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Tied and Teased

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She awoke softly, a gentle breeze blowing across her exposed skin. She looked up and smiled as a sparrow hopped along her open window sill. Stretching, she turned her gaze to the clock… 8am… still early. She lay there, basking in the warmth of the sunlight, not quite ready to get up and out of her comfy bed. Her slender hand covered her full pink lips as she yawned softly.

As she began dozing off again, a soft whine got her attention. She looked over to her little puppy in his kennel. Sighing softly, she rose from her bed, taking the robe that was hanging on the chair nearby. She tied the robe around her naked body as she walked to the kennel. Bending over, the edge of her robe rose up, exposing the slight curve of her ass. A quick pull on the latch and she opened the kennel door.

“Morning Adam, did you sleep well?” she asked the bouncing puppy as he bounded into the room.

She looked down at him as he greeted her by licking her toes and wagging his white flag of a tail furiously. She chuckled as his small tongue tickled her toes and carefully stepped over him to the back door, opening it for him. She watched as he did his business and tells him what a good boy he is before shutting the door, allowing him to play in the safety of the backyard.

She looked around the room, her eyes stopping on the bed, pondering whether to lie back down or not. She glanced back at the clock… 8:30… he’d be home soon. Her eyes lit up as she got an idea. Quickly, she moved to the closet, digging out a few belts and ties. She began latching the belts together, hoping she’d have enough time, constantly looking up from her work to the clock. At each end of the latched belts, she attached a tie.

She picked up her creation and looked it over, letting the soft leather of the belts slide through her fingers before picking up the other two ties she had retrieved from the closet. She lay down one end of the apparatus on her pillow, draping the rest behind the headboard and over onto his side of the bed. She then took one of the loose ties and tied it to one end of the footboard, walking over to the other side and repeating it.

She stood to the side of the bed and slowly untied her robe. Letting it fall from her shoulders, she paused as she felt the soft fluffiness cascading down. A quick glance at the clock and she picked up the robe, draping it back over her chair. She sat on the edge of the bed, turning and spreading her legs so that each foot was against the ends of the footboard. She leaned down and took the right side tie, brushing the silk against her ankle as she tied it to herself. She then repeated for her other leg, letting her hands drag up her smooth legs as she leaned backwards, thinking of his touch.

She reached behind her and grasped the end of one of the ties, attaching it loosely to her wrist, giving her enough slack to be able to reach over and tie the other. After she tightened the second one, she lay down and deftly tossed the end of the first tie towards her mouth. She tilted her head, the soft pillowcase rubbing against her cheek as she took the end of the tie in her mouth and pulled with her teeth while pulling the other side with her fingers, tightening it. She looked at her bonds and smiled proudly to herself, pulling on each one to make sure of its tightness.

She tilted her head and glanced at the clock once more… 8:43… he should be home any second. She closed her eyes, the anticipation exciting her. She could feel the slight throbbing and increasing wetness between her thighs, her nipples tightening into small pink knots as she waited. She looked at the clock again… 8:44… time was passing increasingly slower. She let her mind wander into thoughts of what was to come. She imagined feeling his hands exploring her body followed by his expert tongue, with her squirming beneath him in her restraints.

Jerked out of her daydream by Adam’s barking, her heart skipped a beat hoping he had seen Master pull up. She looked down at the clock once more as she tried to listen for the car door shutting… 8:48… she closed her eyes once more and strained to hear the delicate sound of his footsteps approaching. All she could hear was Adam’s barking. ‘How can such a small puppy make so much noise?’ she thought to herself as she tried to tune him out.

Then, she felt it… the soft cotton of the blindfold covering her eyes, his hands lifting her head slightly to tie it. ‘How did she not hear the door to the bedroom open and shut? Was Adam really that intrusive? Did she lose herself that badly in her thoughts? How had…’ her mind stopped. She could feel his presence… the very light feather touch of his fingertips roving over her body. She smiled, not just any smile, a smile of true deep happiness, a smile that told him everything.

He leaned his head down to kiss her pouty lips, running his tongue slowly over them, loving the way her taste lingered on him. His warm breath was on her ear as he whispered softly, ‘This is the best welcome home present I’ve ever received, and I’m going to thank you properly.’

She moaned faintly at his words, the heat building between her thighs. He kissed her neck, trailing down to her collarbone. His lips leaving a lingering coolness as the soft breeze filled the room. Slowly, he planted light kisses down her right arm, to her fingers, taking each one in his mouth and sucking gently. He released her arm as he took hold of the other, starting with the fingers and kissing up to her shoulder, letting his tongue flicker out against her skin ever so often.

Her moans, barely audible, increased in volume and urgency as his lips made their way over her left collarbone and down to the valley betweens her breasts. He lifted one of her large breasts in his hand, flattened his tongue and ran it along the underside, back up to the middle, lifting her other breast and repeating his motion. She felt his warm, smooth tongue moving all over her heaving mounds. Her back arched, trying to position him to her nipples, but to no avail… it was obvious he was purposefully missing them.

Her body tingled as his tongue made its way down her belly, circling her navel, traveling down and over her hip bones. She squirmed as he nipped at her supple flesh, nibbling and licking down her thighs, never coming within an inch of her sex. She wondered how long this would go on, she wanted to be teased a little, but she needed him so badly.

He made his way down her calves and over each of her feet, then… nothing. She thought she could feel his breath moving over her skin, but she couldn’t be sure. She arched up as much as she could, trying to feel for him, whimpering then groaning loudly as she felt his teeth sink into her nipple. His tongue expertly moved around her areola, lapping and flicking over her. The nibbles sending jolts of electricity straight to her aching pussy as he teased her.

She urged him, “Please, Master, please no more… I need you.”

“You didn’t think I was going to let such an opportunity pass me by, did you?” he whispered into her ear before biting the curve, causing her to groan louder.

His head moved back down her chest, nipping random spots, she felt his tongue encircling her navel, dipping inside briefly, then… nothing. She listened intently, trying to figure out where he’d gone and what he was doing. Her strident moan filling the air as she felt his tongue run over her slit, probing her wetness, teasing her clit… as soon as it started it seemed to end.

He straddled her body and she felt the head of his cock against her lips. As her tongue slipped out to greet it, she heard his commanding voice, “You may suck it for 2 minutes, and then I will lick your pussy once.”

She managed to utter out a “Yes, Master” before his cock was engulfed in her mouth. She ran her tongue over every inch of it she could reach, straining her neck to take more of it, sucking the head as her tongue swirled around it, whimpering and licking at the air as he pulled away.

“Such a good girl” he whispered, right before she felt his tongue move slowly up the length of her slit. Her pelvis arched up to him, wanting… needing more, she tugged hard at her binds as she whimpered and whispered for more. He chuckled and pushed his cock against her lips again. Immediately her lips opened, welcoming him inside. His hands went to the back of her head, forcing his cock down into her throat.

As she began to gag, he commanded her, “Take it well and I might slide my tongue into that tight little pussy.” She moaned around his cock, trying not to gag, barely able to breathe around his thick shaft. “Mmm… fuck you are such a good little cocksucker, you know that?” She nodded as he slowly removed his cock from her throat.

“Who’s a good cocksucker?”

She tried catching her breath, whispering, “I am.”

“Who is?” he commanded as his fingers found her nipple and twisted.

She shrieked out and uttered as coherently as possible, “I am, Sir.”

“You are what?” he questioned her, his fingers giving her no release, staying ever tight around her hardened flesh.

“I’m a good cocksucker” she moaned as he released her nipple.

“Stick out your tongue, slut.”

She obeyed, and no sooner did she have it out, he was slapping his cock against her.

“You like that don’t you, whore?”

She nodded, and mumbled an “mmhmm” as she felt the rock hard meat hitting her face.

“Only cocksucking whores like having cocks slapped against their faces. You’re such a good whore; I just have to reward that pussy.”

He slipped down her body and buried his face in her heat, his tongue probing inside, licking every drop he could, moaning into her. She moaned fervently, feverishly pushing her hips against him, whispering hoarsely, “Please, Master… please let me cum for you!”

He responded by removing his tongue, and sat there, watching her. “Master? Please, no, don’t stop!” He laughed quietly, and before she knew it, his cock was deep inside her pussy.

Crying out in ecstasy she begged him again to please let her cum, only to be met with a hand over her mouth. “I’ll tell you when you can cum; right now I want to feel those tight walls around me.”

She whimpered and nodded, whining quietly as his cock slowly moved from inside her. Her hips jerked up off the bed, searching for him… until she felt the wetness of his cock against her lips.

“Clean it.” He barely had to utter the words before her tongue eagerly licked up every drop of herself from him. Her moans told him everything he needed to know when he asked her if she liked to taste herself on his cock. Again, he forced his cock into her throat, fucking her mouth until she gagged. He moaned deeply as he felt her saliva running down his balls.

She loved the feel of his thickness filling her mouth and invading her throat. She loved how he took her and told her what a good cocksucker she was. Nothing made her more proud than seeing the pleasure on his face… and oh how she wished she could see it now! She yearned to beg to be able to see him, but all that came out was muffled moaning around his cock. He slowly pulled it from her mouth, but buried it into her pussy before she knew what was happening. Her hips bucked to meet his, wanting to keep him inside her.

Just as she was about to beg him to let her see, the blindfold was ripped from her eyes. She blinked and squinted as the sunlight streamed onto her face, barely able to make out his form as he pumped his cock deep inside her.

“Look at me, slut” His commanding voice jerked her eyes into focus and she stared deep into his. “That’s a good girl” His hand softly caressed the side of her face.

“How is it you can be so naughty and look so innocent at the same time?” He smiled softly at her, leaning down to gingerly kiss her lips. Her soft moan against his mouth transforming into an animalistic growl as he wrapped his strong hand in her sandy hair and tugged it hard, slamming his cock deep inside her once more.

“My slut has such a tight little pussy… mmmm… yes, milk that cock.” She tightened her walls down around his cock, urging his cum from him.

Her moans became more urgent and high-pitched, her walls somehow tighter around him as she began to meet his hips more fervently. He growled low in his throat at her actions, he knew exactly what she needed.

“Does my slut want to cum for me?”

She groaned low, “Yes, please Master, let me cum for you.”

“Yes my pet, cum for me, give me what you’ve given no other man, coat that cock in your cum.”

Her moans filled the room as she tugged hard at her bonds. Her hips lifted from the sheets, damp with sweat. Her thighs tried to squeeze closed but the ties kept them wide open. She threw her head back, and let out a low guttural sound of pure bliss as her walls contracted. The waves of pleasure washed over her body as he continued to take her pussy, the wet slapping sounds slowly becoming more audible as her moans died down a bit.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock from her wetness, and pushed it into her open mouth. Still basking in the bliss of her climax, she hungrily took his cock, eagerly cleaning herself from him.

“Your mouth is such pure heaven, my love… make that cock cum.”

She moaned low at his words, sending vibrations from her throat through his cock. She looked up, her light blue eyes fixed upon his green ones. The perfect picture of her full, pouty lips engulfing his cock along with the pure innocence of her face, drove him over the edge.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked it urgently, a deep, low growl emanating from his throat as he threw his head back. She watched as stream after stream of thick, hot cum erupted from his cock and landed on her face. Her tongue ran out over her lips, tasting the sweet saltiness of him, feeling the remaining jets land on her neck and breasts.

He gazed down at her and offered his cock to her mouth once more. She gently took it into her mouth, carefully dragging her flattened tongue over the sensitive head. He smiled down at her as she took him into her mouth and cleaned him tenderly.

He began untying her bonds as she finished. She rubbed her wrists slightly as he moved down her body, gingerly kissing her torso and down her thighs until he reached her ankles. As she felt the ties loosen, she moved over to one side of the bed, allowing him to lay beside her. He lay down facing her and she turned, curling against him. His cock resting against her smooth supple ass, he wrapped his arms around her.

As they drifted off to sleep, he whispered in her ear… “I love you, Mine… next time… I’ll be tying you face down…”

She smiled as she felt the tingle between her thighs. “Yes Master, I love you too.”

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