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Trust Me?

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They had a long-running game that they always played. It was called “Trust Me?”

The rules were simple, really. They took turns, Stan having total control over Jackie for a weekend, followed by his total submission to Jackie on the following weekend. There was to be nothing that one couldn’t do, should he or she desire it. There were no safe words, no refusals allowed. It was to be a sort of affirmation of trust and love each and every week. If one didn’t really like what was transpiring, it was to be discussed later, after the weekend was over.

In the meantime, the submissive was there to submit, to provide pleasure to the dominant. Thus far, there had been no complaints either way, as they had been very careful about overstepping boundaries with each other, and constantly sought out pleasure for both the top and the bottom of their game’s equation. This was the way they kept their sex life alive through seven years of marriage. It involved mostly vanilla activities, although their game had escalated a bit over the years to include the use of several marital aids – dildos and vibrators, to be a bit more coarse – and lately, Stan had become interested in light bondage, to Jackie’s glee.

This coming weekend was Stan’s turn to be in control. He had stopped off at his local adult book store, and then Wal-Mart, to make some purchases, but had kept them from Jackie’s view.

Upon his arrival from work on Friday evening, he began the game with the usual ritual question, “Do you trust me?” Jackie could tell, however, that he was more excited than usual, perhaps even a bit apprehensive at what was to occur at his own hands.

Jackie looked deeply into his eyes, and answered with the correct response.

“I trust you completely. Do with me as you wish, m’Lord.”

Stan opened the book store bag he had in hand, rummaged around, and pulled out a black blindfold, which he proceded to place in position over her eyes. He then removed her clothes, very slowly, while teasingly running his fingertips over her flesh as it became exposed to him. When she was naked, he opened his Wal-Mart bag, and took out four dog collars. There were two wide blue nylon ones, almost long enough to be a belt for either of them, which he buckled around Jackie’s thighs, about midway between her knees and her moistening pussy. Then he placed some narrow collars on her wrists, in the same electric blue as the ones on her thighs. Then he removed the double-ended spring clips from the bag, and clipped them to the D-rings on the collars at her wrists. Finally, he clipped the other ends onto the D-rings of the collars on Jackie’s thighs. This caused her to bend forward slightly, her breasts swaying freely, to his delight. He reached over and jiggled them, enjoying their bounce.

Taking the fifth collar, one in spiked black leather that he’d gotten from the fetish section of the book store, Stan buckled it in place around Jackie’s neck. He then attached a leash, again in electric blue, to the D-ring of the leash, and led Jackie to their dining table. Her thighs met the table in front of her, and she stopped with her wrists tied to her thighs. She jumped a bit when Stan began tying her ankles to the legs of the dining room table. When her legs were spread and firmly attached, Stan went to the other end of the table, and yanked it apart as if he were going to place the leaf in the center to expand it for more diners. Jackie gasped at the tension she felt at her tied ankles, but relaxed again as Stan went to her, and gently guided her to lay her torso onto the table top. She found that her breasts fell into the opening for the extra leaf of the table, and gasped yet again as Stan pushed the table back together until it began to press gently on her hanging breasts. Once the ridge of the table touched her breasts, Stan stopped closing the table together. He grabbed the leash, and draped it off the far side of the table, grabbed his book store bag, and crawled under. He tugged on her nipples, saw them harden, and then placed the brand new nipple clips on each of Jackies protruding nubbins, and tightened them until he heard her gasp yet again. There was a chain tying the two clips together, and Stan tied the end of the leash to this chain. Jackie realized that she was more helpless than she’d ever been in her life. If she dared to rise up, the leash would pull on the nipple clips. She couldn’t get away in any case, with her hands tied to her thighs, and her legs to the table legs. She was open and vulnerable.

A thrill went through her entire frame, and she sighed anxiously in her anticipation of what was to come next from her creative husband.

Stan stood back to admire his handiwork, he stripped and stroked his throbbing cock as his plans unfolded before him. She was positively dripping in anxious expectation of what was to come.

He gently swatted her ass cheeks, then increased the pressure, spanking her harder and harder. Jackie was moaning, her ass burning. Suddenly, Stan stopped.

As she waited helplessly, Stan watched Jackie’s cheeks turn a nice deep red-pink color. He casually stuffed two fingers in her pussy, and Jackie spasmed on them, already cumming unexpectedly. He chuckled, letting her slowly drop from her orgasmic high, and yanked his fingers out of her drenched lips as she moaned again at the seeming violence of his act.

“I have some big plans for you this weekend, my pet,” Stan purred, barely petting her hot ass with his cool hand. “You’re going to beg for things you’ve never had before.”

Jackie moaned, her anxiety rising. He’d never acted this aggressive, before.

Stan knelt at her backside and tickled her dripping cunt with a fingertip, and she wriggled as much as she could to increase the sensation. He leaned forward and licked her, from the top of her pussy to her anus. Jackie pulled up at this, and felt the tug at her nipples. Stan had never touched her asshole before, yet now he was licking her there! He repeated the action, and she knew then that it was actually his intention to explore her butt, and she was helpless to do anything other than remain in position and accept it.

It felt so….dirty! Good, in a way, but oh so strange. His tongue was inside her, now, worming around, slithering in and out. Jackie was shuddering in delight and trepidation of what was to come, if he kept this type of activity up. They had never discussed or even considered anal sex before, and yet here was Stan, tongue-fucking her most private portal. She dared not object, as that would end their game on a bad note, but she wasn’t at all sure that she wanted this to continue. She clenched her anus down on his tongue, and Stan chuckled again, while tickling her clit with a fingertip.

Stan stood, and let her cool down a bit, watching as Jackie’s muscles began to relax, her body covered in a light sheen of fear sweat.

Once she had relaxed, he poured a good amount of the warming massage oil over her ass cleft. It felt cold at first, and Jackie let out a hiss of surprize, followed by a loud groan as his hand went straight to her ass and began to rub the quickly warming oil into her skin. He teased her hole with a finger, and she gasped. He changed position again, now licking her clit so gently she could barely feel it, as his finger again sought out her back door. Jackie’s hands were making fists at her thighs. She didn’t want this. She had to have it. Her mind was spinning, her throat was gasping and swallowing air quickly as the sensations continued unabated.

Stan’s finger was sliding into her, now. Her hands opened wide. His tongue was lapping at her pleasure center more avidly. She found herself pushing back onto his digit in spite of herself.

He dug another finger into her, all slippery with oil. Letting it enter hand deep, he twisted his fingers in her clenching ass. She could feel his other fingers rub in the crevice of her split cheeks, and imagined what it must look like, her ass glistening with the lube, glowing after the spanking. Jackie felt beautiful.

Stan stood again, leaving his fingers inside her. He stepped up and placed his cock in her hand. Jackie grabbed it and tried to milk it, but her restraints prevented her. She moaned in frustration as Stan chuckled in his total mastery of her responses.

He leaned in to her ear and whispered, “You will beg for my cock in your ass before this night is done.”

Jackie shook all over at his words, the warmth of his breath at her ear, and the possessively evil tone of Stan’s voice. He had never sounded so masterful with her, before. She knew it would happen, just by hearing his words. She also knew she would try to avoid it if she could. That made the game that much sweeter. He sounded so sure of himself, so positive in his prediction, that Jackie felt overwhelmed by his power over her helpless form. She grasped his cock tighter.

Stan gently pried her fingers off his member, and walked back to her very hot ass. He ever so slowly tugged his fingers from her, and lay his cock on the split between her cheeks. As he began a gentle fucking motion, rubbing up and down the crack of her ass, Jackie’s breath came in shaking sobs. Her head came up, but it tugged on her nipples, and she had to return to her submissive posture or hurt herself. She groaned again, and wiggled her ass from side to side as far as she could, knowing all the while that it would surely further inflame him, would solidify his intent that much more in his mind. Jackie knew her final virginity was to be lost this night, and her heartbeat quickened as she found herself looking forward to her ultimate defloration at the hands of her masterful lover.

Stan reached back into his bag of tricks, and withdrew a thin butt plug. He greased it up with the warming lube, and deftly slipped it into his wife. Then his cock seemed to find its way into her pussy, and he began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. He was teasing her. At this point, all she wanted was to be fucked, and fucked hard, but Stan had other plans. He ever so slowly penetrated her, and just as slowly withdrew. He kept this up for at least five minutes, while he tugged and pushed on her butt plug. It seemed like an eternity to the frustrated woman. She was whining, trying to move on his cock, but unable, due to her bindings. Her breasts were swaying in the table’s opening, and the weight of the leash and the chain tugging on her tormented nipples was driving her insane. Stan withdrew completely, and Jackie howled.

He stepped back to watch as she twisted in her bonds. He reached under the table, and unclipped her nipples. The blood rushing in to her crushed sensitive points had her writhing in a pleasurable agony with no orgasm in sight. As she wriggled, Stan slipped a finger in alongside the little butt plug, and Jackie was trembling as she moaned in need. He slowly unplugged her ass, and replaced it with a slightly larger toy. Jackie gasped as it seated itself within her clasping sphincter, her cheeks clenching as it popped through her tight portal.

He then bent and untied her legs. Gripping the leash, Stan guided Jackie to stand on her shaking legs, and made her walk around the table with the butt plug imbedded in her ass, the slippery globes of her ass sliding over each other with the lube. He made her stand as he retrieved a towel to put on the ottoman in the living room, and then he walked his victim to lie in position over the piece of furniture.

He knelt at her head, and brushed his cock over her lips.

“You have three minutes to make me cum in your mouth. No hands, now,” he laughed at his joke, since her hands were still attached to her thighs.

She gulped him in and began pumping her head up and down on his organ. Stan almost lost it in her mouth, but managed to hold off for the entire three minutes as she desperately tried to bring him off.

She could taste the cinnamon in the warming lubricant on his cock. Her mouth watered at the taste, and it was a relief after all the heavy breathing she’d been doing earlier that had dried her mouth out.

“Too bad, love. Your time is up. Couldn’t do it, huh? I suppose that a punishment is in order. First, though, I think we could use some refreshment.”

Suddenly, the plug in her ass began to vibrate, and Jackie hissed and clenched her cheeks together at the unexpected tingling effects of the toy. Stan laughed as he walked to the kitchen, telling her to stay there and keep warm.

He soon returned with a bottle of sparkling Spumanti, a single glass, and a long straw. He poured himself a glass, then set the bottle on the floor in front of his wife, with the straw poking at her lips. Jackie greedily sucked at it, and the effervescent liquid filled and expanded in her belly. She gave a very unladylike burp, and the both laughed.

Soon Jackie felt a warm relaxing feeling flowing all through her body. She knew she was supposed to get slightly drunk, that it would help her to relax and accept Stan’s cock in her virginal ass, so she took deep draughts of the wine, laid there and enjoyed the feelings of lost control.

After taking the bottle away, Stan slapped the soles of her exposed feet very loud, simultaneously. Jackie shrieked in surprize, and lurched forward, pushing the ottman across the carpetted floor nearly a foot. He laughed, then, and began to tickle her feet. Jackie’s legs were thrashing about, her ass clenching and releasing the invading plug in her bottom as it continued its vibrations. Her ass was pumping back and forth like she was being fucked as she struggled against the torturous giggling bubbling up inside her.

He flipped her onto her back, on the floor next to the foot stool, and his attack went to her arm pits, her belly, and her ribs, as she laughed frantically and writhed on her back before him. He thrilled to her bouncing breasts, her helpless thrashing merely opening up new avenues for his digital torture. Stan stopped then. He unclipped her hands from her thighs, and clipped them onto the D-ring on the collar at her neck. This opened her up for even more tickling torture, and he entertained himself with that for a few more minutes. Finally, he sat back onto his heels, watching her breath come in gasps, and finally her breathing returned to normal, with the vibrator still jiggling in her ass all the while. He lifted her feet to his shoulders, and gripped the plug in her bottom. He turned it, twisted it, plunged it in and out, and finally removed it.

When the toy left her, Jackie felt curiously empty, yet relaxed. She found herself wanting it back in there in spite of herself. Stan leaned down and began to lightly lick at her pussy again, which was raised up high and proud before him. He let her legs fall to the floor. She pushed herself up to his lips, and came with a small scream of pleasure as he sucked and licked at her clit.

Stan straddled her head, ordered her to open wide as he let his balls drop into her lips. She sucked them in, and it was Stan’s turn to gasp and feel a little vulnerable as her tongue laved his sack as she sucked on him there. He leaned forward and began to tease & tickle her pussy again. His fingers barely touched her. They were trailing along the edges of her lips, and she felt herself getting very wet again. His light touching went down to her ass, and she inhaled sharply as his finger penetrated her there. He added more lube, and two more fingers slid in effortlessly. Next, Stan took the very long, thin toy he’d bought, and slid it into her ass. Jackie’s back arched as it went in deeper than his fingers, and Stan kept it moving very slowly. He felt her moaning on his balls when he turned on the vibe unit in the toy, and he jiggled it, waving it from side to side, in and out, within her clenching butt.

Jackie’s hands were at her throat, snapped in place with the collar. She found that she could grasp his cock while she sucked on his balls, and she did so, wondering what it would feel like in the place of the toy churning up her insides at the moment. She began to believe that it would fit, and fit comfortably. Her hands squeezed him tightly as she lay open for his fun and games.

Stan raised himself up, shuddering as his balls slipped almost painfuly out of his wife’s sucking lips. Leaving the probe in her oily ass, he rolled her over onto her belly. He unclasped the clips holding her hands to her collar, and ordered her to stand. Jackie stood up slowly on shaking legs. She reached back and held onto the toy protruding from between her cheeks to hold it in place, and Stan chuckled at the sight.

“I think you’re warming up to my little idea, aren’t you, love?”

She stood, her torso cocked to one side as she held onto the probe in her ass. Her breasts were flushed, their points standing up at attention. Her thighs glistened with dripping moisture from her center. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet. Her entire body shuddered for a moment before she spoke.

“M’Lord, I think I’m ready for whatever you had in mind.” Her lips bowed up into a sexy little smile, and Stan just had to remove the blindfold so he could see into her eyes.

“Leave it in there,” he told her. “Go to the bedroom and wait for me.”

Blinking madly at the sudden light, Jackie managed to stagger out of the living room, and up the stairs to their bedroom, holding the anal toy inside herself all the while as it vibrated within her.

When Stan walked into the bedroom with the second bottle of Spumanti, he found Jackie on her knees, rocking on the anal probe as she rubbed her clit. She was facing the doorway, and he had to stop and take in the sight of her self pleasure before he could move on into the room.

Jackie reached for the bottle and took a long swig before handing it back to Stan with her scented hand, still rising and falling on that plastic vibe all the while.

“My god you’re beautiful,” Stan gasped as he leaned in to suckle at her breasts.

Soon Jackie found herself on her back, in the missionary position. Her legs were draped on Stan’s shoulders. The toy was on the bedstand. His cock was trailing precum up and down her very lubricated ass crack.

He pressed the head in so slowly, Jackie felt every atom of it as it spread her wide and pushed its way in. Their eyes were locked on each other as his cock paused on its path.

“More,” she pleaded.

He leaned in, giving her a taste of his thick shaft, and paused again. Then he pulled back a little before pressing his way in deeper.

It wasn’t long before she was begging him for that ass fuck, just as he had predicted he would a few hours ago. Stan was filling her desires by filling her asshole with his entirety. Shortly after that, he was slamming in very hard, at her insistance. She thrilled to the feel of his balls when he bottomed out in her bottom.

He felt that familiar tingling that signalled his impending orgasm, and he did nothing to slow himself, this time. He rammed himself home. His hands found her tits and held them tightly as his seed spurted into her bowels. Jackie was loving the way she could feel his cock flexing as it shot off. She felt it in a whole new way, now, and somehow it seemed even more intense than when he was in her pussy.

He held himself inside her as long as he could, and they both shuddered when his limp member slipped out of her clasping hole.

The weekend was full of anal pleasures for Jackie, and when Monday came, she was happy to be able to walk after all the cocl she’d taken over the last few days. She was sore!

She looked at him on Monday morning over her coffee cup with a huge smile as she said, “You just wait until Friday night, buster! This weekend your ass will be MINE!”

Stan laughed a little uncomfortably as he looked into his wife’s twinkling eyes and responded, “As you wish, m’Lady.”

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