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Kati Plays Dress-Up

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Kati and I have been married for more than 10 years and we appreciate the saying ‘variety is the spice of life’. One of the ways we’ve added variety to our sex life in recent years is indulging in fantasy sex sessions with role playing and dress-ups, sometimes quite elaborate.

We get to have a full blown session maybe once a month. They especially allow Kati, who is in a high pressure managerial role by day, to let herself go at home and indulge her submissive sexual nature.

We learned a long time ago that most of the clothing you buy through sex shops is not only expensive but it’s poorly made and the designs are tired cliches.

For instance, French maid translates as ‘tarty black mini-dress with a fluff of lace on the front’, nurse’s uniform means “tarty white mini-dress with a red cross on the front’ and naughty schoolgirl means ‘tarty Britney Spears outfit’.

Not that there anything wrong with tarty in the right place, but we prefer a touch of realism to bring the role playing to life so we occasionally shop around second hand clothing stores for outfits and props.

One of our favorite scenarios is Kati as a naughty or precocious schoolgirl. She has several different outfits, some we’ve selected together, some she’s just come home with. It really adds to the anticipation to see her going through a rack of tunics and blouses then handing her selection over at the checkout as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, all the time knowing that within a few hours I’ll be fucking her in it.

But it especially delights me when she just comes home with a new purchase, sometimes showing it to me straight away, more often simply appearing in it – and in character – and enjoying my reaction.

That was what happened one night. We were watching TV when she got up and was gone for a few minutes then she called me from the bedroom.

When I got there, she was standing beside the bed in a uniform I hadn’t seen before, a snug-fitting dress in striped cotton I recognised as the uniform of a local high school. She also had on a pair of white socks and her black Mary-Janes. Her long dark hair was in two ponytails held by brightly coloured elastics and she was holding something behind her back.

She looked at me guiltily and announced: “I should be punished”.

I asked her why and she replied: “I’ve been a naughty girl” and she took her hands from behind her and held out a couple of porn magazines from our collection. “I’ve been looking at these and touching myself”, she said, looking shyly at the floor.

I took them from her, gave them a cursory glance and handed them back with the words: “Show me what you’ve been doing.”

She went to the bed and lay on her side, half away from me, placing the magazines before her and hitching up the dress to reveal a pair of white cotton knickers covered in small red love hearts. As she slipped her hand into the front of her panties, she parted her legs slightly and I could see the subtlely darkened crotch of her underwear, a soaked wet patch conforming to her moist labia.

Then her hand moved between her legs and she started gently stroking herself while leafing through the magazines, stopping occasionally at certain pages then moving on.

After a minute, she seemed to have found the pictures she really liked and she drew down a pillow and propped the magazines against them. Then she rolled onto her back and, arching her hips off the mattress, pulled down her panties. She pulled her schoolshoe-clad foot out of one side but left the damp knickers draped around the other ankle. It’s an effect I like and she knows it.

Her hand fell between her legs and, as she began masturbating in earnest, she turned her head sideways to look at the lascivious images in the magazines.

Here’s what Kati was looking at:

In one magazine, across facing pages, photographs of a slender young woman with two men.

On one page were pictures of her on her back, head turned to the side so she could suck one man’s erection while the other held her legs wide and rammed his cock into her clean-shaven vagina, and on the other page the girl appeared sandwiched face down between them, mostly obscured by the male bodies but with the focal point clear to view – the cock of the man below in her vagina and that of the man above just entering her anus, while in the background, slightly out of focus, the girl peered back upside down at the camera, mouth wide with an expression of alarm turning to pain.

In a small inset photo cropped to the vitals, the cock of the man above was buried deep in her anus and one could only guess at the expression on the slim girl’s face at that moment.

And in the other magazine, perhaps a little unexpected because this publication showed only girls in the act of bringing themselves to orgasm, she had settled on images of a plumpish 18 year old girl happily masturbating herself.

But any thoughts that Kati’s auto-eroticism might extend to arousal by other females were quashed by the dress of the model, a fairly convincing, most likely genuine school uniform in the English or European style which underscored clearly the act of projection taking place on the bed in front of me.

For the small breasted blonde ‘schoolgirl’ in the photos was pictured knees raised, thighs spread, the four fingers of her left hand working knuckle deep in her moist vagina (equally clean shaven as the girl in the other magazine) and her right hand reaching under her plump bottom to permit her index and middle fingers to penetrate her anus.

Lying beside this image, and the similar smaller others on the opposite page of the magazine, Kati masturbated herself in a similar pose, pumping index and middle fingers of one hand in her own shaved pussy and, after a moment of moistening the matching fingers on her other hand with her flowing cunt juices, pushing them up to the first knuckle into her rear opening.

I felt my erection straining against my pants at the sight. Kati’s rhythm picked up, she began to make tiny pre-cum noises and she withdrew her glistening wet fingers from her vagina to better take herself over the edge with direct and vigorous application to her swollen clitoris.

As she came to the edge of orgasm, her moans became cries and she raised her hips off the bed, pushing the index and middle fingers of her right hand deeper into her pulsing anus.

When her orgasm overwhelmed her, her rhythmic cries became a constant ‘ohhh!’ After several seconds of writhing, back arched, she suddenly withdrew her fingers from her distended anus, a little whimper catching in her throat as she did so, and collapsed onto the bed and lay there gasping for breath.

Eventually she opened her eyes and, breasts still heaving beneath the snug school dress, looked at me expectantly.

I knew what she wanted. “You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you? A naughty, dirty little girl.”

She closed her legs, looked down and nodded. “I need to be punished,” she whispered.

“And what punishment do you think fits the crime?”

She swallowed hard before answering. “A spanking?”

I laughed, bringing her eyes to me again. “You deserve more than that after that little display! A spanking til your bottom’s red hot is going to be just the beginning. Come here…”

And I advanced on her, grabbing her wrists and dragging her face down across my lap as I sat on the edge of the bed.

She yelped at the suddenness of the first sharp slap to fall across her left cheek and again at the second which fell on the right.

For the next 60 seconds or so, I administered them equally to each side of her bottom, watching with delight as her cheeks rapidly reddened and feeling with similar delight her squirming against the hard-on bulging within my pants, stopping only once to flick her school dress further up out of the way.

Then, abruptly, giving her no warning, I shaped my hand and pushed all four fingers firmly into her sopping vagina in a single movement.

She let out a small shriek of surprise but as quickly as I had inserted them, I withdrew and started slapping her bottom again, making it wet with the slick fluids from her vagina which covered my hand.

The next time, I roughly pumped my fingers in and out several times before returning to spanking her.

She cried out half in pain, half in pleasure as my hand penetrated her as far as the knickles which was as much as her vagina would distend, then I went back to spanking her, even harder now so she cried out with each stinging palm and I knew there would be tears in her eyes.

But I knew equally that she was as sexually aroused as if I were tongueing her towards climax, in fact even more so.

She had only to say one word and I’d stop instantly but as it was, she squirmed and screamed and squirmed and the juices flowed from her.

When her bottom was deep red and radiant from the spanking, I gave over completely to filling her cunt with my fingers, thrusting roughly until she screamed at the top of her lungs – “Ohhhhhhhh!” – as she orgasmed wildly.

As quickly as her orgasm subsided, I tumbled her off my lap onto the bed and began stripping off my clothes. She lay there still gasping for breath, looking at me with an expression of trepidation and anticipation.

As I pulled off my trousers and underwear, my raging erection finally springing free, she squirmed back across the bed, pulling her dress down, but I grabbed her ankles and dragged her back towards me.

“Please,” she said plaintively, “I thought you’d finished punishing me.”

“You were wrong,” I replied, almost tearing the schooldress as I pulled it up around her waist before forcing her legs wide at the knees and kneeling between them.

“But you spanked me really hard!”

I gripped her ankles firmly and pulled her legs wide up to my shoulders. “That was for looking at dirty magazines.”

“But you almost put your whole hand in my pussy! It hurt – I thought I was going split!”

“That’s what you get for putting your fingers in there…” I growled as I drew the throbbing head of my cock between her swollen labia, up and down so that it quickly became covered with the slippery flow from her cunt.

“And this is what you get for putting your fingers back there…” and I switched the aim of my cock from between her cunt lips to the softly pouting target of her anus.

“Oh! Please don’t…” she protested but I cut her off by thrusting my hips forward. She screamed as, from my kneeling position between her legs, I watched the pink ring of her asshole, relaxed by her masturbatory ministrations, stretch easily around my cock head which nosed at the vestibule of her most private passage.

Then I allowed myself to fall forward, pushing her legs back so her knees were pressed against her breasts which strained against the tight fitting school uniform, and felt the head of my hard cock encounter the momentary resistance of the tight ring of muscle inside her anus before it popped deliciously through, lubricated by her own cunt juices.

I paused a moment, savouring the intensity of the sensation, the slippery rubber band tightness of her ring on the shaft of my penis just under the head, and waited to hear her safe word in case I had penetrated her too roughly.

But when her cries became words, it was to plead “Please, please, don’t! Please don’t push it any deeper!”, signalling that what she really wanted was the exact opposite and what I wanted too.

I dropped her ankles onto my shoulders and pushed forward so that my cock now penetrated half its length into her dark sleeve.

She screamed again and I withdrew slightly, then, as she caught her breath, I thrust again, finally impaling the complete length of my hard shaft into her ass.

Her cry at that was a shriek but still no safe word, just “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as I pumped my cock deep into her.

Within mere seconds, overcome by the tightness of her ring clenching around my shaft, the feel of the velvety hot void beyond and the sight of her beneath me in her newest school uniform, I felt the semen boil up in me.

Thrusting one last time as hard and deep as I could, I shot streams of hot cum high into her ass as she squealed and squirmed beneath me.

My orgasm finished but, still involuntatrily convulsing occasionally at the tightness of her ass gripping my cock, I grasped her ankles again, forcing her legs high and wide, and savoured the view of her cunt pouting above an anus distended around my now cum-slicked erection.

Kati lay beneath me heaving for breath as I glanced to the side and caught sight of the magazine spread featuring the chubby English ‘schoolgirl’. I slowly withdrew my cock from her, eliciting a gasp as it popped out. Her asshole gaped wetly.

I held out the magazine to Kati, showing her the poses she had mimicked as the start of our session.

“Now copy her,” I ordered and sat back while she obediently slipped one hand over the top and the other beneath and began fingerfucking her cunt and ass.

It was with a sense of satisfaction I noted that this time there was no working up to it, no gently easing a pair of digits in – she crammed all four fingers of her right hand into her pussy and strained her hips upward so she could thrust the index and middle fingers of her left as deeply as possible into her cum-rimmed asshole.

For 30 seconds or so she pumped at both holes then, as before, with a tiny moan escaping her throat, she switched the fingers in her cunt to a frantic frigging at her clit.

I leaned in and filled her vagina with my own fingers, roughly pushing into her until I could feel the hard nub of her cervix at the top of her thickly lubricated passage.

She began writhing wildly and seconds later arched stiffly off the bed, screaming at the top of her lungs as a massive orgasm overwhlemed her.

When Kati finally slumped back onto the bed, I lay alongside her and offered her my fingers, glistening with her cunt juices, one by one to suck clean. Then I kissed her deeply, savouring the taste of her cunt on her lips.

“I hope that taught you a lesson, young lady,” I said.

“I don’t think so,” she replied, “I think I might need a refresher tomorrow night…”

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