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Todd’s First Time

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Todd Taylor couldn’t concentrate; his mind was decidedly not on the test paper in front of him. Instead, it was on the latest obsession that filled his head, the obsession that had kept him from sleeping at night for the last two months, the desire that burned so hot within him, he feared it would drive him mad. What was troubling him was the uncontrollable need to feel a hard cock slide into his mouth and fill him with its cum.

Todd didn’t know what to do; he had felt this way for years but had ignored it, recently though, his desire had grown too powerful to be ignored. At first he’d denied it, forced it out of his mind with a self-hatred that left him feeling guilty for days afterwards. He didn’t want to be gay… or bi. Then, after watching hours of porn and feeling nothing one day, he stumbled upon a video of two men with a woman who was on her knees sensually sucking them off. As the two men’s cocks slid into her mouth simultaneously, they touched one another and he felt an incredible surge of arousal. Utterly turned on by the sight of two men’s cocks touching like that, Todd couldn’t help but to bring his hand to his cock and start stroking. He was so turned on by how the two men’s cocks filled the woman’s mouth that he was instantly hard and could feel his orgasm quickly approaching.

The camera panned upwards and showed the two men kissing each other, Todd, was stupefied by the sight and was taken totally off guard. As the two men’s tongues danced over each others, they moaned and ran their hands over each others hard bodies. Suddenly, they broke their kiss and the woman took their cocks from her mouth and moved over as one of the men got down on his knees in front of the others cock. As the one man sensually kissed the tip of the other’s hard cock and then took it into his mouth, Todd felt his orgasm come over him and he stroked his cock until his load shot out from his dick and cum covered his cock and hand. Todd’s orgasm had come and gone but he couldn’t look away until the video was finished and his cock stayed hard long afterwards.

After that, Todd couldn’t get enough of watching gay porn; he especially loved long, sensual blowjob videos. Every time he saw a man sucking a cock, he got hard and yearned to feel what it would be like to have another man’s throbbing dick slide past his lips and into his mouth. He began watching more and more cocksucking videos and each time his desire grew. Todd knew he needed to feel what a cock would feel like in his mouth and eventually bought himself a dildo. He imagined it was a real cock as he took it into his mouth and watched other men give head before Todd came all over himself and licked it up, imaging it was the cum that the men in the videos shot all over their lovers.

Todd was beside himself though; despite the joy and excitement his sexual awakening had brought him, he had no one to share it with and felt a terrible sense of isolation and loneliness. He couldn’t go to his parents; they were uncomfortable talking with him about sex as it was. His friends would reject him; they were so homophobic that even the ones who loved him the most would turn their backs on him, no matter how guilty they felt afterwards.

Eventually he resolved to leave his hometown and go to a city like San Francisco, where there was a strong gay community, he would lose himself there and finally experience what he hungered for so much. The day was fast approaching, he had recently turned eighteen and this was the day of his final exams. He wrote the tests with a careless determination, not giving a damn what his grades would be but also committed to finishing them thanks to a desire to be free that made him shout in exaltation when he turned the last page and saw it was the end.

“No talking during the test,” said a stern looking librarian whose clothes were so old fashioned they almost made her look like a cliché.

“Whatever, I’m done,” said Todd, closing his booklet and getting up. “Goodbye and good riddance, I’m never setting foot in this homophobic shit hole again,” he said to the librarian as he passed her his test. The woman looked at him in confused shock as Todd turned his back on her, walking out of the test room and looking forward to the new life he had planned for himself.

As Todd, gathered his things from his locker, Dan Jones, the school’s new principal came over to him, a look of concern on his face. Dan was young for a high school principal and quite informal with the students, most of the people Todd knew thought he was a good guy but Todd saw through his bullshit, Dan Jones was probably fucking more eighteen year old high school girls at any one time than most men would in their entire lives. His plastic smile made Todd sigh as he came over.

“Hey Todd, how was the test today?” Dan asked.

“Fine, how’d you know I had it,” Todd asked without even the slightest attempt at friendliness.

“Because I checked. Listen, I know this was your last day and that you probably have some big plans for tonight but I have some bad news for you ok,” Dan said.

“What,” Todd asked in surprise.

“Your mom and dad have been involved in a car accident, they’re not badly hurt but they both have to go in for surgery. Your aunt and uncle have been notified as well and they got in touch with the school and let us know that they’d be coming by to stay with you for a bit. They said they should be at the house by three. I’m sorry Todd.

“What,” said Todd, totally unprepared for the news.

“Listen, let me know if you need someone to talk to, you can always call me, here’s my card,” Dan said as he passed Todd his business card.

“What kind of high school principal has business cards made,” Todd thought. “Thanks, Dan,” mumbled Todd as he picked up his bag and turned to walk away, fazed by the news and the events of the day.

“Ya, sure, you’re welcome Todd, ” Dan mumbled, totally unsure what to make of the sexy young man who had just turned his back on him without even checking him out despite obviously being gay. “Like I said,” he shouted desperately after Todd, “call me anytime.”

Todd got home to find his aunt’s beat up, white hatchback in the driveway, he was surprised she had got here so fast, she lived with her new boyfriend and they were almost a three hour drive away. The door opened for him as he approached.

“Toddy,” his aunt shouted as the door burst open. Aunt Joanna was a crazy woman, she partied like a teenager, drank like an alcoholic and had made a living for three years by selling junk that she found on the beach and turned into jewelry.

Todd’s dad had muttered something about her “probably hooking for those three years” once and his mom had slapped him, much to his father’s dismay. Todd laughed at the thought. He loved his aunt but he hated that she still called him Toddy.

“Hey auntie Joanna,” Todd said tiredly.

“Toddy, I am so glad to see you,” Joanna said in her southern accent, “we heard about your parents accident and got over as fast as we could, Kevin drove like hell to get us here this soon.” Joanna wrapped her arms around Todd and squeezed him so hard his chest hurt. “Your mom and dad will be fine baby, just you wait, they’ll be back home in a couple days.”

“Thanks auntie Joanna,” Todd said, eyes shifting to the man standing in the doorway behind his aunt.

“Now you stay here and let Kevin take care of you while I go out and take care of a few things at the hospital, I’ll only be gone for a couple hours at most Toddy. Ok,” she told him.

“Ya sure, I’ll be fine,” Todd said, eyeing the man who must be her boyfriend as his aunt still squeezed the life out of him. Kevin had short dark hair that had a few flecks of grey in it and was clearly in fine shape, he was tanned and toned and Todd recalled his mother muttering to her sister how she was “practically dating an ex porn star” once. Kevin looked at Todd and gave him a knowing smile; clearly, he too had been crushed in a death grip hug like the one Todd was locked in right now. Thankfully, Joanna finally released him and he was free to breath once again.

“You take care of my boy now Kevin,” Joanna said as she turned to face him.

“Oh I will Joanna,” he said with a smile, “have a safe drive to the hospital.”

Joanna got into the car and practically flew out of the driveway, leaving the two men to themselves. Todd looked into the eyes of the man who he was now cohabitating wwith and couldn’t help but to check him out, he had a fine body and was staring at Todd with a funny smile.

“Come on in Todd,” Kevin said, “I hope you don’t mind that I made myself at home.”

“No, it’s fine,” Todd muttered stepping into the house.

“Listen I hope you’re not mad but I also used your computer a bit too, I had to send my boss a couple of work emails to let him know that I’d be gone for a few days. Your aunt Joanna and I don’t have smart phones or laptops, just an old desktop. We like to off the grid you know, disconnected,” Kevin told him, his hand going to Todd’s shoulder as they walked and giving it a little rub. “Jesus, you’re tense buddy,” Kevin told him.

“Uh, ya,” Todd said, suddenly uncomfortable yet aroused at the same time, “it’s been a tough day.”

“I can imagine. Well if you want a massage just let me know, I’m a professional,” Kevin said with a smile.

“You’re a masseuse,” Todd asked in surprise.

“Ya. Bet your aunt didn’t tell you that did she,” Kevin said, smiling wider.

“No, she didn’t tell me anything,” Todd replied.

“Well that’s probably for the best,” Kevin said laughing. “Look, I have to check my email. My boss probably got back to me by now. I help run the show at the massage parlor so I’ll need to use your computer for a bit, ok?” Kevin asked.

“Ya sure,” Todd said, not sure what Kevin meant by what he said before. “I’m gonna take a nap anyway, I was up late studying last night and I’m pretty tired.”

“Sure Todd, whatever you want to do,” Kevin said as Todd walked away.

Todd woke up from his nap feeling the uncomfortable sensation of a full bladder. He’d drank a lot of coffee in the morning and he needed to take a piss so he got up and walked to the bathroom down the hall. He opened the door to the shock of Kevin’s hard body, dripping wet and totally naked. Kevin turned and looked at Todd with a surprised expression on his face and his cock in his hand. Kevin’s dick was fully hard and Todd stared at it as Kevin stared back at Todd. “Oh my god,” Todd said, “I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Kevin said, smiling with amusement, hand still on his cock.

“Uh… I’m so sorry Kevin,” Todd said as he turned around and walked out of the bathroom in embarrassment. He went downstairs to the other bathroom and took a leak before going back to his room, praying that Kevin wouldn’t come out of the bathroom until after he got back to his bedroom and closed the door. When Todd got back to his room, he realized that his cock was hard and throbbing, images of Kevin’s hard cock came back to his mind, unbidden and yet tantalizing. He couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to stroke it and feel it in his mouth.

Suddenly, a knock rapped on Todd’s door and he almost jumped. Todd went to the door and opened it only to see Kevin standing outside; he was holding Todd’s laptop.

“Here you go Todd,” Kevin said, grinning as he handed Todd the laptop. “Look, I was hoping we could talk about what just happened, I hope it’s not awkward for you.”

“No, not at all” Todd stammered as thoughts of Kevin’s cock filled his mind. Todd realized Kevin was only wearing a towel and that his upper body was completely uncovered. Kevin’s tanned skin and toned body was making Todd even harder.

“Look, I know you just saw me naked and stroking it but you’re a big boy so I’m sure it didn’t bother you,” Kevin told him.

“No, no, not at all,” Todd said, practically spitting out the words.

“Great. I just wanted to let you know that your aunt called and told me she’s gonna stay at the hospital for a while. Your mom got out of the surgery already but your dad is going in for another operation and Joanna doesn’t want to leave your mom alone while he’s getting worked on,” Kevin told him.

“Oh,” Todd said.

“Look Todd, you’ve had a tough day, why don’t you take me up on that back massage, it’ll make you feel better and you’ll be a lot more relaxed. Back massages can loosen the muscles and make the whole body less tense. Trust me, I know what I’m doing.

“Ok,” Todd said, not sure what to think or say.

“Great, just lie down on the bed, take your clothes off and throw a towel over yourself, I’ll wait in the hallway while you get ready,” Kevin told him.

“Sure,” Todd said, both excited and terrified.

“Good,” Kevin said as he closed the door.

Todd put his laptop on the desk and got undressed before grabbing a towel and throwing it over his body. He laid face down on his bed and his cock became was rock hard as it pressed between his abs and the mattress and he sunk into the bed. “You can come in,” he called to Kevin.

“Great,” Kevin said as he opened the door. Kevin walked over to where Todd lay and moved the towel so it only covered Todd’s ass before getting on the bed, straddling Todd and pouring oil all over his naked back. “You’ve got beautiful skin Todd,” Kevin told him as he began running his hands all over Todd’s back, rubbing the oil into his skin.

“Thanks,” Todd replied.

“You’ve got a great body too, good definition,” Kevin told him as he slowly massaged away the tension in Todd’s shoulders. “Do you work out a lot?”

“Ya, sometimes,” Todd told him.

“It shows, you look really good” Kevin replied. The next fifteen or twenty minutes passed in silence as Kevin released the tension in Todd’s body and worked his muscles into relaxation. “Turn over,” Kevin said after a while.

“What,” Todd asked.

“Turn over so I can massage your front,” Kevin told him. “In order to relax the whole body, I need to massage your front too.”

“Are you sure,” Todd asked. His hard on had gone soft thanks to the relaxing silence that had come over the room but he didn’t want to turn over and face his auntie’s boyfriend who was wearing only a towel and was straddling him too.

“Of course. I told you, I’m a professional,” Kevin said with a firm but playful tone to his voice.

Todd began to role over, praying that his dick didn’t get hard as Kevin massaged his front.

“Good, that’s good,” Kevin said as he began to drizzle oil onto Todd’s chest. He looked down into Todd’s eyes with a smile and said “you’ll like this, trust me.”

Todd smiled back and nodded in silence, too nervous to say anything as Kevin’s hands ran over his chest and abs with a grace and strength that was surprising. Todd closed his eyes and let the pleasing feeling of relaxation come over him as Kevin slowly worked his magic on Todd’s tight muscles. Minutes passed and Kevin worked his way down to Todd’s legs. Each long stroke of Kevin’s hands brought them up from Todd’s ankles to his upper thighs and very close to where Todd’s balls laid. The proximity of Kevin’s hands to his cock made Todd’s cock harden and he felt the towel rise in response to his growing erection

“You know, I think I’m relaxed enough now. Thanks Kevin,” Todd said as he opened his eyes and prepared to sit up. Kevin was looking at his body intently with a focused look and a growing smile.

“Don’t worry,” Kevin said softly as he continued to massage Todd’s thighs.

“Don’t worry?” Todd asked. “Don’t worry about what?”

“About you getting hard,” Kevin said as his smile changed into an amused grin. Kevin’s hands ran up Todd’s thighs and over his balls this time, grazing his cock with each hand. Todd looked up at Kevin in shock and felt his cock throb as Kevin’s hands cupped his balls slightly before running over his thighs. Todd couldn’t believe this was happening. Kevin looked into Todd’s eyes with a look of passion as his hands glided up and down Todd’s oiled legs, slowly making their way back towards Todd’s growing cock. “Don’t worry Todd,” Kevin said, “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.” Kevin’s hands ran under the towel that was hiding Todd’s cock and slowly ran past the base of his shaft and then slid over its tip.

Todd moaned as a tingle shot through his cock and he felt precum begin welling up from his dick. “You want it, don’t you Todd,” Kevin asked as he ran his hands back up and down over Todd’s fully hard dick.

“Yes,” Todd said desperately.

“Good,” said Kevin with a wicked grin, “because I’m going to give it to you.” Kevin brushed the towel away and slowly began stroking Todd. “Mmm, it’s leaking precum for me already,” he said, looking down at Todd’s thick cock.

“Oh god,” Todd said, moaning in pleasure as Kevin pumped him, twisting his hands over Todd’s tip and building up speed with every stroke.

“Yes, that’s right Todd, cum for me, I want to feel you shoot your hot load deep into my mouth,” Kevin told him as he stroked Todd’s cock faster and faster.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum soon,” Todd shouted. He never came this fast but it was the first time he’d felt another man’s hands on his cock and Kevin was so hot as his dirty talk made Todd even more turned on.

Todd could feel his load getting ready to spurt from his cock as Kevin said “Yes, shoot your load into my mouth Todd,” and brought his lips down onto Todd’s shaft. Kevin sucked and stroked at the same time as he ran his tongue all over the tip and moaned in pleasure from the feeling of a cock filling his mouth.

“Fuck,” Todd shouted, “Oh god yes,” he cried as he felt his orgasm come over him and his cum shoot into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin kept stroking and sucking and Todd felt Kevin swallow his cum as he kept shooting load after load into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin deepthroated Todd’s cock, rubbing his nose into Todd’s trimmed bush and then brought his mouth up and looked into Todd’s eyes. Cum had dripped down his lips onto his chin and Kevin licked some of it up before saying “Is that what you wanted Todd?”

“Yes,” Todd said emphatically. “That was amazing.”

“Good, I knew you would like my massage,” Kevin told him, grinning all the while. “I saw some of the porn in your search history,” Kevin said. “It looks like you like cocksucking videos. Have you ever felt another man in your mouth?”

“No,” Todd said, wishing it wasn’t the truth.

“Well, you’re about to,” Kevin said as he got off the bed and dropped his towel to the floor, showing Todd his hard cock, “come get on your knees and suck it Todd, I know you want my cock in your mouth.”

Todd stared at Kevin’s throbbing dick and immediately got off the bed and went down on his knees; he was even more turned on than when he came in Kevin’s mouth. Todd licked his lips, slowly took the hard cock into his hands and began to stroke it before bringing it to his mouth and slowly running it against his lips. He wanted to feel what brushing the cock against his mouth felt like before he sucked it and reveled in hearing Kevin moan in pleasure as he did so.

“Yes, take it into your mouth Todd, I know how bad you want this,” Kevin whispered as Todd flicked his tongue over Kevin’s cock and then brought it into his mouth, slowly twisting his lips over the head of Kevin’s hard cock before taking it’s whole length into his mouth. “Oh ya, deepthroat that cock into your slut mouth Todd,” Kevin said as Todd moaned in pleasure. He finally had a cock in his mouth and it felt so good, he wanted to feel it’s cum shoot into his mouth and down his throat as he swallowed every drop. He wanted Kevin’s cum to coat his face before getting fucked by him. Todd’s cock began to get hard again at the thought of being fucked by his aunt’s boyfriend and he sucked even faster, bringing one hand to Kevin’s cock while his other went to his now fully hard cock. Todd stroked himself as he sucked; knowing that he was so turned on now that he would quickly cum again despite having just orgasmed.

“Do you like it when I talk dirty to you Todd,” Kevin asked as he brought his hands down to Todd’s head and began thrusting lightly into Todd’s mouth as the boy sucked him.

“Mmmm,” Todd moaned around Kevin’s mouth, loving that Kevin was talking about using him like a slut, he wanted to feel Kevin fuck his ass and cum inside him so badly. He wanted to feel Kevin pull his hair and spank his ass and call him a dirty whore while he got fucked hard. Kevin could tell that Todd loved his dirty talk; the look in Todd’s eyes was enough.

“That’s right, take my cock like you’re a dirty little whore, you know you like getting used,” Kevin said as he pulled Todd’s hair and fucked his mouth. “I’ve never fucked a guy so young, I can’t wait to cum in your mouth and feel my cock slide into your eighteen year old ass afterwards. You know you want my cum in your mouth don’t you.”

Todd moaned again as he slid his lips down to the base of Kevin’s throbbing dick, letting the older man take control as he reveled in having his mouth used and fucked.

“Good, because I haven’t cum in days,” Kevin said, “I’m getting close and I’m going to shoot into your hot mouth.”

“Oh god,” Todd thought, he wanted it so badly it felt like something was burning inside him, overpowering his every thought and reason. Suddenly he felt Kevin’s cock twitch in his mouth and he sucked it even faster, letting Kevin ram him with every thrust. Kevin moaned in ecstasy and fucked Todd’s mouth with an intensity that made Todd tingle from lips to cock.

“Oh god, yes, I’m going to cum, take it in your mouth,” Kevin shouted as he fucked Todd’s mouth and shot his hot cum deep into him. Todd loved the feeling of the hot liquid filling his mouth, he stroked his cock even faster and felt his own orgasm draw near as he swallowed Kevin’s hot load. Kevin moaned again as another spurt of hot jizz shot from his cock and filled Todd’s mouth. Todd swallowed as much as he could but some ran down his lips as Kevin kept fucking him. He felt the hot cum run down his chin and as he stroked himself and a drop fell onto the head of his cock, turning him on so much that he started to cum again. Kevin held Todd’s head down, forcing him to deepthroat his cock as Todd shot his load a second time. The orgasm ripped through Todd’s body and his throat opened for Kevin’s cock so it could slide further down his throat, making him gag and pull away.

“God, that was amazing. Did you cum again,” Kevin asked, “fuck that is so hot Todd.”

“Ya, I couldn’t help myself, your cock just felt so good,” Todd replied.

“Don’t feel bad, it’s a turn on,” Kevin said as he lifted Todd to his feet. “That was a great blowjob Todd, I’m so glad we met today,” Kevin told him with a smile that assured Todd he meant it. “I want to do this again, and I want you to know that I’ll gladly teach you everything I can about sex,” Kevin said as he brought his lips to Todd and kissed him passionately. Todd’s lips opened for Kevin’s and he felt the older man’s tongue dart into his mouth and tease his, like it had his cock. Their cocks pressed against each other’s bodies as they embraced and Todd felt his body pulse in ecstasy at the erotic pleasure of being held in another man’s arms. He thought pleasantly about having more sex with Kevin and learning everything the older man had to teach him when he noticed that standing at the door, was his aunt, with a wicked smile on her face. She turned and walked down the hall as if she was completely unsurprised and Todd could only imagine what that meant or what fate had in store for him now.

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