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Their Obsession

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Sadie was ready to say her final goodbye to the man who had dominated her mind for the past four years. His name was Bruce, and they had shared a volatile, passionate love affair online. Both were married, both had children, and both had an obsession for each other.

Over the course of the four years, the couple had fought and made up more times then either one could ever dream of counting.

They had shared secrets and fantasies, fights, dreams and heart aches. Many heart aches, as a matter of fact. Bruce’s wife was a weird person. She would often tell Sadie to take Bruce off her hands, but when Sadie and Bruce would make plans to be together, Gail would intercept and begin declaring her undying love for her husband, often threatening Sadie’s life, telling Sadie if she did not disappear and leave Bruce alone for good, Gail would hunt her down. And, as you would imagine, this did cause quite a few fights for Bruce and Sadie, but they always overcame the troubles and renewed their love and passion for each other, meaning a long fuck fest, either by telephone or long online cyber sessions.

Unfortunately, they both knew their online love affair would never turn into a real life love affair, and Sadie knew it was time to cut the cord and move on. As painful as it was, she bid her soul mate, her lover and her best friend, Bruce, a solemn, tearful goodbye. She could no longer hold him back with promises that they’d one day be together, they both knew this was impossible.

One afternoon, Sadie was inside her home, relaxing to her cd’s and thinking back to the last conversation she had with Bruce. All his anger and name calling, all his pain, mixing with hers, but both knowing there was no way to fix it this time. She closed her eyes and tears ran down her cheek. Bruce was all Sadie had known for over four years, and the thought of never having him around again was almost unbearable, but she was determined to stick to her guns.

Then, came a knock on the door.

Sadie quickly opened her eyes and turned down her stereo.

“Hang on a second, I’ll be right there,” she yelled, wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her t-shirt.

“Hurry up!!” screamed the voice from the other side of the door.

“Bruce?!?” she said, after opening the front door and coming face to face with the man she’d never met, but knew inside and out.

“Well it sure as shit aint Santa Claus, Sadie, let me in,” he said, pushing past her and walking right into her house.

“Bruce? What the fuck are you doing here?” she asked, grabbing a cigarette.

“I’ve told you a thousand times, Sadie, you are MINE. I couldn’t get you to answer my fucking emails or the damn telephone, so here I am,” he said, snatching her cigarette from her lips, and lighting it.

“How did you find me?” she asked, grabbing another cigarette and lighting it.

“Wasn’t hard,” he said, “I just went to the phone company and had them pull up my phone records from the past month and there was your phone number.”

“You did that??!?” she said, wide eyed and somewhat scared.

“Yep,” he snapped back, looking around her house, “Man, this is quite a place you got here, Sadie.”

“Well, thanks, but you can’t stay here. My husband will be home from work tonight and the kids will be home from school in an hour,” she said, nervously looking back and forth from the clock, then back to Bruce.

“Then I guess I should get started on what I came here for then, huh?” he said, putting his cigarette out in a half empty can of soda, “Take off your fucking clothes, Sadie.”

“What?! You’re out of your fucking mind, Bruce,” she said.

Just then, Bruce reached out and grabbed Sadie’s arm, yanking her from the chair she was sitting in, “I said, take off your fucking clothes, Sadie. Don’t make me repeat it a third time.”

Sadie just stood there, both stunned and scared, and yes, even somewhat turned on. She and Bruce had had very hot cyber and phone sex over the course of four years, so she knew Bruce would be a great lover, but she was still just a bit scared.

“Do I scare you, baby? Huh?” he asked, walking up to her and whispering into her ear.

“Shut up,” she hissed, kicking her jeans across the living room floor.

“Mmmm, fuck, I always knew you looked good under all them clothes, baby,” he whispered, taking a step back and unzipping his dirty jeans.

“Where’s Gail?” asked Sadie.

“Fuck Gail, I don’t care about Gail right now. All I care about is getting inside you, baby. You remember that? You remember all them times we roleplayed this very scene? You remember all the times we’ve cybered and phoned over the years?” he said, shoving his jeans down to his ankles and kicking them across the floor as well.

“Yes, fuck yes, I remember, Bruce,” she snapped, immediately taking this opportunity to get a look at his cock, which he often referred to as his snake.

She stared it up and down, eyeing each and every thick vein that pulsated throughout his thick shaft. His balls were shaved and smooth and looked so full, as if they’d bust at any moment. His cock slit was already wet with pre cum and his shaft was at maximum length. He was ready to fuck.

“Bend over, baby,” he whispered, coming up behind her and moving her long, brunette hair off her shoulders.

“No, I can’t, Bruce,” she whispered, feeling his large hand on the center of her back, forcefully pushing her forward, over the arm of the couch, “Bruce, NO!! We’re over, remember? Huh?”

“I’ve said it a hundred times already, but I see I gotta say it again, we’re never gonna be over, Sadie, you got that? Never!!” he said, feeling her body resisting, but still accomplishing his feat of pushing her body over the couch.

“Bruce, please, I’m begging you, don’t do this, you’re not even wearing a condom and my kids will be home soon, nothing’s right. We never roleplayed it like this,” she whimpered, feeling the heat from his naked body getting closer and closer.

“Damn, Sadie, stop your whining, fuck, you always did know how to go on and on,” whispered Bruce, grabbing her hips and slowly moving in on his prey.

Sadie closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip so hard, she began to taste her own blood. Bruce’s hands were hot and calloused, his breath was ragged already and smelled of beer. She knew at any second, the man she had both loved and hated so much over the past few years, would be inside her. This was a moment she had always fantasized about, but not like this. They had always talked about meeting in a hotel room and locking themselves up for days on end, doing nothing but fucking and feeding off of each other.

But this? This was no fantasy of Sadie’s.

“You ready, baby?” he whispered, slowly pushing his thick meat into her tight, unwilling pussy, “Oh God, Sadie, this is all I’ve fucking wanted for the past four years.”

Sadie gripped the arm of the chair as tightly as she could. She could hear her heart banging inside her ears and the room seemed to be getting fuzzy as, just then, Bruce was inside her. His cock was warm and thick, just like she had always imagined. She felt her pussy walls struggling not to submit, but unwilling to stand up against the pressure of his extremely long, thick cock.

His groans instantly filled the small living room and he wasted no time pumping into her cunt. His cock moved with perfect rhythm and his breath showered down over the small of her back, sending chills throughout her naked, defenseless body.

“Fuck, mmmmmmm oh God, Sadie,” he groaned, pumping further into her cunt each time, “Shit, I never dreamed your cunt would be this hot, baby.”

Blood continued pouring into Sadie’s mouth from her lip as she fought back the urge to moan.

Moans of lust and pleasure, never moans of pain.

“Talk to me, baby, you know how much I love that dirty talk you do when we fuck,” he groaned, digging his thick fingertips into her flesh, “Tell me how fucking good my dick feels in you, slut. Tell me you want me to cum inside you and knock you up, just like we always talked about, Sadie.”

Hard as she tried, Sadie could no longer hold back. Her groans were choking her and her lust was building at a rapid speed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, shit!!” she groaned, “Fuck, you know your dick feels so fucking good in me, Bruce. I’ve wanted your cock inside my nasty, slutty pussy for so fucking long. Knock me up, Bruce. Make me have your baby!!”

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s it, keep talking, slut,” he hissed, pounding her cunt now like a possessed jackhammer.

Sadie arched her back and thrust her ass and pussy out towards Bruce, gripping the couch and digging her long, sharp claws into the fabric. She clenched his rod with her sloppy wet cunt walls, gripping it like a vice, then releasing, feeling his shaft vibrate deep within her. His balls slapped into her pussy each time he thrust inside her, and his moans were reaching a fever pitch. She began to pant and groan, sounding almost like a dog being fucked senseless.

“Fuck, that’s it, baby, don’t stop, make me jack off in you, bitch. Fuck, I’m gonna make you have my baby, Sadie,” he groaned, digging his nails into her naked hips and yanking her backwards, moving his own hips side to side, baring his cock deep into her sloppy wet cunt.

“Uhhhh… uhhhhh… uhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, God, Bruce!!” she screamed, feeling her nasty hot orgasm creeping up on her, “Oh shit, don’t stop, oh God, please don’t fucking stop, Bruce. Knock me up!! Make me have your baby, you son of a bitch!!”

“You want my baby? Huh? That what you want, bitch? You wanna have my kid? I’ll fucking own your ass then, Sadie,” he hissed, fucking her with raw power, wanting to bust her pussy wide open.

“Ohhhhh, God,” she moaned, biting into the arm of the couch, bucking her hips wildly and sucking Bruce’s cock deep into her cunt, causing him to slam into her slutty womb.

Just then, Bruce reached down and grabbed Sadie’s long, brunette hair, pulling her up and yanking his cock from her.

“Suck me off, first, slut, then I’ll think about giving you my baby,” he hissed, shoving her to her knees and ramming his cock deep into her mouth, “And look at me while you suck my cock, bitch.”

Sadie looked up into Bruce’s dark, brooding eyes as he wrapped three fingers inside her hair, forcing her mouth to take his cock all the way down. She reached up, sliding her left hand around to his ass, feeling his muscles pumping each time he rammed his dick into her face. And, without warning, shoved two fingers deep into his dry asshole, shoving them in knuckle deep and wiggling them around inside him.

“Oh fuck, you whore!!” he screamed, tightening his grip on her long locks of hair, “Fuck, you know I love getting my ass fingered, fucking finger me, Sadie, fuck my ass, bitch!”

Sadie did indeed know how much Bruce loved his ass fingered, she remembered describing it many many times during their numerous fuck sessions on the phone and online. She remembered how hard he would cum as she described fingering him hard and deep, banging the fuck out of his ass.

Then, she slid a third finger inside his asshole, opening him up even further. And Bruce continued to skull fuck his obsession, the one woman he refused to live without and the one woman he refused to let get away. Harder and deeper he fucked into Sadie’s mouth, gagging her as the trails of slobber began to flow like a broken damn.

“Oh shit, yeah!!” he moaned, “Gag on that bitch, slobber on it and lube me, Sadie. Mmmmmm, God, you’re such a whore.”

Sadie reached up with her right hand and began jacking Bruce off at the base of his monstrous cock as she slid her mouth to his enormously swollen cock tip, digging her tongue into the slit, forcing it open as her fingers fucked the hell out of his asshole.

She hummed and gagged on his shaft, often sliding her mouth off the tip of his cock, making him watch her slurp a long trail of spit from his slit to her mouth, past her pouty, full, cherry red lips.

“Oh fuck, get up, bitch, fucking get up!!” he screamed, almost pulling her to her feet by her hair, “Fucking bend over, NOW!!”

Sadie knew what was going on. She had always had an affect on Bruce and she knew she had pushed him to his limit. So, she bent back over the arm of the couch as he rammed his cock deep into her saturated cunt, forcing it further then he had gone the first time.

“FUCK!! YOU FUCKING WANT MY KID? HUH? THEN YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING HAVE IT, BITCH!!” he screamed, pumping her cunt wildly, finally spilling his seed deep into her, instantly sending her over the edge.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God!!” she screamed, panting and grinding down around his cock, riding his wave of cum as the waves of her delicious, much longed for orgasm slapped her and took her for the ride of her life.

Never, in all her 29 years of life, had Sadie ever felt anything that felt so good as that orgasm. Even with the many many orgasms that Bruce had brought on over the years, none compared to this one, this moment. The room went dark and Sadie’s heart beat in her ears sounded like a thousand drums. She began chanting and groaning, words Bruce could not understand, but he definitely enjoyed the feeling of her cunt clamping around his shaft while her orgasm rocked her very soul.

He continued to pump deep within her cunt, long after his cock stopped cumming. He never wanted to pull out of her. He wanted to crawl up inside her and live inside her pussy, and if he could have, he would have.

“Fuck, I’ve never cum that hard, Sadie,” he whispered, totally out of breath.

Sadie couldn’t speak. She was spent and exhausted. Her throat was sore and her pussy was crammed full of Bruce’s seed. Not to mention, she had just had an orgasm so hard, she couldn’t even find her own breath.

She just stood there, bent over the arm of the couch, her legs feeling like rubber and her pussy buzzing with the over load of sperm. Her clit throbbed and her tits tingled, all working together to make her feel as though she would pass out at any moment.

Finally, after several minutes, Bruce spoke.

“Sadie, baby, please don’t leave me, don’t end us, I’m begging you,” he whispered, gently caressing her naked, sweaty back, “I can’t live without you.”

“This aint going nowhere,” she whispered, slowly trying to stand up as Bruce slid his spent cock from her wet, sticky cum filled cunt.

“We’re both married, we both have responsibilities. You can’t leave her and I can’t leave him,” she said, finally standing upright and walking over to her pile of clothes on the floor.

“No, it’s not that you can’t leave him, you won’t leave him,” said Bruce, pulling up his jeans, but keeping them unzipped.

“Oh, so you have all the answers, right?” she snapped, sliding on her jeans.

“No, I don’t have all the answers, baby, but goddamn, look at all the trouble I went through to come here and prove to you that I fucking can’t live without you,” he said, reaching over and grabbing one of her cigarettes.

Sadie lit her own cigarette, falling into a large chair, wearing nothing but her jeans, suddenly unshy about Bruce seeing her body.

He stared at her succulent tits, how they sagged just a bit, but still sexy just the same. Her dark tan nipples were hard and he could see chills on her naked chest.

“Baby, we can make this work,” he said.

“How?” she asked, taking a long drag from her cigarette, “Huh? How?”

“I don’t know, baby, but I can’t just walk away now. Not after being inside you, Sadie,” he answered.

Sadie hung her head, lost in thoughts, when suddenly, she saw Bruce. He had crawled over on his hands and knees, between her legs. He kissed her inner thighs, slowly working his way up to her pussy, even though it was hidden now behind her skin tight jeans.

She put her cigarette out and ran her fingers through his thick, dark brown hair, watching his mouth kiss her jeans, even licking it from time to time.

“Tell me you need me, Sadie,” he said, looking up from between her thighs.

“You know I fucking need you, Bruce, I always have, always will,” she whispered.

“Take these jeans off,” he said, reaching up and grabbing the material.

Sadie lifted her hips and slid her jeans off, once again and Bruce moved in. He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders, as he knelt down on his knees. He again kissed her inner thighs, this time sending chills all over her now naked body.

“Lean back, baby,” he whispered, slowly moving his mouth towards her cunt.

Sadie obeyed and sunk into the large chair, locking her eyes on Bruce, watching his every move.

He took a deep breath, inhaling her sexy sweet scent, moaning and telling her how hot her cunt looked totally spread open right before his eyes. He leaned in and licked her swollen, wet pussy lips, sucking on the hair and dipping his tongue inside her cunt hole, occasionally letting his nose bump her sensitive clit.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, “Oh, God, Bruce suck my clit, suck my cunt”

Bruce reached down and grabbed his cock, slowly jacking it off as his mouth became acquainted with his obsession’s pussy. He dug his long, warm tongue deep into the folds of her cunt, sucking her pussy lips and tongue fucking her. He jacked off faster, squeezing his hand around his shaft, causing pre cum to shoot out in little droplets from his cock slit.

“Oh… Oh… Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she groaned, pumping her hips up and down wildly, riding his face and reaching down, shoving his head closer to her fuck hole.

Bruce looked up, watching Sadie’s face, watching her lips and her tongue, her big tits bouncing as she fucked his face. He knew she was coming close to another orgasm, so he moved his face from her pussy.

“You gonna cum again, baby?” he whispered, still jacking himself off.

“Yesss… yesss.. yessssss,” she panted, “Make me cum, Bruce, please, please!!”

Bruce smiled wickedly and gently pulled her to the floor, keeping her legs spread wide open. He climbed on top of her, hovering over her almost lifeless, naked body.

“Beg me to fuck you, bitch,” he whispered, looking down over her.

“Oh God, please, fuck please, Bruce, please I’ll do any fucking thing you want, please fuck me!! Fuck me!!” she moaned.

“MMMMMMM, fuck, that’s it,” he groaned, shoving his cock back into her cunt, forcing her back open again.

Sadie screamed from the force of his cock entering her again. She threw her legs around his naked hips, wrapping around him tightly and arching her back. She sat up on her elbows and bucked her hips, riding him and fucking back into him each time he thrust into her.

“Oh… Fuck… Sadie… I… Can’t… Stop… Fucking… You,” he chanted, slamming into her raw, sloppy wet cunt.

“Bruce!! Bruce!! Fuck me!!” she screamed, as once again, her orgasm slammed into her like a summer hurricane in Florida. Her body shook and her eyes rolled into her skull. Her breath left her and her heart felt as though it would burst. Her pussy clamped Bruce’s cock, sucking it deep and holding it inside her.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” He screamed, again dumping his sticky, hot load deep into Sadie’s cunt, ramming his rod so deep into her that he was sure his cock tip would bust out from her mouth.

“Fuck” she moaned, trying desperately to catch her breath, Bruce doing the same, as he leaned down and kissed her hard, pushing the back of her head into the carpet with his mouth.

Minutes later, Bruce slid his soft cock from Sadie, and laid down beside her, grabbing her and placing her head on his hairy chest.

“I can’t lose you, Sadie,” he whispered, gently rubbing her naked shoulder.

“Tell me what to do,” she whispered back.

“Marry me,” he said in a flash.

“What?” she said, sitting up and looking down at him, “Marry you?”

“Yes, baby, marry me,” he answered, sitting up, also, “Be my wife, Sadie.”

She was speechless. Yes, she and Bruce had talked about getting married one day and how awesome that would be, but never, in a million years, ever did she think she’d be sitting next to him while he proposed. It was always just something he’d ask her over the computer, usually after a big fight.

“Yes, I’ll marry you,” she whispered, as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Oh, God, baby,” he said, taking her into his arms, “That’s all I needed to hear. I can leave her now.”

Just then, Sadie awoke from the nap she had apparently fallen into, while still sitting in front of the computer. She quickly looked around, calling out for Bruce. But nothing, just silence. She began to cry, realizing it was all just a dream. She looked back at the computer screen, seeing the goodbye letter she had been in the middle of writing to Bruce when she apparently fell asleep. And, with tears in her eyes, she pushed “Send Message.”

And just like that, their obsession was over.

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