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Tuesday Morning

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Have you ever woke up in the morning, thinking that your day was going to be just another day, but within 30 minutes of getting out of bed you were doing something you thought you would never be doing?

Well that was my last Tuesday morning and I thought I would share my incredible experience with you.

I am an independent contractor and my wife is a teacher. We have two older children as I’m in my mid 40’s and my wife is about the same age.

My wife has to leave the house Monday through Friday by 8am to get to work, and the kids get on the bus to school at 7:30am.

I have different working hours each week, as my appointments change on a daily basis, so I never know what days I have to get up early and go to the office, or I can sleep in and hang around the house for a while and enjoy the peace and quiet.

We have a fairly nice single story Ranch home in an upscale residential community with large floor to ceiling windows that brings in lots of natural light.

I like our house, as you can sit in the living room, and watch pretty much anything that is going on in the neighborhood, kind of like being one of the neighbors in the movie “The Burb’s” with Tom Hanks.

Well, last Tuesday was one of those mornings that I didn’t have any appointments and I was just lying in bed. I was startled by the sound of a slamming door from the kids running outside to catch the bus, as they did every day for school.

My wife was now rustling around the bedroom trying to figure out what to wear for her work day. I like to act like I am sleeping and peak around the blankets to watch her getting dressed.

I always hope she is going to wear a short sexy skirt, but as usual it’s the same type of dress pants and sweater that she wears everyday of the year.

She has such a hot body, and it seems like such a waste not to flaunt it when she still can.

Anyways, she finally gets dressed and I’m still acting like I am asleep as she leans over the bed to give me a kiss and says as she does every day, “Love you, hope you have a fun day!”.

I typically murmur something back something like, “You too… you too!”

As I actually daze back asleep, I am yet again woke up completely with the sound of the house door closing and hearing my wife start the car, and then drive away. Now I was just lying in bed awake thinking about what I wanted to do this morning.

I have no appointments and I didn’t really have any plans to do anything so I thought, “What the hell, I might as well start by getting up, have a cup of coffee and take a shower.”

I leave by bedroom and walk through the living room past the big windows in my underwear and go down the hall to the kitchen. I make some home brew coffee, and then walk down to the bathroom to take a shower.

While taking a shower, I feel a little horny and was thinking about jerking off, but I really wasn’t sure I wanted to waste one yet. I might get a chance to blow a load later with my wife, or something, so I decided to hold off.

As I am getting out or the shower, I realize I forgot to bring my clothes to the bathroom like I usually do to get dressed.

I dry off and put on a robe my wife bought for me so she didn’t worry about me walking through the house naked and having the neighbors see me though the windows.

As I put the robe on around my naked body, I got a horny twinge again in my cock as the soft material rubbed a crossed the head.

Thinking really nothing of it, I did take a slight pull on the shaft and thought, “That doesn’t feel too bad right now!”

I then walked from the bathroom, through the living room, past the big windows on my way to the bedroom when I saw my laptop lying on the corner of the couch. I

I then thought, “Why not check out some porn, and maybe enjoy some time by myself?”

Reaching over to the couch and turning on the computer, waiting to boot up, I went over to the big windows and pulled the curtains shut, so the whole neighborhood didn’t have to watch me, “bust a nut.”

I sat down and put the laptop on my lap, and started to cruise for porn under the “in private browsing” setting of course.

Where I was sitting in the living room, you couldn’t see in the house from the street with the curtains closed, but we have a large bay window that allows you to see the entire living room if you were standing directly outside our front door next to the house.

Typically, we can tell if someone was coming to the door as we would see them walking to the house looking through the large front windows.

Now it’s time to get comfortable, I am cruising porn on the couch in just my robe after a shower, main curtains closed, and I am feeling quite free with slightly opening my robe to start rubbing my cock and balls.

I like searching gangbangs, and girls taking multiple cocks as I think that would be hot to watch, and or have my wife do, which would never truly happen.

Also, I have this weird fetish about seeing a girl surrounded by several guys, not sure why, if it’s the girl or the naked guys, but it always is a turn on.

As I was doing my search, this one movie clip title caught my interest.

It was titled, “Hypnotic-Cock Worship.” I thought for a brief moment and said, “What the heck, I might as well check it out, it might be interesting.”

The clip started out showing an extreme close-up of a rather large hard cock with the soothing woman voice in the background saying, “Relax, sit back, and enjoy….”

The clip was quite captivating and involved quick picture changes of big cocks, women sucking, licking, worshipping cock, while subliminal sexual phrases flashed across the screen.

The smooth sexy woman’s narration was quiet encouraging to any viewer how enticing sucking and worshiping a cock really can be.

I was surprisingly getting rather aroused, and found myself licking my lips actually thinking of wanting to pleasure a cock myself just like these women in the fast paced pictures.

My robe is now completely open, sitting naked on the couch, stroking frantically and periodically taking the precum from my cock and licking it off my fingers.

My eyes and ears are glued to the computer screen and unaware of my surroundings for a good five minutes, when all of a sudden I hear a loud, “Knock, Knock, Knock!”

I panicked; I tried to close my robe as quickly as possible but as I looked up there is a large burly man with dark sunglasses, standing at the front door looking through the bay window into the living room.

He had on a yellow hard hat and wearing brown Carharts with a matching jacket. I jumped up, finished tying my robe, and trying to hide my raging hard on.

I could tell my face was flush as I walked to the door. I knew he saw me jerking off and licking my fingers while watching the video clip. No sense in trying to hide as I know he saw me in the house, so I decided just to go ahead and answer the door.

Walking up to answer the door, I could see him through the window laughing to himself, and he kept turning back toward his work truck shaking his head in disbelief.

I took a deep breath and opened the door and said quietly, “Can I help you?”

He looked down at the ground while handing me his credentials card and said, “Good morning Sir, I am a sub-contractor for your local power company and we have been sent around to do assessments of any power surges in the area. Do you mind if I come in and check your breaker box for any signs of surges?”

First of all, I was still shaken from being caught jerking off, so I didn’t even think of telling him, “No.”

I thought if I acted as normal as possible, he would think maybe I was doing something else other than that, so I said “Sure, come on in and take a look. It’s down the hall in the utility room.”

Just before he stepped into the house, he looked back at his work truck for a second, where I saw three other workers in the truck and they were all talking on their cell phones.

Then the large man turned back toward me and said, “OK, Thank you.”

As he entered the house, he walked through the living room area, as I pointed and directed him to where the breaker box was located; I had to make sure my robe was still tightly closed with one hand.

He looked at the panel and professionally looked at everything very closely.

He then said, “Everything looks good, but can I ask how many people live in the house and when are the most people home using the electricity?”

I said,” Well, there are four of us, my wife works during the day every day, and the kids are at school all day.” “So, the evenings are when most people are home.”

He then asked, “And you are home during the day alone?”

“Not always, but today I didn’t have to work.” I said.

He then looked down at the couch where I was previously sitting, and in my haste to close my robe and answer the door I forgot to click off the computer screen, I had just paused the video and it was paused in the most embarrassing place possible.

It had a picture of a group of cocks with the words over the picture saying, “You want to worship cock too, don’t you?”

I couldn’t speak or move to shut off the computer or even close the lid. I just stood there like he didn’t see it, but you would have to be blind not to see it, it’s a 17″ screen less than 4 feet from where we are standing.

I glanced over at this guy and he was looking straight at the computer just nodding his head and smiling with a slight chuckle.

Barely audible he mumbled, “Yup, another one….huh, amazing!”

I quickly reached over and closed the laptop lid and nervously said, “Is there anything else you need now, as I have some work to do?”

He said, “Oh, I’m sorry I thought you said you didn’t have any work to do today? I guess I will be on my way, and again thank you for your time.”

I don’t know why I said the next thing, but I said, “No, no…I don’t have to go anywhere I just want to clean up around the house while I have the time. It’s nothing that important.”

He reached out his hand to shake mine, and said as I shook his hand, “Again, I want to thank you for your time, and if you need anything let me know, my name is Jason. You have my card.”

“Thank you Jason, thank you for your discretion.” I said as I was releasing from our hand shake.

“Discretion?” he replied.

I paused for a second, and said, “Yeah yeah, the whole open robe thing and the computer stuff, you know how guys can be home alone.”

He looked back at me as he was walking toward the door, and said, “Oh, yeah, I understand, well, actually I don’t understand, but to each their own, I don’t judge anyone. It’s what makes the world go around, I guess.”

I just stood there for a brief moment taking in his comment. Is he walking out this door thinking I am some big gay cocksucker or something?

To tell you the truth, the comment did make me slightly aroused thinking that this burly bearded guy was ok thinking I suck cock.

I quickly, without thinking what I was saying, I commented back to him, “I guess, and I appreciate it.”

He opened the door chuckling and started on his way walking down the driveway shaking his head all way toward his big GMC four-door work truck. I sprinted over to the big windows that had the curtains closed, and peeked out the window as he had already gotten into his work truck.

He must have been telling the other guys in the truck what he saw and what was on the computer screen as there were shadows of heads and hands moving in a manner of humor.

Guys were slapping the windows and dash of the truck and combined with the movements, I could hear them laughing and chatting it up even through the closed windows in the house.

Now the real panic started to set in as I was thinking, “Oh my God, I hope none of these guys know me or my wife!”

I quickly focused in on the lettering on the truck door so see what it said. “Thank God,” it said they were from Tennessee, which was from out of state.

Jason did say they were sub-contractors for the local power company, so I started to feel a little less nervous, and it started to actually turn toward arousal.

I hadn’t even realized I was standing in the living room peeking through the curtains with my hand inside my robe rubbing my cock thinking about what they are talking about in the truck, and then it drove away.

I stepped away from the curtain and was trying to grasp what I was doing and how this could have been a close call if they did know my wife.

I was debating if I should sit back down and finish watching the video or get dressed and go into the office for a few hours.

I looked around the house, and I was all alone, and I thought laughing out loud, “What are the chances that would happen again?”

Finally starting to get my blood pressure back to normal, I walked to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee when I heard, “Knock, Knock, Knock”.

I hadn’t even had a chance to put on any clothes yet and someone else is knocking on the door, “What is this Grand Central Station?”

I walked from the kitchen through the living room and I can see in the bay window the guy that just left the house.

I did a half-wave acknowledging him and said as I was opening the door, “Yes, Jason, did you forget something?”

“Well, Sir, you seem so kind, and my crew and I have been working on the road for about 2 weeks.”

Jason continued, “I could smell your coffee when I was here a few minutes ago and you seem to have such a nice home, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if the crew takes their break here?”

“Break…here?” I said surprisingly.

Jason sighed and started in by saying, “Yeah, well, we have been hanging out in hotel lobbies, and fast food restaurants, and it’s not easy to sit back and relax as much as we can in our own home. I told the guys how nice your house was and it reminded me of mine, they asked if they could see it and maybe have a cup of that homemade coffee?”

I could understand this as I am an independent contract myself and travel sometimes. Being at a hotel or dinner is certainly not like having a cup of coffee at home.

I then said, “Sure, why not, your guys can come in for a minute and take a load off.”

“Are you sure it’s no problem? Reggie, one of the guys in the truck, didn’t think you would be ok with it, but he comes from a different area then I do.”

I said, “No, I guess I don’t have a problem with it. I’ll go and make some more coffee.”

Jason smiles, looking relieved and says, “Cool, let me yell to the guys!”

I walk back up to the kitchen, and it’s not till all of Jason’s crew were all in the house, that I realized I was still in my robe and hadn’t gotten dressed.

Our bedroom is on the other side of the house, and I have four strangers standing between me and my clothes

Jason walks in the kitchen and ask impatiently if he could use the bathroom. I said, “Sure, it’s down the hall near the utility room.” He says, “Awesome, I think I can find it!” and then laughs awkwardly.

I start to get the cups out for the coffee, but when I turn around to put then on the counter one of the workers was standing in the entrance of kitchen.

He was a thin 6’4″, dark black man wearing the same work outfit as Jason but he had a white hard hat on.

He’s looking around the kitchen and says in a deep voice, “Hey, thanks man for letting my crew chill here for a bit. I’m Reggie, Jay said, you said you were cool with us hanging out and maybe taking a load off here, is that true?”

I said, “Sure, no problem, you’re welcome.”

Now I have to think about what is happening here. About 25 minutes ago my wife had left for work, I was laying in bed trying to figure out what I was going to be doing for the day, and in less than a half hour I have watched porn that made me think I wanted to worship a cock.

Then I get caught jerking off in front of a power service guy watching the porn, and now I have four of those workers in my house that Jason told what he saw all while I’m walking around in nothing but a robe.

Not to mention, I have this huge smooth talking black man in my kitchen talking about taking a load off.

What’s next?

Well, let me tell you.

Reggie then started to laugh and he said, “I was actually really surprised that you would let us all come in for a break after what Jay said he saw….well, and then the kicker was when he said, you said that we really could come in and take a load off…that’s just funny!”

“What do you mean?” I said nervously.

“Come on, man, you know….black man, in a nice white man’s house, people could talk!”

“Seriously! Is that what you think?” I said quickly.

“It’s cool man.” Reggie said, as I looked back, while getting the rest of the coffee cups, I notice him adjusting his cock through his work pants.

He continued and asks, “You ever have a black guy in here, seriously?”

“What!?” I said while trying to not get too excited and scared at the same time . Reggie then says, “The guys are cool about being able to come in a nice house too; it’s been a while since we’ve been home to see our wives. We can, you know, like to just relax and go with the flow, and enjoy. I know you want to be able to also, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, just relax and go with it. Way too many guys are afraid to just let go, and be happy and accept their role in life, you know, just going with the flow of what life offers.”

Reggie seemed to be talking in circles and I had a hard time following him.

Surprisingly his voice was in the same rhythm and cadence as the video I was watching earlier on the couch.

I started to just hear his deep voice, and started to focus on Reggie’s huge bulge in his pants.

I was thinking, what it would be like to just go with the flow and do it.

What harm could it do, they already kind of expect it.

I know Jason that is in the bathroom thinks I already do this.

Turning fully around away from the coffee maker to face Reggie, he keep talking, and who was now leaning against the kitchen counter, with his hands behind his back on the edge of the counter.

It was like he was pushing his hips forward to give an even pronounced outline of his huge cut head of his cock.

Now I was standing about three feet in front of Reggie, he looks me straight in the eyes and says, “You want to accept your role in life? Go with the flow man? Go with the flow, and enjoy, take your time and relax, just relax….” as his voice seemed to go from a normal level to almost a whisper.

I felt almost like I was in a trance and I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, but I had too.

I took one step forward and gently got on my knees and was now face level with Reggie’s cock.

The only thing that was between me and having this member in my hands and mouth was his heavy brown workman’s pants and Reggie’s already apparent approval as I see no resistance.

My breathing was very erratic, and was almost panting. I noticed drool coming to the corners of my mouth as I instinctively licked my lips.

Reggie then whispers looking back toward the hallway, “OhhhKkkay, if that’s your role, I’m cool with it, just relax……go with it…… relax, I know you will enjoy it…….. I know I will.”

Being already on my knees in nothing but a robe, I was pretty much already doing the deed, so I thought, “This is it! I’m going to do it, I need too, I have too, and God I want too! I need to worship this cock.”

I reached up and grabbed his zipper and had no problem pulling is down completely, just like I have been doing this all my life.

Reggie flinched a bit the exhaled and let out a slight moan when I reached inside his pants and wrapped my hand around his warm cock.

He moved his hips just right for me to be able to pull the shaft then head out of his pants.

Reggie just tipped his head back and said, “I am beginning to understand your role, in this situation!” then he let out another slight moan.

I shuffled forward on my knees and my robe was now exposing my already erect cock, as I had to get this cock in my mouth.

I felt the heat from the head as I got it next to my lips. I didn’t just open my mouth and shove it in, I took it slow, and gently licked and took in all the smell of this awesome specimen.

It filled both my hands, and now it was almost time to push the head into my watering lips and ready tongue. I rubbed the head a crossed my lips just as I was watching the girls doing in the porn video clip I was just watching less a half hour ago.

I moved it a crossed my face from ear to ear, wanting to worship this beautiful big black cock as it so much deserves. Now, it was time to take it fully in my mouth, as I opened wide and shoved the cock in as far as I could.

I slightly gagged for a moment just by the shear girth, but was able to capture my composure as was I enjoying every minute of it and I didn’t want to disappoint this cock’s owner.

Just as I Reggie and I were getting into a rhythm and he was actually fucking my mouth, I heard a sound that spooked me from my trance.

It was Jason was standing in the entrance of the kitchen looking at me though his dark sunglasses, me being practically naked on my knees with Reggie’s enormous cock in my mouth.

Jason stands there for a second before reacting to what he sees, than shakes him head in disbelief and yells, “Fucking A Reggie, you were right! I can’t believe you were right, you did get him to suck your cock!”

I still had Reggie’s cock in my mouth and I had to think, “What is he talking about, didn’t he already think that? Didn’t he already see me jerking off to Gay porn?”

Jason then turns his head down the hall and yells to the other two guys in the living room and says, “Reggie was right, this guy is a Grade A cocksucker. Reggie can talk anyone into sucking his big black dick, fucking A, that is just amazing! Just awesome, if I can get a free blowjob I don’t care, like I said before, I don’t judge!”

I didn’t even have time to get off the floor before the two other guys on the crew jumped down the hall into the kitchen.

Now all three, Jason and the two other guys were unzipping their work pants and pulling out their cocks.

I had no time to say anything as I was now face level with three big fat white cocks and one awesome black cock.

Not even learning the names of the other two guys on the crew I was about to suck on their cocks, but I didn’t care and was in my own little world, and I was just going to relax and enjoy.

One of the guys grabs my robe from the shoulders and says, “Come on cocksucker, take that robe off, so we can see how much sucking our cocks turns you on!”

I didn’t even resist, I actually helped him pull it off and made sure to move my knees off the kitchen tile to allow my robe to be free and thrown onto kitchen table.

There was a loud cheer, and laughing as I was now completely naked on my knees in my kitchen and they were all hitting me in the face with their limp cocks.

Reggie then chimes in saying, “Come on, man, get us all off! You invited us to your home to get our load off didn’t you?”

I am now dazed, and thought, “What the hell, I did, didn’t I?”

I grabbed two of the cocks and started stroking them and sucking the other two back and forth getting them all hard.

I had precum oozing from my cock, as the guys really could tell that I was truly worshiping all these cocks. They took turns fucking my face and covering me with their pre-cum. Reggie got behind me and pushed me down on all fours and states, “You’re going to worship this black cock with your white ass.”

I was not really ready for it, but I could feel his head of his cock rubbing on my anus, and then he keep slowly pushing until the head of his cock popped into my asshole.

I squealed with the other cocks in my face and now a big black cock in my ass in the middle of my kitchen floor.

I took each cock harder and harder into my mouth deep throating each without gagging anymore. It didn’t take long for the crew to get all worked up and start blowing loads.

Reggie then yells, “I’m gonna blow my load and fill this white ass but good!”

Just when he said this, Jason and the other two guys that were taking turns with my mouth started to blow huge creamy loads all over my face, throat, ears, nose, lips, and chest.

At the same time I could feel Reggie’s cock head swell and fill my ass with his cum. At this very moment I also blew my load all over the kitchen floor.

The guys all stepped back and were laughing as I was now sitting on the floor with cum dripping from every orifice of my body. I started to laugh with them, as I can imagine what I must have looked like.

I looked around me and could see four exhausted swelled cocks with cum dripping off the tips. I don’t know why, but I moved over to each one individually and licked and sucked them clean and pushed them back in their pants completely cum free.

Jason grabbed a towel off my kitchen counter and tossed it to me to help me wipe myself clean and he says, “Hey thanks man, I didn’t really expect that, but like I said earlier, you never know what people do, that’s what makes the world go around!”

I tried to finish wiping myself off and I said to Jason in a concerned tone, “Yeah, what do you mean, you didn’t expect it?”

“Well”, Jason said while still smiling from his great blowjob, “you don’t expect just a normal guy to give you a blowjob out of the blue.”

“Out of the blue?” I thought to myself.

Did I misinterpret what I thought Jason saw and said earlier? Did he not see me jerking off, or see the frozen computer screen of the video clip?

I’m starting to feel really confused and not understand what is going on. I’m still standing in the middle of these four guys, naked with their dried cum on me, and I am starting to think I just got played into blowing these guys by Reggie.

I don’t think Jason saw anything, but I’m still not sure.

Reggie, then says, “Hey guy, thanks again. We got to get going, I really appreciate the BJ, but we have work to do.”

I put my robe back on and walked the guys to the front door and walked outside to see them off. Jason walked slowly to the truck, almost like he was drunk and felt his way along the truck as he got in, but wasn’t driving as I thought; he got in the back seat. Reggie was the last one out of the house and I asked Reggie, “Hey why isn’t Jason driving?”

Reggie says chuckling, “Hell no, Jason has flash burn and can only see things a few feet in front of him, and even then he has a hard time, that’s why he is wearing the dark sunglasses. He can see things within a foot and up-close in a panel, but other than that he can’t drive for at least another month, why?”

“What, but I thought Jason saw stuff earlier?” I said quickly grabbing Reggie’s arm stopping him from walking to the truck.

“What stuff?” Reggie says, looking at my hand in his arm.

“I saw Jason get back into the truck when left my house the first time and he said something to you guys that made you guys all laughing, I thought he told you what he saw, embarrassing stuff!” I said explaining.

Reggie looked at me puzzling and said, “Jason said what to us in the truck? Oh my God, you thought he was talking about you? We were all laughing at him as he went to the driver’s door trying to get in and thought it was the back door; he’s blind as a bat! That’s what we were laughing at.”

“Then why did you come back to my house so quick?” I asked.

“Jason had to go the bathroom so bad, and he thought you were nice but he didn’t want to ask to just use the bathroom. So he made up this story about us wanting to take a break to let him in to use the bathroom. I laughed at him and I said joking, if you were so nice to let him take a shit in your toilet, I might get this guy to suck my big black dick! It was all just talk and a joke, that’s why he was yelling when he came out of the bathroom and YOU WERE BLOWING ME! To tell you the truth, you surprised me too!”

“But the way you were talking to me? You kept asking me to suck your cock!” I said frantically.

Reggie jumps back at me and states, “WHAT? No I didn’t! I never said such a thing, I was just making conversation and talked to you that in life you need to relax and go with the flow and enjoy it, life being IT, but obviously, IT means something different to you. I’m always preaching to the crew that in life there are “Doers” and there are “Thinkers.”. I guess all the guys in this truck know which one you are. Talk it easy, and enjoy….Later!”

I was freaking out as Reggie was walking back to the truck and drove away.

I turned around in a daze again, and started walking back toward the house.

I stopped just short of going in, and wanted to check what I could see in the house from the bay window. The windows have a dark tint to them so it’s easy to see out, but I really couldn’t see anything inside through the window.

Imagine having bad eyesight and dark glasses on I then realized that Jason never saw anything, it was all in my head.

I didn’t get played by Reggie; I fooled myself into believing in something that wasn’t true.

I just seduced four power crew workers that knocked on my door and they let me worship their cocks, and get ass fucked by a big black cock for really no rational reason other than I wanted to, and I did.

Was it because I thought they already thought I was a cocksucker and it was ok to act this way?

Or was it I just wanted to do it?

What the hell just happened!

The worst part and the best part of this Tuesday morning was I have realized that Reggie is right!

I never had so much physical pleasure and understand how awesome it is to worship a nice cock (life).

I love my wife dearly and will never do anything to hurt her or ever want to leave her.

She is my life, but I think I might have to go with the flow, and try and find a bud I can trust to be safe, so I can be able to do my part in worshiping a cock the way it deserves.

I think I would like being a “Doer!”

Wow, never expected that to happen 30 minutes after you get out of bed in the morning, what an experience!

Hope you enjoyed!

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