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Turned Out: More Dre Stories

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As most the guys stood around looking at the screen Errol stood beside Dre with a looks of dismay. He said sipping on his drink as Dre watched the enjoyment the others seem to be getting out of the video. Errol went back to tending to the bar as he patted Dre on the back and smiled at him. “Incoming.” He said with a smile as Dre looked at him oddly before turning to look back.

(One-Week Ago)

The night before had been a bust, Dre was sitting at the bar drinking drinks he hadn’t paid for. No several guys scattered about the bar had been sending him drinks all night, while normally he would have found at least one he was interested, but last night was still on his mind. Errol walked over sitting another one in front of him. “What’s up little bro?” Errol asked as Dre simply looked down at the glass. “Oh finally humbled?”

“I don’t need this right now E.” Dre replied quickly downing the drink. “Had a rough night.” Dre says looking around Seven. The sound on the tribal beat coursed trough the club. As the bodies moved about the dance floor their energy could be felt by everyone here, everyone but Dre, he just wasn’t feeling it.

“What happened?” Errol asked. He and Dre had been like family since he came to town. He was one of the few people who hadn’t been impressed by the charm of Dre. “You fuck up and fall in love.” He says with a slight giggle.

“Na, just was this kid’s first time”

“Please tell me you didn’t!” Errol cut him off with.

“NO asshole I didn’t.” Dre replied with a hint of resentment. Errol loved Dre but he was known for the line friends don’t let friends date Dre. “I sent him home; as a matter of fact I kicked him out.”

“Like kicked him out kicked him out.”


“Then you did him a favor,” Errol said popping open a beer and handing it to another bartender. “Look Dre, I know you are a nice guy in there some where, but let’s not get it wrong, you would have fucked him over in the end cause that’s just how you are, you wouldn’t have meant to but it would have happen. Like I said you did him a favor this one is on me.” Errol sat a drink down in front of Dre walking off. Dre know that Errol was right; he had done that kid a favor.

“Yo what’s up?” A low voice said from behind him. Dre glanced over his shoulder. There stood a guy who had to be about 6’2” and 210lbs, he had long dreads and was wearing blue jean shorts and a wife beater shirt, and there was an Omega brand on his arm. Dre had seen him around the club but normally he stuck to those who dealt in trade, Dre was out of his league even if he didn’t know it yet. “Can I holla at you cat?” He asked as Dre turned fully around.

This guy was cut, if Dre didn’t know he was trade he could see himself hooked up with him. Dre simply stood walking to a less crowded area of the bar. Errol glanced over almost with a look of disbelief. Wendell watched as Dre walked away never looking back. He had heard this cat was tight and it was clear Dre know it. Wendell smiled at the idea of turning this cat out and leaving him sprung as he followed. “So what cha about?” Wendell asked stepping around Dre before he could sit down. Dre watched as Wendell sat on the stool he had planned to sit on.

“I don’t do trade.” Dre replied looking Wendell right in his eyes. “If I ain’t getting head at least you aren’t getting ass, that simply playa.” Wendell dropped his head slightly with a laugh.

“Yo you listen to everything kids say around here?” Wendell wasn’t used to the idea that someone wasn’t up for his game. He also wasn’t going to give up. Dre was right, he was just here for the nut, he didn’t kiss or any of that other gay shit, he was just willing to bust a nut where ever he could when his girl got her ass up on her back. “I mean no I ain’t here looking for love, but yo what I do I am sure will be more then enough to keep you happy.” He said taking Dre’s hand and sliding it inside his own pants. Dre smiled as he caressed the soft dick of Wendell. Dre stepped forward between Wendell’s legs as his hand stroked Wendell to a full erection. Wendell smiled as he looked into Dres eyes. “Just think about how that will feel gunning you down after you get it all wet sucking and pulling on it.” Dre smiles as he keeps stoking Wendell who starts to breathe a little heavier. “Yo kid I hope you plan to finish this.” Dre stopped pulling his hand from Wendell’s pants tasting the pre-cum.

“Follow me.” Dre says as the finger exits his mouth with a slight sucking sound. Dre glanced towards Errol who looks a little shocked as Dre and Wendell leave the club. Dre walks to his truck Wendell follows with a smile knowing he has gotten what he wanted. Dre was the kind of guy he really wanted that cocky fag who didn’t understand he was still a cock-sucking bitch. As Wendell got in Dre pointed towards the back seat and Wendell simply hopped to the first row of seat in the Expedition. Dre knelled between the seats pulling down the shorts of Wendell and his boxers. Dre began to play with the base of Wendell’s nut sack causing his dick to almost spring right up. Dre flicks his tongue across the head then suddenly Wendell grabs the back of his head and forces him down.

“Yo, don’t play suck that my shit.” Dre begin to suck like he had never sucked before. His tongue darting all over all 11 inches of Wendell’s shaft, as Wendell begins to moan his hand moving to the back of Dre’s neck his hips trusting forward. Dre enjoyed the energy Wendell was putting off. It was pure aggression as Wendell fucked his face harder and harder. Dre could feel his control over this whole thing getting tighter. Suddenly Wendell leaned forward straddling Dre’s head pushing it against the floor and his dick exploded in Dre’s mouth. Load after load of cum filled his mouth as Wendell moaned loudly. “Agh SHIT.” He said sitting back on the seat his head falling back. Dre spit into the ashtray quickly more then a little pissed off.

“You trying to choke a nigga!” Dre said as Wendell looked down at him wiping his mouth.

“You know you liked that shit bitch.” He said smiling “That was hot as all shit kid.” He went on leaning forward kissing Dre on the foreheads. “Sorry yo, got carried away.” He said seeing Dre’s annoyance. As Dre slipped to the driver’s seat. “Yo what about me drilling that ass?” Dre looked over at him as he fixed his pants. “Yea,” Dre said starting the truck “but not here.”

As they walked into Dre’s loft Wendell was mostly shocked. The place was unlike anywhere he had seen before. This surely wasn’t where he had grown up, and it wasn’t where he had expected. As the door closed Wendell pushed Dre against the wall behind the door and seems to show passion he hasn’t before. His hands run all over Dre’s body as he puts his arms around Dre’s neck almost chocking him as he uses his other hand to undo Dres pants and the fall to the floor. He bites on the back of Dres neck as he seems to be over come by something more primal then himself. Dre turns final returning a few of the bites before speaking “Not here hold up a sec.” Wendell backed off as she slipped out of his shoes and Dre walked up the stairs leading to his bedroom. “Give me a sec,” he said.

Wendell really liked the place, hell maybe if he turned this cat out right he could hang here for a while, maybe even fuck his girl over there on the couch, yea that would be hot as hell. He turns this cat out, stays for a few days and fucks his girl right there on that couch, the idea made Wendell smiled. “Yo my shit is hard here kid I got shit to do.” He called out.

“Come on up.” Dre replied as Wendell rushed up the steps skipping a few steps. Most his cloths lay up the steps. As he entered the room wearing only the wife beater he was happy to see Dre standing near the bed with nothing on. As he walked towards him Dre simply pushed him to the bed and began to give him head again. DAMN was all Wendell could think as he watched Dre take his entire dick in his mouth. Yea it was hot as hell, but it wasn’t what he wanted. As Dre began to climb up his body Wendell crawled back onto the bed. This cat was different, he was smooth as hell, plus he had everything here. Maybe Wendell would do what it took to really work this one. Dre slowly slid the condom onto Wendell’s rock hard 11-inch dick.

The smile on Wendell’s face was that of a king. As Dre slowly lowered his perfect body, slowly he took all of Wendell inside of him. As He rolled his hips Wendell braced his hands on them and seemed to enjoy the fact Dre took all of him without more then a moan of pleasure. Dre enjoyed the idea of what was happening more then the event, but hell it was good. Wendell’s trust where well timed and Dre hadn’t been with a good aggressive top in a while and Wendell proved if you wanted just good hard dick that didn’t talk he was perfect.

Wendell sat up wrapping his arms around Dre and began to pull Dre down by the shoulders trying to get even deeper inside Dre. With Wendell’s face right in his Dre kissed him and Wendell didn’t pull back. Hell his kiss was explosive. As Wendell rolled them over He began to drill Dre like he was trying to break him. Dre had been trying to not make sounds but this was too much as he began to moan. This was hot Dre hadn’t been with someone who was this aggressive ever and as he lay pinned down being fucked he moaned louder and louder as Wendell drove his dick harder and deeper into Dre. For Wendell this was the part he wanted more then anything, this was all about him proving he was more of the man here. For him fuckin’ another guy was about making him his bitch.

As he found himself kissing Dre he wasn’t sure what was happening here but it didn’t matter, he was still the man here, he was after all the one driving his dick into the guts of this bitch laying here moaning like a old hoe. Wendell pulled back bringing Dre to his knees as he trusted harder then he had even with his girl. As Dre moaned Wendell let slip a primal growl as his seed felled the condom and he collapsed onto Dre drained. It was a few moments before Dre got out of the bed and walked to the foot of it. Wendell simply rolled over not thinking much about it. As he felt Dre get back onto the bed he looked towards him only to see Dre’s head about to be buried in his ass. He has never been rimmed before and he sure as hell wasn’t going to stop him. This Cat had been the best one yet; hell Wendell might even make his one regular to see what he could get.

The rush of pleasure Wendell felt come from his asshole was unreal. As Dre’s tongue pressed against the tight hole of Wendell ass he felt all the control slip from Wendell. He had done that which few would believe. First he had kissed Dre, that’s was outside of the normal for his type, and he was sure from the fact that Wendell was in a whole other world right now as his tongue probed deeper and deeper into a hole he could tell nothing had ever entered. As Wendell with every sound expressed how much he was enjoying it with every sound he surrendered more control to Dre. As he began to trust his ass back into Dre’s face his moans got louder and louder.

Dre slowly reached for the lube which he coated his finger with and in an instant everything changed. As Wendell began to grind onto his finger which he had began to slowly insert into this trade ass. As the second entered and Wendell’s body rippled with vibrations from head to toe Dre know he had done it, he had turned out a Trade. As he listened to the thug panting he moved into position and with in a few moment Wendell was trying to crawl away from the dick, which he was, enjoying all too much. Dre placed his hands on Wendell’s shoulders and pulled him back. Wendell’s seemed to loss his mind as he bucked back taking more and more of Dre’s iron rod.

Dre braced himself so that he could ensure that every inch of his dick was inside of Wendell, as he began to drive deeper and deeper inside Wendell simply moaned as the pleasure rushed trough his body Wendell exploded releasing his third nut that night all over the place. Dre followed suit as he pulled out pulling the condom off and sent his seed all over Wendell’s back. As Wendell collapsed Dre simply rolled to his back beside him. “Yo that was unreal,” Wendell said “but you can’t tell a soul about this aight.” He said curling up closer to Dre.

“Fo sho.” Dre said with a slight smile. Wendell got up heading toward the shower. Dre really wanted him to leave but he knew he had to put up with at least a few more hours before this would be over. As he heard the water start as he walked slightly down the steps stopping to pick up Wendell’s wallet. As he looked trough the photos he stopped on one, which read “To my baby daddy.” He smiled to himself as he turned to see what she looked like. As he looked at her picture he could only fall to the floor and begin to laugh. Dre replaced the wallet as he stopped laughing and simply walked up the steps and into the bathroom where the shower was still going. He just laughed to himself, looked like he was a mother fucker as well as a father fucked in just two nights.

(One Week Later Better known as the Present)

Dre was proud of himself as he listens to the sound or Wendell yelling as the bouncers kicked him out. He was glad he hadn’t driven other wise he was sure he would be worried his truck was getting fucked up right now. As Errol stepped from around the bar to look at the videotape of Dre fucking the hell out of Wendell he just looked at Dre “You really fuck his baby momma?” Dre smiled and laughed.

“Last week at Insomnia, in the bathroom.” He stated very matter of the fact. He picked up the drink and looked back to the video screen. Well now the other half of the gay men in the city knew what Dre’s ass looked like. Errol laughed as he shock his head. “You went way over board with this one Dre, you shouldn’t have taped it, and I would have believed the story.”

“He came in my mouth.” Dre said as most the guys stood around looking at the screen Errol stood beside Dre with a looks of dismay. He sipped on his drink as Dre watched the enjoyment the others seem to be getting way to much enjoyment out of the video. Errol went back to tending to the bar as he patted Dre on the back and smiled at him.

“Incoming.” He said with a smile as Dre looked at him oddly before turning to look back to see Martice just looking at him before turning and leaving the club.

(More to come)

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