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Tutoring Sessions

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All characters in the story are over the age of eighteen.


When I walked into my parents’ house, I saw my mom on the phone. Shit, this can’t be good. She was staring right at me. “Okay Rhonda, he’ll do it. Six okay? It is? Great.”

I slung my back pack down on the couch. “What?” I asked. I was cautious of everything this woman did.

“I just got you a job as a tutor,”

That wasn’t so bad, compared to the other stuff she had me volunteer for, this was mild in comparison.

“That’s fine, when do I start?”



“Come on, Nelson, Mrs. Weaver is in my pottery class. She needs some one to tutor her grandson in math.”

“Don’t you think I could have received a little warning? It is Friday after all and I could have made plans.”

She smiled at me, all knowing. She was a smug little bastard.

“I could have made plans you know. You could have at least asked.”

“Fine, do you, your date with your computer and Xbox none withstanding, have plans?”

“No,” I said as she smiled wider. “It was just the principle damn it.”

“Oh c’mon Nellie its Mrs. Weaver, a sickly, sixty -eight year old lady whose last wish is for her grandson to graduate college.”

“Fine. But one day when I write my biography, I will name names.’

She kissed my cheek and smiled again as she rubbed away the lipstick there. I sighed again because I was really being put upon. “So, who am I tutoring?”

“Brett Mickelson.”

“Brett ‘Mick’ Mickelson? The guy that was drinking Jack Daniels and Spanish fly at the Prom? The guy that picked on me my entire eleventh and twelfth grade year? The guy that I secretly named ‘BM’ because he was a walking piece of shit?”

“Watch you mouth Nelson.’

“Jesus, mom, he is the reason why those two boys went through with Columbine.’

“Nelson Author Downey, shame on you for bring up such a tragedy.”

“Sorry, but you just don’t send your son off to his executioner like that.”

“Yes, I will and you will like it, because she is paying you fifty dollars an hour for four hours for however long it takes.”

“Damn. No lie?”

“Square business.” She said.

I thought about it. I really wasn’t doing anything. So instead I just shook my head.

“Where’s the address?”

“On the table by the phone,” She hugged me again and walked upstairs.

I guess for two hundred bucks a day for definitive amount of days. I’d walk to my own damn executioner.

*** I shuddered as I rang the door bell to Mick’s house. Mick’s neighbor hood was way better off then my working blue collar neighborhood. It was such a walking 80’s cliché that I almost wanted for some one to drive by in a red Porsche or mustang and shout, “Hey, Nerd boy, what the fuck are you doing on our side of town?” I shifted my back pack and pressed the doorbell again. Nervous habit, I know, but this place didn’t look like it catered to my kind. My kind being, nervous gawky white boys, whose only weapons were a damned keen sense of Mathematical formulas and a steady trigger finger on Splinter Cell.

I moved to leave when the door opened and there stood Mick in all his glory, Fat gut, greasy hair, sweat stained shirt and wearing a hat that said, “I’m built like a baby. 23 inches, 7lbs, 8oz.” Yeah, I know, it took me a while to get it too. “I’m here for your math tutoring lessons.”

The guy snorted at me “Do I look like I need any fucking math lessons?”

Too easy, I thought.

“Hey Mick! Your tutor is here.”

“Really? I’ll be there in a sec man. Thanks A.C. See you next week okay?”

I watched A.C. head down the steps and get into his car. Fat and greasy he may be but he looked on of those types that just pick fights in bars because they don’t like the way someone was looking at them. So, I waited till he had started up his engine to make my comment. “Nice trained monkey you have there.” I said as I turned toward him and got a good look at him. Damn, Luck is like Faith’s bastard retarded sister. She just couldn’t get any got damn thing right.

Mick looked like every collegiate in his prime. Tall, fit with a healthy tan. He worked out and you could fucking tell, with his thick forearms and strong legs that showed through his shorts. His brown hair was frosted and perfect. Jesus I thought I’d never see one in captivity, but here was a real live metro-sexual. Even his fingernails were manicured.

His look was in total contrast to mine. I had metamorphosed from a pale gangly thin geek with glasses to a taller, less friendlier, skateboarder geek with contacts. I dyed my hair black and wore dark washed blue jeans with chains and a Woody Wood Pecker shirt. I got a few tattoos and worked out a little. I still couldn’t tan but at least I was a lot cooler then I used to be.

He grinned. “Don’t worry about A.C. He’s the gardener. Newman?”


“Right, sorry. C’mon in.”

I looked at his house, far superior then my own. “Oh crap, now I can’t go home. I refuse to live in such squalor.”

I heard a soft chuckle behind me. I turned and looked at him. “So, dude, like what, do you need help in?”

“Mathematics, Algebra and cal, and a smattering of science.”

I smiled, who still said smattering?

After about two hours of studying with the occasional break for a pop or on an indisputably hard question for him. I called for a halt, and turned on the tube. Hell every one needs the mind numbing lull that TV can create. So I turned to MTV and was watching Next. God, I fucking love the concept of the show. You can actually dump someone for someone better by just saying next. That was absolutely genius. I asked Mick if he watched the show.

“It’s alright.” He shrugged and stretched on the couch while I sat on the floor. I was watching until the guy came on. “Oh he’s gay.” I said preparing to flip, when Mick grabbed my hand. “No, leave it.” He said.

I stared at his hand and he blushed. “I mean we watched most of the show, might as well finish it.”

“Uh, sure Mick,” I said as I put the remote on the coffee table. We watched the rest of the show in silence. Mick completely absorbed (or rather more absorbed then I would be) into two guys kissing. We finished the session at nine and I went home, reminding him that from now on the sessions would be at my house since A.) He had a car and could traverse my neighborhood a lot easier then I could and B.) it was just easier on me since my mom tended to be gone until twelve at night and I had to adjust back to my middle-class living level thanks to him and his mini-mansion and C.) At any point and time I could kick him out of my house.

The Next Day

“Nelson would you kiss me?”

“Of course not.”

“Man, you have to know that I am not comfortable asking.’

“Then why ask?”

“Because I need to know for sure. I mean I have these feelings and I need to fully explore them”

“Not with me you don’t. You didn’t compliment me on what I was wearing or nothing. Besides I don’t put out with men that beat me up in high school.”

“For Christ sake man that was five years ago.”

“Still have the mental scars.”

“Please, Nelson there is no one else to ask. I mean as far as I’m concerned it’s just a little experiment.”

“Jesus, man is you gay?”

“No. I guess. Hell, man I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking for this experiment.

“You don’t wear panties or any of that fucking shit, do you?”

“No, crap, I can barely fucking take my boxers let alone the confines of fucking panties.”

“Well you certainly are the straightest queer I’ve ever met.”

” Man could you just shut up? I’m having a major fucking moment and all you can do is crack jokes.”

“Well what do you want me to do?” I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him that, yeah, I was a little curious.

He leaned his head against the wall in my room and exhaled deeply. “I know it’s a lot to ask but I want you to help me out. Please.”

I closed the book in my lap. “Fine, but if you so much as utter a fucking word about this to any one I swear I’ll cut you off at the knees.”

Mick’s breath escaped in a whoosh. So I felt the need to lay down some ground rules. “Okay, I’ve agreed to do it but I think we need some basic rules. I’m not a chick, no tongue.”


“Also, don’t feel me up. I’m not cheap. I require dinner and a movie first.’

He laughed at that. “Anything else?”

“Nope, that about covers everything.”

“Good.” He picked up the book on my lap and opened it up. “How do you do problem 129?”

“Well.” I was shocked all that talk and he wasn’t even going to kiss me.

“Well, what?” Mick said still engrossed in the book.

“Why aren’t you kissing me?”

“I don’t know. I guess I don’t feel like it right now.”

“Man, you are such an asshole.”

“What? Are you saying you want me to kiss you?”

“Yeah if just to get it over with and you could solve you own damn problems from now on.”

“That’s far from flattering.”

“Dude, that wasn’t intended as a compliment.”

“Whatever, man.” Mick said, ceasing all conversation after that.

We studied for hours. I’d never been this tense in my life. Every move made me nervous and every sound made me jump. I wasn’t lying, I wanted it over with and the wait was causing me lose focus. So when the alarm on my watch went off signifying the session was over, I nearly crapped my pants. I stood and stretched both relieved and upset that he was going to leave. What the hell?

I moved in front of him to open the door. He was so close behind me, that I could feel his warmth. I turned the knob and his hand shot out to prevent me from opening the door. He crowded me and pushed his weight against mine. He out weighed my 160 by nearly 30 pounds and all of that muscle, not to mention the inch or so he had on me. He leaned down over me. His lips brushed my ear and sent chills through my body. “I feel like kissing you now,” Mick whispered.

His mouth moved lower and his lips where soft against my neck. It should have repulsed me, made me feel things that weren’t pleasure. Instead I angled my neck and gave him better access. His hands moved from the door to my waist and finally under my shirt. They were smooth and strong, and glided along my rib cage. He touched my nipples and they hardened. They never did that before.

“I thought we agreed no hands.”

“No you said no hands, I said anything else. See? No sign of agreement in any part. He flicked my ear lobe with his tongue. I turned to tell him to stop when he placed his lips on mine. They were soft and cool but not feminine. I couldn’t close my eyes and imagine a girl, I knew it was Mick. I guess it was the five o’clock shadow that kept my imagination from working. It was hard picturing Jessica Alba with a beard. Still I started to relax and after a while … It felt… good, after a while it felt really good, which took me wholly by surprise.

I settled into this, letting him push me against the wall kissing me harder. Man, he was a great kisser, easing up from time to time, guiding me letting me accept his tongue. I played with it stroked it with mine. Sucking on it gently. His tongue?! My head snapped back, clunking against the wall. I had his tongue in my mouth?

The shock must have registered on my face because he backed up a little as well. Dropping his hand from my over sensitive nipples.

“Uhm, yeah, that was kind of uhm, intense. Look I got stuff to do and shit.” I saw him tense and I knew that the brush off hurt him but he also knew that I needed time to understand what just happened.

Next Session

At the next session I was sure that the dreams I had last night were a blight. There was no way in fucking hell, that I could be dreaming about Mick. So I pushed it aside and waited for the next session. When Mick arrived in my room I barked at him. “Have a seat and turn to page 324.”

He quirked an eyebrow but didn’t say anything and that suited me just fine. At this point I don’t think I could have taken his voice. We studied for two hours straight without speaking. “Uh, Drill Sergeant, mind if you could explain problem fifteen?”

“Huh? Yeah sure.” I scooted over and let him sit on the bed. Before I could even explain the problem he spoke .

“I’m sorry if you regret yesterday. I wanted to kiss. I know I said no tongue but I couldn’t resist. If that has made you uncomfortable tell me know and I will go and get another tutor.”

Damn, I had this thing were hated to see anyone embarrassed. Even on TV, I just hated it. So idiot that I am rushed to comfort him “Look man its fine, as long as you found out what you prefer. You did, didn’t you?”

“To be honest I’m still on the fence about it, but you held your end of the bargain and I will hold my end. No more favors. Deal?”

“Deal.” I turned my concentration on the problem, man it was difficult so I focused on it. So hard, in fact, that I was startled to feel my dick get hard. And not by my doing either. He was jerking me off, despite what he just said about not doing this kind of stuff. So to take my mind off of his wandering hand, I began to explain the problem. Letting him know without words to the direct point, that this was not what I wanted.

Maybe I should have been more vocal because he continued his actions. He’s rubbing my dick through my pants even when I was trying to explain a particular complex equation, I thought, and I am getting hard how psyched out is that? I wanted to stop him, tell him that my mom could be back any minute but I didn’t instead I said. “I hope you don’t think this is doing any thing for me because it’s not. I’m not queer, man. So you might as well stop wasting your time.”

He nodded his eyes solemn. “I know it may not be doing anything for you,” I knew he felt my dick getting harder by the second. “But it’s making me hard.” He continued to rub my dick. It was causing me to feel so many things, just as the kiss had done. Hatred, shame and pleasure because he was making me feel so good. I felt him unzip my pants. He didn’t even bother to unbutton them and that heightened the feelings even more. I felt him reaching in and adjusting my boxers, and my dick acted like a spring and popped forward. He moved closer. His hand adjusting and readjusting pressure as he found a rhythm to stroke me. Make me moan. I felt my head fall back on my shoulders. I felt him lean closer and blow a hot shuddering breath on my dick. “God,” I whispered.

His mouth was a fucking miracle as it enveloped my pulling me in deeper to the recesses.

He was blowing me. I should stop him, I contemplated. as I ran my hand through his hair. I had every intention of pulling him off my dick instead I found myself pushing him deeper on it. I heard a cough and a slight sputter before he took more into his mouth. No small feat since I am more then well endowed .I swallowed a moan. My mom could come home at any minute if she left her pottery class.

He was stroking my nuts. I could feel them tightening when he grasped the base of the shaft. It felt good. No more then good, it felt spectacular. My hips where bucking pushing my length deep down his throat. The noises coming out of my mouth were garbled due to my intense fear of my mom coming in and seeing me receive head from a guy and the awesome vacuuming pressure his mouth was causing. I clamped my teeth together and closed my eyes I wanted to come so bad but the grip he had on my piece and the attention he was giving the shaft and head made me decide against it. It was absolute bliss. After a while I could fill myself lose touch with earth. I was going to come regardless of his grip. I could feel the head of my dick. It was deep down his throat. He bobbed his head occasionally taking me deep and keeping me so hard my dick turned purple. “Please,” I begged softly, I didn’t know the niceties of blowjobs but I figured if this was his first time he would not want to suck down a load of cum on the first go round. I pulled my dick away.

The friction and the heat caused me to accidentally shoot one off in his mouth. The other splashed between his eyes and on the bridge of his nose. I was cumming hard, as if I couldn’t control the spurts or the orgasm it self. I shot load after load on Mick’s face and neck before I slumped back against my bed, my breathing ragged and harsh.

“Fuck,” I said over and over between pants and deep breaths. And once again after he had finished licking his lips and wiping his face on one of my T-shirts I had strewn all over the floor, I gave him the brush off again. This was getting complicated. I may not get laid often but what I do get is female. This absolute pleasure that I was receiving from a man was both heady and terrifying.

Last session. Well of course this is the last session. I couldn’t keep this shit up. It was making me snappish and crazy.

He came after me with a flying tackle.

I moved telling him to get off me. How in the hell did he expect me to act as if didn’t give me head? He wrestled me to the bed knowing I was no match for his strength. He ground his hard dick against mine and caused mine to burn and harden in return . I’ve never been this hard, never been this hot. I tried to squirm away as his mouth moved toward my ear “So I kissed you, sucked your dick. It’s not like you’re a fag. You enjoyed it, so what?” As I opened my mouth to protest he kissed me. His tongue pushing into my mouth with not resistance at all, as my wrists were pinned under his hands. My hips bucked wildly under his grinding loins. The kiss was hard. Both of us fighting for mastery. He pulled away. “It’s not like you had a finger up my ass. Not like that big dick of yours was up there. But you know what Nelson?” He said as he released a wrist and moved to the basketball shorts and slipped inside to massage my dick. “Sometimes I want it so bad. And I know you do too. I know you want to be my first? I’m tight, tighter then a pussy would be I imagine. I want to feel you hard and deep. I want to feel your dick.” And then he gave my cock a squeeze. “I want you to make me cum.” He kissed my ear whispering to me like the devil did Eve. “Don’t you want it too? I have lube you can fuck me so good. And I’m so tight baby.” Talk about temptation.

No Nelson, my mind screamed, you are straight as an arrow. A fucking ruler is what you are. No you don’t want this. My brained scampered away as his lips and tongue worked my body to a distraction.

“Yes,” I whispered. “I want your ass. I want to feel it.” He pulled the lube out of his chinos and stripped. His pecks, his abs, his dick , legs and arms were so perfect and golden. I moved both awed and intimidated by his body. I didn’t want to show my body to him. But still, I was caught in the moment. Stripping out of my meager clothes, I stood before him. My dick was staining hard and proud in the open. Mick got on the bed and stood on his knees as he faced me. I quickly mimicked his action. He touched the tip of my dick with his own. I hissed. “I’ll tell you what you need to do.” He leaned forward our dicks rubbing as he kissed me. “I want to lie on my back. I want you to see my face as we do this.” I nodded. And watched as he lay down. I realized then that I had never touched his dick. Never pleasured him. Ordinarily this would never occur to me but I felt the need to return something. Not everyone gets off on their first time. I at least owed him an orgasm. I never had anal but I heard chicks saw that they would never do it because it hurt. I never had a virgin and I don’t know the complexities of it on the receiving end but I swore that I would try my best to make it pleasurable to him.

I moved my hand to touch him. I watched his cock twitch as I made contact with the head. I bent and closed my eyes and followed the general direction of my hand. I sank on it, tasting the precum that leaked out the tip. I liked the taste, slightly bitter and clean. I sucked it down, savoring the flavor. This being my first time, I knew I couldn’t repeat what Mick did and take the whole length down my throat. I settled on the head. Sucking it deep in my mouth and jerking of the slim long shaft. I moaned, liking this and tried to take it deeper. I found that if I angled my head a certain way I could take the vast majority of his cock down my throat. I felt my head being guided by his hands as I bobbed up and down on his Johnson. The deep groans encouraging me to go faster. I wasn’t a pro yet and I used way to much spit. Still even that to proved to be good as it traveled past his balls and down the crack of his ass. I wasn’t concerned with that yet but each new thing seemed wondrous to me. His thick hairy balls were enticing, so I bent to sample. Sucking each nut deeply into my mouth licking and lavishing attention on them as if I was worshipping at a temple.

I moved away from his sac and followed the path to his ass tracing the puckered hole with my tongue jerking him off as I slip my tongue into his up thrust ass. “Jesus man! Fuck..” Mick panted out as he starts to ride my tongue. Growling deep in my throat I push my tongue in harder enjoying the sensation of power, the tastes, smells, all of it swirling around in my mind as I grinded myself into the bed. I puled out my tongue and inserted my finger.

“How does that feel Mick?” I asked.

His breaths are sharp and shallow and sweat beads on his fore head as I pushed my finger up to the second knuckle. “It burns a little but it feels…Fuck man! Do that again.” He said as his ass gave an involuntary jerk. I placed my mouth on his dick and sucked deep and pressed my finger against his anal walls. I was deep throating him. Taking that entire beautiful dick as he thrashed wildly. Tears clouded my eyes and my gag reflex worked overtime but it was so good, this power. Then suddenly I felt him tense his body going stiff as he poured load after load into my mouth. He was so deep that I was forced to swallow. I liked the taste. Liked the musky smelled that invaded my nostrils. I hadn’t noticed before but Mick smelled really good. Like sandal wood and pine. And his cum was delicious. I was moving my finger unconsciously and Mick was riding it as his body returned to normal. “It’s never been so good.” He burst out as he caught his breath. I inserted another finger and continued the gentle message. I pulled off his dick and sat back on my haunches. “Man you taste so damn good.” My dick was aching I could feel it getting slimy from the precum. I leaned up and kissed him letting him taste the cum that he just spurted down my throat. I grabbed the jelly that had been tossed down earlier and rubbed a large amount dick. I removed my fingers and placed another large amount in and around his hole. I replaced my finger with my thumb and lined up my cock. I wanted to plunge right in but I couldn’t do that and I pressed in and didn’t go anywhere. I pushed again and still nothing. I wrapped his legs around my waist and leaned into him until our chest were rubbing and sticking together due to the sweat and the heat. “What’s wrong?” I asked, “What do I do?”

“Nothing just ah, give me a minute.” He wiggled around a bit and my head popped in and he drew a deep breath. I placed my head against his forehead. “Damn man ,” I forced through clenched teeth. “Your… so …tight.”

I inched more into him. And he drew another deep breath. “Take it slow man.”

I moaned the intensity of his ass, the wet, hot squeezing heat of his tunnel made my eyes cross. And also made a slow entry impossible .”I’m sorry,” I said as I drove the rest of my meat into him I couldn’t stop but at his long moan I fell still. I saw the tear roll down his eye. “Fuck Mick, I am sorry. If you want. I can pull out.”

I was praying that he would say no. My cock had never felt this good and I honestly didn’t think it would ever again.

He shook his head and clasped my shoulders. I leaned down and kissed him and he wrapped his muscular legs tighter around his waist as I rode him long and slow.

Mick thought he was initialed prepared for the entry of Nelson’s dick but it was so thick and long that he realized all the mental preparedness in the world wasn’t enough. Still he started it and he was going to finish it. He tightened his hold on his first lover and waited. The strokes were gentle but they stung. To give him credit Nelson seemed conscious of this and kept up the long strokes. Soon the pain blended with some thing. It didn’t hurt and it was starting to feel pleasurable. He began to time Nelsons thrust with his own so he could obtain that elusive. Something. He closed his eyes in concentration He moved faster, Nelson was just grazing it, not hitting it like he needed to. His nails dug into Nelson’s shoulders. “Harder! Fuck! Pound it in harder!” When he looked at Nelson, he saw relief awash his lover’s face and felt Nelson thrust deeper. Hitting that magical spot directly. Sending ecstasy coursing through Mick’s body . ” Yes! God, Yes!” Mick cried as his prostate was hit again and again. “That’s it baby,” Nelson crooned as his dick bottoming out with each hard thrust. “Take it! Take it!” Until it became a chant. Sweat pooled between them dripped off of Nelson’s forehead splashing on Mick’s nose and cheeks. “Yes fuck me!” He screamed as his body withering under Nelsons’. “Like that. Fuck yeah, just like that .Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!” Bucking hard. “Jesus. I’m cumming. I uuuuuunnnnnnhhhhhhhhh!” Mick shouted as his body exploded. His orgasm catching him unaware as he dick twitched between their hot stick bodies.

It was so great. His ass had become my haven. A tight heated cove and I couldn’t get enough. I felt him cum. His walls clutched my pipe in a vise grip and I just exploded. I turned him on his sided pounded into him. Any semblance of gentleness gone as I filled him with my seed. I lifted his leg and I entrenched into him, shooting a hot load deep inside his bowels until I was dry heaving. I shuddered again and sort of fell out of him as I collapsed on my bed. I closed my eyes. Mick moved over until his warm body pressed against mine.

“That was incredible,” he whispered. I hadn’t yet caught my breath and all I could do was manage a shaky nod.

He stroked my hair.

I drew in a gasp of air. “So have you decided yet?” I asked Mick

“Yep, I’m gay. What about you?”

“Undecided. Figure we have to try this several more times before I make up my mind. Up for it?”

“You know I am. However, you do realize that I fuck you next time.”

And that had me drawing up short.

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