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My First Time

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I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this happened to me. I should start off by saying that I love women, I always have and I imagine I always will. But at the same time, part of me has been attracted to men since I was a teenager. I had a few drunken make outs with various guys, and once got brave enough to just graze a friend’s dick with my hand, but nothing serious. That said, gay porn has also turned me on, and I think I knew somewhere inside that if I did something more serious with a man, I would enjoy it.

In fact, I’m often mistaken for gay, more so by women and straight men but even sometimes by gay men. I wasn’t sure I would ever have a gay experience, but at twenty-four, I did. 

I’m an average looking guy, I guess, a little short and thin-about 5’5, 125 pounds. I’m in decent shape, and am naturally tan, due to being half Spanish. I have a strong jaw, slender arms and legs, and kind of messy dark hair. I figured I would always be the smaller guy in any relationship with a man (and have been in most relationships with a woman, actually), but I was never into guys that were too big or hairy. I guess I wanted a guy kind of like me-lean, not femme but not a hunk. And it just so happened I met a guy like that at a party, Rick. 

This party was at a friend of a friend’s that I had been invited to after going to see a concert. I didn’t really know anyone besides my friend, but I thought it would be fun to maybe meet some new people, talk, and get a little drunk. I was wearing a white v-neck and jeans with red chucks and this guy came over to me, kind of a rocker looking guy-black shirt, dark jeans, rakish hair. He was taller than me like most guys are, about 5’10 maybe, and pale, clean shaven with one of those close cropped on the sides and back but longer swooshing hair on the front hairdos. His eyes were a dark blue and he had an eyebrow piercing. I’d always kind of wanted one myself, but it didn’t go with the rest of my look. We started talking about whatever-the band we’d seen, movies, I introduced myself, telling him my name was Jim, basic stuff like that-I don’t really remember. 

What I do remember is the guy asking me if he’d like to come back to his place, cause he lived nearby. I kind of froze at that and my natural response-“I’m not gay”, came to mind, but couldn’t quite make it past my lips. He smiled at my hesitation , and playfully slapped my arm. 

“I don’t bite.” What I said next also seemed like a natural response, but it shocked me even more than this guy hitting on me. 

“Even if I want you to?” I said back, a little nervous sounding. He smiled at that and reached down to take my hand. Absurdly, I let him. Holding hands with a guy was weird, I was so used to girls’ small, soft hands that his much bigger fingers and kinda rough knuckles felt strange but alluring to me. Slowly I walked with him out of the party, hoping no one was watching us leave together. My mind was a blank-I could feel the gears in my head turning, but no coherent thoughts were coming together. What was I doing? Where would this lead? I didn’t know, but part of me wanted to find out. I confess I was already hard-I’ve always gotten erections very quickly, and just the strange novelty of what I was doing plus the fact that a cute guy was into me, had my dick throbbing against my jeans. 

We walked for a block and a half, and went up to his room. I was quiet the entire time, still not believing what was happening, still scared. We walked up a few flights to his stairs, and he stopped outside his door. Then he turned to me and leaned in for a kiss. 

I’d kissed guys before, like I said, so I responded quickly. Kissing guys was weirder than girls, but it still felt good. I love making out, and this guy was a pretty good kisser. His tongue probed into my mouth, and I responded with my own, licking him and pressing towards his body a little bit. We kissed for a bout a minute before he pulled away, but not before biting my lower lip playfully. My breathing had increased slightly, and I felt myself blushing. 

He smiled and said, “Like that?” He said, referring to my earlier comment about biting. I just sort of stammered-I do that a lot when I’m put on the spot. He opened the door and led me inside. 

His apartment was nice, kind of sparse, which I like, but with a tiny bit of clutter-empty beer cans, some clothes on the ground. I closed the door myself, again surprised by my own actions. By this time, I was really horny, even if I was in totally uncharted territory-I’d never been in a guy’s apartment like this, my only other kissing experiences with men had been at parties, with the safety of other people around, even if they weren’t watching. Here I was vulnerable, and alone with him. 

Rick kissed me again, doing that stumbly walk backwards as we made out. I pulled away after a few moments and turned my head, offering my head up to him, and he licked, nibbled, and bit me softly. 

“Harder.” I whispered. He bit down on my neck, and I knew if he kept up like this I’d have a hickey, but I didn’t care. I ran my hands over his back, being bold and caressing his ass a little. He returned the favor as we kept walking. We went through an open door into his bedroom. It was dark, and with the light behind us blocked by me, I could barely see him. I just felt his lean body, was warmed by his breath and lips by my neck, and could feel my heart thumping In my chest. That’s when he slipped a hand inside my jeans and rubbed my dick through my boxers. 

I moaned, kissing his own neck. His fingers stroked up and down my modest-about five and a half inches-member, and I kind of flexed involuntarily, causing my tip to swell up a little. Rick pulled his hand out and began unbuttoning my pants. When he finished, I stopped his hands and grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his head. At some point, I had decided I was just going to go through with this, and my growing enthusiasm was overwhelming my inner reluctance. 

He was shirtless and I quickly striped my own shirt off. Standing up on my tip toes, I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear. 

“Close the door now.” He kissed me quick on the lips and did just that. As he did, I dropped my pants, stepping while taking my shoes off. He turned back to me just as I stepped free of the jeans, only in my boxers. Rick led me to the bed, sitting down with me as we resumed making out. He was getting more aggressive now, which I had to admit I liked. With girls, I’ve been more aggressive, but once somewhat subdued, letting a girl bite me, smack me, and scratch me all up while we fucked. I liked a bit of pain with my sex, and Rick was starting to squeeze my arms and back very firmly, reminding me that despite being thin like me, he was pretty strong. 

We fell back on the bed, and my fingers scrabbled for his pants. I had trouble with his belt-I don’t wear them a lot myself, let alone take them off others in the dark, but I eventually figured it out. I pushed his pants down, and his boxers too in one motion. He chuckled a little bit at how eager he was and I smiled in the dark, and then I felt it, wrapping my hands around his cock.. 

He was as hard as I was, and I could feel the pulse of his heart through the big vein on his dick. He was big-not crazy pornstar huge (I had always liked watching big dick porn), but bigger than me, and thicker too. He was fairly trim down there, which I liked. Still making out, I rolled a little, going from being on my side to on top of him. It was tricky because of our height difference, but I aligned our dicks together, humping against him. I thought I might have felt embarrassed, since it was as obvious as it could be that I had a smaller dick than him, but I didn’t feel that way at all. I just felt turned on. 

Rick rubbed his hands down to my ass, and squeezed a little, even giving my a little slap. I said, “harder”, before I started kissing along his chest and collar bone. He complied, smacking my ass with au audible clapping sound. I kind of gasped as I nipped at his pecs. Rick wasn’t exactly a gym dude, but he was thin but firm-a little bit of muscle but even less fat. I started to kiss lower, going from his chest to his torso, glad that he was smooth on his torso as well. He pulled my boxers down, and I shimmied, pushing them down my legs, so I could step out of them. 

Pretty soon I was there, just above his belly button and his cock, which swelled up. Bravely, I grabbed his cock and started really jacking him off-not just touching or fondling it but pumping up and down, my grip strong but not too strong. I tried to think about how I liked it. As I was doing this, Rick’s fingers trailed along my balls, which were really sensitive, and my dick throbbed again. 

I couldn’t wait, wanting this new experience right now. I kept my hand on his dick, but pulled it down to his base, my small hands wrapping around the bottom of his thick dick. Then I opened my mouth and stuck the head in, moaning a little at the taste. It wasn’t exactly good, but it was strong-he was a little sweaty, and his head was so big my mouth was almost uncomfortably wide. I tried to go a little deeper, but it was hard, he was thick and dry. 

“Spit on my dick,” His voice came from above my head in the darkness. I pulled my mouth out and gathered saliva in my mouth. I’ve never been a big spitter-I think its rude to even spit in public, but I let some spit dribble out from lips onto his cock, and even spat a few globs down along the middle and bottom of his length. Then I went back to work, this time sucking less and licking more, swirling my head around the tip a lot. 

Rick’s hands came up and brushed through my hair, not quite gripping me, but definitely firm. I took this as a sign that I was doing a good job, and that turned me on even more. I started taking in a little more, but it still seemed to me that his dick stretched on for quite a while. I’d never seen one this close before, and the only dick I knew well was my own, smaller one. I couldn’t get to the halfway point, but I was happy to do my best. I kept my mouth open wide, trying to let saliva build up and dribble out. 

My hands went to his balls, rubbing and stroking, and then I surprised myself again that night. I let one hand drift down from his balls to the skin underneath-which always turned me on when girls licked and touched there. Then I rubbed a finger along his asscrack. He moaned, but then pulled back. I was confused, and he stood up. 

“I want to see you better,” He said again. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that-with the darkness, and us unable to see each other’s faces, it made this feel a little less real, and thus a little safer. But clicked his bedside lamp on, and I got my first real good look at his cock. 

He turned back to me, and Rick’s big cock actually struck me in the cheek a little. I laughed and just marveled at it a little. Nearly flat on my bed with him standing up, his dick fairly loomed above me, and I saw the way it curved, inhaling at his veins and kind of pale (compared to mine anway) balls. I went for those next, sucking and licking them all over. I even gathered them in my hand so I could lick both at once, going fast back and forth. He was beginning to moan a little, and I looked up at him. 

Rick’s hands were on his hips, his eyes closed, but his face tilted towards me. I moved back from his balls, licking all the way up his fat dick until I reached the head, jacking him off again. My own dick hadn’t been touched in what felt like a while, but I was as hard-maybe harder-as ever. His eyes opened just as I swallowed his head, and we locked eyes. 

This was it. I was giving another guy a blowjob, barely an hour after meeting him like some slutty college girl. He was looking right in my eyes as I slurped on his dick, moaning a little-I loved it when girls did that, and judging by how he ran his hands across his face, muttering “Jesus Christ”, Rick did too. 

“Fuck, you’re good at that, Jimmy. Want me to return the…ugh, favor?” I’d never had a guy suck my dick before, or even touch it before tonight, but I loved getting blowjobs, what guy didn’t. But I actually didn’t want to stop sucking his dick, and I told him so. 

“Here, come over like this,” Rick said, and he laid back on his bed, cock standing up. “Climb on and let me suck you.” Sixty-nine was something I didn’t do that much even with girls, but I liked it all the same-giving pleasure while experiencing someone’s lips wrapped around my dick was an amazing feeling. 

Moving a little slowly in this new position, I climbed over to him, turning so that my back was to the ceiling and my face was looking at his dick. He had to kind of curl up a little because of our height distance, but then I felt his lips on my dick. His hands reached for my ass, digging into my cheeks and even brushing right against my asshole. My eyes bulged a little and I was surprised by how good it felt-even though I was a little scared he might decide to start fingering me. With a mouth full of his cock, how would I tell him to stop? Would I want to? 

I leaned down and started sucking on his dick, feeling weird to be lowering my head on it. At least I’d be able to control the motion this way, or so I thought. But Rick pushed my ass down, swiftly taking my cock into his mouth. I panted in pleasure around his dick just as he thrust up, fitting even more of his by now very slick cock into my mouth. 

Rick took a hand off my ass, giving me another, even hard smack that I squealed at like a girl, before bringing his head to my hand. With my dick deep in his mouth, he held me still and began to fuck my mouth. He was faster than I had been moving on him before, and I began to cough, sputtering a little. Honestly, this was what I liked to watch-guys really facefuck hot girls with their big at dicks. But I never thought it would be actually happening to me. I felt dirty, like he was just using me, and that actually turned me on even more. 

Just trying to please him, I opened my mouth as wide as I could as he thrust up, balls jumping, getting closer and closer to my face. Finally, I gave a sick sounding ‘huurk’, as his cock entered my throat. Oh my god, I thought. I’m deepthroating this guy’s big fucking cock! And I fucking loved it. Deepthroating was so hot, and I wanted to make Rick feel as good as I did. I didn’t stop gagging, but I didn’t try to get away either, I just focused on breathing around this guy’s big dick. At first he just held me down, humping the last few inches into my mouth with his throbbing dickhead lodged in my throat. My legs wrapped around his head, not wanting this amazing feeling-him sucking me like a fucking champ, and having him use my face like I had often fucked pussies-to stop. I gripped his ass a little, keeping my head still but letting him know how much I liked this. Honestly, it was maybe the best blowjob I’d ever gotten, and the fact that it was harder to breathe kind of turned me on. I felt myself getting close, and I ried to pull of Rick’s dick to let me know. With a slurping noise, I got about halfway off his cock before his hands gripped my skull with a solid grip. I wasn’t going anywhere and really, I didn’t want to. 

After a few more minutes of this, I moved my own hips, getting ready to pop. My balls felt tight, and Rick must have known my orgasm was coming because then, just as I had worried about, he began working a finger into my ass. I t felt long, as long as a dick, I thought. I was wrong-but I would find that out (and so much more) later. It also felt incredible. Once or twice when I was younger and just started masturbating, I would finger my own ass, but I could never manage to fit more than the first knuckle inside. Rick was nearly bottoming out, and he touched a spot inside me so suddenly-I swear I saw stars. 

Inhaling around his dick, getting some of my own saliva farther down my throat, I moaned, again and again, blocked by his throbbing cock. “Uhmmm, uhmm, UHMMM!” I grunted, and shot my load into another guy’s mouth. He stopped moving, but I didn’t, thrusting into his mouth slightly and working my hands feverishly on his cock. Having come myself, I wanted him to as well, wanting to please him like a good lover. Again his hands reached for me, pulling me up by the shoulders from his dick. We rolled away, and I just lay there, panting, my dick softening-but only slightly. I was still really fucking horny. 

Rick leaned over me, his face looking down at mind. He looked even more handsome-his cheeks flushed, hair damp with sweat. I knew what he was going to do, and I was actually more ok with it than most things that had happened that night-at least before I really gave in and started acting dirty. We kissed, and I felt my own cum in his mouth. I had tasted my cum before-sometimes when I jacked off, I would lick whatever landed on my hands off, so I was kind of used to the taste. Eventually, he pulled back, and we both swallowed what had ended up in our mouths. 

“I want you to come for me, baby,” I said. My voice sounded weird-I guess that’s what they call cock mouth. My mouth still felt oddly full, and my throat felt weird, almost like I was hoarse. I meant what I said, though, I wanted this guy’s fucking cum. I wanted to taste it, and I wanted to swallow it. 

“Please,” I continued, knowing I was starting to sound more and more like a submissive guy, “Give me your fucking come.” Rick smiled down at me-a dangerous smile. I’d given that smile to girls too, especially the ones that liked it rough. 

“Get ready, cocksucker.” Rick said, his voice low. Cocksucker. Just hearing him call me that made me fairly fucking shudder. 

“Off the bed, sexy.” He said. I moved like I was scrambling to rush out of bed from a late morning. I felt my feet hit the floor and almost stood up, but I sensed that wasn’t what he wanted. Instead I got on my knees as he swung his legs over the bed, bringing me close to his cock again. I wanted this big white cock inside my mouth again, wanted to show him I was a good…cocksucker. 

He gripped my head again, and said, “Open up wide.” I did, knowing what he was gonna do. Rick pushed his cock into my mouth, pulling me down by the hair as he thrusted up. He was really plowing my mouth now, and I reached under his ass, getting leverage between the sheets to slap his ass a little, trying to egg him on. His ass was nice and smooth and absurdly (well it didn’t seem so absurd now) I wanted to feel more of it, kiss his ass all over and maybe even lick his asshole itself. That was crazy, but I liked watching pornstars do that too-it was sexy, because it was one of the dirtiest things I could think off. 

Rick was moaning now, and I could tell he was getting close, my saliva-it was more like drool at this point, my mouth constantly leaking-dripping down his dick and onto his thighs. “I’m gonna come soon, real fucking soon!” I wondered if he would pull out and shoot his load on my face. I hoped he didn’t. 

Rick kept jackhammering my face, getting even faster as he approached orgasm. I moaned and groaned around his cock, sounding like a dirty whore. I wanted nothing more than to please this man right now and feel his come, his hot, thick wet jizz, in my mouth. Suddenly, I had an idea that I hoped would get him off even faster. 

Grabbing Rick’s legs, I pushed his thighs up until they were fairly wrapped around my head, trying to push my head down farther on his throat-spearing cock. 

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” He moaned, sort of rocking his cock deep in my throat. All I could smell was his hot strong body, but I tasted something somewhere, in my throat I guess-it must’ve been his precome. 

“I’m fucking coming! Swallow it, fucking swallow it!” I didn’t have to be told twice-or at all, really. His grip released as he thrust wildly, and I came up, getting his cockhead closer to the entrance to his mouth. I wanted to taste it, and he didn’t disappoint, shooting a big load-the kind I usually released when I hadn’t come for a few days. I thought it would be tricky to swallow, but it felt pretty natural. I have always been a loud drinker, and that was true now as I practically gulped his jizz down. I sounded like a thirsty man who hadn’t had a glass of water all day. 

Soon-too soon, if you asked me, but that was just me being what some men would have called a greedy come slut-he finished. I swallowed one last time, savoring the flavor. His cock was softening, and I pulled off. Almost romantically-not that anything we’d done had been romantic, though it felt like that anyway-he had swept me off my feet-I kissed the tip of his cock, once twice, again and again like I was going to make out with it. Rick just moaned above me, and that made me feel kind of shamefully proud. I decided to take this night one stop farther, knowing I had to act fast or I would lose my nerve. 

I dipped my head down from his cock, licking his balls a little, and then damn well shoved my face into his ass. I couldn’t see anymore, so it took a few seconds of kissing and licking, but I found it. Rick’s fucking asshole. I licked my tongue around it, and tried to push it inside. It was easier than I expected-and I wondered if Rick had ever been fucked by a guy. He moaned and panted even faster, and I knew how good, overwhelmingly so, it felt when someone was pleasing me after I came. 

I slurped and licked at his ass like I was starving, knowing that if I slowed down, I would stop, and I wasn’t sure if I could muster the courage to start again. So I ate out this man’s ass before I pulled back, out of breath. 

“Fuck baby, you give great fucking head!” Rick said. 

“You too.” I hesitated, but pressed on. “I’ve never done anything like this before. Uh, with a guy.” I added, not wanting him to get the impression I was a virgin. He kind of went a little stiff in his legs and back, but then I looked up at him, our eyes meeting again. I was reminded of the taste of his jizz, almost like I was drinking it again. He smiled. 

“Oh baby, then that was amazing for a first-timer.” I kind of shook my head a little bit, shyly saying thanks. 

I stood up, and Rick pulled me to him. We laid close, naked and sweaty, breath fast. He bit my collar bone a little, harder than I expected, and I moaned again. Then he said it. 

“Do you want to fuck?” 

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