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Tomorrow Night’s Play

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Hello little slut.

I haven’t had much time today to write to you.. I’ve been quite busy.. lots of time to think though…

Tonight, you will try on your new underclothes.. the shiny, silky bra and tight latex panties I purchased for you. I want to see if they fit the way I want them to fit..

Tomorrow, when you get home from work you will clean yourself out, shave and shower for me. You will be allowed to have something intoxicating to drink, as it helps you relax. Something other than hard liquor, as the smell of it displeases me. Red wine, I think, as I enjoy that scent. I will pick out the clothes and ‘accessories’ that you will be displaying for me. I have some new toys, large ones, that you will be required to take. You will change into the clothes that I set out as well as put in the plug that I will leave on your clothes as soon as you are out of the shower and dried off. I am going to do your hair and your makeup.

We are then going to go for a drive. You will be collared in the passenger’s seat. I will be driving. I require you to ride, not drive, because I know that it is hard for you to do so. You are going to do this because I wish for you to submit to me in this way. On our ride, I will require you to expose yourself to me and play with yourself. I want to see this, and so you will do it.

When we get home, I am going to tie you to the bed. I am then going upstairs to read for a bit. While on the bed, you must think on submitting to me. ONLY on submitting to me. Concentrate on the fact that it is for my pleasure and not yours that you submit. When I am done reading, I will come back downstairs. You will tell me what you have thought about and how you feel at this point in the evening. If you don’t, that is the end of our play for the night. You will stay tied up to the bed, so that you can continue to contemplate why you must do exactly as I say. I will sleep upstairs. The following morning, I will untie you and we will try again. When you are able to tell me what you have thought about, then our play will continue.

I will tie you over the horse, and redden your ass cheeks and thighs. I am going to take pictures of you tied up like this, because I like reminders of the pleasure it brings me when you submit to me.

Once your ass cheeks are at a suitable shade of rose, I am going to force you to suck on a cock. I want to see your lipstick smeared down the length of a big cock as it disappears in down your throat. You will suck it until I tell you to stop. When I decide you are done with this cock, I am going to drive it up your ass until you are just at the point of orgasm.. You will not cum until I say you can, and this will not be the time.

I am then going to take the cock away from your slutty little hole and you will go down on it again.. when you have cleaned all your juice off of it, I will repeat the process with a bigger cock. This will continue until I bore of it.

At this point in time, we will talk again. You will tell me how you are feeling. I want honesty at all times from you. If I do not think I am getting it, play will end.

Once we have spoken, and your feelings have been expressed honestly, I am going to work your ass quite hard. I will expect it to take my entire fist and part of my arm. I am going to pound your slut hole with my fist and arm and bring you to the point of orgasm. Again, you will only be allowed to come when I say, and again, this will not be the time. You are submitting to me for my enjoyment, so you will do as I say.

When I have satisfied myself fisting you, I will untie you from the horse, and tie you back up on the bed. You will be blindfolded and then I am going to hurt you. Your back and ass will bear the marks of my whip. I am going to use every trick I know to make sure that this part hurts. Your pain is a sign of your submission to me. Your submission brings me pleasure. You will therefore bear this for me because your reason for being is my pleasure, however I take that from your body. When I am done whipping you, I will untie you, and rub some lotion onto your back. We will relax for a small amount of time. I will cuddle around your back, pillow you on my chest, and praise you for being such a wonderfully submissive little slut..

When I feel you are ready, I will let you fuck my tits until you spray your seed on my chest. When you have recovered from your pleasure, you will lick me clean. I will then undress you, and ready you for bed. While you are resting, I will clean up from our play. I will then climb into the bed your body has warmed, turn off the light, and we will sleep together.

At any time during our play you may use stoplight safe words. I will respect them. If you say red, our play will be over. If you say yellow I will stop what I am doing at that time until you say green.

I am insisting on honest communication for this play night. I am doing so because, while we have good communication in all other aspects of our marriage, in bed play we are still shy and hesitant. I don’t know why we are afraid to ask for what we really want in bed, but this night’s play will hopefully break the ice on that topic.

I love you very much, which is why I will require all of this from you. You are my most cherished possession.



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