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Twins Ch. 02

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During the next few days Rich and I worked at the landscaping company together, but he was distant. We hardly talked and when we did, even at home, it was in short, cordial sentences. It was totally unlike Rich to behave this way, so by the middle of the week I wanted to have a talk with him. After work we got home, and our parents were traveling for a few days so we had the house to ourselves. I made some dinner and at the table I decided it was time to talk.

“Rich, is there something you want to talk about?”

“No, man, I’m cool,” he managed between bites.

“Rich, come on. No one knows you like I do, and something’s up. I don’t think I have to stretch my imagination to figure out what that might be.”

“Ed, can we talk about this after dinner?”

“We could, but you’ll watch TV then bolt for bed. Rich, talk to me.”

Silently he looked at me with a new face. He was worried and unsure, two emotions he rarely showed or probably even felt. “It’s just that, I don’t know…I’ve been thinking about what we did. I think about it a lot.”

“I do, too, Rich. I think about it.”

“Yeah, but you might not be thinking about it like I do, Ed. OK, here’s what’s going on: I am obsessed. When I jack off, I think about it. When I’m not jacking off, I’m thinking about jacking off and thinking about it. It’s driving me crazy. I don’t know if it’s guilt or shame or what is going on with me. I just don’t want to turn out gay. I am afraid of that I guess. There you have it, I’m afraid.”

“Rich, did you consider that you might not have worked it out of your system? Think of it like this. If you never had a potato chip, and then someone gives you one, you want more, right? Maybe it’s like that. Maybe a few times and you’ll not want to do it any more. At least that’s a theory, right?

“I see your point but this is a far cry from eating potato chips.”

“Just relax, Rich. You’re not a different person all of a sudden because of something you experienced. You’re just you, I’m just me. And as long as we accept that, everything’s cool. We can enjoy this summer. I fully intend to, and this physical experience can be a part of that if we want it to be. It can end there if we choose it to end there. We never have to experience it with anyone else if we don’t want to, and we certainly can choose who we tell.”

It was the last sentence that finally made Rich fade away the worry and I could see his mood change. “You’re right, bro, we should like just do what we want and experience it if that’s what’s on our mind.”

“That is my point exactly.”

His mood changed on a dime. With a devilish smile he asked, “OK, so…how about now?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Let’s do it on the living room floor.”

We went into the living room, quickly stripped down and he motioned for me to sit in the reclining chair. Rich stood in front of me, his cock inches from my face. He knelt on the armrests of the chair and eased his tool into my mouth. Once again, I milked his delicious salty fluid with my hand and watched it well up on the tip. The tip was purple and the ridge was very well defined. I released him from my hand and this time I licked gently at the ridge, hands free, and let my head move to reposition my mouth with relation to his hard cock. I licked the tip, pushing it with my tongue so it would spring back toward me. Immediately afterwards I used my tongue to move it side to side. After a few minutes of teasing him I looked him right in the eye and plunged my mouth downward, not stopping until I almost gagged on his thick penis. Clamping my mouth down, I dragged my lips over him until the head slipped out of my mouth.

“That feels so good”, he said quietly. “That is just so good, I love that feeling. I want to do it so you can feel it, too. You need to slow down because if you do it a few more times you’re going to be swallowing come.”

“Let’s switch”, I said. Rich leaned back in the chair and I moved closer to him, my cock once again wet with fluid. Rich extended his tongue and met my scrotum at its lowest point, tracing all the way to the tip of my penis. The feeling was incredible. I twitched with excitement as he continued to lick me as I had done to him. Like me, Rich took my penis into his mouth fully, this time even further than last time. His lower lip was only a finger width or two from the base, my pubic hair tickling his lips, mouth, and nose. He was groaning as he engulfed me time after time, letting my tool out of his mouth, and then swooping down again to reclaim it.

“It’s time”, I said. He knew exactly what I meant and lay down on his back this time. As I lay above him in an elevated 69 my cock slipped effortlessly into his mouth and deep within his throat. In typical fashion, Rich was excelling at what he was doing. I wrapped my fingers around his tool and licked hard and sucked on it several times. I felt the familiar twitch in my own cock but none in his. In seconds I dumped a monster size load of semen into his mouth. This time, despite his best efforts, a few drops leaked out of his mouth as he sucked and swallowed. His cock was rock hard now and ready to erupt.

“I want to do something else”, he said, my cock resting on his cheek.

“OK, what?”

“Get on your knees and face me”, he said.

He stood up and wanked on his thick tool. “I want to come on your face”, he said. “Open your mouth.”

I did as I was instructed, opening my mouth as I knelt naked on the floor. In my mind, I imagined the fallout if our parents had walked into the room to see Rich masturbating into his brother’s mouth. Rich stroked his hard tool faster and faster and began to howl as strings of come shot hard from his cock onto my face, most of it on my tongue and face, but some in my hair and eyes. He came for what seemed like a minute as rope after rope of semen ejaculated from his penis.

My tongue still out and my eyes closed but burning slightly from leaking semen, he fell back into the recliner, sweating and panting. I managed to wipe away enough of his come to open my right eye. I was about to go to the sink when he said, “Eat that come. Wipe it from your face and eat that come.”

I could feel a shift that I didn’t expect. Rich was dominating me this time, instructing me to get on my knees and eat his come. I figured there would be no harm in playing along, so I swirled my fingers around my face and licked them clean.

“There. Happy?”

“I ate your come you should eat mine.”

“Rich, I can see what you are doing. Will you just relax! We’re just having fun, don’t get too crazy.”

“OK, let me go grab 10 people off the street and tell them I just sucked my brother’s dick twice and see what they say. Let me add to that that I really enjoyed it and swallowed his come, then see what they say.”

“Rich, you need to lighten up. What’s a little sucky sucky among brothers?”

“How can you be so cool with this, Ed? I think that’s what’s driving me nuts! It’s like you don’t have the slightest feeling that you’re gay.”

“What can I do about it? I like doing this, Rich. It’s in a box to me. I think it’s that way with you, too. Neither one of us is likely to go pick up some guy. Somehow it’s different with you. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.”

“I guess I’m just a little worried, that’s all.”

“Well, don’t be. It’s fun, we’re having a good time, and it’s a unique opportunity to experience something most men wish they could or had.”


“From what I’ve read most men fantasize about gay sex. It doesn’t necessarily make them gay, they just think about it. I know you’re scared and at this age we both are, but I don’t think you need to be.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that.”

“It’s true. Let’s relax and watch some TV.”

“Sounds good bro. That I can use right now.”

We were off the next day so for the next several hours we stayed up late watching movies. I suggested we go to bed, and Rich’s first question was, “Exactly what did you have in mind?”

We went up to our bedroom and Rich undressed and sat on the edge of the bed. He motioned for me to kneel down and suck his thick cock. It felt smooth and hard and familiar, and I wrung a few drops of clear fluid out to get my taste buds going. Rich lay back and simply enjoyed having his hard cock sucked by his twin brother. I did begin, at Rich’s urging, to pay more attention to his scrotum. The skin on his balls, like mine of course, thickens and tightens when it’s excited and it’s extremely sensitive. It is an amazing erogenous zone.

“Use your fingernails, but gently”, he said. “It feels so awesome when you are giving me head and just lightly scratch my balls.”

I nodded an acknowledgement since my mouth was stuffed with his thick tool. I gently tugged on the hairs on his balls as I continued to suck his knob into my mouth, letting the head slip in and out quickly then opening my mouth wide to lodge the head against the back of my throat. I was gradually learning how to deep throat his cock, which was a fantastic sensation for me when Rich did it; I wanted him to experience it also.

We switched positions, and I now sat on the edge of the bed as he accepted my tool into his mouth, groaning each time it tapped the back of his throat. As he fellated me he naturally returned the favor of paying close attention to my sac. He let my cock slip out of his mouth and did a new move that both of us immediately added to our repertoire. He licked his lips, pursed them together and rubbed his mouth hard, lips closed horizontally against my cock like a harmonica. He looked at me to get a response, and my eyes had rolled back and I neared orgasm. “Rich if you do that a few more times I am definitely going to come”, I said with a husky voice. “Here, let me do it to you.”

Once again Rich was on the bed, legs dangling, with his brother’s lips gliding against the sensitive underside of his thick penis. “You better stop that or you are going to get a mouthful”, he said. “You will make me come in a minute like that”. We decided that we wanted to hold out longer so we hopped up onto the bed and began to 69. Both of us, mouths full, moaning as our two thick cocks pushed forcibly into willing mouths and throats. I began to suck him hard and fast and I could feel him tensing, ready to release, so I slowed and scratched his balls with my fingernails, leaned back a little and looked him straight in the face.

“Rich”, I said. “I want to try something else. I am so turned on I want to try it.”

“Try what?” Rich said with a smirk.

“Oh, you know. I’ll be like this.” I pulled away and presented my bottom. “There’s stuff under the bed to help.”

“I am not sure what you are suggesting, bro”, he said firmly. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want. Do I have to spell it out for you?”

“What do you want? I just am not sure what you want. What is it exactly that you want?”

“I think I want it, you know.”

“No, I don’t know” he said. “Want what?”

“If you want to fuck me in the ass go ahead. You’ll fit inside me because I’ve masturbated with things before”, I said. “I have lubricant under the bed.”

“I am so excited that even though I know this is way crossing the line, I want to do it. I’ll do it”, he said. He got off the bed and found the tube of KY jelly that I keep under the bed. He also found my 8″ dildo and brought both things into the bed. “I knew you had this, Ed. I saw you the other day with it”, he said, “but you didn’t see me. I was in the hall and you had on your headphones. You were on your back, legs wide with the dildo up your ass. You just keep surprising me, don’t you?”

“I want to leave no stone unturned”, I said with a smile. “If it feels good and it doesn’t hurt anyone, why not try it at least once?”

“Speaking of feels good”, he said as he applied a generous amount of lube to his stiff cock. “OK, make sure you tell me what’s up. If it hurts, we’ll stop, OK?”

“OK. Just when you first put it inside me…”

And it was too late. His cock slipped effortlessly inside my ass and buried half of it in one swift move.

“Oh, please go slowly.”

“OK. I’ll go slowly, bro. Just relax.” Rich eased into and out of me slowly a few times. “Wow, this feels fantastic. Oh man this is unreal how good this feels.”

In the dresser mirror, I could see us sideways. He was behind me, grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading me wide, his thick tool slicing into and out of my tight virgin ass. His penis was straining to move into and out of my hole. Twice he slipped out of me and had to re-enter. That was at first a painful but exciting moment when the seal is broken and the tight anal muscles give way to a thick, hard erect penis. It felt fantastic.

“You can come if you want to”, I encouraged him. I looked back at him and spurred him on. “Go ahead and come inside me. Come in my ass.”

“If you keep saying that stuff, bro, I am going to unload in you!”

“Do it! Unload in me! Go ahead, do it”, I said looking back at him like a cheap whore.

His face cringed and he drove into me hard, his thick penis surging deep into my bowels. His sac swung hard against my own testicles, banging against me in total domination. He slowed down and eventually stopped and I could feel his heartbeat inside me as he filled me completely. Soon I felt the pulse and heat of his orgasm as he continued to pound my ass, wracked with orgasmic pleasure. He really let me have it that first time, slamming hard and deep into my tight ass. When he finally withdrew, I heard a wet pop as the head of his cock widened my opening one last time before slamming shut.

I could feel the warm trickle of semen dripping out of my ass and I savored this new experience. I got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. Rich went into the other bathroom and a few minutes later we were both on the bed again.

“I guess it’s your turn. Be gentle with me bro! Don’t fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow!”

“I’m going to give it to you so slow you’re going to beg for me to fuck you faster.”

I was almost painfully hard as I lubed up and pressed against his rose. He looked back at me and for the first time appeared truly relaxed. “I’m ready for you” he said in a lusty voice. “I’m ready for you”, he repeated as he lowered his back and spread his legs even further, totally exposing his ass to me. “I want you inside me”, he muttered into his pillow. “I want to feel that hard cock deep inside me. You’re going to give me a good ass fucking and I’m going to love it.”

As I promised, I slowly popped his virginal ass wide and entered only an inch or two deep. He quickly adjusted to my penis and motioned for more. “Yes, deeper. Deeper. Oh, yeah, deeper, I can take it.”

I obliged and inched inward, pressing my tool into his ass slowly and withdrawing more quickly.

“You’re not the only one that’s had that fat prick up his ass”, he moaned. “I found it and I’ve been playing with it. I love that fake cock in my ass, and this is ten times better. I love your warm cock inside me”, he continued, face down in the pillows. “Yes, this is what I wanted. I wanted you to enter me and fuck me up the ass and give it to me like I need it.”

The verbal stimulation was overwhelming and I began to thicken in preparation for unloading my semen inside my brother’s tight ass. “Yes”, he hissed, “fuck me hard if you need to. I want to feel you come inside me with that thick dick. Did you like me sucking your dick tonight? Of course you did!” he cried out as he turned backwards to watch me begin to increase my pace.

“Oh, yeah you loved it didn’t you? Sucking your dick, you sucking my dick and playing with my balls like I asked you to do? Yes, you listened to me like you should. Came in my mouth earlier, didn’t you? I loved it!” he said in a stream of candid vulgar statements.

“I love it in your ass”, I said, excited and near orgasm. “I love fucking you in the ass!” I yelled immediately before blasting a huge load of come deep within my brother. I began to subside, but then I had one small additional orgasm afterwards. I felt like I was being gripped by a velvet glove, his ass twitching and flexing in a controlled pulse while I assaulted his back door. I finally pulled out and lay on my back, totally wiped out.

“That was unreal”, I said quietly. “That was just unreal. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I think I am finally enjoying it”, Rich said, “Because it might end tomorrow. It’s got to end some time.”

He didn’t know at the time how right he was.

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ken wrote

another great story. my cousin and i just started talking again after years of being apart and we think back to what we did as kids, and we both find it increably hot. he’s told me on several occasions that he wanted to feel my cock inside him and i told him i’d would love for him to fuck me as i am a bottom. i am looking forward to reading more stories. my cousin and i are four months apart we’re both 32 this year and if i don’t go to prison for the stupid things i have done i plan to make this fantasy into reality in the near future.