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Troubles Ch. 02

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Warm gentle breeze blows across my face. Gentle kisses rain down my face from Seleucus. His large hands rubbing my body just the right way, nipples hard and my excitement growing. I love you My Master, I hear myself say. His voice comes like a melody upon my ears. It starts getting dark and I hear an awful laugh. It seems to becoming from Seleucus when his eyes go from royal blue to blazing green.

“Seleucus!” I yell waking with a start splashing water everywhere as Seleucuss hands grab me.

“Its okay Sagira.” Comes his loving voice. Its okay now Berwick wont harm you again. I look at him seeing that he now had a black eye and his cheek was stained with dried blood.

“Are you okay Master?” I ask small voiced.

“I’m fine now,” was his replay.

Laying back into the warm water I watch him go back to rubbing my body. “Sagira, I want you on your hands and knees so I can wash your back without you standing.” Calm and collected his voice is when he gives orders.

Smiling I lean up, hoping to get a kiss before I move and maybe get my hand through his shoulder length slate black hair. As I lean toward him he doesnt pull back. I get my lips to his and he doesnt resist. Letting me taste his tongue and getting my hands in his hair. I feel his protective embrace. My chest pushing into his, moaning softly into him I let go and move to my knees, head spinning slightly from being hit earlier. Balancing myself onto my hands I hear Seleucus sigh.

“He beats far to hard. He’ll get whats coming to him one day.”

I look over my shoulder to see him grab a lotion he would use after any of his beatings I earned, which is rare. I watch him as he puts some lotion into his hands then goes to rub my really sore rear. Jerking when the cool lotion hits then again when his hand starts to rub gently.

“Its okay Sagira. Im not going to hurt you,” he coos warmly.

I relax to this and hold still letting him finish. Once out of the tub and wrapped up in a soft terry cloth robe, I risk a question. “Master, please tell me what happened to you? Why didn’t you come?”

He merely looks at me. His warm smile is gone as he remembers what happened just earlier. “I just got downstairs when I heard the door shut.” He begins sitting down on the toilet lid. “The son of a bitch is strong.”

It was then that I noticed the rope marks on my Masters wrists, arms, and legs since he had on only his silk blue shorts. Nodding to him he continues.

“I’m glad you couldn’t hear us fight, the living room is a mess now. He had a bag of stuff with him. The jackass tied me down onto the table I love taking you on so.” He smiles at that and so do I, thinking of the nights on that table. I had grabbed the burn ointment and had started to put it on the rope burns. He looks at me lovingly as I rub the cooling ointment on him. “Well needless to say I did get out. Hearing you scream for me helped me. His blows to my head had me spinning and dazed. But it doesn’t matter now. You’re in my arms again. With your Master.”

At this I embrace him giving him a hug and nuzzling at his neck. I noticed his erection and slid one hand along his chest across the head of his member bringing a low moan to his lips. “Master, may this one suck your long loving cock?” I ask yearning.

He smiles and slides out of his shorts. His cock fully erect, balls tense. Leaning up I kiss his lips before moving down to his balls. Giving soft love nips from the base of his cock to several spots over his balls. He moans as his hand runs along my face to my hair. Flicking my tongue out over his head. With a simple move I slide him fully into my mouth. Enjoying the taste of his precum as I slide back and forth on his shaft. My hands rubbing his inner thighs and tickling his balls as I please him.

I hum from deep within my throat so to get at his sweet spot just under his head, vibrating it. He grunts and groans getting me wet knowing he is happy with me. Just before he cums he pulls me off and shoots cum all over my lips and down my neck and some drips onto my chest. Licking my lips, tasting the saltiness that is unique to him.

“Thank you Master, may I clean you off?” I ask. He smiles and wipes off some of his cum from my face before letting me clean him off.

“Stand Sagira, my good girl. Even after he beat your ass it still looks so good.” His voice comes from a distance to me.

As I stand with mostly my Master’s help I try to walk, my head pounding more with each step. Breathing slowly hoping not to black out again. But staying awake wasn’t to be.

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