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Brit & Lori Meet The Landlady Ch. 03

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Her jealousy was overtaking her. She was engulfed in a rage of anger. How could she do this, Lori thought, as she stalked through the kitchen. There was Brittany, her love, wrapped in the undressed embrace of Melissa, a woman they have shared intimate relations with; and another woman, one whom they have never had relations with.

Why was she so mad over her being with Melissa, when they had been sleeping with her for over four months? Or was it the other woman who was the source of her anger?

Could it be that Lori was going just a bit overboard on this? In the past, the sexy blonde had encouraged Brittany to work on her pussy-eating skills; that was in college, when Brittany and Lori had been separated by hundreds of miles. Lori hadn’t actually seen Brit licking the pussy. When she heard about Brit’s trysts with her roommate, or with the shy girl in her writing class, or with the random hottie that she brought back to the dorm from the bar, her pussy had gushed with excitement as Brittany told her tales of lust and passion over the phone, of how she tasted their sweet pussies and fucked them with a dildo.

That was kicker: she hadn’t seen her doing the other girls. That was the issue. Brit’s college triumphs over other females weren’t viewed by the sultry blonde. But this time, she had witnessed the display — of Brittany with her head buried deep between the legs of the red head, licking her pussy with fierce swipes of her velvety tongue; of Melissa, wearing the strap on dildo, jammed deep inside Brittany’s sweet twat; of the red head, thrashing her head back and forth as Brittany’s tongue speared her.

She had reached for the doorknob but couldn’t bare to touch it, because if she were to leave, it would mean leaving the past four years behind. She couldn’t do it. She loved Brittany too much to leave. Lori dropped to her knees and started to cry. She was being foolish, she knew that deep in her heart. But that didn’t stop the tears from falling down her crimson cheeks.

Lori heard the soft footsteps of bare feet against linoleum coming toward her, and instinctively she knew the owner. She saw the bright red toenails approach her, saw the bare legs of her sweet Brittany. Lori was embarrassed to be caught crying like this, but she was also glad the brunette had come to her.

Brittany was in a quandary. Her feelings were mixed. She didn’t want to hurt Lori, that was far from her intention. She bent down next to her best friend and began to stroke her blonde hair lovingly.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. Melissa brought her up here an hour ago and I didn’t want to do anything until you got here, but they started touching each other in front of me and I couldn’t handle it,” Brit explained. She knew her excuse sounded a little lame, but it was the only thing she could say.

Lori’s tears were stopping as Brittany was talking. Her voice was reassuring her, her tone loving. Even though she was mad, her anger was ebbing. Her lover was talking to her with respect; she wanted Lori to be there before the trio had done anything. But Brittany’s next words shocked her.

“Sweetie, we planned this for you. The foursome was all for you, I wanted to show you how much I care for you and love you. I wanted it to be a surprise,” Brittany said, small tears beginning to streak down her face in apology.

“Well, I guess you surprised me!” Lori said, a small laugh breaking through her choked voice. Lori noticed for the first time that Brittany was naked; she saw her breasts and wanted to caress them. She bent her head toward Brittany’s and the pair shared a loving kiss. Their lips compressed on each other, separating briefly to allow their tongues to snake through. Lori’s right hand reached out and cupped Brittany’s left breast, causing the brunette to moan softly through the kiss. Her thumb started to rub the nipple, making it go erect. The stimulation was getting both girls hot.

“Let’s go into the bedroom baby,” Brittany said as she broke the kiss. She reached out to Lori’s face and dried her tears before leaning in to kiss her again. The blonde smiled.

Walking hand in hand through the alcove, Lori saw the two women on the bed caressing each other. Only minutes ago she saw the scene in front of her and became incensed, yet now she viewed the pair on her bed with an arousing look and a slightly damp crotch. The women started to get off the bed, with Melissa coming to hug the blonde.

“I’m so sorry Lori, we didn’t mean to get you upset,” Melissa said, holding the blonde close, her breasts rubbing against her. “But we’re going to make it up to you.”

Melissa took Lori by the hand and brought her a few steps closer to the bed to introduce her to the sexy red head. Lori noticed her green eyes first, but then her eyes were slowly inching their way down the red heads’ body, taking in every inch. Her eyes lingered on the woman’s breasts, which were heaving slightly. Her nipples were hard from the continued stimulation by Melissa’s fingers. Lori knew exactly how she was feeling, as Melissa’s fingers were constantly in contact with her nipples. The blonde was very pleased to see the red head was a beautiful woman. She would sleep with nothing less than that.

“Lori, this is Brianne. Brianne, meet Lori,” Melissa said. The girls shook hands, and Brianne added a few chosen words herself.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lori. I must say that when Brittany described you, she left out the stunning facial features part. Now I’ll have to rework the fantasies I’ve been having and start picturing a gorgeous face between my thighs when I think of you licking me. She said you have a talented tongue,” she said, giving her a little wink. Lori’s panties were now soaked.

The three other women giggled at Lori’s stunned silence before Brittany got the blonde’s attention.

“Let’s sit back and watch them. We can fool around while they play,” giggled the brunette. Lori nodded, silently agreeing.

Brit led Lori over to a chair near the alcove while Melissa slithered into bed next to Brianne. They started to kiss and caress each other, with Brianne’s hands stopping to squeeze the fleshy backside of the older woman. They were giggling and moaning softly whenever one of them touched the other the right way. Melissa’s hands were stroking Brianne’s sides, barely touching the sides of her breasts with her fingertips. Even though it was hardly even felt, the fact that she knew her older friend was teasing her like that was giving the red head a full body shiver.

Lori was sitting between Brittany’s thighs, leaning into her lover’s embrace. Brit’s hands were roaming, rubbing her tummy under the light t-shirt the blonde was wearing before slowly tracing little circles to the blonde’s breasts, uncovered by a bra. A slight “mmmmmm” escaped Lori’s mouth as Brittany gripped the flesh, giving Lori’s nipples the same treatment from earlier. Lori tilted her head back and locked eyes with Brit, pleading with her to forgive her for doubting her love. Brittany answered by lowering her lips to the blonde’s, kissing her passionately. Their liplock lasted for a while, their eyes closed as they kissed. They released each other, Lori having to catch her breath. She was very horny and was needing a release soon.

“Strip me,” Lori demanded, boring a hole into Brit’s eyes with her lustful stare. A smirk crossed Brittany’s face before she pulled Lori’s shirt over her head, revealing the blonde’s tits. Cupping each with her hands, she lowered her mouth to the girls’ nipples and began to suck on them. Lori moaned as Brit’s tongue made contact, and the brunette responded by swirling her tongue around the hard nub.

“Oh baby, I love it when you suck on my tits. Your mouth knows me so well,” Lori said, her voice husky, almost like a whisper. This only made Brit suck harder and before long, Lori was unzipping her skirt to get at her white — and drenched — g-string panties. With the skirt securely draped around her ankles, Lori slid her hand into her panties, but Brittany smacked her hand away.

“No no no, little lady. No playing for you. You are a bad little Lori, you are a jealous little Lori. You are going to be punished for your jealousy. We are going to make you scream, make you moan and make you cum more than ever have, all for being a jealous little bitch!” Brittany said, taking her mouth off the blonde’s chest to talk dirty to her. Lori had to admit the words stung, but she was getting all the more aroused and knew she was at the mercy of her dominating lover.

On the bed, Melissa had slid down Brianne’s body and was slipping her tongue inside the red head’s wet pussy, tickling the vaginal walls. Brianne’s moans were slow, mewing sounds, increasing in tempo and volume as the tongue lashing continued. Her hands were massaging her tits, pinching the nipples, making them erect. They stuck out from her chest like bullets and goosebumps tattooed her breasts. When Melissa’s tongue reached a sensitive point, Brianne’s back would arch and she would pinch her nipples in response. The pleasure from both her pussy and her nipples was intense and it seemed like she was fighting from letting an orgasm overtake her body.

But when Melissa stuffed her tongue deep inside the sultry opening and began to wiggle it around, Brianne lost the battle. She screamed as she felt the woman’s tongue tap dance inside of her and soon, slippery, creamy cum slipped out of her pussy. Brianne was shaking as a powerful orgasm ripped through her, and instead of holding onto her nipples, her hands were clenched firmly on the bedsheets. As the orgasm intensified they let go of the bed and grasped Melissa’s hair. Melissa’s tongue wasn’t stopping despite Brianne’s efforts to untangle herself from the dirty blonde-haired woman’s face. But Melissa’s grip around her hips wasn’t to be broken that easily. The tongue was still going, not coming up for air. It was twisting inside of her twat and even though she was screaming to stop, Melissa wasn’t listening. Soon, Brianne was giving into her arousal again, telling Melissa NOT to stop.

She listened that time.

Brianne was exhausted, but she ran her fingers through her hair as her body went limp. Her friend’s tongue was doing a number on her, and she needed to regain her energy so she could turn the tables on her. Her back arched again; Melissa’s tongue again found one of the numerous sensitive areas that lurked in Brianne’s pussy. Revenge, even sexual revenge, would be sweet.

Lori laid on the floor as Brittany’s velvety tongue and soft lips were covering every inch of her body. Starting with an intense kiss, Brit moved south; attacking the blonde’s neck, then lower to her breast bone; she stayed at the breasts for quite a bit of time, pausing to lick the nipples and to place a sexy hickey on her boobs. Lori’s fingers were laced through the brunette’s hair, looking down at her to tell her she approved of the love making Brittany was doing. Then, using her tongue, she licked down her taut stomach. Reaching the g-string, Brittany then got rough: she tore the panties off Lori’s body, the sound of ripping fabric echoing throughout the room. The panties were soaked from Lori’s arousal, and Brittany proved it by sucking the cum out of the panties. Lori’s hands rubbed near her pussy, but Brittany again slapped the hand away.

If this was being punished, Lori thought, I should get jealous more often. She was loving the attention she was getting. She was tingling all over her body, the beginnings of an orgasm gathering inside her.

Brittany got on her knees and spread her friends’ legs apart to give her easier access. Using her right hand, she rubbed her friends’ pussy lips, feeling the wetness which was dripping out of her. Lori tensed up as the brunette touched her, relaxing seconds later with a comfortable sigh. Then the lips were separated with two of Brit’s long fingers; the brunette then leaned in and began to lick. Lori squirmed.

Brittany was in heaven. She loved licking her sweet pussy, loved drinking the cum that spilled from it. If she had a choice between Lori’s sweet cum and a fine wine, she would take the cum without question. She savored the taste, relishing in helping her produce it. She had Lori eat fruits for four days straight so her cum would taste yummier.

She started sucking on Lori’s pussy lips, licking the secretions, sucking them. Lori moaned softly. She dipped her tongue inside of it, tasting the lubricating juices. She loved the taste, tastier than a watermelon. She continued licking until Lori was bucking, then she got even more daring: she drove the tongue inside and pulled it out quickly, then repeated the process. She started to tongue-fuck her, making little sounds deep inside her as her tongue worked the satiny softness that was Lori’s pussy.

Brittany then removed her mouth for a few seconds, to allow both girls a chance to catch their breath. Lori’s hands would have instinctively gone to her pussy, but remembering the slaps she had already received, thought twice about it. She absent-mindedly rubbed her tits, letting her fingers feel her nipples harden. While Brit was relaxing her tongue, she was rubbing Lori’s pussy. She slid a finger inside the tight space and Lori moaned at the intruder. Brittany leaned in to get a closer look at Lori’s pussy, the delicious pussy taking in the finger with ease. Her muscles clenched around it, and soon Brittany was having trouble moving her finger. She added a second and then a third, finding it slightly easier to move her fingers in and out with the extra digits. It worked, and soon Lori was howling.


The cum squirted out of Lori’s pussy unexpectedly and landed on Brit’s face. Brit was startled, but soon she got her face closer and let the cum drool onto her. She pulled the cum to her mouth with her fingers, sucking on her digits to get the remaining cum into her stomach. She then leaned in again and started to lick Lori’s pussy clean. Crawling up to look eye-to-eye with her lover, she kissed her, letting Lori taste her own cum on her lips.

“You squirted me. I should punish you even more for that,” Brittany said with an evil look deep in her eyes. Getting off Lori’s sweaty body, she grabbed the blonde locks and pulled Lori up. She dragged her to the bed and ordered her onto it. The two occupants of the bed were only caressing each other; Brianne had quickly finger-fucked Melissa’s pussy until she came hard. Brittany started issuing orders to the girls.

“Melissa, hold her down. Brianne, get the handcuffs. Time to show the jealous bitch what we were going to do to her.”

Lori had never been tied up before, just she had so much trust in her friends that she knew nothing would happen to her. She put up a “struggle” as Melissa held her down; Melissa lightly smacked her before bending down to kiss her. Brianne secured her wrists in plastic handcuffs and attached them to the bedposts. Lori’s pussy was screaming to be touched.

“You had to make a fuss didn’t you, Lori?” Brianne said with a flirty smile. “We didn’t have to go this far, but you had to get jealous of me. Looks like you’re going to watch for a few minutes.”

Lori gave her a quizzical look but then realized what was going to happen: the three girls were going to continue playing with each other, continue the playing which was interrupted by Lori storming out of the room earlier.

She bit her lip to stop from smiling. This was going to be fun, she thought. No jealousy now. This was for her, Brittany had explained. She wanted Lori to see her being fucked by other women instead of hearing the details second hand. And fucked she would be, as the red head was adjusting the straps to the 8 inch strap on dildo, assisted by Melissa.

Brittany was laying on her back, her hands rubbing over her entire body. Her head was tilted to the side and she was staring into Lori’s eyes. There was a look of lust and a look of love in her eyes. She wasn’t looking for approval, she was looking for the same thing in the blonde’s eyes. The blonde was looking back, smiling as Brittany was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her body was tensing as she touched herself. Lori had to squeeze her legs shut to stem the flow of cum from leaking out of her pussy.

Melissa was sucking softly on the dildo, making the head wet so it would slide into Brittany’s twat easier. She licked around the head, coating every inch in saliva.

Brianne walked over to the bed, the dildo shooting out from her midsection looking like a pistol. Melissa walked around the other side and straddled Brittany’s face, her pussy inches from the brunette’s outstretched tongue. Brianne took the dildo into her hand and started to rub the phallus up and down Brit’s pussy lips. Then with a quick thrust, the red head pushed the dildo into Brit’s tiny pussy. A low moan bellowed out of Brittany as the dildo filled her. Brianne slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in again; soon she was doing this nonstop and Brittany was beside herself in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck yeah Brianne, fuck me hard. Fuck me like you’re going to fuck Lori. Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh, OH OH OH!!!!!” yelled Brittany, her moans getting deeper, her voice rising. Melissa was pinching the brunette’s nipples and Brittany was fingering her landlady’s pussy — she couldn’t keep her mouth on her clit long enough to suck it. Brianne was fucking her hard, the dildo sawing in and out of Brittany’s wet pussy. She was standing over her, the brunette’s legs sticking straight up so Lori could have a better view of the fucking. Brianne was slapping the side of Brittany’s ass before rubbing the pain away; Brittany’s ass was getting red from the assault.

Lori wanted to finger herself so bad, but the handcuffs around her wrists were preventing that. Her legs were shut tightly and she was squirming around on the bed. She even humped her pussy along the sheets a few times, but it wasn’t enough. She needed to be touched. And badly.

Brianne was sensing Brittany’s pending orgasm: the dildo was slowly being grabbed by the tight vaginal muscles inside Brit’s cunt. She increased the tempo, causing Brittany to moan and scream louder.


Brittany’s pussy tightened around the dildo, forcing Brianne to stay still, but that didn’t stop her from rubbing Brittany’s clit to help the orgasm along. The cum oozed around the dildo; when the dildo was able to move, Brianne pulled it out, which was followed by a rush of Brit’s cum.

Brittany put her hand over her pussy to prevent any more cum to stream out of her. She stood up on the bed, her head about a foot away from the ceiling. She walked over to where Lori laid, her freedom of moving restricted. With her feet on either side of her chest, Brit grabbed Lori’s head and pulled it up to her hand-covered opening. She could feel Lori’s wet tongue on her hand. The brunette kept her hand over her pussy, teasing her. But as soon as Lori started to whimper, she removed her hand and allowed Lori to feast on the cum slowly dribbling out of her tight twat.

Lori was licking her girlfriends’ pussy like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. Her tongue was scooping cum from every nook and cranny possible: it was like Brit’s pussy was the human equivalent of an english muffin. She was beginning to nibble and suck on the inner pelvis when another rush of cum splashed on her face. She was so into licking Brit’s pussy that she didn’t hear her moaning or notice her body convulsing. It was surprising as cum entered her mouth and slid up her nose. She swallowed the cum that dripped into her mouth. She lightly licked Brittany’s pussy clean, with Melissa holding the brunette up. Brit was weakened by the second orgasm; she had been fucked and licked thoroughly and it was only a matter of time before she would be ready to go again.

With one member of the quartet out of it briefly, that left three members to play together. Brianne released Lori from her bonds before kissing her. Melissa also kissed her too, before exchanging a passionate tongue-filled smooch with Brianne. Soon, all three of them were kissing together. Brittany’s chest was heaving off to the side, but she was alert. She saw what her girlfriend was doing and it was turning her on.

Slowly she got herself off the bed and retreated to the alcove. There she retrieved the long 13-inch strap on and quickly put it on. Walking back to the bed, her eyes lingered on the three women, all of whom tumbled onto the bed. Melissa and Brianne were all over the blonde, with Melissa licking her nipples while Brianne was fingering her pussy.

The double stimulation was just the medicine Lori needed to cure the itch between her legs, an itch that had been increasing since she returned to her bedroom. She only had one full orgasm so far, coupled with several small aftershocks from watching her girlfriend get her pussy stuffed with fake cock. As Brianne’s fingers were masturbating her, her own hand dropped down to rub her clit. It wasn’t long after that that a wave of pleasure rocked her, soaking Brianne’s hand.

“Thanks Brianne, I really needed that,” praised Lori, who had just spotted Brittany with the dildo, but kept her mouth shut.

“You can thank me by showing me how that tongue works. Eat my wet pussy,” Brianne ordered, shoving the blonde onto her back. She climbed up on top of Lori, straddling her face. Lori extended her tongue to get that first taste, and Brianne impaled her shaved pussy on her tongue. She started humping Lori’s face, moans emerging from both. Lori’s tongue, the expert tongue Brianne had heard so much about from Brittany, was tickling every spot inside her pussy. It was twirling inside her snatch and she was beside herself. She was yelling, pleading with Lori to lick her wet pussy until she came several times.

Melissa was looking at the scene with keen interest. Her nipples were hardening at the sight. As Lori was licking Brianne, her legs became spread and her feet were on the large bed. Melissa quickly got between them and began to lick, slowly working her tongue into Lori’s folds. The blonde was caught off-guard, jumping at the touch; yet she continued to lick the red head’s pussy. Melissa’s tongue was working Lori’s pussy, going around in circles near her clit. She then clamped her mouth down on the sensitive flesh as she felt an intruder trying to slide into her own pussy from behind.

As Melissa was beginning to lick Lori’s pussy, a fully recharged Brittany walked behind her and began to slowly put the large dildo into her landlady’s wet pussy. Melissa’s opening was lubricated with her own secretions, so it was very easy to get the overlarge fake phallus into her. It slid in with ease, and soon Brittany was rocking her hips and the dildo into Melissa.

With Brianne getting licked by Lori, Lori getting licked by Melissa, and Melissa being fucked by Brittany, the four women were running on all cylinders. Brianne’s body was humping Lori’s face with authority, leaving streams of cum running down her face onto her neck. Brianne was twisting and manipulating her nipples, coaxing more stimulation from them. Lori had her arms wrapped around Brianne’s thighs, locking her body in place. Her tongue was driving around Brianne’s pussy, lapping up her sweet juices. Sometimes her tongue would lick her clit when Brianne moved the right way. Melissa had her face buried in Lori’s equally soaked pussy. Nibbling on her inner pelvis and wiggling her tongue deep inside, her face was glistening in Lori’s tasty juices. And then there was Brit, pounding away at Melissa’s pussy with the dildo, repeatedly banging into her cervix.

All it once, it happened: Lori’s tongue caused Brianne to tremble and quiver; Melissa’s incessant clit sucking set Lori off; and Brit’s prowess with the dildo caused Melissa to scream — all three shot off, cumming together.

As Brianne licked the cum from Lori’s face and Brit doing the same with Melissa, the fiery red head had one more sweet idea.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to try a daisy chain. Are you three up for it?”

The three other participants looked at each other — they were tired and drenched in cum, their hair was all over the place, their bodies covered in sweat. There was only one thing to say.



In the hours following the daisy chain, a sexual position in which all four came at least three times each — no one stopped licking the pussy in front of them, the moans were deafening, the giggling continuous — Brittany and Lori laid together in their own bed, wrapped in each others’ arms, looking into the others eyes with love and affection streaming toward the other. Melissa and Brianne had went downstairs after a quick cooldown shower — although Brittany could have sworn she heard the deep moans of her landlady, as if her pussy was being thoroughly sucked.

It was nearing 9 p.m. The girls had licked, sucked and fucked for nearly 6 hours, not counting the hour previous when it had been just Brit, Melissa and Brianne. The two women were starving, yet neither wanted to leave the other. Both were still naked, with Brit’s breasts pressed against Lori’s right side. Brit’s hand was tracing lines around Lori’s right breast. Lori kissed Brit’s forehead.

Brit looked up at her girlfriend and smiled before slowly crawling on top of her. She kissed Lori’s lips before sucking on her neck. Lori moaned as Brittany’s soft lips made contact with the skin. After kissing and sucking on her neck, Brit raised herself up onto her elbows and stared hard into Lori’s beautiful eyes. They were reading each other’s thoughts and Brittany knew exactly what Lori wanted to do now.

Getting out of bed, she walked over to the alcove. Lori loved to watch Brittany walk: the way her ass swayed from side to side was such a turn on. Brittany disappeared into the dark recesses of their toy shop and seconds later emerged with her hands behind her back. With a very devilish grin, she eyed Lori hard before revealing the prized toy. Lori gasped; her pussy flooded as she saw what her roommate pulled out.

And then she thought to herself: I always knew that double-headed dildo would come in handy one of these days.

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