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The Widow Beatrice

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My name is Keith and this is a true story that happened to me last winter. I’m 20 and this was a few weeks before my birthday while I was visiting my parents during the holiday break in December. It was three days after Christmas and my father had just left for a month overseas which left me and mom and my 18 year-old sister Teri. I was out catching up with friends (actually, I was trying to fuck my ex because I hadn’t been laid in 4 months and I was horny as hell).

After a few futile hours it started to snow hard so we broke up our get together and I went home. I had planned on grabbing a pair of panties from the hamper and jerking off, either my mom’s or my sisters. I have been a panty sniffer since I’m about 14 but had always sniffed my mom’s. I had discovered my second night home that Teri liked wearing thongs and her pussy was even sweeter then my mom’s.

Anyway, as I drove home the roads were getting pretty bad from the heavy snow and I was relieved to finally pull up in the driveway. I wished I had taken mom’s offer to use her SUV but it was brand new and I was too nervous. I walked in the house and my mom still had company. Janet, our neighbor from down the street. She was a few years younger then mom and I liked her and her husband because they were still pretty cool. Beatrice was also there and my heart beat a little faster.

Bea was mom’s age (45) and they had been friends since college. Bea’s husband died of a heart attack a few years ago and she spent a lot of time here since then and I enjoyed those visits before I left for school. Bea is a walking wet dream. My mom has 36C breasts (at least that’s what the tag on her bra’s say) and Bea’s were even bigger then my mom’s. She had very light brown hair, halfway to her butt (I should mention she had a great butt, probably because she and her husband never had children) and very nice feet and legs. She was probably 5’8” (much taller then my mom) and she looked more like our older sister then my mom’s college dorm mate. I always felt and acted silly around her because I had masturbated at least 1000 times thinking of her naked. She gave me the warmest hug when I went into the den to say hi and I had to beat a quick exit because during that hug my cock decided to spring up. This may not be a problem for some but it was for me. My cock is 9” (I’ve measured) and it shows when I get hard like that.

I passed the hallway bathroom on my way to my bedroom to make a withdrawal from the hamper but the door was locked and I heard the shower running. I guess Teri decided to stay home instead of going to see her boyfriend. The weather was really bad out now. I changed into sweats and a t-shirt and even though I was horny as hell I decided to wait for Teri to get out of the shower so I could grab a pair of panties. Hey, I just got back from school where I had to jerk off every day without the benefit of a sexy, damp pair of panties. I wanted to enjoy the luxuries of home.

Fifteen minutes later Teri knocked on my door and asked me what I was doing home so early. I told her about the weather and she said “duh” but thought since I was out already I would stay out and maybe spend the night at my ex-girlfriend’s. I told her that plan didn’t work and she said her plan to sleep at Mark’s got screwed up also by the weather. She looked so good in that bathrobe, her hair up in a towel. She had cute, sexy feet and her toenails were painted a perfect red. I knew it was wrong to want to fuck my sister but I couldn’t help it. She was hot.

She asked me if I wanted to watch a movie later with her after the “horny old ladies” left and I said sure. I was anxious for her to leave the room so I could get in the bathroom and search the hamper. She left after telling me it was nice having me home and I waited until her bedroom door closed before making my way to the bathroom. It was still steamy in there. I closed the door and opened the hamper and right on top was a pair of silky orange thongs. As soon as I touched them I could tell they were wetter then ever before. That’s when I became careless. I immediately brought them to my nose to sniff. My cock shot up faster then I ever remembered. I inhaled before running my tongue over the wet crotch and tasting my sisters pussy juices. I untied my sweats and dropped them to my knees and grabbed a second pair of panties from the hamper. My sisters were over my face like a mask while I pumped my cock with the second pair wrapped around my shaft.

I had only intended to grab the panties and go back to my room so I never locked the door. “Holy friggin’ shit!” I swear my heart nearly jumped from my chest when I heard Beatrice’s voice. She was staring at my cock, her mouth wide open. “Your cock is beautiful.” It was odd and very erotic at the same time hearing her use the word “cock” and after a minute of complete shock I pulled up my sweatpants. Teri’s panties were still in my hand and Bea noticed them, “Are those Teri’s?” she asked holding out her hand. I nodded but couldn’t verbalize at that moment. “Very sexy” she said and then brought them to her face and closed her eyes and inhaled. “Sweet pussy must run in the family.” She said and handed them back to me.
“Where did you disappear to?” I heard mom’s voice coming down the hall. I had enough time to put the panties back in the hamper when she walked in. I covered my cock but it was obvious mom had too much wine and she wasn’t very observant. “Did you ask my wonderful son yet?” mom came over and gave me a hug. If she felt my cock she didn’t react. Still speechless I nodded “no”.
“Sweetie, would you mind taking Bea home? Use the new truck. I insisted she stay but she has to get home to meet with the contractor in the morning. I would do it but I think I had a glass or two too much of that wine.”
“A bottle too much is more like it.” Bea said and they laughed and mom jokingly called her a bitch.
“Sure.” I finally managed. Mom walked up to me and asked me if I felt all right because I looked flushed, I assured her I was okay and Bea looked down at my crotch and smirked.

Bea’s house was a fifteen-minute ride under normal conditions but it was really snowing hard. The main roads were okay however so I took it slow. We drove in silence the first few minutes before I felt Bea looking at me. I turned to my right and she was smiling at me. I was nervous. I liked Bea a lot and had never felt uncomfortable around her but it was different now. She had seen my cock, saw me sniffing my little sisters panties. Hell, she had sniffed them herself. And what was that comment about sweet pussies running in the family? Were her and my mom lovers? My cock started to fill with blood again despite my nervousness.
“You must be pretty popular on campus with that thing.” She said and she was still looking at me and still smiling. I didn’t answer; I didn’t know what to say.
“When your mom and I were in college we had a guy like you. I mean, a really big cock like yours and handsome like you. We fucked him constantly during our senior year. We thought we were going to kill the poor guy but man-oh-man what an amazing fuck he was.” Okay, if you hadn’t guessed yet, my cock was at full throttle now.
“What happened to him?” I managed to ask in a quiet voice.
“He still fucks your mom almost every night.”
“What?” I asked somewhat louder now thinking mom was cheating on dad.
“You mean you never hear your dad fucking your mom? Your mom can get pretty noisy.” She laughed and shifted in the passengers seat. She was right about mom being loud though, I had heard her more then once despite my parent’s bedroom being the only one on the second floor.
“You and my dad?” I asked and was very interested and losing some of my shyness.
“Probably 200 hundred times in college. Only twice though since they married. In fact, your dad is the last man that I’ve been with. It was last New Years Eve. I think your mom let me fuck him out of pity.” She laughed again and I didn’t know if she was a little tipsy or if she was just enjoying what she was doing to me.
“You had a threesome with them?”
“Yes, it was wonderful. Your mom and I have been lovers for 25 years, since we were 19. We had plenty of threesomes in college but it’s been mostly just the two of us now. When my husband was alive we got really drunk during that cruise we took 4 or 5 years ago?” I nodded; I remembered when they went away. “We had our own little orgy with the four of us and another couple that were on their honeymoon. Your dad fucked me good that night too. That was the only time I had two men in me at once. Mmm… it still makes me wet thinking about that.” I looked over and she had her legs opened and her hand was under the long skirt she was wearing. “Turn off at the next road.” She pointed to the right.

I guess I had lost concentration because when I turned off the road the truck skidded and we ended up in a ditch. Well, not really a ditch but we were far enough off the road that the SUV was stuck. Fifteen minutes later I was still spinning the wheels only now I had dug the tires into a ditch. My erection was long gone and I was panicking that I had fucked up the new truck. Bea told me we could walk the rest of the way and get the truck out in the morning. I inspected it as we stood in the driving snow and was relieved there didn’t seem to be any damage on it. As we gathered our things and started walking I realized she said “in the morning” we could get the truck. Did she intend for me to stay? As if reading my mind she said we’d call my mom as soon as we got home and tell her and let her know what was going on. “I’m sure she would rather you spend the night then get stuck by yourself going back home.” I nodded.

I was quiet as we walked to her house. I think we must’ve been a mile away or at least that’s how far it seemed but it could have been the fact that I was freezing from the wet snow and the high winds. “How come if you and mom are lovers, you didn’t have more sex with your husband and my dad? Why only that one time?”
“Two reasons really. My Tom didn’t have half the dick your dad does, not many men do. He was intimidated watching me with such a big guy. The other is…” She stopped and she looked me in the eye, we were maybe a block from her house now. “If I tell you this, do you promise me you won’t judge your father?” I nodded, confused but I wanted to know what she was talking about. “Promise me?” She asked again. “Promise.” I said out loud this time. “Your dad is bisexual. He likes oral sex with other men and that bothered my husband. Tom was homophobic. Does that bother you, knowing that about your dad?” I laughed and nodded it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I felt some sort of relief knowing that. You see, when I was 15 I was watching a porno with my best friend Josh and we started to jerk off and eventually I was jerking his cock and he was jerking mine until we both exploded. We never repeated it or we never mentioned it and we went off to different schools and sort of lost touch over the year. I also noticed I didn’t mind it when someone else was in the showers with me and I always checked out the guys cock. My dad is a straight arrow. Tough and macho and knowing this about him made me feel better about my own feelings.

We were both half frozen by the time she turned the key to her front door. I hadn’t been here in ages and I had forgotten how much bigger her house was then ours. I did remember her built in swimming pool in the back because I used it often as a kid. Bea took off her wet coat and my eyes locked on her huge tits because the nipples were practically busting through her blue blouse. She saw me staring and said it wasn’t her fault she was half frozen. I looked away and she told me to get out of my wet things and she would get me something to put on. I took off my shoes and my jacket and even my sweater was soaked as well as the legs of my jeans, which I left on, with my white t-shirt. Bea disappeared for a few minutes and came in with a pair of pajamas and a towel in one hand the phone on her shoulder. She was talking to my mom and it was obvious my mom was either mad or nervous but eventually I figured out she was just worried about me and was relieved I was okay. Bea handed me the phone and I talked to my mom for a minute assuring her I was okay. She told me that she would call Uncle Bobby (my father’s brother) and my cousin Frank and they would get the car in the morning. Then she would pick me up and take me home. She told me to relax and not to worry and to have fun since “Bea is a wonderful hostess.”

She pointed me towards one of the bathrooms to change and then said she was going to light a warm fire for us. I headed up the stairs behind her and my cock was dancing as I looked at her ass, which still looked pretty tight for a woman in her mid forties. I thought about jerking off to relieve the tension but then decided I liked feeling this horny. I had never felt like this before, it was as if someone took my normal horniness and multiplied it by 50. I put on the pajamas which were baggy enough but too short and balled up my wet clothes and left the bathroom.

I saw light at the end of the hallway and followed it. I walked quietly and my heart raced. I was hoping to steal a glimpse of Bea while she was undressing. I peered into the room and was disappointed to find her already wearing a thick terry-cloth robe. She smiled and apologized about the pajamas but I told her not to worry because they felt nice and warm compared to the wet clothes I had in my hand. She took them from me and told me she would dry them and for me to follow her while she told me her idea. I walked behind her down the stairs this time and into the laundry room. She put my things in the dryer and asked me where my underwear was. I was still wearing them and she told me to hand them over. I hesitated because I had to take of the pajamas obviously if I was going to give her my underwear. I wore the underwear purposely because they were tight and I thought they would help hide my cock, which had been going up and down for hours now.
She smiled and told me she would tell me her idea and then I could give her my underwear. I told her okay mostly to delay stripping in front of her even though she had already seen me with my cock poking out of my underwear.

Bea’s idea was to take a bath in her indoor Jacuzzi because it would warm us up. She led me around the corner of the basement into a room that looked like it was from a castle. The room was half the size of her basement and it was all gold marble on the walls and floor. In the middle was a tub big enough for a half dozen people. In one corner was a shower with two showerheads and to the right was an area like a den. There was a big screen television and a stereo built into the wall with a long black leather couch and a fireplace. The television was close enough to enjoy and she explained how her and husband watching movies in the tub or sometimes he would soak and watch baseball or football. I thought that was a pretty cool way to enjoy a game.
“Unfortunately there aren’t any games on tonight.” She said after she turned the TV on so I could see how good it looked. She had begun filling the tub in the meantime.
After flipping thru the channels for a few minutes she said the water was ready and that she would turn around and I could strip off my underwear and get in the water and she would put them in with the rest of my clothes. A minute later I was under the hot water naked and yes, my cock was hard.

When she returned she asked me what I wanted to watch. I nervously told her I hadn’t really seen that many dirty movies and she smiled and she said that was okay with her as long as I promised to behave myself. I promised, I would have promised anything. She started reading me some titles, several of them made me laugh because they were spoofs on real Hollywood movies. I asked her if she had any amateur movies because I had seen several at school and decided I was hooked on them. She said she didn’t really and then she stopped and turned to me. She had a very wicked look on her face when she explained that she had a videotape of my parents that my mom had given her. I swear if I touched my cock at that point I would’ve shot my load in the Jacuzzi.

She seemed as excited as me to be watching this. She went into a locked cabinet and I snooped and saw many other tapes locked up in there as well. She put the tape in the machine and stood by the edge of the Jacuzzi with the remote in her hand and told me to turn around while she got in the tub. I turned around and before I could “accidentally” see her naked body she was already under the water. She sat opposite me and told me to come sit next to her so I had a good view of the TV. I slid beside her and when our bodies touched (hip to hip) I shuddered and I swear I felt her body react the same way.

She explained to me that when my parents took their two-week summer get away at the lake, they detoured to a swingers annual camp-out for three days on their way. She said it wasn’t uncommon for other members to join my parents at my grandfather’s lakeside cabin after the retreat. She said this tape was from the summer that had just passed and that my mom had given it to her a few weeks ago. She told me to keep an open mind because there was some interesting stuff on the tape. She told me that sex; any kind of sex as long as it was between consenting adults and no one was hurt was okay. I agreed with her thinking 100 percent.

I watched twenty minutes of footage from the nude campsite and I got to see my Uncle Bobby and his wife (my aunt Maria) and my cousin Frank and his wife (he got married two summers ago to a real sexy Spanish woman) and his sister Janice (also my cousin) who was overweight but had a pretty face and really big titties. She was my age and I had heard whispers that she was a lesbian. There was some nudity on the tape but very little. Bea explained that for the privacy of the members, no footage was allowed in the selected areas around the campsite. By selected she explained that those were the areas where the swinging sex went on.

Then the camera was zooming in on a perfect ass. I mean, it was smooth and tanned and between the cheeks you could see a smooth, shaven pussy. When the camera went a little lower you could see a nice pair of tits hanging there, as the hot woman’s head bobbed up and down on somebody’s hard cock. I recognized the voice of the cameraman; it was my dad’s. “So, is this how you became this years “Cock-Sucking Queen”?”
The woman turned around and over her shoulder she smiled and said to be quiet because she was training to defend her crown next year. I was shocked to see it was my mom!

Bea stopped the tape after my parents said see you next year and the tape faded to black.
“We should dry off and sit by the fire before we watch the next part.” I nodded. I cannot begin to tell you how badly my cock was throbbing at this point but it was getting into the critical phase now because my swollen balls were also beginning to ache. That’s when Bea stood up, she didn’t ask me turn away or anything. She simply stood up and stepped up and out of the Jacuzzi.

My god, her mature body was hotter then I ever could have imagined. My eyes went right to her tits. They were really were big and heavy and they looked pretty firm despite the fact they hung nearly to her navel. Her brown triangle was neatly trimmed and when she saw me look she told me she was sorry she wasn’t as smooth as my mom. I just nodded and my eyes looked back to her tits before she wrapped a towel around them. Her nipples weren’t really that big but her areola’s were and they had bumps surrounded the outer edge. I just stood right up and she looked right at my cock. It was practically flat against my belly and it was huge and red from the hot water. She smiled at me and held out a towel. She reached out and touched my balls and told me they were so tight and so ready and my knees buckled a little and I told her I was hurting.

After drying off for several minutes Bea leaned into me, dropping her towel so those beautiful tits pressed up against me and she kissed me deep. Her tongue danced in my mouth and I pulled her closer to me. After making out for I’m not sure how long, she dropped to her knees right there and started to lick my balls. A minute later she was sucking them into her warm mouth one at a time and holding my cock up against my belly so she could lick and suck them unobstructed. Then she moved to my cock. I noticed right away that she seemed to like my foreskin and that was a change from the girls I had been with. I’ve had limited experience but in my limited experience I noticed girls my own age would pull my foreskin down tight before sucking my cock so that it looked and felt like a regular cock (one that’s cut). Bea seemed to love that my cock was different and played with the foreskin with her tongue. I’d like to say I was a real stud but it didn’t take very long for me to start moaning “I’m ready…I’m ready…oh god, here it comes.” And my cock slid into her throat and I started to cum. I can say with confidence that the ten spurts my cock shot were by far the most I had ever cum. Bea swallowed and swallowed but when she was finished and she released my cock, giving it a kiss on the head, cum was dripping down her chin and had dripped onto the tops of her tits.

She stood and we kissed and she fed me some cum (I have been eating my own cum since I started jerking off) so it didn’t bother me at all. I even leaned down and licked my own cum from her tits after our kiss had ended.

“Now you can enjoy the rest of the tape.” She said and we walked in to a place near the fire, about ten feet from the TV. We sat on a throw rug and she pulled a blanket off the couch before she told me the first part of the tape was just a teaser. “I really think you’re going to like what happens at your grandpa’s cabin” and we settled in to watch the rest of the tape.

Boy, did I ever enjoy those videos from Grandpa’s cabin. I also enjoyed the taste of Bea’s pussy that night and I enjoyed how wonderful it felt to be inside her surprisingly tight pussy and even tighter ass. We didn’t sleep at all that night and by the time my mom came over the next day Bea had milked my young cock of 7 or 8 loads (the last few could hardly be called loads). That was our first night together as lovers but definitely not the last.

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