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Three-Way Roommate Fun

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Twenty-two year old Jeff Schmidt dialed the phone number on the slip of paper he held in his hand. The paper proclaimed, “Apartment Mate Needed!” and offered the names of two girls, an address, and a phone number. The phone rang, and a voice on the other end answered, “Hello?”

Jeff replied, “Hello, my name is Jeff Schmidt and I’d like to speak to Melanie or Amanda, please.”

“This is Melanie, what can I do for you?”

“I’m calling in response to your ad for an apartment mate,” Jeff replied. “What do I need to do?”

Melanie answered, “Oh, great! Please, Jeff, come over any time this evening so we can meet you.”

They agreed upon a time and hung up. Jeff found his car keys and went outside, anxious to get to the apartment as quickly as possible. He pulled up in front of the building, parked, walked to the door, and rang the bell. When a voice on the intercom asked who was there, he gave his name and the voice said, “Come on up!”

Jeff climbed the stairs to apartment 3A and knocked. A female voice said, “Coming!” and he heard footsteps on the other side of the door.

The door opened, revealing a tall, slender blonde with dark green eyes dressed in a jean skirt slit open in the front and a lavender tank top. Jeff couldn’t help letting his eyes sweep her body, taking in her lovely curves. She broke his reverie, extending her hand and saying warmly, “You must be Jeff – come in! I’m Melanie, we spoke on the phone earlier.”

Jeff shook her hand and entered the apartment, exclaiming, “Wow! Some place you’ve got here!”

Melanie smiled and led him over to a sofa in the living area. “Have a seat, Jeff, let me get you something to drink.”

After accepting an iced tea, Jeff said, “I’d really love to live here, and I’m desperate for an apartment, I couldn’t get one on campus this year.”

Melanie called from the kitchen, “Well, listen, for some reason we’re having a terrible time trying to rent out the other room, and we need to do it by the end of the week or Amanda and I will have to pay the extra rent. No one else has even called about it!”

Jeff said, “I guess it’s my lucky day then – what do I have to do to convince you I’d be a good roommate?”

Melanie said, “I don’t need convincing, you can have the room if you want it, we’re really desperate.”

Jeff smiled and said, “Great! When can I move in?”

Melanie answered, “How about tomorrow?”

Jeff nodded and told her that would be fine and was just about to ask where his other new roommate was when a door opened and out stepped a petite, olive-skinned girl, wrapped in a short bath towel, her long black hair dripping wet and cascading down her back. With a mischievous sparkle in her big brown eyes, she extended a slim hand and introduced herself to Jeff, saying, “Hi! I’m Amanda!”

Jeff could barely form words as he stared at her cute body and wet, dark skin. He licked his lips slightly and cleared his throat, finally managing to get out, “Uh, hi…Jeff.”

Amanda smiled, a cute little smile as if she knew exactly what was going through his head. He tried to shake himself of these thoughts as she said, “I’m sorry for my appearance – I just got out of the shower and couldn’t find any underwear or socks for today!”

Jeff mumbled something incoherent about it not mattering, blushing all the while, and Amanda flashed him another of her cute little grins before turning away, glancing at the laundry basket just outside of her doorway. She bent over to search for something and as she did her towel rode up just enough to give Jeff a glimpse of her ass. He could barely keep from moaning, and he knew his excitement at the prospect of rooming with these two girls must be evident.

Amanda straightened up a moment later, holding a pair of red satin thong panties, a matching bra, and a pair of white socks. “Found them!” she exclaimed. “Well, Jeff, it was awfully nice to meet you, I can’t wait to be roommates! I’d love to stay and chat but I really ought to go get dressed.” She disappeared into her room and closed the door behind her.

Melanie giggled softly, out of Jeff’s hearing, at the effect her friend was having on their new roommate. Quickly composing herself as he turned to her, she said, “Well, Jeff, I’ll show you around.” She took him on a quick tour of the apartment and then they parted at the door, planning for Jeff to move his belongings in the next morning at 9:00.

Melanie closed the door behind Jeff and leaned against it, excited over the prospect of having a new roommate, then ran into Amanda’s room. “Amanda, I can’t believe how lucky we are to be getting Jeff as our new roommate!”

Amanda answered, “I know, Mel – he seems like a really nice guy, he should be really agreeable to live with.”

Melanie exclaimed, “Not only that, he’s hot – and he definitely thinks you’re sexy too! He was checking you out, and you should have seen the bulge in his crotch when he saw your ass!” As she said this Melanie ran her fingers lightly over Amanda’s round ass, continuing, “Mmmm can we say well-endowed? I can’t wait for him to move in!”

Amanda was shocked upon hearing the story of how she had exposed her butt to their new roommate, but strangely excited too, especially at Melanie’s caresses. She leaned in and lightly kissed her roommate on the lips, then pulled back, winking and saying, “He doesn’t know what’s in store for him!”


The next morning Jeff arrived at the apartment at 9:00 on the dot, and Amanda and Melanie were already outside waiting for him. The two offered to help him move his things upstairs so he could finish quicker. The three friends hauled all of Jeff’s clothes and furniture up to the apartment, and quickly got it all arranged in his room. He had a queen-sized bed, which the girls made up as he organized his dresser, closet, and desk.

By 2:00 they had finished and all of Jeff’s things were in order. Exhausted, the girls said they were going to get a snack. Jeff declined their offer of refreshment, saying he wanted to take a shower since he felt sweaty. The girls looked at each other and smiled excitedly as they left the room, heading for the kitchen. Jeff grabbed a pair of boxers out of his dresser and went to the bathroom, shutting the door. He turned his back and began to take off his sweaty clothes, not realizing that Amanda and Melanie had followed him and were now peeking in the door, watching him strip.

Their eyes were glued to Jeff as he peeled off his last article of clothing, his boxers, and turned to start the hot water in the shower. When he turned back toward them, they could see his cock, semi-erect, protruding from his body. Amanda squeezed Melanie’s hand, silently conveying excitement – he was so big and he wasn’t even fully hard! He was so glad to release his dick from the confines of his shorts, where it had been straining all night and day thinking about Amanda’s sexy ass under her little towel.

Jeff reached into the shower and tested the water with his hand. Upon finding it to be the perfect temperature, he stepped into the stall and sighed, relaxing his muscles, sore from carrying all his belongings, under the shower spray. He picked up the washcloth and quickly scrubbed his face, arms, chest, and back, but when he moved further down his body his hands began to slow. Amanda and Melanie sucked in their breath as his hand released the washcloth, which dropped to the floor, and grasped his cock. Melanie let out a low, soft moan as she watched him, turned on by the scene in front of her. Jeff began to stroke his hard cock as they watched him, and Amanda ran her hands over Melanie’s breasts then slid one hand into Mel’s panties, sliding over her smooth skin and finding her wet slit.

As Jeff began to stroke himself faster and faster, Amanda started to rub Melanie’s clit in time with his rhythm. Jeff’s moans were turning both girls on and Mel could already feel herself closing in on an orgasm. Suddenly Jeff began to work his cock faster and faster, cupping his balls in his hand and the girls heard his moans getting deeper. Melanie began to grind her pussy into Amanda’s hand, close to her release. Jeff let out a deep growl and exploded all over the shower wall, and as Melanie heard his groans of pleasure her pussy tingled and she began to cum too, trying her hardest to keep silent as her whole body shook with her orgasm.

Amanda moved her hand from Melanie’s pussy and took her cum-coated fingers to her lips, licking the sweetness off them. The two girls tiptoed away, leaving Jeff to clean himself up. He finished his shower and stepped out, toweling himself dry and slipping into a fresh pair of boxers, then heading to his room to get dressed.

The three new friends celebrated their move-in day that evening with a special dinner, an Italian chicken dish cooked by Melanie, the group’s chef, and a glass of wine each. They got to know each other, finding out funny stories, habits, and pet peeves of each other to ensure that they’d get along well. Finally, around midnight, noticing that Amanda was beginning to yawn, Jeff began to clear the table, saying, “I’ll do the dishes since you ladies cooked. You guys head on to bed.”

They protested but eventually gave in when they saw he was serious, smiling as they said goodnight. They went to the hallway and parted at the door to their rooms, which were across from each other. Melanie pulled Amanda close quickly, whispering, “I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

Mel quickly pulled on some lavender satin pajamas, a tank top and shorts set, and quietly crossed the hall to Amanda’s room. She could hear the water still running, so she knew Jeff must have still been doing the dishes. She entered Amanda’s room and jumped up on her queen bed, crawling up toward her friend, who was laying waiting for her, her hand down her shorts, stroking her pussy.

Mel whispered, “Hey, sexy, no fair starting without me, I owe you from before!”

Amanda moaned, “Oh, he’s so sexy, I can’t believe how turned on watching him jerk off made me!”

Melanie responded by sliding her hands up her friend’s thighs, under her shorts, and caressed her friend’s pussy. “Ohh, you are wet!”

Mel inserted her middle finger into Amanda’s pussy and began to slide it in and out as Amanda moaned. As Amanda’s hips started to buck, Mel slowed her finger and reached to Amanda’s nightstand, opening the drawer and pulling out a long, slim dildo, the width of about three of Mel’s fingers, and slid it into her friend’s pussy. Amanda moaned, unable to hold back, and began to move her hips, fucking her dildo. Mel leaned down and began to lick Amanda’s clit as she fucked her with the toy, running her tongue in a circular motion all around her friend’s pleasure button.

Jeff, meanwhile, had finished the dishes, and was on his way down the hallway to his room when he passed Amanda’s door, which Melanie had left slightly ajar by accident. Hearing Amanda’s moans, he decided to stop and peek in. He opened the door and the sight he met instantly made his cock rock hard – the vision of the two girls on the bed, Melanie fucking her friend with the flesh colored dildo and sucking her clit at the same time.

Amanda’s moans were escalating into screams, and as Jeff watched Melanie took her throbbing clit into her mouth and Amanda exploded, riding the dildo as her orgasm took over her. Jeff could barely keep from cumming in his pants, and dashed away before the two women could notice him. Not wanting to jerk off again, he forced his hard-on to subside slightly and got into bed, falling into a sleep full of dreams of his two incredibly sexy new roommates.

Completely unaware that they had been watched, Amanda and Melanie shared a sweet kiss as Mel removed the dildo from Amanda’s pussy and brought it to their lips. Both girls twined their tongues around it, lapping up Amanda’s juices and longing for the feel of a real cock against their lips.

The girls kissed again and then separated, each falling asleep in her own bed, dreaming of getting fucked by Jeff. They both knew they would follow the plan they had come up with while basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking – they were going to do everything in their power to seduce Jeff the next day.

The next morning, Jeff woke up, still hard after having dreamt about his roommates all night long. He took a quick shower and was in the kitchen making bacon and eggs when Melanie came out of her room, looking incredibly sexy with her blonde hair tousled, red highlights showing up in the morning sun, and her tiny shorts and tank top ensemble. She said good morning and reached to get the plates, placing her small hand on Jeff’s ass as she stood on tiptoes. “Oops! I’m sorry!” she exclaimed when she felt him jump.

Soon after, Amanda came out of her room in her own cute pajama set, cream to offset her olive-toned skin. She went to reach the glass she wanted for breakfast, but at 5’5” she had to strain to reach it. Jeff jumped up, saying, “Let me help you!”

He moved to the side of her and reached up for it. Instead of moving away from him, she moved toward him, sliding in between him and the counter to get herself a plate from a lower shelf, rubbing her tight little ass over his hard, pajama-covered cock, nearly making him drop her glass.

They sat down to breakfast, Jeff trying to conceal his hard-on underneath the table as they made small talk about the day. As they cleared their plates, Melanie announced her intention of showering. She went back to her room and stripped off her pajamas, wrapping a towel around herself and going back into the hallway just as Jeff was passing on the way to make his bed and start getting ready for the day. She walked next to him down the hall to the bathroom, asking him if he had had a good night’s sleep, to which he responded with a nod, and she let her hand carelessly brush over his crotch, feeling his hard cock under his pajama pants, making him swallow hard in an effort to keep control.

After the trio finished an uneventful breakfast, they each packed up their bags and went off to class. Amanda and Melanie met for lunch at 12:15, between their classes, and sat discussing Jeff. “Did you feel him this morning?” Amanda exclaimed. “He was so hard – I wonder what caused that?”

Melanie answered, “I think I know – last night as I was just looking up from you, I thought I saw something in the mirror and when I looked I just saw someone disappearing, it had to have been him – he was watching us!”

Amanda smiled, “Mmmm I guess he’ll give in to us pretty easily then, wouldn’t you think?” Mel nodded and swallowed the last bite of her sandwich. “Good thing it’s Friday, we don’t have to get up early tomorrow!”


When the girls arrived home from school, they dropped their books in their respective rooms and changed out of their practical school clothes into comfy, sexy lounging around outfits. They came out of their rooms at the same time and Amanda drew Melanie in for a quick kiss, asking, “Are you excited for our plan tonight?”

Mel responded, “Of course!” Just then there was a sound at the door and the two girls turned away from each other just as Jeff entered. He tossed his bag down, stretched, and sighed. “Ahhh, man, the end of a long week!”

Amanda offered to call for a pizza, since it was 4:30, and Mel and Jeff agreed, saying that pizza would hit the spot. When the pizza came the three ate at their kitchen table, chatting about their days and discussing plans for the evening. “Do you guys want to watch a movie?” Melanie asked. “I just bought this new one that looks really funny, it’s called ‘Cruel Intentions’.”

Jeff exclaimed, “Sure! That sounds like fun – what better way to spend Friday night than with my two beautiful new roommates?” He flashed them a grin and a wink.

Both girls blushed and smiled back at him. They each went to their rooms and got ready for their movie “date,” putting on their comfiest and sexiest pajamas and doing their hair quickly – Melanie pulled hers back in a cute ponytail and Amanda combed through her long, curly black hair with her fingers, letting it fall down her back.

Jeff went to his room and nervously got ready, putting on some baggy pajama pants he hoped would hide his seemingly constant erection and splashing on a touch of cologne before running his hand through his blonde-tipped brown hair and going back to the family room. Melanie and Amanda had returned to the kitchen, and Melanie was starting their air-popper, making popcorn, while Amanda was getting them each a glass of lemonade to go with their snack. Jeff went over to get napkins and help Amanda carry the drinks in and put them on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Melanie came in with the popcorn bowl in one hand and the movie in the other. She handed the popcorn to Jeff, who sat on the sofa with Amanda next to him, and moved to the VCR to insert the movie. She sat down on Jeff’s other side just as the previews began to roll. Jeff was glad he was in the middle, for the popcorn bowl could rest on his lap and cover his hard-on. The three friends switched off all the lights and settled in to watch the movie. As the film began, Melanie became engrossed in the action and went to reach for popcorn but ‘accidentally’ missed the bowl and caressed Jeff’s semi-hard cock through his pants.

Jeff started and shifted the bowl, trying to hide his cock, which was growing again, beginning to ache from being hard for so long. As the movie progressed and the characters were developed, Amanda leaned her head on Jeff’s shoulder, tired from her long day. He could smell her shampoo and the scent was intoxicating to him, making him want to run his fingers through her gorgeous hair. They finished the popcorn and paused the movie so they could take their dishes to the kitchen, and when they returned it seemed to Jeff that both girls sat just a little bit closer to him than before.

A few minutes later, a scene appeared between the two main characters in which the woman teased the man, who had his hand up her skirt, commenting on her wetness. Jeff couldn’t believe what he was watching – it seemed awfully risqué for an R-rated movie! As the female star reached down to caress the obviously growing cock of the man, Jeff swallowed hard, struggling to keep his own erection under control.

The girls could sense his discomfort, and they winked at each other. Melanie began to run her hand along Jeff’s thigh as Amanda scooted closer to him, letting her curls cascade over his stomach and arm as she leaned on his shoulder. Hearing his breathing speed up as she touched his leg, Melanie worked her hand higher and higher and suddenly took leaned upward, taking Jeff’s lips with hers in a sexy kiss.

He couldn’t restrain a moan of pleasure at the feel of her soft pink lips on his, and as she parted her lips to allow his tongue to explore her mouth, he moaned louder. Totally concentrating on Melanie, he lost concentration on what Amanda was doing until he felt Mel’s lips pulled away from his and looked up to see Amanda kissing her, her tanned lips caressing Melanie’s pink ones. Amanda broke away to smile her sexy grin at Jeff, then kissed him, pulling Melanie with her so the kiss turned into a three way lip lock.

Melanie slid her hands down over Jeff’s chest to the hem of his shirt and broke their kiss briefly to slip it over his head. Both girls moaned softly at the sight and the warmth of his skin, and bent their heads to plant little kisses all over him. Amanda ran her nails lightly over his skin, making him shudder, and both women trailed their tongues over his smooth chest and stomach. Melanie began to circle his nipple with her tongue, then took it gently into her mouth, lightly biting down as Amanda followed her lead and did the same to his other nipple. Jeff moaned at the sight and feeling of their lips on his sensitive skin.

Releasing Jeff’s nipple, Melanie kissed her way down to his stomach, swirling her tongue in his bellybutton, relishing his moans of pleasure. Amanda reluctantly stopped tonguing his other nipple and moved her lips upward, letting her tongue and lips caress his Adam’s apple. Both girls were increasingly getting turned on by his reactions and his sexy body, and they began to get rougher – Amanda bit down on the side of Jeff’s neck, sucking his soft, salty skin into her mouth. Melanie was placing little bites all over his stomach, and finally she bit one of the spots hard, caressing his skin with her tongue. When the two girls pulled away, they surveyed the sexy marks they had left him with, marking him as theirs.

Jeff growled deep in his throat and grabbed Melanie, pushing her down on the sofa and moved on top of her, grinding his rock hard cock into her thigh. He lifted up her shirt, kissing her sexy stomach, and pulled the flimsy tank top off, revealing her breasts to his lips and eyes. He caressed her tits, licking and sucking them, running his tongue over her chest as he worked his way up to suck on her neck. He ran his tongue over the hot spot along her jaw and as he reached her ear he traced the shell with his tongue, murmuring, “You naughty girl…”

Amanda, tired of being left out, slipped underneath Jeff and began to kiss his stomach again, licking his smooth skin. Jeff growled and picked her up, putting her on the opposite end of the sofa on her hands and knees and pushing her shirt up, letting his mouth caress her back. She moaned loudly at the feeling, and her moan turned into a scream as he ran his tongue up her spine repeatedly while letting his hands roam her ass. Amanda began to whimper as he blew softly on her back, the slight pressure of his breath making her nerves tingle and sending shocks of pleasure to her pussy.

Jeff removed his hand from her ass and as she looked back to see where he went his hand came crashing down on her ass, spanking her. She howled in pain and pleasure as her pussy began to drip, soaking her panties and even her pants. “That,” Jeff growled, “is what my little naughty kitty gets.” She whimpered again and he gave her another smack, caressing her ass with his fingertips after the impact, making her squirm.

Melanie reached over and pulled Amanda away, standing up in front of Jeff. Melanie pulled her friend in for a kiss, parting her lips to let Amanda’s tongue explore her mouth as Amanda’s hands fondled Mel’s already exposed tits. Melanie broke the kiss to lift her roommate’s shirt off, revealing her firm round breasts with their large, dark nipples. Jeff moaned as he watched the two sexy girls, and his hand involuntarily made its way to his cock, grabbing his shaft through his pants. Melanie leaned down and took one of Amanda’s nipples in her mouth, twirling her tongue around it as she began to pull Amanda’s pants off, revealing a silky white thong that contrasted beautifully with Amanda’s creamy olive skin.

Melanie slid Amanda’s thong off and she stepped out of it as her fingers undid Melanie’s pants, uncovering a lacy red g-string. Melanie slid her long legs out of her satiny pants and let them puddle on the floor as she ran her hands seductively over her body. Meanwhile, Amanda was sliding her tiny panties off and throwing them into the pile with the rest of their clothes. Both girls stood in front of Jeff completely naked, and the sight nearly took his breath away – both had such smooth, firm skin and beautiful bodies, he wanted to caress every inch of both of them.

Amanda and Melanie knelt on either side of Jeff, leaning in to engage him in another three-way kiss and their hands simultaneously went to his pajama pants, untying the knot and pulling them off. They slid their hands up his thighs under his boxers and grasped them from the inside, pulling them off. As they did, both girls stopped and their eyes widened at the sight of Jeff’s huge cock, standing straight up, at least eight inches long. Jeff begged them to touch him, and Amanda gave him his wish, wrapping her small hand almost all the way around his cock and beginning to stroke as Melanie lowered her head and kissed his tip.

Melanie took his head into her mouth, making Jeff groan loudly. Amanda commented, “What a hard cock for us! What caused this, sexy?”

Jeff grunted between moans, “Watching…the two of you…last night…ohhhh god…so hot…”

Amanda exclaimed, “You were watching us? What a naughty boy…” and flashed him a sexy smile.

Melanie was taking as much of Jeff’s cock in her mouth as she could, inch by inch, bobbing her head up and down over his stiff rod. Amanda pulled her off, saying she wanted to take a taste, and she immediately lowered her lips onto Jeff’s dick. Melanie moved down underneath Jeff to massage his balls in her warm, wet mouth, and Amanda’s dripping wet pussy was right above her, so she reached a hand up and began to rub Amanda’s clit.

Amanda moaned around Jeff’s cock and reached down, pulling Mel to come up and kneel next to her. Melanie swirled her tongue around Jeff’s shaft as Amanda kept sucking him in and out of her mouth. Mel sped up her fingers on Melanie’s clit and moaned in surprise when she felt one of Amanda’s fingers enter her very wet pussy.

They switched positions and Melanie took his head into her mouth as Amanda licked his shaft and balls. Both girls were playing with each other’s pussies, moaning around Jeff’s cock and humping each other’s hands. Melanie removed her lips from Jeff’s cock and began to run her tongue all around his shaft just like Amanda was doing. They alternated taking him as far down as they could, each of them sucking him on alternate strokes, letting him feel both of their warm mouths as their free hands massaged his balls and they ran their tongues over his shaft.

As Amanda was lowering her little mouth over his cock on one of her strokes, Jeff grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her mouth, beginning to shoot his load in her mouth. She moaned around his shaft and Melanie moved her lips to his balls, taking one in her mouth and then the other as he came. When they were sure he was finished cumming, Amanda pulled her lips off of his cock and pulled Melanie up to give her a long kiss, letting Jeff see his cum spilling from her mouth to Mel’s. His cock jerked once more and a stream of cum landed on Melanie’s tit, which Amanda promptly moved to lick off, sliding another finger into Mel’s pussy as she did.

Melanie moaned and pushed Amanda down onto the couch, across Jeff’s lap, and got on top of her, lowering her pussy to Amanda’s waiting lips as she stretched across Amanda’s supine body and moved her lips to her clit, tonguing in small circles over the hard little nub and running her fingers up and down Amanda’s slit.

Amanda slid one finger into Melanie’s tight pussy and Mel began to moan, and as Amanda swept her tongue over her clit Melanie began to cum, bucking her hips and burying her face in Amanda’s pussy, moaning and sucking her clit violently as Jeff groaned, “Come on, Amanda, cum for Melanie!”

Amanda thrust her hips up toward Melanie’s hungry mouth as she began cumming, moaning loudly as her orgasm washed over her body.

Melanie got up from Amanda’s body and took Jeff’s cock in her hands as she straddled him, one knee on either side of his body, and guided his cock into her pussy, lowering herself down on his thick shaft. She moaned at the feel of his huge cock filling her up, and began to slowly raise and lower herself, taking him deeper into her pussy with each thrust until she was sitting on his lap. She leaned forward and let her tongue caress his ear as she moaned, “Oh, Jeff, your cock is so big – I feel so full, mmmmm it feels amazing! I want to ride you until you explode!”

She began to bounce up and down on his stiff rod as Jeff bucked his hips up, thrusting into her. Her tits swung tantalizingly just above his face as they angled themselves backwards, and he couldn’t resist taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking it as she rode him. He moved his hands to her hips, helping her, guiding her, fucking her harder, and he began to feel her pussy tightening around him. His balls began to tingle, and he moaned, “Oh, Mel, I’m almost there, ride me, baby!”

Melanie rode him harder, bouncing as fast and hard as she could on his cock, and murmured, “That’s it, Jeff, I want to feel you cum in my pussy!”

Jeff exploded at her words, shooting loads of cum deep within her convulsing pussy, which contracted around his cock as her orgasm hit. She squealed with pleasure and kept bouncing on his cock, letting his cum spray her walls as her pussy milked his balls.

Melanie pulled her pussy off of Jeff’s cock when they were spent, and moved to sit next to him as they both tried to regain their breath. Amanda came over to clean up the mess they made, taking Jeff’s now soft dick into her mouth, sucking his and Amanda’s juices off of it. Just as he was beginning to get hard again, Amanda pulled away and moved to Mel’s pussy, flicking her tongue inside to collect Jeff’s cum, which she happily swallowed, satisfied that both friends were cleaned up.

Amanda smiled at her friends’ sated expressions, moving in front of Jeff and giving the head of his cock a little kiss, causing it to twitch a little. She wrapped her small, cool, smooth palm around his flaccid shaft and began to stroke slowly, saying in her sultry voice, “Oh, Jeff, you have such a nice cock…I want it inside of me…” While she was talking she let him watch her slide a finger into her dripping pussy, then add a second one with difficulty. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned, “Would you like your cock to be buried deep in my tight pussy? I want you to stretch me out and fill me up with your huge shaft.”

As he listened to her, Jeff began to grow hard again, his cock rapidly growing and getting longer and thicker than before. Amanda began to stroke him with both hands, letting one slide down his length and then the other in rapid succession. Soon Jeff was moaning and his cock was throbbing, with precum dripping from the end, and he began begging Amanda to let him fuck her. Instead, she took him in her mouth several times, just allowing him to feel her hot, wet throat around him before she pulled away, making him whimper with his need to fuck her. She reinserted her fingers in her pussy, then pulled them away and held them to Jeff’s lips while she stroked his cock, and she felt him grow in her hand as he sucked her juices off of her fingers.

Finally, Jeff could stand no more of her torture. He stood up, pulling her around and pushing her down on the couch, and got on top of her, rubbing his cock over her slit, feeling her wetness all over him. He rubbed her clit with the tip of his cock, and her moans made him crazy with desire to be inside of her. He slowly began to slide himself inside of her, inch by inch, driven wild at how tight her pussy gripped his cock. Amanda began thrusting her hips up, trying to get more of his cock, now over nine inches long, inside of her, but Jeff tortured her, entering her slowly, an inch at a time until her pussy seemed to get even tighter. When he reached that point he looked down, a wave of pleasure running over him at the sight of his thick cock stretching her tight pussy between her spread legs, and he slammed the last 4 inches all in at once.

He began to fuck her hard, pumping in and out of her, seeing stars as her tight little pussy gripped his cock harder than he’d ever felt before. Amanda’s moans were becoming screams as he pounded her harder and harder, and soon she began to buck her hips up toward him, close to the edge, moaning, “Ohhhh, I’m almost there…”

He pulled his cock all the way out of her and as she whimpered in need, he slammed his entire length back into her tight pussy, making her scream as she came violently. He tried to control his orgasm, but her pussy squeezed his cock and he felt his balls tighten. Amanda could feel his cock growing even bigger inside her as he continued to fuck her, and this set her off again, making her cum a second time as Jeff groaned loudly and began to cum in her pussy.

After emptying his balls once again, Jeff pulled out of Amanda’s pussy and Melanie immediately moved in, burying her face in her friend’s pussy and sucking out Jeff’s cum. Amanda moaned, sensitive after her orgasms, but soon began to enjoy her friend’s tongue cleaning out her full pussy. Watching them, Jeff felt his cock stiffening again, and he was soon so hard that he began stroking himself as he watched the two girls.

Jeff couldn’t take watching the two girls anymore, so he moved up behind Melanie and slid his arms around her waist. She smiled and moaned at his presence, and he took his cock and began to rub it along her slit, making her moan loudly into Amanda’s pussy. Looking at his cock and seeing it coated with her juices made his hard-on even bigger, and he needed to take care of it. He took his slippery cock and began to rub Melanie’s asshole with it, slowly sliding the head inside. She moaned, half in pain and half in pleasure, and cried out, “Be careful, Jeff, no one’s ever done that to me before!”

Jeff caressed her back and ass in response, too focused on not losing control already to answer her. He slowly began to slide his rod into her ass, trying to be as gentle as possible for her sake, while she inserted a finger into Amanda’s creamy pussy. When he had about two-thirds of his cock inside her ass he stopped and held still, letting her get accustomed to his size. Soon she began to buck her hips, pushing back toward him as she lowered her lips back to Amanda’s pussy and moaned at the feeling of having her ass filled.

Melanie’s ass was so tight, Jeff could hold back no longer, and he began to fuck her hard, pushing his cock all the way in until his balls touched her ass. Watching his cock slide in and out of her virgin ass was driving him wild, he could feel himself nearing orgasm already. Melanie yelled, “Oh, fuck my ass! That feels so good!” as she buried two fingers in Amanda’s pussy and began to furiously tongue her clit.

Melanie was thrusting back on Jeff’s cock, taking him deeper and deeper, and he grabbed her ass as he was about to cum, caressing it, and leaned over to place little licks and kisses at the base of her spine. She screamed into Amanda’s pussy and both girls began cumming just as Jeff exploded in Melanie’s ass.

Jeff pulled his spurting cock out of Melanie’s tight virgin ass and let the rest of his cum spray all over her lower back and ass cheeks. She moaned in surprise as she came down from her orgasm and removed her lips from Amanda’s pussy. The two girls stood up and took a spent, exhausted Jeff by the hands, leading him to Amanda’s room. Melanie pushed him down on the bed while Amanda dug in her nightstand drawer, drawing out a set of silken ropes, which the two girls promptly used to tie Jeff’s hands and feet to the bedposts.

Amanda flashed Jeff one of her sexy grins and winks. “We’re going to take a shower and get all cleaned off, baby,” she said, “You just lay here and wait for us, ok? Sweet dreams!”

The two girls walked out of the room, leaving Jeff struggling against his bonds, tied up and imagining the scene that would soon be unfolding in the shower…

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