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Turning Legal at the Bookstore

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For those who read my first story, “Giving it Up,” this is the lead in. These events were my first excursion into the dark side of my sexuality. If you have read the previous story you will know that I was a virgin when it happened just a couple of years ago. What happens in this current story, over 20 years ago, is all true until the end. There is one point where fantasy takes over when reality ends.

However, whenever I reach that point in reliving this event, that is what I wished had happened. The setup takes a little while, but I hope the ending is worth it. Ok, enough bullshit, get to the point…..

Finally the day had arrived. I had turned 18 and legal just a few days before. For years now, I had driven past a local adult bookstore and wondered what was on the inside. Today I could go in, today I was of legal age and I was determined to find out why such things seemed so taboo in this area. I remember parking so that no one could see my parent’s car from the street and walking across the parking lot. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I approached that door with the sign “Must be 18, legal proof of age required. Do not enter if sexually explicit material might offend you.” I laughed to myself, that was exactly what I was here for, sexually explicit material. I wanted to be offended.

I entered the store and was summarily asked for my ID. I know I was blushing furiously as I handed over my license, in the back of my mind I was sure I was going to arrested by the thought police at any moment! The man behind the counter handed it back with perhaps a little smirk as he read my naiveté instantly. I’m sure my mouth was hanging open and I probably drooled on myself as I looked around at things I had never even imagined. One wall was covered floor to ceiling in magazines depicting every sexual act imaginable. Another wall had dildos, vibes and sex toys. The cabinet at the register had lube, condoms and small bottles I would later learn were poppers. Then, something I hadn’t expected. Films. I had never thought about it, never imagined it, but there they were – in those days 8mm loops. A board on the wall had a small selection of boxes and a number above each.

“I want to see #8,” I said to the man behind the counter.

He simply looked at me and said, “ok.”

I repeated my request twice more before he understood that I had no idea of what I was doing – again, I’m sure my face must have been purple by this time! He did have pity on me and ask how many quarters I wanted and explained how to use the machines.

Finally he said, “Go down the hallway, #8 is the first booth on the left after you turn the corner.”

I nodded and walked down the hall. The first thing I noticed was the smell. In later years I would recognize it as a mixture of cigarettes, sweat, cum and piss. I made my way around to booth #8 only to find that it was occupied. I went back out and figured out which movies played in which rooms and made another selection. I spent about two hours that day dropping quarters and watching loops, cumming a couple of times on the floor – after I realized that was where everyone did it. Then I purchased a couple of magazines and went home. I’m sure the guys at the counter had a great laugh at my expense after I left.

A few days later, I went back hoping to repeat my previous experience. I made it to the booths without embarrassing myself this time and dropped some quarters and my pants. I had been stroking for a few minutes when I heard a voice, “Hey, let me do that for you.”

Up until that point I had not realized there were openings between the booths or at the very least I didn’t understand their purpose. I dropped some more quarters – they got fussy if you were in a booth and the movie wasn’t running – and then walked over to the opening in the wall.

Within moments I was moaning out loud as the first hand besides my own began to stroke my cock. I noticed he kept pulling me closer to the hole, so I inched closer until I was pressed against the wall and my cock was completely through the hole. Suddenly a hot wetness engulfed my cock. I had never experienced anything like it, so it took me several moments to understand that he was sucking me. His mouth was hot and wet and very strong. Almost as soon as I realized what was going on I felt the most amazing orgasm ever hit me and I flooded his mouth with my cum. The only thing that held me up was the wall. Then I realized the mouth had left my cock and my loop machine went off. I struggled to get my very hard cock back into my pants and pull myself together and get the hell out of there. I didn’t know what to expect when I had first visited this place, but this certainly wasn’t even in my imagination. I was struggling with my previous concepts of my own sexuality. I wasn’t attracted to men, but god, that was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me and I didn’t want it to be the last time.

A few weeks later, I finally got up enough courage to go back. I was also horny as hell and wanted to get sucked again. I sat in booth after booth – I soon learned that some were more popular than others for that sort of thing. At one point, I heard something in the booth next to me. I realized I could hear voices besides the film loop playing. I leaned down and looked through the hole to see a man on his knees giving a blowjob to another man standing in the middle of the booth. I watched that and my loop for a while, determined not to blow my load before I could get sucked too. At some point, I ran out of quarters and had to go back out front to get more. When I got back to my booth, I was shocked out of my skin to hear a voice inside the booth with me say, “There you are! I was afraid you had left.”

It was the blowjob giver from next door. He had seen me looking through the hole and after the other guy left he came to find me. I dropped my quarters as he undid my pants and pulled them to the floor. He pushed me back on the bench and knelt between my legs.

“Oh fuck” I moaned as his mouth completely swallowed my cock. He pumped up and down on my meat, sucking me hard and deep. His tongue danced up and down my length, his mouth pulling off to lick and suckle my balls. After a few minutes of this I knew I was going to explode. I think he sensed it too because he took his mouth off my cock for a moment to lick and suck his middle finger. I had no idea what he was doing until I felt that slick finger sliding between my asscheeks, seeking my asshole.

“Shit!” I whispered as he found it and gently probed. His mouth swallowed me whole once again as he pushed his finger in as far as my virgin ass would let him and seconds later I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into his mouth. I was moaning and grunting as I came and I could feel every detail of his finger with the spasming sphincter ring of my ass.

“Fuck, fuck,fuck….” was all I could say as he milked the last juice out of me.

“Shit!” I heard from the door. My eyes flew open and I was shocked to see the guy from the register watching us, stroking an obvious erection in his pants. I was glad it was dark, but I’m sure my face was glowing lava red with embarrassment. I could feel my asshole squeeze hard in response.

“Easy, easy…. relax,” my sucker whispered, gently moving his finger to loosen me up enough to let his finger out of my ass. “Damn, you are fucking tight,” he whispered. “How bout coming home with me.”

I actually considered it for a moment before my mind – not my mouth – said, “Hell, I ain’t queer!” What I replied was, “Not tonight,” and I got myself together and got the hell out of there before my cock could make me change my mind.

I stayed away this time for months. Even though I re-lived every moment of that experience for many nights afterward, I knew I shouldn’t go back. I didn’t want to be gay. I couldn’t be gay. I loved women – by this time I had finally begun to have relationships and sex with women. I loved sex with women, I loved tits and pussy. I loved to look at women. I didn’t look at men, I wasn’t attracted to men. What I did love was getting my cock sucked and I had already begun to realize that there was nothing like the strength of a man’s mouth on your cock. Finally, my cock won out. It was summer. I was hot and horny and I needed to pump my cum into something besides my hand. I took a shower and cleaned up, then set out for a late night adventure at the bookstore.

I had never gotten over my embarrassment at entering this place. I knew I had a bright blush the whole time. I got my quarters and went in the back. I was in luck, the back booth in the back corner – the largest and the “favorite” – was open.

As I was going in I heard a voice behind me, “Care for some company.” I was even luckier.

I said, “Sure,” and let him in, locking the door behind us.

I was dropping quarters in the machine when I heard a funny sniffing noise. “Want some,” he asked, holding out a small bottle like the ones I had seen out front.

“What is it,” I asked.

“Poppers” he told me.

I still had no idea, “What do I do with it?” I asked.

“You sniff them,” he said. “Put the bottle under your nose and take a deep whiff.” I did as he said and suddenly my head exploded with light. I was dizzy and on fire and warm and super horny all at once.

I undid my pants and sat down on the bench. He crawled between my legs, took another snort and handed me the bottle. As I took another hit, he swallowed my cock. Lightning flashed through my body as the heady ammonia smell rocked my brain and his mouth worked magic on my hard, straining cock. He began to lick my balls and I thought I was in extasy.

“So fucking good,” I murmured. He began to nudge my legs apart trying to get lower on my balls. Finally he pulled one leg out of my trousers and urged me to prop my foot up on the bench. “Yessssss,” I thought, he wants to finger my ass. His hands stroked my cheeks, but instead of teasing my asshole with his fingers, he simply held them apart and then stuck his face down there.

“Fuck!” I quietly screamed as his lips and tongue made contact with my ass. That hot, wet mouth that had sucked me so good moments ago was now kissing and nibbling between my cheeks. Then his tongue which had driven me wild on the shaft of my cock and over my balls was suddenly wriggling toward my asshole. “Unnn, unnn unnnn,” I whimpered as I scooted forward on the bench to allow him more access to my now very horny ass. “Fuuuuuucccckkkkk!” I moaned again as his tongue zeroed in on my asshole and began to wriggle and probe.

I was trying to help him get better access when it struck me. I stood up and handed him the poppers. He took a deep hit while I took off my pants, leaned over and put one foot up on the bench, leaving my ass, cock and balls right at his mouth level. He moaned deeply and buried his face between my cheeks. He was like a hungry man devouring a meal as his mouth, lips, tongue and gentle teeth sucked, licked, nibbled, kissed and tongue-fucked my asshole. I have never experienced anything like it in my whole life as I crouched there in the darkness of that booth and let this stranger eat, devour, make oral love to my ass. He was moaning and slurping as loud as I was. Occasionally he would take his mouth away from my ass long enough to lick my balls and suck my cock almost to the point of eruption only to pull away, take another hit from the bottle and return to sucking my asshole.

On one trip up and down on my cock with his mouth, I felt his fingers near my asshole. “Oh yeah, fuck me,” I whispered, thinking he would finger-fuck me off while he sucked me. Indeed, his finger soon found its way inside my VERY spit-slicked asshole. “Nnnnnnnnnggg,” I grunted as my sphincter happily allowed him total access. I was sooo relaxed and hot and wet, I just crouched there muttering, “yes, yes, yesss, oh my god fucking yesss…”

I felt the poppers being pushed back into my hand and though his mouth had left my cock, his finger was still probing my ass. As I took a deep sniff, I heard the zipper of his pants come down and then felt his hot, hard cock rubbing against my ass and balls and cock. He was oozing a massive amount of pre-cum, his cock sliding hotly across my skin. I realized what he wanted and silently begged him to do me. The blood was roaring in my head from the poppers as I pulled my foot down to the floor and bent over the bench. I reached back to hold my cheeks open for him and felt the heat of his cock as it pressed into my crack. I moaned incoherently as I felt his thick shaft press against my very relaxed but still virgin ass. “Unnnnnnnnggggg!” was all I could manage as the head of his cock slid past my sphincter and he pushed inside my asshole. “Oh god, oh god, fuck,” I whimpered as he gently took me, sliding slowly, gently in and out of me. My hands left my cheeks and braced myself on the bench as his hands began to push and pull my hips back and forth onto his cock. “I AM BEING FUCKED!” my mind screamed but all that came out of my mouth was “ngggggaaaaaaahhhhhh.”

I tried to adjust my legs to the optimum angle as my asshole was now hungry for deep penetration. I began to rock back against him trying to get every thick inch of his cock up me. He held the bottle beneath my nose one more time and pushed as deep into me as he could. The thrust caused me to take a deep breath and again my mind exploded in colors and stars and ground my hips back into his, the rim of my ass finally touching his abdomen. “Yessss,” I thought to myself, “all the way up me!!!”

Now he began to fuck me in earnest. He took my ass, plowed it, deep hard strokes that made my own cock swing back and forth beneath me, hitting me on the belly and brushing his balls on the backswing. The booth was filled with that hot slick slurp of cock sliding in and out of a willing asshole and the slap, slap, slap of hips meeting hips in a deep hard fuck. Oh was I getting fucked. He shifted to grind his hips into me as he reached beneath me to take hold of my cock. “Ah, ahhhh aaaaaaahhhhh!!” I shouted. The feelings were overwhelming. I realized I had been on the plateau of a huge orgasm for several minutes and now I was falling into the abyss of deep, dark, forbidden pleasure. I must have roared as cumm began to shoot from my cock and I heard him grunt in reply as the strength of my virgin spasming asshole clenched and squeezed his cock.

“Fuck, fuck fuck!” he mumbled and I felt hot liquid squirting deep into my rectum. It took my breath away. It felt so wrong and yet so right as his cock spurted inside me. I continued to squeeze him with my ass as I was coming down from my high, my ass clenching involuntarily and pumping a few more volleys of cum from my own cock. I leaned into the bench on my hands and he took a few more strokes in and out of my ass before I finally felt the deep burn of my now violated anal ring and I asked him to pull out. I heard a plop and looked beneath me to see that his cum had leaked in large drops from my asshole, still struggling to close fully. As I stayed bent over for a moment trying to catch my breath, he reached down and gently rubbed my now tender ass. He fingered me inside and out for a minute or so, before I finally pulled away from the delicious torment and managed to sit down on the bench. He fixed himself up, took his poppers and left me alone there. I realized that the movie had stopped some time ago and then began to wonder what people had heard or if they had looked through the hole to see me getting fucked. I tried to put myself back together. There were cum stains on my shirt from where my cock had banged up against my belly as he was fucking me. There was cum all over my pants and even in my shoes from where I had literally sprayed my orgasm across the booth. My asshole was tender and oozing his cum as I dressed and tried to get myself as presentable as possible. I know I fooled no one as I stumbled out of the store that night. They all knew I was the guy who got fucked in the booth. It wasn’t long after that I moved away to school and marriage and career and all the associated bullshit. I never went back to that bookstore again.

Today, I have moved back to my old town. I drive the same stretch of road as I used to over 20 years ago. I snicker inwardly to myself as I pass the spot where the bookstore once stood, throwing a wave and a grin to the clearly bewildered attendant of the JiffyLube.

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