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Tina was older than me, 39, and I suppose a typical office fling. She was married, but it was pretty on the rocks. Her husband didn’t appreciate her and he was kept busy with his own wandering eye. I was a busy sales executive selling IT to large corporate clients.. It was a tough job with plenty of support required from the office base. This is where Tina came in,

My job was pretty much my life, to be on my kind of salary at the age of 24 deserved that kind of commitment. I got to go out, sure, but never really had the time for it. Most of my social life was in the office or out of the office with the people from work!

I juggled 3 major clients and they were a demanding bunch. If it weren’t for the support I got from Tina I would never have succeeded so much. Tina is about 5′ 6 with a good body, she would visit the gym 2-3 times a week after work. She had nice long legs that lead to her cute bum. Then her waste cut in before getting to her 34C chest. She had shoulder length hair that she typically tied back. Her pretty face was blessed with nice lips and blue eyes that were always notice because of her glasses. Often I would catch sight of her in the day as she bent or leant to file something or pick something up. She was worthy of a watch.

As business picked up, I would work late and so did Tina. This I would soon discover was not a keenness for work but a reluctance to go home to her crabby husband,

One night she asked me if I ever went home or had people to see. I confessed my commitment and love of the job and we both laughed. She told me how she could never get excited about going home and was happy to have an excuse to be busy at work. I told her politely that I was glad to be that excuse.

It was a Friday night about 7pm when I realised the time. The office was empty except for Tina and me. I stretched and said I had had enough for the week. As I was key holder I had to lock up so told Tina that she would have to go home at last.

She seemed upbeat and told me how she wasn’t going home tonight but was meeting some friends for drinks, would I mind waiting while she got changed. Of course I obliged and waited patiently while she went to the ladies loo. I couldn’t held myself thinking of her getting changed and found my groin stirring. I pushed my swelling cock down and stood up as I heard her coming out.

“Wow!” I said as Tina emerged wearing a short red skirt and tight white top. Her legs were in nylons and I could see the clips of her suspender belt pushing under her tight skirt. “You look great!”

“Thanks” she replied hurriedly and adjusted her boobs slightly as she bent to slip her shoes on. “Your husband is nuts to let you out like that!”

“Oh,” she said, “As far as Roland is concerned I am staying at my sisters, shit, if he knew I was going out,.. well he just would not let me!”

“What a loser, I said, ” I admit Tina, if you were mine, I would keep you in alright, in the bedroom” I blushed as I realised what I said.

“Behave!” She laughed, “I am nearly older enough to be your mum!”

My heart was racing a bit, “Well it is a good job my mum never looks this good.” I had no idea were that came from, but was aware of my cock growing again in my pants.

Tina walked over to me and put a finger to my lips and said, “Quiet young man, or you could get into trouble!”

“Mmm,” I giggled, “I would hate mum to have to telll me off!” her eyes glanced down and she saw the bulge in my trousers. She slapped my face lightly, “Don’t talk to me like that, you have respect!”

“Fuck!” I said, in surprise and her face went stern, “What did you say!?” She sounded angry.

“uh, what?” I replied, what had I said, why had she slapped me? Why was my cock so hard? Tina obviously saw the confusion and shock on my face and she spoke more gently, “is that what you would say to your mother?”

“Er no, Tina” I said, my mouth dry as a bone, “Sorry”

She laughed and stepped closer, I smelt her perfume, “Just relax… so what would you say to your mother if she went out dressed like this? What would you think?”

I felt mesmerised by her face, ” I suppose I would think she was going to get lucky, but she would never go out like this, she wouldn’t look like this!”

“Like what?” she asked

“Sexy.” I answered and gulped, “horny!”

She stepped closer still, I felt her boobs push into my chest, I was hot and thought I might catch fire! “Well, mummy is horny, Harry, mummy is very is very horny!” she put her hand onto my hard on and I gasped.

“Oh, Tina,” I breathed. She started to rub me, “Don’t call me Tina,” she said and she put her lips to mine and our tongues met as she kissed me gently. I put my hands to her backside and pulled her close as I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back just as hard and then she pushed me back, “I have dreamt about this,” she said as I sat down on the desk and leant back. She was undoing my trousers and I lifted my bum up so she could slip them and my boxer shorts off. I have always been proud of my cock, it is a nice slim 7 inches and the look of delight on Tina’s face pleased me.

“Oh Tina,” I said, I have dreamt of this too, “please suck me” She slapped my thigh and made me jump, ” I said don’t call me Tina… I don’t want to be Tina” She closed her hand around my shaft and slowly moved it up and down, she was feigning a sad look.

“Who do you want to be?” I asked softly. Her response took me by surprise, “I want to be your mummy… can I be your slutty mum, please?” I was a bit confused, but was very taken with the situation. Tina continued to stroke my hard on and looking at me with her cute eyes. I lay back and let out a deep, excited breath, “Oh yes please, mum! Please take my cock in your mouth!”

I shut my eyes and Tina giggled. The next thing I felt was her hot, wet mouth slipping onto my hard cock. Her mouth was slippery and full of saliva. She sank her mouth onto it and then her chin met her hand. She got into rhythm straight away, sucking my tip in and out of her mouth while she wanked it from the base up. She was hot and I realised it had been too long since anyone had sucked me.

I sat up so I could see. She must have been on her knees, I could see her head and shoulders but the rest of her was out of view because of the desk. I sat up further and was most pleased to see her spare hand had lifted up her skirt and was in her knickers.

“Mum, are you playing with your pussy?” I asked. “Mmmhum” came the dick filled reply. “Mum, you are hot!” I said, “You look so slutty, sucking my cock and frigging your pussy like that!” She made the same noise and I saw her smiling around my cock. “It makes me hot and makes me want to fuck!” This made her pull her mouth away from my dick and I felt the cold air wash over my wet helmet.

“Well, if my son, wants to fuck, then maybe he should fuck! She said. As she stood up she pulled her knickers off and she sat on the edge of my desk and lay back. I stood before her, my cock hard as a rock in front of me. As I moved towards her, I held it and pointed it straight to her wet pussy. Tina lifted her legs in anticipation, but I stopped and instead dropped to my knees. I could smell her juices from where she had been playing with herself.

“Your pussy smells good, mum!” I licked the length of her juicy crack and she groaned as I said, “it tastes good to…” I put my tongue straight to work using my fingers to part her lips. She was wet and tasted great, I poked my tongue right in and groaned loudly to let her know I liked it. I felt her hands on the back of my head as I lapped at her like a dog. I pulled her wide open and exposed her hard clitoris, my target was in sight, I planted my lips over it and sucked it into my mouth. I heard her gasp in delight and then she squealed as I licked it with my tongue. Her legs closed in on my head so I knew that I was hitting the spot.

She got louder and was nearly screaming. I let go of her clit with my tongue and rubbed it with my thumb, I wanted to explore a bit while I was here. “Hold you legs up please, mum.” I asked her very politely and she obliged. Still rubbing her clit I moved my head back and looked at her pussy, it was glistening in the light. I flicked it gently with the tip of my tongue and then ventured south. I let my tongue tickle on her perineum and she moaned deeply. I looked up with my eyes and saw her fingers clawing into her legs where she was holding them, this poor girl is in torture I thought to myself.

I made sure she was mid-groan when I moved my tongue further down and rested it on her little arsehole. She had a cute little hole and guessing by the hard resistance to my tongue it was virgin too. As I had hoped she reacted well to my tongue here. I made sure not to push too hard, but just tease her rim with my tongue and let her feel it getting wet. She started breathing hard and I thought for a moment that she was having an asthma attack! I saw her fingers clawing again and knew that my time was right. I love eating pussy like this so I was still hard as a rock. I stood up quickly and moved forward pushing my whole cock into her and laying on top of her.

Her face was a grimace of pleasure and I put my lips to hers quickly, kissing her deeply again. She moaned into my face as I began grinding my cock into her tight wet pussy.

“You are a hot mum!” I whispered in her ear and felt her nails digging through my shirt into my back. “Uuugghhh,” came her reply, “Fuck me, fuck me!” then her words got lost in wails of delight. She came loudly while I thrust into her and her wails seemed to become whoops of success. I like her being noisy and my hard thrusting made me want to come. I began grunting into her ear and pushing even harder.

“Wait,” Tina said, “don’t come in me!” I didn’t get the chance to argue and she pushed me off her. I fell back onto the desk behind me and as if it were instantaneous her mouth was on my cock where her pussy had just been. She wanked me hard and I soon started shooting into her mouth, “Aaaghhh, mum!” I cried out as she sucked me into her mouth. I lay back on the desk while she drank my come, I noticed not a drop came back out of her mouth and I complimented her on this later.

I was spent and she lay her head on my chest as we both took a moment to catch our breath. She looked up at me and she looked tearful, I didn’t know what to say. “I never had you down as kinky!” Was the best I could come up with. She just giggled.

She didn’t meet up with her friends that night and she ended up staying a couple of nights at her sisters!! She soon explained that she had stopped taking the pill, she hadn’t envisaged having sex ever again, hence why I couldn’t come inside her. This was no problem, I soon showed her somewhere I could come where this didn’t matter… And she loved that too.

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