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Two Friends, Two Fantasies

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{Ring….}{Ring….} Jules answered, “Hello.”

I responded, “Hey, Jules it’s Liz. Friday’s the day. Can you be at my place around 4? That way we can get ready and cook dinner before Tony gets here.”

Jules replied, “Yes, absolutely, I’m so glad you finally set a date for us all to get together, I can’t hardly wait See you at 4.”

Friday was here before I knew it and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to finally being able to fulfill Tony’s fantasy and mine. Tony doesn’t know it, but Jules and I have been plotting for a couple of weeks now. I met her about six months ago; we work out and have lunch dates. She’s actually become a really close girlfriend of mine, which makes this that much better.

Jules is slightly taller than me, around 5’7, and in most ways physically my opposite. With gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair and slightly less pronounced curves, she is still breathtakingly seductive. Please don’t misconstrue the fact that Jules being my opposite is to imply that I am not beautiful in my own right. I am shorter, around 5’5 and curvier, around 140, dark-colored eyes and hair and have gorgeous breasts. Not to brag, but I even catch myself looking at them from time to time. Also of note, I’m half- Puerto Rican, which gives my body an overall glow and softness that seems to draw more than a few compliments. But still, Jules’ beauty is all in her confidence; even in just how she walks. Even the first few times we worked out together, I caught myself staring.

Tony and I have discussed my interest in the fairer sex, and he understands I’m not a lesbian, but being young and free allows me more freely to explore my sexuality. We’ve discussed this many times before, and he knows better than anyone how much I would enjoy kissing her lips and her beautiful body.

Tony arrived around 5 and the house already smelled delicious. As he came through the front door, he yelled, “Liz, I’m here.”

I responded, “We’re in the kitchen, almost done. Come on in.”

I heard a soft “We?” from him, and I laugh to myself, already knowing what was in store for us. As he stepped into the kitchen, I made sure to look up and catch his eyes as he snuck a glimpse in Jules’ direction. He gave her a thorough once over, raised his eyebrow and looked back at me, anticipating some sort of explanation. I just laughed and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek [our customary greeting].

As he handed me the bottle of wine I had requested for tonight, I introduced them.

Dinner didn’t take long, and we ended up relaxing, chatting, and drinking our third bottle of wine. Jules and I were comfortably sitting on the couch, enjoying the time to unwind.

I asked Tony, “Want to open another bottle of wine?”

He was enjoying having such a relaxing time with two beautiful women; he didn’t hesitate at all to proceed to the kitchen in search of our next bottle.

While he was out of the room, Jules and I decided this was the moment, now or never.

I smiled and reached for her, barely caressing the soft skin of her neck. Letting my intoxicated state take control, I finally pressed my lips to hers. Devouring the sweet and liquored scent of the wine on her breath, mixed with the sweetness of her mouth, I lost myself. Kissing a woman was something that I always imagined would be very erotic and highly sensitive, but kissing Jules was so much more than that. Being bisexual, Jules had plenty of experience with women, and when we discussed our plan, I made sure to let her know how much I needed to experience.

Jules caressed my face, neck, shoulders, and side so delicately that I was almost instantaneously wet. When I was kissing her, she made me feel like it was exactly what my life had been missing. Our hands continued their roaming, and our lips continued to explore the sweetness that was our moment.

Just when I was beginning to understand how good and wonderful kissing Jules could be, I heard a sound that brought me right back to reality. Tony had reappeared carrying a bottle of my favorite Moscato, when I heard, “Uhhhh, oohh, wow?!” Jules and I realized we had a captive audience, which was the initial point anyway. I pulled myself away from her sweet, sensuous lips, just long enough to smile at Tony, and that was all it took.

We stood up, Jules leading me by my hand toward the staircase, and I motioned to Tony to follow, not that he really needed any encouragement. We all proceeded up the stairs without a word.

I knew what the plan was, so I followed Jules directly to my bed. I climbed on top of her like we discussed and I really went for it then. I needed to taste her lips, kiss her neck, and grind my hips against her mound. I lost track of where Tony was in the room looking up long enough to see him sitting in my computer chair, rubbing his growing hard-on through his now, extremely tight jeans. He still looked like he was in shock; as if he was trying to blend in to his surroundings so that he wouldn’t be expelled from ‘girls’ night.’

I sat up, straddling Jules, and extended my hand to beckon him to join us. As the initial shock and awe wore off, Tony stood up and crossed the room to join us on the bed. It had been a few years since Tony and I had shared a kiss, as we decided long ago, that we were much better as friends than significant others. But ever since that time, we had been the very best of friends, and each others’ most valued confidants.

His lips were softer and sweeter than I remembered, but that could have been the three bottles of wine talking. As I turned to face Tony, and involve him in the experience, Jules slid her delicate body out from under me. As the kiss between Tony and I deepened, I felt her hands around my waist and under my shirt. As Jules undressed me down to my lace panties and matching bra, I continued to let my lips, tongue, and fingers explore Tony’s body.

“I need to find more skin,” I thought to myself. I reached down and pulled his shirt from his pants and removed it over his head. Now I could really explore and kiss his delicious chest and shoulders.

Jules pulled my face away from Tony’s body long enough to kiss me and kiss him. I understood that it was time for her to make the rules, and position the ‘pieces.’ In our talks, I had told Jules that Tony’s biggest desire was to feel two women please him orally. Jules and I pushed Tony down into the middle of the bed, and we each lay down on either side of him. We took turns kissing him, kissing each other for him, and kissing his neck or shoulders. I kept running my hands down his chest, feeling each time his breath sped up. We hadn’t even touched him sexually, and he was already rock hard and needed release. I moved down his body, unzipped his zipper and removed his pants and underwear.

Now that his cock was free of its confines, I could truly marvel at the size and girth of it. I don’t think I had ever seen such a beautiful cock, the head was bright red and so swollen. I licked my lips at the thought of devouring the gorgeous piece of manhood, which was erect right before my eyes. Suddenly, I regretted never having had Tony to myself at least once over the last 6 years. As I reached for his cock, I turned to see his face, as Jules had stopped her assault momentarily in order to take in the spectacle that was me swallowing this beautiful cock.

I could see that I had his complete attention, and as he watched I flicked my tongue across the head of his manhood for the first time. The small amount of precum that had collected was possibly the hottest and most satisfying thing I had tasted tonight. I continued my exploration under the watchful eyes of Jules and Tony. I brought my lips around the head and sucked slightly because I wanted to taste and feel everything I was doing. Slowly I began to work further and further down his protruding shaft, and I began to feel his hips buck.

“He must be enjoying this,” I thought. I worked my way into an almost frenzied form of my usually slow and steady oral sex. I needed to feel this cock in my throat, and I wanted nothing more than to please Tony.

I pushed myself to take every last inch of his cock, and as I reluctantly pulled back from deep-throating him, almost before I could remove myself completely, Jules had replaced my mouth with hers. I took a minute to look back at Tony, who was in pure ecstasy as two women devoured every inch of his completely rock solid cock. It was at that point that I noticed that Jules had stripped down to her underwear as well, and I couldn’t help but want to taste her hot, wet pussy.

Tony seemed to know what I needed, and he pulled Jules and me off of his cock, and kissed us both passionately. He whispered in my ear, “I know you want to taste her, so taste her first for me.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that, as my libido was up and roaring by now. I climbed over Tony and pushed Jules down on the bed. I forcefully grabbed her hips and removed her satin panties. I had never been so close to another woman’s pussy before and now my face was barely an inch away. I spent a moment taking in the view, of her beautifully shaven pussy lips, and the glistening wetness that this evening had caused. It was by far the hottest thing I had ever seen. The smell of her moist, hot sex overwhelmed my senses.

I started kissing the insides of her thighs, so very lightly and gently sucking at her soft skin. I wanted to make sure I didn’t rush the experience, and I wanted this night to be as much for her as it was for Tony and me. As I began to work my way closer to the center of her pink, swollen pussy lips, I felt my mouth go dry, as if her wetness was the only thing that could quench my thirst. At this point my attention to detail had drawn Tony down in the bed, so he could have a front row seat, so to speak. He was only a few inches away from this sweet pussy and he was watching my every lick or kiss.

I began to pull her lips apart gently and kiss softly up and down both sides of the outer lips. Each time I looked at her clit I could see that it was drastically swelling from excitement. Jules needed me to devour her; hell, I needed to devour her, but I was enjoying this, and so was she. Tony was finally close enough to rest his head on her hip, he was in awe of the control I could display, given I knew he could smell her arousal, as well as I could at this point. I felt him entwine his fingers in my hair, delicately enough, but forcefully, as if to say, “Liz, eat this pussy already, or I will.”

That was enough for me. I flattened my tongue and licked her from bottom to top, flicking my tongue across her clit when I reached the top. Jules moaned and Tony’s mouth dropped open. It was as if he was still in shock that I would ever really dive in that deep, but I did. I dove into the sweet, sweet center that was Jules’ pussy. I probed her hole with my tongue, and the wetness that poured out filled my mouth. The taste was something I had spent so much time thinking about. I had tasted pussy, my own that is, from my lovers. But the taste of someone else’s pussy was erotic in itself. I continued to devour Jules, but I didn’t want to preclude Tony from our activities, so I came up for a short breath and pulled his lips to mine.

“Taste her,” I said.

Tony did not need any more of an invitation; he sucked at my tongue and nibbled at my lips, and tried to savor every drop.

Tony wanted more and needed more than just to taste Jules from my mouth. He leaned down and sucked gently on her clit, until he heard her moan. I enjoyed watching him almost as much as he had enjoyed watching me. All of this hot oral play had made me beyond horny, and I needed to feel what I had been performing.

I laid myself down next to Jules and threw my leg over her hip and waist, careful to avoid kicking Tony in the head. I reached for Jules again, wanting to taste her lips and caress her skin.

I still hadn’t seen her full breasts. I helped her remove her bra, and she undid mine. Now we were all completely naked and I could see her pert rosy nipples atop her gorgeous, albeit small in comparison, breasts. Jules marveled at my large, nicely tanned breasts and took the nipples between her thumb and forefingers in order to enjoy their hardness. Now we were all completely naked, and the smell of our skin filled the room to create an aura of lust over my bed. As I carefully mounted Jules again, I wiggled my voluptuous ass right in Tony’s face. He has always been a real diehard ass man. I was wanted to see if I could distract him from his work on Jules’ pussy long enough to either lick my pussy from behind or to give me one of his famous rim jobs.

While I was waiting to gain his attention, I took the opportunity to snuggle my face down between Jules’ beautiful mounds. Her pink, hard nipples were standing at attention, and I couldn’t resist sucking and kissing them. I tried to use my tongue in all the ways that I love to be licked, sucked, and kissed on my chest. Between the pleasure Tony was providing and the teasing I was doing, Jules barely lasted another minute before I felt her body release. Her face flushed to a bright red, and her breathing was so irregular, but we kept up our assault on her body as she rode her climax out.

Once she caught her breath, she grabbed my face and pulled my body completely down on top of her. She kissed like a woman on a mission, a mission to rock my world. As I tried to dismount, in anticipation of my own pleasure, I felt two hands on my hips. I had finally gained Tony’s complete attention again. He pulled my hips back so I was in a doggy style position. Next he directed Jules to turn around underneath me, so that we were back in a tight 69. Jules latched her lips and tongue onto my clit, and Tony spread my ass cheeks wide. The feeling of two mouths enjoying my freshly Brazilian waxed pussy was the sexiest moment of my life. I always maintain my pussy, short landing strip is the norm, but for this I wanted to feel every kiss, lick, and fuck. Jules dove right in to tongue-fucking me and teasing my clit. Finally I felt Tony’s tongue circling my puckered rim. My body tensed in anticipation of the pleasure to come. After working the rim until he was sure I couldn’t stand it, he did something I wasn’t expecting. He slid his long, strong, wet tongue right into my ass. The pleasure of having two tongues working my most private of places proved to be more than I could resist. I gave myself over to one of the strongest orgasms of my life (at least until later than night). I cried out in ecstasy and moaned both their names.

Once my trembling subsided I knew what I wanted. I needed cock, and fortunately Tony’s was hard-up (pun intended) for some serious fucking. The orgasms that Jules and I had experienced had left us raging with lust. I actually thought she might try and fight me for the first ride on Tony’s cock, but she could see that I was determined. We pulled Tony down on the bed and I climbed above him, Jules positioned his hard cock at the entrance of my pussy, and I sank down slowly.

When I finally had engulfed the entire shaft with my wetness, I began to rotate my hips so that Tony could feel how wet and swollen he had helped make me. Once I became accustomed to the girth of his cock, I began to buck faster and deeper. Jules mounted behind me, pressing her hips and mound tight against my ass, and she was using her hands to help control my movements up and down Tony’s shaft. I should have known that my aroused state would lead to an even quicker climax the second time, but it snuck up on me. As our rhythm intensified, Jules pinched my nipples, and Tony gripped my hips. I came for the second time in less than twenty minutes. The room was filled with the sounds and smell of sex. My legs were so weak from the shock of the pleasure I was feeling.

I needed a break from the pounding I was sure I would be receiving throughout the night. I climbed off of Tony’s cock, and my juices poured out. Jules was quick to grab his cock and lick it clean. Then she bent over and wiggled her butt in the air, to demonstrate that Tony should fuck her doggy-style. I knew he was thrilled because he absolutely loves the sound of hard sex thrusts hitting a soft ass. As he slid into Jules from behind, I pulled her ass cheeks apart, mostly because I wanted to watch him penetrate her tight snatch. Nothing will ever be more erotic than watching a cock sliding into such a tight, wet pussy from a few inches away.

As he fucked her from behind, she kept moaning, “More! Harder! Faster!”

Jules apparently like to be fucked quite rough and by then our escapades had been going on for the better part of 2 hours, and Tony needed release. He kept an almost feverish pace up, slamming Jules back against his member. I heard him say, “I’m so close!”

Jules replied, “Cum baby, please let me feel your cum.”

That was enough to push Tony over the edge. He let out a guttural moan and released his seed deep inside her. While he continued to thrust, although slowing down, her body tensed and she came again.

I watched as Tony pulled his still remarkably hard cock from her tight, pink snatch. Jules reached for me, and I kissed her softly. She whispered in my ear, “Eat me baby, and taste his cum.”

I couldn’t have asked for a better surprise. Not only would I get to enjoy the softness and warmth of her pussy again, but I could taste the delicious creamy filling Tony had just provided. I lapped at the sticky, sweet juices, and tried to taste every drop he had left behind. Jules wrapped her fingers in my hair and removed me from her pussy. She flipped me on my back and kissed me passionately. She devoured my lips and sucked at my tongue.

Tony had lay down on the other side of me and played with my nipples as Jules continued her assault on my mouth. I was so overwhelmed by all the tastes, smells, and senses that had been discovered over the last couple of hours. I broke my kiss with Jules and turned to relay the favor to Tony. As I did that, he reached for my face, kissed me softly, and whispered, “Thank you.”

Clearly, Tony was under the impression that this little escapade was complete, but Jules and I knew it was just the beginning.

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