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It was early evening and I was sitting in front of the mirror in my bedroom. I was home from college for the first time since the semester started back in September. Looking into the mirror, I asked myself question after question, never answering what I was asking. As I sat there peering into my brown eyes, I tried to figure out who I was and who I was becoming.

After taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, I opened them to once again stare into the mirror.

Gone were my girlish looks at the age of twenty two, except for some faint freckles. No longer was I the same person I was just a few years ago, I had changed. I no longer found myself attracted to the boys on campus rather I was growing more and more attracted to women. What most attracted me besides their nice bodies and their beautiful faces were their feet.

My mother yelled up the stairs for me to hurry up as we were going to my Aunt Christine’s house for her annual Christmas Eve open house. This was an annual event that occurred every Christmas Eve since I could remember. I always thought it was a boring get together for the adults when I was a kid but I knew it meant a lot to my mom so I pretended to have fun. My aunt is my mom’s sister who was much younger than my mom. My mom is a very different from her sister as there is ten years between them. Even though she is my aunt, she always seemed more like an older sister to me.

As I uncrossed my legs I stood up and walked over to my closet and opened the door. On the inside there is a full length mirror which I looked into to make sure I looked ok. My dress was no fancy holiday dress rather it was a simple tan dress that came down to my knees. My gaze lowered to my feet which were encased in a simple pair of strappy sandals which sported a modest three inch heel. I smiled as I looked up at myself, admiring my breasts which looked nice as I wore a push up bra which made my 34B boobs look bigger. My dress came all the way up to my neck which made me feel most comfortable and the necklace I was wearing sparkled in the light. Just then, I heard my dad yelling for me to hurry up.

I walked out of my room, grabbing my coat along the way before descending the stairs to meet my parents. We left the house and went in my father’s vehicle. Of course I had to sit in the back along the way which gave me time to continue my reflection of myself.

As I sat silently listening to my parents make small talk I again tried to figure out my feelings. Here I was entering the prime of my life when most parents are waiting for their children to marry prince charming, trying to figure out how I would ever tell them that I was attracted to women. I took a deep breath and tried to relax as my dad pulled the car up to the curb in front of Aunt Christine’s house.

We exited the car and walked up the driveway toward her Victorian home. Her outdoor decorations were magnificent and we were greeted by a set of musical bells that led up to the porch. We walked up the steps and my mother opened the door.

Once inside my aunt came up and greeted us. She took our coats and led us into the family room. As we followed I couldn’t help but to notice that my aunt was wearing strappy heels similar to mine only that she had white stocking on. I never was a fan of stockings or pantyhose and I wouldn’t wear them. I guess they looked ok on my aunt as she disappeared down the hallway as we went into the family room to mingle with the other guests.

As usual the party was boring but I enjoyed watching my mom and dad have fun. After telling a few of my relatives how my college classes were going I went to go get a drink. When I walked into the kitchen my aunt closed the refrigerator and walked to the island in the middle of the kitchen. Quickly I glanced down at her feet, noticing how nice they looked. Even though it was a quick glance my heart skipped a beat as I thought she noticed me looking.

“How is school sweetie?” my aunt asked as she handed me a glass of wine.

“It is going great,” I chimed back as I took a sip of wine as I glanced down at her feet once again as she walked over to the sink.

Even though she wore a heavier stocking with a pattern on it I was able to see her pink toe nails through them. We made small talk for a few minutes before making our way back to the family room to hang out with the guests.

I sat down next to my dad as my aunt sat directly across from me. It was excruciating as she would sit with her legs crossed while she pumped her foot up and down. As we all talked about the upcoming holidays I couldn’t help but to steal glimpse after glimpse of my aunt’s feet. After a short period of time I excused myself to the kitchen to get another glass of wine.

I poured myself a glass of wine and I slugged half of it before tipping my head up and closing my eyes. Suddenly visions of my aunt’s stocking clad feet filled my mind. It was strange as she was my aunt and I found myself attracted to her feet. I don’t know if it was the wine or what but the incestuous idea of my aunt’s feet caused my nipples to stiffen and my pussy to begin to ache.

I slugged the rest of the glass of wine before refilling it and returning to the family room. Again I sat down next to my dad. I was a little disappointed when I looked up and my aunt was nowhere to be found. Before I knew it, she was standing in front of my mom and dad, showing them a Christmas present she got from her church club.

My gazes grew longer and longer as my aunt’s feet were ever so close. Just seeing the way her feet rested in her shoes began to drive me insane. I began to fidget in my seat as my horniness intensified. Again I glanced at her feet, this time noticing her high arches. I couldn’t believe I was looking at my own aunt this way. Glancing again I noticed how her toes were long and slender.

“What do you think Brittany?” my aunt asked as I realized that I was probably busted for peeking too long.

“Oh yeah, I like it,” I stammered as I shot my glance up toward my aunt as she held her gift in front of us.

I took a deep breath as my aunt walked out of the room with her gift. Quickly I downed the rest of my wine and got up to go get another one. When I walked into the kitchen, my aunt was standing at the island pouring another glass of wine.

“Would you like another one Brit?” my aunt asked as she held up the bottle like she wanted to pour me some more.

“You know it,” I said as I held out my glass for her to fill.

Again we parted ways and went back into the family room. Everybody moved around and was talking to somebody different so I sat down in an empty recliner. I just sat there enjoying my fourth glass of wine, noticing its effects on me. I had a slight buzz and I was finally beginning to feel in the mood for the holidays. Each time my aunt would walk into the room I would steal a glance and fantasize about how her feet would feel in my hands, on my face, and in my mouth.

It was now getting late. My aunt was nowhere in sight. I was a little disappointed because it seemed like an eternity before she returned. Just then, she walked into the family room and my heart skipped a beat. Gone were her stockings and her legs and feet were now bare except for the strappy heels she was wearing. She stopped to talk to someone directly in front of me. I had an unobstructed view of her beautiful feet. My mouth began to water at the sight of her now bare toes.

Looking up, I noticed my aunt smile at me as she turned and went to talk to another small group of people. I knew she busted me for staring as I finished my wine and closed my eyes. I felt tipsy from all of the wine that I drank so I decided that I needed one more glass. I pulled myself out of the recliner and went back to the kitchen. There were a few old people milling around as I filled my glass one more time. I walked back into the family room and sat back down.

I pretty much closed my eyes and began to fantasize about my aunt’s feet. My pussy began to grow damp at the thought of rubbing the soles of her feet. I grew wet when I imagined slipping her big toe into my mouth and caressing it with my tongue.

Suddenly I was jolted from my fantasy as my aunt stood in front of me. Gone was a family member. What stood before me was a beautiful woman who was ten years older than me. It could have been the wine but I wasn’t looking at her as a relative, rather as an object of my desire. The smile on her face looked incredibly cute as her short blond hair only came past her shoulders. She reached out with her hand helped me out of the recliner.

“Would you like to help me get some of the Christmas gifts I have for everyone?” my aunt asked with a smile that could melt ice.

“Sure,” I said as my aunt led the way out of the family room, offering me many glances of her feet along the way.

We made several trips back and forth from my aunt’s bedroom to the family room. Up and down the stairs we went until we finally had all of the gifts brought down, with my aunt handing each of the guests a gift. As usual, there were a couple of no shows so we returned those gifts back to my aunt’s room. After the last gift was distributed my aunt turned and looked at me.

“Oh, we have to get your gift,” Aunt Christine said as she turned and led me back to her bedroom.

I followed my aunt up the stairs, my eyes glued to every glorious movement of her feet. The way thst her ankles moves, and how her toes stayed perfectly flat in her shoes was intoxicating. She paused at the doorway and allowed me to enter first. I thought it odd for a moment as my aunt closed the door behind her. She walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Come over here and sit for a moment,” my aunt said softly as she patted the quilt.

I walked over to her bed and sat down, noticing how soft the quilt was. There was this awkward moment of silence before my aunt spoke again.

“It’s ok sweetie,” my aunt said as she leaned back and pulled her legs and feet up onto the bed

“I saw you looking,” she said in a softer voice as she shifted on the bed into a seated position.

“It’s ok. I feel the same way you do,” she whispered as she reached down and began to unfasten the straps of her shoes before she stopped herself.

“I’m confused,” I stammered as my aunt slowly lifted her foot and placed it directly in front of my face.

“Don’t feel ashamed Brit, I feel the same things you do,” my aunt now said in a husky voice. “Go ahead and take my shoe off.”

My hands were trembling as I stared at my aunt’s beautiful foot which hovered right in front of me. She encouraged me again as my hands slowly raised up. My eyes were glued to her beautiful toes as I unstrapped her shoe and slowly pulled it from her foot. In the process, my aunt pulled my leg up and quickly removed my shoe.

“Its ok, sweetie, there is nothing wrong with this, exploring your feelings, discovering your real self,” my aunt said as she now offered her other foot to my hands.

“Go ahead,” she said as she took my other foot in her hands and removed my shoe.

“I saw the glances you were stealing. I could feel your eyes on my feet when I was in your presence,” my aunt said in a soft whisper as I slid her shoe from her foot.

“Go ahead and rub them,” my aunt said softly as she left her foot hovering in front of me.

“But Aunt Christine this is wrong,” I said back as my eyes remained glued to her blue eyes but my hands began to involuntarily rub her foot.

I gasped as I felt electric jolts racing up my leg when my aunt began to caress my foot. My lips parted as I let out this ever so soft gasp when her fingers caressed my toes.

What makes it wrong?” she asked as she squeezed my foot firmly, causing an even louder gasp to come from me. “Two adults exploring what fascinates them.”

The feelings inside were intense. The feel of her soft fingers on my feet drove me insane. As I caressed her foot, she slowly lifted it higher until her toes were only inches from my face.

“I know you want to,” she whispered as toes looked incredibly beautiful.

Again I gasped as she lifted her other foot and placed it on my breasts. Incredibly, she used her toes like fingers and began to squeeze my breast through my dress. It felt incredible as I felt my nipple stiffen under my dress. I closed my eyes for a moment as I became lost in the bliss when I felt something. As my eyes opened, so did my mouth. Instinctively my lips parted and my aunt slowly pushed her big toe inside. My lips closed softly as my tongue touched the tip of her toe.

“Oh yes sweetie” my aunt moaned as she lifted my foot to her face and began to kiss the arch of my foot.

Suddenly I grew feril as I began to hungrily devour her toes. One by one I began to suck each of her toes, savoring the exquisite fragrance and taste of her flesh as her foot continued to massage my breast. Looking across at my aunt I felt my panties begin to grow wet as I watched her lips and tongue caress every inch of my foot. A wicked grin flashed across her face as she lifted my foot into position and went down on my big toe.

“Oh god,” I cried hoping that nobody heard me outside of her room as the warm soft wet feeling of my own aunts mouth felt incredible.

Shivers raced up and down my spine as I continued to watch her devour my toes as I sucked greedily on hers. Just then, I froze as my aunt lowered her foot down across my stomach before stopping between my legs.

“Aunt Christine, I don’t know,” was all I could muster as her foot managed to get under my dress and touch my inner thigh.

I lurched upward as her toes touched my now smoldering pussy. My eyes closed and I suddenly found myself growing lost in what was happening. If it wasn’t for the alcohol I would have probably ran out of here but I didn’t. Instead I continued to worship my aunt’s foot like it was the last thing on earth.

My eyes opened part way only to see my aunt lower my foot all the way to the bed between her now parted legs. I could see up her dress as she pulled my foot in closer. Gone were the stockings she wore earlier but her garter belt remained. I began to see stars as her toes continued to rub my slip up and down through my panties. Just then, I felt her panty covered mound as my toes rested against her crotch.

“This feels so good,” my aunt said as she held my foot and began to move it up and down over her panty covered cunt.

“Don’t be afraid Brit, this is our secret,” she moaned out through her heavy breathing as her eyes closed most of the way while she pleasured herself with my foot.

My aunt pulled her foot from my face and brought it down to between my legs. As one foot rubbed my pussy, the other pushed against my inner thigh until my legs were fully parted. I leaned back against the headboard of the bed and reached up and cupped my breasts through my dress. My nipples burned with delight as her toes continued to slide up and down my panty covered slit. Again I closed my eyes as I felt that familiar feeling of butterflies in my stomach as my orgasm began to build. I closed my eyes and became lost in the sensations when I suddenly felt something different.

My eyes opened as I felt something warm and sticky. My aunt now crossed that imaginary line in the sand as she pulled her panties aside and was now rubbing her gaping wet pussy with my toes.

“Its ok sweetie,” my aunt whispered as she motioned with her eyes for me to do the same.

God I wanted to but I couldn’t, I mean how could I? This was my mother’s sister after all. Even though everything in my mind told me to not do it, my hand seemed to have a mind all of its own. Slowly I reached down and pushed my dress out of the way as my legs were completely spread. With one hand I slid my fingers under the edge of my soaked panty and pulled the material aside, completely exposing my completely bald pussy. My other hand began to caress her foot as her toes touched my glistening pussy lips.

“Oh God Aunt Christine,” I gasped as I held her foot firmly and used it to pleasure myself.

It felt incredible as her toes slipped between my slippery folds. I pushed her toes in as far as I could in this position and gasped as my back arched. I began to gently rock my hips as I began to fuck her foot. Looking across at my aunt she was doing the same thing as she had all of my toes buried inside of her pussy. The thought of sharing these feelings with another woman was amazingly hot, but the thought of sharing them with a family member was overwhelming.

My aunt’s eyes met mine and for several moments it was as if we were both one. I shuddered as my orgasm began to spill out of me. My body began to tremble and shake as electrical sparks caused every nerve in my body to explode.

“Oh god yes Brit,” my aunt moaned out as she arched her back and began to cum. I could feel her pussy clinching my toes as a warm gush of fluid bathed them as they slid in and out of her. My own pussy released my juices, causing her toes to glisten in the soft lighting. No sooner did I come down from my high I felt my pussy to begin to contract all over again.

“That’s it Brit, let it out. You know you needed this. Merry Christmas Brit,” my aunt moaned out as she removed my foot from her pussy. I continued to fuck myself with her foot until my second orgasm began to subside.

Slowly she pulled her foot away as we both sat there catching our breath. She reached over and handed me a few tissues and together we wiped away all traces of evidence from our feet. We giggled as we were still tipsy from the wine we drank as we put our shoes back on.

“We better get back out there before people notice that we disappeared,” my aunt said as she stood up first and pulled me to my feet.

Together we walked to the door hand in hand. Once at the door my aunt turned to me and cupped my face. Not a word was said or was there any resistance as her face moved closer to mine and she kissed me. The first kiss was so soft and tender but the second was different. Our mouths opened and our tongues caressed each others as we shared a passionate kiss, nothing like any family members should share. This however felt incredible.

“Merry Christmas Brit,” my aunt said softly as we broke our kiss.

“Merry Christmas,” I said back softly as we let each other’s hands go.

We walked out of the room and made our way back to the family room. I ducked into the bathroom to make sure my clothes were in order. My heart was racing as I walked out of the restroom and made my way into the family room. I sat next to my mother who was talking to another relative. I glanced around the room as it felt like all eyes were on me even though they weren’t. As I sat there next to my mom I began to process what just transpired between me and her sister. Never in a million years would I have ever guessed that my aunt would not only be attracted to girls but feet as well.

After having another glass of wine and eating a few finger sandwiches my parents decided that it was time to go home. As we retrieved our coats my aunt met us at the door. We all said our good-byes and my mom and dad made their way down the stairs off of the porch. As I went to turn and leave, my aunt grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“Come over New Years Eve to celebrate with me,” my aunt said as she released my arm.

“10:00 pm,” she said softly as she winked and smiled at me.

I gave her a slight nod as I turned and joined my parents as we walked down to the car.

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