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Training By Louis

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I was sitting in my chair looking at the files of the girls that were due for training. As I sipped my wine I saw what was to soon come my way. Six lovely subs, slaves, whatever the hell their “Masters” called them, to visit me for training.

Some scheduled of their own accord, some were sent by their Doms. What a problem to have, to have to choose between a number a beautiful girls to use as I saw fit.

Remembering my last time with the little asian girl, I was still in the mood for a petite one. Well the Filipina I was reading about was even smaller than the japanese cunt that was here last.

Her file read: 4’10, 95 lbs.,25 years young, short black hair and very tan. I read that her master was the only man she had been with and only a few times at that. It appeared that she was a bit on the fiesty side, disobeying her man. With a sip of my wine and a sigh I set down the file and picked up the phone.

Two days later I was waiting for her arrival. I train these girls very simply. I whip them into submission and fuck the hell out of them. No fancy stuff. Whatever their owners can’t or won’t do.

I heard the knock and I walked and opened the door. Looking down I saw an extremely beautiful little woman. She was smaller than I had imagined, she only came to my stomach it seemed. She had an insolent look to her face.

“Yes can I help you” I asked? I knew to nip this attitude in the bud.

“Yes I’m here to talk with Louis” she said.

“Well I am Louis, and you wanted to talk with me?”

She looked uncomfortable, her frown getting more intense. Her big brown eyes looked almost black in color.

“My boyfriend thinks I need to be here.”

I smiled “come in.”

She walked in and as she passed me I took in her looks. She had on faded blue jeans and slip-on tennis shoes and a blue button down shirt. Her dark brown skin looked as smooth as silk. Her short hair gave her a Halle Berry look. She had a small mouth with big lips.

As soon as the door shut I looked at her and asked “listen here you little shit, are you here of your own accord?”

Her eyes flared and she put her hands on her little hips “who the hell do you…”

Before she could answer I barked at her “answer my question or leave right now!”


At her hesitation I frowned and shook my head and reached for the door handle to let her out.

“Get out, you wasting my time” I said.

“No wait, I-I-I an here to.. ” she hesitated.

I looked at her with my hand on the door, waiting. I could see a look of defeat in her face.

Looking down she said “I am here for your damn training.”

“Ok the training begins” I said.

I took her arm and walked her to the middle of the room. She saw the desk with a riding crop, a wooden paddle, rope, handcuffs and a bottle of oil on the top. Her mouth twisted and her eyes showed concern.

I stood in front of her and gave her a small slap in the face. At 6′ 200 lbs. I knew how to deliver my blows, can’t actually hurt these girls. Well not too much.

Her head rocked to the side and she yelped. She looked up defiant and I gave her another slap. Before she could respond I gave her another on the opposite cheek. Then another, she started to stumble a bit, I saw tears in her eyes.

“Why do you disobey your man” I asked?

“You bastard” she replied.

Slap, slap,slap, I could see the spirit going out of her as her head went from side to side. A true submissive with just a bit of the fiesty feminist streak in her.

“Take off your clothes now.”

She hesitated, and I spun around and went to the desk and picked up the riding crop and came and stood back in front of her.

She kicked off her shoes and pulled up on her shirt, throwing it aside. For her size her breasts seemed quite big, pefect brown nipples.

I glared at her and flicked the crop and she unbuttoned her jeans. I watched as she pulled them down over her slim hips. Her white panties stood in stark contrast to her brown skin. She threw the jeans to the side.

“Everything” I said.

She peeled off her panties and stood there naked, her eyes to the floor. I threw the crop to the desk and walked around her. I lightly touched her on her back and arms and butt as I whispered to her ear.

“In here you belong to me, you will do as I say, when you leave you will obey your man….or you will come back here.”

The tears were flowing now, her lips quivering, as she nodded.

“Yes sir.”

I palmed her breasts and squeezed, she gasped. I leaned in and bit the soft part of her shoulder.


She looked up briefly and quickly looked back down.

“Yes sir?”

“Spread your legs and touch your pussy, tell me how wet you are.”

She slowly spread her legs and I saw her hand nervously go to her small bush. She touched herself there and I saw a sharp intake of breath.


“Sir…..I am…moist.”

I began to undress, boots off, shirt off, I unbuckled my belt and undid my jeans.

“Look at me slut”

I lowered my jeans and my hard cock sprung free of its confines. My very hard cock, 7″ and quite thick, pointed straight up. I loved the way her lips quivered and her eyes stayed glued to my cock as I threw my jeans aside.

“Is your man’s cock this size?”

She just shook her head from side to side. I saw a look of fear in her face.

I turned and walked to the desk. I squirted a fair amount of oil on my fingers. I walked back to her and slipped my oily fingers right between her legs. Sliding them up right to her pussy. She gasped and spread her legs a bit, as I probed her little pussy lips with my fingers.

I pulled away and walked back to the desk, where I dried my hands.

“Come here.”

I beckoned her to come closer. She stepped closer, her eyes on my throbbing cock. I took her hands and placed them around my cock. Her little hands made my cock seem enormous.

I braced my legs wide and put my hands on my hips.

“Ok slut, I want you to climb up on me and sink yourself down on my cock.”

“Louis I don’t think I can…”

Slap! Her head rocked to the side again. Tears, anquish, she sobbed.

“Do as I say.”

She put her arms up, her hands on my shoulder. One foot lifted and she placed it high up on the outside of my thigh. She gave a little grunt and she lifted herself up and put her other foot on my other thigh. I spread my legs more and braced myself. Her knees pointed out as she brought herself closer. Her wrists locked around my neck.

I could see her oily little pussy lips looking all pink and swollen. Closer her pussy came to my cock. Her breasts crushed against my chest and her arms wrapped around my head, her legs wrapped themselves around me. I could smell her, feel her fear, she was shaking.

Slowly she lowered herself and I felt what seemed like a little wet mouth on the head of my cock.

“Thats it cunt, let yourself go” I whispered.

Quietly sobbing she lowered herself, moving her pelvis to line up our juncture. She seemed very wet as I felt my cock head slip through her silky soft lips.

She was breathing very hard and murmuring. She seemed to hesitate, her small frame poised. Then she started to move her hips in circles, then side to size, to accomidate me.

It took all I could to just stand there still. Her pussy was so very tight, I wondered if I could fit inside her.

Slowly but sure she sank down on my cock. Her mouth was open, her brow was knitted in concentration. She barely had the head in, long way to go, I was getting impatient.

“Slut?” I said, her eyes opened, she looked at me.

“I’ll give you ten seconds to bury your little twat on me.”


She looked at me in disbelief.

“Two”, I looked hard at her and gripped her hips.

“Three”, she started to shaked her head side to side.

“Four”, I flexed my cock, the head swelled inside her.

“Five”, she pleaded “Sir, it won’t fit”

“Six”, she started to push down, her face contorting.

“Seven”, three inched of my cock inside.

“Eight”, my cock seemed stuck, so tight she was.

“Nine”, she pulled up a bit then sank down another two inches.

“Ten!” She lowered herslef as I thrust upward!

I grunted as I thrust up into her tight little channel. Her eyes rolled back in her head as our pubic bones met. She screamed as my cock was buried in her. I gripped her ass cheeks and spread them wide to give me more access. She was moaning, her legs slipping down.

She hung there what seemed lifeless. Gasping for air, sobbing. It was like a vise was gripping my cock. If she only knew what else was in store for her.

“Look at me slave.”

With a pained look she met my eye. I lifted her up almost off my cock, enjoying the look in her face. Then I pulled her back down, hard, on my thick cock. She squeeled and her eyes pleaded with me.

I was holding her out away from me, lifting her up, off, then slamming her back down, fucking this little cunt. Her eyes were wide, she was making animal sounds. I was walking around the room lifting her on and off my stick, telling her what I was going to do to her.

“Your mouth, your throat, will be fucked” I threatened.

“Then to finish with you I going to fuck your tight little ass.”

She started to cry, “”

She was so small, so light, it was no problem to use her like a fist on my cock.

I walked with her over to the desk bouncing her up and down, her tight pussy gripping me. I buried myself and held her down. I nodded to the desk top with all my toys.

“Where shall we start cunt?”

She hung there, breathing hard, sweating, a look of fear rising in her eyes. She just stared at the crops, paddles and handcuffs.

“Look at me cunt.”

“It’s time my cock was in your throat, don’t you agree?”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

I lifted her off my cock with regret. She stumbled with weak knees as her feet hit the ground. I turned her around and put the handcuffs on her. I grabbed her short hair and spun her back. I roughly forced her to sit in a low stool. I kicked her knees wide apart.

I stepped up to her face, my hand on her head. I put my finger in her mouth and pulled down on her jaw, opening her mouth.

I moved forward, my cock just at her mouth…..

To be continued…

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