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Time to Kill

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Ted got into his pickup truck and slammed the door.

“Fucking rain!” He spat as he started the engine and turned the windshield wipers on.

The 24-year-old construction worker was going to miss another day of work due to bad weather. He had driven over an hour from home to get to this new site and the rain began just as he pulled in. The Foreman called the job off after listening to the weather forecast on the radio so now Ted was going to have to drive back home knowing that he would be out another day’s pay.

He pulled in to the drive thru of a fast food joint to buy some breakfast before heading home. Ted looked at his face in the rear view mirror. He wasn’t a bad looking man. Ted had picked up several women with his rugged features and solid muscular body. He was in need of a shave but otherwise women found him acceptable. At least they did until they discovered his temper.

Ted could get angry easy. He was also pretty demanding in the bedroom. He had a strong libido and was never satisfied with one sexual encounter. Ted often needed two or three fucks before being satisfied. And if the woman wasn’t willing to continue he would become forceful and continue anyway. He often bragged to his buddies about how he could go five or six times a night.

He picked up his breakfast sandwich and soda at the window and pulled out. He remembered this area well. He had spent four days working on a house just down the street only two months earlier. Ted had been dismissed from that company a month later and forced to take his current job.

He remembered the job at the house nearby. More correctly, he remembered the woman next door. She was a well built attractive single mother who had made a habit of complaining and bitching to his crew the entire four days they were there.

Ted remembered when he first saw her, walking her son to the bus stop dressed in a tight tee shirt and sweat pants. Her shapely body and large tits caused the crew to stop working immediately.

This brought the first complaint. She bitched them out for gawking at her. Ted figured that she must have wanted them to watch or else she wouldn’t have dressed that way. And she did the same each of the remaining three days.

She usually left soon after her kid went to school. From what he learned she usually went to a local gym to work out before returning him.

She worked out of her house and was there all day. This lead to more run-ins as she continuously complained about the noise they were making. In short, she had made their job much more difficult during those four days than it had to be.

Ted looked at the clock on the radio and thought that if he turned down that street he could probably see her standing outside this morning. He turned and drove past, thinking that he would yell something inappropriate to her as he past. But she wasn’t outside.

Checking the clock again he realized that it was probably too early.

Then Ted got another idea…

He remembered the layout of the neighborhood pretty well. Especially concerning her house and the house he had been working on. Ted knew that nobody would be home at the neighbor’s house and that the woman lived with only her son — The owner of the house he worked at had told his boss that she had taken her husband for everything in a divorce settlement. He also warned them to be careful about what they said around her because she had twice made sexual harassment complaints against co-workers and she was a real man-hater.

Ted knew that the houses backed to a small thatch of woods behind a shopping center. He drove back around to the shopping center and parked his truck. He decided that perhaps he could sneak through the woods and pay her a visit after the school bus picked up her son. After all, he had time to kill without work today and she would be alone until the bus returned at 3:30.

Ted grabbed a few items out from behind the seat and raced off through the woods. He waited in a spot where he could see her driveway. She came out holding an umbrella, walking her son out front.

Ted watched her shapely ass shake in her blue sweat pants. Her long, light brown hair hung below her shoulders. He couldn’t see her tits from behind, but remembered them being pretty large. He guessed that she had to be a double D.

As soon as he saw her walk out of view Ted rushed through the yard. He edged along the wall of the garage to the open garage door. Glancing both ways and being thankful that her house sat back a distance so that it was harder to see from across the street, he rushed inside and found the inside door to the house unlocked as expected.

Now Ted watched out the window waiting for her return.

Ruth waited until the door to the bus opened and watched her son step on board. Then she began returning home.

She was an attractive 30-year-old woman. Long hair, blue eyes and a pretty face. Her 36-DD, 24, 36 body was firm thanks to regular exorcise. She enjoyed her looks, and didn’t mind showing herself off as long as men behaved. Ruth couldn’t stand men who looked at her as a sex object. She was too smart for that. And she had proven that twice before.

Ruth had filed sexual harassment complaints at two jobs. The first was deemed justified by her superiors but the second had been shot down, infuriating Ruth and forcing her to resign in protest. She tried taking legal action but her lawyer soon talked her into dropping the case after determining that she had no basis to win. Ruth felt otherwise, even if everyone else said she was wrong.

Ruth’s husband had left her two years earlier. He had grown tired of her bossy attitude. He was eventually pushed away by her constant refusal to satisfy him sexually. Ruth claimed that this was a result of her ordeals at work, but in truth she just didn’t find her husband satisfying anymore. She probably would have divorced him, but when he left first she became angry and went after him for everything possible.

Ruth walked into the garage and hit the switch lowering the garage door. She closed the umbrella and leaned it against the wall, then opened the door to enter the kitchen.

She closed the door behind her and headed into the next room. She jumped when hands grabbed her from behind.

Ted grabbed Ruth and began wrestling her to the ground. He was surprised at her strength as she fought back in effort to escape. Ruth screamed but knew that no one was close enough to hear her.

Despite her best efforts, Ted soon had her face down on the floor with her hands tied behind her back.

“What do you want?” She asked, afraid that she already knew the answer.

Ted rolled her over and began fondling her large breast.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She said, and then followed with, “I’m expecting company, you better leave.”

“Bullshit.” Ted said, “We both know that you’ll be alone for the next seven hours. That gives me plenty of time to enjoy your hot body.”

Ted grabbed her shirt and began tearing it away from her. Ruth struggled as he exposed her bra covered breast. Then he removed a knife and cut the bra free, allowing Ruth’s ample bosom to spill out of their confinement.

“Oh, those are some nice titties.” Ted complemented her as he began groping them.

Ted stood up and began unfastening his pants. He had already removed his work boots and left them in the corner. Ruth saw his hard seven-inch cock as he dropped his boxers and squatted down over her chest.

“I think I’ll start by fucking these tits.” He said, laying his hard cock between her fleshy orbs. He grabbed each tit in one hand and mashed them together around his cock.

“Please don’t.” Ruth pleaded as the stranger atop her began tittyfucking her.

There was nothing she could do to stop him. Ruth couldn’t do anything else but watch as his cock slipped in and out of view between her tits as Ted pleasured himself at her expense.

“Oh yes, you have some great titties, baby. We are going to have plenty of fun together.”

Ruth continued to watch Ted’s cock. She could feel it sliding back and forth between her firm tits, gradually increasing the speed as Ted neared his climax. She could already see the precum on the tip of his cock when it popped into view.

“Oh…” He moaned as his orgasm began.

Ruth saw a small amount of cum dribble out of his cock, followed by a large, thick wad that launched onto her chin and throat. She turned her head away but could feel it continuing to spill out onto her neck and chest as Ted emptied his balls between her lovely tits.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” Ted said to her as he got back up.

He grabbed Ruth and picked her up off the floor. She could feel his cum running down, much of it now draining between her tits. There was a small amount that she could feel dangling from her chin, causing her to blush in shame.

Ted grabbed a bag off the floor and began walking Ruth down the hall. He stopped at the bathroom and forced her in with him. He held her in place as he stood over the toilet and began pissing.

Ruth watched in disgust as he drained his bladder in front of her. Once finished he began pulling her sweat pants and panties off. He looked at her neatly trimmed bush and ordered her to sit on the toilet and empty her bladder.

Ruth began pissing, blushing as he watched her go. Then he stood before her, holding his cock up to her face.

“Open wide.”

“No.” She insisted, now wanting to suck his dick.

“Unless you want it in your ass you better satisfy me with your mouth.”

Rush reluctantly opened her mouth, allowing him to slid his cock between her lips.

“Suck it.” He ordered.

Ruth began sucking his cock. She could feel it grow hard almost immediately as she did so. She could also taste the remnants of his piss on the head of his cock but did her best to ignore it.

Ted held her head in his hands as she sucked his cock.

“You’re one great cocksucker, baby.” He said.

Ruth moved her face back and forth, realizing that she needed to finish him this way and hopefully he would leave if she did so. She sucked him, trying to get this over with as quickly as possible.

Ted was enjoying Ruth’s efforts. He enjoyed watching his cock slipping in and out of her sexy mouth. Her pretty face looked adorable bobbing up and down on his manhood.

She sucked him for several minutes, listening to his derogatory comments as he fucked her mouth in response to her sucking.

He held her head more tightly. “I am going to fill your mouth with cum, baby.”

Ruth tried to pull away, preferring that he cum on her rather than in her mouth. But his hands prevented her from doing so.

She heard him moan and felt his cum spewing into her mouth. Ruth began gulping it down as it filled the back of her throat.

Ted pumped his cum into Ruth’s mouth, eagerly climaxing down her throat as he came for the second time that morning. He made Ruth continue to suck his cock until it had gone limp in her mouth.

“Let’s go to your bedroom now.” He told her.

Ruth was made to walk to her bedroom. Ted pushed her onto her back on the bed. He pulled some rope out of his bag and tied one to each ankle. Then he raised Ruth up and untied her hands. He tied her wrist to the headboard of the bed, then raised her legs high and pulled them forward and tied them to the headboard as well.

Now Ruth was tied on her back with her legs raised up and pulled back so that her feet were almost even with her shoulders, leaving her pussy and ass both fully exposed.

Ted crawled between her legs and began licking her pussy.

Ruth was surprised when she realized that her pussy was already wet. She imagined that her body had unwillingly responded to primal desires while she was sucking this man off.

Ted licked her pussy, running his tongue up and down her slit and all over her now hard clit. He fondled her tits as he licked her cunt.

Ruth closed her eyes, trying to escape the unwanted feelings that were being caused by Ted’s tongue. She fought back as her body responded to his talented oral stimulation. Ruth realized that Ted wanted to make her climax, not for her pleasure but rather to humiliate her further.

Still, she could not fight it off as her orgasm continued to grow near.

Ruth began rocking back and forth, still trying to escape Ted’s tongue but now accepting the realization that she was going to cum for him.

Her eyes rolled back as her orgasm began. Ted sucked on her clit as his tongue rapidly flicked back and forth across it. She gasped and groaned as her body began to shake when she came for him.

“Now wasn’t that nice.” Ted said to her as he climbed to his knees. She could see his mouth and chin covered in her own juice.

Then she saw his hard cock. “Oh fuck, no.” She said as he climbed on top of her.

Ted buried his cock into her wet hole and began fucking her.

Ruth could do nothing as Ted pounded her pussy atop her. He lowered his head and went back and forth licking and sucking her nipples as he repeatedly rammed his cock into her exposed cunt.

He had been fucking her for at least five minutes before Ruth realized in horror that she was on the verge of cumming again.

Being forced to orgasm while he ate her pussy was bad enough. But she did not want to cum on his cock. Ruth did not want him to have the satisfaction of knowing that he could make her climax this way.

But Ted had already cum twice so it was going to be a while before he came again. And Ruth knew that she would not be able to hold out that long.

She began moaning, always catching herself and trying to stop. But Ted knew what was happening between her legs.

“You’re going to cum again for me, aren’t you?” He said.

“Fuck you.” Ruth relied.

“That’s exactly what you’re doing.” He reminded her as he continued slamming his crotch against her’s.

Ruth could hold back no longer. Her pussy spasmed around Ted’s cock as she began cumming for him. She could not look him in the eyes as she felt the pleasure of her orgasm race throughout her body.

Still Ted continued fucking her. She looked at the clock on the dresser and saw that he had been balls deep inside her for fifteen minutes already.

Ted was enjoying this more than he had thought possible. Ruth had been a bitch to him and his coworkers. She had teased them in her tight outfits and berated them for looking at her. He knew that she was a controlling bitch and to be able to take her this way was the fulfillment of a long time fantasy. And best of all, he knew that she did not recognize him at all.

He fucked her for ten more minutes and heard Ruth’s moans begin anew.

She cussed as she began to orgasm for a third time. How much longer could this bastard fuck her before he came?

This orgasm was more intense. She shook as the pleasurable sensations caused by Ted’s cock went through her from head to toe.

Finally Ted was ready to cum.

For the first time Ruth realized the consequences of this. She wanted him to cum and get this over with. But he was going to cum inside her.

“Pull out!” She pleaded when she realized that Ted was about to cum.

Ted ignored her and began cumming, shooting his seed inside her well fucked hole as he banged away in her pussy.

He pulled his spent cock out of her pussy. “Goddamn you’re a great fuck.” He said.

Ruth refused to respond. She just hoped that this was over.

Ted got up and walked about the room. He smiled when he saw a digital camera on the dresser.

He picked up the camera and turned it on, then walked over and began taking pictures of the captive Ruth.

“Please, don’t take pictures.’ Ruth begged.

“Why, are you afraid that someone will see that satisfied cunt dripping out my cum with your juice?” Ted responded.

Ted took pictures of her from all angles. “These will look great on the internet, won’t they?”

“Please, you wouldn’t do that.” She begged,

“Well, I may just keep them as souvenirs of our day together. But if you report this then you may just see yourself all over the web.”

Ted began looking through her drawers.

“Ah, I knew I would find one somewhere.” He said, holding a vibrator before him.

Ruth blushed.

Ted turned it on. “Ah, fresh batteries. I guess you get some use out of this.”

He walked over to the bed and rubbed the vibrator between Ruth’s legs. She struggled trying to get away from it to no avail.

Ted began fucking her with the vibrator, making her squirm. Then he pulled it away, much to Ruth’s relief.

She heard a tearing noise and looked to see Ted tearing off a piece of duct tape from a roll in his bag.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

Ted said nothing. He tore off a second strip of tape then returned to the bed.

He placed the vibrator long ways against her pussy, resting it firmly against her clit. Using the tape he secured it to her.

“Now I can just sit back and watch you come over and over again.”

“Please don’t!” Ruth begged as she felt the vibrator begin stirring her clit.

It took no time for the tool to make her climax again. But that was only the beginning. Ruth begged and pleaded for Ted to turn the vibrator off as it continued to buzz against her now ultra-sensitive clit.

Ted left the room and returned with a bottle of soda from her refrigerator and sat back to relax and watch as Ruth was forced to orgasm after orgasm.

She was crying out in orgasmic agony begging him to stop this. Ruth was soon dripping with sweat as time continued on. More than an hour had passed since Ted begun her forced orgasm torture. He often crawled onto the bed and played with her tits as she came over and over and over again. Often he took pictures of her as she climaxed. Ruth could only imagine people jacking off to those pictures as they viewed them on their computers.

Ruth eventually lost control over her bladder and pissed herself. Even then Ted refused to intervene. And still the orgasm came.

“Do you want me to turn it off?” He asked.

“Yes!” He replied.

“Will you let me fuck your ass if I do?”

Ruth didn’t know how to respond, but she had to have this vibrator turned off.

“Fuck me anywhere, just turn this fucker off!”

“Then beg me to fuck your ass.” Ted told her.

Ruth had long ago given in. “Please, fuck my asshole.”

Ted crawled on the bed and began rubbing his cock against her asshole. Her legs, being tied up and apart as they were, left her ass wide open. The numerous orgasms she had already experienced had juice running down the crack of her ass, providing all the lubrication Ted needed.

He began pushing his cock into her asshole.

“Please, turn the vibrator off first.” She begged.

“Not until after I cum in your ass.” He replied.

Ted pushed his cock into her ass. Ruth cried out in pain as it began breaking through. But soon found herself in another orgasm as he began fucking her asshole.

Ted leaned forward, fucking her tight asshole as the vibrator continued forcing Ruth to climax.

Now she was reeling with emotions. Ted’s cock filled her ass as he pumped her without mercy. Her body was wracked with pain and delight as she came from both the anal and vaginal stimulation she was receiving.

Ted slammed his cock into Ruth’s upturned ass, watching her tits bounce up and down as his thrust jolted her body.

He could feel her juice dripping from her pussy onto his cock as he fucked her.

He ravaged her ass for nearly a half hour before he was ready to cum. He blasted his cum into her ass, burring his cock as deeply as possible as he came.

Then he pulled out and, much to Ruth’s relief, turned the vibrator off. She cried out as he ripped the duct tape off of her, pulling pubic hair along with it.

Ruth lay on the bed panting in exhaustion, her body soaked with sweat. She had never thought it possible to have endured so many orgasms at one time and wondered how she had managed not to pass out from them.

Ted crawled up over her face, resting his cock on her chin.

“Clean it.” He told her.

Ruth opened her mouth and began sucking his cock until it began to grow hard once more.

He slid down and began fucking her tits again. Enjoying how her sweat soaked cleavage enabled him to slide with ease between her large tits.

Ted went back and forth between her mouth and tits for several minutes. Then he climbed back down between her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy.

“Oh god not, not again.” Ruth said softly.

Ted began fucking Ruth once more.

It did not take long for her to begin to climax again. But now Ruth was so caught up with everything that she found her body fucking back.

Ed slammed her pussy, finding each thrust met by an equal thrust from Ruth as her body welcomed his cock, wanting it to fill her and bring her to another orgasm.

The vibrator had been unbearable but her pussy swallowed Ted’s cock, welcoming its thrust against her G-spot.

Ruth cried out as a series of multiple orgasms raced through her body. Ted fucked her with renewed lust wanting nothing more than to feel one final release inside her hot cunt.

He fucked her long and hard, giving her three more orgasms before his balls were ready to empty once more. He groaned in satisfaction as he came inside her, fucking her until he was satisfied that his balls were thoroughly drained.

Ruth passed out after that. When she awoke she found herself lying on sweat, cum and piss soaked bed. The ropes were gone and so was Ted. She found her camera on the bed, but the memory stick was missing.

She got out of bed, walking on unsteady legs as she searched the house for Ted. She did not know how long he had been gone. But saw that it was almost time for her son’s bus to come.

She quickly grabbed her clothes and dressed. She wanted to go get her son and pretend that nothing ever happened. But she knew that there was no way that she would ever get over the satisfaction that her body felt from today.

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