I aligned my massive rocket with her opening and rammed it home. Like a battleship storming into a tight canal, I buried myself fully into her drenched passion tube.

Diana shook and her head came up from Sam’s crotch. She took a fast glance over her shoulder and smiled at me.

“YES!YES! FUCK ME!” Which was all she had time to utter as Sam pulled her head back down.

“Don’t stop, Di! I’m coming. I’M COMING IN YOUR MOUTH!!”

Watching Sam get off fired my own sizzling desire and I bucked into Diana harder and harder, wanting nothing more than to shoot off inside her.

“AIEEE!” Sam screamed, her head rolling back and forth on my desk, sending papers and pens flying everywhere.

“OHHHH,” Diana started in. I knew she was reaching climax and shoved myself for that last smidgen of strength. Gripping her tender butt, I nailed her with one final thrust and we both exploded.

“PAULLEEEE!!!” she yelled, her body convulsing under me all the while my cock spat another huge load of jism inside her. Wave after fantastic, nerve shattering wave of pure ecstasy washed over me and I hung on to her for dear life. As each new squirt of my love canon diminished in potency, my fingers eased up on her ass, red marks visible from my ardor.

Then all three of us folded in on each other like deflated balloons. Stretched helter-skelter over messed up desk, the three of us lay there exhausted and satiated. Sam leaned her head up and kissed Diana, then me.

“You know,” she managed to gasp, her stunning face flushed with sex, “This could give a whole new meaning to fringe benefits.”

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