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Hi, my name is Rick. I had just started working 3rd shift at the plant. We were given computer access, and were allowed to log into myspace, which made the nights go quicker.

Jennifer was interesting. She was a self described, big, beautifully dominant woman, that worked as an assist manager at a motel.

Her relationship was, “complicated”, and she had “special friends” that she liked to go to Rain (a local gay club)with. She also liked to “do speed, or vitamin e, and just stay up all night”.

Jenn and I had been chatting for 3 days when she told me about how, 3 years into her marriage, she had found out that her well paid husband was not only bisexual, but a passable cross dresser as well. Since the night she had caught him willingly servicing a young man in their garage, she had been granted sexual leeway.

When we finally met at a Denny’s for coffee, the sexual tension barely allowed us to finish breakfast. Several men brazenly stared longingly at Jennifer, making me horny as hell. Her devilish foot massage of my tented cargo pants made it difficult for me to eat. We quickly headed out to explore each other completely secure behind the tinted windows of the back end of her custom van.

Jennifer and I jumped in the front bucket seats, only to turn on her back speakers and dive on to the futon mattress in the back, where we kissed and fondled each other like two lust deprived animals, and our clothes seemed to vanish. Suddenly, I could feel her slender finger begin to assault my virgin asshole. The new sensations caused my cock to betray me, becoming even harder as Jenn slowly, and deliberately fingered my tight, virgin asshole. Seeing how hard she had made me, she slyly smiled, as her wet, warm mouth engulfed my hard shaft. As she continued to finger fuck me, she stopped slurping on my cock long enough to ask me if I had ever been curious about having sex with another man.

My cock stayed hard as I revealed to her how, while 18, on a senior high school camping trip, after drinking whiskey and smoking pot for the first time, an older friend and I ended up orally pleasuring each other. Even though I didn’t care for the taste of his cum, I had enjoyed the experience of secretly pleasuring him for the whole weekend. When the weekend was over, my strict religious upbringing stopped me from continuing the affair.

With a sly grin, Jennifer asked me if I had ever been tempted to repeat my experience, or maybe go to a gay club just to see what I might be missing out on?

I said, “no, not interested.” She then said, “You know what, I have the perfect friend in mind for you. Yes, Shane will love you.”

On the spot, Jenn grabbed her phone, as she showed me a pic of a beautiful 8″, uncut cock, and the handsome younger guy it belonged to. After seeing my cock harden again, she gleefully called Shane up. She took a camera pic of me for his approval, then asked him if he wanted to hang out, finally passing the phone to me, so that Shane and I could talk.

Meanwhile, Jennifer returned to sucking my cock, as Shane’s strong voice made me even harder. I confessed to him that I’d seen his cock and I’d do almost anything he wanted me to do. Shane complimented my pic and my sexy voice, saying he wanted to fuck my full lips until he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. This sent me over the edge as I blasted my load into Jennifer’s hungry mouth.

He arrived at Jennifer’s house at noon. Jenn and I had been smoking weed and drinking Asti for almost 2 hours, while steam rooming and whirl pooling, so by the time Shane walked in, I was very relaxed. Shane was an impressive 6’1″, 190 pounds of married, bi male.

Shane stood before me smiling broadly, and said, “mmmnice lips, Rick”. He unzipped his cargo shorts, releasing his tempting, flesh snake, which was now merely inches from my face and rock hard.

Jennifer whispered in my ear, “Go on, Rick Baby, you know you want to suck Shane’s big cock, and then I want you to fuck it for me”. At the thought of Shane fucking my virgin ass, a deep moan escaped my lips. Still holding my hard cock, Jennifer whispered, “Do you want Shane to fuck you, Rick Baby?” I would love to see that tight asshole of yours fucked hard by him.” “Now suck his cock for me, lover.” She kissed my forehead, then stood and left the room for a bit.

I didn’t need any encouragement, although Shane provided plenty, as I hungrily began licking and sucking his warm, throbbing monster. Shane had plenty of sweet pre-cum that I lovingly licked up like a puppy lapping up creme. Not long after taking his cock into my mouth, He began to buck hard, driving his monster into my throat. It didn’t take long for me to be almost choking as he began cumming in thick gooey blasts down my throat.

It was when Shane pulled me up to him, that for the first time, a man romantically kissed me. I was pleasantly surprised and easily adapted to his handling me. As our throbbing, naked cocks touched and rubbed, I realized Shane was still hard. It was then I also noticed that Jennifer had returned wearing a strap on that was as long, but not as thick as Shane’s cock was.

I laid on my back on Jennifer’s thick down mattress. Shane knelt down to play with my ass, and penetrated me with 1st one, then two, well lubed fingers. I was surprised by the feeling, and the deeper he went, the more I want him to fuck me with his hardness.

Jennifer knelt next to me and leaned in, with her back to Shane, she whispered, “Oh Rick Baby, Shane really likes you, (she reaches down to cop a feel of my rock hard cock) are you going let him fuck you with his big cock?” She could feel my cock throb from the thought of being fucked by his impressive tool, which caused her to slyly smile again and stand up before me, then she told me to,”suck my fake cock like a good little cock whore, bitch”. I got on my knees and happily complied, while putting on a show for Shane in the process.

While still on my knees sucking Jennifer’s fake cock, I felt Shane moving behind my ass. It wasn’t long before I felt the head of his big cock pushing against my tight, willing virginal brown eye. I suddenly felt him grab my hips, as he painfully popped inside my ass.

Even though it was a bit painful at first, something about wanting to please young Shane relaxed me. I began to push back against him, pulling even more of him inside of me. He continued to slowly push completely in and with no contact, my own cock remained completely hard.

Jennifer pulled back, took off the strap on and watched as Shane began to slowly fuck me. Her fingers dove in between her matronly legs, as she urged me on. “That’s it Baby, take that cock.””That feels so good, doesn’t it, Baby?” “You look so sexy being fucked by that big cock.”

Suddenly, Shane began to fuck me in a deep, slow rhythm. I could feel him getting close and I could also feel my own seed begin to boil. My throbbing cock danced beneath me. Shane began to grunt, fucking me harder like a beast, finally shooting his seed deep inside my hungry ass, as Jennifer suddenly swallowed my own spurting cock. We spent the rest of the weekend pleasuring each other in every imaginable way. My eyes now opened, with more possibilities to see.

I was blown away by it, the feeling of submission, not to mention accepting with great reward, my own bisexuality.

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