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This Little Piggy

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“This little piggy went to market.”

“What are you doing?”

Cosmo did not reply. Instead, he proceeded on to her second toe, taking it between his thumb and index finger, wiggling it back and forth. “This little piggy stayed home.”

“You are so weird!”

“This little piggy had roast beef.” He changed his inflexion to a low, pouting tone and continued, “and this little piggy, he had none.”

Tammy only rolled her eyes and let him carry on with his game.

“And this little piggy,” he now spoke very soft and low, moving her toes nearer to his mouth with each new word. “This little piggy cried …wee…wee…wee,” he licked the smallest one, “all the way,” another lick, “home!” He closed his eyes and took Tammy’s tiny pink toe into his open mouth and began sucking on it gently.

Tammy’s first instinct was to laugh, but the warm sensations that were mounting in the little toe of her right foot began their ascension into her central nervous system and all her vocal cords would produce were a series of barely audible sighs.

Tammy had met Cosmo well over a year ago but they had only been dating for the past two months and that was only after she had decided to lift her ban on dating men who worked in her building. He had actually seemed a bit creepy to her at first. In truth, all the IT guys did. Maybe it was just the stereotype of nerds with greasy hair and pocket protectors that she could not get past but whenever one of them was around, they always seemed to stare at her and the rest of girls in the secretary pool as if they were expensive merchandise behind a display case, beautiful and unattainable. When she heard the voice on the other end of phone say “I’ll be right up” after calling the help desk to report a faulty keyboard, she dreaded meeting the face behind the voice.

“Hi, are you Tammy?” He was kind of cute she thought, standing there with his plastic IT toolbox, not at all what she had expected. Nicely groomed brown hair, no grease. Attractive dark brown eyes, no coke bottle glasses. Neatly pressed dress shirt, no wrinkled plaid thing with a pocket protector. He was not what she would call handsome, but there was something oddly appealing about his looks.

“That would be me,” she replied.

“Hi, I’m Cosmo from IT.” He extended his hand.

“Well, at least the name fits,” she thought to herself. “Yeah, the toolbox with the big ‘IT’ on the side kind of gave you away,” she teased as she shook his hand. He seemed a bit discomfited by her comment, which made her feel a little sorry for saying it.

Tammy explained her problem and he quickly went about his work. He fiddled with the keyboard for a moment and then opened one of those windows on her computer screen that only the IT guys seem know about.

“I think the problem is with the connections underneath, not the keyboard itself. Do you mind?” Cosmo indicated that he needed to get under her desk. Tammy rolled the chair she was sitting in back, giving him more room and he knelt by her feet, searching for wires and then wiggling them around.

Being the season of the summer dress code, she was wearing dress shorts and tasteful sandals rather than the skirt and heels she normally would have been. “At least with the shorts,” she thought, “he can’t cop a peek up my skirt.”

“I like your shade.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your toe nails. Pink. I like that shade.” He poked his head out from under her desk. “Very pretty.”

“Thank you,” she replied awkwardly, feeling it was slightly inappropriate of him, but cutting him some slack because she still felt a little bad about the toolbox comment.

“Try that.”

“Huh?” She was still trying to process the toenail remark.

“The key board.”

“Oh, sorry.” She opened Word and began typing random letters. They all worked. “Seems fine.”

“Great,” he said pulling himself from under her desk. “You shouldn’t have anymore problems with that, but you know who to call if you do.”

“Cosmo, right?”

“Right,” he said with a wink. “Nice meeting you. Take care.” And he turned and walked away taking his toolbox with him.

Tammy would run into Cosmo time and again and they even sat together a few times in the cafeteria. The other girls would tease her but she found herself becoming rather fond of him the more they got to know one other. Sure, he was a little quirky, he stilled listened to 80’s music and loved ‘Star Wars’, but he was also charming and polite, not like those arrogant starched white shirts in the office that the other girls seemed to like so much.

Tammy giggled when he finally got up the nerve to ask her out.

“What’s the matter, you don’t like Pizza?” he seemed embarrassed.

“No, it’s not that Cosmo. Its just that the last time a guy asked me out for pizza on a first date, I was in high school.”

“Well, I don’t know any real fancy places,” Cosmo stammered.

“No Cosmo, no,” she interrupted. “That’s not what I meant at all. You’re just so sweet.” Tammy lifted his slumping chin and smiled. “Do you know that? Your like no other man I have ever met before.”

Cosmo began to smile back.

“I would love to go out for a pizza with you Cosmo.”

And that is how it started.

The first time Tammy and Cosmo made love, five dates latter, he had been the perfect gentleman. Sweet and loving, he slowly undressed her and allowed her to do the same to him before sweeping her in his arms and carrying her to his bed. They consummated their relationship in the bedroom that Cosmo had set up earlier that day with candles and incense and as the two new lovers shared their first orgasm together, he confirmed his feelings for her with words. “I Love you Tammy.”

“I love you too, Cosmo.”

Cosmo had revealed many different layers of himself to her over the past year, and now, lying there in the bubbly warmth of her bathtub, with her little toe in between his lips, Tammy was discovering yet another. She had invited him over for dinner after work and it did not take long before the two were naked on the kitchen tile, rolling around amid their freshly discarded clothing, Cosmo deep inside her. Dirty from the dusty floor, Tammy had suggested a bath and Cosmo had thought that a fantastic idea. After taking turns washing one another, the young couple found themselves at opposite ends of the tub, Tammy’s feet on Cosmo’s chest. That is when he had started his game.

Tammy, who had closed her eyes to enjoy the warm sensation of Cosmo’s mouth on her toe, opened them and watched as he began licking in between her fifth and fourth. Her hands instinctively found her breasts; erect nipples breaking the surface of the warm bath water. Soapy and slick, she rolled her perky nips between her fingers as Cosmo began enjoying her fourth toe. Tammy had never experienced the delight of having her toes played with before, let alone sucked, and she found the feeling amazing. Cosmo’s mouth was generating a commotion within her toes that telegraphed up her legs and into her submerged nether region, making her quiver.

Cosmo skillfully massaged Tammy’s smooth arch and heel with soapy water as he continued to ascend her toes, taking time to lick in between each one before accepting the next within his lips and sucking it eagerly. When he finally reached her big toe, he opened his eyes. Tammy had again closed hers, her head thrown back against the wet tile, breathing heavily as she kneaded her round, wet tits. As he began to suck on her big toe, Cosmo moved his right leg from behind her back and brought his foot up to her excited breast. Pushing her hand away, he took her swollen nipple between his great and second toe and began manipulating it. Tammy opened her eyes, meeting his for the first time since their kinky game had begun and smiled at him in breathless anticipation. Cosmo smiled back, only briefly, before returning his attention to her pink little digits.

With Tammy’s nipple still in his grasp, Cosmo’s mouth left her toes and his wet tongue began exploring the contour of her foot. He kissed, licked and nibbled her tender appendage while caressing her calf and ankle. This novel stimulation generated a buzz of activity within Tammy’s vagina and she impulsively moved her hands under water and down her body, running her fingers through her wet pubic hair in search of her tender clit. Finding it, soft moans escaped her lips. As her fingers probed the soft tissue of her insides, she felt something ridged nudge against the back of her hand, Cosmo’s cock. She grabbed it and though they were not in a position that would allow for insertion, she was able to stroke it and rub the engorged pole against her excited pussy lips. Cosmo was now moaning also as he continued loving her foot.

Soft moans grew louder, reverberating off the bathroom tile into a passionate chorus; the song of lovers, sharing a bathtub and the adoration of one another’s bodies, kissing and touching the most erotic of places. The taste of Tammy’s sweet foot and the bliss of her hand on his cock, the highly responsive head grazing her soft vagina, proved too much for Cosmo to handle any longer. As he moaned his intentions of cumming, Tammy stroked down firmly on the base of his cock sending his milky seed into the tepid bath water. Her excitement building, she continued to rub his spurting member against her clit and in the moment before her own climax, Tammy grabbed Cosmo’s foot from off her breast and brought it to her lips, inhaling his toes into her eager mouth. As her orgasm reached its pinnacle, she sucked wildly on Cosmo’s digits as if they were five little cocks.

The bath water cooled with their excitement and the two lovers exited the tub holding one another in the warmth of an oversized towel. “You are an amazing man Cosmo,” Tammy said in between passionate kisses.

“You have no idea,” he responded.

Two days latter, Tammy was at her cubicle working on the morning reports when a shoebox sized package arrived at her desk. She looked around to be sure none of her nosy coworkers had seen the delivery and began peeling back the brown paper wrapping. An envelope feel out, a message from Cosmo.

“Meet me tonight, 7:30 at ‘La Pretoria’. And please wear these.”

Tammy gave another quick scan of the vicinity before opening the box. Inside she found a beautiful pair of black open toed heels. She sighed deeply and felt a familiar pang begin to grow within her panties. She was not exactly sure what Cosmo had planned but she knew whatever it was, it was going to be absolutely wonderful.

Cosmo had chosen the attractive heels hoping she would wear matching black hose with them and when he saw her standing in the lobby of the restaurant, those sexy black nylon legs and feet nestled inside the shoes he had bought her, he knew he made the right choice. She looked absolutely stunning in her simple black dress that both showed off and complimented her shapely gams. Her pretty toes peeked out from within her new shoes and through the black nylon he could see that she had painted them the same shade of pink that she had worn on the day they met. Admiring her, Cosmo knew he would have a hard time resisting the urge to touch her luscious feet during the long meal.

“I thought you didn’t know any fancy places Cosmo,” Tammy said as he met and kissed her at the door. “This is a big upgrade from the pizza joint of our first date.”

“This,” he replied, indicating her attire “is a big upgrade from the jeans you wore on our first date.” He escorted her to their table and as he helped her with her chair, he kissed her ear and whispered softly, “It is going to be quite a chore for me, keeping my hands off those sexy feet of yours during dinner.” He had a very mischievous smile on his face as he took his seat.

Dinner was superb but Cosmo was hard pressed not to be distracted by Tammy’s delicious feet which had been tempting him from under the table the entire meal like some sort of unseen siren. In an effort to relieve his building tension, Cosmo slid his shoes and socks off and ran his bare feet up and down the length of Tammy’s exquisite legs. She smiled and jumped just a little when he was able to work his foot all the way up her thigh and into her lap, which was slightly more than damp at this point.

As wonderful as her smooth legs felt on his naked feet, it was not nearly enough to satisfy his mounting desire and Cosmo knew that he was not going to make it through this entire dinner without tasting her feet at least once. While waiting for their dessert orders to be taken, Cosmo seized his opportunity using the long linen tablecloth and the dim flickering candlelight as his allies. Lifting his fork, Cosmo showed it to Tammy with a wicked smile on his face. With an exaggerated “Uh Oh!” he dropped it to the floor and disappeared under the tablecloth as if to search for his fallen utensil.

Tammy caught her breath quickly as Cosmo’s hand grasped her nylon-clad calf and she felt his tongue begin to lick her stockinged toes through the opening in her shoes. She looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching but the feeling of Cosmo’s warm mouth on her sensitive feet swiftly overrode any fear she had of being caught. Cosmo slid the shoes he had bought her off and began sucking and licking her silken feet.

Unlike the night in her bathtub, tonight Tammy’s feet carried the musky odor of a days work mixed with the leathery aroma of her new shoes. Cosmo had been growing steadily inside his trousers since he began his journey under the table, but it was this pungent bouquet that opened the floodgates within his cock, filling it to capacity with blood and leaving a small daub of precum inside his underpants. He rubbed her gorgeous feet all over his face as he ran his hands up her sleek calves and to her thighs. Tammy put her hand under the table meeting his and guided it to the growing wet spot within her pantyhose and together they fingered her moistening crotch through the damp fabric.

Tammy did not notice as the waiter approach their table and just looked at him, mouth agape, unable to speak when he asked if she would “prefer to wait until the gentleman returns to his seat before ordering dessert.” Hearing him, Cosmo stuck his head out from under the table and replied, “We’ll be having dessert at home, thank you!”

The couple quickly paid their bill and no one noticed that they were both carrying their shoes rather than wearing them as they left hastily.

Cosmo had chosen this particular restaurant not only for its food and ambiance, but for its proximity to his apartment as well. Within six minutes, the two lovers were in Cosmo’s doorway and in each other’s arms. Kissing deep and passionate, Tammy began tearing Cosmo’s clothing from his body. Cosmo’s hands were busy under Tammy’s little black dress, taking pleasure in how wonderful her ass felt through the silky fabric of her pantyhose. Once Cosmo was completely naked, Tammy began losing her own garments. “No!” Cosmo stopped her. “I want you to stay dressed.”

Tammy and Cosmo fell to the floor of his living room, their mouths one. Cosmo began kissing her face and ears. Tammy moaned gently as he kissed his way down her soft neckline, nibbling and sucking the supple flesh all the way down to her overflowing cleavage. So aroused was she that her taut nipples were fully visible through her bra and dress. Cosmo sucked on them right through the material before continuing his voyage down her body.

As he kissed her abdomen, his hands went to her thighs, gradually lifting her dress, affectionately tracing the outline of her magnificent legs. Once exposed, Cosmo drove his face directly into her wet crotch, breathing in her sultry fragrance. Tammy ran her fingers through his hair, holding his face in her lap, moaning his name as he sucked her tangy juices from the cotton panty of her hose. Wanting desperately to have his tongue inside her, she momentarily pushed Cosmo aside and ripped a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose before taking his face back in her hands and trusting it onto her aching cunt.

“Oh Cosmo, eat my pussy!” she moaned as he dove his tongue between the soaking folds of her labia and deep inside her succulent hole. Cosmo could feel her smooth legs all over his back and when he felt her begin to massage him with her silky-smooth feet, he though he would explode right there. He knew he would not last much longer but this was not how he wanted to cum. He had other plans.

Cosmo took one more mouth-watering taste of her delicious pussy before kissing his way down her legs and to her waiting feet were he began licking and biting anything he could fit inside his hungry mouth. On one foot, he bit right through the delicate nylon, exposing her toes so he could feast upon her pink nails unobstructed. He turned his body so that he was in a sitting position at her feet and kissed them some more before looking up to her and lowering her downy soles on to his engorged dick. When her shiny feet touched his highly aroused cock, his head flew back and a noisy moan erupted from his mouth. Holding her feet, he stroked them up and down his rigid shaft until Tammy caught on to what he required and began doing it for him.

Tammy appeared very excited but in need of some stimulation of her own, so Cosmo ran his naked foot up her stockinged leg until his big toe found the gaping hole in her pantyhose and the swollen clit within. He rubbed her hot button with his toes before guiding them down her pussy lips and introducing them inside her steamy gash. She continued stroking her lover’s cock with her pretty feet as he fucked her with his. Tammy bit her lip as the electricity brewing deep within her pussy was released, sending intense shock waves throughout her entire body. She came hard, moaning out and covering Cosmo’s toes and foot with creamy girl cum.

His own orgasm looming, Cosmo removed his foot from her quivering hole and brought it up to her lips so she could lick her nectar from off his toes. Tammy grabbed it and sucked her luscious cum from his sticky foot as she continued to stroke his dick and balls with hers.

“Cum on my feet Cosmo!” she begged in between passionate sucks on his salty toes. “Cum all over my sexy feet!”

He grabbed her at the ankles and clamped her soft, silken arches around his aching dick. With his cockhead just peeking out from between them, Cosmo began spraying her nylon feet with jet after jet of his hot, sticky cum. White semen glistened on black nylon like mother of pearl on a jewelers cloth and when Tammy lifted her glazed feet to his breathless mouth, he hesitated, only for a moment before licking his dripping load from her beautiful toes.

The two lovers lavished in the ecstasy and joy bestowed upon them by each other’s feet. They lay motionless for quite sometime, the only sound, their own breath, breathing as one. Cosmo began to reposition himself so they could lie in each other’s arms but stopped when he felt Tammy’s thumb and index finger on his big toe. She began wiggling it back and forth, back and forth and he closed his eyes and smiled when he heard her seductive voice.

“This little piggy went to market….”

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