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Twisting Sam Bender

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I’m really lucky…I have hippy parents who had good business sense. We grew up comfortable, on the fringes. I got a great education, decided on some business classes and finally earned my massage and physical therapy degrees. My parents semi-retired from the Chinese supplement import business. I took over and maintained my practice on evening and weekends: I could afford to see only the clients I wanted.

I’m easy going about my sexuality. I’ve had a couple of steady gal friends; we’ve had both exclusive and open relationships. I don’t go out of my way for sex with guys, but occasionally a stud catches my fancy. Usually just blow buddies or three ways with a gal.

I get to the office and work, get to the gym daily. Get to travel a lot. Like I said I’m lucky.

One of my regular massage clients, Mr. Dean emailed me; he had an employee who got stuck with a shitty job: working under the crawl spaces of 50 houses that weren’t up to code. Sam Bender had to spend his days on his knees or back tearing out ducting and replacing barriers and ducts. He had complained it was destroying his back. As a bonus Mr. Dean was paying for a massage weekly, if Bender showed up.

He was CC’ed on the email. I invited Sam to contact me to schedule a massage. In a private message follow-up Mr. Dean told me he was covering for $200 sessions, four a month. That was way above my usual rate, but I would just work longer on Sam. He didn’t reply to the email. I wrote it off.

A week later I saw Mr. Dean for a PT session. He was livid when he heard that Sam hadn’t contacted me. He got Sam on his phone right away. Sam said he’d schedule tomorrow for next week. He did, for late in evening. I put it out of my mind.

Late Thursday afternoon I was at the gym squeezing in a cardio; I was pumped. Some dickhead chained their bike, blocking in mine. I was gonna be late for Sam’s appointment. I texted him; I spent 25 minutes finding the dork who owned the bike. He was a roid-head and ugly to interact with. As if I put him out interrupting his grunting workout to get to my bike. I dashed to the office.

I saw a pickup with Mr. Dean’s logo in front of my studio. A cap and wild blond curls, sun burnt neck was all I could see. I rode up from behind. I saw Sam had earphones on. As I came up from behind, he didn’t see me, he was watching something on his phone. I caught a glimpse: porn! A blond gal was getting face-fucked by a huge cock. Not my scene, but still kind of thrill to catch a dude watching porn.

Sam jumped and glared at me until I apologized and introduced myself. As he got out of the truck his ragged Carharts were tented from watching porn. It didn’t bother me, really. Sam was cold to talk to, monosyllables and nods. It turned out he had only planned on an hour tonight.

We went thru the usual Q&A, and formalities. I left him to undress and when I came back realized he had pretty strong foot and body odor.

“Come straight from work?”

“Yup! My life sucks right now. My back is killing me. Going to work all weekend too.”

It was the most he’d said in a sentence.

“Since you’re only getting an hour today, come in this weekend for another…and you can use my shower first next time ok?”


He was one of the stiffest and most unresponsive clients I’d ever had. I don’t think he relaxed at all. After about 50 minutes, I checked in with him.

“Sam, you’re not really enjoying this are you?”

“Dunno. Never had a massage before. Can’t stop thinking about the hell I’m going thru tomorrow at work.”

“You’re pretty fit…you work out? Let’s change things up and meet at my gym first. Burn off steam then come here.”

“No. Don’t have time.”

I left it alone. He did schedule for Sunday evening.

I was in the loft office when I saw him pull up 20 minutes early on Sunday. He sat in his truck. I could just lean out the terrace and spy…he was watching porn again, by the way he was groping his package. My switch flipped ‘on’.

I texted him that I was in office, he could come early. I saw him pause the video and respond. He stretched hard on his way out of the truck. I opened the door for him. The sun was just going down. I had no lights on yet. I tossed him a towel and said, “Shower first, you stinky bastard.”

His eyes flashed and a sideways grin split his stony face.

While he was showering I thought it thru: my parents had raised me to be kind and loving. Everything about Sam crystallized into the thought, he thinks I’m weak. I heard the shower door close and the side door to the treatment room open and close. I knocked and opened it to see Sam leaning on the table, looking at his phone wrapped in a towel.

I patted the massage table and held up a sheet. He maneuvered under it and dropped the damp towel.

As I adjusted the sheet low on his back and folded it up over his knees his phone beeped. I handed it to him. He texted quick and turned it off.

I saw an opening, “Hot date texting ya?”

He looked back at me, “Yeah, some bitch I bang sometimes…can’t get to her for a week yet…”

“That’s a long stretch…guess that’s what porn is for, huh, buddy?”

“Fuck yes it is…”

I felt his shoulders soften just a tad under my grip. I kept up the banter. I felt him breath easier under my hands as I worked his ribs and oblique’s.

“How about you…who are you tapping?” That was the first spontaneous question he’d asked of me.

“I got a couple gals; I can hit ’em whenever I want…” I got under his pec to work shoulders and traps…”Haven’t hooked up yet in a few days…actually took a porn break at lunch today…edged for a while upstairs in the office.”

“Niiiice.” He flattened when I released his arm. I was getting him to relax. The hour was up. He hadn’t turned over.

When I commented he said it wasn’t a problem, he felt he was getting the hang of this. I told him to take his time, I was gonna do paperwork upstairs. Something told me he was at least semi hard under his belly. I made a show of putting hand lotion on as we touched base about his next appointment. Wednesday, he said, for 90 minutes that time.

I stepped out and went upstairs to the loft office. I could lean back and see the door. I turned off the ceiling fan. Sure enough the wet sounds of Sam jacking off were clear.

One grunt was all he let slip. I knew then I’d get him…

Wednesday I worked out just before our 8:00 appointment. I wore only a wife beater and track pants as I met him in the parking lot. He went right to the shower.

This was different. He was talking foul, bitch this, cunt that. I kept up with him. When 45 minutes had passed I had him flip over for the first time. Not obviously hard, but full and lengthy his cock made a nice silhouette under the sheet. He only moved a little when my dick rubbed his bicep.

I got to work up his knees and lower thighs. He asked, “You screw your gal this week yet?”


“Ah. Too bad…”

“But she came by and blew me on Monday.”

His abs clenched in surprise. “Here?’

“Oh yeah…perks of owning the place…”

“Man that’s hot…my gal’s being a snatch…won’t spread for me…”

I leaned over his thighs to adjust the sheet. He didn’t shift at all.

“Yeah man, she was hot for my cock…just dropped right to her knees and bobbed away…”

“Fuck yeah…” he looked at me for the first time…made eye contact…and grinned. I shifted around to stand over his head, working his neck shoulders and pecs. His nipples popped hard after a couple of grips. I reached over his face to pick up his ribcage from the backside. I arched him up off the table with each pull. When he caught his breath, it was the deepest firmest work I’d done on him yet, the sheet had slipped down to the top of his pubes, which were trimmed short.

I made long sweeping motions from his shoulders; down his abs. each down stroke put my crotch closer to the top of his head. I took the plunge and pressed my cock shaft against his curly wild blond hair. He didn’t move. I kept it there while deeply working his upper abs and then his six-pack.

He sighed for the first time.

I had him. I had him. I felt more competitive and aggressive than I’d ever felt with a guy.

“Roll over again. I’ll get your hammies, before we wrap up…”

As he started to move, I intentionally fumbled the sheet…getting an awesome look at his floppy cock and fuzzy butt cheeks. He had the light blond fuzzy down on his ass and upper thighs that you could barely see. I folded the sheet up to just below the curve of his ass. This was the most exposed he’d been. I rocked his torso back and forth a few times…he was moving with my gestures, a sure sign he was relaxing. I started on his calves…he grunted as I dug deep into the cords of his calf muscles.

“So…she just dropped by for the cock, huh?” his voice was muffled by the face support.

I made long sweeps then up his legs, stopping before the crease of his cheeks and thighs.

“Fuck yeah, dude…it was amazing to just sit back and be cock worshipped…” I lifted his left foot and stretched his leg up a bit to access the front of his quads. When I set his leg back down I set it at a wide angle. I did the same to the right leg. “She and I were moaning so load…I got all sweaty from it…”

I now had clear view of his balls, taint and asshole. I don’t think he knew how vulnerable he was just then. As I kept up the deep gripping motions on his calves, I moved around to one side to roll one thigh in my hands.

I laughed a bit…”I don’t usually talk to my clients about my personal life…”

“Its all good man, it helps me relax…”


“So you got hot and sweaty, huh?”

“Yeah, yeah…it was a blow job that was almost a work out…I stripped off everything…flopped back and just rode her mouth…”

I had his right thigh in my grip and leaned over to work his left…pushing my pube and shaft against the right thigh. I could see his taint starting to swell abit…he was getting hard. I didn’t say anything…just focused on making down thrusts on his upper thighs, I knew it was pressing his boner into the table…

“I just let it rip too…blasted all over the office. It was epic.”

“Fuck yeah, dude…love doing that…”

I swatted his shoulder. “Alright stud…we’re outta time…I’ll be out front…take your time…” I set the oil and lotion down with a thump.

“Thank, dude…I feel fucking great…”

He leaned up on his elbows as I backed out of the room. I stood next to the door. I heard him jump off the bed and the sudden sounds of the lube on his cock awoke all my instincts. Next time, I was gonna push him further…he grunted and gasped when he came. I was sprawled on the waiting room couch, my package on display…it was where his eyes landed.

“All relaxed stud?”

He blushed a little…”Yeah…see you Sunday?”

“Of course…looking forward to it…here’s hoping your gal warms up again…mine just cancelled tonight’s hookup…that’s a shitty text to get at the end of a long day…”

“Happy porn jacking!” He grinned again and we moved towards the door. The lock sticks a bit and he couldn’t open it. I reached around him and pressed against his back.

“Yeah, fucker…see you Sunday.” I murmured in his ear and earned another blush, but he didn’t shy away.

I let him out and went back to tidy the studio. As I tugged the sheets off the massage table…Sam’s blue plaid boxers fell to the ground, on impulse I reached for them…the cum stains were only slightly cool and all over the soft flannel…I laughed aloud and that’s when I noticed droplets on the carpet and the door frame…it got my hard…I tugged my cock out…I pulled and pulled…I got myself breathing deep…I shook all over and squeezed out a fat drop of pearly pre-come…I wrapped his boxers around my cock and kept myself just on the edge. I tossed them in the cupboard. I’d be sly and give them back to him without a comment…see his response. I edged for the whole night off and on.

The next day while making love to my gal, I told her I wasn’t going to come…I told her I was edging for a major seduction. She came and came while I ate her and told her about Sam. I was major crushing on him…I edged for the next couple of days.

On Sunday, I pulled all the linens into the laundry, and set his boxers on the counter next to the massage table…and turned up the heat in the studio. I texted Sam telling him I was going to be late, at the last minute, as I was finishing a run.

Wearing only thin running shorts glistening I came up behind the truck. Sure enough Sam had porn on his phone. He didn’t rush to blank the screen; I got an eyeful of a huge cock sliding deep into a shiny pussy. Sam had on a T-shirt and basketball shorts. He grinned at me, flashing his look at my abs and pube. I was breathing deep from my run.

“What’s up, fucker?” I pulled open his truck door…he had one leg of his shorts pulled up to toy with his cock.

“Chillin…trying to relax…my bitchy girl fucking dumped me, the cunt…she called me over to tell me shit, like, “you’re too rough…you don’t listen to me…you’re too big…”

He glanced down at his crotch.

“Hung like a fucking horse, aren’t ya?”

He blew out a breath, “Yup. I wanted to be balls deep earlier this weekend. Then my fucking stepdad made me host my cousins for a stupid wedding…I haven’t had any damn time to myself all weekend. I got to the gym…chased pussy online, now here I am…”

“Well, fucker…I got your back…for 90 minutes anyways…lets get you on the table…” He rolled his eyes at my pun and followed me into the studio.

I locked the door and pulled the blind. “I gotta shower off…how about you?”

“Yeah, I rushed from the gym…”

I kicked off my running shoes, “it’s just us guys…mind if I jump in first?”

“S’all good…buddy.”

“Oh fuck me! I forgot to turn on the drier!” I pointed to the laundry. Only a couple of hand towels were on the shelf. My sideways grin was brightly reflected by Sam. I turned on the shower and stripped my wet shorts down, standing sideways to Sam. He toyed with his phone but had one eye on me…

“I’ve been outta sorts all fucking day…a buddy of mine is coming in town…he surprised me with a video we made with a hot chick in Hawaii…seeing it again after all this time…damn…she could fuck…she took all the two of us could give…”

“Holy fuck…you’ve got a video of a three way? Damn that’s like a total fucking wet dream of mine…”

“Ha, if it were just up to me or my bud I show it to ya…but the gal made us promise not to share it…but I’ll tell ya all about it if ya want…just between us…”

“Fuck yeah…dude, anytime…ya shitting me? I crave swapping stories…none of my pussy guy friends have the balls…”

I stepped outta the shower stall, and left the water running…”Your turn…rinse off, ya kinky bastard…” My cock was swaying as I moved.

I dabbed off with the hand towel, it wouldn’t wrap around my waist. He didn’t hesitate, and was bare-assed in a couple of swift moves. He was pumped from the gym, his shoulders and biceps were veined…his pecs were pointed with his nips erect. He slid past me and showered off fast.

“I’ll find some jeans or something to put on…” I was dawdling…putting some lotion on my arms and calves.

“Whatever you’re comfortable in…Its really warm today…I love the sticky heat…”

I thought he might say that. I had an old pair of yoga shorts…they were almost better than naked because they outlined my cock and were nearly sheer. Sam rubbed vigorously with the small towel as I led him into the massage room.

I’d turned on some different music…it sounded mellow and usual for massage…but the sounds of sex, of moans and slapping flesh was mixed in the background…Sam sat on the table, the hand towel draped over his pube and top of his thighs. I grabbed a dry towel

“Sorry I fucking forgot the laundry…I’ve had the image of a ravaged pussy and two cocks in my head all day…”

I tossed him the dry towel and slapped his lower back. He lay down on his belly and before he settled he reached under him and adjusted his dick. For a moment he was bare assed and super sexy on my table, “Au natural there, huh stud?”

He laughed and tried to cover his ass with the towel. I stepped over and folding it in half got it to cover the round curve of his peachy fuzz bubble butt. I closed the door and the light went near dark…”more light or are we cool?”

“S’all good,” he allowed his body to roll side to side under my pushes, “these tunes are incredible…what’re they?”

“Hmmm…” I was making broad sweeps over his back and shoulders…almost to the tops of his butt cheeks, “My buddy of the three way made this mix…it’s us in the background…”

“The same threeway? Fuck! Damn that’s hot!”

“Naw actually an orgy we were part of, about 16 people…”

He spun to look at me, incredulous. I nodded and pushed his curly head back to the face support. It was warm enough that his skin was still tacky from the shower and beginning to glisten with sweat. I really dug in then…deeply working muscle and tendons on his back, arms and shoulders to where I was sweating too. He kept his silence except for occasional grunts and sighs as I released tensions all over his torso. I finally got him to take a real massage.

I said as much. He shook his head a tiny bit…”Holy fuck dude…that was in-fucking-credible!”

I paused to get a drink of water, offering him a drink too…his eyes fell on his wadded stained boxers…he grinned and lay back down.

“I’m loving the heat too…jealous you’ve got only that thin towel over your bits…”

He didn’t respond, I rolled the legs up to my hips and folded the waistband down to expose the base of my cock. I was completely shaved…I leaned over his head to make broad sweeps down his back. He rolled his neck once; he made contact with my cock this time. I didn’t back away. I had him almost pinned under my torso…my hands were gripping his hips…I lifted and felt him moan under me.

“Sam? Stud? Roll over for me alright…let me get your neck from here…” I leaned up to allow him room…he rolled and I fumbled the towel. He was half hard…a wet stain on the sheet was matched by a glistening trail on his navel…I moved to pick up the towel from the floor, he caught sight of my barely covered pube…he shrugged.

I let the towel drop and slid my shorts off.

He said, “Bastard…fucking give up the story…”

“I’ve been thinking…I got another video we made…some stripper in Thailand…I’ll show it to you…but…”

“Naw don’t worry man, I won’t tell…”

His cock gave a small twitch…mine was filling out too…dangling, bumping against him…

“Easy, ya horny fucker…I was gonna say, if you show me one of yours…its only fair.”

He looked at me…”I’ve never made a video with anyone…”

“Aw, too bad…” I dug into his neck and shoulders…his face met my belly a few times as I leaned over him…

“Well…I’ve done solo stuff…but that’s not the same is it? Not fair is it?”

The foul mouthed rough exterior was almost gone…

“Hell, who these days doesn’t have selfie porn?” I had his hips in my hands reaching from over his head…I pulled up on his pelvic bone, made his back arch…the head of his cock had a droplet of pre-come. I moved around to his side, reaching around under his hips, deeply pushing into his glutes from the opposite side. That put my hands, my swinging cock, and my body heat level with his privates.

“Tell ya what…ya prick…we’ll exchange solo vids after this session…on a couple of conditions…”

“OK…what?” he was lost in my hands…I moved onto his quads…more that once the backs of my hands rolled against his swelling ballasck.

“One, tell no one, never share the vids, two…no more false pride in here…its just us…drop the foul language…three, we don’t need to be shy…its just like in the locker room…like right now” I stopped moving his quads and my cock was pressed against his thigh…he opened his eyes and on eye contact, swallowed and nodded.

“Agree out loud, buddy”

“Isaac,” The first time he’d said my name ever, “I’m all in…I agree.”

“Good boy, Sam…now we’ve gone over our time…”

He groaned, “Aw man, no way…” He frowned at the clock.

“Follow me,” I led the way to my own laptop our cock and balls swinging and achy. I got his private email and sent him two 10 minute j/o vids. He’d brought his phone and sent me a couple of his. He was deeply red and that drop of precome was stringing on his thigh hairs.

“One more thing…”

He was kinda shaking…belly and thigh quakes…”Wh…What?”

“You edge until I tell you that you can come…if you ever leave your come stained boxers and splatter my wall again…” I let the threat hang for a moment. He shook his head.

“I’ll cut you off…no more sessions…” I could have slapped him.

He was mine…he didn’t know how far this was gonna go…but like he said…he was all in…

He followed me back to the massage room.

“I’ll see you Wednesday, right?”

“Yeah…fuck yeah!” He reached for his briefs that he’d worn in under his shorts. Still naked…still more than half hard I shook my head and tossed him his crusty boxers.

He pulled them on.

“I wiped my pre-come in them while your load was still wet…”

He froze then laughed out loud…”Damn. Damn. Ok alright.” He was shaking his head.

“So it’s all between us…no stories about others…no vids of others until you make some…got it?”

“Yeah. Fuck yeah!”

He pulled up his basketball shorts but left off his T-shirt.

I walked him to the door, still naked. He paused at the door. “Man, I I I needed this…”

I put my hand on the door, to unlock it, but also blocking him in, “I’m giving you a simple choice right now…walk out of here bare assed naked or hug me…”

He blinked. And blinked again…he sweaty torso folded against me…I pulled our crotches together and wrapped out necks tight…I held on…he slowly deflated into the hug. It left him shaking.

I closed up shop, grabbed sweats and dashed to my gal’s house…we were nude and I was hard, sliding in to her in a few minutes… I was on fire…I took all the pent up passion for Sam and made her come, and come. I barely held off. She gets me.

I passed out and came to at sunrise…in that comfortable couple connection I fucked her from behind in bed she clawed my thighs as I drove her to another orgasm. I milked out a string of precome but didn’t let myself shoot.

I worked the next day nonstop, hit the gym, ran, and did yoga. Sam texted me, “fuck yeah! Awesome vids man!! I’m leaking all the time!”

I put on his first vid. It was short, only three and a half minutes…taken on his phone from the dash of his truck…he was wearing a red wifebeater…he had his Carharts open and his lubed cock out…he had been stroking for sometime by how red his dick was…he just leaned back and flashed fucked his fist…he kept eye contact with the camera the whole time…when he shot off it hit his face and covered the red shirt in streams.

He lifted off the shirt, licked his fingers, put on a clean polo, buttoned up and winked at the camera as he opened the truck door and went to work as the camera swung from his hand. He’d jacked off on a break with coworker’s steps away.

“I fucking am aching over the truck jack…like a little danger huh stud?”

He instantly texted back a devil emoji. I sent thumbs up.

I fell into bed that night too…I got a call from my buddy; his flight had landed first thing. He wanted to know when he could see me. I told him I was in the office and warehouse all day. I wanted him to come over.

He made it at lunch. Our hug made my cock snake down my thigh. I told him I was edging for seduction. He grinned and planted a kiss on me, “So you’re not gonna come, huh?”

I shook my head.

“Good…” he sat on the edge of the desk and spread his legs, “I’ve got a three day load…blow me?”

I dropped my jeans, had his swelling cock down to the back of my throat in a flash. I let him ride the suck as long as he wanted…without touching myself; I had a small pool of dribbles between my knees on the carpet. When Jake came we both yelled. I shook deep in my thighs keeping back the orgasm. Jake and I hung out all day. I gave him a long massage and blew him again…my jaw was sore the next morning. I edged in between clients.

Sam and I bantered all day. Finally after a run I showered off and naked…getting hard I sat down to watch his other vid. I texted him that I was staring it…just giving myself enough time to see it before he was due to arrive. He said he was on his way.

The second vid was blistering hot. Just Sam on his couch naked with a fleshlight. He was shaved smooth, pumped from a workout and glowing…there wasn’t much to the action just the sound of his grunts, the fleshlight pounding down on his pube and his heels thumping the carpet. It was one long mean stroke session. He came all over his face; the first three shots all hit his mouth and cheek. He licked off while still spurting.

I sat at my desk and pinched the head of my dick to back down.

I heard Sam’s truck park. I wrapped a towel around my waist pointing my sore cock down. I leaned on the hall way wall, arms folded. He opened the door and froze when he saw me.

“Lock it up, stud.” He threw the bolt when I spoke.

“That fleshlight took one hell of a pounding…”

“Fuck I love that toy…and the video of you in bed…it was so hot…you almost shot without touching yourself…huge load too…”

“Have you come? Have you edged like I told ya?”

“No, I mean yes…dude, My balls are sooo full…I can’t cross my legs…” He blushed a little.

“Me neither…and I fucked my gal twice…made her come three times…held off from coming…”

“Fuck…damn…I know I couldn’t do that…”his smile was huge. He was starting to show some tent in his jeans.

“You’ll do what I say?”

“Yeah…you’re a fucking superstar…like I said, I’m all in…” He spread his hands wide.

“Good. Strip.”

He kicked off his flashy Nikes, and as he lifted his T-shirt over his head I tossed the towel aside so that as he smoothed his hair I was suddenly naked and pumping on its own, my cock was alive.

He had his jeans off…and was wearing the same blue boxers…he sparkled and winked at me.

He slid them down without bending over. We were both ¾ hard and growing.

“Tell me where you jacked off today…”

“Ha…in my truck on my way to work…In the bathroom at Starbucks. In the parking lot of the strip club at lunch. All the way over here…” he pulled his balls down and lifted one leg…I knew that blue ball achy feeling that wouldn’t let you get comfortable.

“That’s hot, you are a fucking pornstar…c’mon…on the table with you…”

I pushed play on the stereo and the sex sounds remix filled the studio. He lay down on his belly and I took him by one ankle, I adjusted his lines and spread his feet to where they were on the corners of the massage table.

“Sam…you know what else I did today…?” I was rocking his torso under my hands.

“You edged…you jacked off…you toyed with your cock here and in your office…”

“Yup,” I oiled his lower back and without hesitating ran my hands deep over his glutes and ass crack…this was the first time I’d intimately touched him. He arched a little. “Look at me…”he turned his face from the support, “I also had my buddy here all day…twice he fucked my mouth…”

I wasn’t touching Sam right then…the quiver that ran thru him was a thousand words. We smiled back and forth.

“You are my idol…I think…” he was joking and not joking.

“Alright…slut. I’m gonna massage you…You’re gonna let me get at your whole body. We will not come until I say…but we will come, am I right?”

“Isaac…I’m all in…you’re a twisted fucker…and I think our twists are lining up…” His eyes fell on my dick pointing straight up from my belly.

I attacked his body with all my skill at massage and erotic arousal. When I pulled his ass cheeks apart to work his inner hamstrings…he spasmed deep in his belly…a spontaneous near orgasm.

I held his balls in one hand and lubed his cock by reaching thru his legs…his ass rose as his back arched.

I puffed a breath on his asshole. He flashed me a look.

“Sam…you know I’m gonna fuck you at some point…right…? Your ass is mine…its cherry ain’t it?”

He bit his lower lip…and nodded.

I dropped a fat gob of hot spit on his tailbone and watched it slide down…”Rub that in…let me see you tease your hole for me…”

He took two fingers and circled the spit around his creases. That got another clenching spasm in his belly and thighs.

I stepped back. Stroking my cock where he could see me, “How many other videos do you have of yourself?”

“I’ve got a channel on Xtube…”

“Which ones haven’t you posted? I wanna see the ones you’ve kept to yourself…”

I didn’t wait but turned towards my office…he groaned and bowlegged followed me.

I sat him down in my office chair, nodded at the computer and leaned on the desk inches from his hands.

He logged on…he had about 20 public videos…and three private ones. “Go on…show me…”

He pushed play on one…same angle, same couch…Sam came into view, cock red and shiny…he looked at the lens and smirked…he shifted in the office chair and began lightly toying with his balls. I stopped touching myself…If I was right he’d go for my cock soon…

On the video he did some poses, strutting and showing off…jacking the whole time…nothing too exceptional…but…he dropped onto the couch, spun around until his shoulders were on the floor and his legs were stretched to the ceiling…his hand was blurring now…he came directly in his mouth…moaning and slurping…and he said, “Oh Kevin…come in my mouth…” It was uncontrolled. His hand twitched when he looked at my fat dick.

“Who’s Kevin?”

“My best friend…he’s the most uptight guy I know…”

I nodded.

“That’s super nasty…I like it!”

He looked at me from under his eyebrows. I smiled back and stared at my cock…I willed him to touch it…I let the tension build…his hand rose and wrapped around the base…I stood and moved closer to him…he slid his hand up and down…

“Is that your first dick in hand?”

He shook his head…and cued up the next video…this one was in what appeared to be the front seat of a work van. Filmed on his phone likely…Sam sat next to a hot silver fox of a construction worker…who had “Jameson” on his uniform. Jameson looked into the lens and said, “Sam’s cocky attitude and loud mouth have put him in a position. He lost a bet…now he owes me a handjob…Right you little prick?”

“Bastard…” Sam mumbled and sat very still. Jameson pulled open the coveralls he was wearing and a heavy zipper sound was off camera. He leaned one arm across the back of the seat and shifted closer to Sam.

He took Sam’s hand and stuffed down his pants. Sam held still. Jameson gripped Sam’s bicep and began making rough gestures. He pulled Sam’s face close to his mouth and said something under his breath. Sam nodded and began gently pulled Jameson’ boxers aside.

Sam barely moved or looked away…Jameson relaxed into it…it was a hot controlled five minute pull…Jameson had a huge cock…Sam used two hands after a prompt…Jameson got close and gripped Sam by the back of the neck…he blasted all over Sam’s hands and chest.

Sam jumped when Jameson reached for Sam’s crotch. It was off camera, but I guessed he was rock hard and trying to hide that. Jameson laughed and turned off the camera.

Sam had been toying with my dick the whole time…I leaned over and he spread his legs when I cupped his balls. We sat forehead to forehead…stroking each other for a long breathless moment.

“I’m giving you a choice…”

His breath was ragged, “ok”

I stopped our hands and sat back on the desk, “let me kiss you…”


“Let me kiss you on the mouth or on the ass…”

His jaw dropped. I grinned and laughed…he looked anywhere and everywhere…and got up and walked back to the massage table…he lay face down and resumed the wide legged position from before.

I touched his claves and rubbed my way up his thighs…”You gotta tell me your choice…”

He gave a tiny moan, a breathy kinda squeal…”my ass…”

I held his butt cheeks in each hand and let my breath warm the way into his crack. I puckered and loudly gave his rim a loud wet mwauh!

He laughed…I stopped the laugh by driving my tongue past the creases, into his first ring…I ate him out…I had him squirming and shaking I had him swearing and on his knees on his own.

I stopped.

He flopped onto his back…and sat up. He was unable to sit still…I knelt on the table in front of him…he pulled me into a breathless kiss…moaning at the taste of his ass on my tongue when I shoved it into his throat.

I kept the kiss going until I had him flat under me…all sinew and leaking cock…he was alive in my mouth…his calluses scraped my butt cheeks as he ground us together. I tugged his ass apart and slipped one finger into his assring…”I want us to come like this…do it…be slutty for me…”I chewed on his shoulder as I whispered to him.

With a sudden flop and arch, my finger went deeper into him…he fucked down on it and with a shout of my name we came together…he held onto my ass and thighs…I flooded his neck and jaw with strong strings of my come…his sprayed everywhere…I tormented his prostate again and again forcing him to jump off the table for relief.

I pulled him back down under me and we slipped and slid together in nasty aftershocks.

“Now,” I held his face, “don’t get weird on me…”

He shook his head…”Fuck you…I’m all in…”

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