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Time To Pay Up!

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“Damn it!” I yelled aloud, as the shifter linkage rattled uselessly, and the engine rpm’s climbed to dangerous levels. Gritting my teeth and double-clutching, I slammed the shifter forward again, this time going into third gear. Yes! The Honda had jumped into the lead, however, and it was going to take every last bit of big-block horsepower to get it back.

The Chevelle lurched forward again as I banged it into fourth, the big engine roaring furiously. I knew, however, deep in my gut, that it wouldn’t be enough. The Honda whined just ahead of me on the left, and I wasn’t going to catch him.

I saw the headlight beam across the road, and I was still looking at the rear roofline of the other car as we cut through it, doing almost 140 miles an hour. It was over. As we both slowed, preparing to turn around, I saw the big Puerto Rican’s upraised fist clear the moonroof. The bastard! It was bad enough losing to a damned European tuner car, but now I would have to endure the taunts of this guy and his cronies.

Worse, however, would be having to face my wife as I handed over 200 dollars to these guys. Kelli had worked a lot of overtime the last few weeks in order to make sure we had the thousand dollars we’d need for the down-payment on our house. We still only had 850 dollars, but I had my commission check coming in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, that would be too late to close on the house. There were other buyers interested, so I had foolishly sought out this race, thinking to make another hundred and fifty from these guys. My wife, ever the realist, had been against it from the start. Now I would have to pay them, and our dream house was gone.

I looked for Kelli as I pulled in behind the Honda. She had been holding our money, standing beside the white Toyota Supra filled with some of Juan’s buddies. Now she wasn’t there.

“Keith?” I heard my wife’s voice, but still didn’t see her. Suddenly I saw movement inside the Supra, and I recognized Kelli’s face in the back seat, between two guys. She looked scared.

“Kelli!” I yelled, bolting from my car and approaching the other. Suddenly Juan was there, blocking my path.

“Hey, what’s your hurry, man?” he said, grinning down at me. He stood well over 6 feet, and was solid muscle. I could barely see around him, and I didn’t stand a chance of overpowering him.

“What’re they doing with my wife?”

Juan put his hands out, a smirk on his face as he said, “Hey, they’re just holding her for the winner.” He hesitated, then said, “I guess that would be me.”

Suddenly I felt hands on my arms, and two of Juan’s goons were pulling me backward, even as I tried to rush the car. The two of them were too strong for me, and they dragged me back around the front of my car and slammed me forward, face-down onto the hood.

“Watch and learn, gringo,” one of them sneered. “Juan’s gonna tear your old lady a new one!”

I struggled uselessly, but they had control of my upper body, and they kicked my feet out from under me. I struggled to see what was going on before me.

Keith had no more than left the starting line when a couple of those guys grabbed me and forced me into the back seat of their car. They said they wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to take off with the money, but it was plain it wasn’t the money they were interested in. As the second guy got into the back, trapping me, one of the men in the front seat turned around and said, “You sure are pretty, honey.” Then he reached out and grabbed my right breast by the nipple, right through my tank top. It hurt, but it kind of sent a chill through me, all at the same time. Another time, I thought, and I swatted his hand away. He just laughed loudly.

“That’s okay, honey,” he said. “That big tittie’s gonna get a lot more attention tonight!” They all laughed, and one of the men in the back with me said, “You just better hope Juan doesn’t lose, or your old man’s gonna get a beating, to boot.” I knew then that we were in trouble, and I silently cursed Keith’s bad judgment. Why was he always so macho about these things?

When they got back I called out to Keith, hoping he would realize I was their prisoner and maybe do something, like threaten them, or even go for help. He was too slow, though, and they had him before he even got close to me. Now they were dragging me out of the car and around to the front, into the glare of the headlights. I called Keith’s name again, but I knew he was being held down.

Juan sauntered over to my wife, looking her up and down slowly as he did. Two of the men held Kelli’s arms far apart, and her eyes were wide with fear.

“Hey, just let me go, okay?” she begged. “You’ve got our mon…”


Suddenly, ferociously, the big Puerto Rican slapped her face with the flat of his hand. Kelli’s head swung to the left, her long hair flying after it in a graceful arc. She almost fell, but they held onto her arms. I struggled mightily to get up, but I was clamped in both men’s arms, and I could only look helplessly on.

Juan said softly, so softly I could barely hear him, “I didn’t ask you to speak. When I want any noise out of you, I’ll fuck it out of you.”

Kelli glared at him through her disheveled hair. “You cocksucker!” she spat, and I knew another slap was about to rock her, but Juan only smiled.

“No, puta,” he said, flicking her erect nipple through her top. “That’s your job.” Then he nodded at his men, and they began to pull at Kelli’s clothes. I yelled, “NO!!” but I knew I couldn’t stop them. One of the men holding me laughed and said, “Now the fun starts!”

Kelli fought like a tiger, but was no match for the four of them. She stands just under 5 feet tall, and weighs less than 100 pounds. Though she’s in great shape from her workouts, she was no match for four grown men, and they soon had both arms and legs under their control. I watched as her tank top was pulled roughly up over her breasts, revealing its gorgeous cargo. One of my captors whistled softly. Her screaming only seemed to inflame the men, who then snatched her shorts down her flailing legs. Her little thong hung halfway off one hip, caught in the crack of her ass, and one swipe did away with it. Now she stood, spread-legged in the glare of the headlights, one sneaker still on, the torn top around her neck. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly with her breathing, and her hair spilled over her face. She was terrified, and she looked incredibly sexy! Still they held her arms tightly apart.

Her tanned little body, so lean and muscular, clearly excited Juan, who was now tugging at the fly of his jeans. “Oh, yes, little one,” he breathed, “I’m really gonna enjoy this.” With that, he yanked the front of his pants down, and his cock sprang free.

Those jerks almost broke my arms off, trying to get my clothes off. Then, once they had me naked, they held me there, for the one guy to see. He was a big, mean-looking dude, and when he started to unzip his jeans I thought, ‘oh, shit!’ Then I saw his cock. It was huge, the biggest thing I had ever seen!

He came up to me, and I thought he was going to slap me again, but he didn’t. Instead, he put his hands on my breasts and started rubbing his thumbs around the nipples, telling me how much he was going to enjoy me. I tried to pull away, but they held me there, as he massaged my breasts. In spite of my fear, I was getting excited, and my nipples gave it away. He felt them and knew, and he chuckled and said, “There, there, now. I knew you’d like this, too.” He kept stroking along the sides of my breasts, which always gets me really excited anyway, and my breath was beginning to come in little gasps, then he ran his hands down over my belly and onto my hips. He pulled me into him and kissed me.

His buddies cheered as his mouth covered mine; and then, for some reason, I let my mouth open, just a bit. His tongue instantly entered me, and as his hands squeezed my ass, sending jolts of electricity through my body, I spread my lips wider. My own tongue sought out his. When they met I moaned, and I couldn’t stop myself: I rubbed my pelvis against his hard-on.

I heard the men yelling encouragement to Juan, but he didn’t need it. His rough hands traveled up and down my body, inflaming my pent-up lust, and I felt myself getting wet. At last his hand slid between my legs and under my pussy, and he knew it, too. I moaned out loud as the sexual electricity now found mycenter. He pierced my wetness with one big finger, spreading my lips as he slipped easily into me. I began to feel the first tinglings of an orgasm, coming on fast.

Somewhere in the distance, I could hear my husband yelling, “NOOOOO,” but I couldn’t concentrate on his voice. My head was buzzing and my body was spasming under his touch, and all I wanted now was to climax. Suddenly, I needed it!

I watched, helplessly, as the big man began to grope my wife. At first she fought against his touch, but suddenly she seemed to go limp, and I knew she was getting excited, in spite of her predicament. He kept fondling her beautiful breasts, and then I saw, with horror, his hand going between her legs. I yelled as loud as I could, but she didn’t seem to hear me anymore. Her body began to move against his hand, grinding sexily. I heard her moan. I strained against the hood and against my captors, but they held me tighter than before.

Suddenly I realized that, despite my anger and frustration, I was getting an erection. My cock strained against my jeans as I rubbed against the fender, and, my god, it felt good! I thought, my wife is about to be raped, and I’m getting excited? I felt a flush of guilt, but there was no denying the feeling.

I saw them begin to lower Kelli to the ground. She looked dazed, her eyes half-open, but her legs spread automatically as she was eased onto her back. Juan dropped to his knees, his jeans around his thighs, and took one of Kelli’s ankles in each hand. He stared down at her as he raised her feet above his shoulders.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” he said softly, and she moaned in response. I could see her belly rising and falling as she waited, and the wetness between her thighs. Juan looked around at me now, and smiled.

“This is gonna be so good, amigo,” he drawled, then he turned to his work. He leaned down into her, and aimed his bloated cockhead at her slit.

He pulled my legs far apart and raised my ankles high. Then he smiled as he looked down at me, and told me how pretty my pussy was. The night air was cool against my clit, and it was driving me crazy. God, why didn’t he just fuck me? Then he turned to say something to Keith. I didn’t care what it was; I couldn’t understand the words. I just stared at his giant cock, bobbing around as it struck straight out, wishing despite my better judgment, that it were inside me! Then he turned to me again, with real lust in his eyes.

Oh, god! When his cock first touched my pussy, I almost screamed from the anticipation. It was so big, and my lips so sensitive, I thought I would die before he got it into me! Then I felt the pressure of my labia being parted, as he bore into the entrance to my cunt. I know I moaned out loud, because I looked up and saw him smile again.

I could hear, way in the background, his buddies yelling for him to fuck me; fuck me hard, but most of my senses were centered on that spot between my legs. His cock split me like a knife through hot butter! I’ve had more than my share of well-hung lovers in the past, though, and I knew it was only a matter of time until I adjusted to his girth. That’s the magical thing about us women. Even as small as I am, I’ve never had a problem taking any man’s cock. A couple of years ago I even took on two men at once, in my own bed! I was drunk then, Keith was out of town, and I thought that was probably as good as it got, but this was going to be so much better! This was the cock I had been waiting for my whole life, and I hunched forward, trying to get it deeper into me.

I saw Juan start to force himself into my wife, and I was afraid he would split her apart. I couldn’t imagine the pain and humiliation my sweet Kelli must be going through! I knew I was the only lover Kelli had ever had, and we had been married almost six years now. She would have no experience in taking a man of his size.

His buddies were urging him on, yelling and cursing, but he moved slowly into her, enjoying her growing pain. I thrashed frantically against my captors, but only succeeded in getting more aroused as my cock rubbed against the unyielding metal. One of the men noticed that my movements had become more regular, and nodded to his partner.

“Looks like he’s beginning to enjoy himself, eh?” he laughed, as I rubbed myself slowly up and back on the fender. I couldn’t help it. I felt like I was going to explode at any moment!

Kelli was groaning loudly now, as she tried to accommodate him inside her tiny tunnel. He released her ankles, and let her feet drop to the ground. She spread her legs wide, and arched her back upward. His whole cock disappeared inside her! Then he pulled back out slowly, and her face contorted as she felt the emptiness he left. In again, and she seemed to welcome it more. He soon got into a steady rhythm, his ass muscles clenching and unclenching as he drove into her. His hands slid to her waist as her captors released their hold on her wrists, and I watched as she laced her fingers behind his back. She began to speak to him.

“Oh, god!” she urged. “Give it to me! Yes!”

Her legs came up around his ass, and she locked her ankles together as she moved with him, urging him ever deeper.

“YES!” she yelled, louder now. “Oh, god, YESSSSSSS!”

They finally let my hands go, and I pulled him into me. I yelled at him to fuck me even harder, and he did. As he held my waist and pounded into me, I could feel his cock head tapping at my cervix. What sweet feelings that produced! Suddenly I felt myself begin to come, and I wrapped my legs around his ass. This put him even deeper in my cunt, and I spiraled up into the most intense orgasm I had ever felt.

“Oh, god, Yesssssss!” I howled my pleasure like an animal, and in that moment I was just that: a rutting animal, wrapped around his marvelous cock. For long minutes I shook and groaned, the sweat pouring off me as he continued to hammer away at my pussy, until I felt his cock stiffen and grow even bigger. He was getting ready to drench my insides, and I wanted it. I begged him to cum inside me. My own words set off yet another intense climax, deep in my being.

We came together, both of us groaning loudly, and cum poured from my overstuffed cunt, as he filled me over and over. I could feel it running into the crack of my ass and onto the ground, and it made me feel even hornier. I felt like such a slut, but at the same time, I loved the feeling. This time, though, I had the perfect excuse: I had been raped. And royally raped, too!

Finally he pulled out of me, satisfied, and I eased my legs to the ground. He kissed me briefly and said, “Now, that was worth the money, wasn’t it?” I could only nod weakly. Then he stood, and reached down to pull me up, too. I had grass and sand stuck to the gooey mess coating my backside, but I didn’t care. I was completely satisfied.

Juan fucked the hell out of my wife, and all I could do was watch. The two men holding me down had long since released their hold on me, knowing the deed was all but done and wanting to get a better look, but I had stayed on my side of the car. My cock was pulsing with excitement, and my guilt, though I would have denied it, had long since turned to raging lust. The sight of the huge Puerto Rican hulking over my little wife, his massive member turning her pussy inside out, had pre-cum leaking down my leg, and it was all I could do not to rip it out of my jeans and jack it off, right there!

Finally, after a couple of shuddering orgasms, Kelli begged for him to come. He did, and surprisingly, she climaxed again, with him. He must have filled her cunt to the brim, because when he pulled her to a standing position, her ass was all sticky and dirty, and I could see long stringers of white fluid running down her thighs. I thought at that point it was over; that she would try to find her clothes and head for our car, but then I saw her put her hand on his waist as she stood on tiptoes to speak something into his ear.

He was buttoning up his jeans, but he stopped and turned to her, looking surprised. He something back to her, and chuckled. I saw her face kind of drop, then register anger. She began to back away, but he said to his gang, loudly enough that I could hear him, “She’s all yours, guys.” They were on her like a pack of wild dogs.

I thought we had made some kind of a connection, but as soon as he was through with me, he told me I belonged to the rest of his men, and they grabbed me again. I was too weak to fight. They laid me back down on the dirty ground and took their turns at me, some of them holding me while the others did it. My pussy, my ass, and my mouth were all targets, for the next hour or so. I don’t know how many there were; 6 or 7, I think, but after the first couple I was back in slut mode, and begging them to fuck me even harder. I got on my hands and knees at some point and took them two and three at a time, and the cum ran out of my ass and my pussy in a steady stream. I didn’t look at faces. It was enough to feel their cocks inside me, to feel their explosions deep inside my body.

The big guy just stood back and watched, laughing and shouting encouragement to his followers, but I couldn’t get the memory of his big cock out of my mind. I doubted I ever would!

I watched, my cock in my hand now, as Kelli took on every one of them, and there was no doubt now that she was enjoying it. She even begged them to fuck her harder! They didn’t need the encouragement. They were having the time of their lives ravaging her little body, and most of them were back on her for a second or third time.

Juan just watched. He seemed content to have been the one to break her, like a cowboy breaks a wild horse, then watch the others ride. He even walked over to me, noticing my cock in my hand, and encouraged me to go over there and ‘have a go.’ At my own wife?

“You know she’s loving it, don’t you?” he leered at me, as we watched her, groaning hoarsely and begging for more. I had to admit that I did. “Well, then,” he reasoned, “Shouldn’t you get your turn?” I considered this. God knows I wanted to! I also told myself that maybe I could get Kelli to come down a little, and get her out of there. I nodded at him and joined the gang.

“Kelli?” I whispered, as she lay back and raised her legs, waiting for me to enter her. The others had all backed away, silently ordered to by Juan. We were the main attraction, there in the headlights. She looked up at me with eyes glazed over by lust, and I don’t think it even registered who I was.

“Go on,” she said, in a hoarse voice. “Fuck me good.” I was on my knees between her legs, and she grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her. Her cunt stank of other men’s cum and desire, but she was still so desirable!

“Kelli!” I said, more forcefully, trying to get through to her, but she only smiled as the head of my cock made contact with her plastered pussy lips.

“Mmmmm, that’s it,” she moaned. “Now, fuck me. FUCK ME!” Her legs went around my back, and she locked her ankles together and pulled me into her. She immediately began to grind her body onto mine. I sunk to the balls in her churning tunnel. It was so hot. How many scalding loads had she taken tonight?

As she hunched herself into me, I began to move in unison with her. Soon we were into a rhythm, the rhythm we had perfected over the last six years. I just couldn’t help it. She looked so sexy there, her belly and her face laced with the resin of those other men, and her sweet little pussy so accommodating. I stroked into her with purpose now, and she looked up at me.

“Keith?” she murmured, and I kissed those cum-covered lips.

“It’s me, baby,” I whispered, still thrusting, still needing her. She locked her legs more tightly around my waist, and began to cry. “Shhhhhhh,” was all I could think to say.

Suddenly the lights on us began to move, and I realized that the two cars were moving, backing away. They turned, and then were gone. It was totally dark now. I continued to drive into my sweet Kelli’s pussy, my needs never more urgent, and soon I felt my long-delayed climax coming on. Always in tune with my body, Kelli felt it, too, and she tightened her grip on my cock.

“Oh god, Keith!” she yelled out into the night.

Suddenly I felt the rush of pleasure come spiraling up my cock shaft, spewing into my wife’s demanding pussy. She came once more, as she felt that first gushing contraction, and we groaned together as we tumbled over the edge, into ecstacy.

We lay together for a long time there in the darkness by the road, neither one willing to face the reality that lay ahead of us. Finally, however, we reluctantly pried ourselves apart. I hoisted myself up, then leant down to pull her up, recalling how Juan had done the exact same thing an hour ago. It seemed like a lifetime ago! I pulled my jeans up around my waist, and started to look for Kelli’s clothes.

“Don’t bother,” she said quietly. “I just want to go home.” I agreed, and we walked to the Chevelle, my arm around her naked waist for support. As I pulled her door open, I saw something on the seat. It was the wad of cash that Kelli had held earlier. Kelli began to cry again, softly.

She sat heavily on the seat, holding up the money. I held her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. I told her that what had happened had happened, and there was no need for tears, or shame. She asked me if I knew how much of a slut I had married, and I smiled.

“Yeah,” I said. “I do now. Now I just have to make sure you use all that nasty energy on me!” We kissed, and I took her home.

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