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Leaning backwards through the stocks the toy felt utterly helpless as her Master circled around her giving the other people in the room a clear view of her taut spread eagled body. The spreader bar that forced her shaking limbs apart dug its cold hard ends into the inner part of her knees and she could feel her legs stretched out to their limit.

Her wrists and neck locked in the solid grip of the heavy wooden stocks, her pale naked flesh displayed for her Masters audience.

The toy could only see to the extent of her eye movement and peripheral vision as her head was secured so tightly. All she could really see was the high vaulted ceiling of her Masters dungeon, the chains that hung from its surface, and the swing that hung limp and empty to her left. She could hear her Masters movement, and the background noises of play going on elsewhere in the room. She strained to hear more clearly in an attempt to decipher what was going on in the hope that a fellow submissive was being used in much the same way as her. She could make out muffled breathing and almost grunting, along with the sound of a woman’s cruel soft laughter mocking an unseen subject. “That’s it, take it boy,” she heard, “push yourself back on my cock,” said the low authoritative female voice.

Suddenly her world exploded into a white hot pain that shot across her full ample breasts. She let out a yelp of surprise and pain, and then it came again, the long black crop of her Master slashing down impacting on her already reddening breasts. Her attention was truly back in reality now as the blows rained down a dozen times more.

A strong hand gripped the back of her hair as a low growl rasped at her ear “I said, what is your name girl?”

“Toy112 Master,” she heard her own meek voice answer.

She hadn’t heard her Master speak, and she now wished she had not been so interested in what was going on elsewhere in the room. “What is your purpose?” came the deep growl again.

She swallowed hard and took in a deep breath as the crop descended again “to serve Master.”

Her breasts were on fire now, they throbbed with stinging pain, and the voice came again this time in a snarl “serve who girl?”

“You Master, Master. To serve you,” she blurted urgently.

One last stinging blow landed across her aching red breasts before the voice said in a calm flat tone “good girl. You are working out to be a useful toy for me to amuse myself with.”

Her Master disappeared from view, and she heard more movement, and the faint clink of metal before she felt warm leather rest on the inside of her thighs. Masters hands squeezed tightly, and she wriggled as he slid them further up towards her naked shaven pussy. She flinched as his fingers dug into the soft sensitive flesh of her inner thighs and his leather gloves seemed to heat up as he mauled her.

She felt one of the hands move away from her thigh and begin to lightly spank her pussy. The sensation was heavenly as Master kept a constant rhythm and increased the strength of his strikes until they stung as the leather of his gloves bit at her labia then eased back down to the light pattering he had started with. He kept this going for several long wonderful minutes before suddenly he stopped.

Cold prickles rolled up the inside of her right thigh, lightly at first but then harder and more biting. This was repeated on her left thigh, then moving ever closer toward her pussy. There was a brief moment of nothing as Master obviously retrieved something, then the pin wheel rolled lightly over her puffy labia, and brushed tantalisingly over her clit hood. Master expertly traced the folds of her most private place all the time slightly increasing the pressure so as to direct her writhes and wriggles. The toy let out a sigh as she felt Masters free hand spread open her lips, his agile fingers pulling the elastic skin taught as he spread them so wide unmasking her engorged clit and moist hole. She gasped loudly as she felt the sharp needle like points of the pin wheel roll torturously up the inner folds of her slit towards her completely exposed, and by now very engorged and throbbing clit. She didn’t know whether to scream or cum, the sensation was so exquisite.

Master singled out her clit for attention next, and deftly manoeuvred the instrument circling around it and edging ever closer to his goal. She could feel the dull ache in her gut and she knew that she would cum very hard very soon. Just as he decreased the pressure on her pulsating cunt the orgasm threatened to overcome her, and she begged through stifled whimpers “please Master, please may i cum?”

Master removed the tool and as she relaxed her body a little the intense desire faded slightly. He stabbed the glistening spiked roller into her clit whilst at the same time commanding “now girl.” Her throbbing aching pussy gushed warm sweet juices all over the insides of her thighs, down over her firm buttocks and drenched Masters left hand. She quivered and shook as her intense climax ebbed away, she tingled with a mixture of pleasure, pain, excitement ,and fear. She never wanted to leave this place.

Master came around to the side of her head and wrenched her head back by roughly gripping her hair and pulling down sharply. The sudden move startled her and she looked up at Master with huge fearful eyes. He let go of her hair and pulled open her jaw holding it tight in an iron grip. He showed her his hand soaked in her cum, and with a smile curling his lips he said “clean it,” before pushing his fingers into her open orifice. She sucked and licked urgently, and swallowed down the slippery liquid. She was incredibly aroused and was shocked at herself, she had never tasted her own before, the sweet musky flavour was strange to her but not unpleasant. Master forced his fingers deeper into her mouth so they filled her completely, she licked, sucked and swallowed.

The toy heard the Female voice again, “get down there boy, between her legs, kneel boy,” she heard it order. She felt what she could only assume was the male subs arm or leg brush against the back of her calf as he positioned himself according to his Mistresses instructions. “That’s it you worthless whelp, stay there just like that.” The Female voice said.

Suddenly the toy felt long finger nails drag across her stomach and up towards her breasts. The talon like and perfectly manicured tips made her shiver as they dug in. The Mistress came into view as she reached the stocks at the toys head end. The toy could only see her from the waist up because of her restricted movement, but she was beautiful. Standing with a sleek black and red riding crop held across her body she had an authority and confidence that oozed from every part of her.

She had an elegant aquiline face with high cheek bones and wide scarlet painted lips that complimented her large expressive icy blue eyes. Her golden blonde hair tumbled down over her bare smooth pale skinned shoulders towards her black corseted bosom, and her perfectly manicured finger nails flashed glossy red as she swiped the crop down to connect with her submissive somewhere between the toys legs. The toy heard the crack as the leather tip struck flesh, “lick her arse boy,” ordered the perfect Mistress. A short moment later toy twitched as she felt the eager boy lap at her puckered hole. She felt quite invaded as the sub pushed into her with his limber tongue and proceeded to push deeper and deeper. She could feel her face flush and her juices flowing despite trying to resist succumbing to the attention. Then it dawned on her…..Where was Master?

“Would you be so kind as to blindfold the toy please Madam,” toy heard her Masters voice from somewhere behind her.

“Of course Master. We can’t have her seeing what’s coming next can we.” The toy could hear perverse humour in the perfect Mistress’s words, and she could feel new apprehension building swiftly within her. The perfect Mistress approached the toy with a long broad length of smooth black leather. She was folding it over itself ensuring that there would be no possibility for even the slightest chink of light to bleed beneath it once it was in place.

The toy was left for what felt like an age as she heard her Master and the Mistress moving around her preparing whatever was in store for her next. The boy was still licking eagerly at her arse, his tongue really going to town deep inside her, and she wondered if he actually enjoyed his task. Suddenly she felt a shock of heat splatter over her left breast. She gasped and wriggled as the hot wax cooled tightening and solidifying on her firm young skin. Before she had time to recover from that shock another hot splattering hit her right breast and caused her to make a yelp as it landed. An amused chuckle came from Master as he said “what a delightful response, don’t you think Mistress? Her tight little body wriggling and squirming like that.”

“Mmm, wonderful Master. I think this specimen should be at pride of place for the next dinner party. She has such an innocents about her, and her body is divine,” came the perfect Mistresses reply. The toy was trembling with excitement, fear and anticipation as she tried desperately to stop from cumming as the perfect Mistress’s boy tongued her arse hole expertly. She had noted the way that the perfect Mistress’s last words seemed to drip with wicked glee at the mention of a dinner party. She had no idea what the Mistress was talking about but couldn’t help wondering if she had pleased Master enough that He would wish to show her off. The thought made the toys heart skip a beat and she was filled with a rush of pride and elation that Master might value her so highly.

Master’s voice was right in the toys ear as she heard him say “don’t make a sound my little play thing. You don’t want to disappoint Me and Mistress now do you?” Not wanting to risk giving a verbal answer the toy shook her head emphatically, hoping to appear sincere and eager. Suddenly what felt like hot liquid was dribbled onto her breasts and down over her smooth stomach. The shock of it took her breath away, and her body tensed and strained against the stocks and spreader bar as she barely managed to stop from making a sound.

Master and Mistress were pouring the liquid wax all over her heaving breasts, the nipples stiff and crinkled despite the numbing sensation they now had. Once they were content with the covering of her breasts they slowly moved down over her stomach with interlacing dribbles of wax. The sensation was strange but after the initial shock of the heat that lasted for a second or two the toy found that the feeling of the cooling cracking wax on her bare flesh was not at all the searing pain she would have imagined would be caused by this act.

The toy then noticed with some alarm that Master and Mistress were continuing towards her pussy mound. She wriggled involuntarily as the wax got nearer and nearer. She heard both Master and Mistress’s amusement at her predicament as finally the first splashes of hot wax fell on her swollen outer labia. It tingled, and she felt it drying almost instantly which made her lips feel as if they were tightening, again she was surprised that it wasn’t a more painful sensation. “Open her up.” She heard the perfect Mistress snap at her submissive. “Quickly you pathetic whelp. We haven’t got all day,” came the Mistress’s follow up. The toy could hear the boy scrambling to his feet between her legs, then felt bare skin against the inside of her thighs, and then realised that the boy was standing in the gap inside her legs between her pussy and the spreader bar.

A moment later she felt his hands gently pulling open her pussy lips to reveal her inner sanctum. The toy felt incredibly vulnerable and really was frightened by now, she felt herself beginning to sob softly. But this did not last for long as what felt like molten lava splashed directly onto her exposed clit and inner folds. This time she could not stop herself from letting out a brief scream. The heat only lasted for a couple of seconds but it was so intense that she really did think it was something other than wax. But her worries were soon dissipated as she felt the now familiar sensation of wax cooling and drying on her delicate skin.

The next thing she knew the boy between her legs was ordered to remove the spreader bar, and to clean her pussy. She could feel the wax dry and cracked all over her and it made her skin feel tight, but she had to admit to herself that she liked its clinging feeling. The boy used a wet cloth to clean toys pussy and then dried it with a towel before saying “is this to your satisfaction Mistress?” It was the first time toy had heard her fellow sub talk, and she noticed that his voice seemed slightly muffled as if covered by something. She couldn’t help but wonder who he was.

The perfect Mistress’s reply came quickly “put the harness on, remove her blindfold, and wait for Me facing the wall.”

“Yes Mistress,” replied the boy. Toy heard him move away and then a few moments later heard buckles being fastened.

Toy wondered what Master and Mistress were doing. They were over the other side of the large room and she could hear them talking in hushed voices, but she was unable to see them as her vision was still covered by the blindfold. What felt like three or four minutes past before she heard the boy approach her again. She felt his hands untying the leather around her head and lifting it away from her face, and she had to blink several times to readjust her eyes to the light in the room, after a few blinks and a minute or so of squinting through her lashes she was able to see properly again.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught the movement of Master and Mistress making their way over to her, and the boy that she could not currently see. As They came into full view the toy could see that Master was stripped to the waist revealing a firm athletic torso with clearly defined muscles and a smooth broad chest. Toys eyes were fixed on Him, and she felt fresh juices trickling from her exposed pussy.

She then flicked her eyes over to the perfect Mistress and her skin turned to goose bumps. She had changed into a black satin under bust corset that showcased her small pert breasts. The nipples were a rich pink, and they stood as erect and crinkled as the toys own did. Toy continued down her body to see that the perfect Mistress wore a black satin suspender belt to which were attached beautiful black silk stockings that protruded only a few inches above the tops of a pair of soft black leather boots that came up over Her knees, and ended in vicious looking five or six inch steel bladed heels. It wasn’t until toy let her eyes rove back up the Mistress that she realised that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and the smoothly shaven lips of her pussy were clearly visible beneath a small neat triangle of soft blonde pubic hair.

The toy swallowed at the sight of the vision before her and just at that moment felt a long trickle of her pussy juice run down over her arse.

Master came up beside the toys head, and unlocked the clasps on the stocks before lifting the heavy wooden top half away from the trapped toys neck and wrists. He gripped the toys hair, and hauled her up so she stood upright and wobbly on aching trembling legs. He then took a pair of steel police handcuffs from his pocket and ordered the toy to put her hands in front of her. She did as she was told and the hand cuffs were locked into place. Gripping her hair once more he guided her over to a padded bench that resembled a school gymnasiums horse bench.

He led her right up to it until her upper thighs pressed against its cool leather padding, and then roughly pushed her over until she was bent forwards over the piece of furniture. Master then walked around in front of the bench and padlocked the hand cuff chain to a heavy duty steel ring that was set into the floor. He then came back around to her rear and pushed her legs apart until he was satisfied. A few short seconds later her ankles were cuffed and chained to the legs of the bench. The toy felt utterly at his mercy not for the first time during this meeting.

In the two months that she had been serving her Master, she had experienced a roller coaster of emotions ranging from shear exultance to down right fear. Not to mention the physical pleasures and torments she had experienced. But throughout every session she never wanted to leave his service.

The dried cracked wax on the toys breasts and stomach felt uncomfortable underneath the weight pressing down on it, she couldn’t help thinking that this had been intentional and so tried to ignore it as she wondered what she would be used for next.

From somewhere behind her the toy heard the perfect Mistress address Her boy. “Is that it? you call that a cock. It’s not even worth my time,” she taunted.

“Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress,” came the boys feeble answer.

There was a short pause before She said “fuck her mouth, not with that pathetic tooth pick, do it with the rubber one.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress,” came his reply with more than a hint of disappointment. The toy didn’t know what to do, this boy had just been ordered to fuck her mouth but she had been told by Master that she was not allowed to do anything with any other man without his expressed permission. Even though it was to be with a fake cock she didn’t want to disobey Master.

The boy moved round in front of her and she found herself looking at two identical cocks. The boy was wearing a strapon harness with an exact rubber replica of his cock sprouting from its housing. Beneath it its clone stood fully erect and straining up against the leather of the harness that was forcing it to be pushed down at an unnatural angle. The cock looked to be a decent size of around six to seven inches, and the toy found herself wondering why the perfect Mistress was ridiculing the boy for its size. She considered it to be a perfectly good specimen from what she could see only inches from her face.

As the toy had decided that she didn’t want to displease Master she turned her head away as the boy pushed the cocks forward . The boy pulled back and she looked up into his face in the hope that she would be able to make him understand that she needed permission. But she never saw his face. The boys entire head was covered in a tight black rubber mask that left his face completely featureless. The only detail on the mask was two air holes at the nostrils and two slits for the boy to see out of. The boy pushed forwards again, and again she turned her head away. Trying to overcome her nerves the toy tried to find her voice. “M…M..Master. Please may I suck Mistress’s boys cock?” She asked pathetically.

There was a pause as Master considered his reply, and the boy having now realised toys predicament waited for the response. “You may,” said Master “but it is not Mistress’s boys cock. It is Mistress’s cock.”

The toy cursed herself inwardly as she realised her mistake and replied “Yes Master. Thank you. I am sorry Master, I will not forget again.”

Master’s voice, still somewhere behind toy said “you must apologise to Mistress, it is after all Mistress’s cock.”

The toy desperately tried to think of an apology that would satisfy Mistress as her fear rose. After what felt like forever she hit upon an idea. She took a deep breath and said in as loud a voice as she could manage “I am very sorry Mistress, I will not make that mistake again. Please allow me to make up for my stupidity.” She closed her eyes, and waited for the perfect Mistress’s reply.

The toys body went rigid with fear as she heard the sound of the perfect Mistress’s metal heels striking the floor as She paced towards her. The sound stopped to her right and slightly behind her, the Mistress said nothing. Long moments of silence passed, then white hot stinging pain shot across her buttocks once, twice, three times. The cane bit hard as it struck, and the pain was excruciating. The toy clenched her fists and arched her back as she tried not to scream out. Then the sound of the perfect Mistress’s heels receded back to where they had come from and toy relaxed again. The perfect Mistress’s authoritative voice commanded her boy, “now, fuck her mouth.” With that the boy pushed his Mistress’s rubber and real cocks forward, and toy opened her mouth.

The rubber cock slid into her mouth about half way and she began to suck. The toy had never tried to suck a false cock before, and she found it strange, in truth she would rather have had the real thing. But she knew she wasn’t in a position to request anything other than she was given or ordered to take. So she went to work on the rubber cock deep throating it and sucking it for all she was worth. The Mistress’s real cock rubbed up against her chin and neck as she went to work on its clone, she could feel it warm and hard against her skin, and after a couple of minutes felt the unmistakable silkiness of pre cum oozing from its tip onto her.

As she began to enjoy the sucking and settled into a good rhythm the toy noticed a flash from her left side, she dare not turn her head to see what was going on, but instead turned her eyes in their sockets to see if she could make out what was going on. A few seconds later another flash went off and she realised what was happening. She was being photographed sucking the Perfect Mistress’s cock, all bound up and exposed to the world.

She felt a rush of panic surge through her as she considered the implications if those photographs were to be seen by any of her work colleagues from the bank. She knew that there was a very high possibility that she would loose her job, not to mention the humiliation of the knowledge that people from her day to day life had seen her in this compromising position. As awful as the thought was, she also felt an unexpected wave of exhilaration at the thought of people watching her performance.

This all encouraged her to suck more eagerly and even to put on a bit of a show. Master said with evident amusement in his voice, “that’s it my little toy, show the world what a dirty little slut you are.” She groaned, her pussy was twitching and she could feel it’s swollen labia throbbing with arousal. “These pictures will look superb on my profile, along with all the other girls,” she heard Master comment, she assumed to the perfect Mistress. The toy felt a pang of jealousy at Masters mention of other girls, she really hadn’t realised just how much she wanted to serve him and be the best girl he had ever had in his service.

Several more photographs were taken, then the toy heard an abrupt “DO NOT cum boy.” The toy had a lot of pre cum smeared over her chin and neck from Mistress’s real cock, and she could feel it twitching against her. The sound of the perfect Mistress’s voice halted the boys thrusting motions and he held very still. The toy hadn’t been told to stop her sucking so she carried on with the boy clearly using every ounce of will power to stop himself from pushing forwards and cumming.

She kept sucking, wanting to show Master how good she was. The boys legs were trembling uncontrollably, and soft whimpers escaped softly from his lips. “Good girl,” came Masters voice, “that’s it, make the whelp cum.” His last words ending in an amused chuckle.

“Don’t you dare cum boy,” the Perfect Mistress hissed. “I think that strapon would look rather good sliding in and out of that arse whilst Masters girl sucks………mmm, I’m not even sure if even I would be able to resist cumming watching that,” mocked the Perfect Mistress.

With that the boy whimpered and groaned as he squirted thick streams of cum over the toys neck and upper chest, he twitched and jerked and seemed to keep cumming and cumming.

The toy kept sucking the Mistress’s rubber cock despite wanting to pull away from the hot sticky liquid that now coated her, but suddenly the rubber replica was pulled from her mouth as the boy was dragged backwards by the balls. The toy saw blood red talons viciously gripping and twisting at the hairless scrotum as the Perfect Mistress slapped the boy to the floor with Her free hand. The boy cried out, “I’m so sorry Mistress. I am pathetic, I am not worthy to serve you.” The boy lay curled up on the floor his knees drawn up to his chest as the Perfect Mistress began to strike his back, arms and legs with a cruel looking prison cane. The toy could not tare her eyes away from the scene before her, she was all at once appalled but aroused at it’s brutality.

Lost in the surreal moment she hadn’t even considered her own situation, until she heard “Well my little toy, time for your punishment I think.” Masters words were crystal clear and full of devilish intent, and the toy began to tremble and sob.

“Now young lady,” came her Masters dark voice, “you will count out loud backwards from twenty to zero as I strike you. Do you understand?”

The toy swallowed hard before replying “yes Master.”

“Then we begin.” He boomed as he stepped away from the bench.

She couldn’t drag her eyes from the continuing scene being played out in front of her. The Perfect Mistress was now standing on the boys back whilst he lay face down crying and shaking. Her cruel heels digging deep into his flesh as she walked up and down his back. The toys head was spinning and every fibre of her body seemed to be trembling uncontrollably.

Thwack…..a lance of bright stinging pain shot across her buttocks. “T..t..twenty. Thank you Master she spluttered.” Thwack…..”Nineteen. Thank you Master” she moaned again. Four more strikes had the toy crying freely as she counted off and thanked her Master. Her skin burned and tingled sharply, and she was sure that bruising was already beginning to darken her flesh. Master had administered ten strikes and then suddenly stopped. The toy was initially relieved that she had a moment to compose herself, but then remembered that she still had another ten to come.

Masters voice came from behind her somewhere, she could hear leather creaking and every few seconds could hear the distinctive crack of what she could only assume was a whip of some sort. Panic flooded the toy and a new wave of anxiety made her blood turn to ice as she realised she had never actually taken a whip before, and she really wasn’t sure that she would be able to cope with such a harsh tool. But she had no time to think any more as…..crack…..the first biting strike landed and felt as intense as a super nova where it struck. “Ten. Thank You Master,” she managed through a long expulsion of breath through her teeth. Crack…..this time on the other cheek, another super nova flaring , “nine. Thank You Master.” The toy could feel herself slipping away almost into another world, disconnected from her body. In her minds eye she could see herself chained and vulnerable over the bench, see her bright reddened flesh decorated with livid welts and stripes. The pain was there but somehow dull, and in the background of her physical awareness, she was light headed, almost floating, almost in space.

From what seemed like far far away she heard Masters voice. “When you are instructed to make no sound you will make NO sound young lady. I expect better from you,” it said.

The response formed automatically at her lips and she said “yes Master,” before she even had the conscious thought to do so.

The toy took the remaining strikes and followed Masters instructions to the letter, adding after the final strike “Zero. Thank You Master. Thank You for my punishment.” She was left for what felt like ten minutes or so to come down from her experience and regain her composure a little. She looked around as much as her restraints would allow but could see nobody else, no Master, no Perfect Mistress, and no boy. She even began to wonder whether she had passed out at some point or fallen asleep, but she dismissed the idea as she knew that Master would take care of her rather than abandon her. He had after all covered her over with a warm soft fleece that made her feel safe and secure, she knew Master wouldn’t be far away.

Just as she was starting to doubt even that, she heard Masters voice entering the room. “We will put the whelp in the swing, bound and gagged whilst We enjoy Ourselves.”

“Mmmmm, oh yes, what a splendid idea Master. You are surpassing Yourself today,” replied the Perfect Mistress’s velvet smooth voice.

Moments later Master and the Perfect Mistress came into view shoving and dragging a rope bound and bruised naked boy across to the swing. The Perfect Mistress lined him up with the seat and unceremoniously pushed him backwards into it. The Perfect Mistress barked “legs” at him and the boy instantly lifted his legs up in front of Her. Leaning over to a small shelf that was recessed into the wall the Perfect Mistress picked up a roll of heavy duty industrial tape and then proceeded to tightly bind the boys legs together starting at the ankles and stopping just under the knees. Masters broad frame loomed behind the boy and seemed to be doing something to the boys arms which were still tied behind his back. A few seconds later the boys arms were free, but Master instantly gripped one of them firmly, and forced the forearm up against the support chains of the swing. The Perfect Mistress calmly walked around and taped the arm from elbow to wrist tight up against the chain. The pair repeated this on the opposite arm and then the Perfect Mistress stood back to admire their work. “Excellent”, She said abruptly. “Now, lets get that mask off.”

The boy frantically shook his head and struggled pathetically against his bondage and pleaded “no Mistress, please no.”

The Perfect Mistress laughed cruelly and said “come come boy, its only fair that young toy see’s who my pathetic little boy is. Besides, it’s not as if either of you can deny your presence here.” The Perfect Mistress’s beautiful face was lit by a broad wicked smile as She said “Master, if you would be so kind.” The toy saw her Master grip the boys head roughly with one hand and quickly unzip the back of the mask, then with a broad grin he tore the mask from the boys face.

The toys jaw fell open as she stared at the face of the man before her. A thousand thoughts rushed through her head as she tried to contemplate what she was seeing. On the one hand she could have laughed out loud, but on the other she almost felt physically sick at the possible consequences of what was happening. The mans head hung low and she could see that all the colour had drained from his face. His slightly greying brown hair was a damp mess pressed flat against his head from the thick rubber mask, and his light brown eyes cast downward in shame.

In the years that she had worked at the bank she had never seen Mr Armstrong looking anything other than the diligent professional. As the banks manager he was efficient, confident and in many ways the overbearing tyrant that is stereo typical of such a position. But to see him like this was unbelievable, she wasn’t sure who was more embarrassed, him or her. The two submissive’s did not meet each others gaze and both began to turn increasingly deeper shades of red as the realisation of the scene focused their minds. The toy jumped as she was startled by the loud and sudden laughter of both the Perfect Mistress and Master. Master leaned around the side of the boy and spoke directly to him, “you just sit and watch as we take our pleasure. Don’t go anywhere.” This last comment encouraged another bout of laughter from the pair. Moving away from the boy Master and the Perfect Mistress began focusing their attention on the toy.

The toy felt her heart pounding in her chest as Master crouched down in front of her, and unlocked the hand cuffs from the floor ring, she could feel that the Perfect Mistress was releasing the pad locks from the ankle chains at the same time, then suddenly her hair was gripped forcefully by Master and she was pulled upright. Leaving her hands cuffed Master roughly dragged her by her hair over to a long low padded bench, and as they reached it said “on your back My little slut.” Slut?! The toy thought.

In all her life nobody had ever called her that, yet somehow when Master said it she had ripples of excitement as well as a huge desire to be just that, a slut, just for Him, for her Master. At that moment she knew that no matter how degrading or depraved an act was she would do it without hesitation for her Master.

The toy did as she was told and lay back on the cool leather of the benches padded surface. Master pulled her arms up until they were above her head, still cuffed, then she felt another padlock snap shut over the cuff chains, and she could not move her arms save for a redundant almost flapping motion. Master then moved down her body to her midriff where he reached under the bench, and produced a thick heavy duty leather strap which he proceeded to loop over her to the benches other side. A moment later she felt the buckle being tightened and restricting her movement further.

Finally Master moved to her feet and looking over his left shoulder said “ready.” The toy was utterly confused for a few seconds, but then she saw two thick steel chains lowering from the ceiling and it became clear what was about to happen. She was so wet, she was sure there must already be a puddle on the benches surface. As the chains reached roughly shoulder height to Master, he grabbed one of her legs and hauled it up until her ankle met the chains end. After a couple of short seconds she heard a loud click as the cuff was clipped to the chain, and her leg was allowed to drop a few inches back towards the floor before the chain arrested its descent. This process was repeated on the other leg, and then Master stepped a pace backwards and calmly said “up please if you would be so kind Mistress.” Instantly the chains began lifting higher and the toys legs lifted with them. “Stop please,” Master said before stepping forward to feel how extended the toys legs were. “A couple of inches more please Mistress,” Master said again.

This time the toy could feel her legs being almost stretched and her pussy and arse being exposed by her somewhat vulnerable position. The chains ceased their movement and the Perfect Mistress reappeared from behind Master. “What a lovely sight Master,” she said with more than a hint of mischief in her smooth elegant voice.

Master smiled as He replied, “indeed. Let us enjoy her.” With that they both stepped forward, and the toys mind exploded with the pleasure, excitement, and animal desire she felt over what followed.

Master stood over the toys head and undid his fly revealing his semi erect cock. The toy looked up, a wash with lust and adoration for her Master, her eyes silently longing for his intimate attention. Positioning his knees either side of her head Master guided his cock into her willing mouth, she greedily took him and worked her tongue and lips hungrily over his length.

She jumped a little as she felt small dextrous fingers opening her sopping pussy and moaned as she felt the Perfect Mistress’s talon like nails tickle at her clit. The gentle digits worked expertly between her clit and wet hole, alternately sliding two fingers inside and flicking across her exposed bud.

Masters cock grew rapidly in her mouth and it was no time at all until she could no longer take him entirely inside. He was considerably larger than the boy who’s rubber clone she had sucked earlier, and she found she could only take around two thirds of his length. But she worked hard to please her Master, and tried to take more each time he thrust roughly into the back of her throat. Her lips stretched around him and she found herself wishing she had no gag reflex like so many of the porn stars she had read about.

The Perfect Mistress’s rhythm was steady and she clearly knew exactly what she was doing with a pussy, her nimble finger danced tantalisingly over and around the gasping moaning toys swollen red and dripping pussy. The toy could feel an orgasm beginning to burn deep in her and she knew it wouldn’t be long before it was upon her. She attempted to mumble to Master through her mouth full of cock, but it was no use. She knew she was not permitted to cum without Masters expressed permission. A minute or so later her moans and groans were threatening to turn into wails and screams of frustration as she tried desperately not to cum.

Just then both Master and Mistress pulled away from the toy leaving her gasping and wriggling against her restraints. She felt like crying she was so frustrated, but Masters voice brought her swiftly back to reality. “Good girl. I am glad to see that you are able to control yourself,” He grinned down at her, “now, lets see how you cope with Mistress’s strapon.”

The toy shivered in anticipation. To be taken by a Mistress with a strapon was one of her most frequently visited fantasies, and the thought of this beautiful woman taking her drove her almost to the point of orgasm then and there. “Mmmmm, I am looking forward to this” purred the Perfect Mistress as she appeared between the toys legs sporting an enormous looking strapon. The toys eyes shot wide open as she saw the black rubber cock sprouting from the Perfect Mistress’s groin. The Perfect Mistress simply chuckled as she positioned herself to gain entry to the toys open and vulnerable sex. All of her attention was focused on the Perfect Mistress and what she was doing, her body was tingling, shaking, begging for the fantasy to unfold.

The toy drew an intake of breath as the bulbous head of the rubber cock nudged at her labia and eased them apart further. Her legs quivered and she could feel light perspiration on her face and chest as she felt the intruder force its way inside her, its dome popping inside and stretching her opening. The Perfect Mistress’s face was full of purposeful but sexually fuelled deliberation, as she slid more of her cock into the toy. Aloud moaning filled the toys ears and it was several seconds before she realised it was in fact her making the noise, but she didn’t care.

The Perfect Mistress fucked her expertly and did not let up on the rhythm, the toy felt utterly filled and more stretched than she had ever felt before, it felt wonderful. The Perfect Mistress leant forward and tweaked and pinched the toys nipples and she tried to arch her back against her restraints only to find that she had been rendered completely immobile by the heavy leather strapping and chains. The Perfect Mistress was really pounding now, her thrusts driving the rubber cock deep, so deep. The toys mind was a spinning mass of desire, frustration at not being able to cum, ecstasy at the feelings in her pussy, and an overwhelming need to scream long and hard.

Master suddenly appeared above her head again, and after letting the toy see the camcorder he held in one hand, said one sweet word. “Cum.”

Her whole world exploded in a screaming, gushing, writhing, miasma of exquisite orgasmic pleasure. She saw the Perfect Mistress’s beautiful face beaming down at her, her Master taking in the scene, his handsome features glowing with excitement and arousal. She felt like she could have jumped over the moon at that moment, and it took a long time for her to come down from it.

In the blur of the following hour the toy was released from her bondage, hugged by Master and told she was a good girl and that he was proud of her, then sent to the bathroom to shower and dress. Although she could not remember it at all. As the minutes between that amazing climax and this moment in which she stood waiting in the lounge area of Masters home had passed as a jumble of emotions and physical responses as her endorphins went crazy and time seemed to slow to a crawl.

She was alone for the moment and as she stood waiting for Master, The Perfect Mistress, and the boy who she still could not quite believe was Mr Armstrong. She felt the warm sensation of her well used buttocks and the rhythmical pulsating of her equally well used pussy. The feelings made her smile, and she considered how content and happy she felt at being owned and used by her Master in any way he saw fit, she really couldn’t imagine not being his.

Just then the heavy wooden door of the room swung open and Master entered followed by the Perfect Mistress, and finally her boy, although he was now respectfully dressed in his familiar dark blue suit with his hair neatly combed and his face resembling far more the Mr Armstrong that she knew rather than the subservient boy that had been her co-submissive over the last few hours.

“Well. What a delightful afternoon for us all. Wouldn’t you agree?” asked Master to nobody in particular.

“Yes Master, it was wonderful,” piped up the toy almost instantly.

He smiled at her, “you have done very well today girl. The photographs I have taken and the video I shot really are excellent.” He continued with a wicked grin.

The toy felt herself redden, but managed a smile before she said “I am so pleased you are happy Master, I am yours to do with as You please.”

“Yes. you are.” He replied. “Now, I have work to do. I expect to see you here at the same time next Saturday my little toy.” Master said as he ushered her towards the door.

“Yes Master.” She replied in a small voice.

Her eye had just met that of Mr Armstrong and it was clear from his expression and body language that there would be no problem with anybody at the bank finding out about their out of hours activities. In fact, she thought that she might go and see Mr Armstrong and make enquiries about a considerable raise when she was back at work on Monday.

The toy stepped out into a bright spring day, the air was clear and faint sunshine took the chill out of the breeze. It had been around the same time the previous day that she had excitedly arrived at Masters home, and now how she longed to be back by his side. Just as she eased her tender backside into the seat and started the engine of her car she saw Mr Armstrong leave the house and make his way to his flashy Mercedes SLK convertible. The forty something year old bank manager didn’t even take a look around to see if she was still nearby as he climbed in. A few seconds later the powerful engine roared to life and the sleek black vehicle sped away disappearing into the evening traffic.

toy112 sat there for a moment, a quiet private smile across her pretty lips. “See you soon my Master,” she whispered as she pulled away.

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