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Two Firefighters Cover Each Other

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I had just divorced my first wife and like most men, I was wiped out financially; with child support and alimony checks to write every month. With what was left, all I could afford was a small two bedroom apartment with I shared with my roommate, Reggie.

Reggie was an athletic 6’2” 160 pound black fire-fighter and a co-worker. We had met early on in our careers, and while he was single and I was married, we seemed to have many things in common and got along fine. We worked opposite one another, but when my wife and I split, he asked me to move in with him. He said it would be great, since we worked opposite shifts and it would be like living alone. I was broke and readily agreed.

It was a small two bedroom apartment with a shared bathroom with doors at each end, which led into our respective bedrooms. A fair size living room and small kitchen. It was a pretty good setup and I couldn’t beat the rent. Besides, Reggie was right; with us working opposite each other, we barely saw one another.

On my days off I spent most of the time in the gym trying to keep my own 6’0″, 175 pound frame in shape for the grueling days as a firefighter in San Diego. The rest of my time was spent fighting with my ex-wife and working. One day, after a particularly bad argument, I went home, opened a couple of beers to get a buzz and try to forget the bitch my ex-wife had turned into. “How could I have fallen in love with that woman?” I thought to myself.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Reggie walked into the living room butt-naked. I was shocked, both by the fact that he was home, and by the huge size of his cock, hanging limp down his left thigh. It was huge!! I’d never seen a cock that big. It must have been 7″ long and some 3″ inches in circumference. Another quality I found interesting, Reggie wasn’t circumcised; like most men I’d seen naked throughout my life.

Reggie must have not been expecting me either, because suddenly he stopped dead on his tracks and looked at me wide-eyed.

“Sorry man, I thought you were with Nancy. Without waiting for my answer, Reggie turned around and went into his room. A little while later, Reggie returned with nothing but a pair of shorts.

What are you doing home”, she asked.

“The ex and I had a bad fight” I said. “She’s turned into such a cunt! I can’t believe it” I yelled at no one in particular.

“Sorry man, that’s the way they are. That’s why I ain’t married and never will be. I’m free as bird, dude. I do what I want, when I want and nobody is going to tell me shit.” Reggie said. With that Reggie walked into the kitchen, opened up another beer and sat in the couch in front of me. As I looked at him, I could see his huge cock hanging close to his left thigh through the loose leg opening of his shorts. I don’t know if it was the beers I’d already had, the fact that I had not had sex for over six months, or just the sheer size of Reggie’s cock, but I began to feel a strange tickle on my balls as I peeked at Reggie’s huge cock as we sat and chatted about life.

Reggie was quite a handsome man who had the choice of any of the many women who often called looking for him, and often did. He had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a muscular chest, back, arms and legs and a six-pack stomach, which he always showed off by wearing unbuttoned shirts.

I’d never had feelings for any man before and I wasn’t feeling anything for Reggie, but the site of his huge cock was affecting me somehow and my own cock was beginning to stir in my own shorts.

We talked for quite a while and before we knew it, we had both had gulped six or seven beers each. The more I drank the more I looked at his cock. And, the more he drank, the more he seemed to open his legs and the more of his cock seemed to peek through the leg opening of his short.

Suddenly Reggie began talking about the many women he was always with. How he met them, how he seduced him; what they liked, what he liked etc. I was already kind of horny stearing at Reggie’s cock , and now that the conversation had turned to sex, my cock was creating a noticeable bulge in my shorts.

I know Reggie had noticed me staring at his massive tool, because of the way he had adjusted his posture and opened his legs to show more of his impressive tool. And now that I was sporting a hard-on, his own cock seemed to stir upwards, like a snake smelling the air. I could see it getting hard and bigger as it tightened Reggie’s shorts.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and I had to adjust my own posture to release the pressure on my own cock, which was now extended to its full 7 and ½ inches. Reggie saw my discomfort, seemed to smile lightly and asked, “You know what? We should get fucking wasted and watch some skin flicks What do you say?” he asked as he got up, went into his room and came back with a couple of DVD’s.

Reggie popped one in the DVD/player and suddenly there was a beautiful blond being fucked by two black guys with huge cocks. They both had their cocks in the woman’s pussy at the same time and she seemed to be in pain and pleasure, all at the same time.

“Man, that has to hurt.” I said. “Two cocks that big inside that tiny hole?” I asked absentmindedly.

“No man, you get used to that shit. But once you do, it feels good” Reggie said. “The fuck you say” I replied not believing him.

We watched the scene in silent as one of the guys took out his huge pussy-smeared cock out of the woman’s cunt and placed it in front of her face so that she could lick it. I had to admit that seeing the blond sucking her own pussy juices off the man’s cock turned me on and my cock was hard as a rock.

I looked over at Reggie and could see that his own cock was hard and poking out of the legs of his shorts. I was horny, drunk, pissed and depressed and before I knew what I was saying I asked Reggie, ” Man, doesn’t having your cock trapped like that, hurt?” “Fuck yeah!” replied Reggie who proceeded to undo his shorts and free his Anaconda out of his shorts.

I was mesmerized at the site. I had never seen a cock that huge up close. Reggie had sat next to me when we put the DVD’s into the player and was now sitting less than two feet away from me with that huge 10″ cock in his hands, stroking it lightly. I opened my own shorts and liberated my own cock. I knew that it was too late to go back now and I began to stroke my own cock while watching alternatively, both the screen and Reggie as he charmed that cock into getting even larger.

The blond on the screen was once again taking two cock in her pussy at the same time and when one of them came out, it was the black guy at the bottom who took it in his hand and put it back into the woman’s pussy. I instinctively reached out and took a hold of Reggie’s huge cock in my right hand. It was hard, hot and surprisingly smooth.

Reggie looked, “Ah, that feels good man”, he said as he lunged his hips upward to meet the strokes I was giving his shaft. “Oh yeah” he said as I rubbed his pre-cum around the large purple head.

Reggie then reached over to my own cock and grabbed it firmly in his hand and began to mirror my own moves on his cock. I’m not sure why, but I wanted to taste that huge cock and without hesitating I bend over and took Reggie’s cock in my mouth. I was surprised to find that the taste of his pre-cum was actually sweet and not gross or unpleasant at all. I inhaled the musky fragrance of his manly crotch as I slowly took more and more of his cock into my mouth.

“Fuck yeah man. Hmm, suck that cock” Reggie moaned as I began to really suck his cock with relish. It was way to huge for me to take it all in my mouth, but I did my best and concentrated on its huge head as I knew how good that felt when some willing woman would suck my cock.

To my surprise I found myself actually enjoying a man’s cock for the first time and began to contemplate trying to make Reggie cum in my mouth. Would it taste gross? Would it taste bad? Would I gag? Would I swallow? All these questions ran through my head as I fastened up my pace and grip on Reggie’s cock.

I knew I was on the right track because of Reggie’s reaction to my sucking. Reggie was moaning, and thrusting his hips to meet my pumping motions. I knew Reggie was close to cumin because I could feel his cock getting harder as it jerked inside my mouth. The thought of sucking a man’s cock, let alone have his cum in my mouth was really exciting and cause a good sensation to begin building up in the pit of my stomach. A sensation which seemed to move down to my cock and balls.

This caused me to suck and pump harder, waiting for Reggie to give me his man juice. That pearly-white spunk with which he had filled so many gorgeous pussies he often fucked only feet away from my bedroom.

I stopped sucking Reggie’s huge, hard cock long enough to say, “Come on Reggie, give me your cum. I want you to cum in my mouth.” Reggie responded my holding the back of my head as he fucked my mouth. Reggie pumped his cock in and out of my mouth so hard that his cock was hitting the back of my throat. Suddenly Reggie moaned loudly, stiffened up and groaned, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumin man.”

I felt a gush of hot fluid striking the back of my head; like hot custard. It was slightly salty, but not unpleasant at all and I swoallowed all of it. With every jerk of his cock Reggie would send more cum into my throat. After what seemed like minutes, Reggie finally stopped cumin and I felt his cock begin to grow limp in my mouth. But I wasn’t done, I wanted more. So I began to suck Reggie’s cock again. Slowly at first. And then with more vigor as I felt it coming back to life inside my mouth.

“Dude if you don’t stop that shit I’m gonna have to fuck you in that fucking ass of yours” Reggie said as his cock grew to its magnificent 10″. “Fine” I mumbled in between sucks.

Reggie suddenly threw me off him and walked into his room. Seconds later he came back out with a jar of Vaseline in his right hand while he stroked his cock with his left. Reggie walked toward me, pulled down my shorts and underwear, pushed my face into the back of the couch and smeared a good blob of Vaseline on my ass.

While I was hot and willing to try anything at this point, I was concerned that Reggie would rip me apart with that huge cock. “Please, be cool man” I begged as he put his cock against my ass and slightly pushed. The very tip of Reggie’s cock was now in my ass and like the good friend he had been to me, he stopped his cock right there and said, “I’m not going to push it in anymore. You just get used to that and when you’re ready, just push back. Okay?” I was surprised that Reggie had resisted the temptation to rip me apart by shoving in that cock up my ass, but then, that was Reggie. He was a very nice and considerate guy and that’s why everyone in the station liked him.

Reggie reached around me and grabbed my hard cock and with his hand full of the Vaseline he had just smeared on my ass, he began to jerk me off with firm, but gentle and slow strokes. The more Reggie stroked the hornier I got and the more I pushed against his cock. It felt as if the world’s biggest baseball bat was creeping up my ass. But while it was uncomfortable, there was something deep inside of me that liked it very much.

I continued to slowly push against Reggie’s cock, stopping from time to time to allow my tight ass to get used to its new visitor. Then the thrill of Reggie’s hand on my cock would renew my passion and I would push a little more. At some point Reggie’s cock must have reached that point inside my ass when the prostate is stimulated enough that I actually came in Reggie’s hand. Reggie took his cum covered hand and brought it to my lips.

“Suck it!” he said. “Suck your own cum while I fuck you in the ass buddy.” It was then that I pushed hard against Reggie’s cock, taking it all inside. While it was a little painful, it also felt great. I know knew why ass fucking was so popular with women and gays. As soon as I felt Reggie’s balls against my ass-cheeks I came in the most explosive, powerful, almost painful orgasms of my life. When Reggie felt the first shot of cum in his hand, he began to pump my cock for all it was worth. He also began to pump my ass with long, slow stroked that seemed to go on forever. The longer Reggie pumped my ass the more I came.

After a while things went dark and that was it. When I came to a few minutes later, Reggie was cock was still in my ass but he kept asking me if I was okay.

“What happened man?” I asked kind of groggy.

“I don’t know man. I think you passed out.” Reggie said with genuine concern in his voice.

“Wow. I’d never passed out before” I said. “That was the most fucking awesome cum I’ve ever had.” I then noticed that Reggie’s cock, while limp, was still inside my ass. It felt different than when it was hard, but it felt good.

“Would like to cum in my ass Reggie?” I asked.

“I don’t know man. Do you think you’re up to it?” Reggie said. “Yeah, fuck my ass Reggie.” By saying his name at the end of the sentence, it sounded more like a plea. Reggie began to slowly pump his cock into my ass and before long I could feel it growing inside me.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good!” I moaned. “Yeah, it feels pretty fucking good to me too buddy” Reggie replied. Slow, long stroked that seemed to completely fill my ass and touch places that sent small electric shocks all over my body. Reggie fucked me like that for almost half an hour before sending cum gushing up my ass and making me cum all over again.

I collapsed with Reggie on top of me and his cock slowly growing limp in my ass until it came out with a loud pop. “Wow, that was kind of weird. Good but weird.” I said after a while.

“Yeah, it was, but it was good though” Reggie replied. “Think you can do that to me?” Reggie asked sheepishly.

“Oh, I’m sure that I can be talked into it.” I laughed. Reggie then turned me around and gently began sucking my cock. It hurt a little, because of all the cumin I’d done, but it also felt great. After a while I was hard again and ready for some payback.

Reggie took my previous position and smeared some Vaseline up his ass. For the first time since I’d known Reggie or since this afternoon began, I noticed what I nice, tight ass Reggie has. How his muscular back and well developed gluts made for a very appealing site.

I then place my cock at the entrance of Reggie’s ass and with the same care and consideration he showed me, slowly pushed it in his ass, giving him time to get used to it. I grabbed Reggie’s cock, like he’d grabbed mine and shoved the rest of my cock in his ass.

“Ah, shit, that huts a little.” Reggie complained. “Want me to take it out?” I asked Reggie.

“No, no. Leave it in. Just let me get used to it. Is beginning to feel good.” Reggie told me. After about five minutes Reggie began to rotate his hips and shove his tight ass against m cock and it wasn’t long before we were fucking like mad. I was shoving my much smaller cock inside Reggie’s ass and then withdrawing it almost all the way out before I shove it all the way in again.

Having cum first, I had more lasting power than Reggie had had and I made sure to give his tight ass a good fucking. Reggie was moaning and groaning, “Fuck me hard man. Fuck my tight ass with your white cock. Make me cum”

Oh, shit, Reggie. I think I’m gonna cum buddy. I think I’m gonna fill your ass with my cum. Oh shit!” I shouted.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fill my ass with your cum. Fill my ass, cum in my ass” Reggie begged. I then grabbed Reggie’s hard cock and pumped it hard while screaming, “Fuck buddy, shit, I’m cumin!”

Argh, fuck, here, take my cum, take my cum in your hand” yelled Reggie as he filled my hand with his hot cum and I filled his hole with mine. After a good, hard cum we both rested, exhausted in the couch.

“I guess this brings a whole new look to being buddies” he joked. We both laughed as we headed to the shower. Reggie and I continue to fuck women and I guess that we are officially bi. We’ve had some really interesting foursomes since then, but that’s another story.

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