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Twice the Hands to Hold

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‘Bad day?’ Brian asked.

Matt shuffled into Brian’s room and kicked off his slippers. ‘Something like that.’

‘Need a cuddle?’

Matt rolled his eyes but fell down next to Brian on his bed. The close proximity of his brother had the usual effect on Brian. He pressed his nose in Matt’s hair by instinct and sniffed deeply. The simple act was intimate and comfortable at the same time. Matt pulled closer to Brian.

‘Wanna talk about it?’

‘Not really,’ Matt said. ‘Can we just lie here?’

‘Sure.’ Brian killed the bed lamp. The moon cast a slow and weak light into the room. He could still make out Matt’s silhouette, and he pulled his brother closer still. Holding Matt close was what he needed, and he was sure it was what Matt wanted. But he couldn’t stand seeing his brother down. He pulled his free hand across his Matt’s chest and pinched a nipple, hard.

The reaction was instant and Matt lifted off the bed. His brother’s face transformed in his signature pissed off frown. The scowl always cracked Brain up and that only incensed Matt more.

Instead of countering with his own attack, Matt did the one thing he knew would take the wind out of Brian’s sails. Matt leaned over and planted a wet kiss on him. It wasn’t a slow or sensual kiss. It was a hot, pissed off get back at you kiss, and the moment Brian got into it, Matt pulled away.

‘That’s your comeback?’

Matt grinned. ‘Works every time.’

Brian’s brows pyramided together. He had to get the power back somehow, but he bided his time. After Matt settled back into his lopsided embrace, Brian did to his brother what Matt did for him to help him relax. He ran his hands slowly through Matt’s silky dark hair. It only lasted a minute, before he pounced on Matt and crushed him under his weight.

Matt struggled, but as always relented in the end. Brian cupped Matt’s package and squeezed hard. Upon Matt’s gasp, he delved his tongue past the wet lips and claimed his brother’s mouth.

After a hardly long enough make out session, they broke apart. Their breathless pants subsided and their heartbeats slowly returned to normal.

They lay in each other’s arms, but Matt fidgeted. The moon cast fine shadows over the room and the light played across Matt’s perplexed features. ‘Out with it,’ Brian said.

Matt licked his bottom lip. ‘Are we sick, Bri? Are we evil?’

Brian loved Matt. It was a love like no other. The intensity of it burned his belly leaving a gaping hole there that only his brother could fill. How could a love so intense and so honest be wrong? ‘There’s nothing wrong with us. Don’t you see?’ Brian said. ‘It’s not us, it’s the world outside these walls that is sick.’

‘We are family,’ a familiar voice came from the door. Brian and Matt turned in the voice’s direction. Matt pulled himself into Brian more and made himself smaller. Jake smiled reassuringly at them from the door, but Brian was still not sure how much their uncle had heard or seen.

Jake walked into the room. He had no shoes on, only black socks, and his tie was pulled loosely around his neck. His dress shirt was only half tucked. The slouch in his shoulders made him look tired, but content. Instead of joining them on the bed, Jake pulled Brian’s computer chair between his legs and rested his arms on its back. He eyed them a second longer then smiled. That small gesture changed the energy in the room and the tension flowed out of Matt’s body. Brian’s shoulders sagged along with Matt’s but the relief was short lived. Jake’s silence still unnerved him. He must have heard at least some of what they had been talking about.

He returned Jake’s, who was still contemplating them quietly. His sweet Matt also had all his attention on Jake, who rode the chair between his legs, still saying nothing. The silence wasn’t stifling, and it wasn’t uncomfortable, but Brian was unsure how to break it. Eventually Jake did, and just the sound of the reassuring voice so close to him washed over Brian like a welcomed summer breeze on a hot California mountain.

‘I’ve known for a while,’ Jake said slowly.

Matt’s unfocused stare turned questioning and for a second a whisper of the tension that had just escaped him crept back. Yet there was nothing confrontational or threatening in Jake’s stance.

Brian squeezed Matt and forced himself to look at their uncle. ‘Why didn’t you say anything?’ he asked.

‘To be honest,’ Jake said, ‘I thought it was a phase.’ After a short pause, he continued, ‘And I wasn’t about to take away the love you two had. Or try to. Lord knows you’d both lost enough.’

‘You don’t think it’s twisted?’ Matt asked. Brian pulled him in even closer, but Matt didn’t take his eyes off Jake. ‘That we’re twisted?’

‘Hell, no.’

‘Do you think,’ Brian whispered, ‘do you reckon dad and mom would be disappointed?’

For the first time a frown cloud Jake’s features. It wasn’t that he was contemplating his question, or even entertaining it. The frown was an honest reflection of Jake’s bafflement. ‘Your parents could never be disappointed in the people you’ve become. They would’ve been so proud. I know they are.’

Matt pressed his face into Brian’s side and breathed deeply. He then pushed up and crossed his knees. Brian moved up and allowed him more space, moving closer to the bed’s edge and closer to Jake.

Matt wrung his wrist, which rolled freely in his sweaty. Brian leaned over and placed a gentle hand over his brother’s chokehold on his wrist. He looked Matt in the eye and pulled his arms apart. The touch between them relaxed Matt and he didn’t resist Brian.

‘Can I ask you something, Jakey?’ Brian said. He still kept his eyes on Matt, who now couldn’t meet his stare. Jake rode the chair side to side, but remained silent. The only sound in the room was the squeak of the chair’s springs and their breathing. Jake was concentrated on their connected hands, picking up on the intimate but revealing gesture. He nodded and Brian continued. ‘All those years we were growing up, when you didn’t date. You didn’t have anyone. It couldn’t have been easy for you being alone.’ Brian kept his grip on Matt’s arm but met Jake’s eyes. ‘Why didn’t you try anything with us? With me?’

Jake stopped mid spin. He tipped his head away from Brian as if contemplating making a run for it, but remained seated. Instead of answering, Jake pushed off the chair and pushed it forward. He straightened his posture and Brian was afraid he’d gone too far, or pushed their uncle away. The tension crept back into his spine. Rather than moving to the door, Jake walked over to the bed. He settled on its edge and touched Brian’s thigh with his knee.

Jake twisted his neck and stared at the duvet. ‘It wasn’t always easy,’ he said. ‘There were many nights I’d look at you sleep.’ Jake looked at Matt for a long moment and then turned to Brian. The nostalgia in Jake’s eyes as he’d looked at Matt evolved into something else entirely when he stared at Brian. ‘You both looked so much like your father. Even more so once you started getting older. It wasn’t always easy,’ Jake said.

Brian encouraged Jake to continue with a slight nod. Finally, it was all coming out. ‘It was easier with Matt in a way,’ Jake said.

Matt looked surprised at that, but Brian understood where their uncle was heading with it. Jake placed a palm over Matt’s hand. ‘You are so much like your mom, even though you also look so much like your dad.’ Jake turned to Brian. ‘It was more difficult with you,’ he said. ‘You are a your carbon cutout of your father. Your mannerisms, the way you walk, even the inflections in your voice. It really is like living your with Brian Sr.,’ Jake said. ‘There were so many nights where I had to force myself to close your bedroom door. To just walk away. I wanted to have you, finally have a piece of your father. But instead I’d go to my room and leave my door open. I’d listen to you and your brother breathing while you’re sleeping…’

‘And farting,’ Matt said.

Jake chuckled. Brian appreciated Matt’s attempts at lightening the heaviness of the moment and pinched his thigh. Instead of jerking away or reacting, Matt simply placed a sweaty palm over Brian’s hand and kept it there, warming his leg.

‘That too,’ Jake said. ‘It had to be enough though. But I’d listen and wait for the sounds, either coming from your room,’ Jake turned to Matt, ‘or from yours. And while you two were together, I’d imagine I was there with you, in your bedroom, loving both of you, being with you.’

Brian closed his mouth. For some reason he’d always accepted Jakey had no idea what they got up to in the early hours of the morning.

Jake chuckled. ‘Don’t look so surprised. I always knew. I saw how you were around each other from a young age. You were both heartbreakingly adorable. You really stepped up and became the father figure for your brother, Bri, and I’m more proud of you than you will ever know.’

Hot tears threatened to choke Brian, but he kept it at bay. He wasn’t about to let this moment turn into a sob fest, or ruin it with snot running down his face.

‘And hey,’ Jake said, ‘at least I had your come soaked shorts to keep me company at night.’

Matt stared from behind his hair, but quickly dropped his head again. Brian could see the hot pink blush on his brother’s face in his mind, even in the semi darkness of their room.

Jake laughed again. ‘What? Did you think I took care of the laundry out of the goodness of my heart? There’s a reason why neither of you have ever seen the inside of a washing machine.’

‘That’s how you got through all those lonely years,’ Matt said, the adorable and sexy smile in his voice. ‘You were sniffing our tighty-whities all those years.’

‘You bet,’ Jake said. He pulled Matt into a half embrace. ‘And the sheets. It was hot.’

Brian chuckled. ‘Damn.’

‘Can I be honest Jakey?’ Matt said after a moment.

Jake let go of him and Matt straightened up. He tucked some hair behind his ears so that he could see them both clearly. Matt gestured to Brian. ‘I think I’m speaking for both of us. We wouldn’t have minded if you’d joined in.’

‘Definitely wouldn’t have,’ Brian echoed.

The amity in the room dissolved almost instantly. Jake tilted his head and eyed Matt, then looked at Brian and then back at Matt again. ‘I’m…what…’

Brian smiled at their uncle. ‘Speechless, Jakey?’ The battle in Jake was evident for the world to see. He struggled with allowing hidden desires to finally come to the surface, or to just suppress it again and convince him that what he had with the boys was enough. Brian finally had the guts to let his uncle know that all those years of lingering glances, of cuddles on the couch that felt so right, of the hugs that never lasted as long as it should have… now they had to make up for that lost time.

‘What are you saying?’ Jake said. ‘What is it you want?’

For all his bravado Brian was at a loss to bluntly show his uncle what it was they were trying to tell him, but he didn’t have to think about it too hard. Matt boldly pushed up from his locked-knee position and leaned over him to bring his face closer to Jake’s. Stopping a few inches away from their uncle, Matt looked him in the eyes before closing his eyes and leaned forward.

Brian had been the recipient of that kiss more times than he could ever remember. To see someone someone else be the recipient of that honor for the first time was at once one of the most erotic things Brian had ever seen as well as the privilege of his life. It was right up there with the first time he’d crawled into Matt’s bed, a skinny short kid that was his mirror reflection yet unique and entirely one of a kind. It was the same beautiful moment as when Matt had embraced him, every part of him, when they got to know each other completely. The two most important men in his life were seeing each other like that at that very moment, discovering the same thing in each other that he and Matt had all those many years ago. Seeing the shock of Matt’s brazenness register on Jake’s face, then the shock evolve into reluctant acceptance and then turn into hot desire was truly the most beautiful thing in the world.

Matt opened his mouth and teased Jake with his tongue, just enough until the last of Jake’s resolve crumbled and his hesitance faded, then he pulled back.

Goddamn. What a tease.

Who knew Matt had been such a good student over the years? Brian’s pajama shorts had become uncomfortably tight from his cross-legged position on the bed, preventing it from stretching and accommodating his growing need. Knowing what he did now, Jakey could have gone to town on his come stained shorts after this night, but something told him his uncle would never have to settle for his second hand come after tonight.

Jake opened his eyes. The look in them was dazed, but he soon focused on Matt’s relaxed frame and took in the warmth coming from both of them.

‘I’ve always loved the both of you,’ Jake said. His voice was scratchy, whether from emotion or need it was difficult to say. Perhaps both. ‘You’re both so alike, yet totally different. I’ve wanted to be with both of you for such a long time, but I’ve always held back. Being with you in that way, it would be like coming full circle in a way,’ Jake said softly. ‘It would be like being with your dad in part.’ Jake looked down, hiding his eyes in the semi dark of the room. Seeing his usually confident uncle so vulnerable, this raw and exposed hurt Brian. But he knew whatever it was Jake had to say, he had to get it off his chest. ‘But that’s not the only reason. I want to be with you. It would be the most amazing thing to me, but if you don’t want to, or are unsure,’ he said, ‘we can go back to the way things were, no questions asked. It’ll be okay, we won’t have to talk to it ever again. It’ll just be like it…’

Brian followed his brother’s lead and closed the gap between him and his uncle. He kissed Jake, hard. He left the soft gentility to his brother, with him it had always been passion. The kiss was messy, wet and heavy. Or perhaps it was just his need weighing him down. He pulled away reluctantly, but placed his hand over a scorching bulge in Jake’s center. ‘Don’t finish that thought,’ Brian said.

‘Truth is,’ Matt said, ‘you’ve been the subject of many of our mutual fantasies over the years.’

Jake tore lust-filled eyes from Brian and stared at Matt. He placed a hand behind his neck and massaged himself. ‘What?’

The regret in that one word was like a twisting knife in Brian’s liver. Jake blinked rapidly and increased the massage motions. ‘You mean, you guys, all these years, you wanted me to join in?’

‘We did, we do,’ Brian said.

‘We just had no idea how to approach you,’ Matt said.

The realization hit all three. All the wasted years, all the solitary nights their uncle lay alone in bed while they at least had each other. Such a waste.

‘We can make up for those years,’ Brian said. By the look in Jake’s eyes, he knew his uncle had been on the exact same train of thought as him. ‘Starting tonight. We can finally break down the last barrier between us and become the family we always wanted.’

Jake licked his lips then looked down at his hands. He wiped his hand over his face and sighed. Then he got up, tension seeping into his frame. Not the way Brian was edging this to go.

‘What’s wrong?’ Brian asked.

Jake started pacing. ‘You guys, once we go there,’ he said, ‘there’s no going back. We’ll have gone there and we can’t turn back the clock. Is this really what you want? Brian?’

Jake looked at Brian for confirmation. It didn’t bother him that the magnitude of this decision came down to him. Jake knew that Brian was the deciding factor. He and Matt were so in tune, and if there was one person in this world, aside from their uncle, who had Matt’s back, it was Brian. He’d never force anything on his brother, and would not allow anyone else to either. If it wasn’t what Matt wanted, Brian wouldn’t allow it. The silence stretched in the room and Brian let it. He didn’t want his response to seem flippant or inconsequential, so he formulated it carefully.

Matt placed a hand softly on his leg. He saw in that gesture what he already knew, that Matt wanted this more than anything too. Jake was getting antsy, and he didn’t want to leave their uncle burning in the wind. So he got up and walked over to Jake with what he hoped was confidence, even though his legs felt like jelly.

‘I love Matt,’ Brian said, ‘and you’re a part of Matt. You’re a part of my mother, and you’re a part of me. I know our father loved you too, so in a way you are part of him. I want you to be a part of me uncle Jake. Take a part of me. Matty feels the same.’ The words were emotionally charged, more so than Brian had anticipated, and it moved him to tears. He wiped the moisture at his eyes quickly, but Jake stopped his hand midway. Brian lowered his arm and Jake took his face in his strong hands. With his thumbs he wiped at the few stray tears that escaped against Brian’s will and smiled at him.

‘It’s like I’m looking at Brian Sr. right now.’

‘He’s here with us,’ Matt said next to Brian. Some time during this intimate exchange with Jake, Matt had joined them at the foot of the bed. ‘I feel him.’

‘I do too,’ Jake said. Holding Brian’s face in his palms, Jake leaned over and kissed Matt sensually. Matt accepted the kiss and leaned forward, increasing the intensity of the kiss but keeping it softly sensual. It was still incredibly erotic and Brian was floating from the lack of oxygen and blood in his head. But Jake’s steadying hands weighed him down.

Jake was the first to break the kiss sloppily, and seeing Matt’s tongue retreat from their uncle’s mouth was the final push. He could not take it any longer. Luckily, Jake was again on the same wavelength as him and he lowered his hands to Brian’s shoulders and pulled him forward. Jake kissed him deeply and roughly. None of the gentleness he’s just witnessed with Matt was present, but the same lust and love pulled him forward into an abyss he knew he would never escape, nor would ever want to. He tasted the unique taste of Matt on Jake’s tongue and lips, and enjoyed the soft pressure that was unmistakably Matt’s touch on his dick through the material.

Where someone else’s soft touch might come across as hesitance, Matt’s undemanding touch was anything but. Even though he wasn’t aggressive or persistent, there was no mistaking the need and love behind every touch from his brother.

Jake deepened the kiss, stealing the breath out of his lungs. At the same time Matt lowered his skimpy pajama shorts and the burst of cold air that hit his erect dick was punishing. Soon the silky warmth of Matt’s familiar and sweaty palm engulfed the heat of his dick and with his uncle’s arms wrapped around his shoulders, his brother beside him on his knees, the profound sense of peace, of home overwhelmed Brian at that moment.

There was nowhere else, with no one else that he would rather be. It was too heady for him and he had to sit down. He pulled back and Jake’s dominant tongue slipped from his lips. He already missed the silky and addictive smoothness of it and was happy to know he wouldn’t have to live without it in future.

‘Let’s take it to the bed,’ he said, and Jake nodded. Matt got up and followed them. Jake pulled his tie over his head and fumbled with his shirt’s buttons. Matt pulled his pajama top over his head and shimmied out of his pajama shorts.

The buttons proved too big of a challenge for Jake in his agitated state and he ripped them apart, the sound of buttons hitting the wooden floorboards crushing in the quiet of the room. Matt was already nude and pulled Brian’s shorts down. Standing naked and erect before their uncle, it was like a homecoming. They were inches away from their uncle’s erect dick, the very dick he and his brother had fantasized over for so many years, and all that separated them was a thin layer of boxer shorts.

Jake hooked his thumbs into the side of his boxers and was about to pull it down when Brian stopped him. Instead, he pulled Jake closer to him and Matt. They both got on the bed and pulled Jake to the edge, and they slowly lowered his boxer briefs. A long, hard and thick dick shot up from a manscaped bush. Jake’s foreskin was wet with precum and the musky scent threatened to make Brian’s head spin again. He placed a hand on Matt’s erect dick, so much like his own but different yet familiar in many ways, and squeezed.

A fleshy and purple head oozed precum that trailed over his pam. Matt’s telltale arousal next to Brian was made even more evident by his brother’s soft whimpers. Brian had become intimately familiar with those whimpers over the years, and it was the pinnacle of arousal for Matt. Matt only gave Brian the gift of those whimpers when he was truly on fire.

Brian took the head of Jake’s cock into his mouth and washed the head, collecting the pool of slick precum in his mouth but not swallowing it. Instead, he pulled off after a moment and kissed Matt deeply, delivering the load of sticky and musky precum into his brother’s mouth. Matt leaned into the kiss but pulled back at the load Brian deposited, but soon realized what his brother was doing and got into the kiss.

Matt’s throat clicked and he swallowed Jake’s precum off Brian’s tongue.

‘Lord help me,’ Jake said.

Brian and Matt looked up at their imposing uncle standing before them. The man who had loved them, fed them, clothed them, cared for them over the years, cried for them when their world had crumbled around them and the man who had rebuilt it again and had given them the best life.

Although the lust and desire was unmistakable in Jake’s eyes, deep and severe love overshadowed it all. The type of love that millions of people just dream about, read about for generations. The completeness of their existence was unlimited in that one moment. For the first time since he lost his parents, even after the great upbringing he’d had, Brian felt like he’d found home.

This was the family Jake had promised them the day he’d taken custody of them. This was the family Jake had promised his sister he would give them at her graveside. This was the family they had all needed, wanted, yearned for all their life.

‘Seeing you two kiss,’ Jake said. ‘It is the apex of beauty. We have so much time to make up for. And it starts tonight.’

‘Tonight,’ Matt said.

Brian looked at his brother. ‘Right now.’

‘We love you, uncle Jake.’ Matt looked at Brian. ‘You know how much I have always loved you, admired you.’ The significance of what was about to happen was evident on Matt’s face.

‘I love you too Matty.’ With that, Brian kissed Matt again and placed his hand on Jake’s ass. The mound was unfamiliar to Brian, and exciting at the same time. How many years, and birthdays, and holidays had he wondered what that mound under his uncle’s jeans and shorts looked like, felt like, smelled like, tasted like? The futility of all those wasted years threatened to weigh him down again and Brian resisted it. Instead, he pulled Jake’s ass forward and the tent pole erect dick smashed into him and Matt’s kiss. Their mouths disengaged and the musky smell of Jake’s dick was between them.

Matt locked his eyes on Brian and smiled. Brian nodded, and they both stuck out their tongues and ran it along the side of Jake’s dick. Their teeth clinked a few times, but they soon got into a rhythm. Brian would make turns with Matt at the head of the dick, sucking more precum out of the leaking penis and sometimes swallowing it down, other times using it to lube the dick with their spit. Matt would do the same, but he conspicuously swallowed more than he shared with Brian.

Jake ran his hands through their hair, at times rotating between merely strumming their heads to pushing their heads tighter together on his dick. Being an expert at cock sucking, Brian knew his uncle was in agony over the sweet stimulation his dick received. It wasn’t enough to make him cum, both he and Matt made sure to take him to the edge but not tip him over yet. Their attentions were just enough to coax unending amounts of precum out of Jake, but Brian wanted more. Was finally ready for more. He knew the night still had so much to offer, and he couldn’t wait to take all of it.

Finally he pulled away. Matt’s eyes were closed and he continued sucking and licking and burying his nose and mouth in the slight and well trimmed bush at the base of Jake’s dick, but the lack of pressure from Brian’s side pulled him out of his reverie.

‘Kiss each other again,’ Jake said.

Brian breathed slowly, enamored by his uncle’s obsession with seeing them kiss. But he knew Jake had missed out on years and years of this, and even though it was still as exciting for Brian to get to kiss his Matt like it was that first time under his covers so long ago, he wanted to get on with it. But for Jake’s benefit he made a good show of it, turning his head sideways and licking Matt’s bottom lip all the way from one side to the other, then doing the same with his upper lip, lapping up the remnants of precum and the spit there. Then he lunged his tongue deep into Matt’s mouth and dominated his tongue with his.

The only sound in the room was the sound of their sloppy kissing and Jake’s heavy breathing. After a short while Brian decided having his uncle on the periphery of the action was no good, and he resolved to fix that. He disengaged from Matt and pulled back on the bed. The indent of his ass on the bed was clear from where he’d sat, and he pointed to the spot. Jake leaned forward on one knee and stepped onto the bed. His other knee followed and he stood on the bed, still towering over them.

From this view, it still felt like uncle Jake the grownup. Like uncle Jake the safe haven, their security, the love of their lives.

‘Tell us what you want, Jakey,’ Matt said.

‘Tell us,’ Brian said. ‘Don’t worry about it. It’s just us here. It will always be only us now.’

The significance of his words landed with both of the most important people in his life, and they nodded. That sealed it.

‘Kiss your brother,’ Jake said.

Brian rolled his eyes, but he was patient. Eventually they’d get their uncle past this to open up him up and let his true desires come out. He leaned toward Matt, ready to give him a good show again.

Jake put an arm on Brian’s shoulder. ‘No.’ He sat back on his haunches, probably spreading those beautiful ass cheeks on his ankles. Goddamn, he needed to get to his uncle’s ass, and soon. But tonight was Jake’s night. They had more than enough time to get to each one’s desires.

‘I mean, kiss your brother’s ass. At last, I want to see you kiss Matt’s ass.’

Brian looked at Matt, and Matt hid behind his hair. He had rimmed Matt plenty times before. He enjoyed it, but Matt had always been a bit strange about it. Matt was a people pleaser, and he’d let Brian do it because Brian derived pleasure from it. And did he ever. It was up there with some of his favorite ways of enjoying and exploring Matt. For Brian, the intimate act bonded them every time.

But there had always been that barrier that Brian had to fight to break through. As though Matt was embarrassed to reveal himself like that. Perhaps tonight will be the night of many breakthroughs for all of them.

He got up on his knees and placed his face level to Jake’s. They shared an intense stare for a long moment and then he kissed Jake quickly but deeply. When he pulled away, Matt had turned around and placed a pillow under his belly.

His brother’s fleshy, defined and hairless ass was up in the air, an offering to him. It was fleshier than his own ass, since Brian was more athletic than Matt, but it was buoyant. In fact, it was perky and perfect.

Brain placed his hand on the hot flesh. He was biased, for sure, but he’s seen plenty of asses over the years, both of guys and girls, and none compared with Matt’s. Perhaps he’d reserve judgment until he had more time exploring his Jake’s. But in the meantime he dipped lower and gripped Matt’s ass tighter. He pushed up with his hands, filling his palms with tanned mounds of flesh, revealing his prize at the center.

Matt’s ass had a deep cleft, like his own. Many times he’d hump Matt’s crack during a morning shower when he didn’t have the time or opportunity to prepare Matt’s ass. The friction from those heavy mounds completely wrapping his dick would make him spew his load in no time.

When he was feeling particularly evil, he’d prevent Matt from washing off his spunk between his cracks and they’d go their whole day with Brian knowing Matt felt him sticking between his cheeks.

He tightened his grip on Matt’s cheeks and squeezed hard. The flesh poked through the gaps in his fingers and he resisted the urge to smack Matt’s ass. They both liked getting rough at times, but he let that go. There would be plenty of times to introduce Jake to every aspect of their sex life, tonight it was about letting Jake catch up, giving him what he needed.

Brian took a deep breath and lowered his face to the place he’d been exploring since he was so young. It was a place he loved, and even after all the years of exploration there, of memorizing every curve, every taste, every smell, it was still as unfamiliar and glorious as the first day he’d tasted Matt’s most intimate place.

He loosened his grip on Matt’s ass and started soothingly massaging the beautiful flesh and Matt’s breath hitched. He used rhythmic motions to pull the ass apart to allow him better access. Nothing was more important to him than Matt’s comfort and ease, he wanted him to feel comfortable revealing this part of himself to not only Brian but now Jake too.

Jake’s breathing intensified. It was the sound of arousal, and it was infectious. Brian’s dick ached, he wanted to make this pliable body beneath him his, he wanted to stake his claim deep inside of Matt, mark him, leave a part inside of him. He wanted the world to know that Matt was his.

But just as Brian’s tongue tasted Matt’s ass, a sharp realization hit him like a wave. No longer was Matt only his, or he Matt’s. Aside from the crap that stuff happened with Adam, and Matt’s time with James, which could all be ironed out eventually, now there was someone else who could stake a claim on them.

He dipped his tongue deeper into the crack and found his way home. This was ground he was well acquainted with, yet it was an exciting and unfamiliar adventure every time he tasted Matt. Brian’s persistent tongue dove in and he didn’t spend the usual time he always did preparing Matt’s hole for his tongue’s invasion.

Now Jake was here, and he’d stake both of them eventually. He’d own them in equal measure to how they’d own him. But they were three now, no longer two, and their three made one complete.

Matt arched his back at the impatient invasion, and Brian increased his ministrations on his brother’s ass to reassure him.

‘Bloody hell,’ Jake said.

Jake’s voice pierced Brian’s arousal and he was again made aware of the powerful and reassuring presence of their uncle next to him. Taking a hand off Matt’s ass, Brian fumbled blindly for Jake’s dick that hadn’t lost any of its steely hardness. He wrapped his hand over the sleek dick and clumsily pumped the dick in tandem to the rhythm his tongue had created with Matt’s ass. His hand fucked Jake’s dick while his tongue fucked Matt’s ass, and it was such a trip for Brian to know he was pulling these reactions out of these beautiful, confident and masculine men.

He had the power to reduce these powerful and desirable men into blithering fools who couldn’t string a coherent sentence together. Few people could claim that ability, but he knew that he was totally lost too. Just as much power as he wielded over his uncle and brother, to take them to heights they could never even dream of, he knew their hold on him was eternal and even more severe. It took a lot to allow someone that much power over you, it took confidence in the person, and it required unmitigated love and sound trust.

Both these beautiful men checked those boxes, and at that moment, with his tongue as deep as it could go inside of Matt, with his uncle’s beautiful and warm dick in his hand, Brian knew he’d spend every day of his life to offer those three things to them too. To be worthy of the love and trust they gave him.

‘Hold on, Bri, I’m going to shoot if you keep at it,’ Jake said.

Brian smiled, he couldn’t help it, and the smile retreated his tongue from Matt’s clean ass. He released Jake’s dick and Matt sagged on the bed. Brian retreated his tongue and sat up. He knew what he was going to do, and he wanted Matt to see it. It was just one more part in breaking down any barriers that were between them in how they shared their bodies. And Brian was about to break down a very large, very solid barrier. If he had the courage to do it for them, then Matt sure had the balls to let his walls down too.

He smacked Matt’s delicious ass lightly to make him turn around. Lust mixed with the slightest bit of embarrassment clouded Matt’s eyes. Brian licked his lips for extra show, then leaned up and placed his lips to Jake’s. He washed his tongue inside of Jake’s mouth, and Jake accepted it.

If he knew his brother at all, and boy did he ever, Brian knew Matt’s face was firmly planted in the sheets by now. He broke the kiss reluctantly to find Matt wheezing into the mattress. He shook his head, Jake unaware of the undertones that were flying between them.

‘Matt,’ Brian said. ‘Look at me.’

Matt kept his face pressed into the sheets.

‘I said look at me,’ Brian repeated.

Matt lifted his head slowly and turned to peer at him with one eye.

‘You are beautiful, do you hear me? You are perfect.’

Matt nodded, but Brian knew he had to drive it home. ‘What you allow me to do to you, it’s nothing more than a privilege. I enjoy it, it’s so sexy Matty, because it’s you. Okay?’

Matt blinked his one eye, then nodded his head against the sheets.

‘And you’re damn tasty, if that kiss is anything to go by,’ Jake said.

Matt chuckled shyly, his back vibrating from the effort.

‘Don’t worry Jakey, you’ll get your turn too,’ Brian said. He surprised himself with the ease he let that thought out in the real world without the slightest pang of jealousy. In the not so distant past he was ready to kill anyone in a jealous fit of rage at the thought of his brother exposing himself so intimately to anyone but himself, but now he was not only okay with it being Jake, he was even around by it.

‘Jakey,’ Brian said. ‘I know this night is about introducing you to what we’ve been sharing for years…’ Matt turned around slowly and placed his head in his palm. The flatness of his belly beautifully contrasted with the dark sheets, and Brian couldn’t help but trail his eyes down the flat stomach to the erect dick that poked out from between a very trimmed bush, just like he’d taught Matt he liked.

‘But I also feel it’s a night of breaking down barriers for all of us.’

‘What is it you want, Brian?’

Brian wasn’t about to have to be coaxed into speaking his mind like he’s had to guide his uncle to that night, so he just spit it out. ‘I want you to take me, while I take Matt. I want new memories. I want it to be with you.’

Matt sat up on the bed, completing the circle between the three of them. ‘Bri, are you sure?’

‘You sure about that?’ Jake echoed.

‘Dead sure,’ Brian said. ‘If I don’t do it now, maybe I won’t ever be able to. And who better than my uncle Jakey to remove the hurt and shame from my life?’

It was a heady moment shared not between an uncle and his two younger nephews, but a moment shared between three men. This was more than mere sex, Brian knew each of them realized that. It was the start of a way of life. A relationship. This was what they had all been searching for since the day their loved ones were ripped from their worlds.

He looked at Jake then at Matt. ‘I want to share this intimacy with you tonight,’ he said.

‘I’d be honored, Bri,’ Jake said.

‘It’ll be tough,’ Brian said. ‘I’ll need help keeping my dick hard, if the pain I remember is anything to go by.’

‘Brian.’ Matt pushed out his chest. This time his brother’s frame straightened and he saw the man that Matt had become overnight stare him down. ‘Listen to me now. I’m going to only say this one and won’t ever mention it again unless you want to.’

Brian nodded, and Jake stared silently at them both. ‘Forget about what Adam did to you. It wasn’t love. It wasn’t pleasure. It wasn’t even sex, it was selfishness, a violation. Don’t think of sex or lovemaking like that. That wasn’t what he did to you.’

Brian could only nod his acknowledgment of what his brother was saying.

‘He’s right. Tonight I’ll show you what making love to someone like that is really like.’ Jake sounded so confident, and it reassured Brian that someone was willing to take control like this, know what to do.

‘Okay,’ Brian said.

Matt leaned in and kissed him sloppily, and Jake put his hands on Matt and his asses.

‘These butts, I can’t wait to scrutinize them each in deep exploration.’

Hearing their uncle talk like that cracked them up and they ended up laughing into their kiss. Matt chuckled at the seriousness and lusty stare in Jake’s eyes, and Brian followed suit. They both pounced on Jake, pushing him onto his back. The heaviness in the air broke, they both sniggered as they assailed him with wet kisses on his mouth and all over his chest and torso, each grabbing at the other’s cocks and pulling and squeezing and teasing between the laughter.

After a while the air changed in the room again, and the playful grabbing at dicks and sloppy wet kisses turned sensual, charged and lingering. The kisses became longer and hotter, and they started exploring bodies with their mouths. Jake licked Brian’s Adam’s apple and trailed his tongue up his jawbone to his ear and breathed hot breath into Brian’s ear. It was one of the things Brian loved most from a make out session, and it was even more special to him that his uncle naturally sensed what turned him on.

Matt worked his way down Brian’s chest, leaving a trail of wetness from where his tongue dipped into his navel and the crevices of Brian’s pectorals. He arched his back when Matt’s mouth closed over his cock, and Jake grabbed Brian’s hair and pulled his tongue out of his ear. Jake pulled his hand back and extended Brian’s neck. He pushed Brian’s head down to his and Brian pushed his tongue out. Jake swallowed it, sucking hurriedly on the tongue as though desperately searching for the last vestiges of Matt’s taste.

Brian had taught Matt how to suck dick like a goddamn ninja throughout the years, and his brother was pulling out every trick he had. If he continued on that route Brian wouldn’t last long.

Jake released Brian’s tongue. ‘I want you to cum in your brother’s mouth,’ he said. He placed his hand from behind Brian on Matt’s head and kept his head firmly bopping up and down Brian’s dick.

‘But then…’

‘It’s fine,’ Jake said. His voice came out in lusty breaths. ‘You’re just eighteen, you can recover in no time.’

Brian nodded and sagged against Jake with the relief that came from knowing that he didn’t have to hold on.

‘Don’t swallow, Matt,’ Jake said louder from behind him. Matt made a gurgling sound as Jake pushed his head deeper onto his dick.

Brian felt Jake’s powerful and hot dick pushing into his crack, and he fought the fear that crept up to choke him. This is his uncle, he is safe and loved. This is a safe space, and they all want this. He repeated this over and over in his head until Matt flipped his tongue like Brian had taught him and he finally lost it, spilling hard and fast into Matt’s warmth.

Matt gurgled but kept on sucking like the expert little sucker he’d taught him to be, and took his admittedly impressive load with ease. Treating Brian to Matt’s own specially developed feature that he only gives Brian at special occasions, Matt placed his thumb just below Brian’s sack and pressed down hard just as Brian started coming. That pressure made Brian’s eyes roll back in his head, as the powerful orgasm rocked him even more.

When he was done spewing, Matt let his still hard cock slip from his lips while trying his hardest not to spill any. He straightened up and looked Brian in the eye, grinning without parting his lips. Matt shot a look to Jake for direction and he was intently aware of Jake’s shallow breaths at his ear.

He had to give it to his uncle, he was impressed. Had the roles been reversed and he was in Jake’s position, he’d have busted a nut far earlier in the evening. Granted, he reckoned, as his dick slacked and the hazy could of lust lifted off him temporarily, if he’d have been in Jake’s position there was a lot of things he would have done that his uncle didn’t. He wasn’t as strong or principled as his uncle, and it crushed Brian’s chest at the realization of how strong Jake had to have been all those years, every time he was alone, not to get into one of their beds and pursue his own pleasures.

It just illustrated to him again how much their uncle did love them, and how seriously he took his charge over them. It would’ve been so easy to go there, whether Brian or Matt had wanted it or not, and he resolved right then to pursue his uncle’s happiness in equal measure to how he pursued his brother’s from then on.

It was time his uncle knew the comforts that only they could give each other, and find the physical companionship he and Matt had aside from the emotional companionship and support he’d given them over the years.

‘Kiss your brother,’ Jake said.

Matt didn’t hesitate. He moved closer and opened his mouth, the cum spilling over his lips. Brian tried to lap it up, but from experience knew not to waste any time trying to contain it otherwise you’ll just lose more. Instead he dipped his tongue into Matt’s mouth and sealed the kiss and tasted his essence. It was still hot, mixed with his brother’s spit and their tongues wrestled with it.

Jake readjusted himself to form another circle with them and pushed his tongue out, lapping up the spilled cum on Matt’s chin. Brian broke the kiss and allowed space for Jake to join in.

It was the first time his uncle tasted his cum, aside from the leftovers in his shorts and underwear. The significance of the moment wasn’t lost on Jake, and he savored every taste and drop. Brian took Jake’s tongue into his mouth and delivered a load of his own semen onto his uncle’s tongue and Jake took it into his mouth and slowly swallowed.

Jake opened his eyes. The look of unrestrained lust in them nearly winded Brian. ‘I’m going to fuck you.’

Brian’s significance in being the first one of him and Matt to be fucked by Jake wasn’t lost on him. Even though Brian had asked Jake to fuck him first, he knew Jake considered him to be the one with the likeliest countenance to his father. So in a way it will be like Jake is fucking his father by fucking him, something that weighed heavily on Jake because he’d never gotten the chance to tell his dad how he felt about him. Tonight they would finish that unfinished business.

‘I’ll hold you to it,’ Brian said.

Jake kissed Matt again and lapped up the last bit of semen and delivered it to Brian in a sloppy kiss. ‘Hold on a second.’

Jake got off the bed and moved to the door. He turned and looked back at them. ‘Don’t carry on without me.’ And with that he was out the door.

Brian stared after Jake, and Matt looked at him perplexed and still boned up. Brian reached for his brother’s boner but Matt shimmied away. He laughed. ‘You heard him.’

After a short period Jake appeared at the door with supplies. An unsure expression flitted across his features but Jake shook it off and walked into the room. He stepped up to them where they sat again looked up at their uncle.

Jake had a tub of lube in one hand and held up a packet of condoms in the other. ‘This is only because we’re still waiting on a few more tests, you know that right?’ He looked Brian dead in the eyes. ‘There will be a day when we can share our bodies completely, and there will be no holds barred, okay?

Brian nodded. He knew this was the right thing to do, but it still pissed him off that his first time with his uncle had to be behind a barrier because of some pig asshole. This was the last barrier that they’d shed as soon as possible, but for now he’d take what he can get.

Jake tore it open and handed the condom packet to Brian. ‘Put it on me.’

Even something as intimate and momentous as putting on a condom on his uncle, Jake tried to make it easier on Brian like a parent by opening the packet for him. As long as Jake could take care of them and make life easier on them, his uncle was happy. He’ll realize in time that Brian and Matt weren’t kids anymore.

‘He wants you to know exactly what’s coming,’ Matt laughed.

Brian eyed him warningly. ‘You can laugh,’ he said. ‘You’ll get yours soon.’

‘I’m counting on it.’

Brian ripped the condom out of the packet and rolled it onto his uncle’s seven inches. It was about one or one and a half inches longer than their own dicks, and his ass clenched involuntarily.

‘Relax,’ Matt said softly. At his brother’s soft voice, the ache in his tense shoulders became evident. Brian reminded him again where he was, but more importantly who he was with, and he began to live in the moment and take in the incredible moment he was sharing with Matt and Jake. He quickly rolled on the condom like an expert, then leaned forward and pecked his uncle’s flat stomach where the base of his dick ran into his body.

The tender moment had the opposite effect on Jake, and the hard dick jolted from the light contact. Brian wasn’t amazed that his own dick showed an interest in the proceedings so soon. He looked down at his own dick. Seems like his uncle remembers more about being eighteen than he would have them know.

Jake climbed on the bed and the mattress sagged under the added weight. The musky smell of sex enveloped them, and it was the most pleasant smell Brian could imagine. His uncle placed a gentle but firm hand on his shoulder and pushed him down onto his back. It was at once a reassuring gesture but also left no doubt as to who was in charge. It suited Brian fine, after years of feeling like he had to take charge.

Jake motioned for him to turn around and lay flat on his belly. It would be tough with his boner picking up steam again, but Brian adjusted his dick to stick out underneath him like an arrow.

As if on queue, Matt moved to Brian’s head. He lifted Brian’s arms and moved underneath his mouth, his dick now positioned at Brian’s mouth. Matt slowly lowered Brian over his dick, careful not to choke him, and slowly face fucked him. Brian wasn’t sure how he felt about this take-charge attitude in his brother, but it was a night of new beginnings and changes for everyone. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing for Matt to become more assertive. Mother of G-!

‘Calm down,’ Jake said and pressed the wet, cold digit deeper. His uncle breached his opening easily enough, but found resistance after pushing past the sphincter. Brian tried to relax and concentrate on sucking Matt off, but the pressure built in his ass and he had to constantly remind himself who was back there.

Finally Jake’s persistence paid off and he was able to add a second finger. Brian’s ass felt full but in a good way. The pain gave way to a satisfying burning, which morphed into pleasure. All the while Matt bobbed Brian’s head up and down on his dick that was so much like Brian’s own, the familiar tastes and smells helping to keep him calm and centered.

‘I love you so much, Bri, you’re ours,’ Matt kept repeating over and over again between sighs as he slurped his brother loudly.

Brian felt the stretch of four fingers in his ass, the surprise of having bypassed the feeling of the third entering him hitting him. Jake was a skilled lover, alright, and could surely teach them a few new tricks. He wondered, for a moment, as Matt increased the pace on his brother’s dick hitting the back of his throat and his uncle’s fingers searching for his sweet spot, if Henry had taught Jake what he knew about manipulating a guy’s ass.

‘Not gonna make it.’ Matt grinded his teeth. From the bobbing of his head it was difficult for Brian to concentrate on anything steady, but the glimpses he got of his brother’s wheezing chest and the swell in his cock told him that Matt was close.

‘Shoot,’ Jake’s reassuring voice came from behind. His finger hit a spot deep inside Brian and it sent a jolt from his ass into his belly.

Matt didn’t wait long before he let rip. Even with the distraction of his uncle’s searching and persistent fingers inside him, Brian wanted to make Matt’s blowjob as spectacular as his was and he flipped his tongue underneath the head of Matt’s dick, while pulling the base of Matt’s hard, doing all the things that made his brother cream like a fucking melting ice cream bar.

It worked, because Matt clutched his hair painfully and pushed his head down in time to choke him with hot jets of cum shooting down his throat. Instead of pulling away, he swallowed it all down and resisted the urge to gag or choke. Despite Matt’s brief interlude with James, Brian was convinced that no one was able to make his bother cream like he was.

Well, perhaps their uncle would be able to take him – them – to another level, but that was something to be anticipated and celebrated. Sucking his brother dry was one of the greatest pleasures he knew, and he always coaxed every last drop out of him until Matt was so sensitive he whimpered to be released.

Jake’s fingers had stretched him into oblivion by this point and he anticipated the beautiful stuffed feeling he was sure to get soon. Taking pity on his brother, Brian let Matt’s softening dick fall from his mouth and rested his head in the sweaty mix of cum and intimacy between Matt’s legs.

‘Fuck.’ Jake sounded out of breath. ‘It’s finally time, boys. We’re going to be one tonight.’

Jake pulled his fingers out, and Brian missed the warmth already. Jake leaned over his back and wrapped an arm around his throat. With his other hand he steadied himself against the bed and pulled them both up with his upper body strength. Brian acceded and went with Jake, settling with a very hot and slathered up dick between his gaping cheeks.

‘Matt,’ Jake said. ‘I want you to suck Bri off while I mount him. He’ll probably lose his erection, so keep him hard. Once he’s used to me and can keep his woody, he’ll mount you, and then we’ll all come together. Everyone got it?’

The brothers locked eyes. They acknowledged Jake with a slight nod and Matt started sucking his brother off for the second time that night. He was stiff as a rocket already and his brother’s mouth felt familiar and like home.

Then Jake repositioned himself behind Brian, lifted him up and positioned his wet dick at Brian’s opening. He started to deflate at the thought of what was about to happen, but Matt didn’t lighten up.

Jake tore Brian’s death grip on the bedding free and replaced it with his own fingers. Brian twined his fingers with his uncles, and slowly sank down and let Jake mount him. The pain was undeniable, but not excruciating. Jake had prepared him well, and he took every inch slowly but with determination. It was painful, to be sure, but it was the best pain he’d ever felt back there.

Jakey was stretching him to the brim. The Jakey who had held him as he cried at his father’s grave, the Jakey who had taught him to ride a bike, the Jakey who had embarrassed him by shopping for his underwear. He was the same Jakey who he had run crying to the time he shot his first load, convinced he had beaten off one time too many and now his dick was bleeding.

This was his uncle, a part of who he was, a part of his mother, a part of who made him who he was. This was their parent, who had loved them and protected them, and who had given his life for their happiness, going to bed alone every night instead of seeking his comfort inside of them.

Before he knew it he was mounted on Jake. It was such a surreal moment, and intimate. There was a dead quiet in the room, the only sounds Jake’s breathing and Matt’s slurping sounds, and the sound of his own blood rushing his ears. Matt was pulling out every trick in his repertoire to keep Brian erect, but he was having a tough time about it. The unusual feeling of being stuffed from behind, even if it was by the man he admired most, was just strange for him. But he’ll learn. It gave him a new respect for Matt, who always seemed to grow a woody as Brian entered and mounted him.

Bottoming was hard work. Kudos to the world’s bottoms.

Jake kept his dick still but firmly inside Brian, and soon the blood started returning to his dick. Matt became enthusiastic again, encouraged that his efforts seemed to finally start paying off. At that, Jake lifted Brian off his dick, revealing a few inches before sagging him back down. At least his dick didn’t deflate at that, as Brian had feared. He kept his stiffy at the first push, and the second, and the fifth.

‘Matty,’ Jake said. ‘Let Brian inside you.’

Matt broke off the contact between them and straightened up. He licked his swollen lips and looked so good, Brian wanted to lean in for a wet kiss, but Jake beat him to it. His uncle wrapped a large hand behind Matt’s head and crushed their faces together. Brian smelled himself on Matt’s face and breath, and Jake lapped it up. Jake kept up the rhythmic fucking of Brian’s ass while he ate Matt’s face. Not wanting to lose any of his momentum down there, Brian kept jacking himself to keep his erection alive.

Eventually Jake broke the kiss and released Matt’s head. He didn’t say anything, Matt and Brian knew how to do this part. Instead, Jake trailed his hand and cupped Brian’s chest from behind, kissing his neck hard and sucking on a spot.

Matt lay down beneath Brian, spreading his legs. Brian’s eyes trailed down the curves of Mat’s body. The less defined frame shivered on the bed and the sheets swallowed him up. A fine film of sweat covered Matt’s body, and his chest heaved with heavy breaths of anticipation. It was so easy to dominate him just because of his leaner frame, but Brian wanted to leave a permanent part of him inside of Matt’s body, even if tonight he couldn’t leave a literal part of himself in there. For that to happen, though, he had to take it slow and be patient.

That alone was difficult enough, especially with that beautiful and entirely delicious mound of bubble butt willingly offered up to him. He wanted to lose himself in Matt’s ass, dip into it with his tongue and find the true essence of Matt. It amazed him how someone could walk around with such a perfect rear and be unaware of the power they held over both men and women. He was sure that Matt was unaware of the world of pleasure he walked around with between his legs, but he and Jake would be the ones to reveal it to him, and to teach him how to reach places he never knew he had.

It would be the pleasure of his life to mold his younger brother, his willing and unflawed body into the perfect receiving partner. In a way Matt and Brian were blank canvas, and Jake’s dick was the expert paintbrush that would turn them both into a masterpiece. Both he and Jake leaned forward. He wet his fingers with the lube and started to prepare Matt to take him. Matt lifted his hips to meet Brian’s probing fingers.

‘Lie back down,’ Matt said. ‘Let it happen.’

Matt rested his head against the pillow and resumed his heavy breathing. It was beyond erotic to see his own fingers disappear inside of his brother. The tantalizing v-line that ran from his lower torso into his flawless pubic area begged for contact with his mouth, but that too would have to wait for another time, in the not so distant future. In fact, an entire weekend spent worshipping and discovering each other’s bodies only with their mouths sounded like a pretty damned hot idea to Brian. He mentally filled that away for future discussion.

He leaned forward and pressed a wet tongue to the base of Mat’s neck and worked his way up to his chin. The slick taste of salty sweat sent a blast from his tongue to his brain and a jolt to his dick. It was an intimate taste and he savored every sensation. Brian dipped his tongue into the dip between Matt’s chin and lips and made the short swipe to Matt’s mouth. The sweat’s clean taste and the stubble guided him home.

‘I’m going to shoot my load deep inside your ass.’

‘Promises, promises,’ Matt said.

At that Brian added another finger to Matt’s ass and shoved in roughly, not hurting but still showing Matt that Brian was still firmly in charge. Matt bucked his hips and blew a hot breath against Brian’s mouth. He inhaled his brother and dipped his tongue into the wet mouth. Nearly ready to mount Matt, Brian felt every inch of his uncle inside him.

They would be completely connected.

Impatient, Brian fumbled in the dark for a condom and quickly slipped it on. He lubed his dick and added some more lube to Matt’s ass. Afterwards, he leaned forward and pressed his dick at Matt’s opening. Matt accepted him with ease, used to the length and girth of Brian between his legs.

Once firmly inside, Jake pulled Brian’s chest back. Brian sat back on his haunches, pulling Matt up with him and further mounting himself to the hilt on his uncle’s dick. Brian was at once entirely stuffed and fully encased, and it was the strangest and loveliest feeling at the same time.

He could fall asleep this way every day of his life. This was what happiness really was. Being stretched to the hilt by his uncle and owning every part of his brother was the happiness that he’d only ever read about, dreamed about.

Matt’s weight on his thighs pushed Brian down heavily on Jake’s dick, but his uncle had some impressive and unpredictable core strength. He started bobbing Brian on his dick, and soon there was a rhythmic slapping sound that reverberated through the room. Getting into a rhythm was easier than Brian had anticipated, and he was happy at his ability to keep his erection even with the crushing heat of Matt bearing down on him.

Matt wrapped his arms around Brian’s neck and held on for dear life. He wanted to see his brother, witness this transformation as he rode him hard while looking their uncle in the eye. But he wasn’t about to break the death hold Matt had him in either. Nope. This was too comforting for both of them.

Matt grinded his head against Brian’s ear, and sloppy sounds reverberated near his ear. It was then that he recognized the kissing sounds, and he was so content at that moment that nothing could remove the innate peace he experienced.

This was the transformation he was talking about. Matt and Jake were making a connection, the connection that ran past being uncle and nephew, or parent and child, or friends. They were connecting as men, as beautiful, desired and loved men. They were entering a new phase of their relationship, as equals, where they looked past the growing up years where the invisible wall prevented them from lusting after each other, desiring each other, the guilt of wanting each other.

As Brian bobbed on his uncle’s dick and stretched his brother ass around his dick, he thought back to the day Matt and he had spent time in the sandpit with their dad. After Matt had injured his wrist, Brian marched him off to uncle Jake, who they both had full trust in would be able to fix it all.

Matt’s erection had come alive again in the meantime, and was pulsating between them again. It leaked delicious precum juice and wetted their tummies with it, the way Brian loved.

It had to be strange for his uncle in a sense, to fuck the ass of a kid whose ass he’d wiped at one time. Who he had comforted like a dad. But this was the barrier he saw crumbling around them now. Their uncle-nephew relationship was forever part of who they are, perhaps the most important part, but this beautiful part that is taking root tonight deserved to be celebrated and nurtured.

No longer would it be the parent and child relationship. They were men now, and in a consensual relationship with each other. The fact that they were related only made their connection deeper. There was nothing wrong with it, it was beautiful and pure.

The kiss next to his head broke, and Matt was back to puffing away, grinding his hips like the expert lover Brian had trained him to be. He was pulling languid pleasure out of Brian he knew no one else would ever be able to come close to.

Jake pressed his mouth close to Brian’s ear, puffing short breaths. He whispered so softly that Brian had to concentrate closely to get what he was saying.

‘I’ve loved you since I was a little boy, Brian.’ Jake kissed him softly behind his ear.

At that moment Jake was saying goodbye. Not only goodbye to his father, coming as close as he ever would to fucking Brian Sr., but he was also saying goodbye to Brian as the small kid he’d raised. He was experiencing the same transformation as he had, and as Matt had only moments earlier. He was saying goodbye to the kid in the sandpit, to the snot boy slept in his bed when he was sick and weak and dependent on him for everything.

He was seeing his nephews as the men they had become, and would treat them as equals.

Brian beat Matt’s erection, the smells and sounds of it reminding him of home, of years spent making sweet love and memories in the confines and safety of this room.

Jake pounded him harder, no longer holding anything back. Brian leg go of Matt’s dick and trailed a hand around his waist, keeping him secure as he took both the pounding of Brian and Jake combined. With his free hand, he reached behind him and felt for Jake’s ass.


He wished he had a visual of the three of them. He wished also he had had the time he longed for to explore every crevice and mound of his uncle’s ass. What he felt was a slick, hot and sweaty ass, beautifully and perkily formed, pounding away with gusto at his asshole. He flexed his dick in Matt while at the same time clamming down on the dick inside of him. The collective moans from his two main guys drew a chuckle from him, but the significance of what he’d achieved wasn’t lost on him.

They were connected. Jake inside of him, him inside of Matt and Matt inside of both of them. They were together, they were whole and they were complete.

Jake was the first one to spill inside him. The torrents of the spunk hit the condom hard, the base of his uncle’s dick swelled.

He smiled.

Jake came deep inside of him, and Brian clenched harder.

Matt was the second one to spill. His essence exploded all over Brian’s hand and shot up to land on the tip Jake’s nose.

‘He’s a squirter,’ Brian said and licked the load off Jake’s sweaty face.

The contractions round his dick sent him over the edge and he spilled deeply inside of Matt. Even though he couldn’t leave a physical part of him inside Matt tonight, he knew that the mark he’d left was even more permanent and complete.

The free of them collapsed forward in a heap of arms and legs. Neither withdrew from each other, but just fell into a spent and content sleep, limbs tangled together like their lives were. Brian was excited for the future.

The last thought he would be able to recall of the night his family truly came complete was that his uncle had to teach him that trick with his dick inside him. He wanted to practice on his brother.

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ken wrote

another awesome storie i wish i could experince with my own family.

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another hot story and something i would like to do with my 20yrs. old brother and uncle one day.