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They Can’t Help Themselves

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Randi surveyed the large hotel suite as the bellboy took care of her luggage. The room offered two plush queen beds and a large front living area with two leather couches, a wet-bar with a marble top and a gas fireplace. She tipped the belloy handsomely even though she caught him openly leeering at her on numerous occasions. Although in her late forties with two children in school, Randi Boehmon could still turn heads. A petite woman with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes set above high cheekbones, she was oftentimes told that she resembled Kelly Ripa.

Her longtime lover, Steve, had opined that he thought Randi was even more attractive but, he would add with a mischievous grin, in a slutty kind of way.

Her friend Shonda Nadal, whom she had first met at the Cougar Party in Chicago, had finally convinced Randi to arrange a tryst with her and two young men from Randi’s home town. Both had played high school football with Randi’s son last year. Ryan Grant was over 6 feet tall with broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist. His brown hair was just off his shoulders and Randi found him gorgeous with long eyelashes and extremely kissable lips. Curtis Adams had been an all-state running back and both boys were now enrolled at Ohio University in Athens on scholarships. Curtis was a little shorter than Ryan with broad shoulders and thick muscular thighs. He was a light-skinned black young man sporting several tattoos that Randi considered very hot. He had tried to convince Randi to get a “tramp-stamp” on her lower back and she was still considering it.

Randi chilled a bottle of her favorite Chardonnay and put away her clothes. She had just poured a glass of wine when she heard the door to the suite open. Her eyes lit up in excitement, a wide smile spread across her face when she looked up to find Shonda entering the room. Shonda was taller than Randi with big brown bedroom eyes and surgically enhanced breasts on which her husband had spared no expense. She was model thin and her jet black hair had grown out, just off her shoulders. As usual, she looked absolutely stunning.

The two friends embraced briefly and then held each other at arms length, smiling and looking deeply into one another’s eyes. Slowly, Randi tilted her head and leaned toward Shonda and the two cougars began to kiss, softly at first, their lips smacking, and then more urgently, their mouths open, tongues probing. After several moments, Shonda reluctantly pulled her lips from Randi’s, her breathing noticably heavy.

“That was wonderful! It’s been much too long . . . When will the boys be here?!” she asked unable to contain her excitement.

Randi laughed and grabbed one of Shonda’s bags as they walked into the living area. She poured Shonda a glass of wine and joined her on one of the couches. A pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s was on the coffee table and Randi flipped the top of the hard pack offering one to her friend. Shonda withdrew one of the long, white cigarettes and waited while Randi did the same, and then accepted a light from Randi, drawing deeply.

The two sexy older women chatted as they smoked, sipping from their wine glasses, catching up on the latest gossip. Both had told their husbands that they were in Columbus on a shopping trip and recognized that they would have to find some time to shop so as to not raise any suspicion.

“Speaking of shopping, wait until you see the shoes I’m wearing later . . . They are sooo sexy!!” Shonda laughed as she led Randi into the bedroom.

The MILFs spent the next hour preparing for the arrival of their boy toys. As Randi stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, applying the final touches to the dark, smoky eye make-up that drove her lover’s wild, Shonda came up behind her, sliding her hands gently over her slender hips and then down btween her legs. As she watched her in the mirror, Shonda kissed her shoulder, one hand creeping up to hold one of her perky, firm breasts, causing her nipple to harden.

Randi laughed softly, “Baby . . . We have to be ready for the boys! I know your’re excited, but we’ve got all weekend!”

In reply, Shonda began to roll Randi’s nipple between her fingers, while with her other hand, she began to rub her completely shaven pussy in a circular motion. With a low moan, Randi turned into Shonda, her arms going around her neck pulling the dark-haired vixen to her hungry lips.

As they kissed passionately, Shonda pushed Randi against the granite sink-top before kneeling in front of her. Randi spread her legs as Shonda began to lightly lick the inside of her taut thigh, before nuzzling her pussy lips. Randi groaned out loud when she felt Shonda’s tongue probe past her lips tasting her love juices. Randi arched her head back, eyes shut, her mouth open in lust, and braced herself with one hand on the sink-top. With her other hand, she pulled Shonda’s face hard against her crotch as her mouth and tongue became more forceful in expressing her desire.


Later, Randi and Shonda sat comfortably on one of the couches, both wearing one of the plush, white cotton robes provided by the hotel. The women looked terrific, with eye make-up expertly applied, although their lips were only covered in a light natural shade. Randi had used a flat iron on her long, blonde hair and it fell well below her shoulders. Randi was telling Shonda how much she liked Shonda’s longer hair, which had been razor cut, with her bangs just above her eyebrows. They were into their second botle of wine when they heard a knock at the door. Randi got up to answer it while Shonda stood near the couch.

Ryan and Curtis tried to look cool and confident, but both were jacked to be seeing Randi again. Randi had been sleeping with the both of them, together and separately, for nearly a year. Although they got all the college pussy they could handle, in their opinion, none could compare with their high school teammate’s mother. Randi had told them about Shonda and they were excited to meet her as well.

As Ryan stepped into the room, Randi threw her arms over his shoulders, pulling him down, her lips open expectantly, her tongue extending. They kissed deeply for a few moments before Randi turned to Curtis giving him the same sensuous greeting. Randi thought that Curtis was looking especially hot with his big shoulders pushing tightly against his white V-neck tee shirt. He had let his hair grow out and his loose braids were held back with a small, black head band. As she sucked on his tongue, Randi ran her hands down his thick chest to his fat package, giving him a playful squeeze. Smiling up into his eyes, she took Curtis by the hand and led him into the living room, Ryan following closely behind.

“Curtis . . . This is my friend Shonda. She has been wanting to meet the both of you for a long time!”

Shonda smiled, her eyes drinking in the young man’s muscular form, and opened her arms invitingly. Curtis embraced the dark-haired MILF, kissing her softly several times before she pulled his face hard against hers, their tongues swirling around one another.

Randi looped her arm through Ryan’s, her small breasts digging hard against his side and smiled as she watched Shonda work. She knew what the boys were in for and her pussy was already wet in anticipation.

Ryan moved into Shonda’s arms when she broke from Curtis, and his urgent kisses soon had her legs turning to jelly. When he finally broke their long, wet kiss, Shonda was clearly impressed.

“Oh my!” she sighed softly, her beautiful face flushed.

The boys sat on the couch facing the MILFs and Randi offered them a drink. When she returned with a couple of beers, Shonda had freshened their wine glasses and each lit a fresh cigarette before settling back in the thick cushions. Randi took a slow, deep drag of her cigarette and exhaled a thin stream, smiling lewdly at the young men. Although they had kept their robes on, the boys could see that their ladies were dressed for business. Shonda was wearing fish-net hose and a pair of black T-strap pumps with four-inch heels. Randi had on black, sheer back-seam hose and was wearing a pair of black sling-back platforms with 4 1/2 inch heels.

Randi placed a small Saks bag on the table between them.

“Shonda and I have heard about the rainbow parties that are all the rage with you kids,. . . but it’s just the two of us here.” Randi smiled broadly. “So . . . We thought that we would try the next best thing!”

Randi pulled twelve tubes of lip gloss from the bag and lined them up on the table. The boys broke into grins as she explained:

“Ryan . . . You pick first. Give one color to me and then Shonda. Curtis . . . You’re next. When we’ve got them all divided, we’ll get started!”

As the boys looked through the lip gloss and made their choices, Randi and Shonda stood to disrobe. The expressions on the young men’s faces were priceless, the two cougars looked fucking incredible.

Shonda wore a violet and black strapless corset, her heavy breasts barely contained by the thin fabric. She wasn’t wearing any panties, but her fish-net hose were held up by garters, her closely trimmed landing strip clearly visible.

Randi wearing even less, looked even more sexy. Her perfectly toned body was naked to the waist, her pert breasts flushed with excitement. She wore a white lace garter belt with a matching G-string and black lace-top thigh highs. The two friends turned to each other and shared a quick french kiss for the boys’ enjoyment before sitting down and reaching for a tube of lip gloss.

As Randi pulled the applicator out, she advised “Boys . . .you’d better get your clothes off because we can’t wait to start sucking your big, beautiful cocks!!”

As they began to strip, they watched the lovely MILFs slowly apply thick layers of lip gloss over their luscious lips. Ryan had picked a cinnamon shade that he had seen Randi wear before, while Curtis had chosen a deep, red gloss for Shonda that looked terrific with her complexion.

Now naked, Ryan walked around the table, his cock bouncing, and stood directly in front of Randi who sat forward on the edge of the couch taking his thick shaft into her tiny hand, stroking him in a firm practiced grip. She leaned forward and planted a kiss onto the hard, muscular ridges of his stomach muscles, pleased with the colorful lip print she left on his smooth skin. Smiling up at her young lover, she dropped her jaw and took the head of his cock into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing. She continued to stroke him as she swirled her tongue under the sensitive under-side of his cock, and he could feel her wedding bands against his fat shaft.

Placing her hands on his muscular thighs, Randi inched closer, taking his entire length into her warm, wet mouth. She began to moan as her head started bobbing back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm. She pulled her lips away with a loud pop, and began to lustily jack his wetly shining shaft, a sexy sneer on her lips.

Glancing over at Shonda, she saw that her friend was on her knees in front of Curtis, her hands cupping his muscular ass-cheeks, her nose buried in his pubic bush, his long cock had disappeared into her hungry mouth.

Randi took Ryan’s cock back into her mouth, now turning her head as she sucked him, her lips twisting on his straining shaft causing sharp sensations of pleasure to course through the young man’s body.

Minutes later, Ryan pulled his cock from Randi’s mouth and switched places with Curtis. Randi noted that her panties were soaked when her hand crept down to rub her swollen clit. She began to blow Curtis, his thick purplish head sliding deliciously between her wetly, shining


The two cougars took turns, stopping occasionally to apply a new thick shade of lip gloss, the two boys grinning at the rainbow of colors showing on their cocks and stomachs. The ladies had bet lunch on who got their lover to blow his load first and Curtis tipped Shonda off as to Randi’s progress.

“AAAAaaaaahhh . . . SHIT! Mrs. Boehmon! Fuck . . . This feels fucking incredible . . . I’m gonna cum . . . Keep sucking my cock, Mrs. Boehmon!!!! AAAAAaaaaahhhh FUCK!!”

Randi picked up the pace, her head moving like a piston, both hands now working his thick shaft in unision with her eager lips.

Not to be outdone, Shonda stuck her middle finger in her mouth, covering it in saliva. She pulled Ryan’s ass cheeks open and plunged her finger deep into his tight hole and began to massage his prostrate as she took his bulbous head back into her mouth.

With a loud shout, Ryan shot a thick rope of hot jizz against the back of Shonda’s throat which she greedily swallowed, smiling to herself. Seconds later, Curtis sprayed a hot load of cum over Randi’s chin and chest which the depraved wife and mother began to rub over her breasts.

The boys sat on the couch, both breathing heavily as Randi excused herself to clean up. Ryan was unable to take his eyes off her hot, little ass as she walked away, looking sexy as hell in her thigh highs and stilleto heels.

When she returned, she matched up with Ryan on one of the couches. Kissing him deeply as she gently stroked his long cock, Ryan pushed her on her back and she spread her legs as he moved quickly between them, allowing him to slowly peel off her G-string. Reaching down, Randi opened her pussy with her fingers and she shuddered as she felt the thick head of his cock push deliciously through her pussy lips.

Ryan started pounding out the slow, steady, deep thrusts that Randi had taught him, her pussy tingling, her hard body moving eagerly beneath him. Her arms reached up over his broad shoulders and she pulled her young lover to her waiting lips, her mouth open. They kissed as Ryan continued to fuck her, Randi’s arms sliding down to cradle his smooth face, moaning softly into his mouth.

After several, long incredible minutes, Randi’s breathing became ragged as she felt her orgasm begin to build. Ryan sensed this as well, and he extended his arms straight and began to savagely fuck the older woman, their bodies slapping together as Randi began drove her hips off the couch to meet his strong thrusts.

Turning her head, she saw that Shonda was sitting on Curtis’s lap, his thick cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. Shonda had tilted his head upward and her lips were pressed hard against his, his hands on her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly against his long shaft.

“AAAAaaahh! Fuck Baby! You feel so good inside my pussy! I love fucking you Baby! Give me all your big, hard cock! FUCK ME BABY!! I want to feel you cum inside me!!” Randi moaned as the first wave of her orgasm swept over her. She rolled her hips hard against Ryan as she came, her head thrashing back and forth on the couch.

With a loud grunt, Ryan shot a hot load deep into her tight, wet tunnel, her pussy gripping him as jet after jet of his seed filled her womb. They kissed gently as they caught their breath, Randi’s body quivering anew when Ryan began to softly lick at the sweat that had beaded up on her chest and breasts, his cock still jerking in her body.

Looking back over at Shonda, she saw the dark-haired cougar riding her lover furiously, her big breasts had fallen out of her corset and they bounced lewdly each time she smacked down wetly on his lap. Shonda’s head arched back, her mouth open, her eyes squeezed shut and as her body began to spasm, Randi saw a thick, creamy liquid begin to build at the base of Curtis’s thick cock as he filled her pussy to the brim.

The two young men switched partners back and forth well into the evening. At one point, Randi was relaxing with a glass of wine and a cigarette while she watched Shonda being fucked doggie-style by Curtis while sucking Ryan’s big cock. She got her chance at a double-team later while sitting backwards on Ryan’s lap, his hard shaft buried deep into her pussy, while Curtis stood next to her on the couch, Randi moaning loudly as she sucked him off. When Curtis warned her that he was cumming, Randi pulled back to take the load on her face, then he used his still hard cock to scoop it back into her eager mouth, all the while bouncing up and down on Ryan’s thick dick.

When Curtis went to get himself a beer, he walked back into the bedroom to find Randi lying on her back cross-wise on the bed with her head hanging over the side. Her garters and thigh highs had somehow stayed in place and Ryan was slowly sliding his long shaft into her mouth, deep into her throat. Meanwhile, Shonda was kneeling between Randi’s legs, licking her pussy. Randi was rolling her hips, a muffled moan leaking from her stuffed mouth.


The next morning, Curtis awoke to find Randi kneeling at his waist, with his cock in her mouth as she gently rubbed his heavy ball sack. When she noticed that he was awake, Randi pulled away from his cock, running the flat of her tongue on the sensitive underside of his dick. Smiling up at the young man, she purred:

“Good morning, Lover! You weren’t going to sleep all day were you?”

With that, she took him back into her warm, wet mouth, snorting and snuffling as she made love to his dark, thick manhood, her long hair falling over her beautiful face.

Looking to his left, he saw that Ryan had mounted Shonda and was pounding his thick meat deep into the dark-haird MILF. His muscular ass cheeks bulged as he thrust into her writhing body, her large tits bouncing lewdly as his body slapped against her hips, Shonda grinning lewdly.

Randi arched her back, her tiny breasts thrust forward, and using her fingers, combed her hair up into a pony tail, sliding a hair band off her wrist to hold it in place before lowering her sexy lips back to her boy-toy’s straining cock.

Minutes later, Randi sat up and swung one leg over Curtis, grasping his thick cock by its base, and slowly, inch by sweet inch, lowered her tight pussy over his engorged dick. She put her french-manicured hands on his deep chest and began to slowly ride his cock, rubbing her swollen clit against his pubic bush. Her beautiful eyes were lidded, a contented smile on her lips, as Curtis reached up to take her swinging breasts in his hands. When he raised up to kiss one of her hard nipples, Randi inhaled sharply, and began to frantically roll her hips against his, her breathing becoming heavy.

Curtis rolled her over on her back and began to lustily fuck the married mother of two, Randi sliding her hands up under his arms to grab the thick muscles of his back.

“Jesus . . . Curtis! Your cock is so fucking hard! I love having you inside me! God I need a fucking so bad! FUCK ME HARDER, BABY! FUCK MY PUSSY, GIVE ME ALL YOUR BIG,HARD COCK!!!”

Randi pulled his lips to hers as the young man responded to her urgent pleas, driving even deeper into her faithless pussy. Both beds now creaking loudly as the two older women were fucked, the moans and groans of the sexy cougars filling the erotically charged room.


The boys went back to Athens the following morning and Randi and Shonda were sharing a bottle of Shiraz at Smith & Wollenskey’s. Their cute, young waiter was especially attentive to Randi and Shonda smiled as she watched her flirt with him. Little did he know how easy it would be to get the sexy MILF into bed. Hell, all he really needed to do was ask! She’d have his cock out before the elevator doors closed.

When the waiter left, Randi’s eyes followed his tight ass away from the table and when she turned back she found Shonda smiling at her.

“What?!” Randi laughed as she reached for a cigarette.

“You don’t ever turn it off . . . Do you?” she grinned in reply.

Randi exhaled a long, thin stream, and gave her shoulders a small shrug, taking a sip of her wine.

“I saw Steve the other week.” Shonda said.

“By saw . . . I’m sure you mean ‘fucked'” Randi responded more sharply then she intended. Although her longtime lover was thrilled by Randi’s numerous affairs, in fact he loved for her to describe them in graphic detail when they were together or engaged in phone sex, she was still possessive of him.

Shonda smiled back “Well of course . . . He is gorgeous! Anyway, he said that Jake is looking at schools and that you won’t let him consider Northwestern. Darling, you know I’d look after him!” a knowing glint in her eyes. Shonda had met Randi’s oldest last year and was immediately turned on by the young football star. Randi had told her that he was attracting alot of interest from several midwest schools.

Randi put her wine glass down and looked cooly at her friend. “Shonda” she said in level tone “Don’t even joke about that.”

“OH relax, Darling! You know I was just kidding . . . Sort of!” Shonda grinned. ” Can you blame me? God, is he beautiful! He’s got your coloring and that big, muscular body! I mean you have to admit . . . He is just my type! Yours too, for that matter!”

Shonda looked away and took a sip of her wine as Randi drew on her cigarette.

“I mean . . . Let’s face it Randi . . . We’re just a couple of sluts when it comes to cock . . . Especially young cock!!”

Shrugging her shoulders, her big brown bed room eyes sparkling, she added “Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves!”

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